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Minutes from Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors meetings, June 1996 - May 1997




1996 to 1997


Meeting minutes include reports from committees of the board, correspondence, and balance sheets.

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jhp000472. Temple Beth Sholom Records, 1945-2015. MS-00711. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM Moshe Berger Cantor Simon Bergman President Sandra Mallin First Vice-President Mitchell Ogron Second Vice-President Ruth Goldfarb Secretary Rose Raphael Treasurer Lawrence Brown Executive Director Susan Loeh Executive Director Emeritus Leo Winer BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jerome L. Blut Allen Brewster Melanie Greenberg Herb Kaufman Robert Murdock Dr. Stev en Saxe Elaine Steinberg Faye Steinbetg Joanne Stevens Jerome H. Turk hood President Baratz April 30, 1997 Men's Club President Dr. Gary Markewich Seniors President Sheldon Raphael PAST PRESIDENTS Edward M. Bernstein Jerome L. Blut Allen Brewster Barry D. Eisen Jack Entratter * Mel Exber Daniel Goldfarb * Oscar B. Goodman Albert Goot * Mike Gordon * Gene R. Greenberg Stan Irwin Lloyd Katz * Herb Kaufman Jake Kozloff* Harry C. Levy * Jerome D. Mack Sate Mack * Arthur Marshall Stuart J. Mason Melvin S. Moss Abraham J. Schur * Jared E. Shafer Harry Wallerstein * Justice David Zenojf HONORARY BOARD MEMBER E. Sigesmund ^ased REMINDER! The next Board of Directors meeting will take place on Monday, May 5th at 5:30 p.m. Please review the enclosed material prior to the meeting. Kindly R.S.V.P., regrets only, to Sharon or Dawn at 384-5070. 1600 East Oakey Boulevard ? Las Vegas, Nevada 89104 ? (702 ) 384-5070 ? Fax (702) 383-3246 Future Home - Summerlin South UNITEO SYNAGOGUE of CONSERVATIVE JUDAISM TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING May 5, 1997 MINUTES ATTENDANCE ABSENT Sandy Mallin, President Adele Baratz Allen Brewster Melanie Greenberg Herb Kaufman Dr. Gary Markewich Robert Murdock Mitchell Ogron Rose Raphael Sheldon Raphael Dr. Steven Saxe Sharon Sigesmund Faye Steinberg Joanne Stevens Jerry Blut Larry Brown Ruth Goldfarb Elaine Steinberg Jerome Turk Leo A. Wilner GUESTS Edward Bernstein Lauren Frumes Maury Jones Louis Levin STAFF Rabbi Moshe Berger Cantor Simon Bergman Sharon Gottlieb, Administrative Assistant Susan Harris, Comptroller Suzan Loeb, Executive Director The meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by Sandra Mallin, President, at 5:40 p.m. I. WELCOME AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Mrs. Mallin welcomed Board members and guests to the Board Meeting. She asked if there were any changes to the April minutes which had been mailed. There were no changes and the minutes were accepted. 1 Mrs. Mallin said the Passover Seder was wonderful and she complimented Rabbi, Cantor and Kaplan Catering for an enjoyable evening. She said the Board received a list of items that need to be addressed which will be discussed shortly. Mrs. Mallin stated that regarding the reduced dues dilemma, Mrs. Suzan Loeb distributed a membership breakdown which Dr. Steven Saxe was pleased with. There are two forms regarding dues reduction which will be discussed later in this meeting. Mrs. Mallin said the Men's Club had mailed Yom Hashoah candles to the Congregation and Dr. Gary Markewich said the program was a success. Mrs. Mallin thanked Mr. Herb Kaufman for providing dinner to the Board members this evening. n. PRESIDENT'S REPORT Mrs. Mallin said the Annual Board Meeting will take place on May 20th and she hoped each Board member would attend. Joanne Stevens added that Board attendance at the Annual Meeting should be mandatory. Mrs. Mallin said that Mrs. Suzan Loeb has prepared an Annual Report which would be distributed at the Annual Meeting. A draft of that Report was presented to the Board members. Mrs. Mallin said that financial information was not included in the Annual Report but any Temple member in good standing who wishes to see full financials should make an appointment with the office. Mrs. Mallin said that when there are problems with the Temple, this Board has been eager to discuss it outside of the Board Room which is detrimental to the Temple. She said that if a Congregant asks a Board member questions regarding sensitive issues, the Board member should put a positive spin on the answer. Mrs. Mallin suggested having the Congregant call Mrs. Loeb. Mr. Mitchell Ogron said he answers a question with a question and says he'll look into it. Mrs. Mallin noted that Israel Independence Day will take place on Sunday, June 1st at Winchester Park