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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Oct. 15, 1907, page 2


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Smith has a Government Job at Wash. D.C. and has been trying to get me to take a correspondence course and try and pass the Civil Service Exam. He tool lessons from a correspondence College and he thinks they are O.K. They got him where he is now. Am sending you his picture in a book or circular the College is putting out. Don't forget to send it back to me. Prigg is working on the farm. He writes pretty often. He just sent me a fine picture of himself. Yes I saw in the papers about [Bourne?] boys. Let them go it. It don't worry me any. I just got a letter from Tony Petrusich's mother (the fellow Tex shot) and I have write her a long letter tonight. She wanted to know all about his claim. She seems to think that a mining claim is just the same as a gold mine. Well I know a whole lit different from actual experience. I have wrote her a long letter and don't feel much like writing now. (over)