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Congressional Record, Volume 131, Number 73, June 5, 1985


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united Slates America Congressional Record PROCEEDINGS AND DEBATES OF THE 99 ^ CONGRESS, FIRST SESSION I'o/ WASHINGTON, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, 1985 No. 73 Senate MERRILL T. KELLY RETIRES FROM FEDERAL SERVICE Mr. HECHT. Mr. President, I wish to take this opportunity to recognize a Department of Defense employee whose outstanding professional performance and selfless devotion to duty reflect great credit upon himself, the Department of Defense, and the U.S. Government. I am pleased to join family, friends, and associates of Merrill T. Kelly in saluting him on the occasion of his retirement from Federal service. Mr. Kelly's distinguished career includes service as a special agent in the U.S. Army; Senior Intelligence Adviser to the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Department of the Army; and Director, Special Advisory Staff, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. He has participated in many of the most sensitive activities engaged in by our Nation-activities which have had a direct and profound impact on our national interests, power and prestige. He has had to anticipate the need for national requirements and to initiate corrective actions. Among the many outstanding i qualities which he displayed during his distinguished service were superb judgment, exceptional diligence, and complete integrity. Few individuals can take with them the satisfaction which comes from duty faithfully performed. Based upon his outstanding record of leadership and exceptional service to the Department of Defense in the fields of intelligence and security, Merrill T. Kelly can. He is a hard working, conscientious individual whose 38 years of selfless service deserve the respect and support of not only this body, but also recognition from the public he so diligently served. On a personal basis, I would like to acknowledge my association with Merrill Kelly. He was my operations officer while I served as a special agent in Berlin in the early 1950's. During the past many years, we have been able to renew our association at different reunions. I know that Merrill and his family now look forward to his well-earned respite from Federal employment. Merrill Kelly, we salute you.