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University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) 37th commencement program







Commencement program from University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists (UA-00115).

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man001163. University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists, 1953-2021. UA-00115. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Thirty-Seventh Commencement
Sunday • December Seventeen of the Year Two Thousand
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
UNLV Administration
Carol C. Harter, President
Raymond W. Alden III, Provost
Fred Albrecht, Vice President for University and Community Relations Juanita Fain, Vice President for Administration
Anthony B. Flores, Vice President for Finance John Gallagher, Vice President for Development Rebecca A. Mills, Vice President for Student Life
Prelude music by the UNLV Brass Ensemble selected from the following works:
Festival Fanfare — Jun Yashirogi
Mr. Jams — Chris Hazell
Borace — Chris Hazell
Fanfare for The Lord Mayor of London — Arthur Bliss
Rag-Time Dance — Scott Joplin
Fanfare for the Common Man — Aaron Copeland
Dr. Paul Hesselink, Organist
Paul Aizley, Extended Studies Paul Ferguson, Graduate College
Richard Flaherty, Business James H. Frey, Liberal Arts Gene Hall, Education
Jeffrey P. Koep, Fine Arts Stuart Mann, Hotel Administration Kenneth Marks, University Libraries Richard Morgan, Law Sue Reimondo, Honors College Carolyn E. Sabo, Health Sciences
Ronald Sack, Engineering
Peter Starkweather, Sciences Martha Watson, Urban Affairs
Jane Nichols, Chancellor Sherwin Iverson, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Dan Miles, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
ANTHEM .............................................................................................................................Dr. Alfonse Anderson and the
From Sea to Shining Sea UNLV Brass Ensemble
(A fantasy based on America the Beautiful) by Samuel A. Ward
INTRODUCTION OF PLATFORM GUESTS.................................................................................Dr. Carol C. Harter, President
Governor Kenny C. Guinn
STUDENT COMMENCEMENT REMARKS...................................................................................
CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREE...................................................................................
Senator Richard H. Bryan, Doctor of Laws
CONFERRING OF PRESIDENT'S MEDAL..................................................................................
Bonnie Fairchild Bryan • Joseph N. Crowley • Dema L. Guinn
GREETINGS FROM GRADUATE STUDENT.................................................................................
CONFERRING OF DEGREES...................................................................................................
CONCLUDING REMARKS......................................................................................................
Thalia Dondero, Chair
Board of Regents
Hilary E. Vanstone
Regent Dondero and President Harter
President Harter
Nadia von Magdenko
President Harter and Provost Ray Alden
President Harter
UNLV ALMA MATER, by Eric Whitaker '95 ..................................................................................UNLV Brass Ensemble
Dr. Paul Hesselink, Organist
*It is requested that guests remain in their seats until the Recessional is concluded.
Board of Regents
Thalia Dondero, Chair Howard Rosenberg, Vice Chair
Mark Alden
Jill Derby
Dorothy Gallagher
Douglas Roman Hill
Tom Kirkpatrick
David Phillips
Douglas Seastrand Steve Sisolak Tom Wiesner
This is the official program for the 2000 December Commencement at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. It includes the names of students graduating in August and December 2000.
Guests of graduates will not be allowed on the floor of the Thomas & Mack Center during Commencement.
A professional photographer will take a photograph of each graduate and photo proofs will be mailed directly to graduates. If you would like to order photographs, contact your graduate for proofs and ordering information.
Videotapes will also be available for purchase through the UNLV Bookstore.
Dr. Douglas Peterson
Dr. John Filler, 2000-2001 Faculty Senate Chair
Dr. Stephen Carper, 2001-2002 Faculty Senate Chair-Elect
Paul Moradkhan, 2000-2001 Student Government President
Stephanie Davy, CSUN Senate President
Cheryl Radeloff, 2000-2001 Graduate Student Association President
John Van Hoesen, 2000-2001 Graduate Student Association Secretary
A campus-wide reception will be held immediately following the ceremony on the concourse of the Thomas & Mack Center
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 1
Special honors and Academic Dress
The Distinguished Nevadan Award is conferred by the Board of Regents of the University and Community College System of Nevada to recognize prominent individuals who are present or former residents of the State of Nevada. The award is presented for significant achievements that contribute to the cultural, economic, scientific, or social advancement of Nevada and its people and for exceptional service to the state or nation that has influenced constructively the well-being of society. The recipient receives an engraved medallion and a special certificate.
The President's Medal was first conferred in 1996 to Governor Kenny Guinn. The recipients are selected by the University President to recognize individuals who have provided very special and distinguished service to the University. An engraved medallion and special certificate is presented to each honoree.
The Presidential Medallion is the official insignia of the University President and is worn at Commencement and other ceremonial occasions. UNLV's Presidential Medallion was given to the University by the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada (CSUN) in 1973.
The medallion depicts the official seal of the State of Nevada in sterling silver. Links of the chain are engraved with the names of every University president and their terms of office, symbolizing the continuity of responsibility in the office.
Graduating seniors who have been initiated into UNLV's chapter of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society are presented with a bronze medallion hung on a blue ribbon to be worn at Commencement. Each year Chapter 100 at UNLV invites to membership the top 10 percent of the senior class and the top 5 percent of the junior class in all academic disciplines.
The Golden Key National Honor Society is open to juniors and seniors of all academic disciplines who have earned a 3.30 grade point average or higher. Graduating seniors in this honor society wear a gold medallion on a blue and gold cord.
The Nevada Centennial Medallion is presented annually to the graduating senior earning the highest four-year scholastic average at UNLV. A total of 101 medallions were presented to the University by the Rotary Club of Las Vegas at the time of the state's centennial celebration in 1964. The final medallion will be awarded in 2064, the year of Nevada's 200th birthday. The 2000 recipient is Daniel M. Flores.
Summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude are the designations for students graduating with a baccalaureate degree who have earned 60 credits at UNLV and have a grade point average that places them in the top 10 percent of students graduating from their college.
Summa cum laude is bestowed on students who are in the top 1 percent of their college graduating class. Magna cum laude is bestowed on graduating students who are in the top 2 percent to 5 percent, and cum laude is bestowed on graduating students who are in the top 6 percent to 10 percent.
Students who have achieved the mark of summa cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude after their final semester's work will have the honor indicated on their diplomas and final transcripts. The Honors College has different criteria for awarding honors.
Sarah Allen, University Honors
Scott Bernth, University Honors
Leslie Blasco, Department Honors, Summa Cum Laude Lindsay Grizzle, Department Honors, Cum Laude Kapka Pchelarova Department Honors
Kirk Peterson, University & Department Honors, Cum Laude Richard Schofield, University Honors
Joelle Theubet, Department Honors, Summa Cum Laude Trina Willardson, Department Honors, Summa Cum Laude
The academic caps, gowns, and hoods that make the procession so colorful are part of an 800-year tradition. Academic clothing was first worn in medieval universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Paris, and Bologna. The gowns and hoods served a practical purpose in the days of unheated classrooms.
The European custom was carried to America with the establishment of our own colleges and universities. In 1895 an academic code of dress was adopted, and the standards of a black robe, hood, and cap were accepted by most of the colleges and universities in the United States.
Different types of black gowns may be distinguished in the academic procession. The bachelors' gowns have long, pointed sleeves; the masters' gowns have oblong sleeves with an arc cut away in the front. The doctors' gowns are faced with velvet and have bell-shaped sleeves with three bars of velvet.
The Oxford cap, the so-called mortarboard, is black and has a long tassel fastened to the middle of the top that is worn pendant over the right front of the cap. Upon graduation, the tassel is moved from right to Left. The hood, draped from the shoulder, denotes by its length and colors the field of study and the institution that conferred the degree.
The University Mace, which has its traditions deeply rooted in history, is carried on ceremonial occasions at the head of the academic procession by the Grand Marshal, whose symbolic duty is the protection of the University, its persons, and its processes.
The mace, a long club with a ball of iron, steel, or brass at one end, was used in warfare as late as the sixteennth century. The use of the mace as an instrument of ceremony, however, began about the year 1250 in England and France. The mace is
still used widely today in university ceremonies like commencements and inaugurations.
The UNLV Mace, cast by UNLV art professor emeritus Michael McCollum in 1970, was created using the lost wax process. Erik Gronborg's design for the cubical head of the mace included facets depicting the university seal, a rendering of the Statue of Liberty, a likeness of Renaissance scholar Leonardo da Vinci, and a shelf of books flanked by artists' brushes.
The mace bearer today is Douglas Peterson, an Associate Professor of Music with 33 years of service to the university.
UNLV Alma Mater
Alma Mater, we praise you For spirit, the eternal flame. Strength which never falters, A tribute to your name.
Alma Mater, we thank you, Exalted Scarlet and Gray.
Truth and wisdom from your
Standard in our minds and hearts will stay.
Alma Mater, we cherish you.
And in days that are yet to be, Our voices let us ever raise In honor, U-N-L-V.
2 2000 Commencement
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 3
Graduate College
Doctor of Philosophy
James David Ballard, Sociology
Diana Roock Dever, History
John Connors Kerrigan, English
Yang Liu, Physics
Anthony Frederick Lucas, Hospitality Administration
Paul David Shapiro, Sociology
Vicki M. Tripoli, Environmental Science
Ningsheng Zhu, Physics
Doctor of Philosophy In Engineering
Shulan Deng, Engineering-Electrical Engineering
Doctor of Education
Virginia A. Bielman, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Leonard Marvin Crawford Jr., Educational Leadership
D. JanelL Dietz, Educational Leadership
Joni M. Flowers, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Sonya S. Greene, Educational Leadership
Amy Lynn Hyams, Educational Leadership
Keith James Hyatt, Special Education
Kit-Hung Lee, Special Education
R. Karlene McCormick-Lee, Educational Leadership
Robin Carin Stall, Special Education
Becky Lynn Watson, Educational Leadership
Specialist In education
Joy E. Bishop, Special Education
Amy D. Bombassei, Special Education
Pranami Sanjay Desai, Special Education
Master of Architecture
Jane Elizabeth Field, Architecture
Kuang-Chun Yeh, Architecture
Master of Arts
Alan Lee Beard II, Economics
Andrew Michael Belanger, Political Science
Ryan Matthew Bledsoe, Economics
LuAnn Caressi, History
Joe Nelson Christensen, Psychology
Justin Greg Cohen, Political Science
Lynette Ann Curtis, English
Thomas Laszlo Dorogi, History
Jessica Lena Evans, English
Evelyne Marie Gayraud, Foreign Language-French
Howard Roden Giles III, Psychology
Sylvia Lucette Goossens, Foreign Language-French
Mona Doreen Greenberg, Communication Studies
Shannon Kay Hammermeister, English
Becky Beckstead Harris, Political Science
Sandra M. Kimmes, Communication Studies
Scott William Larson, Political Science
Daniel Edward Le Bas, Anthropology
Dean Frederick Lundquist, Theatre Arts
Arthur Thomas Lynch, Communication Studies
Philip Davis MacWilliams, Ethics & Policy Studies Francisco Javier Madrigal, Foreign Language-Spanish Nancy Jean Martin, Sociology
