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Jewish Family Service Agency newsletter, Summer 1986



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jewish family service agency CARING IN THIS ISSUE: ? Pictorial report on First Annual Volunteers Day ? Centerfold pictures (unexpurgated!) of Family Day Picnic t Valuable free coupon for medical evaluation ? Family portrait of new JFSA Board officers ? Wisdom and drollery from contemplative souls SUMMER 1986 Published quarterly by Jewish Family Service Agency William Feldman, Executive Director Costs for this newsletter have been underwritten by PHYSICIANS MEDICAL CENTER, 3121 S. MARYLAND PARKWAY, LAS VEGAS 732-0600 2 JFSA "IN TRES PARTES EST" (Remember your Latin homework?)* By Bill Feldman Executive Director JFSA is made up of three com-ponents: board, staff, volunteers. Each is essential in providing quality service to families in our community. Each represents a dif-ferent strength for the agency. Board members and volunteers provide the special expertise and energy to create additional resources for our counselors as they help families in need. JFSA serves two different groups: '^ose who use our traditional counseling services and those who need "management" help. It is for this latter category that we turn to our volunteers. Management assistance involves many different resources: land-lords, legal help, creditors, health and government structures, etc. At times, JFSA staff alone cannot unsnarl the tangles. That's when the entire agency (board, staff and volunteers) utilizes its strengths to help. One should not forget. Jewish Family Service Agency represents more than its individual parts. We are "Help-Central" for Jewish fam-ilies in trouble. translation: "JFSA is in three parts." Our apologies to the Latin teachers everywhere. THE JOYS OF BEING PRESIDENT Arlene Peikoff Blut JFSA President 1986-88 It's all very clear to me. I've been a member of many organizations over the years and it was satisfying. I've served on some boards and that was even better. But NOTHING compares with being elected president of an agency like Jewish Family Services. What a multitude of joys! There's the joy (and responsi-bility) of sharing human experiences with others. In this case, it's an opportunity to work with the very best professional staff AND a board that cares deeply about people -- the kind of caring that has its roots in Jewish tradition. And there is the joy of taking part in community networking, when countless people with unique skills, representing dozens of organiza-tions, interact in the common goal of making life better for others. And, of course, the joys of seeing families reunited, adoles-cents finding direction, single parents problem-solving together, lonely hours filled for the elderly and house-bound. At this stage in my life, I cannot think of a leadership role I would rather have ? or an agency or a community I would rather serve. Thank you for your vote of trust. A LIBRARY IN YOUR NAME OR IN MEMORY OF A LOVED ONE: You can establish a Family Life Education Library at JFSA for only $500. Excellent books have already been identified. For details, call Bill Feldman, 732-0304. 3 w m- NEWLY ELECTED JFSA BOARD Seated (from left): Arlene Peikoff Blut, President; Barbara Eisenberg, First Vice President. Standing (from left): Darin Tiep, Secretary; Barry Eisen, Treasurer; Greg Kamer, Second Vice President. TRANSPORTATION CRISIS: CAN YOU HELP? Las Vegas is not an easy town to live in if you don't have a car. This is a large area with minimal bus service. So how do you get to the doctor, to the grocery store, to the bank ? if you're elderly, disabled or financially unable to own a car? This is where JFSA comes in -- and where the crisis lies. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO DRIVE! JFSA is already overwhelmed with requests for transportation. And we can only guess what the future holds: there are plans for another six retirement communi-ties housing more than 200,000 people! JFSA would like to provide two essentials: a vehicle and volunteers to drive. If YOU can allot even just one hour to week to drive someone to a medical appointment or market, please contact JFSA at 732-0304. You're the key to help us help our neighbors. Thank you. 4 FOOTPRINTS (Author unknown) One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the LORD. