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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, January 1995 - February 1995



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Worship Services Conducted by Rabbi Sanford Akselrad Cantorial Soloist, Bella Feldman 2 Fantastic 2 Exciting Weektnds... Scholars January 20, 1995 Shabbat Family Dinner; Grade 3 - 6:00 pm Shabbat Service-7:30 pm Baby Naming of Christina Rae Applebaum Oneg Co-Sponsored by Grade 3 Parents & Judy Hopson January 27, 1995 Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Scholar-in-Residence Joel Grishavcr Oneg Sponsored by Sisterhood January 28, 1995 Shabbat Service - 9:30 am Scholar-in-Residence Joel Grishaver February 3, 1995 Jewish Music Season Shabbat - 7:30 pm Cantor Sharlin with the Adult Choir Baby Naming of Sarah Jo Stevens Oneg Co-Sponsored by Sisterhood & The Stevens Family February 10, 1995 Social Action Shabbat - 7:30 pm Oneg Sponsored by Social Action Committee February 17, 1995 Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Bat Mitzvah of Sarah Levy Oneg Sponsored by The Levy Family February 18, 1995 Shabbat Service - 10:00 am B?nai Mitzvah of Daniel & Ben Kravitz Kiddush Sponsored by The Kravitz Families Joel Grishaver Cantor William Sharlin Join Congregation Ner Tamid for two fabulous weekends beginning Friday evening, January 27 at 7:30 pm and Saturday morning, January 28 at 9:30 am, as we have the honor of presenting Scholar-in-Residence, Joel Grishaver; nationally known scholar, author, artist, and lecturer. Joel Grishaver will speak on the subject ?The Wondering Jew, The Wandering Jew. Congregation Ner Tamid?s second fabulous weekend kicks off our annual celebration of the Jewish Music Season on Friday evening, February 3 at 7:30 pm with internationally renowned Cantor, composer and singer, William Sharlin. The service will include a variety of Cantor Sharlin?s compositions which will be performed by Cantor Sharlin, Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman and the Adult Choir accompanied by Rhonda Greeson. Come and take a unique journey in Judaism with Joel Grishaver and through a special evening of music with Cantor Sharlin. These are two weekends you won?t want to miss! $ Inside This Edition Rabbi's Message 2 From the Administrator's Desk 3 February 24, 1995 Shabbat Family Dinner; Grade 4 - 6:00 pm Shabbat Service-7:30 pm Oneg Sponsored by Grade 4 Parents February 25, 1995 Shabbat Service - 10:00 am Bat Mitzvah of Marisa Marano Kiddush Sponsored by The Marano Family Cokg/tegafiok Jlcti Tabid's ?Mrtzoct^ Day" Jctkua/iy 29, 1995... see page 2 (yo/t de-fails Notes from Our Cantorial Soloist 4 B ?nai Mitzvah 4 Religious School News 5 Yahrzeits 10 Auxiliaries & Committees 12 Anniversaries & Birthdays 14 Tributes 15messagefrom abbi (ffith love &< work ~ 0fc hato much to be thankfulfor And Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and they seemed unto him but a few days for the love he had to give her. ?genesis: 18:20 pon writing this column, I reflected upon what happens to be one of my favorite verses in the Bible. The Bible makes a very insightful comment both about love and about work. Jacob loved Rachel and though he had to serve his Uncle Laban for seven years to receive her hand in marriage, the time passed by very quickly because they were each filled with the love you have for someone special. His work also passed by quickly because it had both purpose and love. Thus, it is far from coincidental that I recall this verse in reflecting upon the fact that it has now been seven years since I came to Congregation Ner Tamid. Truly the years have passed by quickly. It is easy to look back and yet at the same time difficult to believe all that we have accomplished during these past few years. The Congregation has grown, our facility has improved, our programing and staff are widely renown throughout the community. Yes, we have much to be thankful for and like any good marriage, there is much for us to look forward to. In a few short weeks, we will be breaking ground on our new building. Soon we will be enjoying the beauty of our new Sanctuary and chapel. Our staff will enjoy an office environment that will allow them to be even more productive and serve the Congregation with greater efficiency. We are also adding more classrooms and a new playground to help provide for our schools current and future needs. Additionally, our Social Hall is being remodeled; including new lighting, so the atmosphere for social events will be just beautiful. These are but some of the changes that await us as we look forward to our building program. The process has been going on for over two