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The Latin Quarter Revue alternated at the Desert Inn with Minsky's Follies. Minsky came from a family tradition of burlesque, and more than anyone pushed the limits of nudity in American revues.

Harold Minsky with showgirl and costumer

Minsky’s shows developed around the striptease, another French idiom, but after his troubles with anti-vice squads in New York he tamed his shows and draped them with all the accoutrement of the extravaganza revue, which had become the tradition of the Paris shows. “Smashing all records since their opening is the stupendous presentation called Minsky's Follies," wrote Jack Cortez in 1950, “special mention to Harold Minsky and his brilliant direction of this fantastic production. The name Minsky has been synonymous with showbiz for as long as we can remember. With revues such as the current Follies, Mr. Minsky has carved another niche.” Minsky’s Follies, like Walter’s Latin Quarter Revue, became a fixture in the Las Vegas scene.

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