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Transcript of interview with Earl and Gloria Alger by Claytee D. White, October 29, 2009






Earl and Gloria Alger were born in the early 1930s, met at the Mormon Church, dated in high school and have spent their entire lives in Las Vegas. Earl's story begins with his father arriving to take a construction job at the Boulder Dam. For a year he worked and saved to move his family from Utah to Las Vegas. The family lived on the Westside and Earl recalls he and his brother sharing a tent as their bedroom for a while. Gloria remembers growing up on Garcia Street in the downtown area. Her parents took her to a Liberace show for her 16th birthday, but other than that their lives were centered around the Mormon church. Her great-grandfather Torrel Lewis was one of the original pioneers from Salt Lake City. They describe the good old days of the "old Ranch", "Twin Lakes", and "frogging"; of the changed attitudes of working in gaming by the Mormon community and the more recent changes due to corporation leaders and increased traffic of the population growth.

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Earl and Gloria Alger oral history interview, 2009 October 29. OH-00086. [Transcript]. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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