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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Nov. 28, 1907, page 5


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FRED E. RICHARDS, PRES'T. J. FRANK LANG, SECRETARY ARTHUR L. BATES, VICE PRES'T. SYLVAN B. PHILLIPS, ASST. SECY. JOSIAH H. DRUMONG, SOLICITOR SAMULE S. BOYDEN, ACTUARY EDWIN M. NORTHCOTT, MEDICAL DIRECTOR FRED A. HAMBLEN, ASST. ACTUARY INCORPORATED 1848. UNION MUTUAL Life Insurance Company. Portland, Me. 1 CALIFORNIA AGENCY 44 BACON BLOCK WILLIAM C. LEAVITT, Manager EDWARD N. ATWOOD, Superintendednt OAKLAND, CAL. 5. Glad you took the pictures to [Benj?] to see. He has always treated me very nice. Would like to see Billie in his new suit. He must think he is the whole cheese. Glad to hear Granpas both well. This mild weather ought to suit them. The weather had been so mild that there is absolutely nothing doing in the coal business. They have laid off two old men from the office. There is absolutely nothing doing in Goldfield. The miners went out on strike Wed. morning. I think it will be their last strike for when the mines open again it will be with non-union miners. Now as to me getting a job I think it will be out of the question to get anything before the first but It will cost me less to stick here than it would