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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Sept. 13, 1908, page 1


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LINCOLN DAVIS & COMPANY BROKERS P.O. Box 334 GOLDFIELD, NEV. MEMBERS: GOLDFIELD STOCK AND EXCHANGE BOARD CHICAGO MINING AND STOCK EXCHANGE Sept 13/08 Dear Mother: Your No 12 of the 10th just rec'd today. I was over to see Myrta this morning or afternoon rather and I told her I didn't know what in thunder was the matter. I wrote Reba a card two days ago and I was expecting a letter then but nothing until today. Hurry & I rolled out pretty early this morning to go see the Baby. I laid off Friday morning. I caught a little stitch in my back and asked for a lay off for a few days. Now don't you worry about me being hurt bad because I laid off more to go to a dance last night than anything else. I went to. Now this chicken is feeling pretty good. Don't think I will go out there at hard work anymore. If I work there any more it will be as guard over the high-grade. They have broke into the high grade on the Baby and it looks like there would sure be something doing. I have a piece of ore in my pocket now that came out of the Baby. It is simply covered all over with gold. Oh I feel like a millionaire today but I don't feel the cash in my pocket. But it surely wll be there soon Mammy. Condon told me a few minutes ago that I would be in line for the job as watchman or guard They have ore now that will run as high as $50,000.00 a ton in gold. Say I guess I had better quit this Baby talk or you will think I have gone crazy. Well to tell the truth