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Transcript of interview with Geoconda Arguello Kline by Claytee D. White, September 18, 2014






Geoconda Arguello Kline is the first female Secretary Treasurer of the Culinary Union Local 226. She got there the hard way. Beginning as a maid, then union organizer, director, ten years as President, and then the in 2012, she attained the highest office in the local. Arguello Kline left Nicaragua in 1979 as a political refugee and settled in Miami. The wages there did not allow her to take care of her family so she moved to Las Vegas following family members who had taken union jobs upon their arrival. She joined as well and worked as a guest room attendant for eight years. After becoming an organizer, she organized and walked picket lines whenever necessary. She is adamant that striking is the last thing that workers want to do. Her longest strike and the longest one Culinary Union history was the Frontier. The strike lasted for six years, four months, and ten days. Geoconda feels honored to be a member of the Culinary Union Local 226. ”It is a testament to our diverse and incredible members that has put me her. We undoubtedly have challenges ahead, but I’m confident that we will overcome by working as a union.” I’m sure that this quote by her in 2012 holds true today.

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Geoconda Arguello Kline oral history interview, 2014 September 18. OH-02151. [Transcript]. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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AN INTERVIEW WITH GEOCONDA ARGUELLO KLINE An Oral History Conducted by Claytee D. White The Boyer Early Las Vegas Oral History Project The Culinary Workers Union Local 226 Oral History Research Center at UNLV University Libraries University of Neva