Evelyn Irene McClees, Economics
Ryan G. Mitchell, English
John Richards Mundy, Economics
James Edward Murphy, History
Emily Dora Norman, Sociology
Katherine J. Peek, Anthropology
Courtney Ryan Pursell, Psychology
Hal Boyle Rager, Anthropology
Bryan Arion Rasmussen, Political Science
Suzan F. Rose, Anthropology
Henriette Saunders, Foreign Language-French
Michele Dawn Sheremeta, Psychology
Benigno L. Somoza, Foreign Language-Spanish
Linda M. Whitney, English
Barbara Youngblood, Political Science
Noelle Christine Youngblood, Theatre Arts
Master of Business Administration
Nicoletta Charalambous, Business Administration Sean Greggory Choy, Business Administration Kristina Anne Cournoyer, Business Administration William T. Dunn, Business Administration
Gary Lee Gustafson, Business Administration
Mohammad Ghazi Jadid, Business Administration
Ruining Jiang, Business Administration
Sara Christine Lawyer, Business Administration
Julie A. Maust, Business Administration
Armin Pongratz, Business Administration
Cathryn J. Santoro, Business Administration
Cheng Tsu Shih, Business Administration
Sandy Yoshino Tsutahara, Business Administration Stephen Douglas Vallender, Business Administration John Timothy Wholihan, Business Administration
Master of Education
Charlene A. Adkins, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Amy Elizabeth Ahlert, Special Education
Stacey Benson Allen, Health Promotion
Yvonne D. Anderson, Instructional & Curricular Studies Jevannah Ann Antila, Instructional & Curricular Studies Steven R. Baker, Special Education
William Roy Michael Barton, Educational Leadership
Mark William Battistone, Instructional & Curricular Studies Denae Dawn Bender, Instructional & Curricular Studies Mistine Renee Berg, Instructional & Curricular Studies Madeleine George Black, Instructional & Curricular Studies Kari Ann Bono, Special Education
Pamela Kay Borgos, Special Education
Melanie Susan Bowline, Instructional & Curricular Studies Tonya Marie Boylan, Special Education
Kristie Marie Bray, Special Education
Christine C. Bristol,. Instructional & Curricular Studies Jennifer Lee Brode, Instructional & Curricular Studies Bonnie M. Brown, Special Education
Shemeen C. Brown, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Leesa Ann Buono, Special Education
Barbara Isgro Cantara, Educational Leadership
Nina V. Carter, Educational Leadership
George Milton Chamberlin III, Instructional & Curricular Studies Justin Izak Chatov, Special Education
Lisa Renee Cluver, Special Education
Bruce P. Coffman, Instructional & Curricular Studies Mercedes Connor, Instructional & Curricular Studies Tiffany Anne Coodey, Instructional & Curricular Studies Scott H. Craig, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Todd Russell Crandall, Instructional & Curricular Studies Nancy Lee Crenshaw, Instructional & Curricular Studies Johnny Esker Crosby, Instructional & Curricular Studies Traci Lynn Cuddihy, Special Education
Diane Helen Culbreth, Special Education
Jennifer A. D'Orsi, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Lynn A. Dale, Instructional & Curricular Studies Amy J. Daning, Instructional & Curricular Studies Jenny Davis, Instructional & Curricular Studies Daniel Steven Decovich, Special Education
Latrica Elise Dendy, Instructional & Curricular Studies Roy W. Detisch III, Instructional & Curricular Studies Judith Joanne Dietrich, Instructional & Curricular Studies Wendi L. Drake, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Maria Victoria Romasanta Duggan, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Deborah Sue Dwyer, Instructional & Curricular Studies Karen Diane Lawson Dyka, Educational Leadership Deborah Ann Estey, Instructional & Curricular Studies Robert Y. Everett, Educational Psychology
Dedra Marie Farmer, Instructional & Curricular Studies Paula Kathlene Fey, Instructional & Curricular Studies Derek Edward Fialkiewicz, Instructional & Curricular Studies Marlene Fiti, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Alvie 0. Foote Jr., Special Education
John W. Foss, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Kathleen M. Fox, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Mary A. Friedrich, Special Education
Robin Lorraine Fulmer, Instructional & Curricular Studies Alanna Irene Galyean, Instructional & Curricular Studies Christine K. Ghazal, Instructional & Curricular Studies Micheline K. Ghazal, Instructional & Curricular Studies Mark G. Gilmore, Special Education
Brenda Gail Green-Ellington, Educational Psychology Kim Wilder Greene, Instructional & Curricular Studies Marco A. Guerrero, Special Education
Jodi Lee Harmon, Instructional & Curricular Studies Roger Alan Harris, Instructional & Curricular Studies Deidre R. Haruguchi, Instructional & Curricular Studies Sandra J. Hayes-Hickmann, Special Education
Nina M. Highsmith, Instructional & Curricular Studies Leah Jill Hiller, Special Education
Tamika Marie Hodges, Special Education
Michael W. Hoehn, Instructional & Curricular Studies Jeff H. Hutzler, Instructional & Curricular Studies Steven Paul Isaak, Instructional & Curricular Studies Paul Christian Iverson, Educational Leadership
Andrew Thomas Joostberns, Instructional & Curricular Studies Jennifer Ann Joseph, Special Education
Noelle Kathryne Kantz, Instructional & Curricular Studies Evon Salim Kaspari, Special Education
Nicole M. Klein-Richter, Instructional & Curricular Studies Deanna Therese Kline, Instructional & Curricular Studies Rene Klapper Knott, Instructional & Curricular Studies Katherine Danielle Kraus, Instructional & Curricular Studies Michelle Perry Kydd, Instructional & Curricular Studies Denise Lynn Labree, Special Education
Allyson Ann LaGanke, Special Education
Melissa Susan Lane, Instructional & Curricular Studies Kimberly Ann Lang, Special Education
Clinton Henry Larson, Instructional & Curricular Studies Lawrence E. Letourneau, Instructional & Curricular Studies Jack Harold Licht, Educational Leadership
Rhonda Lee Lindsay, Instructional & Curricular Studies Jennifer Lynn London, Educational Leadership
Sharon Lee Volke Lyall, Instructional & Curricular Studies Leesa K. Lyman, Instructional & Curricular Studies Patricia Ann Marco, Instructional & Curricular Studies Wendy Kathleen Mason, Special Education
Tara Rose Maszk, Instructional & Curricular Studies Elizabeth L. McCracken, Instructional & Curricular Studies Donna McElroy, Special Education
Angela Marie McGhee, Instructional & Curricular Studies Harry Hale McKinster, Special Education
Robert Patrick McMullin, Instructional & Curricular Studies Rema Menon, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Elke Kim Mier, Special Education
James D. Miller, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Melissa Christine Morris, Instructional & Curricular Studies Danielle Lynn Mossman, Instructional & Curricular Studies Kathleen Marie Doran Nash, Special Education
Margaret H. Nigro, Educational Leadership
Alanna Jean Noyes, Educational Leadership
Elysha D. O'Brien, Special Education
Darren K. Oglesby, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Michael James Oliver, Instructional & Curricular Studies Anu Pande, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Anthony William Parrino, Educational Leadership
Lawrence Pellegrino Jr., Instructional & Curricular Studies Kim Marie Perry, Educational Leadership
Amy Lynn Peterson, Instructional & Curricular Studies Lee Houseman Pettit, Special Education
Susan Lynn Phillips, Educational Psychology
John J. Polish, Special Education
Jacquelyn Marie Price, Instructional & Curricular Studies Jacqueline Maya Rabie, Instructional & Curricular Studies Laura R. Rabin, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Donna Rasavage, Instructional & Curricular Studies Kristine Reback, Educational Leadership
Wesley A. Reed, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Julie Margaret Reyes, Health Promotion
Melissa Forrester Reymer, Educational Psychology
Stephanie Jean Richmond, Special Education
Stephanie Trang Robinson, Instructional & Curricular Studies Edward Emilio Romero, Instructional & Curricular Studies Lisa G. Rorman, Special Education
Jennifer Anne Russo, Educational Psychology Brian Dean Saffle, Special Education
Fernando A. Sanchez, Educational Leadership
4 2000 Commencement
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 5
Dana Janell Sanderson, Instructional & Curricular Studies Christine Schaeffer, Instructional & Curricular Studies Mary Ethel Smith Scialabba, Educational Leadership Holly Sue Shepard, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Michelle Melanie Shingleton, Instructional & Curricular Studies Eva H. Silvas, Special Education
Howard K. Simkins II, Special Education
Manjoo K. Singh, Educational Leadership
Charles Richard Sinicki, Instructional & Curricular Studies Diana Andrews Sjoberg, Special Education
Joyce Amanda Smeltzer, Special Education
Kathleen Mary Smith, Special Education
Aimee Davida Smithline, Instructional & Curricular Studies Annette Sue Snyder, Instructional & Curricular Studies Danna Jill Sokol, Instructional & Curricular Studies Ada Margarita Solorio, Instructional & Curricular Studies Patricia Soto-Marquez, Educational Psychology
Korina Lynn Spurrier, Special Education
Thomas Aaron Steinline, Instructional & Curricular Studies Kathleen Denise Stewart, Educational Leadership Elaine M. Sullivan, Instructional & Curricular Studies Allison Hinton Swinger, Instructional & Curricular Studies Michele Elise Taylor, Instructional & Curricular Studies Tarsha Lorraine Thomas, Instructional & Curricular Studies Theresa Raedine Thomas, Instructional & Curricular Studies Sini M. Thomas-Arrowsmith, Educational Psychology Julie A. Tilton, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Helen Margaret Tjemsland, Instructional & Curricular Studies Sharon Nancy Urbank, Instructional & Curricular Studies Lourdes A. Viado, Educational Psychology
Maureen Ann Vick, Instructional & Curricular Studies Michelle Walz, Special Education
Amy Marie Wehrman, Instructional & Curricular Studies Laurie Rene White, Instructional & Curricular Studies Teresa A. White, Special Education
Deborah Lawrence Wilhite, Special Education
Lisa Michelle Williams, Special Education Yerie R. Williams, Health Promotion
Jeremy Wayne Wilson, Instructional & Curricular Studies Monique Marie Wilson, Special Education
Kenneth James Wise, Instructional & Curricular Studies Kenneth J. Witty, Instructional & Curricular Studies Kristin Louise Wolf, Instructional & Curricular Studies Christina Kay Wright, Instructional & Curricular Studies Coreen Anne Wulz, Instructional & Curricular Studies Sarah Ann Yee, Instructional & Curricular Studies Amy Gayle Young, Instructional & Curricular Studies Natellie Ann Yurtinus, Instructional & Curricular Studies
Ann R. Wuehler, Theatre
Master of Music
Betsy Blaser, Music
Antonio Pereira Dias, Music
Darlene Gause-Snelson, Music
Terri Lynn Haley, Music Timothy A. Jones, Music Anthony Dwight Marentic, Music
Cindy Dianne O'Donnell, Music Joseph Anthony Rose, Music
Virginia Elizabeth Bax, Public Administration Timothy Michael Burch, Public Administration Jamie Marie Curry, Public Administration Mark Andrew Dascalos, Public Administration Michael T. Gebhart, Public Administration Christina Achziger Gibson, Public Administration Michael Irwin Green, Public Administration Ben R. Hetfeld, Public Administration Janice K. Hetfeld, Public Administration DelShanna Catrease Jones, Public Administration Katherine Joan Junker, Public Administration Brandi Leedham-Erwin, Public Administration Sharon Idolly Lockwood, Public Administration Kimberly Ann Meier, Public Administration Felipe A. Ortiz, Public Administration
Andrea Michelle Parente, Public Administration Douglas Oliver Pitts, Public Administration Pauline Joyce Resnik, Public Administration Shellie Suzanne Sanders, Public Administration Jon Cedric Sjoberg, Public Administration Janice Kay Slayden, Public Administration Thomas Douglas Smith, Public Administration Bruce Gerhart Stolte, Public Administration Dennis W. Stransky, Public Administration Sidney Dawn Watson, Public Administration Maria White, Public Administration
James Hartman Winget, Public Administration
Pamela Dawn Backeberg, Hotel Administration Diana Denise Beatty, Physical Therapy Mengesha Assefa Beyene, Geoscience Robert Arthur Brounstein, Health Physics Nicole Ann Brown, Water Resources Management Howook Chang, Hotel Administration Byung Taik Cho, Hotel Administration Stanley Parkes Cornell Jr., Counseling
Seanna Kathleen Corro, Biological Sciences Shannon Lee Crawford, Hotel Administration Brian Anthony Crisci, Physical Therapy Jason Andrew Derryberry, Physical Therapy Rhodiana Djajaseputra, Accountancy Paul G. Dumont, Health Physics
Bruce Curry Edel, Hotel Administration Katherine Bernardo Fuentes, Physical Therapy Paul E. Gammel, Physical Therapy
Michael Edward Gilbert, Accountancy Shannon Vernieuw Growcock, Accountancy Christian St. Claire Hale, Hotel Administration Mark Hancock, Physics
Bryan James Harper, Biological Sciences Belinda J. Harrington, Physical Therapy James A. Herman, Physical Therapy Juliana Marie Herrington, Geoscience Tammy S. Hinskton, Hotel Administration
