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Minutes from Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors meetings, January 1993 - June 1993






Meeting minutes include reports from committees of the board, correspondence, and balance sheets.

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Temple Beth Sholom BOARD OF DIRECTORS MINUTES 1993 R en e E llen F einstein Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for January 4, 1993 Present: Edward M. Bernstein Dr. Alvin Blumberg Allen Brewster Marie David Barry D. Eisen Beverly Eisen Rene Feinstein David L, Funk Herb Kaufman Fran Levien Jordan S. Primack Sharon E. Sigesmund Dennis Singer Joyce Straus Leo A. Wilner Absent: Bob Arum Jerome Blut Isaac Farrell Lt. Col. Steven Green Sandra Mallin Mitch Ogron Gerald Welt Also Present: Adele Baratz Steve Eisen Melanie Greenberg Judi Herring Blanka Kohn Ed Bernstein, President, called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m. Isabel Goldberg, Executive Director, called the Roll; those present and absent are noted. There being no additions or corrections to the December 7, 1992 Minutes, they were approved. t Correspondence: There were no comments regarding this month?s correspondence. Reports: R a b b i L e d e r m a n : The Rabbi wished everyone a Happy New Year 1993. He then presented a report to the Board, which is incorporated herein and set forth verbatim below: A Weekend Retreat for Jewish Women. A Winter Retreat for Women Only will take place from Friday, January 22 through Sunday morning, January 24 at Camp Ramah in Ojai, California. Theme: Our Path, Our Vision, Our Quest -- Women?s Search for Meaning. Sponsored by the Wagner Program at the University of Judaism. The Jewish Single Parent Family. Jewish single parent families where the parent most often is the mother and not the father. The disaster area in Jewish life today. The greatest hemorrhage of the Jewish lifeblood today is not due to intermarriage or assimilation, but to the difficulty of young Jewish mothers - heads of single-parent Jewish families - providing all that is necessary to raise positive-oriented Jewish children. Most such mothers cannot afford membership in a congregation or pay religious school tuition, and thus their children do not receive a Jewish education, at home or away from home. b:\tbs\board\l-4-93 * Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors January 4, 1993 Meeting Minutes Outreach by the Reform Movement. More than $500,000 was devoted to outreach but produced a success rate of only 5 percent. The Reform Movement and the Council of Jewish Federations have come to the conclusion that outreach programs to intermarried couples and their families is not where the time, effort and limited resources should be invested. Getting Jews to Meet, Date and Hopefully Marry Jews and raise Jewish Families. Instead of a major out-reach effort to couples where one spouse is Jewish and the other spouse is not Jewish, and often Christian, the direction now is to concentrate on enabling single Jewish men and women to meet and establish friendships. In-community parties and local socials for Jewish singles have failed for many reasons, most of them obvious. What is being advocated, promoted and sponsored now is the Jewish singles weekend away from the community to a place where Jewish males and Jewish females can meet Jews from communities other than their own. This is a universal problem and not just a Las Vegas problem. I reported on this last month but I got the feeling no one was really listening. 1 strongly urge you to begin listening and maybe you will also begin doing something about it. Memorial Plaques as a Source of Income for the Congregation. We charge members $450 and non-members $700. In 1992 we sold 41 plaques and netted approximately $20,000. The vast majority were sold to members and very few to non-members. Two suggestions: the net income from memorial plaques is so great (the plaque costs us $30 plus postage) that we should promote purchase of memorial plaques among members and non-members; and reconsider the $700 charge to non-members. If they are not buying, the income is nil; if they would buy, like our members do, the income could be considerable. You should give some serious thought to these two suggestions. Do you really believe that a price differential for members and non-members makes sense? Weddings for Non-Members, Local and Out of State. Members pay no fee to the Temple for weddings, Non-members in town pay $250 and non?members from out of town pay $350. In 1992 we had five member weddings with no income to the Temple; seven local non-members who paid a total of $1,750; and eleven out-of-state non-members who paid $3,850. Since the rates were raised, there have been considerably fewer weddings with out-of-state couples. (Temple: $2,550.) Gays and Lesbians in the Jewish Community. As members of our congregation: already members or applying for membership in our congregation; -? As teachers in our religious school: already on the faculty or applying for a position on our school faculty ? religious school or day school; -> As members of our youth groups and as advisers to our youth groups; -? As rabbi of the congregation or applying for the position of rabbi; As cantor of the congregation or applying for the position of cantor. b:\tbs\board\l-4-93 2 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors January 4, 1993 Meeting Minutes