from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sisterhood and the Temple will have a table and Mrs. Loeb asked Board members to help man the table and answer questions. Mrs. Rose Raphael suggested that Rabbi Berger and Cantor Bergman each spend two hours at the table. III. RABBI'S REPORT Rabbi Berger reported that there will be a Confirmation Ceremony on Friday, May 16th. He said the Third Grade Consecration will take place on June 6th and the Seventh Grade will graduate on June 10th. He said the recent Yom Hashoah event was great. Rabbi Berger said he received no complaints from anyone regarding our Passover Seder. He announced that Steven Weiss made a $10,000 contribution to the synagogue after his recent marriage and baby naming. Rabbi said Mr. Weiss may join the Temple. 2 IV. CANTOR'S REPORT Cantor Bergman said there have been a number of life-cycle events. He said the next Bar Mitzvah will be David Scully's on May 24th. Cantor said there were a number of out of town guests at our Passover Seder and it was a wonderful event. Mrs. Loeb said that she and the Sisterhood worked hard to develop the fees for non-member use of our sanctuary and social hall and distributed a fee schedule. She said we are looking to create a market for Kosher functions where none had existed before. Mrs. Loeb said these fees are a compilation of what other synagogues and hotels charge. Mrs. Mallin said that Mrs. Loeb had worked very hard on these schedules and if anyone had any questions, they should ask Mrs. Loeb. Dr. Saxe asked what profit are we making. Mrs. Loeb responded that our costs include having the lights on for four hours and the use of our maintenance staff. She said when we know that there will be a wedding, the maintenance staff schedule is staggered so no overtime has to be paid. Mr. Herb Kaufman asked what a member would pay to use our social hall for a wedding. Mrs. Loeb replied that the use of the room is free to members but they are charged for the use of the kitchen and the dishes. Mr. Kaufman stated that fees to members need to be spelled out. Mr. Ogron said this discussion should be done by a committee who should look at member vs. non-member fees to use our facilities. Mrs. Faye Steinberg offered to serve on that committee. Mr. Ogron said in looking at the Camp flyer, the costs show no incentive to be a member. He said the committee should look into this so we do not sell ourselves short. Mrs. Loeb said she had received a telephone call from Roberta Sabbath of the Hebrew Academy asking to borrow one of our Torahs for a year. Mrs. Loeb spoke to Rabbi Berger about this and felt the Board should be asked. She said it was a mitzvah to lend a Torah. Mrs. Loeb said that should Becker Middle School not allow us to use their school as a satellite Hebrew School, we may need the Hebrew Academy who perhaps would not charge us. She said the Hebrew Academy has a safe place to store the Torah. Mrs. Loeb said she would check on insurance coverage for off-premises use of our Torah. It was noted that we may need the Torah back for High Holy Day Services and some members have donated Torahs. Mrs. Loeb asked if she should pursue this and it was agreed that she should. Dr. Gary Markewich said the Hebrew Academy must keep the Torah Kosher and that no student should write in it. Rabbi Berger commented that it was a mitzvah to give children access to our Torah but we need to know how the Hebrew Academy would be using it. Cantor Bergman said we may have a small Torah that is used for daily Minyan that we could lend to the Hebrew Academy. Mrs. Loeb said she would research this further. V. NON-MEMBER FEE SCHEDULES VI. OTHER BUSINESS 3 Mrs. Loeb announced that May statements are going out and June will be mailed shortly. She said we need to know what the criteria would be for reduced billing. Dr. Saxe asked about Board attendance at meetings. Mrs. Loeb replied that those who could not make tonight's meeting had telephoned her. Mr. Kaufman asked to put into the Bulletin that if anyone is admitted to Sunrise Hospital they check off "Jewish" not "Hebrew" religion so that Rabbi and Cantor can visit them. Cantor Bergman said that if anyone is admitted to the hospital they should call the office and advise us. VII. FINANCIAL REPORT Mrs. Susan Harris distributed financial information and said that Mr. Jerry Turk had reviewed the balance sheet last month. Mrs. Harris reviewed the year to date income statement and noted that if we had not received a large restricted fund contribution, we would be in the red for $44,000. She said the budget deficit was $68,000. Mrs. Harris explained that the income statement was broken down by department and that Administration