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Minutes from Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors meetings, September 1992 - December 1992






Meeting minutes include reports from committees of the board, correspondence, and balance sheets.

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jhp000467. Temple Beth Sholom Records, 1945-2015. MS-00711. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for September 8, 1992 Present: Absent: Edward M. Bernstein Jerome Blut Allen Brewster Marie David Barry D. Eisen Beverly Eisen Isaac Farrell Rene Feinstein David L. Funk Also Present: Bob Arum Dr. Alvin Blumberg Lt. Col. Steven Green Joyce Straus Leo A. Wilner Jeff Langbert Steve Mack Herb Kaufman Fran Levien Sandra Mallin Mitch Ogron Jordan S. Primack Sharon E. Sigesmund Dennis Singer Gerald Welt Ed Bernstein. President, called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m. Isabel Goldberg, Executive Director, called the Roll; those present and absent are noted. The meeting then entered into a personnel session. As a result of the personnel session, Barry Eisen moved that the next meeting of the Board of Directors be moved to Thursday evening, due to Yom Kippur. Seconded by Jordan Primack. The motion was carried, and the next meeting will be held October 8, There being no additions or corrections to the August 3, 1992 Minutes, they were approved. There were no comments from the Board regarding correspondence. The President then introduced the guests present at the meeting: Jeff Langbert and Steve Mack. The following individuals advised the President they wished to give reports to the Board: 1992. Reports: Beverly Eisen Cantor Bergman Rabbi Lederman Alan Brewster Isabel Goldberg, for Joyce Straus Jordan Primack b:\t bs\boa rd\9-8-92 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors September X, 1992 Meeting Minutes Five-Year Planning Com m ittee: Jordan Primack advised the Board that the renovation of the bathrooms is on schedule. A member commented that the colors looked very nice. The plans for remodeling and renovation of the building have been reviewed extensively by Isabel, Jordan and the architect, through weekly meetings. The scale model is currently under construction and is almost completed. Rene asked if an "adult lounge" had been built into the plans. Jordan replied that had not been done and that there were no plans to create such a lounge. Rene stated there is no place in the Temple that is environmentally comfortable and climate controlled enough to hold adult education programs; she felt a place to hold classes is extremely important to the synagogue. Jordan agreed that was a good point and thanked Rene for her input. Jordan further advised the Board that the Committee had commenced a preliminary asbestos study and encountered a few minor problems which are being looked into further. He stated it was not as big an issue as it appeared initially. In response to a question by Sandy Mallin, the President advised the Board that we w'ould have a model and floor plan that would be set up during the High Holy Days. RA13B1: The Rabbi stated he had received a telephone call from Aaron Kriegel. He reminded the Board that Aaron Kriegel applied for this position last December and was scheduled to come here in January, but was not able to appear at that time. During his telephone call. Rabbi Kriegel advised Rabbi Lederman that he would now like to come and meet the Board, and is able to come for an interview- during the week. He will be available as a rabbi at the end of the holiday season. The Rabbi advised the Board if they were interested, he would contact Rabbi Kriegel to come up on a week day and then, if the Board would like, return on a weekend. Ed asked if this was the rabbi whose temple merged w'ith another. Rabbi Lederman agreed, and added that the temple had subsequently "unmerged" and Rabbi Kriegel felt an obligation to help them after the "unmerger". Now, he stated, he had completed his obligation, got them back on track, they are comfortable and secure, and he could now