Phis is the most recent and hottest issue in Jewish communal life today. It has not touched us yet here in Las Vegas, but rest assured it is on the way. There is no way the Board of Directors of any Conservative congregation will be able to skirt this issue. Shabbat Morning Service Conducted by and Exclusively for Women of the Congregation and Community. Sari Greenberg and Karen Edell attended an all-women?s service on Rosh Hodesh Av while they were in Israel this summer. They asked if they could conduct a similar service here at Temple Beth Sholom on Rosh Hodesh Elul, They did so and it took place on Sunday morninu August 30, 1992. J Fifteen women attended this service which took place in the Main Sanctuary of our Temple. Fact: Many men and women (on the Shabbat before) were pleased that such a service was taking place; others were displeased that we permitted an all-women?s service at our Temple, even on Rosh Hodesh on a Sunday morning. Fact: A religious service for women only, be it on an ordinary weekday, on Rosh Hodesh or on Shabbat morning, is another direction with which we must deal. Such services have been taking place for some time now in Conservative congregations, The concept originated among Orthodox Jewish women. This is something you should learn more about before you reject this new direction. Another Disaster Zone in Jewish Communal Life. In addition to the acute problem of the Jewish single parent (who most often is the mother), a second weak link in the chain of Jewish survival is the Jewish couple and the Jewish single in their very late teens and in their twenties. Some time ago we very wisely offered a gratis membership to all Jews - single or married - below 30 years of age. Following protests from some associate members (senior citizens) of our congregation, the age cap was lowered to 25 years of age. (Part of the protest was due to the fact that those below 30 years of age paid no dues but were entitled to vote for Board members at the annual congregational meeting - whereas associate members, senior citizens who paid some dues had no vote at all.) Lowering the age to 25 was the wrong step to take. We strongly urge the Board of Directors to return to the 30 years of age cap. You have nothing to lose by doing so and everyone has so much to gain by doing so. A study of the demography of our congregation and community would convince you that this is so. Wedding Attended by a Mass of Jew's from California and Sun City. Another demographic phenomenon is taking place in our midst. Jews are moving here no longer just from California in general, and from Los Angeles, San Diego and LaJolla in particular; from Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. But lo and behold - Jews are moving here from Palm Springs, California, too! And very many are settling in Sun City in Summerlin. We would be very wise to take note of this new movement of Jews to our community. b:\tbs\board\i-4-93 3 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors January 4, 1993 Meeting Minutes I spent an evening with a very large group of them, having officiated at a wedding for a couple here in Las Vegas who recently moved here from Palm Springs. Many more are on their way. the newly married couple invited me to have lunch with them at the Desert Inn Hotel. I must tell you, it was all quite an experience. I have been asked to help them affix mezzuahs to their doorposts. Of course, what we are dealing with here are couples in their 60s, 70s and a few in their 80s, too. They sure are well preserved for their age! During the Rabbi?s report, Herb Kaufman asked if non-members applied for plaques at $450 and we have turned them down; Isabel replied that we receive less than six phone calls per year from non-members looking for plaques. The Rabbi reminded the Board that when he reads the list on Friday night he says to the congregation that most (or some) of the names are already inscribed on the tablets. He said he does this because he wants the congregation to hear it; he feels we should promote in the Bulletin and elsewhere the fact that these plaques are available and we are anxious to sell them. Herb Kaufman also asked why the issue of lesbians and gays appears on the agenda at all Conservative Congregation meetings. He asked are these people saying we should outlaw gays and lesbians? Rabbi Lederman replied it is because we are reacting to what is happening in our Jewish community. Herb asked if it makes a difference if the rabbi is gay or not; if it?s a good rabbi, what difference does it make? Rabbi Lederman stated that is a great attitude; however, maybe somebody else has a different opinion and as a result, this topic will be on the agenda of every conservative congregation in the country. C a n t o r : Cantor Bergman reported there will be two bar mitvahs and two bat mitvahs this month. On January 15, 1993, the Temple Beth Sholom Day School kindergarten, first and second grades will participate in a Shabbat dinner and the regular Friday night service. The Havdallah service will be held Saturday evening, January 30, including the Preschool and Day School, and will showcase Rabbi Levin. On February 14, the Men?s Club will sponsor the Cantors Concert, which will include a trio from Los Angeles. It will be a celebration of Jewish music and comedy. H o u s e C o m m i t t e e : Allen Brewster advised the Board that we are having problems with our current landscaper. He has