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County agent project report, Cooperative extension work in agriculture and home economics, 1930 Addition







Summary of plan for organizing an irrigation district in the Moapa Valley for flood control, water storage, and drainage. Project Number: State Office No. 172, Clark County No. 12

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Box 4 Folder 19 Irrigation District (Flood Control) Project Clark County, 1929-1941


hln000571. John Wittwer Collection on Agriculture in Nevada, 1898-1972. MS-00181. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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COUNTY AGENT PROJECT 1930 Addition PROJECT NUMBER State Office # 172 Clark County #12 COOPERATIVE EXTENSION WORK IN AGRICULTURE AND HOME ECONOMICS UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION DIVISION AND U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE COOPERATING. STATE OF NEVADA I. SUB-PROJECT: IX. Community Activities. II. NAME OF PROJECT Irrigation District - Formation of ( For flood control, water storage and drainage) III. LEADERS: Edwin Marshall IV. LOCATION: Clark County V. DATE EFFECTIVE: January 1st, 1930 OBJECT: To organize an Irrigation District thru which to finance construction works for Flood Control, Water storage and Drainage needs for Moapa Valley in cooperation with Reclamation Service. VII. FACTS: 1. Floods in 1910, 1922, 1925 seriously damaged Moapa Valley agriculture thru over flows and in recent years thru cutting out deep gulches. 2. Practically every year one or more "freshets" hamper regular water supply owing to washing out of poorly constructed diversion dams. 3. Flood control, water storage, land drainage, soil and economic surveys conducted during the years 1923 to 1928 show construction works for approximately 8000 acres of land are feasible and within the econ- omic possibilities to property owners concerned. 4. In June 1929 U. S. Reclamation and State officials visited proposed project and pronounced various phases as deserving their most serious consideration. 5. Therefore to secure improvement involved, it was advised necessary to proceed thru an irrigation district. VIII. GOALS for 1930 1. Determine most practical means thru which pro- posed projects might be finances. 2. Cooperate with a committee of at least five members in working out a plan of financing the project. 3. Publicity campaign toward the end of organization District. IX. DUTIES OF COOPERATING AGENCIES: County Agent Become familiar with the Nevada Irrigation District Law #2. Secure detailed procedure for financing -2- 1930 Addition PROJECT NUMBER State Office # 172 Clark County #12 IX. DUTIES OF COOPERATING AGENCIES: Continued thru U. S. Reclamation Service with funds without interest on long term payments, whether thru an irri- gation District or other associated Land and Water owners organization. 3. Sell much method of proced- ure as may be determined thru investigation indicated in foregoing (2) to a committee of at least five representatives of land and water stock owners in the Moapa Valley. Cooperating Committee with Project Leader and in cooperation with County Agent become thoroughly familiar with all details of such plans for organ- ization and finance as might be determined readily feasible and practicable. X. PROCEDURE Month Attention and Interest Desire Action Jan and Feb Secure from State Engineers office necessary information to assure officers and stockholders irrigation company. A vital need for an Irri- gation District thru which to proceed in cooperation with U.S. Reclamation Service in completing surveys and securing finances without interest Mar Apr Present foregoing information to Board of Directors and leading stockholders Have State Engineer meet Board to clear away obstacles and formulate petition for district to County Commissioner Complete details for inclusion of election for Irrigation Dist- rict in November Tick- ^ et for General Election Nov. Nov. Dec. According to Election returns secure cooperation of Reclamation Service in proceeding with completion of Laws and determining units for construction and financing of same. MAR 17 1930 Date Director of Extension MAR 14, 1930 Date District Extension Agent