leave with a clear conscience. Rene asked where he was from and Rabbi Lederman replied Los Angeles. Isabel stated he was from Ner Maariv in Encino, Bqardoe Education: Beverly Eisen advised that the Board of Education report is enclosed with the Board packet. As Toby had been requested by the Board, the Religious School is holding their first Shabbat morning service this Saturday (September 12, 1992) at 10:30 a.rn. b:\tbs\board\9-8-92 2 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors September X, 1992 Meeting Minutes In response to a question by Fran Levien, Beverly said that the service would be held in the Coblentz Chapel, and would not interfere with the Bar Mitzvah scheduled for this Saturday, Beverly also said the service was for 4th, 5th and 6th graders and any interested parents or adults, as well. YOUTH COMMISSION: Beverly also reported on behalf of the Youth Commission and requested a line item change to the 1992 budget for United Synagogue Youth. She requested the amount of $300 be transferred from "Wheels" to General Expenses. Jerry Welt moved that the Wheels budget expense o f $300 be transferred to General Expenses. Seconded by Rene Feinstein, Beverly advised that this money had been allocated for Wheels, and Wheels did come through, staying at Mt. Charleston. Beverly explained that since there was no expense incurred on behalf of the Youth Commission, the money allocated for Wheels was not used. Beverly said the money can now be used for the local USY children. USY is planning a program for new and old member of the local chapter. The motion carried. Beverly announced that the three positions that had been open at the end of last season have now been fied. They now have two male advisors and one female advisor and the female director. One of the new people is an attorney, two are college students, and they are all starling at the minimum of $125 per month. C a n t o r : The Cantor thanked Leo Wilner for taking his place during the time he was away from the pulpit. He said we all owed him a gratitude of thanks for doing a fine job. The President asked if the Board sends a letter of thanks, and Isabel said we could and it would be done. The Cantor stated the Early Shabbat Prayer services have been nicely attended and are very successful. He said there are two bar mitzvahs scheduled this month. The High Holy Day services are well coordinated; Torah readers have been scheduled for both the Temple and the overflow services. With the help of Mitchell Ogron. Torah recordings have been made for the teens. The Cantor stated that Selichot is on the 19th of September; after dinner the service will commence at 10:00 p.m,, and he hopes it will be well attended. Ed Bernstein asked if the sound system had been checked out in preparation for the High Holy Days. The Cantor replied that Isabel normally schedules that, and he and the Rabbi check out the sound system. Isabel said this year they scheduled the tree trimmer very early, to come in the day after Yom Kippur; so the fronds would be fresh for the Sukkah. He was scheduled to come in on October 8; instead, he came on September 8 and trimmed two trees. Isabel said the sound is checked thoroughly. b:\tbs\board\9-8-92 3 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors September 8, 1992 Meeting Minutes Beverly Eisen requested a clarification and asked the Cantor who was doing the Selichot dinner: the Temple or the Men?s Club. Isabel advised that the Temple is putting the dinner together, and the cooking and supervision is being done by the Men's Club. hou se Committee: Alan Brewster stated he was aware we had a tight budget, and normally at this time of the year we do the trim on the outside of the building; this year we will not. However, he said, we need to spend money on the Rabbi's house lor painting. He will get estimates and come back to the Board at next month?s meeting. Isabel reported on behalf of Joyce Straus, who wanted everyone to know that the new member Shabbat is scheduled for this Friday night, welcoming all new members who have joined since May 