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. For each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand: one belonging to him, and the other to the LORD. When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand. He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life. This really bothered him and he questioned the LORD about it. "LORD, you said that once I decided to follow you, you'd walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, there is only one set of footprints. I don't under-stand why when I needed you most you would leave me." The LORD replied, "My son, My precious child, I love you and I would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you." FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION ONGOING The popular Parent Education discussion group, part of JFSA's Family Life Education Program, will now be offered on a continuing basis throughout the year. The summer session, which meets weekly from 9:30-11 a.m. focuses on positive discipline techniques, normal growth and development, and activities for the young child. The group is facilitated by Karen Jor-genson, developmental psychologist. The fee is $20 for the four-week term, and enrollment is limited. Information about future Parent Education groups is available at the JFSA office: 732-0304. VOLUNTEER SERVICE PROMPTS CASH GRANT The volunteer services of JFSA board member David Funk prompted a $500 contribution to the Agency from New York Life Foundation. David is an agent in the Las Vegas office of N.Y. Life Insurance and has been a JFSA board member for three years. The grant was made under N.Y. Life's Employee Volunteer Action Program, which encourages employees to be involved in community-based organizations. MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR V\le are exposed to so many ads that we might miss the significance of the PHYSICIANS MEDICAL CENTER ads in this issue and last. They cover the cost of your newsletter AND donate to Jewish Family Services. Please, express your appreciation to PHYSICIANS MEDICAL CENTER. Thank you. 5 VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION LUNCHEON: LOVE MEANS NEVER HAVING TO SAY "I'M TOO BUSY" More than 50 JFSA volunteers and board members attended the first Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, June 22 at the home of board president Arlene Peikoff Blut. The board saluted the many hours of service that have been given by these talented volunteers. Several volunteers assist in the office, allowing the counseling staff to concentrate on helping families and individuals directly. Other volunteers maintain office equipment. A third group of volunteers are involved with Agency clients on a day-to-day basis, helping them make and keep appointments with doctors and government agencies, and food-shopping for those who cannot get out. (Please note: we really need more volunteers in this latter category: people to provide transportation for the elderly or ill. Even one hour a week would be appreciated.) BRUNCH FOR THE BUNCH. At the home of Arlene Peikoff Blut, JFSA volun-teers and Board members met in celebration. Top left: Rosalie Goldberg and Mickey Meyers. Top right: Dave and Eleanor Schwimmer. Lower: JFSA's Volunteer Coordinator Stephanie Smith with Jack Turoff. Top photo: Shel Sbarra, expert hotdog flipper, seeks shade after a day at the barbecue grill; Lower photo: Jared Shafer, on behalf of Mayor Briare, presents a proclamation to Edythe Katz. Family Day Picnic Round-Up Top photo: Former board member Myrna Williams and new president Arlene Peikoff Blut take turns at food-selling. Lower-photo: From left, foreground: Edythe Katz, Gov. Richard Bryan; Congressman Harry Reid; County Commissioner T'nalia Dondero. Above, left: An affectionate moment between friends Edythe Katz and Hal Ober. In the background is volunteer Jodi Peikoff. Above, right: Master of Ceremonies Eli Welt introduces the Lloyd Katz family to some 400 picnic guests. From left are Jeff, Barry and Edythe Katz, and Eli Welt. RECORD ATTENDANCE AND FUNDRAISING! The May 18, 1986 Family Day Picnic saw a record-breaking attendance of 400 people, who turned out to honor the Lloyd Katz family. These included Congressman Harry Reid, Gov. Richard Bryan, County Commissioner Thalia Dondero, Assemblywoman Myrna Williams and Public Administrator Jared Shafer. Picnic chair Barbara Eisenberg reports an increase of $1,350 over last year in sales of food and raffle tickets. Winner of the trip to San Francisco (compliments of Sunworld Airways and the Villa Florence) was Greg Kamer. Amy Boruszak won the gold chain do-nated by Bobby's Jewelry and Loan, and Tina Fleischman won the Neiman-Marcus beauty makeover. Ticket selling: Jerry Blut, left, and Marc Ratner vol-unteered to be the sales staff, braving the relentless sun and bench splinters. 