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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Nov. 28, 1907, page 3


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FRED E. RICHARDS, PRES'T. J. FRANK LANG, SECRETARY ARTHUR L. BATES, VICE PRES'T. SYLVAN B. PHILLIPS, ASST. SECY. JOSIAH H. DRUMONG, SOLICITOR SAMULE S. BOYDEN, ACTUARY EDWIN M. NORTHCOTT, MEDICAL DIRECTOR FRED A. HAMBLEN, ASST. ACTUARY INCORPORATED 1848. UNION MUTUAL Life Insurance Company. Portland, Me. 1 CALIFORNIA AGENCY 44 BACON BLOCK WILLIAM C. LEAVITT, Manager EDWARD N. ATWOOD, Superintendednt OAKLAND, CAL. 3. get tired. Tell you though I was a little tired this evening when I got in. It was the first tramp I had had for a long time. We got home about 4:30 and commenced out thanksgiving dinner. Now I couldn't have eat any more if I had been at home. We had sliced bananas & cream to start with, then beef steak & cream gravey, Mashed spuds, string beans (canned) - & cranberry sauce (canned). Now I tell you it was great. Everything was cooked just to a T. and we all sat there & stuffed until we had to give up and leave enough on the table for Half a dozen ordinary Hungry men. Maybe not that much either but we sure had a plenty. Well I will have plenty of time in morning to answer your letter. Good Night.