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University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Fall 2021 commencement program







Commencement program from University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists (UA-00115).

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man001158. University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists, 1953-2021. UA-00115. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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OF 2021
Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Keith E. Whitfield, President
Christopher L. Heavey, Executive Vice President and Provost
Vince Alberta, Vice President of Brand Integration and Chief Marketing Officer Bo Bernhard, Vice President for Economic Development
Juanita Fain, Vice President for Student Affairs and Interim Chief Diversity Officer Adam Garcia, Vice President for Public Safety Services
Erick Harper, Interim Director of Athletics Marclem Hernandez, Special Assistant to the President
Kyle Kaalberg, Executive Director for Strategy and Strategic Initiatives Marc J. Kahn, Vice President for Health Affairs
Rickey N. McCurry, Vice President for Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement Sabra Smith Newby, Vice President of Government and Community Affairs Elda Luna Sidhu, General Counsel
Ericka Smith, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Ed Synakowski, Vice President for Research
Fred Tredup, Chief of Staff
Jean Vock, Senior Vice President for Business Affairs/CFO
Angela Amar, Nursing Ronald Brown, School of Integrated Health Sciences Eric Chronister, College of Sciences Maggie Farrell, University Libraries
Lily T Garcia, School of Dental Medicine Shawn Gerstenberger, School of Public Health Sara Gordon, Interim, William S. Boyd School of Law Andrew Hanson, Honors College Danica G. Hays, College of Education
Marc J. Kahn, Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV Jennifer Keene, College of Liberal Arts
Kate Korgan, Graduate College Ann McDonough, Academic Success Center
Gerry Sanders, Lee Business School
Stowe Shoemaker, William F. Harrah College of Hospitality Robert Ulmer, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs
Nancy Uscher, College of Fine Arts Rama Venkat, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering
Student and Dignitary Processional.....................................................................................UNLV Jazz Ensemble
with Master of Ceremony Tod Fitzpatrick
Opening Remarks...................................................................................................Provost Christopher L. Heavey
Presentation of Colors.....................................................................UNLV Air Force & Army ROTC Honor Guards
Field Drummer Isaac Dela Cruz
National Anthem...............................................................................................................Emily Clements, Soprano
The Star-Spangled Banner Accompanied by David Loeb, Piano
UNLV Alma Mater...............................................................................................................UNLV Choral Ensembles
Music by Eric Whitacre, Lyrics by Thomas Leslie and Robyn Lemon Chapman Joseph Svendsen, Musical Director
President's Message....................................................................................................President Keith E. Whitfield
Greetings...........................................................................................................Nevada System of Higher Education
Recognition of Outstanding Graduates..................................................................................President Whitfield
Student Commencement Speaker.......................................................................................Mary H. Blankenship
Class Profile.......................................................................................................................................Provost Heavey
Conferring of Degrees...............................................................................................................President Whitfield
Readers...............................................................................................................................................UNLV Faculty
Joe Ervin, Ann McDonough, Kris Shay, Jacob Thompson
Melody Rose, Chancellor
Crystal Abba, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Constance Brooks, Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs and Advancement Caleb Cage, Vice Chancellor for Community Colleges and Chief Innovation Officer Andrew Clinger, Chief Financial Officer
Joe Reynolds, Chief General Counsel
Turning of the Tassels.................................................................................................................President Whitfield
Concluding Remarks....................................................................................................................President Whitfield
Carol Del Carlo, Chair Pro Tempore
Amy J. Carvalho, Vice Chair Pro Tempore
Joseph C. Arrascada
Patrick J. Boylan
Byron Brooks
Patrick R. Carter
Mark W. Doubrava
Jason Geddes
Cathy McAdoo
Donald Sylvantee McMichael Sr.
John T Moran
Laura E. Perkins
Lois Tarkanian
Recessional......................................................................................................................................UNLV Fight Song
Class Songs...................................................................................................................Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa
Feel the Way I Want by Carolyn Rose August by Taylor Swift You Should See Me in a Crown by Billie Eilish Sign of the Times by Harry Styles
Grand Marshal...............................................................................................................................Satish Bhatnagar
Keri D. Nikolajewski, Interim Chief of Staff to the Board
This is the official program for the December 2021 Commencement at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. It includes the names of students who have applied to graduate. Please note that participation in a commencement ceremony does not guarantee degree conferral. Degrees are conferred [granted) only when all requirements have been met and the final grades for a student's final semester have been computed. Degrees are conferred and diplomas mailed during alO-week period following the end of each semester.
2021 Fall Commencement 3
Academic Traditions And Special. Honors
Since its first classes were held in the 1950s, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) has undergone an amazing transformation, from a dusty outpost on the south edge of town to a thriving urban research institution. Along the way, thanks to its innovative frontier spirit, UNLV has kept pace with one of the country's fastest-growing and most enterprising cities.
The university's origins were humble. In 1951, when the post-war boom had swollen the Las Vegas valley's population to more than 50,000, the University of Nevada, Reno established an extension program here. Twenty-eight students began meeting for classes in the dressing rooms of Las Vegas High School's auditorium. In 1954, the Nevada Board of Regents founded the Southern Regional Division of the University of Nevada, popularly known as Nevada Southern. Twenty-nine students accepted degrees at the university's first commencement in 1964.
In 1969, with the Board of Regents' approval, the university adopted its current name, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. By the following year, as the Las Vegas' metropolitan population reached 275,000, UNLV enrolled more than 5,500 students.
Over the next several decades, UNLV continued this heady rate of development — erecting more than 100 buildings, developing dozens of graduate programs, creating partnerships with the community, fielding nationally ranked sports teams, founding an alumni association, promoting scholarship, establishing a fundraising foundation, and recruiting diverse and talented students from across the country. UNLV has come a long way from the high school dressing rooms that once served as its classrooms. Thanks to the dedication of faculty and staff members, students, generous donors, and Las Vegas residents, the university has much to celebrate, especially at Commencement.
The academic caps, gowns, and hoods that make the procession so colorful are part of an 800-year tradition. Academic clothing was first worn in medieval universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Paris, and Bologna. The gowns and hoods served a practical purpose in the days of unheated classrooms.
The European custom was carried to America with the establishment of our own colleges and universities. In 1895 an academic code of dress was adopted, and the standards of a robe, hood, and cap were accepted by most of the colleges and universities in the United States. Different types of gowns may be distinguished in the academic procession. The bachelors' gowns have long, pointed sleeves; the masters’ gowns have oblong sleeves with an arc cut away in the front. The doctors' gowns are faced with velvet and have bell-shaped sleeves with three bars of velvet.
The Oxford cap, the so-called mortarboard, has a long tassel fastened to the middle of the top that is worn hanging over the right front of the cap. Upon graduation, the tassel is moved from right to left. The hood, draped from the shoulder, denotes by its length and colors the field of study and the institution that conferred the degree.
The University Mace, which has its traditions deeply rooted in history, is carried on ceremonial occasions at the head of the academic procession by the Grand Marshal, whose symbolic duty is the protection of the university, its persons, and its processes.
The mace, a long club with a ball of iron, steel, or brass at one end, was used in warfare as late as the sixteenth century. The use of the mace as an instrument of ceremony, however, began about the year 1250 in England and France. The mace is still used widely today in university ceremonies like commencements and inaugurations.
The UNLV Mace, cast by UNLV art professor emeritus Michael McCollum in 1970, was created using the lost wax process. Erik Gronborg's design for the cubical head of the mace included facets depicting the university seal, a rendering of the Statue of Liberty, a likeness of Renaissance scholar Leonardo da Vinci, and a shelf of books flanked by artists' brushes. The mace bearer today is Satish Bhatnagar.
The Distinguished Nevadan Award is conferred by the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education to recognize prominent individuals who are present or former residents of the State of Nevada. The award is presented for significant achievements that contribute to the cultural, economic, scientific, or social advancement of Nevada and its people and for exceptional service to the state or nation that has influenced constructively the well-being of society. The recipient receives an engraved medallion and a special certificate.
The President's Medal was first conferred in 1996 on Governor Kenny Guinn. The recipients are selected by the university president to recognize individuals who have provided very special and distinguished service to the university. An engraved medallion and special certificate are presented to each honoree.
Several years ago the university approved a process for selecting an exceptional faculty member to hold the title of Distinguished Professor. This award is given only after very serious consideration of a highly select group of university faculty. Nominees must have demonstrated extraordinary qualities both as teachers and scholars and must have achieved national and international recognition in their fields of study.
UNLV has a long-standing tradition of honoring graduating students who have made a special mark during their time at the university. Undergraduate and graduate students are selected for the honor after a semester-long nomination process. Those students highlighted during Commencement are chosen based on such factors as academic achievement, community outreach, research and creative work, and their ability to overcome adversity.
The Presidential Medallion is the official insignia of the university president and is worn at Commencement and other ceremonies. UNLV's Presidential Medallion was given to the university by the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1973.
The medallion depicts the official seal of the State of Nevada in sterling silver. Links of the chain are engraved with the names of university presidents and their terms of office, symbolizing the continuity of responsibility in the office.
Students who have been initiated into UNLV's chapter of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society may wear a bronze medallion hung on a blue ribbon to be worn at Commencement. Each year Chapter 100 at UNLV invites to membership the top 10 percent of graduate students and undergraduate seniors in their college class and the top 7.5 percent of the junior class in all academic disciplines.
The Golden Key National Honor Society is open to juniors and seniors of all academic disciplines who have earned a 3.30 grade point average or higher. Golden Key is also open to graduate students in the top 15 percent of their class. Students in this honor society wear a gold medallion on a blue and gold cord.
Many disciplines have honor societies specific to their fields. Members wear their cords, pins, or medallions at Commencement.
The Ronald E. McNair Scholars Medallion is awarded to graduating seniors who have completed the UNLV McNair Scholars Program, in recognition of their dedication to scholarly pursuits and their already considerable research accomplishments.
The Nevada Centennial Medallion is presented annually to the graduating senior earning the highest four-year scholastic average at UNLV. A total of 101 medallions were presented to the university by the Rotary Club of Las Vegas at the time of the state's centennial celebration in 1964.
Summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude are the designations for students graduating with a baccalaureate degree who have earned 60 credits at UNLV and have a grade point average that places them in the top 10 percent of students graduating from their college.
Summa cum laude is bestowed on students who are in the top 1 percent of their college graduating class. Magna cum laude is bestowed on graduating students who are in the top 2 percent to 5 percent, and cum laude is bestowed on graduating students in the top 6 percent to 10 percent. The Honors College has different criteria for awarding honors.
The designations in the commencement program take into account both earned credits and credits in progress, along with the GPA for the last semester that the student has completed. Students should be aware that a final determination of honors eligibility is made after all courses are completed and final grades received. The designation that appears on a student's diploma and transcript is the accurate and final designation.
4 2021 Fall Commencement
2021 Fall Commencement 5
Caren Fares Abourjeily, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Marcos Julian Almeyda, Cum Laude, University Honors
Jasmin Jessica Avagyan, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Ayla Nikole Babakitis, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Ma Luisa R Benicarlo, Cum Laude, University Honors Scott R Billings, University Honors
Mary H Blankenship, University Honors
Ryan Floyd Callier, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Karla Ivett Camacho-Jimenez, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Louie Angelo Flores Cano, Cum Laude, University Honors Kylavel Ramos Carlos, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Aaron Cheng, Summa Cum Laude, Research & Creative Honors Mariah Joy Chianese, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Hannah Un-Jee Crawford, University Honors
Sheccid Ariza Crayton, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Alondra Isamar Del Toro Contreras, Cum Laude, University Honors Katie Scarlett Derr, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors David Diep, Cum Laude, University Honors
Matthew Joseph Dineros, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Kenny Hoang Do, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors
Janelle De La Cruz Domantay, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Tricia Domingo, Cum Laude, University Honors
Ryan Doss, Cum Laude, University Honors
Amber Magpayo Duque, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Samantha Avery Giannantonio, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Trisha Vitales Godoy, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Skylar Paige Goodall, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Aaron Guevarra, University Honors
Cianna Gaile Gundayao, Cum Laude, University Honors Karen Marie Guthrie, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Caitlin R Halm, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Raine Julian Harris, University Honors
John Stewart Hatch, Cum Laude, University Honors Ethan Hill, University Honors
Ashtin Ellena Hofert, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors
Lindsey Frances Horne, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Ana Angela Ichon, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Chuang Jiang, Cum Laude, University Honors
Sharon Gerlin Joseph, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Nevena Jovanovic, Cum Laude, University Honors
Hannah Mackenzie Kerby, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Taimur Khalid, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Devin R Krystek, Cum Laude, University Honors
Ralph Benjamin Geronimo Libao, University Honors Mya D Lofton, University Honors
Stephanie Lopez, University Honors
Evelyn Lopez-Aguayo, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Kirsten Elaine Lowe, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Morgan Christine McDaniel, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Harlee Jean Miscovich, University Honors
Michael David Moreland, University Honors
Faraz Mostafaeipour, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors, Research & Creative Honors Karenkathlyn Nava, Cum Laude, University Honors
Phuong Lan Nguyen, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors Jannie Nigoza, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Mari Lei Nishimura, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Jake Austin Pettitt, University Honors
Lucero L Pineda-Roman, Cum Laude, University Honors Anthony Kenneth Pitch, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Francisco Javier Reyes, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Sabrina Georgette Reyes Gonzalez, University Honors Sarah Saleh, Cum Laude, University Honors
Alejandra Salume Avila, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Emma Emily Sevoian, Cum Laude, University Honors
Javiera Antonia Sothers, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Kristin Wendy Stone, University Honors
Morgan Eileen Tilley, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors Nicholas John Tower, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Erika Belen Vaca Lopez, Cum Laude, University Honors Alisa Mae Viana, Cum Laude, University Honors
Kristyna Vosicka, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Keita E Walton, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Candace Ann Wells, Magna Cum Laude, Research & Creative Honors Kameron Mackenzie Worthington, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors Minghzu Yang, Magna Cum Laude, University Honors
Amal Mahamed Youssouf, Cum Laude, University Honors
Shaimaa AbdelHaleem Rachel Ali Rodriguez Chin Chai Huan Valerie Lawdensky Jonathan Molina
Milan Pantovic
Sogol Pirbastami Pouya Shojaeishahmirzadi
Tamara Wynne
6 2021 Fall Commencement
2021 Fall Commencement 7
Graduate College Fall 2021
Doctor of Philosophy
Shaimaa AbdelHaleem, Geoscience
Quaternary Fault Development in Southern Nevada:
Compaction, Tectonism, and Linkage
Frank U. Akpati, Nursing
Investigating Acculturation, Health-Promoting Lifestyle, and Health Status among Nigerian Immigrants in the
United States
Rachel Ali Rodriguez, Neuroscience
Axon Initial Segment Morphology Across Typical
Cortical Development and in Mouse Models of Neurodevelopmental Disorders with a High Incidence of Epilepsy
Melissa Monica Badillo, Anthropology
Investigating Ancient Maya Late Postclassic Period Households and the Associated Function of the Buildings at Santa Rita Corozal, Belize
Mary Baggio, Psychology
What They Say and How They Say It: The Effects of Linguistic and Acoustic Speech Characteristics on Interpersonal Perceptions and Persuasiveness of Psychopathic Traits
Rebecca A. Baumeister, Nursing
Relationships Between Mindfulness, Nonacademic Factors, Stress, and Test Performance: A Cross-Sectional Study
Kelly Beavers, Public Affairs
Rail Fixed Guideway Systems In Western U.S. Regions
Jeffrey C. Belding, Mathematical Sciences
Numerical Studies of Regularized Navier-Stokes Equations and an Application of a Run-to-Run Control Model for Membrane Filtration at a Large Urban Water
Treatment Facility
Jean M. Chagas Vaz, Mechanical Engineering
Humanoid Material Handling with Embodied Loco- Manipulation
Deejay E. Chino, Public Affairs
The Implementation of Tribal Provisions from The VAWA 2013 Reauthorization
Sebern Coleman, Workforce Development & Organizational Leadership
An Analysis of Job Competencies and Job Descriptions Associated with Admissions Counselors/Recruiters at 4-Year Public and Private Institutions as Prescribed by NACAC in 2000 and Its Relevance in 2018
Binay Dahal, Computer Science
From Language Understanding towards General Intelligence
Hananeh Derakhshan, Public Health
Factors Influencing the U.S. Residents' Willingness to
Engage in Domestic Medical Tourism
Mehmet Dulger, Curriculum & Instruction
How Do Beliefs Come Into Play? An Examination of the Influence of Core Conceptions on Science Teachers’ Inquiry Lesson Plan Designs
Evan Fertel, Psychology
It's Not You, It's Me: Measuring Erotic Self-Focus
Mirae J. Fornander, Psychology
Defining Problematic School Absenteeism: Identifying Youth at Risk
Zachary Frank, Mechanical Engineering
Polyvinyl Chloride Gels: Theoretical Modeling of their Actuation Mechanism and Characterization of their
Breanna Garcia, Psychology
Attention Bias in Irritability: A Social Information
Processing Perspective
Amy Glasofer, Nursing
Factors Associated with Medication Decision Making in Low-Income African American Caregivers of Children with ADHD: A Mixed Methods Study
Janice L. Glasper, Workforce Development & Organizational Leadership
Turning Up the Sound! Senior-Level Sonographers' Perspectives on the Workforce Readiness/Competency of Entry-Level Sonographers in the Workplace
Sean Goff, Political Science
Party Central: Networks, Influence, and Party Change in the US House of Representatives
John Gonzales, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Bench-scale Evaluation To Support Bio-Enhanced Zero- Valent Iron (Bio-ZVI) for Perchlorate Reduction and CoContaminants
Jayme G. Haynes, Nursing
Effects of a Discourse Intervention on End-Of-Life
Knowledge and Attitudes of BSN Nursing Students
Md S. Hossen, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Improving Pedestrian Safety with the Implementation of the Demand-Responsive Transverse Rumble Strip as a New Traffic Safety Countermeasure
Chin Chai Huan, Geoscience
Redox Change Across the Late Cambrian Steptoean Carbon Isotope Excursion (SPICE) in the Southern Great Basin, USA
Joseph Janakes, Nursing
The Effects of Real-Time Computerized Needle Tip Location Feedback on State Anxiety and Immediate Performance of Simulated Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia
Samantha Jasa, Special Education
Factors Affecting Registered Behavior Technicians' (RBTs'j Intent to Stay or Leave: A Delphi Study
Krystal Kamekona-Mendoza, Psychological & Brain Sciences The Role of Working Memory in Fraction Arithmetic: Eye Movements During a Dual Task
Dongbin Kim, Mechanical Engineering
A Human-embodied Drone for Dexterous Aerial Manipulation
Thomas Kramer, Curriculum & Instruction
The Use of Post-Course Feedback on Mastery Learning in a Professional Development Context
Alek Krumm, Psychology
Is Pristine Inner Experience Linked to Biology? An Examination of Experience Across the Menstrual Cycle Among Women with Premenstrual Distress
Iwimbong Kum Ghabowen, Public Health
Quality of Care: A Business Case for US Hospitals
Valerie J. Lawdensky, Mechanical Engineering
Computational Sodium Heat Pipe Simulation in Three Dimensions for Transient Nuclear Reactor Analysis with Variable Surface Heat Flux
Sae H. Lee, Chemistry
Functional n-Organogelators: From Nanoribbons to Organic Phosphors
Sheila Mosallaei, Biological Sciences
Bone Morphogenetic Protein Signaling in Morphogenesis of the Follicular Epithelium During Drosophila Oogenesis
Karli M. Nave, Psychological & Brain Sciences
Multiple Approaches to Auditory Rhythm: Development of Sustained Musical Beat and the Relation to Language, Development of Rhythmic Categories via Iterated Production, and a Meta-Analytic Study of Neural Entrainment to Beat
Samantha R. O'Connell, Psychology
Exploring the Relation Between Musical and Dance Sophistication and Musical Groove Perception
Christina G. Parreira, Sociology
Constructing the Perfect Girlfriend: Gender, Class, Race,
& Performativity of Paid Intimacy in Nevada Brothels
Nina B. Paul, Psychology
Measures and Conceptualizations of Symptoms in Schizophrenia
Sogol Pirbastami, Mechanical Engineering
Turbulence Modeling of Shock Boundary Layer Interaction in Hypersonic Flows
Matthew P. Pusko, Mechanical Engineering
Investigation of Bismuth Telluride Nanowire Composites for Enhanced Flexible Thermoelectric Films
Joshua Reagan, Mathematical Sciences
Tail-Measurable Functions and Their Corresponding Induced Classes, and Some Determinacy Conditions Involving 3-Player Games
Erica K. Reid, Curriculum & Instruction
Learning As We Grow: A Multiple Case Study of Teachers Experiences with Graduate Online Courses
John Vincent Rider, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
Exploring Treatment Targets to Mitigate Fear of Falling Activity Avoidance Behavior in Parkinson's Disease and Older Adults
Janelle Melissa Saunders, Special Education
Teaching a Communication Protocol via Graduated Guidance on the iPad to Assist in Functional
Communication Training for Nonverbal Children with ASD
Pouya Shojaeishahmirzadi, Mechanical Engineering
Modeling the Mechanical Behavior and Shock
Propagation of Metallic and Nanocomposite Materials
Binit Shrestha, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Relationship between Standardization Critical Success
Factors (CSFs) and Project Performance
Angela 0. Sojobi, Nursing
Social Support of Mexican Immigrant Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study
Marta Soligo, Sociology
Italianness on the Strip: Stereotypes, Dreams, and
Nostalgia in Las Vegas Italian-Themed Attractions
Arsal Syed, Electrical Engineering
Forecasting Pedestrian Trajectories Using Deep Learning
Carmen V. Vallin, Biological Sciences
Mfd Promotes Mutagenesis at Hairpin and G4 DNA in Stationary Phase B. subtilis Cells
8 2021 Fall Commencement
2021 Fall Commencement 9
Mathew S. Varre, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
Prediction of the Progression of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus
Using Dynamic Plantar Pressure Parameters
Audrey M. Warren, Geoscience
Paleoenvironmental Changes Across the Devonian- Carboniferous Transition
William D. Wolfs, Physics
Ab-Initio and Empirical Simulations of Aluminum and Copper Metal
Nicholas Wong, Curriculum & Instruction
The Development of Prerequisite Skills and Concepts from Task-Based Interviews in Calculus Students with Low-Levels of Prerequisite Skills
Sarah Wood, Chemistry
What Do General and Organic Chemistry Students Consider When Making Decisions About Acids and Bases? A Phenomenographic Study
Tamara Julie Wynne, Biological Sciences
Quantifying the Effect of Disturbance on Native Mojave Desert Shrubs
Doctor of Education
Derek E. Fialkiewicz, Curriculum & Instruction
Student Perceptions of Formative Feedback in Mathematics
Doctor of Musical Arts
Lucas C. Brust, Performance
An Orchestral Percussionist's Guide to Instruments of the Caribbean
David A. Coyner, Performance
Use of Conductor Directives in Rehearsals by Conductors of Professional Music Ensembles
Xin Guo, Performance
The Archetypal Female Image in Chinese National Opera: A Study of Xi Shi
Geoff B. Neuman, Performance
Preparation to Performance: A Conductor's Journey to the Podium
Jeffrey Taylor, Performance
The Beat of a Subculture: A Study of the History and
Impact of Non-pitched Percussion in Early Hip-hop
Ying Zhang, Performance
The Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Aysa Chavarria
Job Burnout: An Examination of Outpatient Clinics
Bonnie Lynn Stolzman
New Nurse Reality Shock & Early Burnout: Can Role Transition Education Received During New Nurse Residency Positively Affect Satisfaction?