spoken with two other landscaping services to possibly replace our current service. He asked both these services what they could do for the entire grounds, including conservation of water. Allen said if the landscaping were handled correctly, we should save $2,000 to $3,000 per year in water. Allen advised that based on his discussions with the landscaping services, he would like to hire Fred Memar (who is also a Temple member). We currently pay $875 per month and received a bid from Fred Memar for $825 per month. In response to a question by the President, the Board was advised that the service comes once a week. Alien said the current service takes no pride in their work. Fred Memar has told Allen that he will make sure everything is done correctly; if not done to our satisfaction, he will respond quickly. Joyce Straus recommended Rich Hadland, who also services the grounds at UNLV; she offered to contact him to arrange for him to call Allen. b:\tbs\board\l-4-93 4 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors January 4, 1993 Meeting Minutes Discussion continued regarding various landscaping services. Dennis Singer asked if all the services contacted offered a similar service at the widely divergent bids received. He was advised that the services offered were as divergent as the bids. The President requested Allen talk to additional landscapers and tabled the matter until the February meeting. S e n i o r s : Marie David reported that the Seniors are still having transportation problems. She said they held a nice Chanukah lunch, and it would have been more successful if they had more people in attendance. Marie also raised a question regarding the sale of potato latkes, and the President suggested she speak with Isabel outside the meeting. Marie also mentioned that many former citizens of Russia are moving to Las Vegas and attending services. She asked the Board if anyone from the Federation is helping these immigrants to learn English. She said they attend services, but nobody speaks to them because of the language barrier. Discussion took place, but the question was not resolved. Herb Kaufman asked how many members the Seniors group had; Marie replied there were sixty paid members, and there would be more if transportation were available. The President said he could give Marie the name of a person who, if approached for a bus, may be amenable to purchasing a bus. He asked Marie to speak with him after the meeting. Y o u t h C o m m i s s i o n : Melanie Greenberg reported that two Youth Commission members, Hilary Mehr and Sari Greenberg, attended the USY International Convention in Baltimore, Maryland at which there were 1,000 teenagers in attendance; it was a fabulous convention and a wonderful experience. Wendy Roslinsky was invited to attended as a USY staff member; she is highly respected in the region as well as the country. Melanie said next year the convention will be held in Los Angeles and the Regional Youth Commission will need a lot of help. M e m b e r s h i p C o m m i t t e e : Joyce Straus reported that the last membership meeting was very successful. At that meeting, Tamar Lubin and Carmella Mandler volunteered to conduct the Chanukah sing-a-long at the December 25 service. Joyce said it was an incredible success: close to 400 people attended. She felt most people did not necessarily come for the sing-a-long, but perhaps because of the latkes being served. Joyce said if food is the seduction, we should start having food. Joyce reminded the Board that fifteen years ago, almost every Friday night had an attendance of between 200 and 400 people. Joyce said a new membership coffee was being planned for February. She agreed with Herb that membership is a great concern. Joyce said she has spoken to people who have dropped out, asking them why. She has learned it may be because of the Rabbi; it may be because of the Cantor; it may be because of the membership chairman ? but she feels those reasons are not valid, because people will always find something to dislike or to complain about. Joyce feels we are not offering something that we need to offer to find a way to attract members to our Temple, regardless of the age; something is missing and if we do not find out what it is - - and quickly ? we will be in trouble. b:\tbs\board\l-4-93 5 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors January 4, 1993 Meeting Minutes The President indicated for the record that the Board package contains the annual purge of members who have just not communicated with Temple Beth Sholom in the last two years or who have not paid dues. Herb stated that some of the people on the list, shown as being in arrears are not in arrears and should not be noted as such. The President said there may be a couple of those, but the vast majority of people are in arrears. Joyce said the December 25 Chanukah event proved to her that if we are not going to meet the needs of all different kinds of people in different areas that we are missing the boat, and we have to do some serious marketing to attract a new type of membership. The President agreed with Joyce. Discussion took place regarding who will be allowed on the bimah to participate during services, and the President deferred the question to the Ritual Committee to develop a policy. The Cantor thanked Leo Wilner for filling in for him at the Chanukah service. In response to Herb Kaufman?s question, David Funk advised we have