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University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Spring 2016 commencement program







Commencement program from University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists (UA-00115).

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man001149. University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists, 1953-2021. UA-00115. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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2016 Commencement
Friday, May 13, 2016 in Ham Hall
10:00 a.m. Ceremony William S. Boyd School of Law
5:00 p.m. Ceremony School of Dental Medicine
Saturday, May 14, 2016 in Thomas & Mack
9:00 a.m. Ceremony
Graduate College Lee Business School College of Education Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration
2:00 p.m. Ceremony Graduate College
College of Fine Arts School of Allied Health Sciences School of Community Health Sciences School of Nursing
College of Liberal Arts College of Sciences
Greenspun College of Urban Affairs
Guests of graduates will not be allowed on the floor of the Thomas & Mack Center during Commencement. A professional photographer will take a photograph of each graduate and photo proofs will be mailed directly to graduates. Today’s Commencement Ceremony is being streamed live at for the benefit of family and friends who are unable to attend. Or you can capture this important occasion with a Commencement DVD. Order yours at or stop by the Thomas & Mack Ticket Office after the ceremony (a limited number of DVDs will be available for immediate pick up).
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Prelude music is performed by the UNLV Ch umber Orchestra-
Ten Jessup, President
Diane Z. Chase, Executive Vice President and Provost
Gerry Bomotti, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business William Boldt, Vice President for Advancement Juanita Fain, Vice President for Student Affairs
Tina Kunzer-Murphy, Director of Athletics
Thomas Piechota, Vice President for Research and Economic Development Nancy Rapoport, Special Counsel to the President
Elda Luna Sidhu, General Counsel
Fred Tredup, Chief of Staff
Luis Valera, Vice President for Government Affairs, Diversity Initiatives and Compliance
Barbara Atkinson, School of Medicine Shawn Gerstenberger, School of Community Health Sciences Daniel Hamilton, William S. Boyd School of Law Brent Hathaway, Lee Business School Christopher Hudgins, College of Liberal Arts Patricia lannuzzi, University Libraries Kate Korgan, Graduate College Ann McDonough, Academic Success Center Marta Meana, Honors College
Kim Metcalf, College of Education Timothy L. Porter, College of Sciences Stowe Shoemaker, William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration
Robert Ulmer, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs Rama Venkat, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering Helga Watkins, College of Fine Arts
Karen West, School of Dental Medicine Carolyn Yucha, Schools of Allied Health Sciences; Nursing
Daniel Klaich, Chancellor
Crystal Abba, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Constance Brooks, Vice Chancellor for Government and Community Affairs Larry Eardley, Vice Chancellor for Budget
Brooke Nielsen, Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs
Vic Redding, Vice Chancellor for Finance Marcia Turner, Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences
Frank Woodbeck, Executive Director for Nevada College Collaborative Steven Zink, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
Rick Trachok, Chair
Michael B. Wixom, Vice Chair
Andrea Anderson
Cedric Crear
Robert Davidson
Mark W. Doubrava
Jason Geddes
Trevor Hayes
James Dean Leavitt Sam Lieberman Kevin C. Melcher Kevin J. Page Allison Stephens Dean J. Gould Chief of Staff and Special Counsel to the Board
This is the official program for the May 2016 Commencement at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. It includes the names of students who have applied to graduate. Please note that participation in a commencement ceremony does not guarantee degree conferral. Degrees are conferred (granted) only when all requirements have been met and the final grades for a student’s final semester have been computed. Degrees are conferred and diplomas mailed during a 10-week period following the end of each semester.