Graduate College
Executive Master of Healthcare Administration
Sean Brandon Elliott, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration
Wilfredo Castillo Lacro Jr., Executive Master of Healthcare Administration
Kelsey Elizabeth Terry, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration
Master of Architecture
Myriam Lopez, Architecture David Paz Casado, Architecture
Master of Arts
Danelis Acosta, Urban Leadership
Brittany Rebecca Barksdale, Journalism & Media Studies Aldo M. Barrita, Psychology
Patrice M. Bisbee, Communication Studies
Taha Botan, English
Alexis Noel Brooks, English
Timothy Brown, History
Shadie Burke, Clinical Psychology Elena Carrillo, Urban Leadership Vasil G. Cvetkovski, Political Science Jayson Elie Dagher, Political Science Roberta J. Debuff, Urban Leadership Aislin Lenore Edalgo, Anthropology
Jacqueline Marie Falstrom-Duval, English Katerina Alexandra Fuller, Sociology
Ashley Bibiana Garrido, Urban Leadership Rafid Hamika, Economics
Jordan Nathia Hankins, Urban Leadership
Mallory Rachael Harris-Constantine, Clinical Psychology Tyler P. Hastings, Theatre Arts
Samuel Glen Hersh, Urban Leadership Serena Hicks, Communication Studies
Leanita Nicole Hughes, Urban Leadership
Kindy Insouvanh, Psychological and Brain Sciences Tyler B. Johnson, Urban Leadership
Yuko T. Johnson, Urban Leadership Elizabeth M. Jost, Urban Leadership
Alyssa L. Kahn, Communication Studies
Anthony J. King, Psychology
Lauren Lian Lee, Urban Leadership
Nathan Longshore, Urban Leadership
Kenya Yvonne McCampbell, Urban Leadership
Gracie Ann McDonough, Urban Leadership
Robert Edward Melanson, Political Science
Matthew Ryan Mohan, Communication Studies
Brandon Monson, Urban Leadership
Pishoi William Nassif, Economics
Haven Mae Neiman, Urban Leadership
Amberly Ann Nelson, Urban Leadership
Ashlee Ann Nelson, Urban Leadership
Irrita Elaine Peterson, Urban Leadership
Ariana Renick, Journalism & Media Studies
Marshawna Khaleelah Sanford, Communication Studies
Elizabeth Shikrallah, Anthropology
Douglas Heiner Smith, History
Kelly Stith, English
Michelle N. Strong, Clinical Psychology
Karolyne B. Stucki, Clinical Psychology
Keyonna M. Summers, Urban Leadership
Gabrielle Tavano, English
Benjamin Earl Thomas, Urban Leadership
Marina Timoteo, Urban Leadership
AlexTisminezky, Urban Leadership
Alexander Valle, English
Daniel Allen Walsh, Communication Studies
Zakury Daniel Walters, Criminal Justice
Sarah Warso, English
Lillian J. Williams, Urban Leadership
Ashley M. Yuill, Urban Leadership
Master of Business Administration
Michael Louis Brady, Business Administration
Riley K. Clark, Business Administration
Riley James Coggins, Business Administration
Dannica Concepcion, Business Administration
Mitchell J. DeKruif, Business Administration
Cambria Lynn Del Castillo, Business Administration
Fares Djelassi, Business Administration
Yeraldin Esquivel Barrios, Business Administration
Samantha Farr, Business Administration
Shiloh Riane Fling, Business Administration
Scott Flinn, Business Administration
Elad Hai, Business Administration
Xiaoting He, Business Administration
Jecia A. Hutchinson, Business Administration
Salman Jawhari, Business Administration
Pamela Marie Jones, Business Administration
Wesley MJ. Kim, Business Administration
Marie T. Lacamera, Business Administration
Anna Linh Ngoc Nguyen, Business Administration Khoi T. Nguyen, Business Administration
Carolina Sofia Nunez, Business Administration Owen A. Osula, Business Administration
Matthew Parkins, Business Administration Mahsud Reimbayev, Business Administration
Le Shen, Business Administration
Olivia Singer, Business Administration
Cameron D. Starr, Business Administration Kyle Richard Stefan, Business Administration
Marina Torlak, Business Administration Shawn Tsuda, Business Administration
Ziqiu Zhu, Business Administration
Master of Education
Charisse R. Adams, Early Childhood Education
Tracie Anne Allaire, Special Education
Johnie Alison Aughtman, Curriculum & Instruction
Catherine A. Bacos, Special Education
Lindsey Baker, Higher Education
Ryoko Ball-Aguilar, Special Education
Devin Nicole Barton, Curriculum & Instruction
Crystal Rochelle Baumgart, Curriculum & Instruction
Timothy Wayne Bean, Curriculum & Instruction
Jessianne Michaela Blake, Curriculum & Instruction Matthew Levi Blanchard, Special Education
Makayla Leann Boehme, Higher Education
Nicholas Booker, Special Education
Kyla Burke, Curriculum & Instruction
Tabitha Burns, Early Childhood Education
Alec Hilario Bustos, Special Education
Brian Cabalfin, Special Education
Joshua Daniel Cannaday, Curriculum & Instruction
Keti Carovska, Special Education
Kimberly Ann Carson, Curriculum & Instruction
Kimberly A. Carter, Higher Education
Adam Tim Castaneda, Higher Education
Erica Emily Chamberlain, Curriculum & Instruction
Dawn Rochelle Chase, Early Childhood Education
Laura Maria Cisneros, English Language Learning
Maria Magdalena Conchos, Early Childhood Education
Darlene Renee Conwell, Curriculum & Instruction
Desiree Amber Corral, Special Education
Katrina L. Cosby, Early Childhood Education
Sara Ann Davies, Special Education
Brianna Davis, Curriculum & Instruction Abby K. Dell, Early Childhood Education
Patricia L. Earley, Special Education
Jessie Jennifer Eaton, English Language Learning Gretchen Eisenman, Curriculum & Instruction
Jolene Elkins, Special Education Mary Enwemaya, Curriculum & Instruction
2021 Fall Commencement 11
10 2021 Fall Commencement
Brenda Espino, English Language Learning Patricia Evangelista, Special Education Mingyu Fan, Curriculum & Instruction Caroline Farah, Higher Education
Gabriela Alejandra Flores, Curriculum & Instruction Shela J. Forbus, Special Education
Heather Gabaldon, Special Education Sahara V. Gabales, Curriculum & Instruction Kasey N. Gasper, English Language Learning Ericka Gaston, Early Childhood Education Laura June Gentine, English Language Learning Diana K. Godinez, English Language Learning
Kristine Robinson Goedeker, Early Childhood Education Brookelyn Gottschling, Higher Education
Matthew Paul Gutzmer II, Curriculum & Instruction Larissa Hageman, Curriculum & Instruction Tamorie A. Hargro, Curriculum & Instruction
Samuel Walter Harvey III, Curriculum & Instruction Diana Heyer-Hall, English Language Learning Michael Jared Hook, Curriculum & Instruction Kirk Steven Huber Jr., English Language Learning Tamara S. Hudson, Special Education
Marissa Izumi Aoki, Early Childhood Education Tony Darrel Jackson, Special Education
Jessica Marie Johnson, Early Childhood Education James W. Jones, Curriculum & Instruction
William Ralph Kahler Jr., Curriculum & Instruction Hyunju Kang, Special Education
Donald A. Keith, Curriculum & Instruction Jumi Kim, English Language Learning
Monique Elizabeth Labarre, English Language Learning Latifah Larry, Early Childhood Education
Erika Annette Laycox, English Language Learning Katherine Rose Leino, Special Education
Jenna Nicole Leonard, Curriculum & Instruction Adam Robert Lesko, Special Education Eliana Lopez, Curriculum & Instruction
Hellen Estrella Lopez, Early Childhood Education Jennifer L. Lougee, English Language Learning Kiley Lynds, Early Childhood Education
ElleyneA. Manill, Early Childhood Education Pamela Martinez, Curriculum & Instruction Amir Abelardo Martinez-orendain, English Language Learning Crystal Martinez Massengale, Curriculum & Instruction Marco Medina, Curriculum & Instruction
Vanessa Mendoza, Early Childhood Education Kersten Michelle Merry, Higher Education Brianda Meza, Curriculum & Instruction
Caylyn Millard, Early Childhood Education Natalie Miller, Special Education
Alyssa Nichole Moody, Special Education 12 2021 Fall Commencement
Paula Ausmus Moore, Special Education Kerrissa Morton, Early Childhood Education Cara Ann Morville, Early Childhood Education Tomomi Murakami, Early Childhood Education Otha Nevels, Special Education Tenille J. Niimi, Special Education
Claudia Cecilia Noriega, Special Education Chloe Rose OGorman, Special Education Danitra Michell Parker, Special Education Catherine Paras Perez, Special Education Juan Pablo Plascencia, Curriculum & Instruction Kelly L. Pockat, Special Education Johnesha Powell, Special Education
Valerie Anne Pumphrey, Curriculum & Instruction Mariah Iva Louise Reece, Special Education Tristan Tremayne Reid, Early Childhood Education Haley Madison Richards, Curriculum & Instruction Brittony K. Rietz, Higher Education
Ellianna Natalie Rodriguez, Higher Education Jasmine Rosario, Special Education
Gabrielle Renee Santiago, Special Education Marissa E. Sarandos, Curriculum & Instruction Maria Elissa Sedillo, Special Education Jill Cajun Simonini, Special Education Amanda Lynne Slaughter, Special Education Patricia Milagros Smith, Early Childhood Education Vance Somerstorfer, Curriculum & Instruction Matthew Spoelstra, Curriculum & Instruction Kaitlyn A. Stanley, Curriculum & Instruction Christine Steiner, Curriculum & Instruction Marianne Strole, Curriculum & Instruction Elvira Rich Tangpuz, Early Childhood Education Leandra Jenine Thompson, Curriculum & Instruction Karen Valerio, Early Childhood Education Javell Ashanti Valley, Special Education Lisa D. Visone, Special Education
Ashley Keandra Walker, Curriculum & Instruction Shante Linae Walker, Special Education Zijing Wang, English Language Learning
Daniel Barlicos Watson, Early Childhood Education Tara M. Webster, Early Childhood Education Danielle Whitaker, Early Childhood Education Sara D. White, Curriculum & Instruction
Nicole A. Woolever, English Language Learning Briana Nichelie wynn, Curriculum & Instruction Alexis Maye Zarza, Curriculum & Instruction Xiaofei Zeng, English Language Learning Mikaela Zubieta, Early Childhood Education Siti Amirah Binti Zulkifli, English Language Learning
Master of Fine Arts
Elena Nicte Brokaw, Creative Writing
Spencer Darr, Creative Writing
Vera Petrychenka Miranda, Creative Writing
Flavia Stefani Pereira da Rocha Resende, Creative Writing
Erin Joy Piasecki, Creative Writing
Chanse Pryor, Writing for Dramatic Media
Master of Health Care Administration
Sameem Paikar, Healthcare Administration
Jordan M. Phyfer, Healthcare Administration
Master of Hospitality Administration
Desiree Vega Bates, Hospitality Administration
Daysha Catchings, Hospitality Administration
Jasmine Erica Catchings, Hospitality Administration
Andrew Chapman, Hospitality Administration
Jamell Dickerson, Hospitality Administration
Cori Christine Elam, Hospitality Administration
Pooneh Feldman, Hospitality Administration
Mark Andrew Grzankowski, Hospitality Administration
Elie M. House, Hospitality Administration
Veronica Hsiao, Hospitality Administration
Nina La, Hospitality Administration
Krista Noel Larsen, Hospitality Administration
Alice Lin, Hospitality Administration
Jamie Lynne Lutz, Hospitality Administration
Joy Lynch, Hospitality Administration
Jacqueline Marie Lyon, Hospitality Administration
Stephen Daniel Maduri, Hospitality Administration
Jasmine Kuuleialoha Milam, Hospitality Administration
Adriana Osorto, Hospitality Administration
Kellie Phillips, Hospitality Administration
Jennifer Elizabeth Russell, Hospitality Administration
Sonia Sharma, Hospitality Administration
Kristen Saunders Walker, Hospitality Administration
Master of Music
Ronda Gifford, Music
Brian Wayne Lawrence, Music
Kincaid Theodore Rabb, Music
Master of Public Administration
Vivian Yahir Arias, Public Administration
Sheila A. Bray, Public Administration
Meghin Delaney, Public Administration
Dane Christian Detommaso, Public Administration
Liliana Garcia, Public Administration
Nicholas Raymond Giuliani, Public Administration
Caitlin W. Hippier, Public Administration
Lisa Rachel Howland, Public Administration
Katherine A. Keller, Public Administration
Tonya M. Kemble, Public Administration
Tina Marie Kohl, Public Administration
Naomi Norres Lewis, Public Administration
C E. Medrano, Public Administration
Timothy Noe, Public Administration
Shehan Christopher Peries, Public Administration
Henry N. Weckesser III, Public Administration
Master of Public Health
Nataly Arellano Rodriguez, Public Health
Jessie Castelan, Public Health
Jamie Lashaun Council, Public Health
Amruta Godbole, Public Health
Addison M. Guida, Public Health
Raychel S. Holbert, Public Health
Aurora Samantha Holloway, Public Health
Kristina Mihajlovski, Public Health
Heejin Mun, Public Health
Monica Sinha, Public Health
Emily Caitlin Cortez Strickler, Public Health
Kendra A. Thornton, Public Health
Master of Science
Anthony Joseph Amesquita, Management Information Systems
Ronald King Bangco, Accounting
John Bivans, Construction Management
Kyle Bledsoe, Hotel Administration
Ashley Julianna Bloomberg, Couple & Family Therapy
Anna Bogoslavets, Quantitative Finance
Jason Brick, Management Information Systems
Katelyn L. Brooks, Accounting
Erika Cerda, Couple & Family Therapy
Justin Chau, Management Information Systems
Jingyi Chen, Management Information Systems
Xinru Chen, Hotel Administration
Xu Chi, Quantitative Finance
Dannica Concepcion, Management Information Systems
Nathan Michael Costa, Mathematical Sciences
Runyi Dai, Management Information Systems
Irma De Santiago, Couple & Family Therapy
Yaocong Deng, Quantitative Finance
Christine E. Ditzler, Educational Psychology
Fares Djelassi, Quantitative Finance
Ying Dong, Hotel Administration
Laura Ann Dye, Geoscience
Jordan Eisingen, Data Analytics and Applied Economics
Rebecca Ely, Geoscience
Landon Empey, Accounting
Nicole Marie Feno, Couple & Family Therapy
Paul Ferlazzo, Biochemistry
Rodrigo N. Fernandez, Physics
Shiloh Riane Fling, Management Information Systems
Scott Flinn, Hotel Administration
Guillermo Frias, Quantitative Finance
Margaret MacKenzie Gardner, Accounting
2021 Fall Commencement 13
Logan William Gearling, Accounting
Valeriya Golitsyna, Hotel Administration
Valeriya Golitsyna, Management Information Systems
Norma Gomez Gomez, Couple & Family Therapy
Fernando Gomez Garcia, Management Information Systems
Aimee Gonzalez, Materials and Nuclear Engineering
Alana Gordon, Couple & Family Therapy
Morgan Dianna Gorst, Couple & Family Therapy
Jason S. Griffin, Management Information Systems
Kristin Leigh Guthrie, Management Information Systems
Azarm Haji Salimi, Management Information Systems
Madison Rose Hardy, Couple & Family Therapy
Rachel R. Hartshorn, Couple & Family Therapy Batool Hasanzadeh, Mathematical Sciences
Xiaoting He, Hotel Administration
Stephanie Hernandez, Educational Psychology
Nir Herscovici, Biomedical Engineering
Hunter George Hodson, Accounting
Alesha Ladawn Holt, Couple & Family Therapy
Lixin Huang, Accounting
Shaihong Huang, Hotel Administration
Patrick Ihlan, Accounting
Madison Kimie Ino, Accounting
Elvis Aaron Jimenez, Management Information Systems
Pamela Marie Jones, Management Information Systems Sheen K. Kachen, Quantitative Finance
Erik Keime, Couple & Family Therapy
Michael John Kellenbach, Management Information Systems
Shellie Jo Keller, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Eden Victoria Kelley, Accounting
Cassondra Jo Kennedy, Couple & Family Therapy
Tyler James Kent, Accounting
Anna G. Kessler, Couple & Family Therapy
Sul Ki Kim, Accounting
Un Hyeok Ko, Hotel Administration
Ming-Chun Kuo, Hotel Administration
Alexandria Jayci Lake, Couple & Family Therapy
Susan Lavelle, Accounting
Sarah Leiserowitz, Couple & Family Therapy
Scott Levy, Data Analytics and Applied Economics
Jungju Lim, Management Information Systems
Xiaoran Liu, Accounting
Michelle C. Lobaton, Accounting
Annie Pin-An Lu, Accounting
Cooper T. Madrazo, Aerospace Engineering
Anne Genevie De Jesus Mercado, Accounting
James Mifflin, Geoscience
Veronica Leigh Miller, Accounting
Jonathan Antonio Molina, Couple & Family Therapy
Gabriela Morgan, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Nam Le Nguyen, Management Information Systems
14 2021 Fall Commencement
Hongru Ni, Hotel Administration
Carolina Sofia Nunez, Hotel Administration
Izegbuwa Rosemary Odiase, Aerospace Engineering
Chloe Ashlyn Paul, Applied Economics and Data Intelligence
Patricia Marie Payton, Management Information Systems
Devin J. Peart, Health Physics
Ithonya Avrell Aseron Ramos, Accounting
Eliany Reyes, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Lux Reynolds, Couple & Family Therapy
Maria Gutierrez Rivera, Accounting
Alysha Janel Robinson, Couple & Family Therapy
Robyn R. Rohde, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Hannah Rubinson, Accounting
Cale Oden Seymour, Biological Sciences
Le Shen, Hotel Administration
Kevin Shepard, Quantitative Finance
Sheri Slater, Couple & Family Therapy
Tiara Suavae Smith, Couple & Family Therapy
Jiajun Song, Hotel Administration
Randy M. Sterbentz, Physics
Nani Tegano, Educational Psychology
Nicole Juliana Thomas, Curriculum and Instruction
Andre Llamar Thompson, Accounting
Blanca Yaneth Torres, Couple & Family Therapy
Marco Truino, Accounting
Katelyn Cierra Versoza Usam, Couple & Family Therapy
Artur Vardanian, Accounting
Luke Andrew Walocko, Hotel Administration
Caitlin P. Wertingen, Couple & Family Therapy
Mengou Zhang, Quantitative Finance
Yu Zhao, Quantitative Finance
Nancy Zheng, Nutrition Sciences
Ziqiu Zhu, Hotel Administration
Master of Science in Computer Science
Ryan Desacola, Computer Science
Tejaswini Goli, Computer Science
Eric Miller, Computer Science
Mikian Justice Musser, Computer Science
Erick Githua Wakayu, Computer Science
Jiani Ye, Computer Science
Master of Science in Engineering
Nicholas Babcock, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Komal Sree Teja Boyapati, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Anh L. Bui, Electrical-Engineering
Yihan Chen, Mechanical Engineering
Yuan Dao, Electrical Engineering
Adam L. Gentil, Mechanical Engineering
Rocky Yasuaki Gonzalez, Electrical Engineering
Aurelia G. Grimaldi, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Scott Isler, Mechanical Engineering
Padmanabhan Krishnaswamy, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Stryder B. Loveday, Electrical Engineering
Cooper T. Madrazo, Mechanical Engineering
Shristy Maharjan, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Farzan Nasiri, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Ryan A. Phung, Mechanical Engineering
Priyanka Rajendra, Electrical Engineering
Daniel Senda, Electrical Engineering
James W. Skelly, Electrical Engineering
Master of Science in Kinesiology
Katelyn Conroy, Kinesiology
Heather A. Farmer, Kinesiology
Kelsey Klug, Kinesiology
Faith Kwan-garcia, Kinesiology
Master of Science in Nursing
Tselal Abrha, Nursing
Nasim H. Akbari, Nursing
Sinachi Anamdi, Nursing
Anne Raquel Chavez Bacani, Nursing
Khadija Bilali-Azzat, Nursing
Rachel Lynn Blasingame, Nursing
Navdeep Boyal, Nursing
HyoJeong Byun, Nursing
Lisa Marie Carnes, Nursing
Christian B. Cervantes, Nursing
Hayley Russon Davis-Bartlett, Nursing
Raedell A. Deleon-Valdez, Nursing
Maria Lauren Coo Doyle, Nursing
Alyssa J. Fedel, Nursing
Imelda N. Glassford, Nursing
Leilei Gu, Nursing
Yanyan Wang Guliman, Nursing
Suzanne Guzman, Nursing
Lourdes Margarita Jamison, Nursing
Andrea Lamb, Nursing
Christopher Mark Maxwell, Nursing
Whisly Ng, Nursing
Amy Nga Nguyen, Nursing
0. Rene Padilla, Nursing
Ainesha Patel, Nursing
Jodie E. Peterson, Nursing
Nutchar Ploymee, Nursing
Amber Nichole Sarracino, Nursing
Katherine Silvestri-Elmore, Nursing
Atongane NdemazeTaku, Nursing
Siotame Alama Uluave, Nursing
Rona Jacob Vlasek, Nursing
Anna Zhou, Nursing
Master of Social Work
Ebonee L. Beasley, Social Work
Marissa Marie Blodgett, Social Work
Rhiannon Sierra Brush, Social Work
Cristina Contreras, Social Work
Ashly Gomez, Social Work
Evonne Elizabeth Hernandez, Social Work
Emerald Adele McDonald, Social Work
Gladys Iveth Santisteban, Social Work
Tessa Sciales, Social Work
Andrea Milynn Shay, Social Work
Ashley Renee Sparks, Social Work
Yasmin L. Tamayo, Social Work
Aleksandra Vukovic, Social Work
School, of Dental Medicine
Doctor of Dental Medicine
Devon Clay Kvarfordt, Dentistry
William S. Boyd School of Law
Juris Doctor
Karyna Marylouise Armstrong, Law
Tanner Michael Britton, Law
Sean Caughey, Law
Riley James Coggins, Law (Cum Laude)
Emily Margaret Driscoll, Law
Steven Arthur Friskel, Law
Samantha Terryanne Goett, Law
Donald Joseph Graham IV, Law
Kiley Ann Harrison, Law
Janina Hebibovich, Law
Kathleen Cooke Mangan, Law
Ely Markarian, Law
Owen A. Osula, Law
Samuel Lawrence Pezone Jr., Law
Randall S. Rees, Law
Jennifer A. Reilly, Law
Scott Alexander Sabraw, Law
Esthela Carolina Silva Lozano, Law
Cameron D. Starr, Law
Erica H. Suzuki, Law
Nina Lisa Terzian, Law
Jasmine Lissette Torres, Law
Mandy Vogel, Law
Kristin Richey Wilde, Law
2021 Fait Commencement 15
Siobhan Wilkinson, Law
Joseph Burke Williamson, Law
Master of Laws
Pedro Cortes, Gaming Law and Regulation
Riana Durrett, Gaming Law and Regulation
Antonio Eduardo Soares Romeu Lobo Vilela, Gaming Law and Regulation
Lee Business SchooL
Bachelor of Arts
Caren Abourjeily, Economics (Summa Cum Laude) University
Honors & Research and Creative Honors
Fatima Acosta Gonzalez, Economics (Magna Cum Laude)
Ali Ahmed, Economics
Karnik Vishal Aswani, Economics
Mary H. Blankenship, Economics, University Honors
Henry Albert Cable, Economics (Magna Cum Laude)
Charles Edward Caine III, Economics
Yaeji Choi, Economics