Laura Ann Hoffman, Physical Therapy Richard Dallas Howard, Counseling Ross Joseph laci, Mathematical Sciences Li Jiang, Hotel Administration Lea Anne Jordan, Biological Sciences Deborah L. Keenan, Geoscience Jong-Bo Kim, Hotel Administration Sung-Hwan Kim, Hotel Administration Robert F. Kissenberger, Physical Therapy Anthony Michael Krum, Physical Therapy Hyunjung Kwon, Hotel Administration Jamie Keith Langille, Mathematical Sciences Audrey Lawrence, Educational Psychology Jacqueline Lee Leavitt, Physical Therapy Lisa S. Lee, Educational Psychology Po-Fen Lee, Accountancy
Anson Liu, Hotel Administration Chad Lee Loberg, Physical Therapy Martine Gabrielle Mandin, Physical Therapy Hyejin Min, Accountancy Edward R. Muller, Geoscience Kristin Marie O'Connor, Accountancy Brian K. Peterson, Physical Therapy Gregory Charles Piet, Physics Eris Pollesche, Hotel Administration Robby D. Pyatt, Physics
Thabsile Ingrid Radebe, Physical Therapy Flavia G. Razuk, Hotel Administration Richard Dennis Remley Jr., Counseling Terri Alison Rogers, Physical Therapy Joel William Rotert, Geoscience Elizabeth Ann Rozewski, Accountancy Aaron L. Sanford, Geoscience Guy Vernon Skoy, Accountancy
Leanne Murphy Sparks, Physical Therapy Lewis Joe Stafford, Chemistry
Chien-Hsi Su, Hotel Administration Nikki Lynn Trent, Counseling
Anna Maria Valdivia, Hotel Administration John Grant Van Hoesen, Geoscience
David Anthony Vondrasek, Hotel Administration Kelli D. Weaver, Geoscience Yixin Wei, Chemistry
Michele Ann Wesley, Physical Therapy Debra Ann Wright, Counseling Wenda Wu, Accountancy
Garrett James Yoshida, Physical Therapy Ling Zhou, Hotel Administration
Yu Chen, Computer Science John Gerard Howe, Computer Science Steven Eric Lumos, Computer Science Sripriya Sundaram, Computer Science Shin Yang, Computer Science Ying Yang, Computer Science
Master of Science In Engineering
Kathryn Anne Aurand, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Manjula Roshan Boralessa, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Zhenzhong Cui, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Kevin Wayne Forcade, Electrical Engineering
Hui Fu, Electrical Engineering
Wenning Fu, Electrical Engineering
Hyosun Ko, Electrical Engineering
Joseph Viggo Kraft, Computer Engineering
Jian Liu, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Jeffrey George Markle, Mechanical Engineering
Clifton Dennis Morgan, Electrical Engineering
Philip Lee Murray, Mechanical Engineering
Mehmet Necmi Okuyan, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Monte Lamont Park, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Steven L. Pay, Electrical Engineering
Sandra S. Simplicio, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Zoran Stefanoski, Mechanical Engineering
Bjorn E. Sundquist, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Jyothi S. Tallapragada, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Yu Boon Tan, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Adriano Rosa Vieira, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Trevor Allen Wilcox, Mechanical Engineering
Michael Zoran Yevtovich, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Master of Science In Exercise Physiology
Cheryl Marie Cardillo, Exercise Physiology
Jeremy Clayton Fransen, Exercise Physiology
Lori Jan Inderlied, Exercise Physiology
Wendee Ellen Kukuwich, Exercise Physiology
Thomas James Westendorf, Exercise Physiology
Henry Napolion Giguere III, Kinesiology
Joseph Edward Indrieri, Kinesiology
Samuel Thomas Johnson, Kinesiology
Christopher J. Potvin, Kinesiology
Hilary Robin Sentell, Kinesiology
Wanda Marie Boyer, Nursing
Pauline Bradshaw, Nursing
Alona Nucup Dalusung-Angosta, Nursing
Lynn Marie Ferebee, Nursing
Gudrun Kristofersdottir, Nursing
Jacqueline I. Martin, Nursing
Tara Lynn McGill, Nursing
Lori Ann O'Toole, Nursing
Ruth Elizabeth Politi, Nursing
Master of Science-Sport & Leisure Studies
Lori Lynn Friel, Sport & Leisure Services Management
Pamela Wynne Graves, Sport & Leisure Services Management
Andrea Knapp, Sport & Leisure Services Management
Michael Salisbury Norwalk, Sport & Leisure Services Management Cedric Lincoln Whetten, Sport & Leisure Services Management
Nikon Jeanelle Danridge, Social Work
Sherrill Lynn Denley, Social Work
6 2000 Commencement
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 7
Danielle Vicenta Dozier, Social Work Carol Lynn Gomez, Social Work Maria Miranda Arellano Grant, Social Work Mary Jo Hartung, Social Work Jennifer V. Hillegass, Social Work Robert F. Lindersmith, Social Work Michelle Aiken Thompson, Social Work Carolina Raquel Triana, Social Work Carey R. Weiller, Social Work Michelle M. Wright, Social Work
William S. Boyd School of Law Juris doctorate
Nadia Akhavan, Law Angela Autumn Betke, Law Michael Todd Saunders, Law David C. Schubert, Law Scott Bruce Steinhoff, Law
Sandra M. Burkhart, Economics David Kalevalio Malafu, Economics Demetrius W. Pandelis, Economics Ryan William Pharr, Economic
Bachelor of Science In Business Administration
James Abisror, Finance-Financial Services Karimm J. Abu-Said, Finance-Managerial Finance Vitalina Adamchevska, Marketing Maurina Ayn Adams, Management
Traci T. Aegerter, Human Resources Management
Judith A. Agapay, Management Information Systems
Michael Paul Albano, Management Information Systems Catherine Grace Alcorn, Accounting Robert Hovanes Alian, International Business
Christine Elizabeth Allen, Management Information Systems Michael Steven Allen, Finance-Managerial Finance Henok K. Andom, Management Information Systems Jilen Arakelian, International Business
Omer Arman, Management Information Systems Donna M. Atwood, Accounting
Lisa A. Atwood, Management Information Systems
(Summa Cum Laude)
Lillian Baca, Accounting
Nicolyn Wray Bailey, Human Resources Management
Samuel J. Bainbridge, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Marcy Michelle Yuri Balada, Finance-Financial Services
Stephan Peter Baley, Management Information Systems Janine Barrett, Management Information Systems
(Magna Cum Laude)
Alexia Lee Barton, Marketing
Vince Felarca Bayona, Management Information Systems
Kurt William Beaumont, Marketing
Kate G. Beckner, Accounting
Brian John Bellerue, Management
Madeline A. Benito, Management Information Systems
Sean Scott Bettinger, Management
Ebony C. Biddle, Management Information Systems
Jared Dean Blanchard, Management Information Systems Liberty Brent Bock, Accounting
Corrine A. Bonate, Management
Todd T. Bonneville, Finance-Managerial Finance
Gary J. BorellJr., Management
Kimberly D. Bowman, Management
Gary Clark Boyd II, Accounting
Jamie D. Bretschneider, Finance-Managerial Finance
Denise D. Brook, Management
Melinda S. Brown, Human Resources Management
Brian Browne, Economics
Marc Ross Buckwaiter, Finance-Financial Services
Antonio Joseph Bummer, Finance-Financial Services
Antonio Joseph Bummer, Management Information Systems Jerald Patrick Burch, Marketing
Christopher Lowell Busch, Finance-Managerial Finance
Catalin Adrian Cacuci, International Business
(Summa Cum Laude)
Richard C. Cantwell, Management Information Systems (Cum Laude)
Randie Scott Carlson, Finance-Managerial Finance
Kenneth R. Carluto, Accounting
Victor T. Caron, Marketing
Clayton W. Carroll, Management Information Systems
Ronald Edward Cavataio, Accounting
Linda Sharon Chamlee, International Business
Shuchien Chang, International Business
Lori Lee Chavarria, Marketing
Alan K. Chen, Marketing
Kristen Joo Hee Cheong, Accounting
Barbara Chicella, Finance-Financial Services
Nico A. Chondro, Management Information Systems
Mei Kuen Chua, Management Information Systems
Foster L. Clark IV, Management Information Systems Danielle Marie Clay, Management
Assaf E. Cohen, Management Information Systems
John Brian Collins, Management
John Martin Conrady, Management
Tanisha Nichole Cortez, International Business
Jeremy Michael Creason, Real Estate
Estelle M. Cruz, Management Information Systems
OLujimi A. Damole, Economics
Michael L. Daniels, Marketing
Bobby Daniely, Accounting
Cheryl Ann Darling, Finance-Financial Services
Randall Scott Daugherty, Finance-Managerial Finance
Bret T. Davis, Management
Elizabeth K. Davis, Accounting
Patt Dejativong, Finance-Financial Services
Mark J. Deprez, Management
Lirija F. Derguti-Adli, Finance-Managerial Finance
Mecaila A. Diaz, Management
Jennifer L. Dilley, Accounting
Kelly A. Domingo, Real Estate
Cinthya Dominguez-Garcia, Accounting
George Ancil Donaldson, Management Information Systems
Patrick Kearns Donnelly, Marketing
Ronald M. Doumani, Finance-Managerial Finance
Barry Russell Drucker, Marketing
Bradley C. Dunaway, Management Information Systems
Galuh D. Dwiandini, Management Information Systems James Robert Ealey, Marketing
Stephani D. Elliott, Accounting
Gerald F. Ellis, Accounting
Alejandro E. Ertini, International Business
Christopher D. Evans, Management Information Systems
Todd A. Farino, Management Information Systems
Lance R. Fears, Finance-Managerial Finance
David M. Ferderer, Management
Nathan E. Finke, Management
Diane M. Fitch, Real Estate
Martha Joann Ford, Accounting (Summa Cum Laude)
Romy Rae Franklin, Finance-Managerial Finance
Deron K. Frederickson, Management Information Systems
Janine Louise Freeman, Management Information Systems
Lori Anne Friesz, Accounting
Jorjia M. Gaither, Management
Jennifer Jean Galipeault, Accounting
Grant-Ramon R. Garcia, Finance-Financial Services
Monica Gaxiola, Marketing
Rusty Naauao Gerhart, Management Information Systems
Scott M. Gilson, Management Information Systems
Jairo Ginez, Accounting
Marie Dee Ann Girouard, Accounting
Jordan K. Godorov, Management
Dan J. Goich, Real Estate
Jeffrey G. Goltra, Real Estate
Monique Sue Gomez, Accounting
Danielle Lyn Gordon, Finance-Financial Services
James Patrick Gordon, Management Information Systems
Cynthia M. Graci, Management Information Systems
Christina Maria Gruber-LeVecci, Accounting
Jocelyn Kay Gubler, Marketing
James Thomas Gurdison III, Finance-Managerial Finance
Melissa A. Gwin, International Business
Daniel H. Hagos, Management Information Systems
Cheryl R. Hahn, Accounting
Daniel J. Haight, Accounting
Daniel J. Haight, Management Information Systems
Jeffrey J. Hale, Finance-Managerial Finance
Jared C. Halper, Finance-Financial Services
Joel Stephen Hampe, Management
Darrin Scott Hansen, Accounting
Robert David Harbour, Management Information Systems
Micheal G. Hawes, Management
Amy Ausfahl Hegwood, Accounting
Amy Ausfahl Hegwood, Finance-Managerial Finance
Patrick Dennis Hervol, Management Information Systems
Roger A. Hovendick, Accounting
Yi-Ping Hsiao, Accounting
Yi-Ping Hsiao, Finance-Managerial Finance
Gisele Tohme Jackson, Management
Gregory L. Jackson, Management Information Systems
Christopher W. Jacobs, Management
Issac N. Jacobson, International Business
Brad Steven Janecek, Marketing
Jason Allan Johansson, Management
Daniel Andrew Johnson, Management Information Systems
Lacy M. Johnson, Accounting
Matthew J. Johnson, Accounting
Sharon Ann Nowiski Jones, Management
Trevor Walter Jones, Management Information Systems
Paul S. Jung, Finance-Managerial Finance
James Morgan Kedrowski, Finance-Financial Services
Tamara S. Kekerovic, Management
Kelly R. Kichline, Human Resources Management
Michael L. King, Accounting '
Ryan Kirack, Management Information Systems
Melani L. Kirk, Accounting
Alex P. Kirmse, Management Information Systems
Edwin Scott Koenig, Accounting
Kristin L. Koernig, Finance-Managerial Finance
Robert L. Korkow, Management Information Systems
Kimberly D. Buss Kyle, Accounting
Anna M. Lam, Accounting
Anthony R. Lawson, Management Information Systems
Jared S. Lawson, Accounting
Tracy H. Le Veaux, Management
Robert J. Lebow, Finance-Financial Services
Dmitry Lev, Finance-Financial Services
Cynthia Dale Lewis, Finance-Managerial Finance
Yun-Shya Liao, International Business
Yun-Shya Liao, Marketing
Shan-Chih Lin, Finance-Financial Services
Candia Louise Little, Management
Blake W. Livingood, Accounting
Jaime Ann King Lopez, Management Information Systems
Joseph Bradley Lozano, Management Information Systems
En Luo, Management
Mauricio J. Machado, International Business
Anthony D. Madaffari, Finance-Financial Services
Christine B. Madayag, Management
Avery K. Maglinti, Management Information Systems
Christopher William Magnusson, Marketing
Alison M. Malouf, Accounting
Anna Michele Maly, Accounting
Austin L. Manning, Accounting
Lori A. Mardian, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Christina Maria Martinez, Management
Angela Lucille Matthews, Finance-Financial Services
Mathilda A. Mattews, Accounting
Gino J. Mauriello, Accounting
Crystal L. McCall, Management
Casey Michael McCullough, Management Information Systems
Timothy Darnell McDaniel, Finance-Financial Services
Christine Ann McKinney, Finance-Financial Services
Michael L. McMahon, Management
Mauricio Leandro Mendoza, Finance-Financial Services
Mauricio Leandro Mendoza, Management
Tim Menifield, Finance-Financial Services
Jennifer Michele Mesa, Finance-Managerial Finance
8 2000 Commencement
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 9
Ryan N. Meyer, Marketing
Heather Michele Miller, Marketing