8 NEW BOARD MEMBERS: "GETTING TO KNOW YOU..." Six new JFSA board members and a dozen current members attended an Orientation Program July 12 at the home of Arlene Peikoff Blut, president. New members are Maurice Pastor, Karen Kugler, Carol Cohen, Harvey Eisner and David Mendelson. The program began with a brief history of JFSA, acknowledging the late Harriet Sheldon and Gertrude Katzman as visionaries and founders. Ruth Urban, a past president and now JFSA Historian, explained that at the time of its founding, there was no other agency in the area serving the needs of families, the elderly and immigrants. And JFSA is STILL the only Southern Nevada agency offering these services on a non-sectarian basis. Immediate past president Bea Levinson explained why the Agency, as a Jewish agency, is different: "It's our approach to life. It is inbred in Jews that service is part of our heritage. The Biblical tradition is: don't turn away one who comes to you for help. Now we help as a group." Executive Director Bill Feldman and board treasurer Barry Eisen explained the Agency's funding: most funds come from the Jewisn Federation, others from United Way and miscellaneous grants, and a substantial part of the budget is from memberships. ELDER SUPPORT NETWORK IS HERE! Suppose you, a resident of Las Vegas, have an elderly parent living 2,800 miles away. What happens when a serious problem develops? You can utilize the Elder Support Network. JFSA Has joined a nationwide network of Jewish family service agencies in this new program that serves elderly parents and their children. An adult child may request help from the local Agency. With the parents' permission, a JFSA social worker will make a professional assessment of the situation, focusing on strengths, social supports and areas of need. Then an evaluation and suggested plan of action is presented. JFSA will act as an extended family by visiting the parents regularly and responding to any emergencies. This Network helps strengthen family bonds - a traditional Jewish value and commitment. Feldman noted, "Without Jewish Federation, we would not exist." All board members are also members of the Federation. "There are very serious needs in our community," Feldman added, "but we don't have the funds to meet these needs." These include transportation for the elderly and disabled.. 9 LOOK TO TOMORROW By Stephanie Smith Volunteer Coordinator Moralists vindicate aging by saying "What the body loses, the mind gains." Current theories postulate two kinds of individuals past middle age: those that are old and those that are ageless. In contrast to the old, the ageless are those who are continually reassessing their goals, values and life course. To them, chronological age is of little significance in accomplishing these goals. In an effort to establish self identity, they have taken up pursuits and awakened desires that have lain dormant and have been viewed as impractical in the face of raising a family and maintaining a home. Once limited to a privileged few, opportunities and time are now available for older people who want to start second careers or get college degrees ? even on limited income ? and get involved in charitable and civic affairs. Rather than wasting precious time reminiscing about the incomparable and wonderful past, the ageless look to the future and continue to grow. The older person has accumulated years of experience and the tools to meet most situations successfully. Don't underestimate yourself. Keep your options open and look to tomorrow. NATHAN PECK: SO MUCH TO THANK HIM FOR A Volunteer Profile Nathan Peck is a very giving person who brings pleasure to Jewish residents in four local nursing homes. He posts prayers in the rooms of patients; he visits and has group discussions; he runs Bingo games and black-jack parties, and conducts Jewish services. His outdoor excursions are popular, attracting as many as 18 patients at a time -- Jews and non-Jews. For these outings, Nate provides homemade refreshments, and Henderson Convalescent supplies the drinks. Nate reports that the conversation at these outings focuses on topics that have nothing to do with illness. A typical patient reaction is "Tonight we will sleep better for having been out today." We at JFSA are proud of him and we thank Nate for adding a very special experience to people's lives. CALLING ALL MOMSi Would you like to join a parent co-op playgroup program? Shalom Las Vegas welcomes your ideas for such a program to teach children Judaism and nsutrition, offer arts and crafts, lectures and "parents' hours." Call Joanne at 453-3158. A SOLID GOLD REVIEW: GENEROUS HEARTS We