Yuna Choi, Economics
Stefan Elisha Cochran, Economics
Kyle Stewart Cook, Economics
Israel Cruz, Economics
Robert Alexander Dominguez, Economics
Zachary Mark Garner, Economics
Christopher Micheal Haskins, Economics
Kazim Julian, Economics
Artak Kakosian, Economics
Jiakang Li, Economics
Astha Mehta, Economics
Imani-Allyse Janai Mitchell, Economics
Andria C. Osborn, Economics
Amaris Sage Puppet, Economics
Mason Carter Reid, Economics
Francisco Javier Reyes, Economics (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Ellyson Jovita Reynada, Economics
Anthony Darioush Sherafat, Economics
James M. Shumaker, Economics
Caleb Ethan Symmonds, Economics (Cum Laude)
Elizabeth Anne Theriot, Economics
Borna Vaezi, Economics (Cum Laude)
Philipp Weise, Economics
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Justin Makana Abad, Entrepreneurship
Angellina Flor Acosta, Management
Peter Oluwatosin Adediran, Information Systems
Emily Jenice Agudo, Economics
16 2021 Fall Commencement
Corey Michael Albach, Finance
Diana Elizabeth Alejandre Garcia, Management
Chestel Evets Abrihan Alpuerto, Accounting
Cristian Fabian Alulema, Finance
Victor Hugo Andalon, Management
Hunter Apke, Information Systems
Madeleine Pauline Archibald, Management
Domenic Akila Arecchi, Management
Nathaniel Aronov, Accounting
Natalia Arshad, Management
Jude Martin Jungco Arsulo, Finance
Andres Alonso Avalos, Accounting
Katherin Kaelyn Avelar-Murillo, Finance
Olivo Avila Meza, International Business
Ibzan Jared Ayala, Marketing
Keven K. Ayele, Finance
Abdul Saboor Aziz, Management
Alisa Baghramyan, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Chuck Tarife Balacy, Marketing
Devon Cruz Barretto, Finance
Celeste D. Batey, Management
Stephanie Marie Bayreder, Management
Nardos Getahun Bekele, Finance
Shewarega Bayou Belachew, Accounting
Kyle D. Bellow, Finance
Rosabelle Leanna Benito-Dumo, Marketing
Tewoflos Worku Berhanu, Marketing
Emma Rose Bertagnolli, Marketing (Cum Laude)
Chasen Michael Billon, Accounting
Camryn Lynne Bishop, Management (Summa Cum Laude)
Carrere Angelo Bissa Aguazen, Finance
Carrere Angelo Bissa Aguazen, International Business
Kristen Marie Blake, Management
Kathleen Elizabeth Bonatakis, Management
Cassidy Boone, International Business
Alessia Borgetti, Finance
Filip Bosnjak, Accounting
Trevor Coleridge Bourdette, Finance
Ali Rafic Bourji, Management (Magna Cum Laude)
Lucy Branch, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Rylie Remington Breach, Finance
Zachary Shane Brocker, Management
Jared Chase Bronstein, Finance
Tamanun Bumrungjitt, Information Systems
James Howard Burkett, Management
Angelina Butcher, Marketing
Nicole Byerly, Management
Yashraj Capur, Finance
Kylavel Ramos Carlos, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude) University
Chase Caro, Marketing
Montana Lynne Carter, Entrepreneurship
Benjamin Conner Caspersen, Accounting
Leonardo Miguel Castro, Marketing
Renee Nicole Castro, Management
Hector Anthony Cervantes, Finance
Magdalena Guisselle Chamerry-Ayala, Marketing
Austin Chang, Finance
Kayla Chatwin, Management
Angela Chen, Finance (Cum Laude)
Trinity Jade Chen, Marketing
Zhijia Chen, Entrepreneurship
Yik On Cheung, Accounting
Alexis Childs, Real Estate
Allen Chiu, Finance
Wei Man Choi, Finance
Lia Jeane Ciancimino, Marketing
Sarah Beverly Clements, International Business
Cailyn Ann Coffey, International Business
Vinson E. Cole, Marketing
Lataysha D. Coleman, Accounting
Hunter Joseph Collins, Marketing
Demar Acob Corcino, Management
Julia Cosorean- Rotaru, Management
Wyatt Fuller Cowan, Management
Sheccid Ariza Crayton, Economics (Magna Cum Laude) University
Sheccid Ariza Crayton, International Business (Magna Cum
Laude) University Honors
Jacob Joseph Creed, Management
Savannah Crohn, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Christopher Andres Cruz, International Business
Julieann Cruz, Finance
Fernanda Cuevas, Marketing
Alice Dawoud, Accounting
Trevor Alan Dayton, Finance
Darlene De La Cruz, Accounting
Kaily De La 0, Finance
Alemayehu Dera, Accounting
Belal Abdulsattar Dhanon, International Business
Kyra Dias Audino, Accounting (Summa Cum Laude)
Sigifredo Diaz, Marketing
David Diep, Accounting (Cum Laude) University Honors
Long Diep Le Hoang, Management
Joseph M. Dinger, Finance
Julianne Michelle Dominguez, Marketing
Anthony Gregory Dougherty Jr., Management
Narangua Dulamsuren, International Business
Nicole Aulani Eisenberg, Management
Ryan Ben Elezra, Economics
Alena Habtom Embaye, Marketing
Angelica Enriquez, Management
Liliana Escobar, Accounting
Jacob Christopher Feedar, Management
Dylon Ray Felix, Finance
Gabriel Steven Fernandez, Economics
Sonia Tanjung Firisqiana Putri, Accounting
Jacob Ethan Fisher, Management
Bryce William Fleischmann, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Nina Kastalia Flores, Finance
Polly Diane Flores, Finance & Real Estate
Chad Freeman, Accounting (Cum Laude)
John Patrick Friday, Finance
Radek Christopher Fritz, International Business
Anthony Joe Gabriana, Marketing
Sean Maverick Gage, Marketing
Yesenia Garcia, Marketing
Jason Raul Garcia Simon, Management
Erik Gardiel, Accounting (Summa Cum Laude)
Liam M. Gentile, Management (Cum Laude)
Navjot Singh Gill, Accounting
Jonathan David Glisson, Management
Tanevin Robert Goldner, Finance
Aimee A. Gomez, Accounting
Angel Orlando Gomez, Entrepreneurship
Eric Gonzalez, Marketing
Rex Carter Goossen, Management
Andrew Patrick Grafiada, Marketing
Alyssa America Granados Sr„ Finance
Gabriel Adam Green, Finance
Tahner Galeel Green, International Business
Kurt Michael Greener, Accounting
Acely Kennedy Sarmiento Gregorio, Finance
Hannah Marie Grucelski, Management
Chelsea Guzman-Velasco, Finance
Dave Harrison Hadiprawira, Accounting
Lon Halverson, Management
Yousif Mohammad Hammoudeh, Finance
Sharon Bobae Han, Marketing
Ryan Edward Harrell, Management
Christine Denise Haskin, Entrepreneurship
Yasmin Arlana Hawkins, Marketing
Tucker Franklin Hayes, Information Systems
Christian John Randall Heady, Marketing (Summa Cum Laude)
Eric Helbert, Finance
Dylan James Henderson, Finance
Stanley Joseph Henderson, Marketing
Anjalee Upeksha Herath, Finance
Carlos Daniel Hernandez, Management
Jesus Hernandez, Information Systems
Farrell Ashley Hester II, Management
Jason Holley, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Ryo Hongo, Accounting (Cum Laude)
2021 Fall Commencement 17
Emily R. Hricsina, Accounting Cindy Ziyun Huang, Accounting Yinglin Huang, Marketing Yitong Huang, Accounting
Teresa Tam Huynh, Management Kit Leng leong, Marketing
Tania Jekova, Accounting
Kamal Ahmad Jenkins, Marketing
Ariana Day Jensen, Management
Chuang Jiang, Accounting (Cum Laude) University Honors Madison Marie Johnson, Marketing
Coleman Stephan Johnson Jr., Information Systems Brian Phillip Johnston, Management Brandon Earl Jones, Finance
Jazmin Isip Jones, Accounting Robert D. Jones, Management Milica Jovanovic, Finance Nebojsa Jovkovic, Finance Milton A. Juarez, Accounting Bradley S. Kamdem Fewo, Management Christopher Thomas Kane, Management Katriece Rose Kane, Finance
Joshua Ryan Kaze, Economics (Cum Laude) Dylan Matthew Keith, Marketing
Tiffany Kekhaial, Marketing
Tyler Scott Kelly, Economics
Aaron Lee Kempf, Finance (Magna Cum Laude) Kevin Kenny, Marketing
Michael James Kenny, Accounting Sergey Khzarjyan, Accounting Kody E. Kildea, Finance
Richard Vernon Kleikamp, Accounting Edwin John Kugler, Management Mikhail Kuhlmann, Management Delaney Ray Kunau, Accounting
Yong Jae Kwon, Accounting Courtney P. Lafayette, Marketing
Andrea Carolina Lanoie, Accounting (Cum Laude) Katherine Anne Larson, Accounting (Cum Laude) Casey Taehoon Lee, Finance
Birri Shiferaw Lerna, Accounting Jacob Michael Lescenski, Marketing Kyle Ryan Leypoldt, Accounting
Xiaoxia Liu, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Mialene Sargento Liwanag, Management (Cum Laude) Scott David Lloyd, Marketing
Loryane Linette Lopez, Accounting Alex Blake Loyd, Information Systems Leanna H. Loza, Marketing
Yuhui Lu, Accounting
Jovan Lubura, Management (Cum Laude)
Paolo Jaime Luchs, Management
Sarah Grace Lunsford, Marketing
Noah Ly, Marketing
San Hue Ma, Accounting
Aysia Roy Mabry, Marketing
Paul Alexander Madrid, Information Systems
Justin Kyle Malabed, Marketing
Andy Vergara Manipon, Management
Taylor Ann Marie Marioni, Marketing
Christian Estrada Marquez, Management
Gerardo Martinez, Management
Liam Martinez, Information Systems
David Martin-Vaquero, Information Systems
Katelyn Rose McCaslin, Accounting
Ryan Mitchell McHale, Finance
Jared C. Mclaren, Information Systems
Melissa Medina, Entrepreneurship
Melissa Medina, Marketing
Caitlyn Julianna Medrano, Marketing
Joshua David Melvin, Accounting
James Joseph Meyer, Accounting
Chile Blessing Mgborukwe, Accounting
Chile Blessing Mgborukwe, Information Systems
Krystal Alexa Middleton, Marketing
Sidney Quinn Milko, Marketing
Leslie Milton, Finance
Jordan Katsuyoshi Minamide, International Business
Emmanuel Francis Carillo Miranda III, Economics
Marissa Teresa Mondeau, Accounting
Alanis Jazmin Moon, Management
David William Emmanuel Moore, Management
Zachary Moreimi, Finance
Atanas Hristov Moysev, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Nicole Taylor Mulligan, Finance
Ulises Munguia-Garcia, Management
Poerava Eva Nanai, Management
Magyre Elizabeth Neville, Entrepreneurship
Kevin Tuan Nguyen, Marketing
Ryan Benjamin Nielsen, Economics
Arianne Manguin Nono, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Andrew Joseph Ballesteros Ocampo, Accounting (Cum Laude)
John OConnor, Accounting
William Jared O'connor, Finance
Eunsuk Oh, Marketing
Julissa P. Ojeda, Accounting
Nicholette Louise Olson, Marketing (Magna Cum Laude)
Aung Ye Yint Oo, Management
Dylan Martin Orlando, Finance
Lord Justice Oroke, Economics
Martha Alicia Ortega, Accounting
Jingzhuo Ou, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Jason Valencia Pagtolingan, Finance
Quentin Daniel Palazzo, Finance
Casey Panjakanokhong, Economics
Mario Joseph Pantalone, Marketing
Alexis Jade Parsha, Entrepreneurship
Logan Andrew Passalacqua, Accounting
Jordan Peace, Management
Ricardo Pedraza, Management
Yiting Peng, Management
Oscar Perdomo, Information Systems
Christian Perez, Management
Alberto Michel Perez Gonzalez, Accounting
Tavis Scott Perna, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Avi'Tal Renee Mechio Perteete, Marketing (Magna Cum Laude)
Nicolas Pfeiffer, Finance & Management
Rubens Jose Pinheiro Lopes De Araujo, International Business
Balpreet Kaur Poonia, Accounting
Christian Potter, Information Systems
Michael Zachary Preston, Management
Christopher Osvaldo Puga, Accounting
Monica Banaag Quijano, Accounting (Summa Cum Laude)
Adrien Quintana, Finance
Robert Brian Quintos, Information Systems
Hannah Jo Ray, Marketing
Rayce Rayos, Entrepreneurship
Jasenia Marie Rembaugh, International Business
Janette Monserrat Resendez, International Business
Christopher Reyes, Management
Tito Karl Vizcarra Ribo, Information Systems
William Joseph Richardson, Marketing
Christopher-Will Adoc Rilveria, Entrepreneurship
Brandon S. Rivetti, Finance
Sarah Marie-Elizabeth Roberts, Finance
Ronna Robina, Management
Christina Marie Romaniello-Rhodes, Management
Elizabeth Manaig Rose, Accounting
Diego Salcedo Gonzalez, Finance (Cum Laude)
Salem Drusila Santacruz, Accounting
Hailey Jane Sauer, Management
Kathryn Lenore Scannapieco, Real Estate
Jacob Schroeder, Finance
Damian Schultz, Management
Nicolle R. Schultz, Information Systems
Nicolle R. Schultz, Real Estate
Javier Segura, Economics
Ashley Nicole Seidel, Management
Alexandria Jasmine Sellen, International Business
Arielle Jordan Sellen, International Business
Shila Sherafat, Finance (Magna Cum Laude)
Clayton Ellis Shipley, Management
Brandon R. Simpkins, Management
Henna Singh, Finance
Ryan Jacob Sipes, Marketing
Austin James Small, Finance
Alexis Kathlynn Smith, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Kaylynn Marie Smith, Management
Samantha Lynn Smith, Management
Jesse A. Somdahl-Dienno, Finance
Hwayung Song, Accounting
Eric Edgar Sorenson, Finance (Cum Laude)
Shane Soukaseum, Accounting
Maya Aurora Speece-Casillas, Accounting
Dillon Jeffrey Stafford, Finance
Nicholas Powell Stender, Finance
Erika Lynn Stokely, Marketing
Kaylin Stubbs, Accounting
Jason Nathaniel Sullins-Harnett, Entrepreneurship Brennan-Kainoa Tomacder Suniga, Management Michael G. Sutter, Entrepreneurship
Ashley Elizabeth Sweet, Marketing
Benjamin Taylor Sweet, Finance
Chang Tan, Accounting
Hanna Leslie Sumaoy Tan, Accounting
Kimberly Tapia, Finance
Miguel Angel Tapia-Hernandez, Management
Montserrat Tavera, Finance
Jacob Aaron Taylor, Real Estate
Christian Edward-Taitague Tenorio, Management
Austin Thomas, Marketing
Asia Thornton, Finance
Logan Reiko Alohilani Timas, Management (Cum Laude)
Elizabeth Angelique Tiu, Economics
Zachary Thomas Todd, Economics
Alina Tollefson, Accounting
Benjamin James Tolley, Finance
Truong Tong, Accounting
Johnny Tran, Information Systems
Tino Truong, Entrepreneurship & Finance
Carlos Antonio Tuason, Information Systems
Benjamin Ted Tucker, Marketing
Cameron Tuerke, Finance
Latileta Moya Tuku, Management
Luis Joel Ugarte, Finance
Kayana Lee Valdecantos Kane, Management
Matthew James Valenciano, Economics
Sofia Valles, International Business
Edgar Vargas, Marketing
Amylene Anne Urubio Viernes, Finance
Cristian Villa, Accounting
Cristian Villa, Finance
Diana Vuong, Accounting
Yuramis M. Walbroehl, Marketing
2021 Fall Commencement 19
18 2021 Fall Commencement
Serena F. Washington, Management
Brady John Gary Westmoreland, Real Estate
David Todd Whitman, Accounting
Jeremiah D. Williams, Finance
Katie Marie Williams, Marketing
Kneakeyia Nicole Wilson, Management
Rachel Elizabeth Wilson, Management
Paulos A. Woldemariam, Marketing
Paul Richard Wolf II, Accounting (Summa Cum Laude)
Kameron Mackenzie Worthington, Accounting (Magna Cum
Laude) University Honors
Logan Stuart Wright, Finance
Allison Wu, Accounting
Nan Wu, Information Systems
Michael Yang, Accounting
Minghzu Yang, Finance (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Clayton James Yeakley, Information Systems
Sang Ho Yim, Management
Priscilla Yoo, Management
Natnael Fekadu Zegdeta, Finance
Ting Zhang, Marketing
Yixi Zhang, Marketing
Qianwen Zhou, Accounting
Devon K. Zubka, Economics
Ariana Zuniga, Marketing
College of Education
Bachelor of Science
Nicole Noel Ake, Human Services
Jacquelyn Elizabeth Amparano, Early Childhood Education
Alisha Teresa Balasquide, Early Childhood Education
Michelle Jennifer Benzon, Early Childhood Education
Miriam Janeth Borroel, Early Childhood Education
Leah Michelle Carroll, Early Childhood Education
Marvin Lamont Coleman II, Human Services
Briana Desjardin, Early Childhood Education
Lizbeth Garcia, Human Services
Jasmyne L. Graham, Human Services
Jesus Antonio Gutierrez, Human Services
Latasha Keys, Human Services
Andria Renay Lamb, Early Childhood Education
Reeza Monteagudo, Early Childhood Education (Summa Cum
Cheyenne Jael Kuuipo 0 Kahealani Natividad-Parraga, Early
Childhood Education
Cecilia Ortiz, Early Childhood Education
Selina Rebeca Ozuna, Early Childhood Education
Carlena M. Pablo, Human Services
Braxton LeVaughn Richard, Human Services
20 2021 Fall Commencement
Nicolle Kassia Saldana, Human Services
Kaitlyn Renee Salls, Human Services
Moses Limoges Wood, Human Services
Bachelor of Science in Education
Breanna Eve Alvarez, Elementary Education
Jasmin Arellano-Mota, Elementary Education
Patsy J. Arias-Robles, Special Education
Razel-Olivia Matas Balon, Secondary Education
Cayleigh James Barnewolt, Secondary Education
Heather M. Beck, Special Education
Anna Bernauer, Special Education
Joviette Lei Bright, Elementary Education
Jessica Brooks, Special Education
William Michael Burkhardt, Secondary Education
Teighlor Renee Bustos, Special Education
Teresita Marites Campbell, Secondary Education
Nicholas James Capersino, Secondary Education
Maria L. Ceballos, Secondary Education
Andrea Maria Chavez, Elementary Education (Magna Cum Laude)
Vanessa Cisneros, Secondary Education
Hunter Noelle Cole, Elementary Education
Laura R. Contreras, Special Education
Paige Nicole Crawley, Elementary Education
Morgan Christine Cummings, Elementary Education
Daniela Renee Delgado, Elementary Education
Katie Scarlett Diaz, Elementary Education
Hannah Rose Doane, Secondary Education
Rebecca Emiliano, Elementary Education
Jordan M. Escalante, Secondary Education
Mary Lynn Espero, Secondary Education
Betsaida Leticia Espino-Bueno, Secondary Education
Aaliyah Maria-Yasmeen Galwey, Secondary Education
Tara Justine Hansen, Elementary Education (Magna Cum Laude)
Reagan S. Harrison, Secondary Education
Jennifer Hernandez, Special Education
Amanda Dawn Hillman, Elementary Education
Hannah Marie Hudson, Secondary Education
Dakota M. Jersic, Secondary Education
Christina Marie Kilton, Secondary Education
Anthony Minhwan Kim, Secondary Education
Kaleb Benjamin Kofford, Secondary Education
Gabriella Noel Lepore, Elementary Education
Taylor Nicole Lesko, Elementary Education
Royce Katlyn Lewis, Secondary Education
Esmeralda Enriqueta Lopez, Special Education
Renata Lopez-Quintero, Secondary Education
Belen E. Luna, Elementary Education
Nicholas A. Maglaras, Secondary Education
Kiana-Rae Nicole Martin, Elementary Education
Erika Martinez, Secondary Education (Cum Laude)
Tasheena Janine Martinez Junco, Elementary Education
Morgan Christine McDaniel, Secondary Education (Magna Cum
Laude) University Honors
Rachael Alexis McDermott, Elementary Education
Rebecca Reed McGough, Secondary Education
Monique Christine McKibbon, Elementary Education
Jacob Anthony Melo, Elementary Education
Cheyenne Dawn Mickelson, Elementary Education
Chelsea Kiantha Montenegro, Elementary Education
Jannie Nigoza, Secondary Education (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Nicole Ann Overman, Secondary Education
Daryl Bueno Pedroso, Secondary Education
Daniela Guadalupe Pelayo Felix, Elementary Education
Noahmay Jeadde Pelletier, Elementary Education (Summa Cum
Summer Brooke Pierce, Special Education
Beatriz Ponce, Secondary Education
Olivia M. Ramstad, Elementary Education
Janelie Rasch, Secondary Education
Selena C. Rodriguez, Special Education
Tania Rodriguez, Elementary Education
Linda Rueda, Elementary Education
Inas Vince Tainatongo Santiago, Secondary Education
Jessika Marie Stephens, Secondary Education
Shyanne T Sullivan, Elementary Education
Nicholas Edward Taylor, Secondary Education
Allison Grace Thomas, Elementary Education
Jenieca De Dios Tipay, Elementary Education
Laycee Maurine Tocco, Elementary Education
Esmeralda Vera Covarrubia, Elementary Education
Sasha Villa, Elementary Education
Hailey G. Whalen, Elementary Education
Angela Nichole Williams, Elementary Education
Hayley Marie Zoucha, Secondary Education
Project Focus
Matthew Hayden Bogatz
Aubrey Markee Jorgensen
Dennis W. McAdorey
Jeffrey M. Siano-Nay
Howard R.Hughes College of
Bachelor of Arts
Ibrahim Naeel Ali, Computer Science
Danae Marie Bergonia, Computer Science
Justin B. Bombay, Computer Science
Tyler Bowers, Computer Science
Michael Dimitrov, Computer Science
David Emanuel Duval, Computer Science
Christopher Scott Gjersing, Computer Science
Jake Daniel Gorski, Computer Science
Karen Marie Guthrie, Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Joshua Seug Lee, Computer Science
Noah Benjamin Letkiewicz, Computer Science
Angela Lorenzana, Computer Science
Kyle Emmanuel Tanglao Manaloto, Computer Science
Monica Quion Merluza, Computer Science
Michael David Moreland Jr., Computer Science, University
Giovanni Lee Mueco, Computer Science
Chadmin Constantine Nash, Computer Science
Anthony Thom Ronca, Computer Science
Matthew Joseph Rutledge, Computer Science (Summa Cum
Daphne Ferreira Silva, Computer Science
Tann Triyapanjawit, Computer Science
Kristyna Vosicka, Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Bachelor of Science
Mehdi Abid, Computer Science
Gerald Tapado Achurra, Computer Science
Aren Justin Aguas, Computer Science
Benjamin Alcocer, Computer Science
Jorge Anderson, Computer Science
Meisam Ardebiliha, Computer Science
Saira Jimena Ballin-Campos, Computer Science
Chintan Bhatt, Computer Science
Louie Angelo Flores Cano, Computer Science (Cum Laude)
University Honors
Jacob M. Cawley, Computer Science
Ki On Chan, Computer Science
Jeffrey Chen, Computer Science
Brandon Denward Christensen, Computer Science
Justin Cook, Computer Science
Michael Corona, Computer Science
Ryan Anthony Daza, Computer Science
Janelle de la Cruz Domantay, Computer Science (Magna Cum
Laude) University Honors & Research and Creative Honors
Ryan Dombra, Computer Science
Juan Jose Echevarria, Computer Science
Devon Tavita Erb, Computer Science
Kevin Escamilla, Construction Management
Anthony Espinoza, Computer Science
Jonathan Farias-Martinez, Computer Science (Cum Laude)
Brandon Adam Fidler, Computer Science
Michael F. Fields, Computer Science
Ivan Alexis Galarza Luna, Computer Science
Jorge I. Garcia, Computer Science
2021 Fall Commencement 21
Alice Giandjian, Computer Science
Tyler Joseph Grant, Computer Science
Jotony Guerra, Computer Science
Matthew James Hall, Computer Science
Bryce Falon Ignacio, Computer Science
Trixi Jean Inslee Jansuy, Computer Science