2016 Commencement 1
Taras Krysa, Music Director
Paul Hesselink
UNLV Chamber Orchestra..........................................................................................................Taras Krysa, Music Director
Oiganist........................................................................................................................................................................Paul Hesselink
OPENING REMARKS................................................................................................................................... jessup, president
PRESENTATION OF COLORS..................................................................UNLV Air Force & Army ROTC Honor Guards
The Star Spangled Banner............................................................................................................Nicole Thomas, Mezzo Soprano
Accompanied by UNLV Chamber Orchestra, Taras Krysa, Conductor
INTRODUCTION OF THE PLATFORM GUESTS......................................................................................President Jessup
UNLV ALMA MATER.........................................................................Bethany Smith, Soprano with organist Paul Hesselink
Music by Eric Whitacre, Lyrics by Thomas Leslie and Robyn Lemon
GREETINGS....................................................................................................................James Dean Leavitt, Board of Regents
RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDING GRADUATES................................................................................President Jessup
STUDENT COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER......................................................................................Monica M. Moradkhan
CONFERRING OF DISTINGUISHED NEVADAN AWARDS.....................Rick Trachok, Chair, Board of Regents and
President Jessup
Amy S. Ayoub
Shelley Berkley Fred Albrecht (Posthumously)
CLASS PROFILE...................................................................................................................................................President Jessup
CONFERRING OF DEGREES.........................................................................President Jessup and Provost Diane Z. Chase
READERS.................................................................................................................................................................................UNLV Faculty
Phil Burns, Nate Bynum, Juanita Fain, Phil Hubbard, Ann McDonough, Gail Sammons
TURNING OF THE TASSELS............................................................................................................................President Jessup
CONCLUDING REMARKS................................................................................................................................President Jessup
Organist......................................................................................................................................................................Paul Hesselink
CLASS SONGS........................................7 Tears by Lukas Graham, We Are Toung by Fun, One Call Away by Charlie Puth
GRAND MARSHAL...........................................................................................................................................Sadanand Verma
OPENING REMARKS.................................................................................................................................Len Jessup, President
PRESENTATION OF COLORS..................................................................UNLV Air Force & Army ROTC Honor Guards
The Star Spangled Banner...........................................................................................................Nicole Thomas, Mezzo Soprano
Accompanied by UNLV Chamber Orchestra, Taras Krysa, Conductor
INTRODUCTION OF THE PLATFORM GUESTS......................................................................................President Jessup
UNLV ALMA MATER.........................................................................Bethany Smith, Soprano with organist Paul Hesselink
Music by Eric Whitacre, Lyrics by Thomas Leslie and Robyn Lemon
GREETINGS................................................................................................................................Kevin J. Page, Board of Regents
RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDING GRADUATES................................................................................President Jessup
STUDENT COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER...........................................................................................Danie] Hasan Waqar
CONFERRING OF DISTINGUISHED NEVADAN AWARDS.....................Rick Trachok, Chair, Board of Regents and
President Jessup
Mark Alden
Bill D. Brady Nick M. Spirtos
CLASS PROFILE...................................................................................................................................................President Jessup
CONFERRING OF DEGREES..........................................................................President Jessup and Provost Diane Z. Chase
READERS................................................................................................................................................................UNLV Faculty
Phil Burns, Nate Bynum, Juanita Fain, Ann McDonough, Gail Sammons
TURNING OF THE TASSELS..........................................................................................................................President Jessup
CONCLUDING REMARKS...............................................................................................................................President Jessup
Organist.......................................................................................................................................................................Paul Hesselink
CLASS SONGS......................................7 Tears by Lukas Graham, We Are Toung by Fun, One Call Away by Charlie Puth
GRAND MARSHAL............................................................................................................................................Sadanand Verma
2 2016 Commencement
2016 Commencement 3
Since its first classes were held in the 1950s, the'University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), has undergone an amazing transformation, from a dusty outpost on the south edge of town to a thriving urban research institution. Along the way, thanks to its innovative frontier spirit, UNLV has kept pace with one of the country’s fastest-growing and most enterprising cities.
The university’s origins were humble. In 1951, when the postwar boom had swollen the Las Vegas valley’s population to more than 50,000, the University of Nevada, Reno established an extension program here. Twenty-eight students began meeting for classes in the dressing rooms of Las Vegas High School’s auditorium. In 1954, the Nevada Board of Regents founded the Southern Regional Division of the University of Nevada, popularly known as Nevada Southern. Twenty-nine students accepted degrees at the university’s first commencement in 1964.
In 1969, with the board of regents’ approval, the university adopted its current name, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. By the following year, as the Las Vegas’ metropolitan population reached 275,000, UNLV enrolled more than 5,500 students.
