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Project's Third Year Begins

This blog has been a bit quiet while I was away for the past month.  With August we begin our third year of preserving the history of Jews who migrated to Southern Nevada.  I came back to a desk piled high with mail, transcripts and other materials. All that is now filed away and I am excited to focus on collecting additional oral histories these coming months.

Here are a few random but important items I’d like to mention:

Elie Wiesel: On July 2, Nobel Laureate, Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel passed away at the age of 87. The ripple of death was felt throughout the world. He was a tireless advocate of justice and human rights. He authored books and spoke words that inspired people from all generations and corners of the world. His legacy is intact. I was touched by those who sent me their personal photos of meeting him. I can only imagine how special that moment must have been.  

Jewish Federation 50th Anniversary: On September 15, the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas will celebrate its 50th anniversary.  Since the Jewish Federation’s materials were one of first donated collections, we were delighted when the materials given to our caretaking were used.  Without a doubt, the discoveries will be evident throughout the gala.  [If you want a good oral history, check out Jerry Countess’.]

High Holidays October 2016: okay…I won’t rush the year…we’ll write more soon to let you know what new materials are being added.

In the meantime, we can only hope that the grueling heat of this summer are waning. 


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Because we are no longer actively fundraising for the Southern Nevada Jewish Heritage Project, we are directing all related donations to our Oral History Research Center for the pursuit of other meaningful oral history projects.


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