Ellis K. Johnson, Computer Science
Kaleb Aaron Johnsonbaugh, Computer Science
Tyler Dell Karns, Computer Science
Cherie Marie Kramer, Computer Science
Benjamin Lee, Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude)
Bong Lee, Computer Science
Michael John Letizia, Computer Science
Ralph Benjamin Geronimo Libao, Computer Science, University Honors
Dorian Ezequiel Lopez, Computer Science
Anthony Louie, Computer Science
Abel Loya-Villalobos, Computer Science
Christian Ernest Lozada, Computer Science
Maurice Martinez, Computer Science
Marilyn Medina, Computer Science
Michael Anthony Miano, Construction Management
Daniel Eugene Miller, Computer Science
Nikolay Georgiev Minkov, Construction Management
Winston Miranda, Computer Science
David Neal, Computer Science
Leslie Ordonez, Computer Science
Arturo Fernando Orejel, Computer Science
James Pierre Perdue, Computer Science
Victor Robert Pirana, Computer Science
Gabriel Kevin Irabon Quito, Computer Science
Blake A. Reynolds, Computer Science
Jan Ronald Romero, Computer Science
Dustin Rudy, Computer Science
Austin Emery Mendoza Sambo, Computer Science
Seung Won Seok, Computer Science
Kai T Sleight, Computer Science
Harrison Matisse Su, Computer Science
Michael Anders Suarez, Computer Science
Drake Taylor, Computer Science
Jonathan Tsai, Computer Science (Summa Cum Laude)
Raphael Uzan, Computer Science
Sean lanyuan Wang, Computer Science (Summa Cum Laude)
Andrew Michael Weston, Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Kayvaan Adrangi, Mechanical Engineering
Eric llleshazy Alexander, Mechanical Engineering (Summa Cum
Sara Carmen Amatangel, Civil Engineering
Fernando Elias Aragonez, Civil Engineering
Martin Arguelles-Perez, Electrical Engineering
22 2021 Fall Commencement
Carlos Ernesto Arias Cardona IV, Civil Engineering
Ali Asadi Akhijahani, Computer Engineering
Erica Duarte Asuncion, Mechanical Engineering
Adiba Azam, Mechanical Engineering
Jose Emmanuel Becerra, Civil Engineering
Ryan L. Brown, Mechanical Engineering
Jared Christian Bustamante, Civil Engineering
Miranda N. Cain, Civil Engineering
Bryan Charles Callaway, Electrical Engineering
Ryan Floyd Callier, Computer Engineering (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Karsten Addison Cartright, Mechanical Engineering
Robert F. Caskie, Civil Engineering
Ryan Anthony Castellano, Electrical Engineering
Derek Castro-Carranza, Electrical Engineering
Alex Andrew Chavez, Mechanical Engineering
Tian Chen, Electrical Engineering
Jenifer Christina, Computer Engineering
Olivier Clavel, Civil Engineering
Andrew Cline, Civil Engineering
Leslie Naomi Corral, Mechanical Engineering
Darrick Raymond Cuellar, Civil Engineering
Raden S. Cuntapay, Mechanical Engineering
Andy Curiel, Civil Engineering
Akshay Chirag Dave, Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Patrick Defalco, Civil Engineering
John Ba Dinh, Electrical Engineering
Cade Kamehiko Echevary, Computer Engineering
Daniel W. Enberg, Mechanical Engineering
Trevor Ensign, Electrical Engineering
John Albert Faccinto, Mechanical Engineering (Cum Laude)
Youssef Fahmy, Mechanical Engineering
Taylor M. Ferdinand, Mechanical Engineering
Nory C. Flores, Electrical Engineering
Cody A. Frechette, Civil Engineering
Jared Fujitani, Civil Engineering
Keanan Kai Gabertan, Computer Engineering
Gabriel Melliza Gabonia, Electrical Engineering
Jordan Gainey, Mechanical Engineering
Faith N. Greene, Civil Engineering
Jose Ignacio Guerra, Electrical Engineering
Jeawlyn Sales Guerrero, Civil Engineering
Nathaniel Aaron Harris, Mechanical Engineering
Nicolas James Harris, Computer Engineering
Justin Hatol, Civil Engineering
Ashtin Ellena Hofert, Mechanical Engineering (Summa Cum
laude) University Honors
Jason Enrique Ipina, Civil Engineering
Jaywon Joseph Joo, Mechanical Engineering
Noah M. Kansky, Mechanical Engineering
Meher Kouyoumdjian, Mechanical Engineering
Devin R. Krystek, Mechanical Engineering (Cum Laude)
University Honors
J. Zachary (Zach) Lavine, Electrical Engineering
Jaime Leon Jr., Civil Engineering
Maliorqui Francisca Lima, Computer Engineering
Abraham Modesto Lopez, Electrical Engineering (Cum Laude)
Jesus M. Lopez, Mechanical Engineering
Jed Y. Madsen, Mechanical Engineering
Priscilla Maiava, Civil Engineering
Hisham Ahmad Mannaa, Electrical Engineering
Jeb-Aldrich J. Marinas, Computer Engineering
Mateo Markovic, Computer Engineering (Summa Cum Laude)
Thomas Earl Marquis, Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Ignatius Mathews, Mechanical Engineering
Callie Matulis, Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Christine Mcllvaine, Mechanical Engineering
Alula M. Mena, Computer Engineering
Silver Aaron Mendoza-Matute, Mechanical Engineering
Noah Gatdula Mercado, Mechanical Engineering
Sean Eric Aidan Merrill, Electrical Engineering
Henry Mesa, Electrical Engineering
Manuel Antonio Montes III, Mechanical Engineering
Giovanni De Jesus Morales, Mechanical Engineering
Cole S. Moreno, Electrical Engineering
Travis Ray Murray, Mechanical Engineering
Gilbertly Oani Nacar, Mechanical Engineering (Cum Laude)
Jacob Nakasone, Mechanical Engineering
Oscar Navarro, Mechanical Engineering
Danielle Oda, Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin San Diego Ong, Electrical Engineering
John Sunil Park, Mechanical Engineering
Theodore Xavier Pele, Computer Engineering
Jake Austin Pettitt, Mechanical Engineering, University Honors
Narong Phatthanaphuti, Mechanical Engineering
Paulina Phem, Mechanical Engineering
Nathan Pina, Electrical Engineering
Andres Fred Pisapia, Civil Engineering
Zachary Arthur Plencner, Computer Engineering
Dakota Sky Potere-Ramos, Mechanical Engineering (Magna Cum
Chester Arthur Pressler IV, Mechanical Engineering
Kittisak Promsakha Na Sakonnakon, Mechanical Engineering
David E. Quintanilla, Mechanical Engineering
Wesley William Raymond, Mechanical Engineering
Jimmy Ruangnol, Electrical Engineering
Mahmoud Sanaei, Civil Engineering
Caitlyn Ann Schreiber, Mechanical Engineering (Cum Laude)
Fikir Haimanot Sileshi, Civil Engineering
Cody Raffo Smith, Mechanical Engineering
Caleb Dean Snook, Mechanical Engineering
Ashley Marie Spielberger, Mechanical Engineering
Gabrielle Nadine Squillante, Civil Engineering
Todor Stoynov Stoynov, Civil Engineering
Jordan Tang, Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan Thanh, Mechanical Engineering
Anthony Torres, Electrical Engineering
Jennifer Quyen Tieu Tran, Civil Engineering
Eric Trang, Mechanical Engineering
Abel Valencia, Computer Engineering
Gerson Valladares, Civil Engineering
Nicholas Karl Vandeventer, Computer Engineering
Patrick Alexander Vasquez, Mechanical Engineering
Amanda Vazquez, Mechanical Engineering
Clarenz Kiehl Velasco, Electrical Engineering
Angelo Martin Venzon, Civil Engineering (Cum Laude)
Alisa Mae Viana, Civil Engineering (Cum Laude) University
Noah Jake Barrios Villa, Electrical Engineering
Vincent Van-Loi Vuong, Computer Engineering
Danxu Wang, Computer Engineering
Khadijah D'evone Watkins, Mechanical Engineering
Brandon Matthew Williams, Mechanical Engineering
Brian Anthony Wolak, Electrical Engineering
Aaron Wong, Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Young, Mechanical Engineering
College of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Emily Acosta, Art
Candyl Gayle Andersen, Theatre Arts
Matt M. Andres, Theatre Arts
Kyle Gregory Baluyut, Film
Latisha Olivia Banks, Art
Matthew Michael Barbro, Film
Savannah Marie Buckley, Theatre Arts
Kiana Marie Campbell, Art
Catrina Lynn Campos, Music
Fabiana Chavez Delvalle, Film
Britt James Curry, Film
Alondra Isamar Del Toro Contreras, Film (Cum Laude) University
Alec David Espinoza, Film
Brandon David Espinoza, Art
Derek Roy Feeser, Film
Tiffani DeLaine Ferrell, Theatre Arts
Emily Rose Fischer, Art
Jacqueline Garcia Gonzalez, Art
Joe Garcia Miranda, Theatre Arts
Stefannie E. Gonzalez, Film
Gonzalo Morian Gutierrez-Desantiago, Film
2021 Fall Commencement 23
Enrique Guzman Jr., Film
Cynthia Hamika, Film
John Harrison, Film
Steven Anthony Hernandez, Theatre Arts
Leigh-Ann Taylor Hill, Theatre Arts
Katie A. Hoffman, Art (Magna Cum Laude)
Jared Taylor Hunter, Theatre Arts
Amanda Kettler, Art
Tyler Jay Kirkpatrick, Film (Magna Cum Laude)
Jeremy D. Korhonen, Film (Magna Cum Laude)
Danielle Renae Ladner, Film
Tiffany S. Larkins, Film
Zachary Lawrence Layman, Film (Cum Laude)
Ashley Ida Lee, Film (Cum Laude)
Annie Lin, Art
Aaron Nicholas Lockhart, Film
Richard Anastacio Madrid Jr., Art History
Eric Kenneth Magnus, Film
Josett Manotham-Garin, Art (Magna Cum Laude)
Karen Marquez, Art
Victoria Lee Marshall, Film
Alexandria Victoria Martin, Film
Marcus Anthony Martinez, Theatre Arts
Carlos Mendoza, Film
Samantha Rose Meyers, Art
Claire M. Mirkes, Film
Natasha Montes-Gomez, Art (Cum Laude)
Dawn La Rue Montgomery, Art History
Clayton J. Moore, Film
Landon Robert Munoz, Theatre Arts
Alexandra Elizabeth Ontiberos, Film (Magna Cum Laude)
Yaneris Pacheco, Art
Bryanna Ashley Paperno, Film
Krista Leigh Pilling, Film
Lauren Nicole Punzal, Theatre Arts
Christopher Rey Ramirez, Film
Andrea Nikolaeva Rangelova, Art History
Noah Carter Rath, Art
Hayden Jon Riggs, Film
Brian Martin Rios, Theatre Arts
Jessica Maria Rios, Art
Mary Scout Sabo, Art
Humberto Salmeron, Film
Anne Wellborn Savage, Art (Cum Laude)
Donovan D. Scott, Theatre Arts
Kevin Nicholas Shapouri, Film (Cum Laude)
Micah Denae Shaviri, Film
Jennifer Ashley Shepperd, Film
Nicholas Price Sheridan, Film
Enrique Aurelio Sidestam, Theatre Arts
Darren Simmons, Theatre Arts
24 2021 Fall Commencement
Victoria P. Skarupski, Film
Martha Esthela Smith, Theatre Arts
Carlee Leann Snell, Film
Shelsy Lil Sorto-Ayala, Film
Soda H. Souza, Art
Asheton L. Stoever, Theatre Arts
Alexa Tapia, Art
Kaitlin Alex Terrell, Theatre Arts
Danielle C. Thompson, Art History
Nick Tigrett, Film
Morgan Eileen Tilley, Film (Summa Cum Laude) University
David A. Tovar, Film
Natasha Olivia Tuzzolino, Theatre Arts
Shannen Allyssa Velasco, Film
Joshua Redmon Voyles, Film
Yele D. Wagoner, Art
Xiyuan Yu, Art
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Vitelsia Adel Dedeaux, Dance
Kimberly Margaret Fedele, Dance (Magna Cum Laude)
Macy Rebecca Hubert, Dance (Magna Cum Laude)
Danielle Maas, Dance
lyana Cierra Mason, Dance
Karly Meehan, Dance
Daisy Sanchez, Art
Justin J. Velarde, Dance
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Sonny Carlos Julian Geronimo Jr., Landscape Architecture
Alexander Paul Larson, Landscape Architecture
Greg S. Sample, Landscape Architecture
Bachelor of Music
Nicholas Kyle Arruda, Music
Austin Tyler Bailey, Music
Antonio James Brockett, Music
Taylor Peter Chervo, Music
Emily Anne Clements, Music
Casey Stephen Davis, Music
Robert Delvalle-Brown, Music
Peter M. Goomroyan, Music
Rymmel Santos Librodo, Music
Anali Macias, Music
Christina Marie Mata, Music
Mark Patrick Mccreery II, Music
Mary Elizabeth Phillips, Music
Michael John Plunkett, Music
Jason P. Pudwill, Music (Magna Cum Laude)
Kailyn Danielle Richards, Jazz & Commercial Music
Louis Syrovy, Music (Summa Cum Laude)
Jovonie Donovan Tejero, Music
Connor R. Thorson, Music
Ruben-Kelle Van-Gundy, Music
Robert Walsh, Music
Orchid Young, Music
Bachelor of Science
Mary Brooks, Architecture
Kelcie J. Cabrera, Architecture
Shannen Uilani Calio, Graphic Design & Media
Brittany Cook, Architecture
Chaney X. Cui, Architecture
Zachary Kelly Graham, Graphic Design & Media
Samantha Guerrero, Architecture
Jhanna Rae Bordamonte Montimor, Architecture
Jennifer Glynis Nuqui, Architecture
Marilyn Iveth Portillo, Architecture
Ashley Samantha Ramirez, Entertainment Engineering & Design
Marcela Aragon Solis, Entertainment Engineering & Design
Mary Faasegi Taupau, Architecture
Nestor I. Villa, Architecture
Pedro Casino Villanueva III, Entertainment Engineering & Design
Camren S. Wakefield, Entertainment Engineering & Design
Wild am F. Harrah Co hag a of
Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration
Luyi Huang, Hospitality Management
Nancy Lou, Hotel Administration
Cindy Kay Middleton, Hotel Administration
Mayra Alejandra Soto, Hospitality Management
Bachelor of Science
Lucas Kirk Abbott, Hospitality Management
Adrian Velasco Accad, Hospitality Management
Leah Nicole Adams, Hospitality Management
Christa Marie Adamski, Hospitality Management
Geoffrey Agcaoili, Hospitality Management
Omar Ashraf Alsaraf II, Hospitality Management
Ashley Apaez, Hospitality Management
Manana Arakelyan, Hospitality Management
Ivan Aranda, Hospitality Management
Alexander Arreguin, Hospitality Management
Xue Bai, Hospitality Management
Leiny Rosa Balea Martinez, Hospitality Management
Whitney Renee Banks, Hospitality Management
Bianca Michelle Barbaryan, Hospitality Management
Bettina Angela Eustaquio Bautista, Hospitality Management
(Magna Cum Laude)
Morgan Beasley, Hospitality Management
Rachel Lily Benesh, Hospitality Management
Bailee Clark Bengtson, Hospitality Management
Gerick Marcus Bermudez, Hospitality Management
Jacob Daniel Bobrosky, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Nicholas John Paul Bonema, Hospitality Management
Jeffrey Bono, Hospitality Management
Dustin Tyler Bradstreet, Hospitality Management
Jordyn C. Broka, Hospitality Management
Brandi Monique Brown, Hospitality Management
Hien Thanh Bui, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Bryce Gaston Bullock, Hospitality Management
Connor Edward Burke, Hospitality Management
Drew Jasper Byars, Hospitality Management
Leah Solana Caldwell, Hospitality Management
Kevin Carmona Torres, Hospitality Management
Brisa Carrillo, Hospitality Management
Caleb Chen, Hospitality Management
Joshua Chen, Hospitality Management
Xi Chen, Hospitality Management
Jinwoo Choi, Hospitality Management
Cole Michael Christensen, Hospitality Management
Yi Cong, Hospitality Management
Rolando Xunaxi Corley Melton, Hospitality Management
Naomi Coronado, Hospitality Management
Alfredo Correa, Hospitality Management
Raeanna Leigh Marie Crawley, Hospitality Management
Kyla Jo Creps, Hospitality Management
Darryl Lawrence Curtis Jr., Hospitality Management
Stephen Jay Dador, Hospitality Management
Nicholas Alexander Dahl, Hospitality Management
Katie Scarlett Derr, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Linlin Ding, Hospitality Management
Emma Michelle Doherty, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum
Bochao Du, Hospitality Management
Korey Tyrell Dubose, Hospitality Management
Stacy Echeverria, Hospitality Management
Darren James Edwards, Hospitality Management
Laila Mariam Elamrani, Hospitality Management
Nestor Daniel Fabian, Hospitality Management
Yunwen Feng, Hospitality Management
Alyssa Jade Ferrara, Hospitality Management
Derek J. Fettkether, Hospitality Management
Travis Charles Fey, Hospitality Management
Mimi Gao, Hospitality Management
Kaylee Marie Garcia, Hospitality Management
Marco Garcia, Hospitality Management
Farrah Nicole Gauthreaux, Hospitality Management
Taylor Lynn Gempier, Hospitality Management
2021 Fall Commencement 25
Madeline Alice Glunz, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)
Ashleigh Mckenna Goldyn, Hospitality Management Sol Elena Gonzalez Pacheco, Hospitality Management Daniel Jared Goodman, Hospitality Management Brianna Yvonne Gray, Hospitality Management Jordan Quinn Greenway, Hospitality Management Juntian Guo, Hospitality Management Shuyi Guo, Hospitality Management
Andrea Violeta Gutierrez Ramos, Hospitality Management Sydney Faith Hagel, Hospitality Management Richard Kimball Ham, Hospitality Management Matthew Ian Hampson, Hospitality Management Seungbum Han, Hospitality Management Silvia S. Han, Hospitality Management YuJin Han, Hospitality Management
Noah Charles Hanlon, Hospitality Management Lillyana Yvette Hanna, Hospitality Management Udayvir Singh Hansra, Hospitality Management Joshua B. Hardin, Hospitality Management Myles C. Harvey, Hospitality Management Otis Henderson Jr., Hospitality Management Allie Rose Hill, Hospitality Management Jack Ryan Holter, Hospitality Management Taiyi Huang, Hospitality Management Haley Orion Hunt, Hospitality Management Liam Hunt, Hospitality Management
Lee-Shue Valentina Hurt, Hospitality Management
Mackenzie Luisa Inderwiesche, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Rea Alexys Irlandes, Hospitality Management
Sofia Christine Islam, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)
Kiana K. Issel, Hospitality Management
Yuki Ito, Hospitality Management (Summa Cum Laude) Baihan Jiang, Hospitality Management
Ruozi Jiao, Hospitality Management Kayla Joeckle, Hospitality Management
Alisha Christine Johnson, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Jordan Samera Kauanoeokaleianuenue Johnson, Hospitality
Nouvie M. Johnson, Hospitality Management Zachary W. Johsz, Hospitality Management Mason Jones, Hospitality Management
Patrapong Nicholas Kamsut, Hospitality Management Kane Stephen Kaneshina, Hospitality Management Cameron Taylor Keenan, Hospitality Management Myrioni Gias-za Khetaguri, Hospitality Management Jinho Ki, Hospitality Management
Annika Nabin Kim, Hospitality Management Chae Hee Kim, Hospitality Management 26 2021 Fall Commencement
Heybin Kim, Hospitality Management
Juyean Kim, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude) Mary Kim, Hospitality Management
Joshua Logan Klein, Hospitality Management
Jennifer Klipfel, Hospitality Management
Min Ju Koo, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude) Ashley Ann Kozell, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Maya A. Krug, Hospitality Management
Haeden Peter Kyung, Hospitality Management
Kiara Angelique Lake, Hospitality Management
Joshua Ryan Lally, Hospitality Management
Josephine Lam, Hospitality Management
Ysaura C. Landeros, Hospitality Management
Rachel Marie Lashley, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Trevor Keith Lavenburg, Hospitality Management
Daniel Jaebeck Lee, Hospitality Management
Emily Kimiko Tonokawa Lee, Hospitality Management (Summa Cum Laude)
Jennifer T.W Lee, Hospitality Management
Tiffany Lee, Hospitality Management
Matthew Levandowski, Hospitality Management
Haoyu Li, Hospitality Management
Xuan Li, Hospitality Management
Yifei Lin, Hospitality Management
Hua Liu, Hospitality Management
JunZheng Liu, Hospitality Management
Lichi Liu, Hospitality Management
Runqiu Liu, Hospitality Management
Yu-Ting Liu, Hospitality Management
Beier Long, Hospitality Management
Sloan A. Lopez, Hospitality Management
Jorge Carlos Lopez Alvarez, Hospitality Management Viridiana Lopez-Correa, Hospitality Management
Yuhui Lu, Hospitality Management
Julian Luis, Hospitality Management
Maria Victoria Shaye Juliano Luis, Hospitality Management Derrick Ly, Hospitality Management
Katherine Emily Lynch, Hospitality Management Keegan Michael Lyon, Hospitality Management
Anson Emery Magooshboy, Hospitality Management Ian Patrick Mahoney, Hospitality Management
Nettie Ngo Mann, Hospitality Management Vivianna Marquetti, Hospitality Management
Gaston G. Martinez, Hospitality Management Raul Sebastian Martinez, Hospitality Management
Mari Zadora Mccomb, Hospitality Management
Christopher Anthony Lloyd McFadden Martin, Hospitality Management
Natasha Alexandra Medina, Hospitality Management Danielle L. Meister, Hospitality Management
Andrea Mejia, Hospitality Management
Daisy Mejia-Ramirez, Hospitality Management
Miguel Angel Mendoza, Hospitality Management
Amanda Michaels, Hospitality Management
Travis Wayne Miller, Hospitality Management
Shelby Min, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Harrison Konrad Minolta, Hospitality Management
Sepideh Mohebpour, Hospitality Management
Ewuniki Bisa Nadira, Hospitality Management
Evan Mitsuo Nakamura, Hospitality Management
Neil Peter Nandwani, Hospitality Management
Christina Nguyen, Hospitality Management
Claire Rose Nicosia, Hospitality Management
Makenna Jacklyn Ninio, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum
Kaylen Noriega, Hospitality Management
Caroline Grace Nowack, Hospitality Management
Melissa Elizabeth Nunez Roblero, Hospitality Management
Kaitlyn Briel OBrien, Hospitality Management
Laura Orozco, Hospitality Management
Trey Mathew Orr, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)
Weiyi Ou, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Teamarie Oxborrow, Hospitality Management
Jackeline Padilla, Hospitality Management
Suhani Rupesh Parikh, Hospitality Management
A Jung Park, Hospitality Management
Sumin Park, Hospitality Management
Woo Ju Park, Hospitality Management (Summa Cum Laude)
Amelia Elizabeth Parsley, Hospitality Management
Abbegail Pascua-Gaoat, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum
Taylor Bo Pen, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)
Ma. Maxine Reantaso Peralta, Hospitality Management
Conrad Walker Perry, Hospitality Management
Lauren Noelle Peru, Hospitality Management
Danielle Powell, Hospitality Management
James Tomiyasu Pratt, Hospitality Management
Osvaldo Rangel-Sandoval, Hospitality Management
Trisha Mae Yabes Rapacon, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum
Jake Tyler Ratzke, Hospitality Management
Rachel Mary Reece, Hospitality Management
Savannah June Reeves, Hospitality Management
Gregory Scott Reitz, Hospitality Management
Brandon Noah Resnick, Hospitality Management