years. And yes, sometimes those days have seemed long, but as we approach this milestone, it is indeed apparent that the years have become but days because of the love and devotion given by those involved in this wonderful project and the support given by the entire Congregation. As we look forward to the future, let us continue to work together with pride and love. In the words of the poet ?Come along with me, the best is yet to be... | May this New Year be a good one fillecr with much joy and blessing for us all. # B ?shalom, Rabbi A /ecause of the love and devotion given by those involved in this wonderful project and the support given by the entire Congregation 1st ?Mitzvah Day? at Congregation Ner Tamid % i he Social Action Committee, M.B. Dalitz Religious School and various Temple auxiliaries will each be participants in the first ever MITZVAH DAY at Congregation Ner Tamid, Sunday, January 29 at 9:30 am. Rabbi Sanford Akselrad will begin the morning with a presentation on the real meaning of mitzvot. Then each of the religious school classes will perform a special mitzvah; such as making get well cards for congregants who are hospitalized and preparing sack lunches for the homeless. The lunches will be distributed by T.N.T. later that day. Sisterhood will be having a ?Bake-In;? spending their time preparing delicious desserts to be used in a variety of important ways. The Temple Brotherhood will be doing a highway cleanup, a cleanup at an underprivileged school and a paint job at the Temple. Golden Chai ?knitters? have made many pairs of booties for distribution to the elderly in convalescent homes and at the City of Hope. Several Social Action Committee members will be volunteering at the Weekend Emergency Assistance Plan (WEAP) by distributing food that morning. Contact the Temple at 733-6292, or the auxiliary if you would like to participate in any of these projects. Come and join in the fun and help support the Temple on our first Mitzvah Day! # 2 A Special P lace To Belong $ Congregation Ner T amid $ ___ Tei?ii?le Boakd Members Jerry Gordon President Alan Mann VP Administration Stephen Joseph VP If'ays & Means Lois Doctors VP Membership David Stahl VP Ritual Philip Goldstein VP Education Debbie Levy VP Social Jack Nitzkin Treasurer Janis Rounds Recording Secretary Nadine Cracraft Trustee Jacky Rosen Trustee Jerry Polis Trustee Stacey Yahraus Trustee Bob Unger Trustee Ron Worth Trustee David Gross Trustee Debra Kaner Trustee Maxine Gratz Sisterhood Scott Dockswell Brotherhood Helen Zliser Golden Chai George Lipshaw Golden Chai Libby Goldstein NTTY Cal Lewis Past President Eileen Kollins Past President Kenneth Schnitzer Past President Dr. David Wasserman Past President Dr. Steve Kollins Past President Michael Cherry Past President Leo Wilner Advisor Rabbi Sanford Akselrad Ex Officio Mazel Tov to David Stahl for becoming the new Vice President of Ritual. The Board of Directors has an opening position for Trustee. Anyone who is interested, contact Monty at the Temple office, 733- 6292. M a^el OY Jerry Gordon, Congregation Ner Tamid?s President, will be appointed as the ?Regional Representative? for the UAHC Board. This is a great honor for Jerry and CNT is proud he?s a part of our congregational family! O ne of the biggest objectives we try to achieve is to project a sense of family; a sense of belonging during your time in the Temple. We gladly open our doors for members and nonmembers to join us for worship and to share in fellowship during our Onegs. The Oneg Shabbat, which came about around 1924, was intended to add sweetness to the Shabbat. But for several Fridays now, it?s become a disruption and a problem for the adults who are trying to enjoy the Onegs. Children are lining up at the Oneg tables ready to tear into the food before services are complete and creating a mess with dropped food on the carpet. The mess created requires additional time for the custodial staff to clean and additional expenses to ensure that the Temple is presentable and a pleasant place to come to. Children need to be watched when they are at the tables to ensure they do not take an excessive amount of food so there is plenty for everyone to enjoy the Onegs. Parental help is necessary to assist in keeping the Temple clean and not allowing the children on the Bimah after services. The only recourse we will have is to identify the offenders and place the cost associated with the mess to the parents of those who made it. This is not acceptable behavior in our Temple. We really appreciate and need your help to ensure our Temple remains a house of worship and is shown the respect required. We have made it through our first full