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Water district created Powers of To ac- quire lands, etc* (Senate Bill No. 63 - Senator Baker) Chap. 167 An Act to create a water district in the Las Vegas valley, Clark County, Nevada; to provide for the procurement, storage, distribution and sale of water and rights in the use thereof from Lake Mead for Industrial, irrigation, municipal, and domestic uses; to provide for the conservation of the ground water resources of the Las Vegas valley, and to create authority to purchase, acquire, and construct the necessary works to carry out the provi- sions of this act; to authorize a tax levy for the payment of obligations during the organizational period, and to provide for the issuance of district bonds to be paid solely from the operating revenues of such district* (Approved March 27, 19^7) The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows: SECTION 1* A water district may be created in the Las Vegas valley, as hereinafter provided for, for the following objects and purposes: 1* To have perpetual succession* 2* To sue and be sued in the name of said district in all actions and proceedings in all courts and tribunals of com­petent jurisdiction* 3* To adopt a seal and alter it at pleasure. 4. To take by grant, purchase, gift, devise, or lease, or otherwise, and to hold, use, enjoy, and to lease or dispose of, real or personal property of every hind within or without the district necessary or convenient to the full exercise of its power* 5* To acquire, by purchase, lease, construction, or other*, wise, or contract to acquire, lands, rights of way, easements, privileges, and property of every kind, whether real or per­sonal, and to construct, maintain, and operate any and. all works or improvements within or without the district necess­ary or proper to carry out any of the objects or purposes of this act, and to complete, extend, add to, repair, or otherwis improve any works or improvements or property acquired by it as authorized by this act* 6. To store water in surface or underground reservoirs within the district for the common benefit of the district; to conserve and reclaim water for present and future use within the district; to appropriate and acquire water and water rights, and import water into the district, and to conserve same within the district, for any useful purpose to the dis­trict; to commence, maintain, intervene in, and compromise in the name of the district, or otherwise, and to assume the costs and expenses of, any action or proceeding involving or affecting the ownership or use of waters or water rights within the district used or useful for any purpose of the dis­trict or of common benefit to any land situated therein, or involving the wasteful use of water therein; to commence,