Over the next several decades, UNLV continued this heady rate of development — erecting more than 100 buildings, developing dozens of graduate programs, creating partnerships with the community, fielding nationally ranked sports teams, founding an alumni association, promoting scholarship, establishing a fundraising foundation, and recruiting diverse and talented students from across the country. UNLV has come a long way from the high school dressing rooms that once served as its classrooms. Thanks to the dedication of faculty and staff members, students, generous donors, and Las Vegas residents, the university has much to celebrate, especially at Commencement.
The academic caps, gowns, and hoods that make the procession so colorful are part of an 800-year tradition. Academic clothing was first worn in medieval universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Paris, and Bologna. The gowns and hoods served a practical purpose in the days of unheated classrooms.
The European custom was carried to America with the establishment of our own colleges and universities. In 1895 an academic code of dress was adopted, and the standards of a robe, hood, and cap were accepted by most of the colleges and universities in the United States.
Different types of gowns may be distinguished in the academic procession. The bachelors’ gowns have long, pointed sleeves; the masters’ gowns have oblong sleeves with an arc cut away in the front. The doctors’ gowns are faced with velvet and have bellshaped sleeves with three bars of velvet.
The Oxford cap, the so-called mortarboard, has a long tassel fastened to the middle of the top that is worn hanging over the right front of the cap. Upon graduation, the tassel is moved from right to left. The hood, draped from the shoulder, denotes by its length and colors the field of study and the institution that conferred the degree.
4 2016 Commencement
The University Mace, which has its traditions deeply rooted in history, is carried on ceremonial occasions at the head of the academic procession by the Grand Marshal, whose symbolic duty is the protection of the university, its persons, and its processes.
The mace, a long club with a ball of iron, steel, or brass at one end, was used in warfare as late as the sixteenth century. The use of the mace as an instrument of ceremony, however, began about the year 1250 in England and France. The mace is still used widely today in university ceremonies like commencements and inaugurations.
The UNLV Mace, cast by UNLV art professor emeritus Michael McCollum in 1970, was created using the lost wax process. Erik Gronborg’s design for the cubical head of the mace included facets depicting the university seal, a rendering of the Statue of Liberty, a likeness of Renaissance scholar Leonardo da Vinci, and a shelf of books flanked by artists’ brushes.
The mace bearer today is Sadanand Verma, Professor of Mathematics who has served the university since 1967.
The Distinguished Nevadan Award is conferred by the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education to recognize prominent individuals who are present or former residents of the State of Nevada. The award is presented for significant achievements that contribute to the cultural, economic, scientific, or social advancement of Nevada and its people and for exceptional service to the state or nation that has influenced constructively the well-being of society. The recipient receives an engraved medallion and a special certificate.
The President’s Medal was first conferred in 1996 on Governor Kenny Guinn. The recipients are selected by the university president to recognize individuals who have provided very special and distinguished service to the university. An engraved medallion and special certificate are presented to each honoree.
Several years ago the university approved a process for selecting an exceptional faculty member to hold the title of Distinguished Professor. This award is given only after very serious consideration of a highly select group of university faculty. Nominees must have demonstrated extraordinary qualities both as teachers and scholars and must have achieved national and international recognition in their fields of study.
UNLV has a long-standing tradition of honoring graduating students who have made a special mark during their time at the university. Undergraduate and graduate students are selected for the honor after a semester-long nomination process. Those students highlighted during Commencement are chosen based on such factors as academic achievement, community outreach, research and creative work, and their ability to overcome adversity.
The Presidential Medallion is the official insignia of the university president and is worn at Commencement and other ceremonial occasions. UNLV’s Presidential Medallion was given to the university by the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada (CSUN) in 1973.
The medallion depicts the official seal of the State of Nevada in sterling silver. Links of the chain are engraved with the names of university presidents and their terms of office, symbolizing the continuity of responsibility in the office.
Graduating seniors who have been initiated into UNLV’s chapter of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society may wear a bronze medallion hung on a blue ribbon to be worn at Commencement. Each year Chapter 100 at UNLV invites to membership the top 10 percent of the senior class and the top 7.5 percent of the junior class in all academic disciplines.
The Golden Key National Honor Society is open to juniors and seniors of all academic disciplines who have earned a 3.30 grade point average or higher. Graduating seniors in this honor society wear a gold medallion on a blue and gold cord.
Many disciplines have honor societies specific to their fields. Members wear their cords, pins, or medallions at Commencement.