Justin P. Modglin, Management Information Systems Julie K. Montoya, Human Resources Management Lisa Ann Moore, Marketing
Alicia Morales, Management
Benjamin Morales, Management Information Systems Michael Patrick Morris, Management
Paul Michael Murphy, Management
Rebeccah Alana Murray, Finance-Financial Services
Kevin Kenji Nagatori, Management Information Systems Kevin Kenji Nagatori, Marketing
Chanda Joy Nardone, Management
Margarita N. Natcheva, International Business
Joseph S. Nesbitt, Management Information Systems Alfred Joel Nevarez, International Business Trang D. Nguyen, Finance-Financial Services
Ryan M. Nicholson, Management Information Systems Brennon L. O'Neal, Finance-Financial Services Takashi Okamoto, Management Information Systems Michael E. Ornstein, Finance-Financial Services Jennifer L. Ouellette, Finance-Financial Services Jocelyn Fernandez Padre, Finance-Financial Services Sonia Lynn Palmer, Marketing
Jason Joseph Palmucci, Management
Christopher Plato Pandelis, International Business Joung Hye Park, Accounting
Imelda Ramos Pasalo, Management Information Systems Rita Suresh Patel, Management Information Systems Christopher Nathaniel Paulucci, Finance-Managerial Finance Elizabeth Marie Pereira, International Business Jennifer L. Petrie, Finance-Financial Services
Wayne E. Pickett, Management
Kevin Michael Pierce, Human Resources Management Danielle J. Pina, Accounting
Marvin J. Pinnecoose, Management
Timothy H. Pocock, Management (Cum Laude) Michael Forrest Price, Management
Jodi Lynn Prosch, Marketing Loren M. Rakowsky, Marketing Charles Garn Harrison Rasmussen, Accounting Steven J. Rawson, Management Information Systems Ritche B. Redondo, Accounting
Ritche B. Redondo, Management Information Systems J. Lynn Reiersgord, Management Information Systems Jarrod A. Retzloff, Accounting
James Grant Reynolds, Finance-Financial Services Kimberlee Charnell Rhodes, International Business Robert A. Rink Jr., Marketing
Stephanie D. Rivera, Management Information Systems David Cesar Rodriguez, Management Information Systems Elizabeth Susan Rolland, International Business (Cum Laude) Jeffrey Roy, Finance-Managerial Finance Tricia D. Roy, Marketing
Vernon Howard Roy, Finance-Financial Services
Justin Lyle Rubenstein, Management Information Systems Nathan W. Rydalch, Finance-Managerial Finance Vatche Saatdjian, Finance-Financial Services
Jyoti Sachdeva, Management Information Systems Sabrina Anne Saffel, Marketing
10 2000 Commencement
Genevieve Magat Salazar, Management
Glenn Archiaval A. Samson, Management Information Systems Julie Marie Sanders, Accounting
J. Hanalei Santos, Management
Lana S. Sayegh, Accounting
Devi Schlosser, Finance-Managerial Finance
Todd J. Scott, Management Information Systems
(Summa Cum Laude)
Denny Daniel Seybert, Management
Travis James Seyboldt, Finance-Financial Services
Shawanna McCurdy Shannon, Management
Kenneth Zane Simpson, Management
Mervin J. Siquian, Finance-Managerial Finance
Torrie K. Smith, Marketing
Eric Everett Somes, Management Information Systems
Louise B. Springer, Accounting
Susan Nada St. John, International Business
Vincent J. Stella, Real Estate
Nikki Lane Stevens, Management Information Systems
Melanie A. Stevenson, Marketing
Brooke Dione Streaker, Accounting
Mary B. Stupar, Accounting
Casey Sadao Suizu, Management Information Systems
Rachel L. Szyklinski, Marketing
Kristen D. Talamantez, Accounting
Brent M. Thomas, Management
Michael J. Thomas, Economics
Jason Michael Thompson, Finance-Financial Services
Casey Daryl Thornton, Finance-Managerial Finance
Jukka Toivola, Marketing
Patricia G. Townsend, Management
Franchesska D. Traub, Management Information Systems
Farrah Renee Tutunjian, Accounting
Josh H. Ukeiley, Finance-Financial Services
Hilary E. Vanstone, Management
Alberto Vasquez, Management Information Systems
Alberto Vasquez, Marketing
Marianne F. Ventura, Finance-Managerial Finance
Michael B. Viellion, Management
Jan Christian Vinicky, Marketing
Erica Michael Vollweiler, Marketing
Hsin-Yi Wan, Marketing
Kenneth J. Warnke, Management Information Systems
Susan M. Wayman, Management Information Systems
Jessica Ann Weaver, Accounting
Bryan Patrick Weeks, Accounting
Yancy K. Weinrich, Management
Jared Legrande Wells, Accounting
Bertin J. White, Accounting
Heather Ann Powers White, Management
Matthew R. White, Management Information Systems
Deena Marie Wier, Marketing
Christy M. Willis, Finance-Managerial Finance
Kurt B. Wilson, Management
James Frederick Wolfram Jr., Management
Lisa S. Wong, Management
Anthony Mark Wright, Real Estate (Cum Laude)
Tony Wu, Management Information Systems
Maureen E. Youngblood, International Business
Amy Yu, Management
Andre David Zarif, Finance-Managerial Finance
Laura E. Bajorek, Elementary Education William R. Beattie, Secondary Education Jason C. Bidwell, Secondary Education Holly Louise Bjorgen-Ireno, Secondary Education Natalie R. Brown, Elementary Education Vickie Renee Harper Caile, Workforce Education C. Robin Carpenter, Elementary Education Maribel Cervantes, Elementary Education Christine Stockbridge Cibrian, Elementary Education Virginia Derkovitz, Elementary Education Julie Rae Holownia, Secondary Education Heidi A. Houchens, Elementary Education Roberta H. Lee, Elementary Education Tobias Martinez, Secondary Education
Gwendolyn Theresa McWhorter, Elementary Education Tina E. Mehl, Elementary Education Isabel M. Moran, Elementary Education
Sandra Roxanne Needham, Secondary Education Amy Dawn Hadfield Nelson, Elementary Education Stephanie Jane Niemeyer, Elementary Education Tina Marie Quintana, Elementary Education Tamara Kaye Rohleder, Elementary Education Louise Alma Kelly Emry Salcedo, Elementary Education Michael Anthony Schaefer, Workforce Education Stacy Lynn Shavinsky, Secondary Education Melonie R. Softer, Secondary Education Jennifer Leigh Stephan, Elementary Education Jessica A. Sutherland, Elementary Education Morris Cory Thompson, Secondary Education Roslyn Weidauer, Elementary Education Anna Woudhuysen, Secondary Education Patricia Lani Wright, Elementary Education
Bachelor of Science
Paul D. Churchfield, Physical Education Dustin H. Clayton, Physical Education Raven L. Coberg, Health Education Linda Lee Turner Cox, Health Education Roman Felix, Health Education Sabrina Jeanne Ferrari, Physical Education Aimee Christine Gould, Health Education Julie M. Grady, Physical Education Karen Yvonne Heinen, Health Education Jason H. Johnston, Physical Education Joseph Khouzam, Health Education Sandra Mangold, Physical Education Achilles Musni, Physical Education William Danny Pacheco, Physical Education Christopher Richard Pfatenhauer, Physical Education Janice Kay Powers, Health Education
Heidi J. Roman, Physical Education Donna Deneen Seebeck, Physical Education Tiffany Marie Tell, Physical Education
Wendi Joi Thompson, Early Childhood Education Jeffrey Dale Wedding, Physical Education Lisa Marie Wilson, Physical Education
Bachelor of Science In Education
Theresa Ann Tufo Adachi, Elementary Education Diane L. Albright, Elementary Education (Magna Cum Laude) Mary Zoe Klein Albright, Elementary Education Michelle Lynne Allen, Elementary Education Vanessa Mary Altfas, Elementary Education Kimberly Marie Andert, Elementary Education John Anthony Anzalone, Elementary Education Angel Diane Aragon, Elementary Education Shari M. Armstrong, Elementary Education Barbara Anne Badgett, Elementary Education Mindie Lynn Barlow, Elementary Education Shannon Renee Barlow, Elementary Education Kevin Wayne Barney, Elementary Education Melissa Lura Battista, Secondary Education Linda Patricia Beatty, Elementary Education David N. Berry, Elementary Education Christina Marie Binko, Elementary Education Betty Patti Bivins, Elementary Education Stacy Irene Rau Black, Elementary Education Lisa Michelle Blair, Elementary Education Brondon Bernell Blanche, Special Education Melissa A. Bloomberg, Elementary Education Cecilia Bojorquez, Elementary Education Lisa A. Boyd, Elementary Education Greta Brazil, Workforce Education
Deborah Annette Brendel, Elementary Education Sandra Lee Piche Bresnihan, Elementary Education Yolanda Rochelle Brown, Special Education Trish A. Burby, Elementary Education Gerardo Bustamante, Special Education Anna Marie Butwinick, Elementary Education Michelle R. Bynum, Elementary Education Scott McVay Carter, Elementary Education Elizabeth Stacey Caruso, Workforce Education
(Summa Cum Laude)
Christy Lee Casale, Workforce Education Colleen Renee Chalmers, Elementary Education Shelley R. Chrislip, Special Education (Magna Cum Laude) Wayne W. Christensen, Secondary Education Zanette Clark, Elementary Education
Kristy Brown Clayton, Elementary Education Cyndi Lee Clevenger, Elementary Education Carla D. Coldeen, Special Education (Cum Laude) Mark Edward Connors, Elementary Education Pattie C. Coonce-Garner, Elementary Education John Edwards Cooney, Workforce Education
Bonnie Rose Copeland, Special Education (Cum Laude) John Glynn Corbitt, Secondary Education Alvaro Cortes, Special Education
Verna D. Crawford, Elementary Education Lisa Creager, Elementary Education Laura Ann Daffan, Elementary Education Colleen Beth Danielson, Elementary Education Rhonda L. Davis, Elementary Education
Kathleen Elaine Shahan De La Torre, Special Education Donna Lynn Delrio, Special Education
Mary Hilda Desjarlais, Elementary Education Rachel Lynn Dombrowski, Elementary Education Jennifer Ann Domenichini, Elementary Education
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 11
Amy J. Draper, Secondary Education Kayrena Dawn Dulaney, Elementary Education Mark William Early, Elementary Education Rajul DeShenea Edmond, Elementary Education Robert Leland Eichelberger, Workforce Education Gina M. Elizondo, Special Education Anne Emma Ellsworth, Elementary Education Beth Ann Emerson, Elementary Education Erica Alohilani Enfield, Elementary Education Kathryn E. Engel, Secondary Education
Kelly Ann Epperson, Elementary Education (Summa Cum Laude) Rosa Isela Esparza, Elementary Education
Maria G. Estrada, Elementary Education Waynette Lorelei Felicilda, Elementary Education Jackie Fessenden, Elementary Education
Angela Rene Fishel, Elementary Education (Magna Cum Laude) Deanna Lee Fleck, Special Education Kathy Diane Fogg, Elementary Education Linda K. Ford, Elementary Education
Stephanie Louise Bourque Ford, Secondary Education Lindsay Shea Macko Fortier, Elementary Education Joseph Constantines Fragiadakis, Special Education Brooke Ellen Fritz, Elementary Education Jessica Marie Fuentes, Elementary Education
Diana J. Furrow, Elementary Education (Magna Cum Laude) Michelle Renee Gainey, Elementary Education Patricia Ann Garcia, Elementary Education Katherine Marie Gaskins, Elementary Education Rose Marie Hill Gaston, Workforce Education Marilyn E. Geoghegan, Elementary Education Kym N. Gibson, Workforce Education Jennifer Dawn Giles, Elementary Education Candice Sue Thomas Gondini, Special Education Olivia Georgia Grant, Elementary Education P. Brooke Jackson Grant, Elementary Education Katherine Elizabeth Gray, Elementary Education
Christopher Farnsworth Greathouse, Secondary Education Elizabeth A. Grimes, Elementary Education Terri Rene Grinner, Secondary Education Cathryn Aleka Gummerus, Elementary Education Jennifer Ann Harris, Workforce Education Madalynne Marie Hausdorf, Elementary Education Glen Hayden, Elementary Education Greg Howard Heard, Workforce Education Robert Brice Hollowood, Elementary Education Travis T. Hooser, Elementary Education Jennifer Anne Houtchens, Special Education Gerald Oliver Hubbard Jr., Workforce Education Rebecca S. Hunt, Elementary Education Virgil Remone Hurd, Special Education
Kendal Lee Hymas, Elementary Education Rosalie Infuso, Elementary Education Trudi K. Hendricks Jacobs, Elementary Education
(Magna Cum Laude)
Lisa Ann Jaramillo, Elementary Education Norina Jiron, Elementary Education Kyle J. Johnson, Secondary Education Tawnee Johnson, Elementary Education Kelli Sue Johnston, Elementary Education Christopher Bryan Kairy, Elementary Education
Michelle Lee Chapman Kazel, Elementary Education LeeAnn Joy Murawski Kendrick, Workforce Education Eric Harold Kern, Elementary Education Michael S. Labbe, Elementary Education Wendy Lane, Elementary Education
Cassondra Spring Lauver, Elementary Education Heather Leigh Ledell, Elementary Education Jean Catherine Leslie, Secondary Education Katherine Jean Licitra, Elementary Education Kerry A. Liedtke, Elementary Education Wendy Marie Lindow, Elementary Education Michael C. Livreri, Secondary Education Angie L. Lopez, Elementary Education Jose R. Lopez, Special Education
Kathleen Lorraine Mahoney, Elementary Education Alma Juanita Maldonado, Elementary Education Raquel C. Mallett, Elementary Education Tara Joy Mandaloniz, Elementary Education
Elizabeth Mercedes Krause Marcos, Elementary Education Sharon Jane Marcos, Elementary Education Karen Marie Mauldin, Elementary Education Joanna McGoldrick, Workforce Education Patricia J. Begley McGurrin, Special Education
(Magna Cum Laude)