an average of 100 people at the Saturday morning service. Beverly Eisen said that Saturday attendance appears to be picking up. Melanie Greenberg said there are many Jewish people in the Desert Shores and Summerlin areas who are not affiliated with a congregation. She said she did not know how to get their names, but would be happy to offer her home for a coffee for these people. The President reminded the Board they had talked about holding satellite services. Perhaps we could develop a satellite in that area for Temple-sanctioned auxiliary services in that area. Joyce queried whether Federation might have such a list. Leo Wilner said he has been going to Sun City once a month since they organized. He said they want a strictly reform service, nothing else. Leo said he has always stressed to them that this cannot go on forever and that they should join a congregation. He said these people are all seniors and most of the time their response is that they have already built buildings and contributed; they do not want any more and are content with what is. Joyce said the new member brunch could be for new and potential members and bring in prospective members. Herb asked if we could rent a room at the Santa Fe Hotel. Melanie felt a home would be warmer. S i s t e r h o o d : Fran Levien reported that on December 28, 1992 she received a letter from Isabel which requested that Sisterhood provide a financial report to the Board. She advised the Board that the report was in the Board packet. Herb Kaufman asked for clarification of the report and Adele Baratz replied on behalf of Sisterhood. The Certificates of Deposit in the total amount of $127,119.75 is earmarked for the new kitchen. Adele stated that there was $43,439.53 cash receipts, and $58,135.46 was spent. They were able to spend the money that way because at the end of last year, rather than take the money left in the treasury and place it in CDs, the money was left in the treasury in order to pay for remodeling of the bathrooms. Herb asked how much money was in the bank now; Adele said approximately $30,000. Of that $30,000, some is Torah Fund money to be sent to United Synagogue, and some is earmarked for replacing gift shop inventory; leaving b:\ibs\board\l-4-93 6 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors January 4, 1993 Meeting Minutes approximately $10,000 in the treasury. She said that since their money-making season at the gift shop is ended, and Sisterhood will not be holding a gala this year, that money will be used to meet their obligations. Rene Feinstein asked what Sisterhood?s obligations were. Adele replied Torah Fund of approximately $8,000 to $9,000; $10,000 to Temple Beth Sholom; and $7,000 in supermarket scrip. Discussion then turned to supermarket scrip. Rene stated it is not easy to buy scrip: the gift shop is open odd hours. Adele said it is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to noon, and Sunday morning during Hebrew school. Rene said for people who work, those are odd hours. Adele said anyone could make (and keep) an appointment. Isabel asked Adele if Board members could purchase scrip through the Temple office. Rene asked if Sisterhood would consider mail orders; Adele said they would not send it through the mail, because it is like money. Adele said she believes in some communities Toys R Us sponsors scrip; Isabel said some department stores do, too. Old Business: 1. High Holiday ticket sales: Isabel presented her written report regarding the ticket sales. Isabel said each year there is a group of people that asks to have their seats changed, either from the $50 seats to the $100 seats, or the $100 seats to the $250 seats. Each year she does her best to move anybody that makes that request. For example, she said, there is one family that has asked to go from the $100 seats to the $250 seats for a number of years; they need four seats and they do not want to go into seats available to them this year but that may not be available next year because they are '?reserved?? seats. Isabel said she cannot always accommodate all requests, but about 98 percent of requests are met. Herb asked why we had a deficit at the auxiliary service. Isabel said that even though 409 tickets were distributed, not all of them were ??sold". Since only thirty-three non-member families purchased tickets, there was a deficit. Herb asked how much the auxiliary services cost and Isabel replied approximately $10,000 to $11,000. The President reminded Herb that the auxiliary service was not held to raise money; if we did not have this service, approximately 250 members would have nowhere to go. Herb said he recalled at one time we had 1,600 seats at High Holidays; Isabel stated that it was 1,250. The Rabbi said the service was not good because it was too crowded then. Herb asked why, if members were only given two tickets in the main sanctuary, they are given more than two tickets if they attend at the auxiliary service. Isabel said it was a Board decision made a number of years ago, to allow larger families to be able to sit together. The President said Herb?s questions were good, but the issue needs to be addressed prior to next year?s High Holiday schedule and prior to a review of next year?s membership dues. New Business: 1. Preschool. Isabel advised the Board that she was presenting this request in Isaac Farrell?s absence. The Preschool Committee advised the Board that in order to make ends