Dom'nnique Vonytta Marie Rice-Miller, Hospitality Management
Ja'Nae RaShel Richie, Hospitality Management (Summa Cum
Rebecca Maree Roberts, Hospitality Management
Omar Rodriguez, Hospitality Management
Alyssa Gwen Romans, Hospitality Management
Jane Frances Rosenblum, Hospitality Management
Austin Trey Rosendahl, Hospitality Management Andrea Rosete, Hospitality Management
Yaritzi Jhoana Ruiz Ramirez, Hospitality Management Alec Daniel Sailer, Hospitality Management
David G. Salazar, Hospitality Management
Julizeth Sanchez Santiago, Hospitality Management Dana Alexandra Sara Sandoval, Hospitality Management Brandon Clifford Scarberry, Hospitality Management Victoria-Marie Ader Schabbehar, Hospitality Management Valerie Rose Schell, Hospitality Management
Brandon David Scott, Hospitality Management Zachary Austin Sellen, Hospitality Management
Jung Hwi Seo, Hospitality Management
Samantha Denisse Sequeira, Hospitality Management Alejandra Serna-Osuna, Hospitality Management
Erica Marie Shelton, Hospitality Management
Yu-Ling Shen, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude) Ronnie Michelle Shenberger, Hospitality Management Sereen Shin, Hospitality Management
Tyler Mae Simpson, Hospitality Management
Remy Smaby, Hospitality Management
Gavin Morgan Smith, Hospitality Management Steven J. So, Hospitality Management
Hwayung Song, Hospitality Management
Cynthia Sosa, Hospitality Management
Ashlyn Michelle Spreitzer, Hospitality Management Ivelina Mariova Stanimirova, Hospitality Management Brian Fanjon Sypolt, Hospitality Management
Alana Kazumi Kuuleialoha Tanaka, Hospitality Management Austin Ning-Yuan Tang, Hospitality Management
Michael Tat, Hospitality Management
Sade Thompson, Hospitality Management
Dylan Ryan Ticknor, Hospitality Management
Adrianna Marie Tilmon, Hospitality Management Rewina Tiongson, Hospitality Management
Due K. Truong, Hospitality Management
Chi Tsang, Hospitality Management
Tyler Masuo Tsunezumi, Hospitality Management Marlyne Naomie Ulysse, Hospitality Management
Georgia Ann Vagim, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Luka van der Merwe, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Chardae Marie Vaughn, Hospitality Management
Mark Jericho A. Viloria, Hospitality Management Erika Nicole Vosberg, Hospitality Management
Osae D. Wahab, Hospitality Management
Shaqualla Renee -Tyche Walker, Hospitality Management Yufei Wan, Hospitality Management
Alexander Wang, Hospitality Management Chongyi Wang, Hospitality Management Guanquan Wang, Hospitality Management Haoyue Wang, Hospitality Management
2021 Fall Commencement 27
Runzhi Wang, Hospitality Management
Vincent Wang, Hospitality Management
SheLbi Watson, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)
Taylor Landeene Weil, Hospitality Management
Aaron Palmer Wipf, Hospitality Management
Olivia Laura Woodcock, Hospitality Management
Allie Mar Wright, Hospitality Management
Fucong Xie, Hospitality Management
Haomin Xie, Hospitality Management
Xiaoyang Xie, Hospitality Management
Haotian Xu, Hospitality Management
Helin Xu, Hospitality Management
Jiawen Xu, Hospitality Management
Wanhua Xu, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)
Zicheng Xu, Hospitality Management
Yanyi Yao, Hospitality Management
Katelyn Amanda Yee, Hospitality Management
Feride Yeshpayeva, Hospitality Management
Jannet Yeung, Hospitality Management
Xifan Yin, Hospitality Management
Sujin Yoo, Hospitality Management
Yejoo June Yoon, Hospitality Management
Rina Youn, Hospitality Management
Chia-Chun Yu, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)
Xingyu Yuan, Hospitality Management
Jonghak Yuk, Hospitality Management
Mackenzie Beth Zelensky, Hospitality Management
Lisa N. Zeles, Hospitality Management
Minxuan Zeng, Hospitality Management
Angela Li Zhang, Hospitality Management
Jiarui Zhang, Hospitality Management
Rui Zhang, Hospitality Management
Xiaowei Zhang, Hospitality Management (Summa Cum Laude)
Yazhu Zhou, Hospitality Management
Yifan Zhou, Hospitality Management
Yuxuan Zhou, Hospitality Management
Shilong Zhu, Hospitality Management
Zhengling Zhu, Hospitality Management
Chantal-Angelique Georges Zoghbi, Hospitality Management
(Cum Laude)
Brianna Monika Zuasnabar, Hospitality Management
School of Integrated Health
Bachelor of Science
Whitney Maamesika Adarkwah, Kinesiological Sciences
Katsiaryna Afanasyeva, Kinesiological Sciences
Ada Lourdes Alfaro-Garcia, Comprehensive Medical Imaging 28 2021 Fall Commencement
Bayley Alvarez, Kinesiological Sciences Hareg Ameda, Kinesiological Sciences Ashkia Aoun, Kinesiological Sciences Kerri Apineru, Kinesiological Sciences Lilit Lilia Apoyan, Kinesiological Sciences Archelle Kay Rabago Aquino, Kinesiological Sciences Deanna T. Araujo, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Acacia Symone Astwood, Kinesiological Sciences Carlo Luis Q. Atienza, Kinesiological Sciences Caitlyn Ann Avakian, Kinesiological Sciences Luis David Azpeitia, Kinesiological Sciences Jonai N. Beale, Kinesiological Sciences
Michael David Beardsley, Kinesiological Sciences Meghan Elizabeth Bickers, Kinesiological Sciences Taylor Kathryn Boccardo, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Bradley Christopher Boe, Kinesiological Sciences Jessica Marie Breaux, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Daelyn Buch, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Tearra Nicole Camacho, Kinesiological Sciences Benjamin Toi Campanico, Kinesiological Sciences Olivia Helen Cardinal, Kinesiological Sciences Natalie Amanda Carnate, Kinesiological Sciences Jenna Denise Carpenter, Kinesiological Sciences Kiana Mei Carter, Kinesiological Sciences
Pablo Andree Cevasco, Kinesiological Sciences Arthur J. Chao, Kinesiological Sciences Tiara Masako Chinn, Kinesiological Sciences Taylor Alexandra Clark, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude) Gabriella T. Clemons, Kinesiological Sciences Eliza McKay Clinton, Kinesiological Sciences Siobhan Joelle Clyde, Kinesiological Sciences Kaiulani-Joy Conlu, Kinesiological Sciences
Natasha Nicole Bulaong Constantino, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Amber colleen Costello, Kinesiological Sciences Nathan Carl Cozza, Kinesiological Sciences Brooklyn ReNae Cruz, Kinesiological Sciences Dannica-Maye Lavarro Dalog, Kinesiological Sciences Luis Dao, Comprehensive Medical Imaging (Cum Laude) FikirTaddese Degefu, Kinesiological Sciences Kimberly Lalata Dela Cruz, Kinesiological Sciences Evelyn Dermody, Kinesiological Sciences Jake Robert DiGregorio, Kinesiological Sciences Ian W. Dodge, Nutrition Sciences
Sabrina Tabata Duenas, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Hailee Monet Efferson, Kinesiological Sciences
Breanna R. Epherson, Comprehensive Medical Imaging John Caldona Estrada, Kinesiological Sciences Caleb Javaughn Curtis Evans, Kinesiological Sciences Vanessa Buduan Fabian, Nutrition Sciences Alexis L. Fabig, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Jurnee Esperanza Fernandez, Kinesiological Sciences
Ismaray Fernandez Cordero, Nutrition Sciences
Bamlak Feyessa Feyessa II, Kinesiological Sciences
Monica Pearl Fulbright, Kinesiological Sciences
Janaya Angel Funes, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Zna Negusse Futsum, Kinesiological Sciences
Christina Lombardi Gaden, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
CzyberJohn Escobar Galanga, Kinesiological Sciences
Natalie Ann Garcia, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Alexandra Gibson, Kinesiological Sciences
Nicolas Gonzalez, Kinesiological Sciences
Valerie Gonzalez-Camacho, Kinesiological Sciences
Ernesto Grande, Nutrition Sciences
Sara Natalie Gudiel, Kinesiological Sciences
Alekzander Durand Hall, Kinesiological Sciences
Taylor Mary Hanley, Kinesiological Sciences
Johnathan Sheldon Hendel, Kinesiological Sciences
Lina Yumei Herbig, Kinesiological Sciences
Anikka Maureaux Hernandez, Kinesiological Sciences
Lisa Chelsie Manglona Hofschneider, Kinesiological Sciences
Lindsey Frances Home, Comprehensive Medical Imaging (Magna
Cum Laude) University Honors
Jadyn Brooke Howard, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum
Sin Ying Hui, Kinesiological Sciences
Ayyoob Hussein, Kinesiological Sciences
Aubree Jane Incardone, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Breanna Nicole Isreal, Kinesiological Sciences
Brycen Lee Jenkins, Kinesiological Sciences
Karen Nguyen Jensen, Kinesiological Sciences
Aubrey Elizabeth Johnson, Kinesiological Sciences
Erik Boye Jorsal, Kinesiological Sciences
Alexis Joanna Joubert, Kinesiological Sciences
Nevena Jovanovic, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)
University Honors
Raisa Rabab Kabir, Kinesiological Sciences
Angela C. Kay, Kinesiological Sciences
Rediat Bedassa Kelecha, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Hannah Mackenzie Kerby, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
(Summa Cum Laude) University Honors
Anthony Minhwan Kim, Kinesiological Sciences
Philicia King, Kinesiological Sciences
Kurt Robert Kohls, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Caitlin Ki'ilani Komatsu, Kinesiological Sciences
Mahbod Koshkbaghi, Comprehensive Medical Imaging (Magna
Cum Laude)
Josauli-Tyler G. Lacuesta, Kinesiological Sciences
Lauren Carissa Lai, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Ly Le, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Ziqing Elaine Liang, Comprehensive Medical Imaging (Cum
Maritza Lopez, Kinesiological Sciences
Christine Hernandez Luistro, Kinesiological Sciences
Cindy Manzo, Kinesiological Sciences
Shaece L. Mar, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Denzelle D. McAfee, Kinesiological Sciences
Cody M. Mclaughlin, Kinesiological Sciences
Maylani Mecenas, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Tania Melero, Kinesiological Sciences
Shauna Mellor, Kinesiological Sciences
Adrian Mercado, Kinesiological Sciences
Jinger Meuir, Kinesiological Sciences
Javen Alonzo Miguel, Kinesiological Sciences
Jasmin Di Ramos Miranda, Kinesiological Sciences
Cole Anthony Mitchum, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Madison Marie Moore, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Wendy Morales, Kinesiological Sciences
Amy Samantha Morales Cardenas, Kinesiological Sciences
Isabella Grace Moreno, Kinesiological Sciences
Sebastian Carmona Munoz, Kinesiological Sciences
Genesis Alysa Myrick-Simpson, Kinesiological Sciences
Allyson Natalie Navar, Kinesiological Sciences
Neva Nicole Newling, Kinesiological Sciences
Mari Lei Nishimura, Comprehensive Medical Imaging (Magna
Cum Laude) University Honors
Jadyn Christine Nogues, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Karl Daniel Ochinang Obcena, Kinesiological Sciences
Shane Allan O'Brien, Kinesiological Sciences
Karissa Keiko Oda, Nutrition Sciences
Jade Kayla Odynski, Kinesiological Sciences
Brandi Sanoe Ogawa, Comprehensive Medical Imaging (Summa
Cum Laude)
Darcy Ohta, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Lyndsey Kahealani Oliver, Kinesiological Sciences
Zayra Jaelene Ortega, Kinesiological Sciences
Mark Faro Osunero-Lanuza, Kinesiological Sciences
Jayce T. Otis, Kinesiological Sciences
Cristy Khomhuck Outhone, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
John Philip Delgado Paleracio, Kinesiological Sciences
Leslee Rose Parker, Kinesiological Sciences
Benjamin R. Paul, Kinesiological Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)
Dayna-Lynn Haunani Pu'ukani 0 Ke Kai Peralta, Comprehensive
Medical Imaging (Cum Laude)
Alexis Mae Petersen, Kinesiological Sciences
Arianna Jessica Portillo, Kinesiological Sciences
Malakai David Prudent, Kinesiological Sciences
Francis Isaac Talens Ramos, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Natalie Krislyn Ramos, Kinesiological Sciences
Rayce Rayos, Kinesiological Sciences
Denver Renner, Kinesiological Sciences
Carolina Reyna, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Althea M. Rivera, Kinesiological Sciences
2021 Fall Commencement 29
Janet Rodriguez, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Eileen Rodriguez-Salazar, Kinesiological Sciences
Darix Rossetti-Busa, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Jason Kristopher Pizarro Salcedo, Kinesiological Sciences
Noah J. Sandberg, Kinesiological Sciences
Mason Brady Sateren, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Kurt Asly Punsalan Serrano, Kinesiological Sciences
Michaela Y. Shorter, Kinesiological Sciences
Christina Hien Simbahon, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Tomas Mark Springhetti, Kinesiological Sciences
Makayla Lee Sproul, Kinesiological Sciences
Wendy J. Stephens, Nutrition Sciences (Cum Laude)
Cheyenne Nicole Stout-Navarro, Kinesiological Sciences Mishianna J. Summerville, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Joshua-Robert Murakami Taitague, Kinesiological Sciences
Jade Quirong Tan, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Cheyanne Alohalio Tannery, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Wynnfred Tipon, Kinesiological Sciences
Kelsey Marie Toftey, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Melani Eden Tompkins, Kinesiological Sciences
Nicholas John Tower, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum
Laude) University Honors
Emily H. Truong, Kinesiological Sciences
Sarah Ann Turner, Comprehensive Medical Imaging (Cum Laude) Makenzie Leigh Vogel, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Audrey Susanne Werner, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Stuart James White, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Katelyn Morgan Wiegand, Kinesiological Sciences
Carmen K. Wong, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Kay Jia-Chi Wong, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Amal Mahamed Youssouf, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude) University Honors
Franklin Jose Zelaya-Tobar, Kinesiological Sciences
College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Caren Abourjeily, Political Science (Summa Cum Laude) University Honors & Research and Creative Honors
Koko Alexandria Absolam, Psychology
Crystal Acuna, English
D'Vyne Ineesha Ali Adams, Political Science
Areli Ester Alarcon, Political Science
Madison Victoria Aldred, History
Jerome Delorian Alexander, Sociology
Sarah L. Alexander, Psychology
Marina Alkhoury, Psychology
Julia Lauren Allen, English
Francesca Gisela Alonzi, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Jailine Nohemy Alvarez, Psychology
30 2021 Fall Commencement
Chibuike Cletus Amadi, Psychology
Randolph Bryce Anderson IV, Political Science
Sabine Rose Anderson, English
Kayla Marie Anderson-Patron, Multidisciplinary Studies
Patrick Glen Andress, English
Jessica Marie Angelo, History
James Marshall Anthony II, Psychology
Jasmine Arambula, Psychology
Nayeli Arias, History (Magna Cum Laude)
Carol Asay, Political Science
Shanzeh Shahid Aslam, Psychology
Bryson Joseph Atud, Sociology
Jaynan Kalaniopu'u Takeo Awong, Psychology
Michael Perry Azevedo, English
Ayla Nikole Babakitis, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) University
Abigail Barajas, Psychology
Marina Barajas, Psychology
Jasmine C. Barrett, Anthropology
Kristine Mae Cabanting Bartolome, Psychology
Danielle E. Bates, Sociology
Molli Hannah Behrhorst, Psychology
Daniel Tristan Benjacob, Psychology
Nouhayla Sherehan Benjelloun, Psychology
Denise Michelle Beverstein, English
Gianni Bianco, Psychology
Samantha Rebecca Marie Bivins, Psychology
Bailey Jacob Bjazevich, Sociology
Jada Kaylan Blackwood, Psychology
Hannah J. Bock, Psychology
Jada Zemenfes Bokre, Psychology
Sutiluck Boonsrisart, Psychology
Shanauree Lanae Borders, Sociology
Alanna May Bowen, Psychology
Vanessa Marie Brady, Sociology
Jamel Corneilius Britton, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science
Ricky Lee Broaddus, History
Maren Kai Brook, Anthropology
Endya Dawnese Brooks, Psychology
Martell D'Marr Brooks, Political Science
Courtney Brown, Psychology
Veronica Elizabeth Buchanan, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Kelly Thanh Bui, Psychology
Jada Danyelle Burton, Anthropology
Alexa Breanne Cabrales, Psychology
Shun Yan Yan Cai, Multidisciplinary Studies
Hunter Alexander Cain, Political Science
Celestial Monique Calderon, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Karley Kathryn Call, Multidisciplinary Studies
Karla Ivett Camacho-Jimenez, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Yoshelyn Ivanova Camarena, Political Science
Michael Cardella Jr., Psychology
Kyler Mason Carmen, Political Science
Mckenna Carmen, Political Science
Winona Jane Peralta Caro, English
Cierra Carodine, Psychology
Brooklyn Alexis Carrizzo, English
Zachary Alan Carson, Psychology
Beverly Susan Carter, Multidisciplinary Studies
Wendy Patricia Castaneda, Psychology
Alexa Castanon-Muneton, English
Stephanie Castillo, Romance Languages
Christina Marie De Veyra Castro, Psychology
Lanz-Andrew Buelva Castro, English
Tania Castro, Spanish
Lexi K. Catano, Psychology
Maria L. Ceballos, History
Karen Cervantes, Psychology
Eliana Celeste Chavarria, Sociology
Kimberly De Jesus Chavez Yanez, Psychology
Alexander P. Cheek, Philosophy
Aaron Cheng, Psychology (Summa Cum Laude) Research &
Creative Honors
Mariah Joy Chianese, English (Magna Cum Laude) University
Reynie Ryu Cho, Political Science
Sadie Lee Christian, Psychology
Ramiro Ravello Cisneros, Psychology
Jeremy Delon Clark, Multidisciplinary Studies
Chloe Alyse Clifton, Psychology
Myriam Rebecca Cohen, Psychology
Alex B. Coleman, Political Science
Arely Stephanie Colon, Anthropology
Laura Patricia Contreras, English (Cum Laude)
Marvin Genaro Contreras, Philosophy
Valarie Cristine Corona, Psychology
Julio Cesar Corrales-Hurtado Jr., Multidisciplinary Studies
Cristina Correa, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science Studies
Katrina Coss, Psychology
Cheyenne Rae Covarrubias, Anthropology
Tacie Lee Cox, Anthropology
Hannah Un-Jee Crawford, Political Science, University Honors
Hannah Lindsay Datwyler, Psychology
Donovan Ventigan David, History
Delsia Davis, Psychology
Jonathan Spencer Day, Political Science
Mikayla Volante Defensor, Psychology
Darren T. DeHart, Psychology
Nicolas Derek Dehdashtian, Multidisciplinary Studies
Erik Lance Del Mar Jr., English Abigail Ann Despain, Psychology Landry Ellis Dickey, Philosophy Dani Kuuipo Dinlocker-Santiago, English Elizah Breanna Dominguez, Psychology Lou Danielle Lomotan Doolittle, Psychology Anthony Doyle, Political Science Stephanie Duarte, Psychology
Mira Lee Joyce Duriman, English Alesha Ann Edgel, Anthropology
Christopher Jordan Edwards, African American and African Diaspora Studies (Cum Laude)
Ivana Escobedo, Sociology Valerie Espina, Sociology Liliana Espinoza, Psychology
Ciera Marie Evans, Multidisciplinary Studies Leah Carmel C. Faelnar, English
Maxwell D. Feldman, Spanish
Alec Fink, Psychology
Catherine Danae Fitzsimmons, Psychology Aniya Patrice Fladger, Psychology
Dayanii Ajanae Fletcher, Political Science Cristina Flores, History
Ana Galilea Flores Elena, Psychology (Summa Cum Laude) Susan Alexandra Florian, Political Science
David Charles Flynn, History Cassandra D. Foster, Psychology
E'lala Frank, Anthropology (Summa Cum Laude) Eldred Robert Pualii Freitas, Philosophy William Henry Froman III, English
Emily Anela Fukunaga, English (Cum Laude) Chris L. Punches, Psychology
Hector David Gamez-Cota, Spanish
Allison Garcia, Philosophy & Political Science Edgar N. Garcia, Political Science
Jewelyn Domingo Garcia, Psychology Betsua M. Garcia-Trujillo, Psychology Roger Garibay, Psychology
Samantha Gechas, Psychology (Cum Laude) Ayla Suzanne Gelsinger, Psychology Kailyn Jannel Gladd-Brown, Psychology Saron Tesfu Goitom, Political Science Jessica Ashley Gonzales, Anthropology
Jeffrey Gonzalez Anthony Gonzalez, Psychology Jared Grant, Psychology Lesley Green, Psychology
Sierra Nicole Gregg, English Elise Christianna Griffin, Psychology Vanessa Guerrero, Psychology
Daniella Alexandra Guevara, Political Science LorenKristofer Cruz Guevarra, History
2021 Fall Commencement 31
Natalie Gutierrez, History
Stephanie Gutierrez, Psychology Andante Armando Guzman, Psychology
Caitlin R. Halm, Anthropology (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Samantha Nicole Harden, Sociology Jessica Elise Harding, Psychology Christian Spencer Harris, Psychology Kelvin L. Hatchett, Political Science
Natalie Elaine Heimerle-warthan, English Kyle Swainston Helm, English
Kianna Nickole Hemphill, Sociology
Richard Henderson II, Sociology
Spencer Elm Hendrick, Anthropology (Cum Laude) Sara J. Jane Heneghan, Anthropology
Fatima Bertha Hernandez-Garcia, English Apia Monet Hickman, Sociology
Amber N. Hill, Psychology
August Shawntell Hill, Psychology Ethan Hill, Psychology, University Honors Maya Hill, Psychology
Sydney Shea Hillers, Political Science Elisa B. Hink, History
Sophia Ni Ho, English & Philosophy David Lloyd Hogan, Psychology Janet Holotik, Psychology
Carlie Ann Hopkins, Psychology
Reese Elizabeth Howard, Political Science Susie San Luh Hpau Yu, Psychology Erin Elizabeth Hughes, Psychology
Katelan Hughes, Psychology Huda M. Hussien, Psychology