1992. Joyce also wanted all those who attended Employee Appreciation Day to be thanked, and all those who were not there to know they missed a great event. Joyce also wanted the Board to know that Young Jewish Adults (YJA), ages 21-35 years old, is being reactivated by some of the women on the Membership Committee. Jerry Welt suggested they check with Tory Sallz in Los Angeles to see how they present their Young Jewish Adult programs. Isabel reminded the Board this is not just singles, but singles and couples, and they have already scheduled their first event. She said she would tell Lisa Donner to call Tory Saltz. OLD BUSINESS: 1. Day Camp: Beverly reported that camp has concluded for the summer. She said it was the best program held in a long time; Lois Bergman did an outstanding job. All the campers, the parents and grandparents have only given positive comments and thanked them and said they feel it can only grow now, it is finally on the right track. Camp did take a loss of $800, which is not anywhere near what had been contemplated, Ed Bernstein asked, in preparation for next year, what are some ol the things that should be done, such as starting earlier. Beverly said her personal recommendation would be to talk to the director for the 1992 summer, and make her an offer right away for the 1993 summer. Ed asked Beverly to look into that and report back to the Board. Beverly said she would work with Isabel and Lois Bergman. 2. Board Vacancy: The President reported he had received a few recommenda?tions to fill the vacancy. He has not yet had a chance to speak with all the people being considered, so he will report back to the Board next month regarding this matter. 3. Rest Room Update: Fran reported they looked beautiful. Ed suggested everyone look at them after the meeting, being careful not to touch the doors. b:\tbs\board\9-8-92 4 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors September 8, 1992 Meeting Minutes 4, K ol Nidro. Jerry Blut asked Isabel to report what we had received in money and pledges to this point. Isabel advised that we had received about $75,000 in pledges, many of which have been paid. That constitutes about 140 people. The figure is up about $10,000 from last year. Some pledges went up significantly, some were the same, some went down, and some were lost. A second letter was just sent out to people who had not yet responded, stating that the deadline to be in the book is September 15. Jerry asked if there were any comments by Board members who had a list of people to contact. Allen Brewster said he got good responses from the people he called. Rene and Sharon stated they had made contact with all the people they had been requested to call. Jerry and Ed are still contacting their names. No one had a guilty conscience for having not made their contacts. Beverly said that a few of the people she spoke to said this year they cannot contribute; she said she did not expect this response from those people. Jerry asked if their reason was financial or personal. Beverly said she felt it was a combination. These people were seniors and commented that things had been raised so much that if they are doing one thing, they cannot do another. Jerry stated that K olN idrecards had been handed out to all Board members. Ed Bernstein asked Board members who have not yet made their pledges to leave their card tonight. NEW BUSINESS: 1. Hurricane Relief; The President referred to a letter from the United Synagogue requesting help for temples that have been devastated in Miami as a result of Hurricane Andrew. He said that even more important than that, was that Jewish service agencies and the Rabbinical Assembly are helping to feed and shelter individual Jewish families who lost homes. These agencies have asked all temples to please make announce?ments to their congregations, asking for individual contributions; they are also asking for temple contributions. Fran stated the Sisterhood sent a $2,000 contribution to two temples in Florida. Rene said we should consider a more personal touch; that we could choose a