appreciate the following donations (May-July 1986) Donor Cynthia & Harold Cunningham Women's American ORT ? Greater Las Vegas Area Council Caryl Bock Mildred Meyers William & Jean Weinberger Joseph Kohn Sol & Isabel Feigelman Murray Rosenblum Temple Beth Sholom Curtis Alexander Leon & Pearl Horowitz Temple Beth Sholom Seniors Tobe Daum Ronald Feine Daum Alan & Wendy Roselinsky Marcy & Gerald Welt Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Perer Lillian & Henry Kronberg Sam Shipper Jack & Lu Lehman Ken Glicken Holy Family Catholic Church Sara Saltzman Las Vegas Teen Council Renee Schwartz United Way of Southern Nevada Payless Cashways Ed 8, Susan Weinstein Dedication In memory of Lloyd Katz Emergency Assistance for the Needy Passover Assistance In memory of her husband, Maurice In memory of Lloyd Katz The Lena Strauss Fund The Lena Strauss Fund The Lena Strauss Fund Emergency Assistance for the Needy Emergency Assistance for the Needy Las Vegas Teen Council In memory of Frieda Schwartz So JFSA can continue to serve HONOR THY...PARENTS, FRIENDS, KIDS, CLUBS, ETC. A gift to Jewish Family Service Agency can do many things. It can say Thanks or Happy Birthday or Congratulations or I Love You. You can send Condolences or share a dear Memory. At the same time, your donation helps JFSA continue serving our community. All gifts, regardless of size, are deeply appreciated and well used. 11 For Jewish Family Service Agency members FREE MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC TESTING at MODERN DIAGNOSTIC CENTER: PHYSICIANS MEDICAL CENTERS Physicians Medical Center offers FREE diagnostic testing at their new facilities: 3121 S. Maryland Parkway (lobby level) and at The Fountains, Sahara and Jones. Use the coupon on the back of this page. It could be one of the best things you've ever done for yourself. What tests are offered, how are they done, and for what purpose? An EKG (electrocardiogram) is one of the most valuable weapons in combatting heart disease. Quick and painless, the test observes your heart's electrical pattern. The test reveals heart scarring from a previous heart attack, impending circulation problems, abnormal heart rhythms, even hints about possible disorders of lungs, glands, digest-ive system and brain circulation. Pulmonary function tests reveal how strong your lungs are. Have you damaged them by smoking, exposure to chemicals or dust, a chest injury or blood clot? The test is fun for many people, and involves blowing into a tube. Measurements are made instantly and the therapist will offer suggestions to improve your lung function. (If you need help to stop smoking, Physicians Medical Center offers it?as well as classes to improve your breathing.) Stool exams can reveal occult (hidden) blood, which is an early sign of rectal colon cancer. If it is detected early, this cancer is 100% curable. The test is simple and quick. Urinalysis screening can reveal diabetes, and determine kidney function and the body's fluid balance. This simple test can also reveal the status of infection and stability of the kidneys. It is one of the most important diagnostic tools of your life! The blood pressure exam is essential to prevent "the silent killer." If high blood pressure (hypertension) is not detected, the condition could lead to strokes, paralysis, heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure or deterioration, and brain deteri-oration. High blood pressure, when detected early, is now treatable and curable. All these important tests will be done for you AT NO CHARGE at Physicians Medical Center. Just call for your appointment at either location: 3121 S. Maryland Parkway, opposite Sunrise Hospital (phone 732-0600); or the newest diagnostic center, in The Fountains, Sahara at Jones (phone 871-7182). 12 Physicians Medical Center. FOR FREE MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC TESTING, PLEASE FILL OUT THE COUPON AND BRING IT WITH YOU AT THE TIME OF YOUR NO-CHARGE EXAM. CALL ONE OF OUR TWO DIAGNOSTIC CENTERS TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT: 3121 S. MARYLAND PARKWAY (OPPOSITE SUNRISE HOSPITAL) 732-0600 AT "THE FOUNTAINS," SAHARA AND JONES BOULEVARD: 871-7182 Name Address Phone Soc. Security No. Current Medications Allergies to Medications Brief Medical History JEWISH FAMILY SERVICE Non-Profit AGENCY Organization 1555 East Flamingo Road U.S. POSTAGE PAID Suite 125 Permit No. 518 Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 Las Vegas, Nevada A b e n e f i c i a r y agency of The United Way and Jewish Federation of Las Vegas Member, Association of Jewish Family and Children's Agencies