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STATUS REPORT: March 13, 1972 JUNE HOTEL PROMOTION Reported by: KELLY & REBER, INC, 1. We have all the entertainment pictures we need, fifteen in all, received from the Publicity Departments. 2. We have one-hundred words of copy for each hotel from the Publicity Departments. 3. We have re-designed the wheel to a square format for easier "stuffing" of envelopes. We are also recommending that the written information on the wheel be restricted to a synopsis of the SPRING SPREE plan offered by each hotel rather than descriptive copy. Descriptive copy will be carried in the brochure, along with complete package information. 4. We have re-designed the SPRING SPREE package to include just two pieces rather than five,.which we feel will save money in both printing and "stuffing", and will also simplify the package for better readership. 5. We have not yet received the two-night and four-night package plans from the Sales Departments of the hotels, but expect the hotels to use the sales packages similar to the ones presently being offered.