The Ronald E. McNair Scholars Medallion is awarded to graduating seniors who have completed the UNLV McNair Scholars Program, in recognition of their dedication to scholarly pursuits and their already considerable research accomplishments.
The Nevada Centennial Medallion is presented annually to the graduating senior earning the highest four-year scholastic average at UNLV. A total of 101 medallions were presented to the university by the Rotary Club of Las Vegas at the time of the state’s centennial celebration in 1964.
Summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude are the designations for students graduating with a baccalaureate degree who have earned 60 credits at UNLV and have a grade point average that places them in the top 10 percent of students graduating from their college.
Summa cum laude is bestowed on students who are in the top 1 percent of their college graduating class. Magna cum laude is bestowed on graduating students who are in the top 2 percent to 5 percent, and cum laude is bestowed on graduating students in the top 6 percent to 10 percent. The Honors College has different criteria for awarding honors.
The designations in the commencement program take into account both earned credits and credits in progress, along with the GPA for the last semester that the student has completed. Students should be aware that a final determination of honors eligibility is made after all courses are completed and final grades received. The designation that appears on a student’s diploma and transcript is the accurate and final designation.
HONORS COLLEGE MEDALLION RECIPIENTS Elizabeth Alvarez-Montoya, University Honors, Cum Laude Hunter Raye Arboreen, University Honors
Joshua Wayne Arias, University Honors
Nicholas F. Baker, University Honors
Michael T. Briones, University Honors, Research and Creative
Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Tiffany Chan, University Honors
Amber J. Dawood, University Honors, Cum Laude
Irma G. De Santiago, Research and Creative Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Kayla Renee Dean, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Khaylia B. Decaires, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Elizabeth Faith Dettrey, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Architha Devati, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Leah Erika Devera, University Honors, Summa Cum Laude Theresa L. Guerra, University Honors, Cum Laude Adriana Guizar-Vazquez, University Honors, Magna Cum
Jonathan Habashy, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Shawn Edward Jensen, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Steven D. Kim, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Kiran Rebekah Mathew, Research and Creative Honors, Cum Laude
Frances B. Mccaslin, University Honors
Conner G. Mccubbin, University Honors
Malka Rahel Mcneely, Research and Creative Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Ana L. Munoz, University Honors, Cum Laude
Hyunseo Na, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Gursharan Kaur Narwal, University Honors, Magna Cum
Zachary Alexander Nielsen, University Honors, Cum Laude Shane Jeffrey Parker, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Diana M. Pena, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Alex John Pereszlenyi, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Austin Stuart Pomerantz, University Honors, Cum Laude Richard K. Rosiak, University Honors
Nathaniel E. Saxe, University Honors
Alana D. Solomon, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Mario R. Tempe, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Brenda J. Tena, University Honors, Research and Creative
Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Sergio Trejo Jr, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Victor Thang Trinh, University Honors, Cum Laude Durin Uddin, University Honors, Summa Cum Laude Daniel H. Waqar, University Honors, Research and Creative
Honors, Summa Cum Laude
2016 Commencement 5
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Krystle Apodaca, Nursing Practice
Implementation of the Obesity Prevention and Management (OPM) Guideline to Increase Recognition and Treatment of Childhood Overweight and Obesity in an Urgent Care Setting
Kristine Patricia Broger, Nursing Practice
Standardization of Military Rapid Response Teams
Timothy John Farrell, Nursing Practice