meet, they have determined that tuition and day care charges must be raised. The requested increase for day care would be from $2.85 per hour with a maximum of $45.00 per week, to a charge of $3.00 per hour with a maximum of $60.00 per week. The Committee also requested that Preschool tuition be raised from $1,350 per year for members to $1,800, and from $1,800 for b:\tbs\board\i-4-93 7 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors January 4, 1993 Meeting Minutes nonmembers to $2,100 per year. The Committee requested Board approval for this increase, since publicity and registration for the 1993-1994 school year is starting soon. Herb Kaufman voiced his opinion that we are trying to increase membership, yet by increasing our tuition by $500 per year; we are penalizing people with children. He asked if the preschool would cease to exist if the charges are not raised $500 per year. The President asked if the question could be deferred one month until Isaac is in attendance to answer questions. Adele Baratz, who attended the Preschool Committee meeting, explained that the increase (including day care) is approximately twenty-five cents per hour, or a total of $3.00 per hour. The President asked what the competition is charging. Adele said she believed it was approximately the same; she also said $3.00 per hour is very reasonable, since a baby-sitter charges about $4.00 per hour. Joyce Straus prefaced her remarks by stating she was not familiar with preschool charges. However, she said, nobody questions the Meadows School when it raises its tuition thousands of dollars per year; why are we questioning a raise of twenty-five cents per hour. If the program is good enough, she said, no charge will be too high. She asked if the program was good; the President replied it was a phenomenal program. Discussion continued amongst the members. Herb said members are already paying $750 per year for membership, and what do we give them. Adele said the Temple was going to "go broke" and we had to do something. Judi Herring addressed the Board. She arrived at a rough calculation for a child in preschool and day care: $1,800 for thirty-six weeks is $50 per week, plus the maximum weekly of $60 for the day care program, is $110 per week. She said she feels this is higher than the average day care costs in the community. Isabel said it amounts to fifty hours per week for $110. Herb asked how many of the children enrolled are members; Isabel replied approximately half. Herb said his concern was for the half whose parents are members; he feels that the member families should receive a benefit for being Temple members. Herb asked what the members receive for their $750 per year. The President answered they have the honor of helping our Temple stay alive. Herb replied that forty-three people gave up that honor this year. The President answered it is the cheapest dues anywhere in the western United States. Allen asked why the tuition went up $500 for members and only $300 for nonmembers. Isabel answered the increase is $450 for members and $300 for nonmembers. The Committee felt that the nonmember rate was at a maximum of $2,100, and if it went any higher, enrollment would decrease. Isabel continued that the Committee spent hours on this question, coming up with a variety of suggestions and formulas to use, and the one proposed tonight was the most practical: $3.35 per hour for school (members) and $300 more per year for nonmembers. Joyce suggested perhaps the tuition should be presented on an hourly, rather than a yearly. Isabel said then that people would only want to pay for the actual hours used, rather than for the full thirty-six-week school year. The President said that he has a 4-year-old enrolled in the preschool and has observed the classes on many occasions. He said it is a phenomenal program; if it helps the nonmembers learn Hebrew, then it is doing an additional service. Judi Herring said that she began bringing her son to the preschool four years ago, and she was not a member (even though she had been associated with Temple Beth Sholom since 1956). As a result of her son attending the school, b:\tbs\board\l-4-93 8 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors January 4. 1993 Meeting Minutes she and her husband became members. She agreed that it is an excellent school, but she is concerned that the school will be priced out of the market; it will not be competitive. No matter how good the school is, people will still shop for a bargain. Joyce asked if Judi was familiar with prices at other preschools. Judi said her neighbor pays about $70 to $75 per week. She admitted that her neighbor?s school did not compare to what Beth Sholom provided, but stressed that while she is willing to pay the extra $30 per week, others may not. Isabel stressed that Temple Beth Sholom provided three hours a day of learning, with day care available before and after; even the after care is a structured program. Joyce said she felt it was worth it. Herb asked what about the others who cannot afford the $110 per week? Perhaps, he suggested, we should not offer a school, but simply a day care center. The President said scholarship money is available from the Federation. Allen said perhaps it would give the incentive to nonmembers to become members if they could save $300 per year in tuition. Isabel said that has already happened. Rene said if the Temple cannot provide every service we would like