month of billing, which included the sanctuary charges. For the most part, we (the bookkeeping staff) were successful in ensuring the charges were correct. We DID, however, make some mistakes. We appreciate the courteous calls made to question what this new charge was or to inform us that it may have been the incorrect amount. Trying to undertake a process like this manually is indeed a time consuming task and the com?munication between several different people is bound to create some mistakes. We are trying very' hard to provide an accurate sendee to you and I thank you for your patience. $ Monty E. Willey xzr Administrator?s Desk xjt Mazal ?7ov - mt? special Mazel Tov is due to our Congregation Ner Tamid?s Rabbi Sanford Akselrad for his having received special recognition at the General Assembly of the Council of Jewish Federations recently held on November 16 thru 19 in Denver, Colorado. Rabbi Akselrad was selected by our local Federation to be honored along with 30 other Rabbis from around the country for his leadership and dedication to his community. In addition to this honor, Rabbi Akselrad was recently selected to become the co-chair, along with Hal Obcr. of the Las Vegas Jewish Federation?s Community Relations Committee. Also honored at this convention were Congregation Ner Tamid?s Temple members Dr. Allan and Amy Boruszak, who received the Young Leadership Award. This prestigious award is given only to a select few around the country who have demonstrated strong leadership and vision for their community. Both Allan and Amy have served the Federation and community in a variety of positions, whereas Allan is currently serving as President of the Federation. Amy is currently chairperson of the Planning Committee overseeing the Demographic Study of Las Vegas? Jewish community. $ $ C ongregation Ner Tamid $ A Special Place To Belt )ruj 3 x f appy New Year! I am very excited that w e are starting the year out with some fab?ulous programs at CNT. Hopefully you read our recent mailing which explained many of the upcoming events and have saved the dates on your calendars. As part of our programming this year we will be celebrating Jewish Music Season with some very special guests. First, we will be joined by my teach?er. Cantor William Sharlin, for our Shabbat Service on February 3 at 7:30 pm. I consider myself very privileged to be studying w'ith an internationally renow'ned Cantor, composer and singer. Cantor Sharlin served as the chair?man of the Sacred Music Department at Hebrew Union College for over twenty years and is responsible for training more Cantors on the west coast than any one person. It is an honor to be able to bring Cantor Sharlin to our Temple to share his music and expertise in the art of Chazzanut. The service will consist of compositions by Cantor Sharlin; sung by myself, the Adult Choir and Cantor Shar?lin. This is a once in a lifetime opportu?nity that you won?t want to miss! Our second program for Jewish Music Season will feature Kol B?Seder in concert on Sunday, March 19 at 7:00 pm. Kol B?Seder, America?s foremost Jewish musical duo featuring Rabbi Dan Freelandcr and Cantor JefFKlepper, have been composing, touring and performing for over the past decade. One of CNT?s most beloved Shabbat melodies, ?Shalom Rav, ? is a Klepper composition and there are many more that you have heard at ser?vices. I have seen Kol B?Seder at C.A.J.E. conferences and am thrilled that we are able to bring them to Las Vegas for the first time! Check next months bulletin for more details about the concert. Once again we are able to host the most exciting Jewish Music Season in Nevada through the generosity of Dr. Steve Kollins. Ticket Ink ormahon I op KOL B?SEDER Adults $15 Children $5 Family $36 Tickets mcnj be purchased in advance at tbe Temple or bij mailing a check or monetj order to: ATTM.: COMCERT TICKETS Conqrecjafion Mer Tamid 2761 Emerson Avenue Las Veqas, MV 89121 Purchase ijour tickets before March 1 and receive a 10% di scoun t! (Suck a deal!) Tell ijour family and friends about the concert, fill out the coupon on paeje 11 and mai I tack to CMT for ijour tic Lb MOW! I hope you will all support these pro?grams and thank Dr. Kollins personally for enabling us to have them. V B ?shalom, Bella f\% 1% O'ht 1-0 7k Sarah Levy Bat Mitzvah February 17 Hi, my name is Sarah Levy. I am a 7th grader at the Meadows Middle School. I am a straight A student and a cheerleader. I like to draw, paint and sculpt. I don?t have much time for other hobbies, but I do have a collection of over 45 key chains. My Bat Mitzvah is on Friday, February? 