Developing Therapeutic Communication Skills: Integration of Standardized Client Simulation in an Associate Degree Nursing Program
Elizabeth Ortiz, Nursing Practice
Developing Registered Nurse Competency in Diabetes Care
Katherine Ann Wagner, Nursing Practice
Eight Steps to Weight Loss: Development Of An Evidence-Based Collaborative Provider-Patient Workbook For Overweight Or Obese Adults
Kristine Weber, Nursing Practice
Developing Therapeutic Communication Skills: Integration of Standardized Client Simulation in an Associate Degree Nursing Program
Doctor of Philosophy
Ian Baldwin, History
Family, Housing, and the Political Geography of Gay Liberation in Los Angeles County, 1960-1986
Kristen M. Ballinger, Educational Psychology
Impact of Universal Social-Emotional and Behavioral Screening Among Middle School Students: A Multistage Approach to Identification
Heidi Kristine Batiste, Workforce Development and Organizational Leadership
Understanding Contingent Faculty: A Quantitative Study of Engagement, Satisfaction, Commitment, and Mentoring Needs
Cynthia L. Bezard, Curriculum and Instruction
A Case Study Analysis of Career and Technical Instructors's Development of Multicultural Self-Awareness through a Transformative Learning Experience
Kyle Patrick Bowen, Chemistry
Experimental Determination of First Order Corrections to the Dipole Approximation in Atomic and Molecular Photoionization with the Introduction of a Chiral-Specific Effect in the Angular Distribution of Photoelectrons Using Electron Time-of-Flight Spectroscopy
Aurora K. Brackett, English
The Edge of Mercury
Michelle Leigh Casey, Sociology
Work and Consumption as Civic Duty: A Critical Discourse Analysis of American Presidential Inaugural Speeches Since WWII
Danilo Estuardo Chavarria, Workforce Development and Organizational Leadership
Analyzing the Relationship Between Job Demands, Job Resources, and Personal Resources on Employee Engagement and Exhaustion of Juvenile Probation/Parole Officers
David R. Christensen, History
“The Ground You Walk on Belongs to My People”: Lakota Community Building and Red Power in Western Nebraska, 1917-2000
Cynthia Ann Clark, Curriculum and Instruction
The Experience of Teaching Online Secondary Science
Jamison T. Crabtree, English
WOLF!!! VOL. 1
Janelle E. Droessler, Radiochemistry
Direct Dissolution and Electrochemical Investigation of Cerium and Uranium in Ionic Liquid
Sarah Lynn Evans, Geoscience
(U-Th)/He studies of the Southern Snake Range metamorphic core complex, NV and Gypsum Valley salt wall, Paradox Basin, CO, USA
Olivia Clare Friedman, English
Paul Scott Geary, Public Affairs
#Therighttoremainsilent: Police Department Adoption and Deployment of Social Media, 2010-2015
Sara George, Civil and Environmental Engineering Effects of Vertical Ground Motion on Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Flat-Plate Buildings
William E. Goldberg, Sociology
The Birth of an Arts Scene
Christopher Hardy, Biological Sciences
Physiology and Genetics of Starvation-selected Drosophila melanog aster
Ivan Vladimirov Ivanov, Educational Psychology
Comparing the Effects of Two Utility Value Interventions on Graduate Students' Interest, Performance, and
Perceptions of Utility Value
Jeevan A. Jayakody, Geoscience
Effects of Hydraulic Connections on Unsaturated Flow in Dual-permeability Media
Hongbin Jin, Public Health
Cancer among Asian American population in the United States: Incidence and Survival Disparities
LaShonda A. Jones-Moore, Workforce Development and Organizational Leadership
Shellie Jo Keller, Higher Education
Competencies for the Community College Advisor: A Crucial Job in the Student Success Mission
Jeremy E. Koonce, Geoscience
Water Balance and Moisture Dynamics of an Arid and
Semi-Arid Soil: A Weighing Lysimeter and Field Study
Lawrence James Lakeotes, Mechanical Engineering
MCNP6 Computational-Based Sensitivity Propagation Analysis of Continuous Neutron Cross-Sections Using The Godiva (HMF-001) And The Godiver (HMF-004) Benchmark Criticality Study Cases
Yiyan Li, Electrical Engineering
Portable High Throughput Digital Microfluidics and On- Chip Bacteria Cultures
Cathrine Elizabeth Maiorca, Curriculum and Instruction
A Case Study: Students’ Mathematics-Related Beliefs from Integrated STEM Model-Eliciting
Erica J. Marti, Civil and Environmental Engineering Formation and Mitigation of N-Nitrosodimethylamine due to Ozonation of Treated Wastewater
Sara Elisabeth McPherson, Nursing
Understanding the Preparation and Support Needed for Undergraduate Faculty