to provide, on the basis of dues collected and pledges given, some of the services have to pay for themselves. Judi Herring suggested advertising the school in such a way that people will know the education provided is superior. She attested to the wonderful education her son has received. The President reminded the Board of a previous suggestion of preparation of a ten-minute inexpensive videotape of the classes, interviewing parents and teachers, which would go to every Jewish parent of a child who might attend. Adele said on the Committee are young parents of school-aged children; none of those parents objected to the increase and felt it was a logical progression. Judi Herring volunteered to prepare a brochure for the school; if the Board provides the information and the paper, she will design the brochure and do the layout, at no charge. Herb Kaufman will provide videotapes at cost. Rene Feinstein moved that the Board increase preschool tuition to $1,800 per year for members and $2,100 per year for nonmembers; and that day care be provided at a cost of $3.00 per hour to a maximum of $60 per week; seconded by Fran Levien. The motion was carried. 2. Fund Raising. Isabel reported that she spoke with Sandy Mall in, who could not be at this evening?s meeting. Isabel, Rene, Sandy and Melanie had a very lengthy lunch meeting and came up with a few good ideas. Rene reported that the committee felt a gala was not appropriate; everyone is tired of going to dances and eating rubber chicken. Melanie?s suggestion was a silent auction, which will require a great deal of participation from Board members. Sandy?s suggestion was professional production of a play entitled "Bernie?s Bar Mitzvah''. The play is about a bar mitzvah; the audience are guests at the bar mitzvah. There will be an ad book; instead of regular ads, however, the ads purchased will be the "gifts" for Bernie at his bar mitzvah. Rene said she has not seen the play; Sandy had seen it and thought it would be a wonderful idea. Sandy will report further to the Board at next month?s meeting. 3. Passover Seder. The Rabbi reiterated that he and the Cantor are committed to having a Seder. He wanted to be sure we had the facilities and equipment. Isabel said we know we have the dishes. The Rabbi confirmed he will take care of kashering the pots and pans. The President confirmed we will have a seder in the Social Hall. It was also confirmed that Men?s Club will provide the catering. It was suggested that two seders be conducted: the Rabbi will conduct one; the Cantor will conduct the other. The seders are Monday, April 5, 1993 and Tuesday, April 6, 1993. b:\tbs\board\l-4-93 9 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors January 4, 1993 Meeting Minutes Herb asked how much we wanted to charge; Beverly asked the cost. Rene said if we charge too little, we will have too many people attending and not enough space. We must charge more so that we can meet the demand. Herb asked what was charged last year; Isabel replied $45 and $50; the cost per person was approximately $42. She said no money was made on last year?s seder. Isabel also itemized some "built-in" costs, such as printing, postage, publicity, etc. Rene asked about simply advertising it in the Bulletin. Isabel said we send out a flyer or two and advertise it in the paper. She said if we are going to hold it in the Social Hall and limit it to 200 people per night, then a notice in the Bulletin and one flyer would be sufficient. The President asked if it was unreasonable to make $2,000 on the evening (200 people, and charge $10 over cost). Isabel said she felt representatives from the Men?s Club, the Rabbi and she had to meet to plan the menu; then the Men?s Club representative could gather the costs so a price determination could be made. Isabel asked if we would have waiters and waitresses to serve and bus tables, and clean up in the kitchen. The Rabbi asked if Men?s Club would have its members working; Herb replied some of the members would be glad to help by supervising, not working. Herb also said we would have to hire people to serve and clean up. The President said that could be built into the cost. Herb said we could still make a $2,000 profit. Discussion continued regarding the price to charge. Herb asked approximately how much we wanted to charge for the dinner. Rene said "whatever it takes"; Herb said no, we have to make a determination. The President said last year?s dinner was $45, with 300 people in attendance; he felt we should not charge less. Joyce said we should not charge any more. Isabel suggested $45, and half-price for children. The President asked who from the Men?s Club would be handling the dinner, and requested that person meet with Isabel and the Rabbi and Cantor within the next month. 4. Search Committee. Alvin Blumberg spoke about Rabbi Gershen, an Assistant Rabbi from San Antonio, Texas, born in Chicago and raised in Israel. He said Rabbi Gershen is interested in coming to Las Vegas. He told the Board he did have a video tape of Rabbi Gershen, but unfortunately lost the tape. He had submitted his resume a very long time ago and never received an answer from the Committee, and is still interested in the position. The President said that Rabbi Gershen would have to submit his application through the Rabbinical Assembly, of which he must be a member. The RA screens the applications and then sends them on to us. He asked that Alvin contact R