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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Nov. 28, 1907, page 4


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4 Friday monring - Nov 29th and a nice bright day I am wondering this morning how the kid feels after riding the camel. I thought of him several times yesterday. Well I suppose it will only be a few more days until I [behold?] my new aunt. I will be glad to see her. John was in here Wednesday night. He brought my gun home that he had been fixing for me. Hope Dady is O.K. now. I think Dady is getting a little too old to work off sick speels like he used to and he had better go easy when he feels bad. Would like to see the bunch of cousins at home. You said Beulah & the others were up. It seems 10 years since I saw them. So Jess Snyder & his wife are back. Wonder what Jess thinks of married life now. Have an idea Bert will be as well satisfied if he marries again. Think the kid had better leave the bakery alone. I don't see what in thunder he means.