L. Craig Mears, Special Education (Magna Cum Laude) Alma Rosa Mendoza, Secondary Education Marko Darren Milatovich, Elementary Education Janet Rae Owen Miller, Elementary Education Stacy Dawn Miller, Secondary Education David Anthony Millette, Elementary Education Donny J. Molnar, Workforce Education Linda L. Montano, Special Education Carolyn Rae Montes, Elementary Education Rachelle Ann Moser, Elementary Education Yvette Renee Mule, Elementary Education Joyce A. Swartz Mullally, Elementary Education Michelle Lee Muniz, Secondary Education Patricia L. Nation, Secondary Education Alyson Lynn Nelson, Elementary Education Jennifer Golden O'Dell, Elementary Education Mark Alan Oakden, Secondary Education Mark A. Obialero, Elementary Education Tynelle Ann Olivas, Secondary Education Robert Louis Orloski, Secondary Education Irasema Libertad Garza Paul, Special Education Jaimie Ann Peterson, Elementary Education Travis K. Peterson, Secondary Education Roger Picone, Elementary Education Charlotte P. Pidgeon, Workforce Education Robert S. Pincus, Special Education Nicole M. Pizzoferrato, Elementary Education Launa Joleen Planck, Special Education Lisa M. Plaski, Secondary Education Heather Rose Plehn, Elementary Education Amy Celeste Podoll, Elementary Education April Powell, Secondary Education Amy Michele Powers, Elementary Education Shannon Beth Quidore, Elementary Education RyAnn R. Rader, Elementary Education Stephen Joseph Raso Jr., Secondary Education
Matt J. Reber, Elementary Education (Cum Laude) Tamara Lyn Redfoot, Workforce Education (Magna Cum Laude) Jennifer Kay Reed, Elementary Education Karisa Kay Reed, Elementary Education Stephanie Sue Risse, Elementary Education Vanessa Kay Rodriguez, Special Education
Denice Marie Giannone Rossetti, Elementary Education Elizabeth Diane Ruston, Elementary Education Michelle Lynn Sallander, Elementary Education Lalani Nicole Schooley, Secondary Education LaRinda Jane Bradley Schott, Elementary Education Randy P. Schucker, Elementary Education Jennita Marie Schultz, Special Education
P. Diane Schwehr, Workforce Education (Cum Laude) Mozella Sheds Scott, Workforce Education Nicole Brianne Seed, Elementary Education Scott Mark Severino, Elementary Education Douglas S. Shafran, Elementary Education Rosie Jeanine Hartwell Shaw, Special Education Tracy M. Sherman, Workforce Education Bret C. Shugart, Secondary Education Janet Louise Siira, Special Education
Joel David Skinner, Elementary Education (Cum Laude) Jody Lynn Snelling, Elementary Education Matthew James St. John, Elementary Education Stacey Dallas Stacy, Secondary Education DawnMarie Stuehling, Elementary Education Teodora T. Suszko, Elementary Education Ann K. Tarnay, Elementary Education Melisa Grace Tremblay, Secondary Education Monica R. Urdiales, Elementary Education Jennifer Marie VanBuskirk, Elementary Education Vanessa Vanegas, Elementary Education Roxanne Corey Ballash Vaughan, Special Education Mary Min Veloso, Special Education
Ryan Christopher Waite, Secondary Education Geoff William Walker, Secondary Education Lisa Ann Daniels Walker, Workforce Education Thomas Edward Wallace, Workforce Education Kendra Rhea Walter, Elementary Education Pamela J. Walters, Elementary Education Josie Lee Weber, Elementary Education Rodney Edward Welch, Elementary Education David Hunt Weller II, Secondary Education Erin M. Wescott, Special Education (Magna Cum Laude) Teresa A. Dailey Wever, Elementary Education Cheryl A. Wheeler, Workforce Education Lisa Anne Widmer, Elementary Education Kendra Jaye Wilkinson, Special Education Julianne Taylor Willey, Elementary Education Mary Fran Thompson Williams, Elementary Education Stephanie Lynn Williams, Elementary Education Tanya Leigh Hopkins Willie, Secondary Education Christine Leslie Bowen Wilson, Elementary Education Samantha Anne Wolf, Elementary Education Traci Michelle Woodyard, Elementary Education Gavin Shigeru Yamamoto, Elementary Education Shirley Ann Yancey, Workforce Education Erica M. Yanez, Elementary Education Lisa H. Yang, Elementary Education
Monica R. Yasuda, Elementary Education
Natasha Yazdani, Elementary Education
Heather Anne Zibert, Elementary Education
Dawn Michelle Lawbaugh Zielinski, Elementary Education
Kyle C. Zobel, Elementary Education
Julie Anna Zohovetz, Elementary Education
Professional Development
David G. Clark, Professional Development
Kristy Ann Grinnell, Professional Development
Colleen L. Larreau, Professional Development
Marisa Ann Martin, Professional Development
Mark McLane, Professional Development
Sharen Keattch Orndorff, Professional Development
Tracy L. Viscosi, Professional Development
Howard R. Hughes
Bachelor of Arts
Andrew Frederick Hertadi, Computer Science
Christopher B. Price, Computer Science
Krisztian Sebestyen, Computer Science
Travis Alvey, Computer Science
Vinh Bao, Computer Science
Augustus Albert Coker, Construction Management
Margie Ann Langley Gold, Computer Science
Thomas John Harrington, Computer Science
Mark Randall Kolbe, Computer Science
Charles W. Lisk II, Construction Management
Reginald Libatique Narciso, Construction Management
William K. Recher, Construction Management
Dimitri G. Rodis, Computer Science
Arnab Sinha, Computer Science
Roger Kurt Wixom, Computer Science
Bachelor of Science In Engineering
Karim Al-Khafaji, Civil Engineering
Teri Lynnae Allison, Civil Engineering
Alan G. Allred, Mechanical Engineering
Mikeale H. Bergstrom, Electrical Engineering
Jean-Pierre Harrington Binard, Civil Engineering
Don Jared Boehme, Civil Engineering
Trayce L. Brice, Civil Engineering
Robert L. Drollinger Caldwell, Mechanical Engineering
Hien Chang, Civil Engineering
Treasea Crotchett, Civil Engineering
Nayeli Gonzalez Debeauvernet, Electrical Engineering
Donald M. Durgin, Civil Engineering
John H. Feller, Civil Engineering
12 2000 Commencement
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 13
Timothy M. Flagg, Mechanical Engineering
Arnaldo Gaytan, Electrical Engineering
Demetrius K. Karanikolas, Civil Engineering
Joseph Robert Kingston, Civil Engineering (Magna Cum Laude)
James C. Lai, Electrical Engineering
Kevin William Love, Civil Engineering
Daniel George McKenzie IV, Mechanical Engineering
James A. Monroe Jr., Civil Engineering
Billy J. Nytko, Civil Engineering
David Michael Palumbo, Civil Engineering
Scott Eric Patton, Civil Engineering
Jesse David Pryor, Civil Engineering
Emily Flagg Randall, Civil Engineering
Russell Edward Riding, Computer Engineering
Leonard G. Sanidad Jr., Mechanical Engineering
Richard Simon Schofield, Electrical Engineering
(University Honors)
Nicolas Rabih Sfeir, Mechanical Engineering
Joseph Stephen, Civil Engineering
Katherine Louise Stringham, Civil Engineering
Amanuel Kidane Tesfaye, Civil Engineering
Jeremy D. Van Dam, Mechanical Engineering
Christopher J. Vero, Civil Engineering (Cum Laude)
Rizzalyn E. Viernes, Civil Engineering
Heidi Rose Vogel, Mechanical Engineering
Anun S. Wong, Civil Engineering
Robert Aaron Wyatt, Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Zhang, Civil Engineering
Zlatina Ivanova Zheleva, Civil Engineering
Philippe Khaul Ziade, Mechanical Engineering
Extended Studies
Gerontology Certificate
Janet Cadrin
Kacie Carter
Susanne B. Methven
Diane White
Michael Phillip Alberts, Film
Jennifer Annette Ammon, Dance
Laura Leigh Boelhouwer, Film
Jamie L. Carvelli, Theatre
Brian Francis Cassidy, Film
Yongsuk Choi, Art
Jennifer Suzanne Correlli, Theatre
Christopher Michael Coy, Film
Anthony Michael Crudale, Art
Katrina Mercedes Currow, Dance
Jason M. Defreitas, Theatre
Andrew M. Duckworth, Theatre
Jennifer Ann Fleischman, Theatre
Carrie Ann Foster, Film
Ronda Gifford, Music
Anne Marie Huelman, Theatre
Peter Jonas, Film
Kristopher Kenneth Kale, Film
Noelle A. Kale, Film
Brigid Itnyre Kelly, Dance (Summa Cum Laude)
Kimberly Renee Brown Larue, Dance
Jean Catherine Leslie, Art
Theresa Ann Lucero, Art
Theresa Ann Lucero, Film
Michael H. Lui-Kwan, Film
George Herbert Macey III, Film
Oksana Kopylenko Marafioti, Film
Zemira Maslesa, Music
Erik A. Maurer, Film
Hunter Aaron May, Film
Michael Corey McCallum, Theatre
Thomas G. Miller II, Art
Dee Ann Elizabeth Nelson, Dance
Kirk Robert Peterson, Film (University & Department Honors)
Kenneth Michael Raschko, Art
Kristopher David Ross, Dance
Ian Todd Santer, Film
Mickey Sharp, Senior Adult Theater
Henry Vincent Spah, Theatre
Dino Peter Taronis, Theatre
Joyce Lynda Valdes, Film
Michelle M. Velardo, Film
Juan Pablo Villafuerte, Film
Joshua William Weinberg, Art
Sara Steigerwald, Art
James C. Chaddick, Landscape Architecture (Magna Cum Laude)
Peggianne Halioli Martin, Landscape Architecture
Gregory Cyprian Moix III, Landscape Architecture
Bachelor of Music
Carlton R. Malone, Music
Edward D. Richards, Music
Bachelor of Science
Royal Williams Blake, Architecture
Michael John Corrente, Architecture
H. Danielle Hendrick, Architecture
Paul R. Hogge, Architecture
Uk Kang, Architecture
Jason Arthur Maheu, Architecture
Brandon Yoshio Kainoa Maldonado, Architecture
Paul M. Olszewski, Architecture
Gregory Scott Soltis, Architecture
Bachelor of Science
Laurie Lynn Allen, Nursing
Sarah Beth Allen, Nursing (University Honors)
Wendy Elizabeth Amber, Nursing
Erica Renee Archuleta, Kinesiological Science
Ryan Dennis Ballerstein, Clinical Laboratory Science
Kenneth L. Banks, Nursing
Patrick David Barkley, Nursing
Kimberly Marie Beard, Nursing
Michelle F. Bella, Nursing
Maria Theresa Reyes Bengson, Nursing
Sean Malloy Brennan, Kinesiological Science
Melissa Marie Buck, Kinesiological Science
Tiffany Ann Campbell, Kinesiological Science
Nicole R. Carluto, Nursing
Kacie Carter, Kinesiological Science
Carmeme J. Casanova-DaPra, Sports Injury Management
Ronald Richard Castillo, Nursing
Lisa Mary Chase, Fitness & Sports Management (Cum Laude) Leana Rae Chavez, Kinesiological Science
Thomas Cheney, Kinesiological Science
Melanie Renee Cisneros, Kinesiological Science
Herb Uhuru Cortezz, Kinesiological Science
Regina Rodriguez Crews, Nursing
Charles Edward Crutchley, Kinesiological Science
Michael Steven Curl, Clinical Laboratory Science
Maria Louise Curtis, Sports Injury Management
Jeff Kern Dieron, Nuclear Medicine
Giovanni B. Dulay, Nursing
Editha A. Duldulao, Nursing
Stephanie Rae Duthie, Sports Injury Management
Robin Janel Eberwein, Nursing
Stephen James Edwards, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Lisa Marie Escobar, Kinesiological Science
Eric Shira Evans, Fitness & Sports Management
Gerald James Farinas, Kinesiological Science
Paulo Angelo Gallego, Kinesiological Science
Leilani Marasigan Garcia, Nursing
Crystal Adrienne Garibaldi, Nursing
Dawn Elizabeth Gatta, Kinesiological Science
Stephanie J. Gonzales, Sports Injury Management
Jose Rene Gonzalez, Nursing
Lori M. Goodwin, Radiologic Technology
Lilian Goudsblom, Nursing
Teresa Jane Guinan, Kinesiological Science
Heather Lynne Guio, Sports Injury Management
William B. Hines Jr., Sports Injury Management
Trinette Ann Hoffman, Nursing
Amanda R. Hubbard, Nursing
Connie M. Huff, Nursing
La Toya Lillian Jordan, Kinesiological Science
Jennifer Michelle Kailiuli, Nursing
Jennifer Brooke Kaufman, Nursing
Shari L. Keohokalole, Nursing
April M. Kermani, Nursing
Doris Ann King, Nursing
Michelle M. Kopich, Nursing
Gregory Allen Krasch, Clinical Laboratory Science
Donna R. Lane, Clinical Laboratory Science
April L. Luft, Nursing
Ernest Gene Macasieb, Nursing
Kathy Maimon, Kinesiological Science
Steve Bayucan Mawanay, Nursing
Paula Norine McClellan, Nursing
Andrew Bradley McCulloch, Fitness & Sports Management
D. Alyssa McDonald, Kinesiological Science
Kimberly McMickens, Nursing
Agnes Alfonso Mejia, Nursing
DenieLle Melan Miranda, Nursing
Jeremy James Muir, Kinesiological Science
Rozheh Nahapetian, Sports Injury Management
Adrian Vasquez Ocan, Nursing
Minoru Omura, Sports Injury Management
Martina A. Osbon, Nursing
William Newman Pennington, Clinical Laboratory Science (Cum Laude)
Kristin Leigh Puhi, Fitness & Sports Management Punyaphol Puntuwongsa, Clinical Laboratory Science Yelena Rak, Nursing
John Joseph Rauch, Fitness & Sports Management
Tiffany Brook Reavis, Kinesiological Science (Cum Laude)
Ryan E. Rediger, Kinesiological Science
Yelena V. Ritchie, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Amy Nicole Springsteen Sager, Nursing
Karen Marie Santoro, Nursing
Almira Quintos Santos, Nursing
Kirsta Lynn Schoeff, Nursing
Jeffrey B. Seegmiller, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Holly Marie Severson, Clinical Laboratory Science
Linette Marie Chmiel Smith, Nursing
Jamie C. Snively, Fitness & Sports Management
Rhoda Adriano PeBenito Sosa, Nursing
Laura Helene Tabachnick, Kinesiological Science
Nikki Eiko Namihira Thomas, Nursing
Jerimiah David Tipton, Fitness & Sports Management
Florida Traivai, Kinesiological Science
Janna Denae Velez, Nursing
Glen N. Waldron, Sports Injury Management
Karen B. Walker, Nursing
Samuel Dean Ware, Sports Injury Management
Theresa Lynne Weber, Nursing
Tamara L. Wielandt, Nursing
Amy C. Wilson, Fitness & Sports Management
Lisa Marie Wilson, Health Physics
Gigi Marie Risafi Woltz, Nursing
Wendy Ka Man Wong, Kinesiological Science
Saghi Yazdani-Robinson, Kinesiological Science
Jason James Ziegler, Kinesiological Science
Anne Michelle Zimmer, Fitness & Sports Management
14 2000 Commencement
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 15