Anthony Michael Iorio III, Philosophy John Joseph Iorio, Political Science Maryam Jalal, Psychology
Marc Casey Janosik, Philosophy Madison Simone Jaquez, Psychology
Bryce Anthony Jarvis, Political Science Sewwandi Dasunika Jayakody, Psychology Justine Kelly Jebb, Anthropology
Ashton Marie Jenkins, History Jaylyn Jenkins, Psychology Nicole Jeong, Psychology
Alexandra Alba Jimenez, Anthropology Ana Lorenza Jimenez, English
Ajreea Lynn Johnson, Sociology
Domanique Johnson, English India Cire Johnson, Sociology Leaire Tiara Johnson, Psychology Nika Monet Johnson, Psychology 32 2021 Fall Commencement
Antonio I. Johnston-Schock, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social
Science Studies
Carman Josey, Multidisciplinary Studies
Jezreel Blanco Joven, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Sofia Juarez, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Johanny Jurado, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Cameron J. Kakol, Anthropology
Jessica Rochel Karen, Sociology
Amrita Kaur, Psychology
Nicole A. Kaylor, Psychology
Noreen Kenny, Anthropology
Morgan Renee Kephart, Psychology
Derrick Daniel Kepler, Political Science
Buffy Nicole Kerestan, Political Science
Mikayla Nicole Khoury, Psychology
Bethany Oren Kiddo, Psychology
Jessica Young Kim, English
Samantha Jean Kinsey, Psychology
Crystal Lane Klein, Psychology
Jennifer Alyssa Kloos, Psychology
John David Knowlton, Psychology
Ryan Tyler Kole, Political Science
Olivia Grace Kollegger, History
Trevor Ray Koskela, Philosophy
Chazz Lakey, Psychology
Raquel Landeros, Political Science
David Lara, Sociology
Mattias Ingvar Craig Lederer, English
Casey Elaine Ledford, Psychology
Alixandrea Jolaine Lepore, Psychology
Margaret Lewis, History
Nicole Shari Lighten, Psychology
Ameret Chanelle Livingston, Psychology
Elena Marie Aquino Llanes, Multidisciplinary Studies
Aaron Nicholas Lockhart, English
Aisha Jona Lockhart, Psychology
Jacob A. Lockhart, Psychology
William Edward Long II, Multidisciplinary Studies
Karen Longoria, Psychology
Alexa Maria Lopez, Political Science
Hernan Lopez, Psychology
Israel Alex Lopez, Psychology
Evelyn Lopez-Aguayo, English & Political Science (Magna Cum
Laude) University Honors
Kirsten Elaine Lowe, Spanish (Magna Cum Laude) University
Thi My Ly, Psychology
Felicia Madrid, Psychology
Mia Victoria Navarro Magalong, Multidisciplinary Studies
Chanele Marie Mallari, Psychology
Anna Mangasarian, Political Science
Gemma Mangino, Psychology
Alexa Lee Manteris, Psychology
Emily Michelle Mariscal, Psychology
Orestes Marquetti, Multidisciplinary Studies
Joni Mars, Anthropology
Maya Domililia Martinez, Political Science
Xehina Alejandra Martinez-Reyes, Psychology
Emma Martirosyan, Psychology
Meaghan Elizabeth Matthews, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social
Science Studies
Claire Jillian Mauriello-Crozer, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social
Science Studies
Theresa Yvonne Mayo, Multidisciplinary Studies
Taylor Ellis McCluan, Psychology
Riley M. Mccook, English
Alyce'ion Anntanette Mcdowell, Psychology
Merissa-Elise Kalei Mcfarland, Psychology
Angelica Carlaiya McGee, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Ariana McGee, English
Sarah Jean McLaughlin, Psychology
Thomas J. McMahon, Asian and Asian American Studies
Abigail Deniz Medina, Sociology
Mohsen Mehrinfar, Psychology
Celeste Demitra Melonas, Psychology
Mat Ranillo Cunanan Mendoza, Asian and Asian American Studies
Sara Goldyn Meritt, Sociology
Soraia Millani, Psychology
Kellie E. Mills, Psychology
Harlee Jean Miscovich, English, University Honors
Amber Mitchell, History
Imani-Allyse Janai Mitchell, Political Science
Rose M. Mitchell, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Tra Andra’ C. Mitchell, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Jasmine Mary Mollah, Psychology
Jasmyn Montano, Philosophy & Political Science
Trinity E. Moore, Psychology
Sara Diane Mora, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Christopher Gustavo Morales, Psychology
Zuldemar Morales, Sociology
Martin Moreno, Psychology
Maryvy Moreno, Psychology
Yesenia Nadir Moya Garay, English
Laura Muradyan, Psychology
Amanda Marie Murray, Psychology
Kristen Sachiko Roque Nako, Anthropology
Derek M. Nam, English
Ruvarashe Mirabelle Nasungwi, Psychology
Jeff Nava, Psychology
Nathaniel James Neal, Psychology
Zoeie Roberta Neal, Psychology
Travis Gene Nesheim, History
Vy Tran Thao Nguyen, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Jonisha Machelle Nolan, Political Science
Yailin Nunez, Psychology
Axel Ocampo, Philosophy
Orei Odents, Psychology
Iran Olivares, Psychology
David L. Olsen, English
Ana Laura Orozco, Psychology
Jonathan Ahabram Ortega, Psychology
Jeremy Fructuoso Ortiz, History
Charles Albert Pachas Jr., Multidisciplinary Studies
Joshua Simon Palagi, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude)
Yongyu Pang, Psychology
Mark Joseph Narcida Pangelinan, Psychology
Yvonne Nicole Parkinson, Political Science
Jesus Partida Martinez, Psychology
Shannon Blythe Patchin, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science
Noah Charles Pate, History
Chandler Monroe Patrick, English
Kristin Jess Pawelek, Sociology
Porshae MaryAnn Pearson, Sociology
Tandeleya Yvette Peoples-Weaver, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Social Science Studies
Quinntin Tyler Perez, Sociology
Christiene A. Perry, Psychology
Douglas Grant Perryman, Multidisciplinary Studies
Craig Charles Phelps Jr., Psychology
Summer Brooke Pierce, Psychology
Leilani Lynn Pike, Anthropology
Karina Paola Pineda, Psychology
Lucero L. Pineda-Roman, English & Psychology (Cum Laude)
University Honors
Anthony Kenneth Pitch, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Adilene Plancarte, Multidisciplinary Studies
Salvador Polanco Gamez, Political Science
Michael Louis Polish, Multidisciplinary Studies
Aaron Moshe Polonsky, Multidisciplinary Studies
Nicole Marie Porter, Political Science
Charles Portocarrero, Multidisciplinary Studies
Tashima Takara Powell, Psychology
Areli Prado, Psychology
Savannah A. Priest, Psychology
Ledia Prifti, Psychology
Kelly Nicole Prisbrey, Psychology
Alexander Christopher Provan, Philosophy
Maria Alejandra Ramirez, Psychology
Rocio Ramirez, Philosophy
Victoria R. Ramirez, Political Science
Kensy Ramos, Psychology
2021 Fall Commencement 33
Roderick Tiu Ramos, Political Science
Karla Rangel, Psychology
Patty Kimberly Rangel, Philosophy
Daman Nicole Rapoza, English
Leah Raye Reichelderfer, Psychology
Nicholaus James Reising, Anthropology
Francisco Javier Reyes, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Paula Angeline Reyes, Psychology
KyLeanne Reynaldo, Psychology
Isabelle Chen Rice, Asian and Asian American Studies & Political
Science (Cum Laude)
Jack Rico, History
Kimberly Rios, Psychology
Angelo Guillermo Robledo, Anthropology
Gabriel Manuel Robles, Sociology
Hannah Susanne Roch, Political Science
Kristin Clark Rock, Anthropology (Cum Laude)
Loran Michelle Rockwell, Psychology
Luis Miguel Rodriguez, Political Science
Melanie Romero, Psychology
Carlos Alfredo Romo-Caballero, Anthropology & Philosophy
Alejandra Gre Roquemore, Anthropology
Olivia Ann Rose, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Riley Silvio Rouw, Political Science
Anthony J. Rowe, Psychology
Aide Ruiz, Psychology
Jacob Nathaniel Ryan, Psychology
Brooke Elizabeth Sacco Sr., Psychology
Jordan Sadovia, Sociology
Ben Saham, Political Science
Wicelyne Saint Louis, Political Science
Alain Bernardino Sainz Jr., Political Science
Sadaf Saiq, Psychology
Rayan Mohammed Sajid, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Emily Camilla Salazar, History & Latinx and Latin American
Violet Monique Saldivar, Psychology
Shaila Superable Salinas, Anthropology
Celarent Abuan Salonga, Psychology
Zaynab Mohamoud Samater, Psychology
Nohemi Chantal Samayoa, Psychology
Melissa Maria Sanchez, Psychology
Rylee Vaughn Sandberg, Psychology
John Sandoval, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude)
Emily Sandoval-Rosales, Political Science
Amanda Rose Santana, English
Kinshasa Tasawari Zimbabwe Sayers, Multidisciplinary Studies
Laura Rina Schlueter, Psychology
Kaylee Elizabeth Scholtes, Psychology
Max Nikolai Schultz, History
34 2021 Fall Commencement
Kendahl Irish Scully, English
Kendra-Marie Hiilawe Serion-Miranda, Psychology
Andrew Hernandez Serna, Political Science
Scott Gerard Sharp Halpin, Psychology
Kelsie Chen Mei Shibata, Psychology
Nora Margarita Sigaran, Anthropology
Ilana Mayelin Silverman, Multidisciplinary Studies
Antonia Smith, Psychology
Dulcemaria Solian, Psychology
Adan Solis-Torres, History (Cum Laude)
Jessica Sommer, Multidisciplinary Studies
Javiera Antonia Sothers, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Jordan Andrew Stebbins, Sociology
Ghana Steinberg, Sociology
Mary Ann Stephens, Psychology
Shyann Daeleon Stroud, Psychology
Jennifer Sui, Asian and Asian American Studies
Charlene Mateo Sullivan, Psychology
Christine Carina Sweet, Psychology
Elizabeth A. Szirbik, English & History
Aaron Bernard Talledo, English
Xavier Alec Tamayo, Psychology
Leneah Joy B. Tarape, Psychology
Sabrina Tarjan, Psychology
Alyzza-Minelly Tarrobago, English
Jenner Austin Tatz, Psychology
Dallas Mae Taylor, Anthropology
Tawni Leigh Teager, Psychology
Yareli Tejeda, Sociology
Claudia Noemi Tejeda-sanchez, Sociology
Kylie Kamalani Etsuko Teruya, Psychology
Kristian Kosta Thymianos, Political Science
Alina Tijero, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Kelly Anne Timony, English
Wendy Yadira Torres-Ulloa, Sociology
Doris Tran, Psychology
An Gia Truong, Psychology
Christy Allison Tsai, Anthropology
Tatiana A. Tucker, Psychology
Chloe Renae Turcotte, Sociology
Sophia Uribe, Anthropology
April J. Valenzuela, Psychology
Christina Nicole Vargas, Sociology
Ahritza Itzuri Vasquez, English
Karina Vasquez, Psychology
Mikayla Vasquez, English
Janelle Ebreo Vazquez, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Santina Ventre, Psychology
Laura Yaretze Verduzco, Psychology
Alberto Daniel Villarroel, Psychology
Emily May Wade, Sociology
Angel Jenny Wakiihuri, History
Zhenyu Wang, Sociology
Alexandra Waters, English
Taryn Mishael Watson, Psychology
Zykeya Webb, Anthropology
Candace A. Wells, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude) Research
& Creative Honors
Cherylle G. West, Psychology
Kevynne Brianne Wilkerson, Psychology
Darran Matthew Williams, Sociology
Evelyn S. Williams, History
Colin James Winner, Anthropology
Alex Winters, English
Cindy Wong, Political Science
Lauren Taylor Wright, Anthropology (Cum Laude)
Natasha Lynn Wright, Political Science
Noa Ziv Yaron, Multidisciplinary Studies
Davilyn May Yates, Spanish
Emmanuel Yirdaw, Philosophy
Ana Flavia York-Oliva, Psychology
Alexandria Judith Yost, English
Janabelle Costales Zamora, Psychology
Danaye Jessica Zaragoza, Psychology
Rylee Alaina Zavala, Psychology
School of Nursing
Bachelor of Science
Lauren Marie Abuali, Nursing
Taylor Lilyn Aguilar, Nursing
Summer Santos Aromin, Nursing
Crystal Marie Austin Loyd, Nursing
Jesse Ayala, Nursing (Cum Laude)
Ruth Veronica Bautista, Nursing
Yra Beatrice Valdez Bognot, Nursing
Jordyn S. Boykin, Nursing
Rhea MayT. Brasi, Nursing
Christine Siervo Buenaflor, Nursing
Michaela Burns, Nursing
Kenneth Michael Calimlim, Nursing
Stephanie Rose Campbell, Nursing
Dawn Marie Castellano, Nursing
Justine Michelle R. Centeno, Nursing
Maria Mikaella Rosel Chan, Nursing
Jianying Terry Chen, Nursing
Matthew Young Chi, Nursing
Gianna Ellyce Galacgac Coloma, Nursing
Tess Leanne Corda, Nursing
Kamryn Nicole Carranza Cruz, Nursing
Clarise Cura, Nursing
Nicholas Stuart Curry, Nursing
Brittany Nicole Davitt, Nursing
Sachi Marie de la Cruz, Nursing
Samantha T. Deguzman, Nursing
Angel David Diaz, Nursing (Summa Cum Laude)
Anilees Loren Dicus, Nursing
Nicholas C. Dirasian, Nursing
Amber Magpayo Duque, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude) University
Rhey-Jean Enriquez Fernandez, Nursing
Matthew Gamboa, Nursing
Vanessa Garcia, Nursing
Trisha Vitales Godoy, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude) University
Marissa Ann Antonio Gomez, Nursing
Skylar Paige Goodall, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude) University
Chelsea Lynn Greathouse, Nursing
Aaron John Bolinas Guintu, Nursing
Janelle Arianna Guzman, Nursing
Jessica Kim Ngan Ha, Nursing (Cum Laude)
Lori Ana Handelman, Nursing
Andrew J. Harbour, Nursing
Katiana Ninotchka Herbert, Nursing
Alexis Hernaez, Nursing
Ignacio Hernandez, Nursing
Raul Hernandez, Nursing
Bryan Hernandez-Pacheco, Nursing
Jordan Nicholas Hickey, Nursing
Charae Kala'a Anela Hopkinson, Nursing
Ana Angela Ichon, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude) University
Sheaylin Isbell, Nursing
Nicole Michelle Karie, Nursing
Jane Frances Kearns, Nursing
Ryan Duque Lapak, Nursing (Summa Cum Laude)
Renee Linh Le, Nursing
Nanette Page Lewis, Nursing
Emily Lim, Nursing (Cum Laude)
Cailin Rae Lopez, Nursing
Pearla Marina Lopez, Nursing
Antonio Miguel Luna IV, Nursing
Maria Kristina Labayan Lusung, Nursing
Tina May Ly, Nursing
Alyssa K. MacLeod, Nursing
Francis Julian Malana, Nursing
Kimberly Nicole Mallqui, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude)
Jennah Marie Malmgren, Nursing
Khamchanh Rita Manikhong, Nursing
Ava Monet Marcusiu, Nursing
2021 Fall Commencement 35
Sabrina Contreras Martinez, Nursing (Cum Laude)
Alexa Victoria De Menezes Martins, Nursing
Jayison McCorkle, Nursing
Paola Sofia Mendoza, Nursing
Jordan Elizabeth Moreda, Nursing
Cynthia Morga, Nursing
Shannon Marie Moriarity, Nursing
Tyler Louise Murphy, Nursing
Madison Nakamura, Nursing
Karenkathlyn Nava, Nursing (Cum Laude) University Honors
Michael Merle Neff, Nursing
Iryna Nezhurbida, Nursing
Lisa Le Nguyen, Nursing
Mackensie Nolen, Nursing
Nicole Marie D. Novilla, Nursing
Ricardo Nungaray, Nursing
Jasmine Monique Nurnberg, Nursing
Amber Lee O'Connor, Nursing
Alexa Fernanda Orozco Rodriguez, Nursing
Brandonn Walter Oswald, Nursing
Amanda Shayne Padilla, Nursing
Beatriz Paredes, Nursing
Justin Reyes Pedraza, Nursing
Monica A. Pinlac, Nursing
Suliane Plotard, Nursing
Jenai Kamakana Polendey, Nursing
Deseree Moe Ponce, Nursing
Alyssa Marie Landero Porras, Nursing
Karla Mariela Portan, Nursing
Madina Qadir, Nursing
Jacob Miguel Raya, Nursing
Alyssa Bianca Reyes, Nursing
Javaughn M. Rhodes, Nursing
Raven Rickard, Nursing
Chelsea Muyano Rivera, Nursing
Mary Honoria Rivera, Nursing (Cum Laude)
Alaysia Robinson, Nursing (Summa Cum Laude)
Bianca S. Rodriguez Villanueva, Nursing
Kylie Bernice Elizabeth Rogers, Nursing
Francisco Javier Romero, Nursing
Saul Benitez Rosales, Nursing
Kyle Payas Rosana, Nursing
Jimena Rubio, Nursing
Kyle Brandon Saclolo, Nursing
Alejandra Salume Avila, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude) University
Cindy Melissa Sepulveda, Nursing
Izabel Rose Short Lariccia, Nursing
Devon Sipe, Nursing
Joshua Deluna Sison, Nursing
Austin D. Smith, Nursing
36 2021 Fall Commencement
Crystal Brooke Snedeker, Nursing
Jared Richard Stuebs, Nursing
Noptanat Subchoosang, Nursing
Sienna Ashley Susoeff, Nursing
Jaci K. Suzawa, Nursing
Danielle Dandasan Taloma, Nursing
Tashfeen Tariq, Nursing
Cameron Miguel Tennies, Nursing
Lauryn Elisse Thomas, Nursing
Kelsey C. Thompson, Nursing
Sariah Torres, Nursing
Maggie L. Trees-Aflleje, Nursing
Kelly Natalie Trigueros, Nursing
Jessica Mae Valenzuela Tuzara, Nursing
Edana Angelika Alarde Valdez, Nursing
Matthew John Villanueva, Nursing
Keita E. Walton, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Zhuowen Wang, Nursing
Amber Elena Woodard, Nursing
Yongxin Xie, Nursing
Daphne Alyssa Yamat, Nursing
Anne Yoo, Nursing (Summa Cum Laude)
Michaela Zeitz, Nursing
School of Public Health
Bachelor of Science
Bethleham Abebe, Public Health
Scott Aaron Ake, Healthcare Administration
Keanna Jordan Avila, Public Health
Ma Luisa R. Benicarlo, Healthcare Administration (Cum Laude)
University Honors
Davenia Boothe, Public Health
Robert Joseph Bowers, Healthcare Administration
Jennifer Viviana Bravo-Hernandez, Public Health
Tiffany Ann-Marie Chuning, Healthcare Administration
April Faith Justine Cinco, Healthcare Administration
Talia Omalee Colbert, Public Health
Tiara Marie Conger, Healthcare Administration
Rachel Setsuko Rose Deguchi, Healthcare Administration
Deborah Elaine Escobedo, Healthcare Administration (Summa
Cum Laude)
Sage Andrew Favre, Healthcare Administration
Thea Veronica Fisher, Healthcare Administration
Daniele Faith Franklin, Healthcare Administration
Matthew Lynne Gallegos, Public Health
Qinglan Guan, Healthcare Administration
Ivana Julissa Guzman, Healthcare Administration
Korosh Hamedsaedian, Healthcare Administration
Kassy Lee Heikkinen, Healthcare Administration
Jacqueline Hipolito Sereno, Healthcare Administration
Anabel Jimenez, Healthcare Administration
Derrick Lanham, Public Health
Melanie Grace Layson, Public Health
Joanne Ferguson Lim, Healthcare Administration (Summa Cum
Phoebe Love, Healthcare Administration
Julienne Manuel, Healthcare Administration
Dajonai Hanna-Marie McLin, Healthcare Administration
Ksara Milstead, Healthcare Administration
Marcelle Emiane Moncravie, Public Health
Jahel Yvette Moreno, Public Health
Isaac William Nielson, Healthcare Administration
Kaycie Lynn Noble, Public Health
Ciara Ck Northen, Public Health
Azhwalaee Cheroquee Oliver, Public Health
Justin Peruchini, Healthcare Administration
Justine Mae Manahan Pura, Healthcare Administration
Jasmine Vanessa Quiroz, Healthcare Administration
Jaron Christian Rivera, Healthcare Administration
Yesenia Rodriguez Gallardo, Healthcare Administration
Gabriel Eric Rollins, Healthcare Administration
Gerilyn Arcilia Rufin, Public Health
Alona G. Sabalo, Healthcare Administration
Kiyannie Sofia Marie Sablay, Healthcare Administration
Ambree Elizabeth Papa Schoetker, Public Health (Summa Cum
Jemaima Serna-Tagayuna, Public Health
Meron Marlign Shawul, Public Health
Naomi G. Shiferaw, Public Health
Ronald Wyatt Sloan, Public Health
Binti Shabaan Sokondo, Healthcare Administration
Alexandria Marie Strickland, Public Health
Verna L. Tabladillo, Healthcare Administration
Matilda C. Thompson, Healthcare Administration
Nathaly Velazquez, Healthcare Administration
Jenny Thanh Vo, Healthcare Administration
Dinna Fantaye Wogayehu, Public Health
Sofia Hurtado Young, Healthcare Administration (Summa Cum Laude)
College of Sciences
Bachelor of Arts
Debbie Faupel, Mathematics
Roxana Mihaela Haures, Mathematics
Seung Ha Lee, Chemistry
Skye Pratt, Mathematics
Bachelor of Science
Kyle Abenojar, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Mohammed Nabil Abushanab, Biological Sciences
Dorian Alberto Achaval, Biological Sciences
Nabeel Afzal, Biological Sciences
Baylor Alexander Akhavan, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Motasem Rateb Albaghdadi, Biological Sciences
Katelyn Ruth Briones Alcantara, Biological Sciences
Max Rudley Alcindon, Biochemistry
Christopher James G Aldeguer, Mathematics
Nadine Stenna Hernandez Alfonso, Biological Sciences
George Michael Alhwayek, Biological Sciences
Houman Alizadeh, Physics
Marcos Julian Almeyda, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
University Honors
Zayzafoon Al-Sultani, Biological Sciences
Christopher Thomas Aspiras, Biochemistry
Lucky Assefa, Biological Sciences
Sarah Atrah, Earth & Environmental Science
Jasmin Jessica Avagyan, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Stevie L. Baker, Biological Sciences
Sophia Lee Bao, Biological Sciences
Abimael Jerah Barajas, Biological Sciences
Minna Victoria Barrera, Biological Sciences
Brian Barriga, Biochemistry
Nihat Deniz Bayramoglu, Biological Sciences
Whitley Petra Beattie, Biological Sciences
Marten Isahi Benuto, Biological Sciences
Madison Betts, Geology (Cum Laude)
Joshua M. Bigham, Biological Sciences
Scott R. Billings, Biological Sciences, University Honors
Kayla Bland, Biological Sciences
Mary H. Blankenship, Chemistry, University Honors
Jose Guadalupe Campos, Geology
Liz Michelle Casis-Flores, Biological Sciences
Karen N. Castillo Alcazar, Biochemistry
Maria Kristin Ceroni, Biological Sciences
Aaron Cheng, Biological Sciences (Summa Cum Laude) Research
& Creative Honors
Bradley Adam Clark, Earth & Environmental Science
Randall Evan Combs, Biological Sciences
Davis McCain Crouch, Geology
Hayley Elizabeth Dallman, Earth & Environmental Science
Nardos Damena, Biological Sciences
Ciera Jean DaPra, Biological Sciences
FikirTaddese Degefu, Biological Sciences
Raymond Diaz, Biochemistry
Tayler Ruth Dickerson, Biological Sciences
Kilian Kain Diers, Biological Sciences
Matthew Joseph Dineros, Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
2021 Fall Commencement 37
Kenny Hoang Do, Biological Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)
University Honors
Tricia Domingo, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) University
Ryan Doss, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) University Honors
Jessica Christine Farnsworth, Physics
Kaitlin Farrell, Biological Sciences
Kayla Cheyenne Bonsol Francisco, Biological Sciences
Genghis Sam Ganbold, Biological Sciences
Betsua M. Garcia-Trujillo, Biological Sciences
Wendy Gaytan, Biological Sciences
Matthew Ghattas, Biological Sciences
Samantha Avery Giannantonio, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum
