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Brochure for Nathan Adelson Hospice, 1980



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BOARD OF DIRECTORS MERV ADELSON PEARL ADELSQN RENNY ASHLEMAN DONALD H. BAEPLER AL BENEDICT ELI BOYER, C PA. DAVID BRANDSNESS SHARON BRANDSNESS IRWIN BUCHALTER ANTHONY CARTER, M.D DON DIGILIO THALIA DONDERO LOVEE DUBOEF HAROLD ERICKSON HANK CREENSPUN JIM JOYCE CHARLES KILDUFF, M.D. SAMUEL LIONEL JEROME MACK IRWIN MOLASKY SUSAN MOLASKY MICHAEL O'CALLACHAN OWEN PECK, M.D. LEE RICH ALLARD ROEN WILLIS RUSSELL, M.D. ART SMITH WILLIAM K. STEPHAN, M.D. MURIEL STEVENS KENNETH J. SULLIVAN, JR. E. PARRY THOMAS RICHARD THOMAS DAVID ZENOFF Nathan Adelson 1905-1978 Nathan Adelson 1905-1978 The Nathan Adelson Hospice Las Vegas, Nevada ^ ^ athan Adelson Hospice, an innovative, nontraditional program of living, had its inception with three people who knew and were closest to Mr. Adelson; his wife, Pearl Adelson, his son, Merv Adelson, and his friend, Irwin Molasky. After the death of Nathan Adelson, his family and friends carefully contemplated a fitting and appropriate memorial to his memory, stature and wisdom. As they vividly recalled Mr. Adelson's illness, they realized that one of the greatest needs in our society today is a new approach to the care of the terminally ill. These patients need a special type of care ?physical, spiritual and psychological, that a hospital is neither equipped nor prepared to give. These thoughts led to the idea of establishing a hospice located in Las Vegas which would provide care for patients from the western part of the United States and serve as a model for others like it in the future. ' ll^^'-Miiii^.uiiiiiffni^ Nathan Adelson Hospice provides an environment of living program designed to meet the sensitive needs of the terminally ill, their family and friends. The hospice's natural, home-like setting will allow a peaceful, dignified habitatfor those approaching the end of life. The hospice concept of personalized, palliative care enables the patient to remain in charge of life and to live the fullest measure possible with the spiritual and emotional comfort and support of home, family and the professional hospice care team. Hospice care has four carefully integrated phases. In-Care is a program that consists of a special care team including a medical director, nursing staff, social workers, chaplain, therapists and highly motivated volunteers. Home-Care will be in cooperation with other community resources, providing the full range of home health services under the direction of the hospice medical director, who will coordinate with a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social workers, clergy and volunteers. Day-Night Care where patients may spend the day or night at the facility where all the inpatient services are available. The service is especially useful for patients without families or whose family members work. Bereavement guidance and counselling in personal adjustment will continue for one year after the loss. Hospice as a word originated in medieval times, a derivative of the Latin "hospes" meaning host or guest. Travel-weary crusaders on the way to the Holy Land found places of refuge in monasteries; eventually these places of rest came to be called hospices. During the 1960's, Dr. Cicely Saunders, who recognized the need for a more specialized compassionate care plan for the terminally ill, began a hospice program in England. The early 1970's saw the hospice movement gaining momentum in the United States. There are several hundred hospices in the United States. ^ ^ athan Adelson Hospice funding as projected by Robert M. McCausland, CPA, with Laven-thol & Horwath, Los Angeles, California. Land (4.3 acres) $ 400,000 Building and Equipment (20 bed facility) 2,000,000 A Development and start-up costs 275,000 m Working Capital Requirements 390,000 Sub-Total $3,065,000 W y ^ oy Operating Deficits (1st 5 years) 930,000 $ Total Costs $3,995,000 Mj v, ? ' W i " THE NATHAN ADELSON HOSPICE NEVADA ARCHITRONICS T he Nathan Adelson Hospice program, founded in 1980 in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a living memorial to the humanitarian stature and wisdom of Nathan Adelson. Mr. Adelson was an active civic and religious leader. His sense of community is the basis of the hospice concept of care. In honor of his life and genuine concern for humane care for the sick and dying, this program will serve the people. EXECUTIVE OFFICES 3201 Maryland Parkway, Suite 330 Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 (702) 733-0320 JOYCE & MARTIN ADVERTISING,INC 218 So. Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 Phone (702) 382-4003 Marvdean Martin July 28, 1980 Dear Hal: All of us at Joyce & Martin Advertising consider it a privilege to have been selected to work with you on the development of the Nathan Adelson Hospice. And, it is with pride that we are sending you the enclosed brochure. If you would like more copies, please call Art Simon at (702)733-0320. He will be pleased to send them to you. Cordially, Marydean Martin MM/dc