included ESP, Kiddush, insurance, membership dues, etc. She said regarding Facilities and Maintenance, it costs $136,837 annually to upkeep the building and the premises look good. Mrs. Harris said that under Holiday and Ritual (Kol Nidre Book, High Holiday tickets) is where we make money. Regarding Religious School, she said there is a deficit of $9,801 which could be higher if not everyone pays. Mrs. Harris noted that the Religious School had received a substantial gift this year which we may not receive next year. She said that Pre-School/Day Care shows a deficit of $9,150 and stated that we have no proof of payments made early last year in the amount of $5,000. Mrs. Harris said there was a 20% allowance for doubtful debt after prior year's outstandings were taken into account. Mrs. Loeb said that we are always going to have shrinkage. Mrs. Harris said that under Youth Programs, it costs us $5,684 to run USY and Kadima. She explained that a percentage of utilities, telephone, and postage was figured into every department. Mrs. Harris said that the accounting firm of Bradshaw Smith was thrilled to see these figures. They can now close 1994, 1995 and 1996. Mr. Ogron said Mrs. Harris has done a tremendous job on the financials and the Board thanked her. Mrs. Harris asked for questions. Mrs. Rose Raphael said that the allowance for doubtful debt should be broken down for each department. Mr. Herb Kaufman questioned the $19,000 expense for food asking what did this cover. Mrs. Loeb responded that it was for ESP dinners, Kiddushes and Oneg Shabbats. Mrs. Harris said you must look at the income against the expenses. She said some money for food had to be expended before the event. Dr. Saxe noted that the biggest percentage of our loss is on education and suggested we obtain a consultant to see how to save money on this. Mrs. Melanie Greenberg said that our Religious School requires specialized teachers who command higher salaries. It was asked if all parents of Religious School students were Temple members. Mrs. Loeb responded that they were not. Mrs. Raphael said the figures would be more meaningful if we had the number of Religious School students. Mrs. Loeb said there are 100 students and we are subsidizing $420. Mrs. Mallin said this figure should be cross?4 checked because some of these parents may be on reduced dues. Mrs. Raphael asked how many students were in our Pre-School. Mrs. Loeb responded that there were 27 and seven were Temple members. Mr. Ogron suggested that we may need a committee to telephone members who are outstanding in payment of their dues and a committee to contact parents of Pre-School students. He said if the Board is planning to close the Pre-School, we should do it before school ends. Mrs. Raphael said the Pre-School is running at a loss for only 27 students. She said once we move, we must re-apply for our license for the school. Mrs. Harris said $5,000 was doubtful which could be a loss of income for the Pre-School. She said income is recognized once it is billed. Mrs. Raphael said we are subsidizing each Pre-School child $475. Mrs. Rose Raphael made a motion to close the Pre-School. Ms. Joanne Stevens seconded the motion. Mrs. Mallin said it was drastic to close the Pre-School and may open it only to Temple members. She said we cannot bring it back to life in this location. Mrs. Mallin suggested we form a committee to solve the problem of the Pre-School. She asked Board members who wish to serve on this committee to call her. Mrs. Raphael withdrew the motion to close the Pre-School. Mrs. Greenberg said the Board of Education Committee had recently decided to review the Pre-School and was waiting for the budget before discussing it. Mrs. Loeb explained that when members resign and have prior debts, the computer automatically prints bills. We are still carrying this amount and it must be placed into doubtless debts. Mrs. Harris explained that 20% is set aside for doubtful debts which may be high but there was no basis from prior years. Ms. Stevens asked if Cantor's balloon payment was included. Mrs. Harris said the Budget Committee should present the budget without long-term liabilities and how they could be paid. Mrs. Loeb stated the reserve fund has been depleted. Mrs. Harris said we are starting the budget with a deficit and no method of repayment. Mr. Kaufman said the Board needs to review the budget before it is discussed. Mrs. Greenberg said it would be helpful if each committee had their own budget. Mrs. Mallin asked that the budget discussion be tabled until the June meeting. VIII. PROPOSED CHANGES TO BY-LAWS Dr. Saxe distributed proposed By-Law changes which had been read