temple in Florida and help that temple specifically. Ed said no. The Rabbinical Assembly and United Synagogue are acting as the agency to distribute the money; we have no way to spend the time, effort and energy to find the families who need help. Sandy said as bad as we are financially, we still have a duty to help people worse off than us, and we should come up with a figure. Ed said that if anyone wanted to make individual gifts, that would be appropriate, and he personally was making a gift. Sandra Mallin moved that the Board send $500 for Hurricane Relief. Seconded by Allen Brewster. The President called for discussion. Jerry Blut felt it was inappropriate; he said it is hard to argue against making a gift such as this, but that it was too large, based on our current circumstances. Jordan stated that if members of the Board are disposed to making a donation, we should consider pooling b:\tbs\board\9-8-92 5 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors September 8, 1992 Meeting Minutes our resources. Rene said if all the Board members contributed $20, we would have the $500 to send. Ed suggested that all Board members take their individual donations and give them to Isabel, who would then prepare a cover letter and forward the money to the Rabbinical Assembly. Sandra Mallin then withdrew her motion. The Cantor suggested we announce this at the Friday night service, so that temple members could also contribute; a notice will also be printed. Jerry Blut suggested we establish a time frame; the date of September 18 was established. Ed told the Board that a temple in San Diego also gave out pre-printed envelopes so that members could make their contributions from home. We will do the same. 2. Break the Fast: Isabel reminded the Board that we held a Break the Fast last year and that it was not great. She wanted to bring it to the Board?s attention because it was held last year. The decision was to not have a Break-the-Fast again this year. 3. Chamber of Commerce: Because the Membership Committee is putting together a new membership brochure, Barry Horowitz felt it would be nice to have copies at the Chamber of Commerce, which will not take it from us unless we are members. Barry then investigated membership and learned that the fee is $260 for one year. Jerry Blut said we cannot afford this. Beverly said she was personally against it; if we don?t have money to help people, then we don?t have money to pay membership dues to the Chamber. We can list our events on their calendar for $25 per year, but $260 is too high. Ed said the Board had previously felt that if anyone is interested in the temple, we are in the telephone book and we can be found. 4. Hiring Public Relations Person: Isabel told the Board that at a Membership Committee meeting, hiring a part-time person to do public relations and publicity for the temple was discussed. The Membership Committee felt it would be money well spent. That person would attend on Friday nights and Saturday mornings, be at the door, meeting and greeting. Ed said the pay was not extravagant, and that we needed a people person to talk to new Jewish families in town and give them information about the temple, basically a "cheerleader". Jerry asked how much time and how much money. He felt the temple should be providing this service from our members. Ed said we needed a "Joyce Straus-type" person. Allen Brewster suggested Mrs. Scheinman. Jordan said the issue was whether we should hire such a person, not who the person would be. Mitch asked how we seek out such a person. After discussion, the matter was tabled until the October meeting. 5. Jewish Family Service Agency: The JFSA has requested we take an ad for their annual fund raiser, as we did last year. Rene said we can?t not do it. Beverly Eisen moved that we pay $300 to buy a half-page ad, as we did last year, for the JFSA annual fund raiser. Seconded by Jordan Priinack. The motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m. b:\tbs\board\9-8-92 6 # ? ? ? i Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors September 8, 1992 Meeting Minutes Motions Carried 1. That the October 1992 meeting of the Board of Directors be moved to Thursday evening, October 8. 