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Anti-Defamation League, Nevada Region Office

Anti-Defamation League meeting, circa 2000
Anti-Defamation League meeting, circa 2000
Art Marshall, Governor Robert "Bob" List, Jerry Mack, and Herb Rousso at Anti-Defamation League event

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), founded in 1913 by B'nai B'rith, is "the nation’s premier civil rights/human relations agency." ADL’s presence in Las Vegas, Nevada originally consisted of an annual fundraising dinner held by the Los Angeles, California office. During the 1960s, the Las Vegas chapter of B'nai B'rith included an active ADL group chaired by Eileen Brookman and others. By the 1990s the official Nevada Region Office of ADL (independent of B'nai B'rith) was established in Las Vegas. Michael Cherry, Myrna Williams, Art Marshall, and Burton Cohen are some of the individuals who played an instrumental role in establishing the Las Vegas chapter. The director of ADL's Nevada Region Office from 2007 to 2015 was Phyllis Friedman.

ADL uses information, education, legislation, and advocacy to fight anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, to defend democratic ideals, and to protect civil rights for all. It develops educational materials, training programs, and services for the general public, and also for government, media, law enforcement, and educators. The Las Vegas chapter is actively involved with the community as a whole, rather than focusing solely on Jewish issues. The local ADL works with law enforcement, LGBT groups, women’s organizations, and public and private schools. In the late 1990s ADL’s No Place For Hate anti-bullying program was implemented in Las Vegas schools, and it continues to be one of the highlights of the ADL’s local programming. The Nevada Region Office also works with the Holocaust Resource Center to provide teacher training and curriculum about the Holocaust. The Las Vegas ADL sits on the Interfaith Council, hosts speakers, honors local citizens, fundraises, and holds events such as their annual legal luncheon. 



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