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County agent project progress report, Domestic water supply for Bunkerville and Mesquite, November 1, 1936







Having been unsuccessful in obtaining reliable domestic water, Bunkerville and Mesquite were beginning an all-out lobbying campaign on various agencies for help.

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Box 4 Folder 18 Home Water Supplies and Improvement Project Clark County 1936-1938


hln000565. John Wittwer Collection on Agriculture in Nevada, 1898-1972. MS-00181. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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COUNTY AGENT PROJECT Progress Report Date: November 1, 1936 MISCELLANEOUS NAME OF PROJECT: Domestic Water Supply for Bunkerville and Mesquite Every form of attempt by Bunkerville and Mesquite for domestic water during the 1935 year have failed, their problem was presented to the Nevada State Farm Bureau during its session in Clark County in January of 1936. Thereafter, following receipt of petitions from residents of communities concerned for cooperation from any possible source, a barage of telegrams, letters, long distance telephone calls went out from the Nevada State Farm Bureau office through their State Secretary, Mrs. Florence B. Bovett to Nevada's Congressional Delegation, to the U. S. Forest Service, to the Soil Conservation Service, the PWA, the EPA, the Resettlement-Rehabilitation Administration, and the L. D. S. Church. Though to date, the much hoped for water supply not being in respective communities to meet expectations of residents concerned the following definite results have been attained: 1. A well-developed "head" works in what is commonly known as Cabin Wash area in conjunction with 5 1/2 miles 2" piping laid, and delivering water to temporary storage facilities for over 6000 gallons from which residents now secure their immediate needs by hauling same either by truck or wagon over distances of from 5 to 9 miles. This has made the best of domestic water available for all of 120 families since June 1936. 2. Through cooperation of Mesquite-Bunkerville communities all water rights of the Cabin Wash-Mica Pass Springs area have been purchased on a 60-40% basis for $1000.00 and proper filings have been made through a State water rights engineer to the State Engineer's office for all Mica Pass waters. 3. A petition to the Division of Grazing by joint action of both communities asking for placing the entire Cabin Wash-Mica Pass watershed area under restricted grazing to further provide for a more adequate water supply and to facilitate more effectively sanitary measures for same. 4. A definite understanding among leaders of both communities to develop a program of temporary water storage, purpose of which will be: (1) Increase supply during low flow season; and (2) With adequate proof that the supply will be ample to justify extension of water lines from end of present line to each Mesquite and Bunkerville, finances will be secured with which to complete the job. 5. Petitions have been prepared and forwarded to all who may be concerned with financing this project presenting actual cost estimates of completed lines to each community according to the following: (1) To extend water line to Bunkerville, 5 miles at an approximate cost of $17,000.00 total labor and material costs. (2) To extend water line to Mesquite 5 miles at a cost of approximately $24,000.00. Aside from assured cooperation from the L. D. S. Church, all other prospective sources of help are being held in abeyance until it can be definitely determined that the water supply amply justifies the costs of installation. J. H. Wittwer County Extension Agent