2. That the USY budget expense labeled Wheels in the amount of $300 be transferred to General Expenses. 3. That the Board authorize the expenditure of $300 to buy a half-page ad for the JFSA annual fund raiser. b:\tbs\board\9-8-92 7 JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER OF LAS VEGAS, INC. PROFORMA BALANCE SHEET SEPTEMBER 30, 1992 AND 1991 ASSETS 1992 1991 Cash on hand and in banks (non-restricted) $ (22,814) Accounts receivable: $ 7,094 Current year 414,431 424,996 More than one year old 177,883 152,823 Cemetery lots 350,957 353,432 Israel bonds 94,760 93,760 Refundable deposit 2,504 1,621 Marketable securities 14,131 7,031 ContinentalBank-time certificate 98,384 100,000 Primert Bank-time certificate ? 50,000 First Western Bank 25,376 _ California Federal Bank ? 90,000 TOTAL ASSETS (affecting day to day operation) si. 155,612, $1,280,757 LIABILITIES Note payable-City of Las Vegas (Sinai Cemetery) $ 307,150 $ 314,775 Note payable-City of Las Vegas (Oak Cemetery) ? 3,135 Rabbi?s discretionary fund 728 673 Restricted cash funds 60 704 Accrued payroll taxes & insurance 1, 984 1,137 Advance payments ___ X,.Qfll ____ 3.852 TOTAL LIABILITIES $ 316.923 S 324.276 EXCESS OF OPERATING ASSETS OVER LIABILITIES 838,689 956,481 OTHER ASSETS; Restricted cash 31,228 9, 943 Property and equipment ,224,886 1,189,801 TOTAL OTHER ASSETS $1 ,256,114 $1,199,744 NET EXCESS ALL ASSETS OVER ALL LIABILITIES $2 ,094,803 $2,156,225 - 1 - JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER OF LAS VEGAS, INC, SCHEDULES OF OPERATING EXPENSES OPERATING INCOME OPERATING EXPENSES: Religious service expenses Ritual St High Holiday expenses Religious school expenses Office & administrative expenses Maintenance St repairs Youth commission Pre-school Kindergarten St Day school Lag B'Omer Installation of officers Adult education R conversion Membership committee Indigents (J.F.S.A.) Bulletin Publicity St advertising Mashgiach Mommy Sc Me Search committee Yom Hashoah Rabbi's programming Daily Hinyon Passover seder Purim carnival Cookbook Convention travel-United Synagogue Sholom Day Camp Scholar in residence Executive director's conference exp Library expense Lag B 'Omer Five year planning committee Sinking fund City of Las Vegas-Oak cemetery City of Las Vegas-Sinai cemetery Breakfast Singles NET EXCESS OF INCOME (EXPENSES) OVER EXPENSES (INCOME) BEFORE EXTRAORDINARY ITEMS e x t r a o r d inap:y i t e m s : Loss on sale of stock (Note 8) NET EXCESS OF INCOME (EXPENSES) OVER EXPENSES (INCOME) NINE MONTHS ENDED 1992 SEPTEMBER 30 ANNUAL 1991 1992 BUDGET $ 681.052 i 742.573 $1,204,725 104,078 109,863 50,168 173,420 29,525 55,000 54,858 57,435 91,258 182,429 230,683 334,860 159,875 138,420 209,850 24,295 17,556 41,350 138,815 139,468 208,750 8,5?80 31,777 44,450 220 . . . 1,140 426 1,200 719 7,799 3,000 1,?383 1,505 2,500 2 ,000 2,000 6,925 4,770 9,625 4,346 5,655 6,500 26 590 2,400 2,7?30 2,791 3,000 6,494 5,000 ?333 ?39--3 250 1,954 3,600 2 ,202 2,400 12,0?80 8,906 ? 1,294 . . . ? 2,359 . . . 891 1,000 18,217 12,125 . . . 5,864 6,887 . . . ;e ? - 350 . . . ---- 8 ? 220 . . . ? 11,907 . . . 2,000 1,500 . . . 3,042 3,135 5,475 6,625 ___ 609 . . _ 313 . . . . . . " 790.254 ? 845.559 ? ?,?01.413 (109,202) (102,986) 3,312 212 $ (109.414) $ (102,986) $ 3.312 - 3 - JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER OF LAS VEGAS, INC. SCHEDULE OF OPERATING INCOME Membership dues Kol Nidre Appeal Jewish Federation of Las Vegas High Holiday tickets Contributions Beth Sholom Seniors Miscellaneous income Dividend & interest income Sisterhood Rental of facilities Mommy & Me Memorial Book Memorial plaques Book fees & tuition-religious school Cemetery lots-(net) (Note 2) High Holiday prayer books Collection of prior year receivables Religious service fees Men's Club Yizkor contributions Yahrzeit contributions Pre-school Bulletin Kindergarten & Day school Scholar in residence High Holiday tickets-off premise Daily Minyon Annual Gala Passover seder Adult education Computer donations Nate Mack Religious School donations Sholom Day Camp Purim carnival Kolod Center donations Congregant directory advertising Less interest receivable NINE MONTHS ENDED 199X-SEPTEMBER 30 ANNUAL 1991 1992 BUDGET $ 2 7 3 ,3 0 0 $ 2 7 5 ,8 0 8 $ 365,000 7 4 ,1 2 8 51,3 6 2 175,000 ? 