17. My relatives from California, Arizona, Michigan and Virginia will be joining me on this very special night and I hope you will too. Daniel Kravitz Bar Mitzvah February 18 My name is Daniel Kravitz. I?m 13 and in 7th grade at Thurman White Middle School. My hobbies are basketball, baseball and video games. I am excited to be sharing my Bar Mitzvah with my cousin Benjamin. I feel a Bar Mitzvah is a very special ceremony so I will be inviting many of my friends to it. Not every Jewish child has a B?nai Mitzvah ceremony, so I am glad I get to be one of the children who do and I hope to do well. My cousin and I hope to see you at our Bar Mitzvah. Marisa Marano Bat Mitzvah February 25 Hi, my name is Marisa Marano. I go to school at O?Callaghan Junior High and I?m in 7th grade. I love to play sports! I am in a girls softball league in the spring and I am a cheerleader in the fall. I also enjoy snow skiing, rollerblading and riding my horse, Winnie. I will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on February 25. Please come and join the fun with my friends and family on my special day. 4 A Special P lace To Belong $ Congregation Ner Tamid HTDK Sckoat TiecM by Jackie Fleekop TiJtuzt & {fatty Ott 'T/vie? /he M.B. Dalitz Religious School is busy with programs and progress. Many of our students are above average in their Hebrew studies and those that have diffi?culties are in our ?on premise? tutoring program. Other than the occasional dis?ruptive student we are continuing to show wonderful progress in behavior, education, and interests in Jewish heritage. It is im?portant to remember that we cannot teach and stimulate students that are not present in class. I am often concerned when we have a special program and someone is absent because they have missed the chance to be jump started to becoming active Jewish adults. Absent students get behind and this can be frustrating to all. | Teachers have to take time to catch up the student who has been absent and students who were present become bored with the review. The student who has returned will not get the benefit of the original class presentation. Just a moment to reflect ??? Decem?ber we had a wonderful Channukah Play in which all of our students were given the chance to participate. As usual Bella Feldman and Billy Tiep did a great job preparing our students for the musical portion. Angelle Campbell, our art teach?er, assisted the teachers in making cos?tumes. The cookies that everyone enjoyed came from Rancho Bakery (from our own Michael Feldman). The donut holes that the students devoured came from Dunkin? Donuts and were generously donated by the owners, Roberta and Marvin Price, members of our congregation. Our Passover Candy sale is now in progress as well as preparations for the Purim Carnival which will be March 12th. Januaiy is full of special programs; an exciting program for the Martin Luther King weekend, a Tu B?Shevat Seder and our first Mitzvah Day. The Mitzvah Day will be an all school program to be done in conjunction with the supervision of the Social Action Committee. Clothing, toys, and food collected will be separated for needy families. Some students will be making cards and decorating lunch bags while other students will be preparing lunches to be delivered later in the day. We hope this will help our students be?come more sensitive to the needs of oth?ers and give them the joy of doing mitzvot as part of their Jewish life and education. We at the M B. Dalitz Religious School are here to plant the seed of knowl?edge. It will only grow if it is nourished by teachers and parents. Education, prac?tice and participation will help create proud Jewish people (who can read He?brew, too). 0 Tot - Tot - Tot, Tot Shabbat! The following families deserve a hearty thank you for their donation to our Tot Shabbat program: The Klein Family, Schreiber Family, Sherman-Hosea Fami?ly, Skolnick Family, Stolberg Family, Wellinghoff Family, and Zlotnick Family. Our 2nd Tot Shabbat was held on December 10, 1994. We?d like to thank once again Harper Klamian and Frances Klamian for their elegant meal, Sheryl Webb for her guidance, Leah Kamer for her expertise in crafts, Bella and Rabbi for all their involvement and Robbie Worth for the great balloons. Every child went home with the knowledge of Shabbat, ate Challah and peanut butter delights; drank grape juice and brought home a great arts & craft item; and at least one balloon animal. With your continuous support of this program, we are able to provide the best for your child. Save these Tot Shabbat Saturdays (March 4 and May 13) and RSVP by calling the Temple office at 733-6292. Come and enjoy these fun-filled days.1 $ SANCTUARY FUND GOAL ? 