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Letter from R. L. Adamson (Los Angeles) to F. H. Knickerbocker, April 22, 1927







Adamson recommended installing a meter to see how much water the water company was using so they could use the information for negotiatiing a contract renewal for providing water to Las Vegas. "36-47-L" written in pencil at the top. Date stamp from A.S.H.

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Box 24 Folder 80-11 LVL&WC. Furnishing of Water & Electricity at L. V.


hln001292. Union Pacific Railroad Collection, 1828-1995. MS-00397. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Los Angeles, April 22, 1927 20-6 Mr. F. H. Knickerbocker: Please be referred to my letter November 26, 1926 and Mr. McNamee's letter April 4, 1927, relative to renewal of contract between the Las Vegas Land and Water Company and the Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Company covering the furnishing of water at Las Vegas. My letter November 26 recommended that before establishing a new rate, we should arrange to install a meter in the pipe line serving the LVL and W Co. so as to tell definitely Just how much water that Company is using; and it was further recommended that existing contract be extended for six months, at the end of which time we would be in a better position to advise you relative to the water situation. It is recognized that the Las Vegas Land and Water Company is a subsidiary of the Railroad Company and that a revision in rates would apparently result in a mere change in accounting however, with the decrease in the flow of our well from 3644 G.P.M. measured in July 1924 to 1876 G.P.M. measured in March 1927 and the probable execution of the contract with the Hotel Company for 60 miners' inches or approximately 550 G.P.M., it appears that we should give serious consideration to the supply and use of water at Las Vegas. My understanding is that the 60 miners' inches for the Hotel Company is divided into the amount which can be supplied through a 3" pipe line, which amount will be taken from the main pipe line and the remainder is to be pumped by the Hotel Company from Las Vegas creek. Mr. F H. Knickerbocker -2- 4/22/27 However, the source of supply is the same and as the entire amount is either taken from the pipe line or from the creek, the available water will be diminished by the amount need by the Hotel Company. At the present time there is available in the pipe line for use at Las Vegas 2540 G.P.M. or 3,658,000 gallons per day, and flowing from the springs down the creek there is 1369 G.P.M. or 1,971,000 gallons per day, which is available for irrigation purposes. Approximately one-half of the amount flowing down the creek can be diverted into the pipe line with a reasonable expenditure. The quantity of water used at Las Vegas is so enormous that an estimate of its distribution is not much more than a guess; however, a preliminary analysis has been made of the situation with the following results: Gals. Per Day Percent Used by LVL and W Company 2,820,000 77.15 Other Purposes _838,000 22.85 Water Available for Use ....... . 3,658,000 100. The annual charges upon the main pipe line including the facilities at the well and spring amount to $7659.17, which divided in accordance with the above percentages indicates that the LVL and W Company should pay annually $6056.64 or approximately $500.00 per month for the use of our facilities, which figure compares with the $200.00 per month flat rate stipulated in Contract Audit No. 2850-A. If it is desired to prepare a new contract at the present time in lien of old contract which expired October 1, 1926, the information requested by Mr. McNamee April 4 can be furnished using the above estimated rate of $500.00 per month until such time as actual measurement Mr. F. H. Knickerbocker --3-- 4/22/27 has been made as recommended below. It is my opinion that we should at once install meters and establish a record of water use at this terminal, and at the same time determine by actual measurement the proportion of water used by the LVL and W Company. Our facilities at Las Vegas are constantly being enlarged and the town, which had a population in 1920 of 2000 people, now has a population of approximately 8000 according to the Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Bracken. The amount of water from the springs, which can be added to the present supply, is not large compared with the total now used; and our study of the situation indicates that the water supply should be carefully watched. In order to adequately measure the supply it is recommended that meters be installed in the following lines and records kept of monthly readings: LVL and W Company 16" meter $1500 Stock yard line 6" " 450 Power house line 8" " 550 Coach hydrant line 6" " 450 P.F.E. line 8" " 550 Automobile camp 1" " 50 Total ............$ 3550 The above estimate covers the installation complete of Sparling water meters and includes a by-pass for each line in order that meters may be inspected and cleaned when necessary without interfering with the supply of water. The 16" meter would be installed near the end of our main supply line and would measure total water used by the LVL and V Company. In my opinion we should pay for this installation and include the cost in the valuation of our facilities, upon which the LVL and W Co. Mr. F. H. Knickerbocker -4- 4/22/27 would pay rental In accordance with use of those facilities. The P.F.E. Company owns the 8" pipe line extending from our 14" main end it is recommended that we secure permission to install a meter on this line with appropriate by-pass, in order that the amount of water may be measured. Subsequently it may be desirable to negotiate a new contract with the P.F.E. Company covering use of water; however, at the present time I would suggest no change be made. We have four important connections with the 16" main pipe line as follows: (a) 8" water softener line. The water through this line, except during times of emergency, is passed over the water softener wier and accurately measured; therefore no meter is required on this line. (b) 8" power house line. In addition to being an emergency supply to boilers, this line carries raw water for the fire lines and other uses. Considerable water passes through this line and a meter is included in the above estimate. (o) 6" coach hydrant line. This line in addition to supplying water to passenger trains supplies the depot, DC&H Department, and park. A meter for this line is Included in the above estimate. (d) 6" stock yard line. This line supplies water to the stock yard, foreman's residence, section facilities, and poultry shelter. The above estimate lncludes a meter for this line. The above recommendaitions are based upon an analysis made of the water used for all purposes and it is thought that we are amply justified in recommendlng an expenditure of $3550 to secure accurate data covering water consumption at this terminal. R. L. Adamson - cc: Mr. W.R. Armstrong Mr. A.S. Halsted - 2