at two previous meetings. Dr. Saxe made a motion to accept these changes. It was decided to discuss each of the five changes separately. Regarding #1 - All membership applications which require hardship dues reduction must provide TBS with a written request outlining their specific need and a most recent 1040 to be reviewed on a yearly basis - Mrs. Loeb said forms from two other synagogues had been distributed as examples. Mrs. Mallin said requesting a 1040 form had been dropped in the past because of a lot of resistance. Mrs. Baratz said the first part of this change was fine but the part about the 1040 should be eliminated. Mr. Ogron said a Congregant requesting reduced dues must prove their income and the Committee should review their financial situation without a current 1040. Mr. Ed Bernstein said a 1040 form shows tax liability not the ability to pay Temple dues. He suggested a sworn affidavit. Mr. Sheldon Raphael said we must have proof of income. Mrs. Greenberg said one of the distributed forms was good because it asks for supporting paperwork. Dr. Markewich suggested dropping the 5 1040 request from item #1 and adding it to item #2. Mrs. Mallin said she reviewed the requests for reduced dues this year and many people take the Temple over. She said we may ask what can you afford each month. Dr. Saxe said that a Board member on a hardship committee would have to ask that question. Mrs. Loeb says she has a list of reduced dues families and some of them have been getting reduced dues for years. Dr. Saxe amended the first change striking "a most recent 1040" from the sentence. Mrs. Baratz seconded the motion and it passed with one opposed. Regarding #2 ? A hardship committee to be set up appointed by the president consisting of two people to review applications ~ Mrs. Loeb suggested that the Executive Director be part of this committee which was not approved. Mr. Ogron moved that the committee should consist of three Board members to review applications and seconded the motion. Mrs. Baratz amended the second change adding at the end "and make confidential decisions and/or set conditions." Mrs. Greenberg said these changes should be taken seriously and meet the needs of the congregants. Rabbi Berger said there are some people who need to be helped and who might not join the Temple if their personal financials have to be reviewed by three Board members. He said we should resolve other problems such as Pre-School and ESP. Mrs. Sharon Sigesmund commented that requests for personal financial information may turn people away. Mrs. Mallin said the committee must review this. Mr. Ed Bernstein said in the past every Board of Directors and every rabbi had the same objections. He said there should be some accountability. Mrs. Mallin said in the past one wealthy Congregant dropped out when they were asked to pay full dues instead of reduced dues. This motion passed unanimously. Regarding #3 -- Only full dues paying members can hold office on the board of directors according to their category. ? Mr. Sheldon Raphael seconded the motion. Ms. Stevens asked what if a reduced dues member wanted to sit on the Board. Dr. Saxe replied that a reduced dues member could be making decisions regarding where full dues money should be spent. Ms. Stevens said we want a higher standard for Board members. Mr. Ogron questioned why a reduced dues member should not serve on our Board. He said if not, we would be excluding some very worthwhile people to serve on our Board. Mrs. Greenberg suggested that reduced dues members could work on committees. Mr. Ogron said hard working members should be able to serve on the Board regardless of whether they are able to pay full dues. The vote was taken and the motion did not pass. Dr. Saxe said he would re-write and re-submit this change. Regarding #4 ~ Only full dues paying members according to their respective category may vote at the yearly meeting. ? This motion was seconded. Dr. Saxe explained that a reduced dues member could vote on decisions that affect full dues paying members. Mrs. Mallin asked about associate memberships which we no longer have. Mr. Ogron said that in the future, this Board could be made up of reduced dues paying members. Mr. Bernstein said the Board has a responsibility to provide a place for poor people to pray but these people do not have to be making decisions. Rabbi Berger said we have people working hard on committees who may not be full dues paying members. The vote was taken and the motion did not pass. After some discussion, Dr. Saxe and Mr. Ogron will review these changes to the By-Laws and amend them. 6 Mrs. Mallin presented Mr. Ogron with a gift as this was his last Board meeting. Mrs. Baratz announced that the Gala honoring Sandy Mallin as TBS's first woman president will take place on June 8th. Mrs. Raphael said we must have every Board member in attendance at the Annual Meeting on May 20th. Mrs. Mallin showed the revised plans for our new building. The Board went into Personnel Session at 8:20 p.m. and the staff left the meeting. 