2.0 million 2.0 _______ mil Shalom, Jackie Fleekop Hebrew High 1995 Schedule Las Vegas Hebrew High classes scheduled for grades 8 thru 12 meet Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Jewish Federation Building located at 3909 South Maryland Parkway (across from Bookstar). Classes are opened to all Jewish teenagers regardless of religious educational background. For more information, contact Cheiyl Weisberg at 732-0556. $ C ongregation N er Tamid $ Sisterhood presents Chun pvr$hip 'fpaSltion $kmu i fft nut- ru iSir SPONSORED BY MACY?S This Year?s Fashion Show Will Be ?KIDS? Featuring Models From Our Temple A Spaghetti Lunch Begins Right After Sunday School PLACE: Congregation Ner Tamid - Social Hall DATE: February 26, 1995 SHOWTIME: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm PRICE: $7.50 Adults $5.50 Children (children 5 and under admitted free) Raffles Will Be Drawn Throughout The Day KEVA Credits for Adult Education Congregation Ner Tamid has joined th^ UAHC?s KEVA program to provide recognition for members who study Adult Jewish Education. Individuals who complete 10 KEVA credits (100 hours of study) will receive a Certificate of Recognition from the Union of American Hebrew Congregations. There is no charge to enroll in the KEVA program. Those who participate will also receive recognition from the Temple as they complete credits in the program. The hours add up pretty fast; for instance, those who complete the Adult B?nai Mitzvah class could begin the program with 3 credits ? more if they?ve taken any other courses or attended lectures. Travel (i.e. congregational trips to Israel) can earn one KEVA credit for each member who submits a brief essay. Independent study is also permitted. Any Adult Jewish Education completed since the UAHC began the KEVA program in 1985 may be counted. a For more information about th^ KEVA program or our Adult Education programs, contact Katherine Scott, the Adult Education Chairperson, at 564- 0903. $ Have You Always Wanted To Visit ^Jsrnd? If you missed out on last year?s trip, you won?t want to miss this one! Temple members and members of the community are invited to join Rabbi Sanford Akselrad for an exciting and memorial trip to Israel in June of 1995. The eleven day trip begins June 5 through June 15. You will partake in a private sight-seeing tour of Jerusalem, Masada, the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv and Galilee. There will be an informational meeting on Sunday, January 22 at 7:00 pm in the Social Hall of Congregation Ner Tamid. Representatives from Ner Tamid, airline agen?cies and travel agencies will be speaking to you about details, costs and highlights of the upcoming trip. Dessert and coffee will be served. For more information, contact the Temple office at 733-6292 and RSVP a seat. $ Purim Carnival 1995 March 12, 11:00 am ~ 2,:00 pm Parade, Food, Game, Raffles, Merry-Making and More! Dust off your favorite costume, dig out your holiday mask; the Mitzvah for Purim is laughter, so dress up and let?s have a -fi'A'-A-ST! 6 A Special P lace lo Belong $ Congregation Ner T amid $ Adult Education Programs .The response to our summer Adult Education Programs have been so overwhelming, Congregation Ner Tamid is now offering these "classes during the winter months as well. Read on to see what exciting classes would interest you. ? BEGINNING HEBREW Melissa Glovinsky Room 1 If you would like to feel more comfortable in Synagogue and have more confidence in reading, then you will enjoy this course. You will learn all the letters in the Hebrew Alphabet. Melissa Glovinsky has taught Hebrew to students of all ages for over 8 years. She is currently the instructor of our Adult B?nai Mitzvah class and teaches in our Religious School. Melissa has a wonderful ability to make Hebrew fun and exciting. This 8-week course is offered from February 7 thru April 4, Tuesday evenings from 7:00pm - 8:00pm. The cost is $30.00 for members; $40.00 for nonmember; $10.00 Book Fee. ? CONVERSATIONAL HEBREW Moshe Baradon MP Room 4 If you have always wanted to learn basic Hebrew phrases and communicate comfortably while on a trip to Israel or just to become reconnected with your roots, this course is for you. Moshe Baradon will teach you to speak Hebrew in an enjoyable and fun atmosphere. Moshe, a native of Israel, was educated in the United States where he received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from the University of Arizona, Tucson. He has taught Hebrew in Arizona and New York. This 8-week course is offered from February 6 thru April 3, Monday evenings from 7:00pm - 8:00pm. The cost is $30.00 for members; $40.00 for nonmembers; $10.00 Book Fee. No prior knowledge of