Laude) University Honors & Research and Creative Honors
Brian A. Gillilan, Earth & Environmental Science
Amanda Hani Gobran, Biological Sciences
Karen A. Gonzalez, Biochemistry
Kelly Ann Gross, Geology
Aaron Guevarra, Biological Sciences, University Honors
Cianna Gaile Gundayao, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
University Honors
Karen Marie Guthrie, Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Elizabeth Gutierrez, Biological Sciences
Nicole Rae Guttman, Biological Sciences
Yoel D. Habte, Biological Sciences
Nalissala Hadfield, Biological Sciences
Raine Julian Harris, Physics, University Honors
Arevik Harutyunyan, Biological Sciences
John Stewart Hatch, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) University
Elexis Rachelle Heaton, Biological Sciences
Myles Isaiah Holland, Biological Sciences
Alex Hood, Biological Sciences
Wenwei Huang, Biological Sciences
Sarah Fann Huynh, Biological Sciences
Austin Tyler Jacobs, Biological Sciences
Elizabeth Jaggi, Earth & Environmental Science
Maryam Jalal, Biological Sciences
Sewwandi Dasunika Jayakody, Biological Sciences
Chris Hyunbin Jeong, Biological Sciences
Caleb Park Johnson, Biological Sciences
Sharon Gerlin Joseph, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Betsabe Juarez-Machuca, Biological Sciences
Amanjot Kaur Kailey, Biological Sciences
Priya Singh Khakh, Biological Sciences
Taimur Khalid, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Taimur Khalid, Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude) University
38 2021 Fall Commencement
Delilah Patrticia Kickbusch, Biological Sciences
Lisa Kraisriwatana, Biological Sciences
Pris Marie Laragan, Biological Sciences
Kevin Van Le, Biological Sciences
Vanessa Karen Lemus Chico, Biological Sciences
Kenneth J. Leon, Biological Sciences
Mya Darlene Lofton, Biological Sciences, University Honors
Antone Longoria, Biological Sciences
Andrea Lopez, Biological Sciences
Daisy Jennifer Lopez, Physics
Gabriel Christopher Lopez, Biological Sciences
Stephanie Lopez, Biological Sciences
Samantha Buu Lu, Biological Sciences
Jacky Jason Mac, Biological Sciences
Caitlin Anne Maclean, Biological Sciences
Karely Madrid, Biochemistry
Kristina Marchenko, Biological Sciences
Ronnee Le'onne Marshall, Biological Sciences
Thomas Mitchell Mattison, Earth & Environmental Science
Michael Albert Mcdougall III, Mathematics
Kristina Rose Mcinnes, Biochemistry
Kyle Scott McKercher, Geology
Brittany Page McPherson, Biological Sciences
Savannah Lorraine Michalsky, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Jordyn Greer Mickelson, Biological Sciences
Esperanza Gavriella Mireles, Biochemistry
Raunaq Ali Mohsin, Biological Sciences
Nicholas Saguid Mojica, Biological Sciences
Joshua Monk, Biological Sciences
Karin Montiel, Biological Sciences
Michael David Moreland Jr., Mathematics, University Honors
Faraz Mostafaeipour, Physics (Magna Cum Laude) University
Honors & Research and Creative Honors
Nicholas V. Munoz, Physics
Luisa Fernanda Najera, Biological Sciences
Tomas Nava-Virrey, Mathematics
Samantha Lee Naylor, Biological Sciences
Priscilla Lenay Negrete-Sacayon, Biological Sciences
Amy Minh Phuong Nguyen, Biological Sciences
Celine Nguyen, Biological Sciences
Nhu Quynh Nguyen, Biological Sciences
Phuong Nguyen, Biological Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)
University Honors
Lazar Novakovic, Mathematics & Physics
Valentina Okhovat, Biological Sciences
Michaelangelo Christian Ortega, Biological Sciences
Audrey Madison Ott, Biological Sciences
Mark Joseph Narcida Pangelinan, Biological Sciences
Andrew D. Parker, Geology
Julian Edward Pereda, Mathematics
Michael John Perkins, Earth & Environmental Science
Monica Marie Pifer, Biological Sciences
Brandon Polimeni, Biological Sciences
Dat Si Quach, Biochemistry
Jesse Evans Quintero, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Daniela Quintero-lturralde, Biological Sciences
Yueming Rang, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Amna Raza, Biological Sciences
Sabrina Georgette Reyes Gonzalez, Chemistry, University Honors
Celine Jasmine Rodriguez, Biological Sciences
Gabriel Edward Rodriguez, Biological Sciences
Stephanie S. Ronquillo, Biological Sciences
Ronoel Rorman, Biological Sciences
Shawn Rouhani, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Robin Ruth, Biological Sciences
Matthew Joseph Rutledge, Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude)
Sarah Saleh, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) University Honors
Joshua Lee Schoetker, Physics
Emma Emily Sevoian, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) University
Gozde J. Shipman, Biological Sciences
Kenneth R. Shivler, Biological Sciences
Corbin Smith, Mathematics
Carlos Andres Sosa-Alvarez, Biological Sciences
Kristin Wendy Stone, Biological Sciences, University Honors
Maliha Sultana, Biological Sciences
Teo Tabar, Biological Sciences
Trevor Nikolai Taylor, Physics
Brian Tieu, Biochemistry
Jonathan To, Biological Sciences
Ryan Tobias, Biological Sciences
Samantha Rose Todd, Mathematics
Truong Tong, Mathematics
Jonathan William Tooth, Earth & Environmental Science
Samantha Torres, Biological Sciences
An Gia Truong, Biological Sciences
Tiana T. Tu, Biological Sciences
Sydney Lee Tuiofea, Earth & Environmental Science
Erika Belen Vaca Lopez, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
University Honors
Hansel Valdes, Mathematics
Yesenia Valle-Ramirez, Biological Sciences
Eric Benjamin Vaughn, Biological Sciences
Carolina Cristina Velasquez, Physics
Tyler Alexsis Venegas, Biological Sciences
Casadie Devian Terlaje Vida, Biological Sciences
Stehnner Durham Warren, Biological Sciences
Alyssa C. Watkins, Biological Sciences
Zykeya Webb, Biological Sciences
Cherylle G. West, Biological Sciences
Ethan Wheat, Biological Sciences
Orin Galis Whitby, Biological Sciences
Ushani Dilshara Wijesundara, Biological Sciences Marquis Derrell Wilkerson Jr., Biochemistry Daniel Edward Witoslawski, Biological Sciences Angie Daniela Woods, Biological Sciences Jacob Harrison Woods, Biological Sciences Nikkie Yang, Biological Sciences
David J. Zagaceta, Physics
Dylan Ziegler, Biological Sciences
Savva Vitaly Zoltoev, Biological Sciences
Greenspan College of Urban Affairs
Bachelor of Arts
Jamila Abbas, Criminal Justice Noris Abuhamdieh, Criminal Justice Dani V. Adams, Journalism & Media Studies Jerome Delorian Alexander, Criminal Justice Nicholas J. Alexander, Criminal Justice Ibrahim Naeel Ali, Criminal Justice
Francesca Gisela Alonzi, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude) Miranda Rae Altamirano, Criminal Justice
Christopher Alvarez, Journalism & Media Studies
Gabriel Alvarez, Communication Studies (Summa Cum Laude) Kimberly C. Alvarez-Vazquez, Criminal Justice Ian Anderson, Criminal Justice
Katrina P. Arbis, Journalism & Media Studies
Cecilia Arroyo Arias, Communication Studies (Cum Laude) Karina Samantha Arteaga, Criminal Justice
Arianna Yvonne Artusa, Journalism & Media Studies Katherine Babette Ascanio, Criminal Justice
Matthew Abeyta Atencio, Journalism & Media Studies Tiyani Aulelava, Criminal Justice
Clarissa Y. Ayala, Criminal Justice
Chester Dale Presiados Ayos, Communication Studies Kalee Nohealani Kimiyo Bacongco, Communication Studies Brooke Sierra Baldwin, Criminal Justice
Nadya Ashley Bayliss, Communication Studies Bryce Easton Beaver, Criminal Justice Carlos Mayel Bedolla, Criminal Justice Bradley S. Benavidez, Criminal Justice Rebekah Roshni Bhatti, Criminal Justice Chasen Michael Billon, Criminal Justice Konstantin Bjelica, Criminal Justice Cassandra J. Blackmore, Criminal Justice Alisha M. Bleakley, Communication Studies
Vanessa Marie Brady, Journalism & Media Studies Anazha Jevon Braggs-Amphy, Criminal Justice Ashley Elizabeth Briggs, Communication Studies
2021 Fall Commencement 39
Maren Kai Brook, Criminal Justice
Nathan Jay Brooks Bushaw, Criminal Justice
Brant Browning, Criminal Justice
Antonia J. Calzada, Criminal Justice
Emily Rose Campos, Journalism & Media Studies Olivia Arianna Capuano, Criminal Justice
Sierra Marie Cardamone, Journalism & Media Studies Saul Carrera Jr., Criminal Justice
Matthew Ryan Carrico, Journalism & Media Studies Dylan Forrest Casebeer, Criminal Justice
Tania Castro, Journalism & Media Studies Sabina Su Pin Chang, Criminal Justice
Joshua Chavez, Journalism & Media Studies Ravi Justin Chedi, Criminal Justice
Amber Chesebro, Communication Studies
Madelynn Rose Ciz, Communication Studies
Angelique Claire Clark, Journalism & Media Studies Christopher Clemons, Communication Studies
Giovanna Goncalves Coelho, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude) Andrea Richelie Coibion, Criminal Justice
Mariah Lashelle Coleman, Criminal Justice Paige Cooke, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude) Isabella Marie Corsi, Criminal Justice Sinderella Cortes-Vilchis, Criminal Justice
Cody Lang Criswell, Criminal Justice
Sydney Margaret Cross, Communication Studies Brenda C. Cruz Gomez, Communication Studies
Sophie Carol-Ann Dahlstedt, Criminal Justice
Rachel Elizabeth Dane, Journalism & Media Studies Jorgen J. Davidson, Communication Studies
Tomeisha Lajoyce Davis, Journalism & Media Studies Samantha L. Dazzio, Communication Studies Marisa Elizabeth Dion, Criminal Justice
Vanya Djukic, Criminal Justice
Matthew Dean Dobbs, Journalism & Media Studies Braden TB Dunfield, Communication Studies
Devyn Alexis Duran, Communication Studies
Unique Shyann Durrough, Criminal Justice
Christopher Jordan Edwards, Communication Studies (Cum Laude)
Annora Cristina Erickson, Criminal Justice
Liliana Espinoza, Criminal Justice
Esmeralda Fajardo, Criminal Justice
Aracely Fernandez, Communication Studies Hunter Joseph Ferris, Criminal Justice Blake Marshall Ferron, Criminal Justice
Roberto Adan Flores, Communication Studies
Susan Alexandra Florian, Communication Studies Keva Francis, Criminal Justice
Faviola Isela Franco, Criminal Justice
Victoria Franco-Ibarra, Journalism & Media Studies
40 2021 Fall Commencement
Deaneer M. Franklin, Journalism & Media Studies
Sade Nicole Franklin, Criminal Justice
Kristian Ivan Frias-Acosta, Journalism & Media Studies Chelsea Wing Fung, Criminal Justice
Harley U'ilani Gagnon, Journalism & Media Studies JannieRose Guinto Garcia, Communication Studies Susan Garcia, Criminal Justice
David Sebastian Gassner, Communication Studies
Ayla Suzanne Gelsinger, Communication Studies Heaven Tesfay Gidey, Journalism & Media Studies Alyssa Gignac, Criminal Justice
Susan Giles, Communication Studies (Cum Laude)
Jalen Rashaan Glover, Criminal Justice
Diane Godfrey, Criminal Justice
David Hunter Gold, Criminal Justice
Wilson Heberaldo Gomez-Hernandez, Communication Studies Mariah G. Gonzales, Criminal Justice
Daniel Gonzales Randolph Jr., Communication Studies Alejandra Gonzalez, Criminal Justice
Dakota Sue Gordon, Communication Studies
Sierra Lynn Grazioso, Journalism & Media Studies Zariyah Aree Green, Communication Studies
Olivia Rose Guarino, Journalism & Media Studies Wendy Gutierrez, Criminal Justice
Brittany Nicole Hackney, Communication Studies
Nathan Matthew Hall, Communication Studies (Cum Laude) Elijah Immanuel Hames, Communication Studies
Lisa Marie Hearting, Communication Studies
Morgan Riley Hemphill, Criminal Justice
Janell Alexa Heneman, Communication Studies (Cum Laude) Andrea Patricia Hernandez, Criminal Justice
Elizabeth Olivia Hernandez, Criminal Justice Hugo Leonel Hernandez II, Criminal Justice
Monique Hernandez, Journalism & Media Studies Richard A. Hernandez, Criminal Justice
Zachary Joesph Herr, Criminal Justice
Micah Higa, Criminal Justice
Kassandra Hinestroza, Communication Studies
Jordan Hoffman, Criminal Justice
Michael Hollingsworth, Criminal Justice Carlie Ann Hopkins, Criminal Justice
Alexandria J. Hugar, Criminal Justice Victoria Jackson, Criminal Justice
John Kelly Jenkins, Communication Studies
Kenneth Wayne Jimison Jr., Journalism & Media Studies Armoni Allysa Johnson, Criminal Justice
Gage Jaeger Johnson, Journalism & Media Studies Kennedy R. Johnson, Communication Studies
Cynthia Marie Jones, Criminal Justice
Johanny Jurado, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude) Emily Kaye Jurbala, Journalism & Media Studies
Sunjung Kang, Criminal Justice
George Karvounidis, Journalism & Media Studies
Rylee-Ann Kauahikaua, Communication Studies
Rilee Belleza De Vida Keane, Journalism & Media Studies (Magna
Cum Laude)
Fenhus Kebrom, Journalism & Media Studies
Emily Elizabeth Keith, Communication Studies (Cum Laude)
Hunter Kirsch, Criminal Justice
Donovan Ray Kiser, Criminal Justice
Ciara Shayne Klick, Criminal Justice
Dymon Dashonte Knapp, Criminal Justice
Danielle Reid Knjazkov, Criminal Justice
Leon Willis Knox Jr., Communication Studies
Brittany Kowalski, Communication Studies
Ashleigh Jordan Kublick, Criminal Justice
Christopher Gary Lanoie, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Ryan Joseph Levine, Journalism & Media Studies
Crystal Sydney Lewis, Criminal Justice
Rachel Lynn Lilly, Criminal Justice
Dylan Linke, Criminal Justice
Mariah Alana Logue, Criminal Justice
Jennifer Marie Lombardi, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Angelika Maria Lopez, Criminal Justice
Ryan Rabaino Lopez, Criminal Justice
Jupytericharianna Valencia Lotulelei, Criminal Justice
Danielle Marie Lyons, Criminal Justice
Libni Jocabed Madrid, Communication Studies
Victoria Ann Malkusz, Criminal Justice
Kevin Malta, Criminal Justice
Arryka Marshall, Criminal Justice
Stephanie Marie Martinez, Criminal Justice
Dustyn Matsuura, Criminal Justice
Kelli Rose McClain, Communication Studies
Angelica Carlaiya McGee, Communication Studies
Andrea Dianne McGregor, Communication Studies
Parker Thomas Mchale, Criminal Justice
Hunter Bryce McNair, Criminal Justice
Nashely Irlanda Medina, Criminal Justice
Amaya Jean Mendoza, Criminal Justice
Valentina N. Mentchoukov, Journalism & Media Studies
Aleesha Marie Meola, Criminal Justice
Peter A. Mercado, Criminal Justice
Lucas Akira Miyoshi, Communication Studies
Maricella Precious Mojaddidi-Brambila, Journalism & Media
Madeline Josephine Moll, Criminal Justice
Jasmyn Montano, Criminal Justice
Maryvy Moreno, Criminal Justice
Joseph Pardo Mortero, Criminal Justice
Michael Wayne Mulvaney, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Matthew Nelson, Communication Studies
Michael Newman, Criminal Justice
Matthew Gregory Nicholl, Communication Studies
Alan Patricio Nunez Barragan, Journalism & Media Studies
Mark Anthony Oasay, Criminal Justice
Eva O'Donnell, Criminal Justice
Justice Adeyemi Oluwaseun, Journalism & Media Studies Brian Michael O'Neill, Journalism & Media Studies
Ana Laura Orozco, Criminal Justice
Sydney P. Orpano, Journalism & Media Studies
Maria Irasema Ortiz, Criminal Justice
Garrett K. Otoole, Journalism & Media Studies
Aesha Owolabi, Journalism & Media Studies
Brandon Agustin Padilla, Criminal Justice
Isaac Anthony Paglialunga, Journalism & Media Studies
Chun Yu Pai, Criminal Justice (Summa Cum Laude)
Daniela Palacios Flores, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude) Brandon Parker, Communication Studies
Reena Mae Parungao, Communication Studies
Braxton J. Pendleton, Criminal Justice
Karina Perez, Journalism & Media Studies
Garrett Michael Perkinson, Criminal Justice
Jaylynn E. Petrick, Criminal Justice
Dalton Alexander Pierce, Communication Studies
Chandler Harris Pike, Criminal Justice
Glivell Piloto, Journalism & Media Studies
Hannah Nichole Pina, Criminal Justice
Kevin Wilfredo Pineda, Criminal Justice
Tania Pino, Criminal Justice
Makenna N. Pittman, Criminal Justice
Alexis Juan Placido-Reyes, Criminal Justice
Michael Anthony Quintero, Journalism & Media Studies Michelle Quinteros, Communication Studies (Cum Laude) Symone Monique Randell, Journalism & Media Studies Nadiya Mari Reed, Criminal Justice
Jamie Genovese Rees, Journalism & Media Studies
Tedbab Tshay Retta, Criminal Justice
Claudette Reyes, Communication Studies (Cum Laude) Crystal Reyes Bravo, Criminal Justice
Priscilla Marie Chanel Rezai, Journalism & Media Studies
Jessica Monique Robinson, Criminal Justice
Alejandra P. Rodriguez, Communication Studies
Erika G. Rodriguez, Criminal Justice
Luis G. Rodriguez, Criminal Justice
Kaitlyn Marie Rogers, Communication Studies
Isabel Monique Rojas, Communication Studies
Roland Gregory Roman, Criminal Justice
Alice Emely Romero, Criminal Justice
Iman Roshan, Criminal Justice
Melani Yasmith Rubio, Criminal Justice
Jesus Ruiz, Communication Studies Llaira Melissa Ruiz, Criminal Justice
2021 Fall Commencement 41
Payton Ryerson, Criminal Justice
Vanessa Sanabria, Criminal Justice
Crystal Sanchez, Criminal Justice
James 0. Shaw II, Communication Studies
Taylor Alexa Shaw, Journalism & Media Studies
Kelsie Chen Mei Shibata, Criminal Justice
Brittany Christina Show, Criminal Justice
William A. Shutt, Criminal Justice
Jose Sillas, Journalism & Media Studies
Joseph Chance Silva, Communication Studies
Juliana Ferreira Silva, Criminal Justice
Kai Kahani Shawki Smith, Journalism & Media Studies
Valerie Grace Ajero Snodgrass, Criminal Justice
Kelsie Jaileen Solorzano, Journalism & Media Studies
Kailey Ann Songster, Communication Studies
Andrew Nicholas Ka Wo Soon, Criminal Justice
Jeremy Michael Sorensen, Criminal Justice
Delia Soto, Criminal Justice
Ryan Sozzi, Criminal Justice
Brianna Capri Spezialetti, Criminal Justice
Sierra Christa Stein, Communication Studies
Andrew Dylan Stevenson, Journalism & Media Studies
Chantel B. Stucki, Criminal Justice
Allan Bradley Svet, Criminal Justice
Vanessa Clair Tanner, Criminal Justice
Jasmin Tarabeih, Communication Studies
Noemi Tarin, Criminal Justice
Katonah Danane Thomas, Journalism & Media Studies
Anthony Andrew Timmons, Criminal Justice
Kamal Toktonov, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude)
Alyssa Torres, Criminal Justice
Mariam Sheilagh Toure, Journalism & Media Studies
Anna Tran, Criminal Justice
Jennifer Thuy Thi Kim Tran, Communication Studies
Nathalia Trujillo, Journalism & Media Studies
Ryan Omar Trujillo, Criminal Justice
Anthony J. Tudisca, Criminal Justice
Fernan Ubalde, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Aline G. Uriostegui, Criminal Justice
Russell Laurence Vermillion, Communication Studies
Dragana Vignjevic, Communication Studies (Magna Cum Laude)
Vanessa Villanueva, Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude)
Kelly Vogel, Communication Studies
Breeanna Wade, Criminal Justice
Jerome Desha Washington, Communication Studies
Keiontay Williams, Communication Studies
Patrick Williams, Criminal Justice
Marisa Athena Wong, Criminal Justice
Aaron Wynn, Communication Studies
Anastasya Youmans, Communication Studies
Bachelor of Science
Cheral A. Bains, Urban Studies Noah Turrell Bean, Urban Studies Niema Beckford, Urban Studies Vanessa A. Beltran, Urban Studies George W. Borden, Urban Studies Junlee Navarro Ceniza, Urban Studies Rachel M. Chaisson, Urban Studies Kenneth Androi Cottrell, Urban Studies Brittany M. Davis, Urban Studies Heather Tracy Dayton, Urban Studies Marco Antonio Gonzalez, Urban Studies Miguel Angel Gonzalez, Urban Studies Jasmyne L. Graham, Urban Studies Nicolas D. Gutierrez, Urban Studies Geoffrey Clay Hartley, Urban Studies Tariq Ross Hollandsworth, Urban Studies Kelly Meagan Hughes, Urban Studies Bethany Jean Kincaid, Urban Studies Kelsey Ann Kost, Urban Studies Hilda Lemus, Urban Studies
Samantha Ashley Malone, Urban Studies Anya Soraya Mangahas Casey, Urban Studies William O’neil McCurdy II, Urban Studies
Maricella Precious Mojaddidi-Brambila, Urban Studies Lauryn Reynolds, Urban Studies Gage V. Rock, Urban Studies Kenneth P. Steele, Urban Studies
J T Terwilliger, Urban Studies
Bachelor of Social Work Gissel Aldaba, Social Work Madeline Jean Marie Anderson, Social Work Brianna Arredondo, Social Work Izabella Rose Baumann, Social Work Madison G. Beasley, Social Work Azriel Nikole Brown, Social Work Nancy Calderon, Social Work Vicky Castellanos, Social Work Myeongjae Cheon, Social Work Marie Janette Decker, Social Work Amanda Dos Anjos, Social Work Brittany Falconi, Social Work Tamara Favela, Social Work Marisol Flores, Social Work Alejandra Gonzalez, Social Work Robert Wesley Lane II, Social Work
Gabriella Marzella Maefield, Social Work Gabrielle Nicole Molina, Social Work Brittney Jordan Neilson, Social Work Lenny Rose P. Pascoe, Social Work
Pablo Joaquin Pascual, Social Work (Cum Laude)
Brookes Maileina Phillips, Social Work
Karina Rivera, Social Work
Alondra Rodriguez-Martinez, Social Work
Alberto Roman Jr., Social Work
Rachel Anahi Rubio, Social Work (Cum Laude)
Karla Sarmiento, Social Work
Jaleesa Schatzan, Social Work
Karly-Rose Siliado, Social Work
Angelina Tuenge, Social Work (Magna Cum Laude)
Claudia Valverde, Social Work
Desiree Chanel Velazquez, Social Work
Frank Thomas Vizza Jr., Social Work
2021 Fall Commencement 43
42 2021 Fall Commencement
Directed by David Loeb, Adam Schroeder & Nathan Tanouye
Gary Fowler '18 - Vocals Kurt Tumbagahan - Trumpet FJ. Rodriguez - Alto Saxophone Giovanni Lacala - Trombone Micah Smith - Piano Keegan Carter -Bass Zach Guzman Mejia - Drums
(Composted by Eric Whitacre, Lyrics by Thomas Leslie and Robyn Lemon Chapman)
Alma Mater, we praise you For Spirit, the eternal flame.