2 ,2 5 0 8 ,5 0 0 1 0 ,5 7 6 14,051 75,000 1 9 ,6 9 6 12,717 50,00 0 ? ---- - 500 640 277 ? ? ? 1 6 ,3 7 6 9 ,7 0 6 2 5 ,00 0 1 5 ,0 0 0 10,0 0 0 15,000 850 3 ,1 9 0 1,500 5 ,7 0 5 6 ,3 9 6 6 ,0 0 0 13 ,0 5 1 14,702 17,000 3 ,3 0 0 9 ,7 5 0 15,000 4 ,9 1 8 5,097 10,000 1 1 ,3 3 0 1 6 ,1 9 5 2 0 ,0 0 0 553 1 ,0 1 5 1,0 00 6 0 ,5 3 6 7 7 ,3 1 3 6 0 ,0 0 0 3 ,0 0 0 5 ,3 0 0 4 ,0 0 0 * - - 1 ,5 0 0 1,0 00 1 ,3 50 693 2 ,0 0 0 7 ,3 7 0 7 ,5 0 8 8 ,0 0 0 1 02,008 120,403 21 4 ,8 2 5 1 ,3 2 5 3 ,2 7 7 2 ,0 0 0 1 5 ,4 8 3 4 9 ,3 0 4 4 6 ,4 0 0 5 ,8 6 4 ? . . . . . . 4 ,0 2 5 2 ,9 4 5 4 ,5 0 0 1,827 2 ,7 9 0 2 ,5 0 0 ? - 75,00 0 11 ,5 3 1 8 ,1 4 6 . . . 25 4 ,4 6 6 . . . ? 3 ,0 0 0 . . . 1,467 . . . 1 2 ,2 8 5 10,9 0 9 . . . ? 1 ,3 73 . . . - - - 9 ,0 7 5 . am . ? 3 ,2 8 7 . . . 6 8 1,05 2 7 4 5 ,2 7 2 " i r m r m ? (2 ,6 9 9 ) . . . $ 6 8 0 5 ? m l . 1573 MEETING OF FHE BOARD OF DIRECTORS TEMPLE BETH SHOLOH MONDAY EVENING - NOVEMBER 2. 1992 895 - TOTAL MEMBERSHIP AS OF SEPTEMBER 29, 1992 4 - Joined during the period September 29 through October 28, 1992 Mr. & Mrs. Jerry J. Rosen, one child Mr. Benjamin Gross Shatz, no children Mr. Stuart Cohen, no children Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Brown, two children 899 0 - Out during the period September 29 through October 28, 1992 _ TOTAL MEMBERSHIP AS OF OCTOBER 28, 1992 Board of Education Meeting October 26, 1992 MINUTES Those in attendance were: Jackie Boiman, Barry Eisen, Bev Eisen, Ira Goldberg, Melanie Greenberg, Jacob Paz, Wendy Roselinsky, Toby Roenbush, Tamar Lubin Saposhnik, Jackie Schwartz, Cheryl Weisberg, Bonnie Pomerantz and Donna Miller. Melanie called the meeting to order at 7:10p.m. Melanie reported that they did follow up on the book situation brought up last month. The quantity of books being used has diminished. The books in the storeroom are being utilized instead of buying all new. Only one class reused a book because another teacher suggested it as an enrichment to the other books being used. Jackie S. said her concern wasn't over the quantity of the books but the fact that the same kids used the same books year after year. Bev asked how many of the same books an individual child received. Jackie S. said it was the 3rd & 4th grade having the same book. Melanie said that a few years ago the Board of Education felt it was very important to establish a library for each child. Jackie S. asked why workbooks have to come home. She feels most parents will not save them. They might save the textbooks. Toby said that workbooks were not going home this year. Teachers are copying pages that they need. Melanie suggested a change in pricing strategy for the school. Instead of calling it $100 tuition/$50 book fee, call it $150 tuition and that would also cover the books. Jackie S. made a motion to combine tuition and material fees together for next year in the amount of $150. Schelly seconded the motion. MINUTES page 2 Cheryl wanted to know "why bother"? Melanie explained that many people have more than one child in the school and feel that it is unnecessary to pay for books when the older child might already have it. Jackie S. said people say if the $50 is going for books, where is the $50 worth of books. Jackie B. mentioned that a family with more than one child gets a 10' discount for the second and third child. The discount is based on the $100 tuition, not the book fee. what happens if there is only one fee. The discount would have to be based on $150. She suggested educating parents on what the book fee is used for. It was suggested to call it a book and supplies fee. Cheryl suggested that rather than a percentage, give a discount of a dollar amount. Jackie B. also reminded everyone that Kindergarten and 1st grade