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Letter from Henry Schuster to "Dominique" regarding the Holocaust Survivors Group of Southern Nevada, 2003


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HENRY AND ANITA SCHUSTER 3321 UribeSt. Las Vegas, NV 89129 October 25, 2003 Dear Dominique, Thank you for your e-mail. Please find enclosed the first thirty pages of my memoir. Also enclosed is a list of former OSE children. This list is from 1989 and some may have died and others may have moved. There is a list of names that were present at the 2000 reunion in Washington. The purposes of our Holocaust Survivors Group have various functions. We are a support group for one another. We have regular meetings for socializing and to relay information regarding the Holocaust. We have brought a German attorney here to help our members to receive compensation from the German government. We are working with the Insurance Commissioner of Nevada to receive insurance compensation from the German Insurance Companies that had insured either several of our members or their parents. The companies had never paid any benefits to them. Our Holocaust Survivors Group has a speaker's bureau. We send survivors to speak to schools, churches, Synagogues etc. I speak very often. We have taken several bus trips for recreation. On many occasions we sponsor either breakfasts or lunches at local casinos, our treasury pays all of these. Also find enclosed an article that I wrote about the reunion of my surviving sister and me in Paris in 1945 and 1946. I have written many other articles that were published. This was published in the English section of the newspaper the "Aufbau" as well as in one of the Las Vegas newspapers. My wife Anita has publishes four Chronicles with stories by our Survivors. To send you all of these is too expensive for me. I also have much information about the three children's transports from France to the US in 1941. For the last five years, I have tried to have the town of my birth erect plaques to honor the thirty-two Jews that were killed by the Nazis including my mother and sister. In 1933 the total population wasl300 people of which approximately 100 were Jewish and thirty-two of them were killed. We finally have succeeded in erecting one plaque at the local church and another with the thirty- two names at the Jewish Cemetery. Anita and I are going to Germany for the dedications on March 21, 2004. Best regards, P.S. I am mailing a package containing several items. I am mailing it in the least e x p e n s i v e m a n n e r so i t mav t a k e a while to get to vou. Henry Phone: 702.256.9277 Fax: 702.256.0538