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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his father, January 11, 1907, page 1


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MACMASTER & MACMASTER MINING STOCK BROKERS P.O. BOX 1063 GOLDFIELD, NEV. Jan. 11, 1907 Dear Father:- Reveived all your letters this morning. I was glad to hear that everything went off as well as it did at the Wedding. I would have liked to been there and was sorry that Grandpa did not get to come. I am sure it was not his fault. The kid is alright by taking his honeymoon in the shop. He can take his tour when he gets more money than he knows what to do with. I just imagined your throat was sore when Mother told me that you were so hoarse. I have often heard you speak of H. McAllister but don't remember that I ever saw him. Glad you had him home with you. The strike is all off now. It was settled on the 10th, yesterday. Everything is booming now and I believe I stand a pretty good chance to make some money. It lookspretty bright for me now. The Herald surely does roast Hanly, Let him have it for he needs all the roast he can get. I never did admire him. I never did have any love for old Bob either for he got my good money into his cussed Oil Company that never paid out. I will write the letter all in one to you and the rest can get the news. Mother said she sent me a paper with a marked place about the wedding. There was only a part of the paper sent to me and I could not find the wedding note. I got the cake alright and John and the other boys had some of it. Have you got your calanders yet. You fellows have been having rain there. We have been having snow. The people here all think that it is caused by the Colorado River that was turned into the Emperial Valley in California for irrigation by the man Heber I told you about. That valley was all a desert at one time and now they have made it very fertile. The dam broke and the river is all flowing into a place that was called the Salton Sink. It was a place of several thousand square miles that was several hundred feet below the sea level. It was a place that nothing could live because it was so hot. This place is not the Imperial Valley but is near to that. They saved the valley alright by turning the water into this salton Sink. It is now called the Salton Sea. It is nothing now but a large inland sea. The water is all running in there and evaporating and they think that is what has caused so much rain and snow here the last few months. They have had a greater fall of snow and rain here the last six months than they ever had in five years before. Did you ever get the pamphlet I sent you about the Imperial Valley. Grandma certainly has her back up about right. I feel very sorry for Grandpa. I wish I could see him. Tell him I will be back and see him some day. I wrote him a letter sometime ago but have never heard from him. You fellows don't need to worry about me being sick. I am O. K. now and never felt better. I promise you I won't be sick again. Mother thought I pulled off that flannel shirt to go to the Banquet. I did not do that. I just turned the collar down and put a white shirt on over it. I certainly did have a banquet I will remember.