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Meeting minutes for Consolidated Student Senate, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, March 1, 1977






Agenda and meeting minutes for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Student Senate. CSUN Session 5 Meeting Minutes and Agendas.

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uac000129. Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Records, 1965-2019. UA-00029. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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SENATE. MEETING #25 March 1, 1977 I. Call to Order Meeting was called to order at 4:02 p.m. by Chairperson Pam Beury. II. Roll Call Members present: Jeff Barta Dan Newman Dominick Cirone Andrew Sultan Joe Mann Sharon Baker Brad Peterson Leona Gonzales Bobby Eawson Bill Marion Tom Moreo Jim Bateman Tara Corcoran Jim Rafferty Mike Whipple Dave Cavalieri Tony Gwirtz Iris McCowan Greg McKinley Keith Terry Gene Russo Marshal Willick Joe Warpinski absent(Excused) Debi Fields Rich Cole Cathy McLaurin Warren Stief Ron McCormick absent (unexcused) none III. Approval of Minutes Approval of minutes postponed until next meeting due to broken Xerox machine, IV. Open Discussion Senate meeting went to open discussion for 15 minutes. Regular agenda was resumed at 5:20 V. Committee Reports A. Activities Board Joe Warpinski WTS asked to report on the Activities Board in Scott Lorenz's absence. Joe submitted the contract on James Lee Stanley which will be voted on at the next meeting, (attached). B. Union Board Joe Warpinski reported that the Union Board is working on the remodeling of a new TV room, which will take the place of the one downstairs when it becomes part of the bookstore. C. Judicial Beard Report postponed until representative is present. D. Organizations Committee Joe Warpinski reported in Pam Hysell's absence. Joe moved to approve the Intergreek Council as a CSUJl recognized organization contingent upon receipt of $5 fee and member roster with mailing list. Seconded by Greg McKinley. Discussion. Motion passes unanimously. Joe also stated tliat there was a request for matching funds for $400 by the Hotel Association. The money would be used for two lectures. If there is any profit on the lecture, the arrangement would be that CSUN receive 50 percent of every-thing over $400 in receipts, or 50 percent of profits up to $400. Marshal Willick moved to table until the Senate is supplied with suffic-ient details since a representative is not present. Motion seconded by Greg McKinley. Passes with one abstention. D. Appropriations Board Joe Warpinski stated that one of the things discussed at the meeting was the Treasurer's holding of the Yell's request for equipment. He added that this request would be processed as soon as the Yell replied to the Treasurer's request for information as to what the reasons for the new equipment were, and what would become of the old equipment. VI. Old Business A. Presidential Nominations, Appointments, and Report Dan Russell submitted Dan Wright's name to fill the vacancy in the Activ-ities Board; he also submitted Gene Russo to the Election Board, and Brad Peterson to the Appropriations Committee. Dan read a memo that he had written to Dr. Baepler. (Attached). Dan Russell moved to approve as a resolution of the Senate. Seconded by Joe Warpinski. Discussion. Joe Warpinski called for the question, seconded by Keith Terry. Motion passes 17-3-2. Joe Warpinski called for a division of the house on the main motion. Motion passes with a show of hands of 14 in favor, 4 opposed, and 4 abstentions. Dan announces that the Constitutional Revision Committee will meet Saturday, the 12th from 9 to approximately 4 in the afternoon with guests Jim Stone, ASUN President, and Gary Brown, ASUN Business Manager. Dan gave a partial listing of businesses giving students discounts with Student Buying Card, among those given were University Drug, Jimi's About Hair, Clover Jewelers, H-Cook, Starwood I & II, Mother's Auto Parts, etc. B. By-Laws Committee Rick Pipkins asks that the Senate reconsider a by-law which defined the word semesters as outlined in Article VII, Section 5, Letter 0. The by-law states that semester should be defined by the dates of January 16 to May 15, May 16 to September 15, and September 16 to January 15. Motion to reconsider by-law by Marshal Willick, seconded by Joe Mann. Dominick Cirona called for the question, seconded by Greg McKinley. Motion passes to vote immediately. Motion ties at 11 all. Chair decided against motion. Motion fails 11-12 VII. New Business A. Brad Peterson made a motion that the CSUN Senate send to Dr. Baepler and the regents a resolution that the CSUN Senate, as representatives of the students, does not approve of the rate increase to out-of-state students. Seconded by