7 SENIORS should they give a yearly assessment to Temple for paper goods/supplies/maintenance/food what is criteria for "organization recognition" by the Board? has their membership been reviewed? how many members do they have how many of them are synagogue members what are the dues of those who are members how many are non-members review what it would take to have them join the synagogue? promote the positive purpose do they serve need to increase membership and visibility can we get seniors involved other than just on Tuesdays? USE OF FACILITY when Temple and non-temple groups meet, they'd like coffee/cold drinks the pros - more groups are now meeting at the temple creates increased exposure for the temple - good P.R. the cons - time needs to be monitored so maintenance hours not increased increases temple costs of supplies and coffee USY/KADIMA need to increase level of co-operation with Temple baby-sitting; working with PTA on events need to increase their visibility what is their responsibility of giving "community service" to Temple NEW MEMBERS DURING THE MONTH OF APRIL None GET WELL WISHES TO: David Rogers MEMBERS DECEASED: Dr. Herman Crystal A1 Schulman MEMBERS RESIGNED: Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Herman Phillip Scheinman Ivan Segal Robin Prochorohik Smith CATERERS In-House Caterers The Temple Sisterhood is available for most DAIRY catering. Kaplan Kosher Caterers is the Temple's in-house caterer, available for MEAT meals. Fees There are no fees required when either Sisterhood or Kaplan Caterers is hired. Outside Caterers Only approved outside Kosher caterers can be hired for events. Fees There is a $200 fee, payable to Temple Beth Sholom, prior to the event, for the caterer's full use of the kitchen and its facilities, including the ice machine, coffee maker and coffee urn. There is a $100 fee, payable to Temple Beth Sholom, prior to the event, for the caterer to bring in food that has been prepared off-premises which includes use of the ice machine, coffee maker and coffee urn. There is an additional fee of $50.00 for coffee, tea, and lemonade service for events with under 100 guests if the caterer does not supply beverages. There is an additional fee of $100.00 for coffee, tea, and lemonade service for events with 100 or more guests if the caterer does not supply beverages. NON-MEMBER FEE SCHEDULES FOR USE OF THE SANCTUARY AND SOCIAL HALL NON-MEMBER FEES FOR USE OF THE SANCTUARY Non-member use of the Sanctuary for a wedding: $250.00 This fee includes use of the Sanctuary prior to the ceremony for photographs; and use of the Bride's Room, bathrooms and Groom's Room for personal preparation prior to the ceremony. The total length of time should not exceed four (4) hours, including the ceremony. This fee is payable to the Temple. Clergy fees are discussed between the couple and the clergy. " Visiting " clergy are permitted to perform the ceremony without our clergy present providing Rabbi Berger confirms ordination to be Orthodox or Conservative. Note: Congregation Ner Tamid does not allow outside clergy to perform weddings. Rabbi Akselradwill, however, entertain sharing the pulpit with a visiting Rabbi of the family's choice. NON-MEMBER FEE FOR USE OF THE SOCIAL HALL Non-member use of the Social Hall (including dishes/silverware): $650.00 $500 for the Temple $150 for Sisterhood NON-MEMBER FEE FOR SANCTUARY AND SOCIAL HALL $ 250 Sanctuary $ 650 Social Hall TOTAL FOR BOTH $900.00 PACKAGE PRICE FOR SANCTUARY AND SOCIAL HALL REDUCED TOTAL $800.00 NON-MEMBER FEE FOR USE OF COBLENTZ CHAPEL $150 00 Please note: Ner Tamid charges $350for the Clergy, $250for the use of the main sanctuary, $50 for the organist, and $150 for the small chapel. The range of charges from a PA TA survey of Conservative synagogues is as varied as our opinions. With a waning interest for Kosher functions, it is suggested we try to re-establish a market rather than take advantage by over?pricing for one that no longer exists. 