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Correspondence, John F. Perkins to Sadie B. Clayton







This folder is from the "Correspondence" file of the Sadie and Hampton George Papers (MS-00434)

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man000363. Sadie and Hampton George Papers, 1874-1944. MS-00434. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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jlOverton Nevada,10/4- 1938. Mrs Sadie B.Clayton. Santa Ana Calif. 4 Dear Mrs Clayton; The inclosures herewith, Itrust will be self explainatory. From all indications todate, it looks favorable,for me to set a tonnage moveing on the lines indicated in these two letters, which will bring in some revenue to the owners, and at the same time go far towards the annual assessment work, if not masthan do it. In as much as there is nothing else in sightat this time,% in the way of getting any one interested in the property, I am strom of the oponion, that we should encourage any genuine gesture to-ward disposeing ofi tonnage, or any means of realizing any profits from the property. Your Son, WILLARD, will in all probility be up this way this week end,and I would very much appreciate your contacting him before that time, and go over this matter with him on the same, And, at your earliest convienence, advise me by letter your feelings in the maAtwteetri,ng which , I am, with best regards, Sincerely, C ' John F.Perkins. to-era Jiverton Mev*ta,10/I- I8S8 Mr*Levi V*.Syphus -Pan&ea Mev* AMD Associate Owners in the Prosperity and Soeeass Groups of Mining Claims* Locally known as the Muddy Elver Magnesite Deposits*} Dear associate*(in the above Properties) Some six months ago 1 took the matter of furnishing crude ore from our deposits to prospective users or same, up with Mr.t8yphus, furnish- 1 the same at the deposit, at |2«<^ one dollar per ton*net -to th# owner®, the purchasers to do the mining and all other work incidentl to the placeing the mm @ on board cars at B*K* At the time above mentioned,Mr, Syphus was inclined to dlscourragc such a proposition,but promised that he would take the matter up with the owners,and advise »® as to their feelings towards the proposition, at m His oirculiar l eetatrleyr doaft e£ .apt, $rd,X§88, I assume is meat for that reply- both for himself~&aa otbvr associates* I. | are kept 'those prospective purchasers waiting for some, defjt iawtfe answer since the date t f M i mentioned. it is still probable, that I can get this contract for tonnage, and for the following reasons,would very much like to be authorised to do so) by towing* given the priveledgc to furnish tonnage from some certain designated exposure of ore on the deposit,which could be convienently m d i t d by 3sruek,mid handled «s cheaply as pos^-ibla, from the deposit to B*U* Prefereebly the exposure in Magnesite $aah. First) this appear* to toe a real gesture towards 'the consumption of a large tonnage of our material,which will be in operation for m&ny syeecaornds) toI t cowmi#l*l be a means of iotrodueoiag our material to userr, who may toy such uses,toe a means of advertising the property for other possibilities,which may toe the means - of exploiting the property. third) It will toe the of haveing the *anu 1 a»*#ssifcint work done,at no cost to the owner*, arid bring -;‘1.00' per ton raven©# for each ton r»*mov«d,t© the owners. Fourth) there is no ehancc. to my' xno&lodge, for us to carry out any such & program^, as outlined toy ar«hyphus,Meither is there any need at this time to have a commit tie of three appointed for the purposes ho suggests as a whole, but there should toe such a tie created, and empowered to act for the, In such matters of authorlz4 ing the sal# of the property, or tonnage,at a minimum figure. the first pnragr^h of Mr* Syphus letter indicates that)-He will vigoriously oppose me in any effort to bring about a deal along the line* above set forth* Such indications is clearly apparent from his suggestions in paragraphs,^—o—#—b—!to— f—and 0 oi his X#t sr* However)-If he has parties with whom he can deal with for tonnage at a price he names,and the terms he imposes,! would not object,ex­cept to th# proposition of the eomrnittie taking all the responsibility of mining, locating of roads and mantaining same, planning ore on cars at R.H. at the oxpance of the owners* as ail of that will toe taken ear© of in a m y which will improve the property, and m k e 's good pas­sable road,and m ntain it,and we will be sure of the • I.p'O per ton Mr.-T, + ~ < - Mltlgi&ii SSS bfejUShU & with no for mn argaeeoat*with the ©©nmittie ©r«r the expendit­ures* heffreac© to Paragraph** $*?*&&§ fiUli is all good logic*bat* the yriee y«r too doe* not outer i»to the natter with which m are % aow eoasiiler:iag|Mr^Sj|ikma is speaking of Conner©idi hoga^aite ores which are isol as dagaesite* «e haw© os gufeti ore in oar deposit*without first putting it through *a expen©ire process of refiaolagffor which, *e hate neither the process*nor the mean* for the e$utppn«at for sane if «e had* are only fogling ourselves fey thinking of our ore ia terms of a ©oanoroial magnesite .for if it were* wo could*aud no doupt would have found a sale for it long ago« gad farUkaraoroi as to what percentage ©f our material nap fee used fcy consumer& in ©oaaaotioa with ©the? materials* is of little ©oasaquoneo to us*.