Hebrew is required. The cost is $30.00 for members; $40.00 for nonmembers; $10.00 Book Fee. ? TORAH STUDY Rabbi Akselrad Rabbi?s Study Join this exciting and interesting ongoing Torah study class led by Rabbi Akselrad. The course is conducted in an informal discussion/ lecture format in the Rabbi?s study. Participants are expected to bring their own Torah commentary and be prepared to share their own ideas and thoughts about the Torah. The class meets every other Tuesday from October through May at 12:00 noon. Call the Temple office for the schedule. This study group is open to the entire community at no charge. ? BACK IN CONTROL Barbara Bellaflores Library If you, like so many other parents, would like your children to do their chores without the arguing, yelling, nagging or threatening; you will want to take this course. ?Back In Control? will help you learn to effectively discipline and supervise your children. You can regain control of unmanageable children and/or adolescents and still maintain a caring, cohesive family. This 6-week course is offered from February 1 thru March 8, Wednesday evenings 7:00pm - 9:00pm. The cost is $15.00 for members; $20.00 for nonmembers. Child care will be provided. ? ADVANCED HEBREW Melissa Glovinsky Room 1 For those who already have basic knowledge in Hebrew reading, but would like to strengthen your abilities and begin reading basic Hebrew prayers, this course is for you. This 8-weck course is offered from February 7 thru April 4, Tuesday evenings from 8:00pm - 9:00pm. The cost is $30.00 for members; $40.00 for nonmembers; $10.00 Book Fee. ISRAEL TODAY Moshe Baradon MP Room 4 This course will discuss the peace process and political structure of the Israeli Government, the social life of the Israelis, religion, immigration, and the Holy Days. This 8-week course is offered from Feb ?uary 6 thru April 3, Monday evenings from 8:00pm - 9:00pm. ? MOMMY & ME (and Daddy, too) Jackie Fleekop Room 5 This program is for children ages 2 thru 3 and provides children an early exposure into their Jewishness. They learn motor skills along with holidays and crafts; while the parents learn more about Jewish parenting. This course meets Tuesday mornings from 11:00am - 12:00pm. The cost for 4 weeks is $25.00 for members; $35.00 for nonmembers. ? ADULT CHOIR Bella Feldman Sanctuary Have you always wanted to be able to sing along in services? Join the Adult Choir and learn all the words. The Adult Choir meets Thursday evenings from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. There is no charge for participating in the Adult Choir. I------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Registration Form I am interested in the following course(s). My enclosed check will reserve a place for me in class. Name _____________________________________________________Phone Number ____________ | Address _________________________________________________________State _______Zip ___________ | ? Beginning Hebrew ? Conversational Hebrew ? Torah Study (*n/c) ? Mommy & Me ? Advanced Hebrew ? Israel Today ? Adult Choir (*n/c) ? Back In Control ? member ? nonmember Total Amount Enclosed ________________ * (n/c) = No Charge | Send registration form and check to: Adult Education Programs c/o Congregation Ner Tamid Minimum of 5 students per class 2761 Emerson Avenue ? Las Vegas, NV 89121 i___________________________________________________________________________________________________i ? C ongregation Ner Tamid $ A Special Place To Beloruj 7 CNT Preschool I Love School Judaic Emphasis We Have ? Fun / Wellness Stressed For Health Of All Enrollment On Going 3 Day Program 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Lasting Friendships Formed For further information call 733-6292 Leah Kamer Director of CNT Preschool Everyone Welcome! Our Philosophy Congregation Ner Tamid offers a creative environment where each child is encouraged to develop his or her own self image in an active learning setting. Our goal is to offer quality education in an atmosphere of security' and love. We believe that children should be motivated through play; the most important ingredient. Social, emotional, physical, intellectual and religious activities are implemented through planned events and spontaneous expression. 8 A Special P lace To Belong $ Congregation Ner Tamid o II Is Time To Mark Vour Calendars For The Cvenl Of The Vear Boa\oNc 6 Silent Ruction & Preview at 7:00 pm Oral Ruction at 8:00 PM 0 Our 5th Annual Goods Si Services Auction Will Be Held Moy 6, 1995 (More Information To fol/ocu In Next Month's Bulletin) OF CONGREGATION NER TAMID JUDAICA SHOD SUPER SALE ? 