Strength which never falters, A tribute to your name.
Alma Mater, we thank you, Exalted Scarlet and Gray.
Truth and wisdom from your Standard in our minds and hearts will stay.
Alma Mater, we cherish you. And in days that are yet to be, Our voices let us ever raise In honor, U-N-L-V.
44 2021 Fall Commencement
2021 Fall Commencement 45
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is proud to honor those who have served in the Armed Forces. Below is a list of veterans who are graduating.
Tracie Allaire Olivo Avila Meza Beattie Whitley Bryce Beaver Roy Bonavente Michael Brady Ricky Broaddus Hunter Cain Bradley Clark
Ryan Dixon
Otis Henderson
Marc Janosik
Brandon Jones
Robert Jones
Sul Ki Kim
Haeden Kyung Mikhail Kuhlmann Ely Markarian
Christian Marquez
Nikolay Minkov
Michael Newman
Andrew Ocampo
Nicholette Olson
Benjamin Paul
Kevin Pineda
Jimmy Ruangnol
Inas Vince Santiago
Jaleesa Schatzan
Jared Stuebs
Kerri Apineru
Jesse Ayala Erik Del Mar Jr. Manuel Montes Andrew Ocampo
Amber O'Connor
Celeste Batey Joshua Kaze Katherine Larson
J. Lavine
Celeste Melonas
Mark Oasay
Shane O’Brien
Terrell Parker
Michael Perkins
Gerilyn Rufin
Ambree Schoetker
Joshua Sison
Claudia Tejeda-Sanchez Frank Vizza
Mehdi Abid
William Burkhardt
Dylan Casebeer
Joshua Chavez
Rodney Galan
Gabriel Green
Christopher Kane
Derrick Kepler
Pablo Pascual
Jesse Somdahl-Dienno
Andre Thompson
Brandon Williams
Matthew Young
Hana Amanuel
Henry Cable
Jamie Council
Ryan Dombro
Katie Hoffman
Andrea Lanoie
Christopher Lanoie
Theresa Mayo
Jasmine Milam
Jeremy Ortiz
Jerome Washington
Michael Hollingsworth
Michael Na-0
Michael Sutter
Lorenkristofer Guevarra
Carolina Velasquez
46 2021 Fall Commencement
Thomas Mattison
Frank S. Wartman Doctor of Science
Malcolm Love Doctor of Laws
Dean E. McHenry Doctor of Laws
Herbert E. Grier Doctor of Science
Lt. Gen. Frank T. Mildren Doctor of Science
Nevitt Sanford
Doctor of Humane Letters
Francis H. Horn
Doctor of Humane Letters
Bob Hope
Doctor of Humane Letters
Howard W. Cannon Doctor of Laws Del E. Webb
Doctor of Humane Letters
David Bruce Dill Doctor of Laws
Bishop Joseph Green Doctor of Humane Letters Gov. Mike O'Callaghan Doctor of Laws
No degree awarded
Walker R. Young Doctor of Science
Frank Church Doctor of Laws Frank Sinatra
Doctor of Humane Letters
Herman M. Greenspun Doctor of Humane Letters
John C. Mowbray
Doctor of Laws
Paul F. Sharp
Doctor of Humane Letters
Bart J. Bok
Doctor of Science
Paul Laxalt
Doctor of Laws
Daniel J. Boorstin
Doctor of Humane Letters
Wayne Newton
Doctor of Humane Letters
Donald H. Baepler
Doctor of Science
Frank Waters
Doctor of Humane Letters
Lucile Bruner
Doctor of Humane Letters
Rev. Caesar Caviglia
Doctor of Humane Letters
Frank H. T. Rhodes
Doctor of Letters
E. Parry Thomas
Doctor of Laws
Charles Vanda
Doctor of Humane Letters
Simcha Dinitz
Doctor of Humane Letters
Major Gen. Robert E.
Doctor of Science
Jerome Mack
Doctor of Laws
Harry Wald
Doctors of Laws
David P. Gardner
Doctor of Laws
Jihan El-Sadat
Doctor of Letters
Diana Ross
Doctor of Humane Letters
John Theodore "Ted"
Doctor of Letters
Major Gen. R. G.
"Zack" Taylor
Doctor of Laws
Marjorie A. Barrick
Doctor of Humane Letters
Thomas T. Beam
Doctor of Science
Joseph N. Crowley
Doctor of Letters
William Boyd
Doctor of Laws
Margaret Elardi
Doctor of Humane Letters
Elaine Wynn
Doctor of Humane Letters
Artemus W. Ham Jr.
Doctor of Laws
James I. Gibson
Doctor of Laws
J. A. Tiberti
Doctor of Laws
Marvin Sedway
Doctor of Laws
Steve Wynn
Doctor of Laws
Christina Hixson
Doctor of Humane Letters
Jean Nidetch
Doctor of Science
Fred W. Smith
Doctor of Humane Letters
Takatoshi Takemoto
Doctor of Humane Letters
Claudine Williams
Doctor of Humane Letters
Simon Zentner
Doctor of Humane Letters
2021 Fall Commencement 47
Kitty Rodman
Doctor of Humane Letters
Richard Tam
Doctor of Laws Melvin B. Wolzinger Doctor of Laws
Brian Cram
Doctor of Education
Robert Laxalt
Doctor of Humane Letters
Stanley E. Fulton
Doctor of Laws
Denise Scott Brown
Doctor of Letters
John Goolsby
Doctor of Laws
Barbara Greenspun
Doctor of Humane Letters
Bob Miller
Doctor of Laws
Robert Venturi
Doctor of Letters
General Colin L. Powell Doctor of Laws James E. Rogers Doctor of Laws
Louis Wiener Jr.
(posthumously) Doctor of Laws
Richard H. Bryan Doctor of Laws Wole Soyinka
Doctor of Humane Letters
William G. Bennett
Doctor of Laws James H. Bilbray Doctor of Laws
James R. Dickinson (posthumously) Doctor of Laws
Donald D. Snyder
Doctor of Laws
Emilie N. Wanderer
Doctor of Laws
John Irving
Doctor of Humane Letters Glenn Schaeffer
Doctor of Humane Letters
George Sidney (posthumously)
Doctor of Humane Letters Dr. Roman Zorn (posthumously)
Doctor of Laws
Anthony M. Marlon, M.D.
Doctor of Laws
William C. McCool (posthumously) Doctor of Science Anthony E. Zuiker
Doctor of Humane Letters
Mikhail Gorbachev
Doctor of Laws
Joyce Mack
Doctor of Laws
Brian Lee Greenspun
Doctor of Laws
Miriam Adelson
Doctor of Laws
Carolyn G. Goodman Doctor of Laws
Gary Loveman
Doctor of Laws
Robert L. Mendenhall
Doctor of Laws
Regent Thalia Dondero Doctor of Laws
Andre Agassi
Doctor of Laws
Kirk Kerkorian
Doctor of Humane Letters Irwin Molasky
Doctor of Humane Letters
Kenny C. Guinn (posthumously)
Doctor of Humane Letters Sarann Knight Preddy Doctor of Humane Letters Edward J. Ted Quirk Doctor of Humane Letters
Kagemasa Kozuki, Doctor of Humane Letters
Joesph W. Brown Doctor of Laws Guy Fieri
Doctor of Laws
James Christian
"Jimmy" Kimmel
Doctor of Humane Letters Samuel S. Lionel Doctor of Laws
Fred B. Cox Doctor of Science Carol C. Harter
Doctor of Humane Letters
Diana Bennett
Doctor of Humane Letters
Theodore B. Lee
Doctor of Humane Letters
Sheldon Adelson
Doctor of Humane Letters Ruby Duncan
Doctor of Humane Letters
2020 Sam Lieberman (posthumously)
Doctor of Humane Letters Harry Reid
Doctor of Humane Letters
Robert B. Griffith
John Moran
Archie C. Grant
J. A. Tiberti
Albert E. Cahlan
Florence Lee Jones Cahlan
A. L. Scott
Herbert McDonald
Roger T. Foley
J. Kell Houssels Sr.
John F. Mendoza
Bertha Ronzone
Daniel F. Byron
Charlotte Hill
Cyril 0. Bastian
John H. Midby
Harriett G. Spann
Vassili Sulich
Clare W. Woodbury
Joe Williams
George E. Franklin Sr.
Roger D. Foley
Reed Whipple
James A. Gay III
Leonard R. Fayle
Kenny C. Guinn
Sebastian Mikulich
Johnny A. Ribeiro Jr.
Richard F. Perkins
Carolyn G. Goodman
Judy Bayley
Philip G. Satre
Woodrow Wilson
Fred W. Smith
James Cashman Jr.
Reverend John J. McVeigh
Juanita Greer White
Claudine Williams
James I. Gibson
Arturo Cambeiro (posthumously)
Paul D. McDermott (posthumously)
R. Guild Gray
Mary L. Woitishek
Barbara Greenspun
Alan Bible
John F. Cahlan
C. Kitty Rodman
Eugene R. Warner
E. Parry Thomas
Stanley E. Fulton
John Goolsby
Monsignor Thomas F. Collins
Arthur Marshall
Elton M. Garrett
Mildred Remy
Oran Gragson
Jesse D. Scott
Mabel W. Hoggard
Richard W. Bunker
William W. Morris
Mary "Mitzi" Hughes
William Peccole
Louis Wiener Jr.
B. Mahlon Brown
Jerome Blankinship
Addeliar Dell Guy
William T. White
Artemus W. Ham Jr.
Robert T. Bigelow
Ruthe Deskin
Jack Cason
William V. Wright
Thalia Dondero
Marion D. Bennett Sr.
Ann Brewington Harley E. Harmon Sr.
William Bennett
James Cashman II (posthumously)
Christina Hixson
Grant Sawyer (posthumously)
Marjorie A. Barrick
Eileen Brookman
Donna Jo Andress
Irwin Molasky
Robert Broadbent
Thomas T. Beam
Dr. Jerry Cade
Paul Christensen
No award given
Brian Greenspun
Bob Brown (posthumously)
Ruby Duncan
Rosemary K. Clarke
Wing and Lilly Fong
William G. Flangas
Jean Ford
William Boyd
Sandy Miller
Donald M. Clark
Rafael Vega
Fred Gibson Jr.
Melvin Wolzinger
Patricia Mulroy Milton I. Schwartz
Stephen Wynn
Elaine Wynn
Alice Turner
William Vassiliadis
Elias Ghanem
Wayne Newton
Anthony Saville
J. Terrence Lanni William U. Pearson
James and Alice Smalley
Tony Alamo Sr.
Willliam E. Martin
Donald D. Snyder
Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn
Madison B. Graves II
M. Kent "Tim" Hafen
Michael Kinnaird
Glen Schaeffer
Jerry Tarkanian
Franny Forsman Jerry Keller
Joseph M. Neal
Leonard E. Goodall
Marie E. Stever Daly McMillan
Kevin Page
Ralph L. Denton
Sara P. Denton Philip J. Kohn, Esq.
Paul C. Page
Michael Gaughn
Cathy Ray
Edward D. Smith
Bruce L. Woodbury
Rossi Ralenkotter
Jackie Robinson
Larry Ruvo
Linda Smith
Alden Levi Stewart
Sheldon and
Miriam Adelson 2010
Jerry Bussell
James "Bucky" Buchanan II (posthumously)
Rev. Caesar J. Caviglia
James Rogers
Theron and Naomi Goynes Anna Lou Call Peterson Genevieve Segerblom Richard Bryan
2021 Fall Commencement 49
48 2021 Fall Commencement
Carl Christensen
Michael Goldberg (posthumously) Pat Lundall Bob Miller Rachakonda Prabhu
William "Bob" & Anna L. Bailey Robert D. Faiss
Pastor Paul Goulet
Monte & Susan Miller
Raymond Rawson
Michael & Sonja Saltman Robert Schofield, Jr. Carolyn Sparks Bret Whipple
James Bilbray
Robert & Sandra Ellis
Gus “Billy" Flangas
Gard & Florence Jameson
Anthony & Diane Pollard
Fred Albrecht (posthumously) Mark Alden
Amy S. Ayoub Shelley Berkley Bill D. Brady Nick M. Spirtos
Robert Fowler
Mary E. Hausch
Jackie Brantley
Jay Coates
John Crear and Barbara Crear
Rosemarie Hartle (posthumously) and Kirk Hartle Edward J. Quirk Randolph Townsend
Miriam Shearing
Stephen P. Shearing (posthumously) Tony Sanchez III
Cliff and Donna Findlay
Selma F. Bartlett
Michael A. Cherry
Oscar Goodman
Sam Lieberman (posthumously) Harry Reid Robert Stoldal
Jan Jones Blackhurst Hannah M. Brown William McCurdy Sr.
1996 Kenny Guinn
1997 Carolyn M. Sparks
1987 Sheilagh Brooks
1998 Kitty Rodman
1988 James Deacon
Lucille S. Rogers Harry Reid
Bonnie Bryan
Marie-France Hilgar
Mohamed Yousef
Joseph Crowley
1991 Maurice A. Finocchiaro
Dema Guinn
1995 Lawrence Golding
Bill Raggio
Donald D. Snyder
1996 Darlene H. Unrue
Dina Titus
1998 Catherine Bellver
2001 Morse Arberry Jr.
1998 Joseph McCullough
Shelley Berkley Jay H. Brown
2000 Virko Baley
Joseph E. Dini Jr. Franny Forsman
2002 Martha Knack
Mark Weinstein
Philip M. Pro Landra Reid
2003 Joseph A. Fry
Larry Ruvo
2004 Robert Boehm
2002 Selma F. Bartlett
2006 Hal K. Rothman
Joyce Mack
2008 Thomas C. Wright
Joseph M. Neal J.A. Tiberti
2010 Alan Simmons
Claudine Williams
2011 Christopher Kearney
2003 A. Somer Hollingsworth IV
2012 Dennis Lindle
Kenneth G. Ladd
Nevada Development Authority Michael A. Saltman Sonja Saltman
2004 Lynn M. Bennett Carlos A. Garcia Jane Nichols John Robinson
2018 Kwang Kim
Debra Martin
Gabriele Wulf
Sam Fugazzotto, Chair
Larry Henley, Creative Director Cheryl Tillotson, Director of Seating
Kevin Coburn, Thomas & Mack
Mike Newcomb, Thomas & Mack Tony Allen
Michelle Bruner Valare Burke
UNLV Commencement Committee
Rosita Chapman
Katy Griffin Susan Ochoa Bill Robinson Fred Tredup Ariana Turiansky Ashley Weckesser
Seating Committee
Daniel Abeleda
Vaune Kadlubek
Chris Parker
Maria Aladjova
Leann Karr
Debbie Pattni
Kaliya Arnwine
Allison McSwain
Tony Terrell
Melyssa Barrera
Kevin McVay
Michael Terry
Afsha Bawany
Rimi Marwah
Cheryl Tillotson
Robin Grove
Jeremy Meronuck
Kane Toomer
Cory Grunwald
Christina Molina
Rochelle Walker
Kelsie Gunderson
Sal Mora
Janelle Yasukochi
Esther Herrera
Leah Morales
Julie Johnson
Eric Morrow
Pre-Commencement videos were prepared by journalism students in the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies
Flowers and Greens Provided by English Garden Florist
Published jointly by Integrated Graphics Services
City of Las Vegas Oscar Goodman Thom Reilly Bobby Siller
Andrew B. "Drew" Willison
Gasper Lazzara Edward J. Quirk Hal K. Rothman Deborah Faiman-Shoofey Daniel C. Van Epp
Mark Alden
Madison B. Graves (posthumously)
Fred C. Albrecht
Jim Rogers
Chris Giunchigliani
John H. Midby (posthumously)
2020 Jerry Cade
and Student Enrollment Services
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50 2021 Fall Commencement
2021 Fall Commencement 51
Welcome to the
Dear Class of 2021,
On behalf of the UNLV Alumni Association, we extend sincere congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 2021! During these unprecedented times, you have been exceptional representatives of the university. We have no doubt you will continue to serve as notable ambassadors for your alma mater by building upon our reputation for excellence.
We believe the graduates of 2021 are unique in that, regardless of your chosen field, all of you are resilient! As you embark upon and progress through your careers, we urge you always to remember why you chose your respective field and the sacrifices you endured to make it happen. HRebelsMakeltHappen
Through our Rebels Forever program, all UNLV alumni now have access to benefits and services, including Career Services, Rebel Alumni Email, events, special deals, discounts, and more! We are pleased to welcome each of you into the Rebels Forever Family as graduates. To learn more, be sure to visit and bookmark
We would ask that you not forget your college or school, former professors, and fellow and future Rebels in the coming years. We encourage you to engage with and give back to the university by supporting activities, programs, and scholarships and keeping us updated on the many achievements you will experience in your careers and personal lives.
On behalf of the nearly 130,000 UNLV alumni, welcome to the Rebels Forever Family! We are committed to supporting you as alumni and fostering a vibrant, lasting relationship between you and UNLV for life.
With Rebel Pride,
Stacey Purcell '90 Blake Douglas
President, UNLV Alumni Association Interim Executive Director, UNLV Alumni Association
Interim Associate Vice President, Alumni Engagement
52 2021 Fall Commencement