©*^ to whet it is used ferj Hie all iaporta-at thing is to find a a^rteet Tor-;t&e ore in its natural state* $|®1 our prise for it at the mine*and lot the other felloe Here shat eter profits he © ©a© dectte fro* M s skill and knowledge of the uses In nay fee &fei# to put It to, |i the wetting aside of a eert«ia **spa, fog thin tonnage*will not interfere with the sal e oor fe xtphoe seprdo p«er*r tyf,eody aor the sale of other tonnage* should there fee a ehanoe for eith*.r$ assad *I s susecth afno ratrhr &Mim gPeaarjamgtr arpehg i2t fodf* htro, gtyhpihsn m»a tlettetre r*could fee feed I think* Sfewefedri&Mk mfcte? resolves is this ©as thing* fill we accept iS#^S') one dolls# per tea for the ore at fcbo uioe^uW make it possible for the purchasers to Raw© somekimd of an assurance that they will fee supplied utth their needed tonnage ©war & period of years to ©ome* this they eel for* la order to lustify them ia the expenditure of large suae of noaey for their plants* and. ©q^iypnoat for tii© use of the materialfa M X ttiei sem* such am sr*eiBg©»«/at ©an fei had*aod ut tfc#/ B fe&jhe tine protest ail interests* ansi promote Um balance of the property Du© to tfee many xetelergioal woader* wfeiofe ere feeing perfeeted »4ay sea tter tfeetio neterii*!?.* 4»r# fee lag sueoessfuily prod'ueedwg'g^iliS-* goan#tele-'TefistiifcS-lso.fefeer*«ad feany otfeors, SPor r«»esoasj,X feel tbsi ax^' geauiae gostteo fr«a asyr dopendsaie souroe # towards con- n^roillisiug or use lag our oro* ^touid fee ea«oura|;«d| sad vtMl^ $I*cu •per tea is ooastdored a feigfe royalty fey some* and low fey otfe®rs*it la better tfeaa eadlessly we.iti«i for some Seat* Clous to ©one sod naice us weoltfeyt aotwistsadiag Wie poteatlol wolues wfelefe «« slae^rely feelievo the property -fees# §©* ia tfee fs©t*tfeet tfeere is aoti&iag in sifefet la tfeo my of say tfeiai. better tto&a soove* wfey net got going*witfeout furtfeer delay? Other deals t&kea ©ore of likewise* os they oyy«ur,«ad ©sa fee jt&ds* 1 .will greatly oppreeiste say suggestioas you «»y hate to offer* sad will await your reply at your earliest possible ©oawieeoacw* is those parties here feeea aeedlsy kept suiting for more than six months* ' A # Sine®r*ly, John F*?®rtias* / - ' I Overton Nevada,10/4- 1938. Mr,Levai w? Syphus, Pan:ca Nevada,and Others; | This letter,Is a followup of my letter relative to the matter of supplying tonnage from some g ivoef n,tohre d1ests iginnsatt,­eId,. aenxdp. osotuhreer so,l ore on the Magnesite deposit jointly owned by yourself A ®a^0I,T^ty of the intrests held in the deposit met at Overton Nevada, on the 3rd, inst, and expected that Mr. L,^,Syphus woul d ebde hpirse sepnrte,s enbcute, aht e shaaidd mes tatiynegd. at Moapa,over nite,which reason prevent­The letter above reffared to of Oct, 1st, was read by those press en«,Ageneral discussion was enterd into,relative to the matters j1§j9r3 8*c ontained injl/jj$g it, and the letter from Mr Syphus of Sept,3rd,9 „b y Mr, S^ yphTuhse mwaatst edrl scoufs esdl,e etanidn,g at woc ommemmibtetrise ooff TsHaKiEdK ,C oamsm iwtatsi e scuhgogseesnt.ed The purpose of such a committie, however, end the authority under which they would function, was diffrent than that suggested by Mr, Syph­us* Vis;- This Commit tie, would be given power,and authority, to act jt for all of the owners,to enter into Contracts,and negotiations. To leaseln whole, or in part,bodies of ore on the deposit, or to sell the property,in part,or as awhole g— In either esse however,at a Price M. oarndi tyt eorfm s,thset iopwunleartse.d as a minimum,and agreed to, by a substiancal maj­It was further agreed to,and authorized; that John F.Parkins carry on negoiations,with parties who had asked for tonnage of the ore at the price of (1,00)one dollar per ton,net to the owners in the deposit. The purchasers to do ail the mining,hauling of the ore from the deposit to the, build and mantain roads,sad other facilities, incidental to the moveing of the same. That should a deal be made, the purchasers would as far as possible, be protected,and guarrenteed aminimum tonnage,for a perbd of from five to ten yeasrs time, with an extension clause thereto;but, such a deal as ferkins might make, would not prevent a sale of the property,as a whole, or prevent a simlliax* lease of other ore deposits on the claims being had. And, in the event that a sale of the property should be made, it would carry with it, a clause, protecting the partie s then operating under the lease of a Dollar a ton Koyajty.; to the extent wtohuatl d tlhievye wuopu ldt o bec onadbiltei otnos reofc eitvhee irt heciornt tonnage,so long as the y Acting upon the above authority, I am going ahead, with the negotiations,adviseing the parties that upon proper showings by them, as to their finineial ability to carry on such a deal, we will be able to close same within the near future. I sincerely trust that there will be nothing in the above which will be construed by anyone as being detremental to the intrests of any one, or all of the owners,and that“a satisfactiory contract may be had in the near future,which will bring into being, the removal of a large tonnage,and the receipt of the revenues therefrom. as Ieta rilsy Iam pdoarttea nats, apnods sNiEbGlCeE,S SfIoArR Yw, hitchha tr etahsiosn ,m It taers k bae parcotmepdt urpeopnl ya.t Sincerely. ^