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Statement of receipts and disbursements: Levi Syphus


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Creator: Syphus, Levi




This folder is from "Financial Records" file of the Sadie and Hampton George Papers (MS-00434)

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man000397. Sadie and Hampton George Papers, 1874-1944. MS-00434. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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fe;, T,. . , • . j ^ . x 2eCi s'c a, eiiient of receipts StaTnhdo mdaissb,iNierVsamdekh,tJsu, nceo v2er5itnhg. 19c2a0r of* m'a^esi+- / from Magnesite ciatos fry LeTi jjierlcaK 1920 June*To,cash received for 30 tons magnesite ®.$8 per ton '# £ $s - fc-Ja,m pc awshhi lpea imdi nfionr g pmoawtdeerr,i acla p®s, fuse,tgoo £ls and hril|l O" f grtib for ? By cash paid to Carl ^achtrielb for 9 days labor @,f?4 & Board- 7, cas% E s d t0 E*E- S y p ^ fo r I d l i n g l l tons magnesitl t? car,®.$4^ per ton & S t m B 1 & JS WHg § & S 1 Big § § |§T§ § By cash paid to Harry S.Gentry for bawling 19;tons magnesite to car 0.|4 per tog $76 and for hawling camp equipment .00 from' claims, to gt, Thomas . . I \__ _ over time i?na ll?o Radaiinlgr o®ad l - cIoSm Sp:a nyt /a'sC Hde Bmu Irfr |agge ©fo |r |ho ldingg §cpagr| g Byf rocma sGhu npnasi dr atno chJ amteo s cNlaayim sf orP t 1ak e- iWng% w fhee e&l e h §ar frifo Iw fan £d &sc &re §en By cash paid to E.H.Syphus, for use of ,team in moveing cSmn ~ Bye quciapsmhe npta iadn tao maCnit itzo encsl aNiamtsi otoniafl epByainike nof'oerm ehsiatn^dol?i wnogr fih-i'l lS -obf f§\ lading in Los Angeles and collecting on car of mtgnesite # Byfl^SnSai^°n Levi syphus,one _day from SThomas %oL By Ovcearsth opna aind dt or eRt.uRrLnC oimnp aenfyf orase t fatro e sfeocurr Lee vtie amSsy phfuosr hsatTwhlbimnags ® ctoo lMloeacptai ona ndof retthuer nm,o nfeoyr fpourr poist e anofd hsieltltilnemge ncta r fiafr rarigeing for charge .maae for holding car excessive, time in loaddiemnugr trfarigrje- By cash paid for dinner while in Moapa - 'j 0 f - B" ~ L || By *cash paid for supplies paid for bread etc used at camp - t L * ’ yeoixapefhnd/»redf m ma£tters evc?o- nsnyePcItleuds wiint hpa ycmaer nto f fmoarg nweosrikt ea nsdh itipmpee d wwi?tth? PE. HSW.S?y,p*h\u s y+tne0amT,^l ndl ayc antpr ipe qutoi pmOevnetr taonnd f moar n tetoa mmsi, n1 e dav *' ^t ri^pa yst o wMoorakp aa nodn l maabtotre mrisn icnogn,n seocrtteidn wgi tahn ds lhoiapdmienngt moafg nceasr.ite at mine,together with portions of several1 other days spent msa idc ocrarri septocn.d e©nc -e j1a nwd mBa 0tt &er Hs #co In?n fe| c0t eBd 0wi Bt hW l ^oa 0d’i &ng offe | f-'B - - I 3363.i0600 44.00 .2isa. E B 1,0 0 SB $22440; $,T5J 0~