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Schedule for the "Teaching the Lessons of the Holocaust" conference, April 6, 1994


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Schedule for the 1994 Conference: "Teaching the Lessons of the Holocaust" with a sticky note to speak with parking attendant.

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CONFERENCE SCHEDULE: '5econdary teachers and administrators: Workshops - 3PM - 6PlH li:lementary teachers and administrators: Workshops - 4PM - 6PM l)inner for all: 6PM - 7P1"I \ e I\ pa. i--k, Ylj l{__ -\t e Yl ~4 ?\1' "l DR o ve-l'. l. tr e vu:\ \ Y11 { IM_, r\ o Io ~-s-r tlobie re.V'\C...L (\ n?\ --f\,i_iiy-e... WI\\ t)~ VJo Q.httr5e.(Dtr pa.rK;Ylj Keynote and panel - live interactive teleconference with sites :1II over Nevada: 7PM - 8:30PM Keynote speaker is the noted Holocaust historian and writer Yaffa Eliach. Worksh~ps will feature experts from UNLV,J.::CSD, ' ind the legal community as well as Holocaust survivors who will . ;hare their emotional stories with you. ? Registration fee is $10 which includes all workshops books ind resources~ dinne~, and refreshments. Check the fly;r for vorkshop details. Register soon. The conference is limited to 300 eachers and administrators, 100 elementary 100 middle school ? tnd 100 high school. ' ' vVORKSHOPS: Please pre-register only for sessions at your level of instruction.) 'll ?(High School) "Anti-Semitism in the New Russia" - Dr. Nancy Wingfield !2 (High School) "Denying the Holocaust" - Dr. Vern Mattson & Mr. Harold Blitzer !-3 (High/Middle School) "The Lessons of the Holocaust" - Mr. Gary BeDunnah (Video Presentation) !-4 (High/Middle School) "Hate Crimes & Laws" - Mr. Evan Wallach f5 (Elementary) "Innovative Holocaust Programming" - Mrs. Jackie Fleekop 16 (Elementary) "The Literature of the Holocaust" - l'vlrs. Eileen Kollins '7 (K-12) "Schindler's List: The Righteous Gentile" - Mrs. Phyllis Darling ? '8 (K-12) "Neo-Nazism" - Dr. Jim Lamare '9 (K-12) "The Holocaust: A Survivor's Child's Perspective" - l'vlr. Gene Greenberg 1994 CONFERENCE: TEACHING THE LESSONS OF THE HOLOCAUST APRIL6,1994 . SANDS CONVENTION CENTER Ren1ember ... the educators must teach the n1emories of the past and.the visions of the future! A JOINT PROJECT OF: JEWISH FEDERATION OF LAS VEGAS, THE GOVERNOR'S COUNCIL ON EDUCATION RELATING TO THE HOLOCAUST, AND CLARK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT