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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Nov. 28, 1907, page 2


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2. We struck a gulch about 350 or 400 feet deept and a wagon road at the bottom of it. About 50 or 75 feet from the top there is a sort of a table or ledge that runs along the gulch and from where we stood at the top she was so neat straight down that we could not see anything below the ledge. Hurry & Jeff had never struck any climbing of that kind before and thought we would not be able to go down there. Well I started down and left them standing on top. I was soon over the ledge and as soon as I disappeared they started down. It was a cinch for me but the boys seemed a little scared. It was nothing but rock you know and some places was straight down. Well I got to the bottom and then watched the boys coming down. Tell you they hugged mighty close to the rocks and come slow to. They could not have fell far without catching themselves but they were afraid to turn themselves loos and come down very fast. Now don't you think we run around that way with loaded guns for we do not. The boys finally reached the bottom & then we took the trail back home. Wish the kids could only be with me to take a little walk like [t]hat. You and Dady too. You would both forget to