William F. Harrah College of hotel Administration
Mark W. Barnard, Culinary Arts Management Devin S. Hashimoto, Culinary Arts Management Herve G. Ngouyombo, Culinary Arts Management Gregory Scott Ramin, Culinary Arts Management Scott D. Rolfes, Culinary Arts Management Jaclyn Mary Spencer, Culinary Arts Management Marshall J. Zeigler, Culinary Arts Management
Bachelor of Science In Hotel Administration
Joanna Dolores Pangelinan Abraham, Hotel Administration Marwan F. Adnan El-Hassani, Hotel Administration Kyungwon Ahn, Hotel Administration Sascha Ahrens, Hotel Administration Evy Anita, Hotel Administration
Robert Jon Atchison, Hotel Administration Jeffrey Michael Back, Hotel Administration Soon-Ok Bae, Hotel Administration Dustin K. Baksh, Hotel Administration Evan R. Bellman, Hotel Administration Michael K. Black, Hotel Administration Pradeep Bobba, Hotel Administration Stephen L. Bokas, Hotel Administration William Russell Bradley, Hotel Administration Eric David Bressler, Hotel Administration Alejandro J. Burneo-Forner, Hotel Administration Matthew R. Burns, Hotel Administration Dolores C. Campuzano, Hotel Administration Craig Thomas Casey, Hotel Administration Jeong-Woong Cha, Hotel Administration Daniel In Hyon Chae, Hotel Administration Jennifer Chan, Hotel Administration Yee Chiew Chan, Hotel Administration Eun-Young Chang, Hotel Administration
Eugene Kuan Keong Cheah, Hotel Administration Chia-Yu Chen, Hotel Administration En-Chi Chen, Hotel Administration Te-Wei Chen, Hotel Administration Chun-Ping Cheng, Hotel Administration Winnie Hui-Shan Cheng, Hotel Administration Jaime S.F. Chew, Hotel Administration Gwek Nee Linni D. Chia, Hotel Administration Tze-Yu Chien, Hotel Administration Kyung-Jae Cho, Hotel Administration Sohui Cho, Hotel Administration
Kyungjoo Choi, Hotel Administration Owen MooRyang Choi, Hotel Administration
Il Hyong Chong, Hotel Administration Yi Wen Chou, Hotel Administration Jennifer Suk-Yin Chow, Hotel Administration Samantha Ann Cook, Hotel Administration Josephine Ann Corcoran, Hotel Administration Daniel J. Costello, Hotel Administration
Janet L. Crawford, Hotel Administration (Cum Laude) Jason M. Cree, Hotel Administration
Beth Ann Croft, Hotel Administration Donald Andrew Crowe, Hotel Administration Gary D. Daniels, Hotel Administration
Russell William Davis, Hotel Administration Jake B. Demarco, Hotel Administration Martha E. Diaz-Pino, Hotel Administration John S. Dileonardo, Hotel Administration Joseph Dinerman, Hotel Administration Keith T. Doherty, Hotel Administration Catherine Anne Donahue, Hotel Administration Svetla Vladimirova Doncheva, Hotel Administration Donita M. Dziurzynski, Hotel Administration Michele Lori Baron Ellington, Hotel Administration Jonathon James Elliot, Hotel Administration Hong Jun Eom, Hotel Administration Christine Marie Fasano, Hotel Administration Donielle Pierette Fawcett, Hotel Administration Rabih Feghali, Hotel Administration Angela M. Ficucell, Hotel Administration James Lee Fisher, Hotel Administration John Marcelo Flanagan, Hotel Administration Sze Ki Rosemary Fong, Hotel Administration Joseph L. Forte, Hotel Administration
Lloyd Mark Caguioa Funtanilla, Hotel Administration Jorjia M. Gaither, Hotel Administration Gina Marie Gallucci, Hotel Administration Daniel 0. Gambarte, Hotel Administration Daniel Thomas Garcia, Hotel Administration Juan A. Garcia, Hotel Administration
Katherine Lee Gardner, Hotel Administration Melissa Jean Gerken, Hotel Administration Keith Robert Gertler, Hotel Administration Sarah Christine Glade, Hotel Administration Gil Glancz, Hotel Administration
Ana Claudia Quadros Gomes, Hotel Administration Louetta Shiela Gonzales, Hotel Administration Christian Gonzalez, Hotel Administration Leticia Gonzalez-Alvarez, Hotel Administration Mitchell Wallace Merrit Gorelick, Hotel Administration Steven Brian Gottlieb, Hotel Administration Jared C. Gruber, Hotel Administration
Rebecca Caroline Grumbacher, Hotel Administration Terence Li Guang, Hotel Administration Melissa Renee Hadley, Hotel Administration Rebecca Anne Hamilton, Hotel Administration Eui-Jung Han, Hotel Administration Hitomi Handa, Hotel Administration Maria Haneffant, Hotel Administration Jamie H. Harrington, Hotel Administration James Ryan Hart, Hotel Administration Anna Kathryn Hastie, Hotel Administration Azzeneth Elisa Hernandez, Hotel Administration
April Marie Sadowsky Hoff, Hotel Administration Mi-Na Hong, Hotel Administration
Tsai-Chih Hsieh, Hotel Administration Wan Ping Hsieh, Hotel Administration Natalie Hsu, Hotel Administration Phuong Buu Hua, Hotel Administration Wen-Nan Huang, Hotel Administration Yun Shan Huang, Hotel Administration Sae-Ni Hur, Hotel Administration Feradoon K. Irani, Hotel Administration Gregory E. Isles, Hotel Administration Justin Joseph Jacobs, Hotel Administration Wendi Lauren Jacobs, Hotel Administration Carla Jakubovic, Hotel Administration Irma Jamin, Hotel Administration Won R. Jang, Hotel Administration Gunawan G. Johan, Hotel Administration Jessica Heidi Johnson, Hotel Administration Jason M. Jones, Hotel Administration Heesook Jong, Hotel Administration Patricia A. Jovine, Hotel Administration Yoshiko Kada, Hotel Administration Fiona Fung Yuen Kan, Hotel Administration Kevin D. Kampshror, Hotel Administration Ji-Hae Kang, Hotel Administration Youn Kyung Kang, Hotel Administration Rintaro Kawamura, Hotel Administration Sophia Imen Kedidi, Hotel Administration Samson Nyabwari Keire, Hotel Administration Teri M. Foust Kellenberger, Hotel Administration Karl Edward Kelsch, Hotel Administration Joshua Howard Killian, Hotel Administration Ann Eunki Kim, Hotel Administration Hee-Jung Kim, Hotel Administration Hye-Eun Kim, Hotel Administration Min Kyeong Kim, Hotel Administration Wonshik Kim, Hotel Administration Young S. Kim, Hotel Administration Yuki Kimura, Hotel Administration Brent Alfred Kitsu, Hotel Administration Hisaki Kiyohara, Hotel Administration Keli Marie Knubley, Hotel Administration Fanny Kristyati, Hotel Administration King Chuen S. Kwai, Hotel Administration Frank Michael Lambrecht, Hotel Administration Amelia K. Lannon, Hotel Administration Amy Marie Latessa, Hotel Administration Joseph Robert Law Jr., Hotel Administration Hyon C. Lee, Hotel Administration Jung Eun Lee, Hotel Administration Sam M. Lee, Hotel Administration Seung Lyang Lee, Hotel Administration Soon-Ok Lee, Hotel Administration Sung Y. Lee, Hotel Administration
You-Jeong Jessie Lee, Hotel Administration Young K. Lee, Hotel Administration Jason M. Lehner, Hotel Administration Yu-Ming Benny Leung, Hotel Administration Yuen-Shan Leung, Hotel Administration Chzy-Tsern Lin, Hotel Administration
Amy C. Liu, Hotel Administration Liu Liu, Hotel Administration Pui Shan Liu, Hotel Administration Sharon W. Liu, Hotel Administration Wei Lu, Hotel Administration
Kwai Lung E. Luk, Hotel Administration Trevor P. Lynch, Hotel Administration Laura J. Mac Pherson, Hotel Administration Christina R. Mackemson, Hotel Administration Shiri Madmon, Hotel Administration
Alison Marie Manwell, Hotel Administration Joseph P. Marchitti, Hotel Administration Keith David Marsden, Hotel Administration Rodolpho Martinez, Hotel Administration Joshua David Marz, Hotel Administration Joy Kiyo Matsuda, Hotel Administration Christine Ann McGarvey, Hotel Administration Natasha M. McGLinn, Hotel Administration Marion U. McLaughlin, Hotel Administration Shawna Minnette McNair, Hotel Administration Steven C. Mendez, Hotel Administration Adam T. Metcalf, Hotel Administration Lee Abigail Meyer, Hotel Administration
Christian Douglas Middleton, Hotel Administration Naoko Miki, Hotel Administration
Chad Robert Miller, Hotel Administration Jung-Joo Mok, Hotel Administration
Donald Richard Molina, Hotel Administration Chanho Moon, Hotel Administration Mary M. Morgan, Hotel Administration
Melissa Ann Terrell Morrissette, Hotel Administration Mary Anne Madoka Muraishi, Hotel Administration Matthew Wilson Murphy, Hotel Administration Wendy L. Murphy, Hotel Administration Julliet Mushi, Hotel Administration Hiroo Nakayama, Hotel Administration John Tong Needham, Hotel Administration Michael J. Nelson, Hotel Administration Kathryn Diane Netzorg, Hotel Administration Leslie K. Ng, Hotel Administration
Herve G. Ngouyombo, Hotel Administration Amy Marie Niedzwiecki, Hotel Administration Mayuko Niki, Hotel Administration Mikael P. Nilsson, Hotel Administration Jae Seung Noh, Hotel Administration
Christopher Edward Norton, Hotel Administration Adela Novotna, Hotel Administration Yumiko C. Omae, Hotel Administration Tobias 0. Omondi, Hotel Administration Pedro Humberto Ortiz, Hotel Administration Kaori Ozawa, Hotel Administration Jeffrey Howard Palmer, Hotel Administration Min-Shih Pan, Hotel Administration
Christopher Robert Pardo, Hotel Administration Jung In Park, Hotel Administration Nam Kyu Park, Hotel Administration Joel D. Pazina, Hotel Administration Mark J. Peck, Hotel Administration
Elizabeth Michelle Peters, Hotel Administration Jeannine Y. Peterson, Hotel Administration
16 2000 Commencement
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 17
Menchel G. H. Pieter, Hotel Administration
Steve Domenick Pizzo, Hotel Administration
Romain M. Plateau, Hotel Administration
Robert Douglas Poyer, Hotel Administration
Fionna Quek, Hotel Administration
Amy Christine Radicchi, Hotel Administration
Rhonda S. Ramirez, Hotel Administration
Debra Christine Ramm, Hotel Administration
Joseph J. Raslowsky, Hotel Administration
Carla C. Rivera, Hotel Administration
Kimberly Lonnette Rodenberg, Hotel Administration
Gil D. Rubenstein, Hotel Administration (Magna Cum Laude) David J. Russell, Hotel Administration
Mayumi Ryuto, Hotel Administration
Ryuichi Saito, Hotel Administration
Rika Samovich, Hotel Administration
Karan S. Sarang, Hotel Administration
Devi Lidya Sari, Hotel Administration
Yasutake Sato, Hotel Administration
Michelle Renee Scher, Hotel Administration
Joshua Michael Schwebel, Hotel Administration
Bethany J. Senger, Hotel Administration
Carie Ann Shapiro, Hotel Administration
Susan Marie Sharp, Hotel Administration
Brian M. Shavelson, Hotel Administration
Xiaoming Shi, Hotel Administration
Takeshi Shimada, Hotel Administration
Paul Liuvao Slade, Hotel Administration
Won-Ju Son, Hotel Administration
Min-Chong Song, Hotel Administration
Lori Kay South, Hotel Administration
John Stefanidis, Hotel Administration
Sara Stevenson, Hotel Administration
Lindsay Mariah Stuber, Hotel Administration
Joshua James Sturgis, Hotel Administration
Po-Hung Su, Hotel Administration
Gregory Beau Sung, Hotel Administration
Takaaki Suzuki, Hotel Administration
Megan Swackhamer, Hotel Administration
Helen Chris Syrpes, Hotel Administration
Mei-Yi Tai, Hotel Administration
Masakazu Takahashi, Hotel Administration
Rika Tanaka, Hotel Administration
Yu Hui Tang, Hotel Administration
Timotheos Nikos Timotheou, Hotel Administration
Philip Joseph Trenchak, Hotel Administration
Jo Mei Tsai, Hotel Administration
Chikako Tsuji, Hotel Administration
Kuniko Tsuruta, Hotel Administration
Mio Tsuzuki, Hotel Administration
Scott Robert Tufts, Hotel Administration
Masataka Ueda, Hotel Administration
Koichi Uehata, Hotel Administration
Bruno Van Parys, Hotel Administration
Paula J. Velasquez, Hotel Administration
Adar Venyige, Hotel Administration
Tanya May Vial, Hotel Administration
John J. Vitacco, Hotel Administration
Mark A. Wagner, Hotel Administration
Christina H. Wang, Hotel Administration
Sheng-Li Gianni Wang, Hotel Administration
AnnG Warren, Hotel Administration
Mariko Watanabe, Hotel Administration
Jeffrey R. Weaver, Hotel Administration
Andrea Elizabeth Essig Webb, Hotel Administration
Dustin Ray Weber, Hotel Administration
Flint J. Wheeler, Hotel Administration
Sherman David Wiggins, Hotel Administration
Ian Ray Wilson, Hotel Administration
Julie K. Wirth, Hotel Administration
Jaung Won, Hotel Administration
Hoi Shan Wong, Hotel Administration
Jacob Ford Wood, Hotel Administration
Michelle Wood, Hotel Administration
Sara R. Woody, Hotel Administration
Truman Wu, Hotel Administration
Akira Yamakawa, Hotel Administration
Kwang-Hae Yang, Hotel Administration
Myoung Hee Yang, Hotel Administration
Mei-Hsi Yeh, Hotel Administration
Yi-Ching Yeh, Hotel Administration
Caroline Yenly, Hotel Administration
Peter J. Yurk, Hotel Administration
Antonio Zavala, Hotel Administration
Yun Zhao, Hotel Administration
Brett M. Zimmerman, Hotel Administration
Emily Jean Bauer, Recreation (Magna Cum Laude)
Shelly Ann Beeman, Recreation
Patricia Ann Bosarge, Recreation
Michael P. Cvetkovic, Recreation
James A. Fossenkemper, Recreation
Joshua Ray Gaston, Recreation
Matthew Darren Haugh, Recreation
Jeffrey Robert Hoisington, Recreation
Sarai Lorene Hoopes, Recreation
David Alexander Howard, Recreation
Steven Edward Kawalkiewicz, Recreation
Troy Grant Kirkpatrick, Recreation
James W. Lee, Recreation
Robin Alexander Maile, Recreation
Jeannie L. McKinnon, Recreation
Terra Marie Mullen, Recreation
Valerie R. Williams, Recreation
Jung W. Yi, Recreation
C. Austin Abercrombie, Political Science
Nicole Renee Alcorn, Psychology
Nancy J. Metzler Allen, Psychology
Jon R. Almera, Psychology
Brian Phillip Alvarez, Anthropology