1996-1997 MEMBERSHIP BREAKDOWN (440 units as of March) FAMILY - $1,000 182 units are in the Family category. Of the 182, 139 pay Full dues 43 are on Reduced dues (22 of them are 1 year Beth Am reductions) SENIOR FAMILY - $ 850 90 units are in the Senior Family category. Of the 90, 33 pay Full dues 57 are on Reduced dues SENIOR SINGLES - $ 700 99 units are in the Senior Singles category. Of the 99, 28 pay Full dues 71 are on Reduced dues SINGLES (25-29) - $ 430 4 units are in this Singles category. Of the 4, 2 pay Full dues 2 are on Reduced dues SINGLES (30-64) - $ 800 60 units are in this Singles category. Of the 60, 40 pay Full dues 20 are on Reduced dues STARTING FAMILY - $ 490 5 units are in Starting Family category. Of the 5, 4 pay Full dues 1 is on Reduced dues PURIM CARNIVAL Income: $ 911.95 Expenses: 1,180.23 Deficit: $ 268.28 SHABBAT ACROSS AMERICA 165 adults 39 children Income: Expenses: Deficit: $2,199.00 3,135.45 $ 936.45 PASSOVER SEDER 189 adults (127 represented Members with family - 61 were non-Members) 20 children Income: Expenses: Profit: $ 9,500.00 9,065.82 $ 434.18 COMMITTEE REPORTS ^7^ATlON ' Sheryl H<>nig, Chairman The Adult Education Program, as a center of Jewish culture for our adult Congregant provided exciting and innovative Sunday momto educational classes. A Sunday evening lecture series at memS homes was also offered. Special events included an Havdallah ^ followed by Show and Kvel" for participants to share meaningful Jewish expenences. There was a well-attended lecture by Professor Alan Balboni who spoke about the Jewish influence on die development of Las vegas. Weekly Yiddish classes are being taught by Toby Rosenbush; and, the Passover Workshop and "Lunch with the Rabbi Program" were well received. The Adult Education Committee participated in Shabbal Across America, and sponsored a Jewish Meditation series led by Irv Bransky. ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE - Jerome Turk, Chairman The Architectural Committee is overseeing the development of our new home m Summerlin South. Upon the Committee's recommendation, the Board hired the architectural firm of Robbins and Bown for the project The architect's designs and drawings of the new Temple are on display m the synagogue lobby to the delight and interest of all who view them. The schematic phase of the design process is currently underway, which is part of the full design process required by a project of this scope. BOARD OF EDUCATION Melanie Greenberg & Barbara Lukasiewicz, Co-chairmen The Board of Education, comprised of our clergy, p?aa^remntss, administrators and teachers from all school and youth programs, met monthly to review educational issues. Events, curriculum and programs were planned and reviewed, and recommendations to the Temple Board were prepared. The Board of Education is committed to quality Jewish education and oversees all educational programs. BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE - Larry Brown, Chairman The Budget and Finance Committee with the Comptroller, developed new accounting procedures to better service our Congregants. The payables and receivables were converted to a new computer software system, all accounts are currently being analyzed, a Temple budget was devised and reviewed, and cost containment measures established for next year. CAPITAL CAMPAIGN ~$UoL CUoUck, C(A&<A*H_<lw The Capital Campaign has preliminarily begun for our new Temple in Summerlin South. Several Congregants have graciously stepped forward with leadership gifts, and a list of "giving opportunities" is being developed. Our dream for the future is about to become a reality. CHAVURAH - Sue and Lewis Levin, Rose and Sheldon Raphael Two Chavurah groups were formed to help integrate new members into Temple life. Newcomers met with long-term synagogue members of similar ages and interests and attended many Temple functions together FACILITIES COMMITTEE- Sheldon Raphael, Chairman All buildings in our Temple complex have been cleaned and are beautifully maintained. The storage closets have been cleared out "and organized; old books either donated or buried; and a Board Room created. Service contracts have been reviewed and changes have been made. Repairs are accomplished, whenever possible, by a competent and courteous Maintenance Staff. Long-term projects include refurbishing the stage and preparing for our eventual move to Summerlin South. MISHPACHA - Karen Berger, Chairman Conceived by our Rebbetzin, the Mishpacha Group was designed tc meet the religious, cultural and social needs of new young women in our Temple Family who are raising families. Meetings provide an j^prtunity for these women to share ideas, feelings, and concerns gliding issues specific to them. The Mishpacha Group, as its first function, orchestrated a Succot Dinner Under the Stars for the Congregation. With Sisterhood, they also conducted a beautiful Chanukah Dinner, and participated in Shabbat Across America. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE - Joanne Stevens, Chairman We are proud to announce that our membership has increased by 100 family units during this fiscal year. An active Membership Committee contacted new and prospective members and helped integrate newcomers into our synagogue family. Always interested in increasing Temple membership, the Committee discussed a variety of ideas aimed at attracting new members. Further, ideas geared towards retaining current members and keeping our Temple's offerings relevant to them, were explored. MEN'S CLUB - Dr. Gary Markewich, President For its kick-off of the year, the Men's Club held a fun-filled Monday Night Football Party. The men barbecued at the Annual Hebrew School Picnic, and participated in Shabbat Across America. Men's Club's major program is the Annual Yom Hashoah Yahrzeit Candle Project, which was this year, as always, appreciated by the Congregation and a huge success. NATE MACK RELIGIOUS SCHOOL Rabbi Isaac Soncino, Education Administrator We proudly announce that enrollment in the Nate Mack Religious Sjjcol increased from 47 to 100 students, and satellite classes in ^Jtierlin were established. A new curriculum with new textbooks premiered this year, and several new teachers were warmly welcomed as staff members. Workshops were offered to parents and their students for holiday celebrations including Rosh Hashanah, Succot, Purim, and Passover. A B'nai Mitzvah Manual was developed for sixth and seventh grade students, and several field trips were enjoyed. The Hebrew School is dedicated to quality Jewish education and developing a lifelong love of Judaism. Through private grants and an allocation from the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, the Religious School strives to provide enrollment opportunities for any Jewish child who is interested in learning. PRESCHOOL/DAY CARE - MOMMY/DADDY & ME Lois Bergman, Director hi a nurturing environment, students were instructed in secular and religious areas of study. They celebrated every Shabbat and learned about the Jewish holidays with appropriate prayers, songs and blessings. During the year, successful fund-raisers and Mitzvah Projects were conducted. The children worked in their garden, enjoyed several field trips, and entertained the Temple Seniors. The youngsters also participated in Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Mother's Day, Purim and Passover Programs, and are looking forward to "graduation." Mommy/Daddy & Me students had an active year of celebrating holidays and expressing individual talents in crayon, paint, clay and glue. Parents and students learned songs and made friends while sharing and being exposed to Temple life. Temple Beth Sholom is dedicated to two guiding principles... To serve as a vibrant center for the practice and teaching of Conservative Judaism To create a spiritual and social atmosphere by meeting the needs of the Congregants enabling each to feel part of a larger synagogue family PTA - Elaine Gross & Hillary Torchin, Co-chairmen A revitalized Parent-Teacher Association generated increased interest and activity. Under its direction, a Chanukah Carnival and Purim Carnival for the enjoyment of Hebrew School students & parents were conducted. The PTA participated in Shabbat Across America, and members served as representatives on the Board of Education at its monthly meetings. SHALOM DAY CAMP/ KINDER KAMP - Lois Bergman, Director We anticipate that 80 children will enroll in this year's summer camp, where in a relaxed Jewish atmosphere children can enjoy sports, arts & crafls, music, drama, swimming and weekly field trips. Sabbath services are conducted each week, and children participate in Temple Services and a Mitzvah Project. SISTERHOOD - Adele Baratz, President Sisterhood held its monthly meetings with a focus on a variety of topics. It conducted several fund-raising events, a Sisterhood Shabbaton, presented a new computer/server to the Temple office and refurbished the PreSchool area. New blinds have been ordered for the classrooms and USY Lounge and a new air conditioning unit was installed in the Coblentz Chapel. Sisterhood handled B'nai Mitzvah catering, participated with the Mishpacha Group to offer a beautiful Chanukah Dinner to the Congregation, and participated in Shabbat Across America. This year, Sisterhood increased its monetary allocation to the Temple, sponsored weekly Oneg Shabbats, and was active in all aspects of synagogue life. Sisterhood continues to oversee and maintain our kosher kitchen and runs the Etta Harmell Judaica Shop. In June, Sisterhood will hold a Gala honoring the Temple's first woman president and Sisterhood member, Sandy M