are not the same rates as the upper grades. MOTION opposed. Jackie S. made a motion that for grades 2-7 there be a $100 tuition and a $50 materials and supply fee, for Kindergarten and 1st grade it be $50 tuition and $25 material and supply fee. Schelly seconded. Toby said she can put in an explanation in the parents manual explaining the fee structure. MOTION PASSED. It was decided that Wendy Roselinsky and Jackie Boirnan had voting rights on the Board of Education. Melanie noted that no books are being bought for enrichment. The books being used are already in the bookroom. Books are only used for a week or two. The only workbooks we have are Hebrew workbooks for each child. MINUTES Page 3 ? ?i, odcu" ed t0 her that ?hen a youngster becomes Mm 'S Clnh Si' hey recelve a 9ift from Men s Club. She suggested that they also Sriescteeirvheo oad laentdt etrhe CchLa?irr(I?s9)!r.a t:UiThKet l?lenSt tefrC Owmo utlhde bBeo amradi loefd E^toc atthieoinr hsoimgened by the a e i;? ie er SUgE9: : ^ 0dnr a^rGH^ eW High alSO Send these ? ? * ^ s j ^ y ta ?k*s others around town. Classes begin October 28. Registration s p r e ^ t S ? h0PES U Wil1 8r0W' She a^ d everyone^to" wondirfulinkS the incenfcive Pro9 ram for the kids is oTthe6 k l d r w ' i t . ^ 6 kldS fGlt 3bOUt At and WaS told Atnheo thienrc enlteitvtee r prwoilglr amb e isg oaibnogu to.u t to parents sexpprlaaiinniinngg wwhhaatt Was f?ked how manV graders there are and she told i r i i r ^ ? t ? r ceu - she s ta te d th a t ab? - 12 ^ S etSr|ald a requirement atld the kids are supposed to Melanie asked it we have a list of children in the Vre?c liT?O *a^ 1?le^t^te1?r 4 raetgea rwdi0tn g enthreo llYoeudt hl n Setrhvei csec,h ools hea'nwda sc outlodld ?*!: .A dlscussion followed on the children the Cantor is haav^e aa BBaarr//BBaatt Mitzvah atd ? a n0tti mea tottehnedr thteh ans chSh?ao1b baatn dm owrUn1ing. liCM M BAdilieEd1ilWe kne; i0W many people were registered i e a i s ? ? ? ? ? SSi Toby told her the largest ^-e5gi stratSioins ?yetf. S?,h e is Yisudrdei shi t cwlialsls - chaTn?g?e .c lasTshee s clhaasvsee s"o have to have at least 4 students to go on. classes a?C?chnee eenndd aoof? e?thhei fl,aasnt. sseosrsti.oont aqnude swtaiso nntaoildr e handed out MINUTES page 4 Toby said that in her eagerness to get the parents more involved in the school, she's considering a monthly newsletter to be sent to all the parents. It would tell them what's going on in the school, it would have all kinds of news, articles written by the teachers and Jewish family information such as holidays. Melanie mentioned that she was told that it was okay to bring in an uncut cheese pizza. Wendy said the Rabbi was fine with it. Barry said it's still being baked in the same place. Wendy said it came about last year. Ed Bernstein brought it to the Ritual Committee {she thinks) and came back with a positive answer. Jackie 3. suggested giving a pan to the restaurant that makes the pizza and it would be used only to make pizza for us. Ira suggested eating outside of the building. Ira asked what happened to the idea of the incentive program offering a trip to Disneyland. Toby said that the committee had met and decided Disneyland was not possible for many reasons. They felt that the prizes listed on the flyer were more accessible to the children and they would like them. Jackie B. asked where the money was coming from. Toby told her it would come from the new budget. Jackie B. said what if there are 15-20 kids coming to all the services. Toby said that would be great. She is sure that the Temple would find the money to give 30 children a $15 gift certificate. She is sure that the Temple will support the program. Jackie B. asked how many children were in the school and what would happen if everyone attended. Toby and Cheryl told her it doesn't include the whole school and that the 7th graders were not included. It is mandatory for the 7th graders to attend and they will have a separate party. MINUTES page 5 Cheryl mentioned that a discussion took place at the committee meeting she attended regarding bribing