Sufa L. Anderson, English Elizabeth Louise Aralica, English
Scott Michael Armstrong, Sociology
Shakir Askia, Political Science
Johnna Nicole Babcock, Psychology
Rachel Marie Bachorek, Psychology
Tamika Shiran Barber, Psychology
Lisa M. Bartels, Interdisciplinary-Social Science Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
Mark Warren Belanger Sr., History
Kristy Ann Bell, History
Maria-Nicolle Maxim Beringer, Spanish
Jaime Lee Bird, Political Science
Kevin James Blankenship, Psychology
Leslie Spencer Blasco, English (Department Honors)
Sarah Cooper Blasco, Anthropology
Abimanyu A. Boentaran, English
Santino Christian Bonaventure, English
Wade Allan Booth, History
Allyson Ann Braun, Psychology Brook Thomas Brayman, English Michelle Renee Brown, Sociology
Todd S. Bryant, Sociology
Erin S. Buck, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude)
Sunjay Buduguntae, Psychology
Tamara Sue Buechler, English
Jami Lyn Burnson, Psychology
Erin Leigh Busby, Psychology
Jessica Leigh Bush, History
Christy Latsamee Cahall, Political Science
Tracy E. Cannon, English
Michele D. Carothers, German
Adam Robert Carr, History
April Ann Carr, Psychology
Bertha L. Carter, Spanish
Mandi L. Casper-Bagley, English
Carey Anne Certo, English
Kimberly Marie Chadwick, Sociology
Eric Chavez, Psychology
Marilyn Yu Chen, Philosophy
Stephanie Chen, Sociology
Kristin Renee Edington Chesnik, English
Valerie L. Chiaramonte, Psychology
Vanessa Marie Christopher, Psychology (Summa Cum Laude) Courtney Leigh Clabeaux, Political Science
Scott J. Clonan, Political Science
Travis Eugene Coatney, History
Joseph Shapiro Cohn, Political Science
Kathleen Ann Coulombe, Political Science
Carissima Coulon, Psychology
Anne Covert, English
Robert Jack Currier Sr., Political Science
Robert Thomas Danner Jr., German
Sonza Michelle Davis, English
Amanda Day, Psychology
Jennifer N. Dearborn, Psychology
Michel A. Degraff, Psychology
Olivia Diaz, English
Sherron Yvonne Dickenson, Psychology Robyn M. Dobyne, Psychology
Justin Shaun Doucette, Psychology Michael P. Dube, History Bernita M. Dulittle, Psychology Justin S. Duncan, Political Science Terry Kay Dymon, English Virginia A. Easley, Anthropology Emily R. Ellsworth, Sociology Charles Ryan Flieger, English Megan Rebecca Fonte, Psychology Amy M. Forte-Jodoin, History
Thomas Mark Fronczek, Political Science Jennifer J. Furlan, Political Science Rebecca Gibson, Sociology Karen J. Gomez, Psychology
Flor Gonzales, Psychology
Lydia Frances Gorzoch, Political Science
Irene Goya, Psychology
Christina Joan Greene, Political Science Gene Juanito Griego, Anthropology
Lindsay J. Grizzle, Spanish (Department Honors) Brian Keith Gulliford, Psychology
Nathan Kazuo Gyotoku, English Ryan James Halvorsen, Psychology Kathleen M. Hamers, Psychology Christopher Michael Hartzer, History Kimberly E. Hern, Psychology
Mary Elizabeth Hill, Psychology (Cum Laude) Steve M. Hoffman, Philosophy
Tracie Ann Hosley, Interdisciplinary-Linguistic Studies Laura Ann Ingemi, Psychology
Bryan Jonathan James, Sociology
Shawn Allen Jewell, Sociology Lemuel T. Jones, Sociology Mia Lee Jones, Psychology Jeanne M. Karnay, Anthropology Leslie Norton Karras, Psychology Rachael Kent, History
Annie S. Kim, Psychology
Masahiro Kubota, Interdisciplinary-Linguistic Studies Brandi Kathleen Kvien, English
Brooke Ashley Lamb, Political Science Rachel D. Land, Political Science Leah Lanier, Anthropology
Lisa J. Levy, Interdisciplinary-Social Science Studies Diona M. Linardo, English
Maika Z. Manguera, Political Science Melissa R. Mankins, Psychology John Marchese, History
William J. Marks, Psychology
Jessica Waynette Martinez Marable, Psychology Charlotte Marie Mausolf, Political Science Lucie Me Mullin, French (Summa Cum Laude) Bobby D. McClure, English
Sandy M. Mehl, Psychology
Joanna Theresa Sellers Melian, Psychology Kimberly R. Mendoza, Sociology Robert S. Mengert, English Robert S. Mengert, History
Susannah Noelle Meyer, Political Science Roberta Angela Miranda, Psychology
18 2000 Commencement
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 19
Laura J. Mixson, Anthropology (Summa Cum Laude) Benjamin C. Montoya, History Jennifer K. Moore, English Maria G. Moreno, English Maria G. Moreno, Women's Studies Michelle Jane Muench, Psychology Christopher J. Nelson, Psychology Dana Nicole Warner NicoLL, Psychology Mala Nisayaphantha, Psychology Lisa Mary Oldis, Psychology Tynelle Ann Olivas, English Tess Renee Olson, Anthropology Kamaria Osayande, Psychology Tania Nicole Oseguera, Sociology Pamela Bunny Otado, Psychology Esperanza M. Paez, Sociology Ryan Philip Page, Psychology
Karen Michelle Parker, Interdisciplinary-Multidisciplinary Studies Kiara Marie Paulucci, Psychology (Summa Cum Laude) Adam M. Paxton, Psychology Chandra Sunshine Pepper, History Richard Dale Perkins, Political Science Wayne D. Petersen, Sociology Brian Douglas Petty, Sociology Gwenn Tracy Pons, Political Science Patricia Eileen Powers, Psychology Jennifer Lynn Poynter, Political Science Dale Ellen Redfairn, English Daniel Joseph Reed, Psychology Harold C. Reynolds, Psychology Dawn M. Ritschard, Psychology Sharon Lindsay Roberts, English
George Edward Robinson, Anthropology Adam R. Rohleder, Psychology Helen M. Rote, Sociology
Sheree Christine Royer, Psychology (Cum Laude) Ricki Rene Ruud, English
Vanessa Marie Sanders, Psychology Bonna M. Savarise, English Lynn Michele Saxby, English
Kevin Michael Schartz, Anthropology Yasmine Shah, Anthropology
Nina Michelle Silberlicht, Psychology Jeffrey W. Simkins, History
Paul Warren Simpson, Political Science Vernon J. Sims, Sociology Jennie M. Slade, Spanish
Holly Kristina Slaminski, English James Michael Slone, History Jennifer Lynn Small, English Amber T. Sottero, Spanish
Mark Jeffrey Sprinkle, Political Science Otis Earl Stansberry Jr., Psychology Tracy A. Starman, Anthropology Tracy A. Starman, Sociology
Linda Sue Stidham, Political Science Brenda F. Streat, Psychology Martha Ellen Stuber, Psychology
Thomas Michael Suffredin, Anthropology Kimberly J. Sumrall, Sociology
Jennifer Alicia Svelan, Women's Studies Heather Anne Swartwood, Psychology Thomas F. Switala, Psychology
Joelle Marie Theubet, French (Department Honors) Patryke Kim Thomas, English
Michael Todd Thorsteinson, Psychology (Cum Laude) Ryan John Tobler, Political Science Hung VanPeter Tran, English Melanie Opal Trotter, Sociology Ahiddibah Marie Tsinnie, English
Cecilia Araujo Turman, Interdisciplinary-Latin American Studies Michellane H. Vendivel, Psychology
Lesley Volkov, Psychology Karen B. Waage, Sociology Maryse C. Wagner, English Heather Lynn Waitman, Psychology Jarom H. Warnick, English Kathryn Nicole Weiss, Sociology Tyler Lane Wesson, Psychology Ann Michele Murphy Widmeyer, French Megan Kathleen Wilson, Sociology Glen Donovan Wooten, Psychology Ryoko Yokoyama, Sociology JoAyna Renee Zalewski, Psychology Kimberly K. Zinda, Psychology
Bachelor of arts
Kevin Paul Adoor, Chemistry Daniel A. Griswold, Mathematics Ronald Douglas Jederberg, Mathematics Arleisha D.N. Strauder, Chemistry
Karim Al-Khafaji, Biological Sciences Antonette A. Andres, Biological Sciences Constance A. Atchison, Mathematics
Russell William Bandle, Biological Sciences
Scott Macdonald Bernth, Biological Sciences (University Honors) Sam K. Bida, Geology
Christopher Lee Bozarth, Geology Michelle Lee Briggs, Biological Sciences Ronald Alan Burchett, Chemistry
Vincent John Cavaretta III, Biological Sciences
(Magna Cum Laude)
Gayle Eileen Wear Chance, Biological Sciences Jeffrey Charles Churchill, Geology
Matthew Lewis Davenport, Biological Sciences Richard Scott Demarco, Biological Sciences Barbara J. Eccleston, Biological Sciences Richard Lee Epperson, Biological Sciences John T. Ethier, Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude) Lindsay J. Grizzle, Biological Sciences (Department Honors) Annette Guzman, Biological Sciences Arsineh Najjari Hecobian, Chemistry Jory Robin Hill, Biological Sciences Joshua D. Hoines, Biological Sciences Jason B. Hoskin, Biological Sciences
Marie Christine Hugo, Biological Sciences Krista I. Koop, Biological Sciences June Marie Sheehan Light, Mathematics Maraya Josie Lotrakul, Biological Sciences Maraya Josie Lotrakul, Chemistry Arin M. Lousignont, Biological Sciences Jhoanna Calar Mukai, Biological Sciences Tracie Satsuki Okimi, Biological Sciences Ryan Kent Peterson, Biological Sciences Jeffrey Joseph Reeves, Biological Sciences Lisa Marie Rivera, Biological Sciences Lena A. Robinson, Biological Sciences Kristina Dawn Russell, Biological Sciences Krisztian Sebestyen, Mathematics Holly Marie Severson, Biological Sciences Austin Jensen Smith, Biological Sciences Michael Robert Steckbauer, Biological Sciences Ruby L. Stephen, Biological Sciences
Stephen Anthony Thalken, Environmental Geology Dale R. Thoman, Biological Sciences Tony Kuo-Kai Wang, Chemistry Atsuko Watanabe, Mathematics
Benjamin Lee Watrous, Biological Sciences Cheng C. Wu, Biological Sciences
Greenspun College of Urban Affairs
Susana Rebeca Abbott, Social Work Tyana Lynn Abee, Communication Studies Ryan Chandler Adams, Communication Studies Charles Joseph Akin, Communication Studies Erin Kathleen Albiston, Communication Studies Aylin Angela Alexander, Criminal Justice Jill Elizabeth Alward, Criminal Justice Christopher D. Andre, Communication Studies Stacey Christine Andrews, Communication Studies Janice Ann Cahete Aranas, Communication Studies Luchie Daquipa Arnegard, Communication Studies Lina Maria Baeza, Criminal Justice
Katherine Ann Baker, Environmental Studies Todd A. Balcon, Criminal Justice
Glen Allen Banks II, Criminal Justice Gregory L. Barnes, Social Work Allen James Beeson, Criminal Justice Ronda Chrisea Bension, Criminal Justice David Francis Berkeley, Criminal Justice Stacey Lynn Bintz, Communication Studies Jennifer Lea Bishop, Environmental Studies Randall H. Black II, Criminal Justice
Tanya Elizabeth Blackburn, Communication Studies Marisa C. Boshko, Communication Studies Jessica M. Boucher, Communication Studies Rebecca Lynn Bradley, Communication Studies Thomas Robert Brede, Communication Studies Brandon Matthew Brooks, Criminal Justice
Jackie Ray Brooks, Criminal Justice
Calandra L. Burnside, Criminal Justice
Danielle Lynette Butchee, Communication Studies
Jennifer Emiko Campbell, Criminal Justice
Matthew Cardwell, Communication Studies
Charmaine Francisco Carino, Criminal Justice
Antioco Carrillo, Social Work
Brian T. Carter, Environmental Studies
Patrick R. Casey, Communication Studies
Bryan J. Cassadore, Criminal Justice
Ana Beatriz Castroverde, Criminal Justice
Jayne Marie Cayton, Communication Studies
Krista Deanne Chairez, Communication Studies
Eric Chavez, Criminal Justice
Eric Lee Cheney, Social Work
David Thomas Clarke, Criminal Justice
David Alan Coelho Jr., Communication Studies
Stephen James Cohen, Criminal Justice
Gary L. Corbin, Criminal Justice
Jason Lee Corbin, Communication Studies
Oluremi Oyeyemi Damole, Environmental Studies
Lisa M. Daniels, Social Work (Summa Cum Laude)
Kelly C. De Arman, Communication Studies
Jodi Marie Decesari, Social Work
Martha Rose Dicey, Environmental Studies
Timothy Ryan Dombroski, Criminal Justice
Deborah Ilene Drayster, Communication Studies
Deborah Lee Dunks, Criminal Justice
Mark Raymond Dusendschon, Criminal Justice
Brian Richard Dziminski, Communication Studies
B.J. Edwards, Communication Studies
Scot James Eliott, Criminal Justice
Todd Brandon Ellithorpe, Criminal Justice
Glen Bradley Ernes, Communication Studies
Kristin Diane Engel, Criminal Justice
Traci E. Escobedo, Criminal Justice
Patricia P. Feldman, Criminal Justice
Jesse Cole Finkbeiner, Communication Studies
Jennifer Ann Fleischman, Criminal Justice
Louis Geno Foschi, Criminal Justice
Ariana E. Franke, Communication Studies
Michael J. Franzoi, Communication Studies
Kathryn Jennifer Goetz, Communication Studies
Steven J. Gorka, Criminal Justice
Jodie Dawn Groebner, Communication Studies
Candace Marie Guagnano, Social Work
Jason E. Gwin, Communication Studies
Norbert B. Gyorfi, Communication Studies
Peter Michael Harring, Criminal Justice
Kyle William Hegland, Criminal Justice
Karen D. Sanchez Henderson, Criminal Justice
Lisa C. Henkel, Communication Studies
Tesha M. Hensley, Social Work
Natalie Dawn Heter, Communication Studies
Kelly Hill, Criminal Justice
Beverly Ann Hill-Bradshaw, Criminal Justice
Tanya Lanette Hobson, Social Work
Jeffrey B. Hodsden, Communication Studies
Janise Shereece Jackson Holmes, Social Work
Penny Marie Houston, Social Work
Marlon Ashley Howard, Communication Studies
University of Nevada, las Vegas 21
20 2000 Commencement
Stephen Patrick Huck, Communication Studies Cristina L. Ingram, Communication Studies Renee Marie Ingram, Communication Studies Kristan M. Jenkins, Criminal Justice
Kimberly Lane Johnson, Communication Studies
Anthony Liholiho Kalahui, Criminal Justice Joseph M. Kalil Jr., Communication Studies Todd Michael Kaylor, Criminal Justice Brian Marchant Kendall, Criminal Justice
Meghan Eileen Kennedy, Communication Studies Daniel Kircher, Criminal Justice
Shannon Maria Kline, Criminal Justice
Lisa Rose Kopinski, Criminal Justice
Kyle S. Kuwahara, Communication Studies