10% off All Chanukkah Items O Chocolate Coins .250 per bag $ Congregation Ner Tamid $ A Special Place I o Belong 9Lynda Friedlander Barnett Golub Ann Litwin Alfred Tiffany Jack Cracraft Marie Scolar David Levich Rachel Eisenberg Helen Goldberg Molly Ruden Josephine Seideman Matilda Perla Milton Warren Sylvia Brown Lenora Newman Lillian Bulavsky Regina Schwimmer Harry' Raynes A1 Epstein Jack Raderman Regina Newman Aaron Wasserman Uf 10 Ruth Tiffany Schraier Jennie Cohen-Levy Samuel Eminer Mel Walton Jacob Kahn Norman Mark Leonard Rachild Abraham Rosenblum Julian Rivkind Maeve Metzenbaum-Pulling Frances Mocugni Irving Fenster Irving Wender I'h- Nola B Milliken beloved mother of Joe Cracraft Lillian Topol beloved friend of Rabbi & Joni Akselrad James Everett Scarbrough beloved father of Rebecca Herren Robert Levich beloved brother of Dorothy Handlin Albert Shientag beloved uncle of Ron Ostrow Paula Livenstein beloved mother of Mort Livenston Lee Lisabeth beloved grandmother of Ira Levine TO ALL B?NAI MITZVAH PARENTS ?1996 The Rabbi is currently scheduling dates for Bar/Bat Mitzvah in 1996. If you have not received a letter with the list of available dates, please contact Rabbi Akselrad or Judy at the Temple; 733-6292. I Rabbi Akselrad would like to help you and your family by visiting Temple members and friends of our congregation who have been hospital ized. Since there is no notification from the hospitals, please contact Judy in the Temple office at 733-6292 when a member of your family is hospitalized. Martin GoIdstei^J|) Sadie Glickman Bessie Rachild James Ohriner Dr. Jay Goldfarb F 77 Lester Kallett Mabel Ruth Kempenich Martin Gerstler Ben Adler Harry Weinstein Minnie Prezant Aliza Morag Harold Robbins Minnie Silverman Jacob Cohen Florence Malkin Esther Krentzman Anna Ginsberg Carol Cohen Larry Joseph Harry Sampson Irving WendeM^ Irwin Schuste^JP Joyce Friedman Ellena Fox Hauenstein Louis Ponemon Sam Alper Louis Schnitzer Irving Cane Gayle Nathanson Rose Rakovv Milton Tobman Gertrude Phillips Leah Chavis The Exciting Game of MAH JONGG The 1995 Cards Are Coming Soon!!! Order them now, only $4.50 - make your checks payable to: Florence Weinstein 4255 S. Channel 10 Drive #93 Las Vegas, NV 89119 See you at the tables! 1 0 A Special Place Io Belong s Congregation Ner Tamid $ n January of 1994, a local Las Vegas elementary school class began the enormous task of collecting 6,000,000 aluminum pop top tabs off of soda cans to represent the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust. The project was started by teacher Kelly Green?s 4th grade class after it became apparent that the nine year olds had no real concept of big numbers. ?I held up a one gallon baggie and asked the kids to estimate the number of pop tops in it. Their estimates ranged from one hundred to one million. They were amazed to discover that it held close to thirty two hundred pop tops,? Green said. ?That kind of opened my eyes. I thought they would make more accurate guesses than they did.? And so the 4th graders began the task of collecting pop tops. They wrote letters to local hotels, but only received one answer, a negative response from the Imperial Palace. The letters written to favorite celebrities have met with better results. ?Steven Spielberg?s representative sent one, so did Leonard Nimoy?s. We received three pop tops and autographs from Armin Shimmerman (from Deep Space Nine), one from former President Bush, and a positive response from Pope John Paul II.? To date, the students have collected 351,500 pop tops. When the goal of 6,000,000 is finally reached, the students want to see them displayed in a museum like the U.S. National Holocaust Memorial or the Simon Weisenthal Museum. ?We estimate that it will take an 1,800 gallon container to hold them all.? And then what? ?When we are done with the 6,000,000 to represent the Jews, we start all over again to collect another 5,000,000 pop tops to represent all of the others who also died in the Holocaust.? The fourth graders are asking the community to support this worthwhile project. In return you will receive the gratitude of 30 nine year olds, and the knowledge that the children who take part in this project ?will not forget.? Please bring your pop tops to the Temple office or send them to: Miss Green?s Class c/o Jack Dailey Elementary School 2001 E. Reno Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89119 kkk $ Congregation Ner Tamid o A Special Place T o Belong 11 Dnoincnnooh ncv/ ntronT The Temple Brotherhood is pleased to announce the officers for 1995: Scott Dockswell President Stanley Barbanell VP Membership Tom Nanes Recording Secretary Eddie Bellaflores VP Programming Eddie Bellaflores VP Fund-raising Jo