children to attend the Youth Service. Everyone had a problem with it but decided that if it works to start getting the kids to the Youth Service, then it's worth a try. Melanie mentioned that people from Green Valley have volunteered to bring the children who didn't have a ride on Saturday mornings to the Youth Service. The Temple can't arrange the rides because of liability but we can give people names if they say they need a ride. It would be a carpool. Melanie asked what was happening with the Bar/Bat committee. Cheryl said that she and Schelly were asked by Isabel to hold off until after the holidays. They were asked to re?present the edited version of the manual. She and Schelly have edited it and it will be ready soon. Meeting adjourned at 8p.m. S U N D A Y M O N D A Y T U E S D A Y W E D N E S D A Y T H U R S D A Y FR ID AY S H A B B A T 5 CHESHVAN 6 CHESHVAN ? 3 10:30 am Continuing Education Cl??? 12:00 pm Young Jewish Adult* - YJA - B8Q 7:00 pm Junior USY 7:30 pm Board of Directors Matting 7 CHESHVAN ELECTION DAY 11:30 am Beth Sholom Senior* 8 CHESHVAN 4 9 CHESHVAN 7:00 pm Sisterhood Board of Director* 7:00 pm Continuing Education Class?? 7:00 pm BBYO 10 CHESHVAN t 5 4:22 11 CHESHVAN 4 M-Hti ?U> * dni'-Gt- 8. 4: 6:00 pm ESP Service 8:00 pm Servie? 9:00 am Service 10:30 em Youth Service - Chapel 7:00 pm Sisterhood Wine & Cheese Testing 12 CHESHVAN 8 1 3 CHESHVAN ?) 1 4 CHESHVAN 10 10:30 em Continuing Education Class 7:00 pm Junior USY 11:30 am Beth Sholom Senior? 7:00 pm Senior USY 1 5 CHESHVAN VETERANS DAY Office Closed 7:00 pm Continuing Education Classes 7:30 pm Pre-School/ Day School Meeting H 16CHESHVAN 12 17 CHESHVAN 13 18 CHESHVAN li A 4:1 8:00 pm Service 9:00 am Service 10:30 am Youth Service - Chapel tjAAics AakVA 19 CHESHVAN 20 CHESHVAN M? 21 CHESHVAN 17 22 C HESHVAN 13 23 CHESHVAN I*? 2 4 CHESHVAN 20 2S CHESHVAN 21 10:30 am Continuing Education 12:30 pm Sr. 4 Jr. USY BBQ 7:00 pm Board of Education Meeting 11:30 am Beth Sholom Senior* 7:00 pm Senior USY 7:30 pm Pre-School/ Day School Back to School Meeting 11:30 am Sisterhood General Meeting 7:00 pm Continuing Education Classes 7:00 pm BBYO 7:00 pm Kadim* Lounga Night 7:30 pm Membership Committee Meeting (O.P.) A AA2 8:00 pm Service 9:00 am Service 10:30 am Youth Servie? - Chapel ?flfify f/3 ?"'V'' 26 CHESHVAN 2 7 CHESHVAN 2 3 28 CHESHVAN 2 1 29 CHESHVAN 1 KISLEV 2<; 2 KISLEV t I 2 7 2 3 9:00 am Sisterhood Chanukah Baxaar 10:30 am Continuing Education 11:30 am Nate Mack Religious School Assembly 7:00 pm Junior USY 11 ;3G am Beth Sholom Seniors 3:30 pm Heliglous School U-Step Meeting 7:00 pm Senior USY 10:00 am Pre-School/ Day School Program 7:00 pm Joint Thanksgiving Service with Griffith United Methodist Church THANKSGIVING DAY fiatiti ?Rcri?vy r4e:09 B:0Q pm Service 3 KISLEV 9:00 am Service 4 KISLEV 2!> 5 KISLEV 3 0 7:00 pm Junior USY NOVEMBER, 1992 ALL EVENTS TAKE PLACE AT TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED BY O.P. (OFF PREMISES) TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM NATE MACK RELIGIOUS SCHOOL IS HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THE START OF OUR SATURDAY MORNING YOUTH SERVICE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12TH - AT 10:30AM COBLENTZ CHAPEL FOR ALL 4TH, 5TH & 6TH GRADERS (AND PARENTS TOO, OF COURSE) IT'S THE PLACE TO BE ON SHABBAT MORNING - COME AND BE SURPRISED! BOARD OF EDUCATION AUGUST 17, 1992 MINUTES Those in attendance were Jackie Boiman, Barry Eisen, Beverly Eisen, Ira Goldberg, Isabel Goldberg, Melanie Greenberg, Penny Klein, Toby Rosenbush, Tamar Saposhnik, Ira Spector & Cheryl Weisberg. f Melanie called the meeting to order at 7 :0Sp.m. She welcomed everyone to the first Board of Education meeting of the year. Beverly Eisen was introduced as the Co-Chair of the Board and then everyone introduced themselves. Toby said she prepared new materials during the summer. She handed out a parents manual and parent participation form to everyone. Toby mentioned that the manual's academic calendar included most special events. She also mentioned that the discipline code wording was