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1-9-52 Rev. 5/17/82A ACT I Scene 9 SETTING: The churchyard. The social: late afternoon. AT RISE: Through a scrim we see the BRIDES and SUITORS dancing,watched by the remaining townsfolk. The scrim goes up. The six BROTHERS ENTER STAGE RIGHT, carrying pies that Milly prepared for the social. They stop, not knowing what to do. The SUITORS notice the BROTHERS. They leave their girls gradually, bristling at the invasion of their territory, and group down center ?╟÷ almost squaring off opposite the BROTHERS. The BRIDES, curious, cross and group downleft. ALICE Is something terrible going to happen? LIZA . My momma says strangers mean trouble. RUTH We've never seen them before MARTHA Don't worry girls (Loudly: to the Suitors as well) Our boys will protect us! RUTH Well where'd they come from? DORCAS Heaven. They don't SARAH look like angels to me. MARTHA Good lookin'. LIZA Alice, which one do you like? ALICE The one with the red hair. (MILLY enters, followed by ADAM. SHE instantly notices the tension, and comes between the groups of men) MILLY (gaily) I'm so happy to see all of you.