Greg McKinley. Greg McKinley called for the question, seconded by Tony Gwirtz. Motion passes to vote immediately. Motion passes with one opposed and two abstentions. Dan Russell moved to waive the Vice Presidential requirements limiting that person from working less than 15 hours a week in outside employment to 40 hours because of outstanding obligations. Seconded by Sharon Baker Marshal Willick called for the question, seconded by Greg McKinley. Motion passes to vote immediately with one abstention. Main motion passes. B. Judicial Board Report Leigh Anne Morejon, Chief Justice, reported that the Judicial Board's decision on the case Peterson vs. CSUN was to strike Sections C and D from Senate By-Law #5. Those sections deleted stated: C. Those items over $1,000 not involving a contract may be approved during the meeting of submission to the CSUN Senate. D. CSUN executive officers shall be empowered to make emergency agreements by telegram providing terms of said agreement have been previously approved by the CSUN Senate. All terms may be approved at the Senate meeting of submission. VIII. Adjournment Dan Russell moved to adjourn, seconded by Sharon Baker. Motion passed, meeting adjourned at 5:21 p.m. CONSOLIDATED STUDENTS UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS 4505 Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, Nevada 89154 Telephone (702) 739-3477 Memorandum February 16, 1977 TO: Dr. Baepler FROM: Daniel L. Russell RE: Increase in student association fees Per our conversation, the following is a breakdown of reasons why the Consolidated Students of UNLV are requesting an increase in student association fees for all students. 4. 1. Activities Increase To date, Activities have received no more than they had four years ago; this year they had less. With an ever increasing student enrollment, it is reasonable to have increased Activities. We would like to expand in the area of lectures, concerts, plays, coffee houses, trad-itional events, and community events. We would also like to greatly reduce or make admission free to all students. Currently, it is impossible to expand our activities program or charge less with the proposed assessment of fees. 2. Radio Station The withdrawal of the Clark County Community College left the proposed radio station minus $50,000 for the current fiscal year, and $20,000 for future yearly fis-cal pledges. Student sentiment is very favorable towards a radio station, and we have proceeded too far to give up so easily due to lack of funding. 3. Day Care The students of this university totally subsidize the CSUN Day Care Center. We have such a small budget that we are unable to purchase needed equipment and supplies. We propose future expansion, but it is not feasible with-out an adequate budget. 4. Yell Newspaper Our newspaper is operating on the same level it did several years ago. With the increase of students, it is necessary to proportionately increase circulation. With increased Memorandum Dr. Baepler Page 2 February 16, 1977 circulation comes a larger staff, and more equipment is nec-essary. We are unable to honor these requests without an increase. 5. CSUN Business Manager CSUN would like .to hire a permanent full-time professional business manager that would replace the current CSUN Treas-urer. This position would alleviate the many problems and the necessary time the CSUN officers have in learning proper business procedures. It would provide for a harmonious rela-tionship and establish a year-by-year continuity between CSUN and the UNLV Business Affairs Office. 6. Legal Services We would like to expand legal services and also provide them to all students taking night classes. 7. Outdoor Recreation Future expansion is limited without an increase in fees. V 8. Intermurals Student Government would like to fund the intermural program that is rapidly growing. The P.E. Department's funds and time are limited toward developing a program that is needed on this campus. % 9. Matching Funds This is an area I feel is needed if we are to involve the various recognized organizations into providing the num-erous events that make campus life on other universities enjoyable. The Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada propose that a $1 student association fee be assessed on all part-time (undergraduate and graduate) and full-time graduate students, and that an additional $1 be assessed to the undergraduates taking seven credits or more. This would also alleviate the problem of having to constantly explain to part-time and graduate students the reasons we differentiate between them and the full-time undergraduate students; all students would be CSUN members. I feel the increase is needed if student government is to grow and provide the ever expanding student community with the proper pro-graming that they deserve. DLR/mlw