Faith Elizabeth Kuzinski, Communication Studies Barbara Bailey Lake, Communication Studies Garnette Dawn Sneed Landry, Social Work Jacob Daniel Lanning, Communication Studies Gary J. Larson Jr., Criminal Justice
Michael William Lauffer, Communication Studies Arie Colin Lawrence, Communication Studies Sandra Ledesma, Social Work
Alexander Scott Lidey, Criminal Justice
Stephanie L. Liggio, Communication Studies (Cum Laude) Roshaun Marquis Malone, Criminal Justice
Jennette Laura Mann, Communication Studies Sabrina G. Mansanas, Criminal Justice
Jason Daniel Markowitz, Communication Studies Angelina Tammi Markwell, Communication Studies Monica Denise Martarano, Communication Studies Travis M. Massey, Communication Studies Marisa Mastro, Communication Studies
Colleen Margaret Maurer, Communication Studies Lisa Marie Maxey, Social Work
Erika Larcenia McCalvin, Environmental Studies Steven Dean McCracken, Social Work
Mandi J. McDonald, Communication Studies Tara Dawn McGowen, Criminal Justice
Laurie J. McRitchie, Communication Studies
Russell Scott Merle Jr., Environmental Studies
Joanna E. Meyer, Communication Studies Andrea Elizabeth Millsap, Communication Studies David Koulischer Moezzi, Criminal Justice Tracy Marie Moody, Communication Studies
Jeffrey T. Moore, Communication Studies Wilisha C. Moore, Communication Studies Deborah Ann Mortensen, Communication Studies
Nadine M. Morton, Communication Studies (Cum Laude) Gabriela Najera, Criminal Justice
Kim C. Nguyen, Criminal Justice
Christopher M. Nicolaysen, Communication Studies Nicholas Holland Nordblom, Criminal Justice Yalonda JaneLL Norris, Communication Studies Jill Northway, Communication Studies
Atwood Pagano, Criminal Justice
Frank Paul Palumbo, Criminal Justice
Crystal Demetria Patterson, Criminal Justice
Kapka Dimitrova Pchelarova, Communication Studies (Department Honors)
Alycia B. Peavy, Communication Studies
Richard Dale Perkins, Criminal Justice
Jessica Rochelle Perry, Communication Studies Sharon Y. Phelps, Communication Studies Vickie L. Pope, Social Work
Christopher David Poulsen, Criminal Justice Angel Priest, Social Work
Joseph G. Quigley, Communication Studies Rosemary Rao Rehfeldt, Communication Studies Freida Lynn Richmond-Morris, Social Work Robert A. Rivers Jr., Criminal Justice Kyle Dean Roberts, Communication Studies Latricia Tenae Rucker, Criminal Justice Frank Anthony Ruggiero, Criminal Justice Christopher M. Russo, Communication Studies Lauren Ann Schaaf, Social Work (Magna Cum Laude) Jaclyn Joyeuse Schlemmer, Criminal Justice Elisa Marie Seering, Social Work
Cheryl Lynn Cole Sharp, Social Work Michelle Lea Shensky, Communication Studies Cynthia Ann Sherrod, Criminal Justice Alida R. Siharath, Criminal Justice
Melinda Dionne Simpson, Communication Studies Olivia Gwynne Spencer, Communication Studies Alison E. St. Charles, Communication Studies Dorian St. Charles, Criminal Justice Jill Paige Stanley, Criminal Justice Elizabeth A. Stevens, Social Work Rita Arabian Stoeke, Criminal Justice Jessica M. Stops, Communication Studies
Michelle Desiree Suranowitz, Communication Studies Justine Sweet, Social Work
Andrew Marcus Syrstad, Communication Studies Dorothy Janine Taylor, Communication Studies Margaret A. Taylor, Criminal Justice
Andrew Jackson Todd II, Communication Studies Torrey D. Tracy, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude) Norris Jason Vaughan, Communication Studies Shawn Paul Waite, Communication Studies Celia Marie Waldron, Criminal Justice Elka L. Walker, Communication Studies Darcie Marie Wallace, Criminal Justice Marcie Lee White, Communication Studies Angela Yvette Wilkerson, Criminal Justice
Trina Willardson, Criminal Justice (Department Honors) Neil Andrew Williamson, Criminal Justice Andrea Jaye Wilson, Criminal Justice
Derek Thomas Wilson, Communication Studies Joseph William Yakubik, Communication Studies Ryan Scot Yanagihara, Criminal Justice Taun Michael Yurek, Criminal Justice Vanessa Zegarra, Communication Studies
Anne Amalia Boshko, Health Care Administration Christine Elizabeth Brehm, Environmental Studies Jeremy Michael Creason, Health Care Administration Clarissa Brooke Dewese, Health Care Administration Jason R. Eckberg, Environmental Studies
Joel D. Kirkwood, Health Care Administration
Camille Ann Lamonte-Flores, Health Care Administration Richard C. Trenkler, Health Care Administration
Frank S. Wartman
Boulder City metallurgist Doctor of Science
Malcolm Love
President, San Diego State College Doctor of Laws
Dean E. McHenry
Chancellor, University of California, Santa Cruz
Doctor of Laws
Lt. Gen. Frank T. Mildren
Local military commander Doctor of Science
Herbert E. Grier Founder, EG&G Inc. Doctor of Science
Nevitt Sanford
Director, Institute for the Study of Human Problems,
Stanford University
Doctor of Humane Letters
Francis H. Horn
President, Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities
Doctor of Humane Letters
Bob Hope
Doctor of Humane Letters
Del E. Webb
Builder and Developer
Doctor of Humane Letters
Howard W. Cannon Nevada Senator Doctor of Laws
David Bruce Dill
Noted scientist
Doctor of Laws
Bishop Joseph Green
Bishop of Reno
Doctor of Humane Letters
Gov. Mike O'Callaghan
Governor of Nevada Doctor of Laws
No degree awarded
Walker R. Young
Engineer in charge of construction of Hoover Dam
(Accepted by Leo Dunbar Sr., of Boulder City) Doctor of Science
Frank Sinatra
Doctor of Humane Letters
Frank Church
Idaho Senator
Doctor of Laws
Herman M. Greenspun
Publisher, Las Vegas Sun Doctor of Humane Letters
John C. Mowbray
Justice, Nevada Supreme Court
Doctor of Laws
Paul F. Sharp
President, University of Oklahoma Doctor of Humane Letters
Paul Laxalt
Nevada Senator
Doctor of Laws
Bart J. Bok
Noted Astronomer
Doctor of Science
■ 1980 Daniel J. Boorstin
Librarian of Congress Doctor of Humane Letters
Wayne Newton Entertainer
Doctor of Humane Letters
Donald H. Baepler
Former UNLV President and Chancellor Doctor of Science
Frank Waters
Doctor of Humane Letters
Lucile Bruner
Local artist and teacher
Doctor of Humane Letters
Rev. Caesar Caviglia
Pastor, St. Peter's Catholic Church, Henderson
Doctor of Humane Letters
Frank H. T. Rhodes
President, Cornell University
Doctor of Letters
Charles Vanda
Director, UNLV Master Series Doctor of Humane Letters
E. Parry Thomas
Chairman, Executive Committee Valley Bank of Nevada
Doctor of Laws
Simcha Dinitz
Vice President, Hebrew University Doctor of Humane Letters
Major Gen. Robert E. Kelley Superintendent, U.S. Air Force
Doctor of Science
Jerome Mack
Vice Chairman of the Board, Valley Bank of Nevada
Doctor of Laws
Harry Wald
President, Caesars Palace Hotel-Casino Doctors of Laws
David P. Gardner
President, University of California Doctor of Laws
Jihan El-Sadat
Wife of former Egyptian Pres. Anwar Sadat Doctor of Letters
Diana Ross
Doctor of Humane Letters
John Theodore "Ted" Sanders
Nevada Superintendent of Public Instruction
Doctor of Letters
Major Gen. R. G. "Zack" Taylor Retired Air Force General
Doctor of Laws
Marjorie A. Barrick
UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Humane Letters
Thomas T. Beam
Local engineer, land developer, and UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Science
Joseph N. Crowley
President, University of Nevada, Reno Doctor of Letters
William Boyd
Las Vegas Attorney and UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Laws
Margaret Elardi
Hotel-casino owner and UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Humane Letters
Elaine Wynn
President of UNLV Foundation and UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Humane Letters
Artemus W. Ham Jr.
Las Vegas Attorney and UNLV Benefactor Doctor of Laws
James I. Gibson
State Legislator
Doctor of Laws
J. A. Tiberti
Builder and UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Laws
Marvin Sedway
State Legislator
Doctor of Laws
Steve Wynn
Resort Owner and UNLV Benefactor Doctor of Laws
Christina Hixson
Trustee of the Lied Foundation
Doctor of Humane Letters
Jean Nidetch
Weight Watchers Founder and UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Science
Fred W. Smith
President and CEO, Donrey Media Group Doctor of Humane Letters
Takatoshi Takemoto
Doctor of Humane Letters
Claudine Williams
Hotel-Casino Executive and
UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Humane Letters
Simon Zentner
Doctor of Humane Letters
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 23
22 2000 Commencement
Kitty Rodman
Robert Laxalt
Sec./Tres., Sierra Construction Corp, and UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Humane Letters
Richard Tam
Bussinessman, land developer and
UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Laws
Melvin B. Wolzinger
President and CEO, Alstate Enterprises and Trustee
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Humane Letters
Stanley E. Fulton
President, Anchor Gaming and
UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Laws
Denise Scott Brown
Doctor of Letters
John Goolsby
Businessman and UNLV Benefactor
Brian Cram
Doctor of Laws
Superintendent, Clark County School District
Doctor of Education
Robert Venturi
Doctor of Letters
Barbara Greenspun
Publisher, Las Vegas Sun and UNLV Benefactor
Doctor of Humane Letters
Bob Miller Governor of Nevada Doctor of Laws
James E. Rogers
President, Sunbelt Communications and UNLV Benefactor Doctor of Laws
Louis Wiener, Jr. (posthumously)
Local Attorney and Philanthropist Doctor of Laws
Wole Soyinka
Nobel Laureate & Writer Doctor of Humane Letters
UNLV Brass Ensemble December 2000
Prelude music by the UNLV Brass Ensemble selected from the following works:
Festival Fanfare—Jun Yashirogi Mr. Jums—Chris Hazell Borace—Chris Hazell
Fanfare for The Lord Mayor of London—Arthur Bliss Rag-Time Dance—Scott Joplin
Fanfare for the Common Man—Aaron Copeland
Distinguished Nevadan
William W. Morris
William Peccole
B. Mahlon Brown
1964 to Present
Addeliar Dell Guy
Artemus W. Ham Jr.
Robert B. Griffith
Ruthe Deskin William V. Wright
Archie C. Grant
Marion D. Bennett Sr.
Albert E. Cahlan
Ann Brewington
A. L. Scott
Harley E. Harmon Sr.
Roger T. Foley
Marjorie A. Barrick
J. Kell Houssels Sr.
Eileen Brookman
Bertha Ronzone
Irwin Molasky
Cyril 0. Bastian
Thomas T. Beam
Harriett G. Spann Clare W. Woodbury
No award given
Rosemary K. Clarke
George E. Franklin Sr.
William G. Flangas
Reed Whipple
Bob Brown (posthumously)
Leonard R. Fayle
William Boyd
Sebastian Mikulich
J. A. Tiberti
Richard F. Perkins
Fred Gibson Jr.
Judy Bayley Woodrow Wilson
John Moran Donald M. Clark
James Cashman Jr.
Juanita Greer White
Florence Lee Jones Cahlan (posthumously) Herbert McDonald
Paul D. McDermott (posthumously) James I. Gibson
John F. Mendoza
Daniel F. Byron Charlotte Hill
Mary L. Woitishek
Alan Bible
John H. Midby
John F. Cahlan
Vassili Sulich Joe Williams
E. Parry Thomas
Roger D. Foley
Monsignor Thomas F. Collins
James A. Gay III
Elton M. Garrett
Kenny C. Guinn
Oran Gragson
Johnny A. Ribeiro Jr.
Mabel W. Hoggard
Carolyn G. Goodman Philip G. Satre Fred W. Smith
Reverend John J. McVeigh Claudine Williams
Arturo Cambeiro (posthumously) R. Guild Gray
Barbara Greenspun C. Kitty Rodman Eugene R. Warner
Stanley E. Fulton John Goolsby Arthur Marshall Mildred Remy Jesse D. Scott
Richard W. Bunker Mary "Mitzi" Hughes Louis Wiener Jr.
Jerome Blankinship William T. White
Robert T. Bigelow Jack Cason Thalia Dondero
William Bennett Christina Hixson
James Cashman III (posthumously) Grant Sawyer (posthumously)
Donna Jo Andress Robert Broadbent Dr. Jerry Cade Paul Christensen Brian Greenspun
Ruby Duncan
Wing and Lilly Fong Jean Ford Sandy Miller Rafael Vega Melvin Wolzinger
Patricia Mulroy
Milton I. Schwartz Stephen Wynn Elaine Wynn
UNLV Brass Ensemble
Director - Takayoshi "Tad" Suzuki, conductor Teppei Suzuki, assistant
Jason -Colby
Joe Durk
Travis Millett
Joe Rose
Masayuki Sakakimoto
Nathan Slife
Chris Castellanos
Carlsa Higgins
Jason Metzger
Eric Meadows
Trina Brown David Jackson Daniel Uhrich
Zachary Jackson
Lonny Benoit Stephen Tobin
Commencement Videos
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UNLV Commencement Committee
Dr. Jane McCarthy, Chair Mr. Joe Aldridge Dr. Robert Ackerman Dr. Barbara Cloud Ms. Sue DiBella Ms. Nancy Flagg Mr. Tom Flagg Dr. Nancy Gallavan Mr. Jeffry S. Halverson Ms. Betty Hanseen Mr. Larry Henley Ms. Carole Hoefle
Dr. Jeff Koep Dr. Paul Kreider
Ms. Donna McAleer Dr. Rebecca Mills Mr. Paul Moradkhan
Mr. Andrew Nazarechuk Mr. Mike Newcomb Ms. Lea Sexton Dr. Robert Tracy
Flowers by Jon Tullis
Pre-Commencement videos were produced by Laurie Fruth and Dan Lovil, UNLV-TV.
Published jointly by Publications/Reprographics and the Registar's Office
PR/1029/12-00/7M AA/EEO
Distinguished Professor Award
Past University Presidents
Dr. Sheilagh Brooks
Dr. James Deacon
Dr. Marie-France Hilgar
Dr. Mohamed Yousef
Dr. Maurice A. Finocchiaro
Dr. Lawrence Golding
Dr. Darlene H. Unrue
1998 Dr. Catherine Bellver
1998 Dr. Joseph McCollough
2000 Mr. Virko Baley
William D. Carlson, Dean, 1957-1964
Donald C. Moyer, Chancellor, 1964-1969
Roman J. Zorn, President, 1969-1973 Donald H. Baepler, President, 1973-1978 Brock Dixon, Acting President, 1978-1979
Leonard E. Goodall, President, 1979-1984 Robert C. Maxson, President, 1984-1994 Kenny C. Guinn, Interim President, 1994-95
24 2000 Commencement