Conrad H. Oh-Young, Special Education
A Comparison of the Effects of Peer Networks and Peer Video Modeling on Positive Social Interactions Performed By Young Children With Developmental Disabilities
Amber R. Overholser, Public Affairs
An Examination of Sagebrush Rebellion Communications Using the Narrative Policy Framework
Meredith Padilla, Nursing
Delirium Education Program for Medical-Surgical/
Telemetry Nurses: A Mixed Methods Study
Dorothy Rita Parriott, Educational Psychology
Using Generalizability Theory to Investigate Sources of Variance of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2 with Trainees
Christina H. Plemmons, Nursing
The Relationship Between Clinical Teaching Models and Perceived Clinical Self-Efficacy and Attitude Toward Team Process
Shelly Reed, Nursing
Identifying Learning Acquired During Debriefing
Carrie R. Sampson, Public Affairs
The Role of School Boards in Addressing Opportunity and Equity for English Learners in the U.S. Mountain West
Christina J. Santoyo, Teacher Education
Changes in Teachers’ Constructivist Beliefs from Preservice to Inservice Teaching: A Mixed Methods Approach
Tyler S. Schafer, Sociology
Gardening Together? Community, Culture, and Gardening in Downtown Las Vegas
Amanda N. Scott, English
‘“Mother, I will:”’ Subjective Religious Vision in the Brontes
Samuel Joseph Seefeld, Higher Education
Leadership Competencies at Concordia University System Institutions
Qingmin Shi, Teacher Education
Interrelationships among Teacher Self-Efficacy, Collective Teacher Efficacy, and Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Mohammad Shokrolah Shirazi, Electrical Engineering Vision-based Intersection Monitoring: Behavior Analysis and Safety Issues
Kabindra Kumar Shrestha, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Causes of Change Orders and Its Impact on Road Maintenance Contracts
Kishor Shrestha, Civil and Environmental Engineering Framework of Performance-Based Contracting For Chip Seal and Striping Maintenance Activities
Sichu Shrestha, Civil and Environmental Engineering Perchlorate Bioremediation: Controlling Media Loss in Ex-situ Fluidized Bed Reactors and In-situ Biological Reduction by Slow-Release Electron Donor
Paul Steven Smith, Nursing
Cultural Competence of Nurse Practitioners: Providing Care for Gay and Lesbian Clients
Ashok EM Sudhakar, Electrical Engineering
Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene
6 2016 Commencement
2016 Commencement 7
Warren B. Turkett, Public Health
Impacts to Phytoplankton after the Establishment of Quagga Mussels in Lake Mead, Nevada
Christina Marie Vanden Bosch der Nederlanden, Psychology Building Categories Guide Behavior: How Humans Build and Use Auditory Category Knowledge Throughout the Lifespan.
Curt Ryan Wakefield, Educational Psychology Agentic Engagement, Teacher Support, and Classmate Relatedness— A Reciprocal Path to Student Achievement
Kenneth A. Watanabe, Biological Sciences
A Bioinformatics Approach to Addressing Hormone Responses: Development of Algorithms for Genome Annotations, Definition of Transcriptomes, and Discovery of Novel cis-regulatory Elements Based on RNA-seq Data
Anne E. Weisman, Public Health
Human Touch: Perceptions of Self-Efficacy from a NonPharmacology Treatment for Individuals Living with HIV/AIDS
Allison R. Werlinger, Educational Psychology
The Concordance of Caregiver-Teacher Perspectives on the Behavior of Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Heather Whitesides, Curriculum and Instruction
Is Being Green, White? A Critical Ethnographic Study of Social Norms in Conservation
Paul Philip Woody, Public Affairs
The Impact of Successful NCAA Division I Athletics on the Social Capital of Urban Communities
Doctor of Musical Arts
Cordelia E. Anderson, Performance
A Performance Analysis of Dorothy Rudd Moore's Sonnets on Love, Rosebuds, and Death
Spencer J. Baker, Performance
Interpreting Schubert Lieder through Transcription: Four Composers’ Techniques in Solo Piano Transcriptions of Songs from Die schbne Mullerin
Ekaterina Bessmeltseva, Performance
Viktor Kosenko’s Piano Cycle Eleven Etudes in the Form of Old Dances, Op. 19
Kim Chai, Performance
An Annotated Bibliography and Analysis of Beginning and Intermediate Bassoon Literature
James W. Doyle III, Performance
Original Chamber Percussion Works for Silent or Silenced Film in Live Performance
Kevin Eberle, Performance
How Queer: Camp Expression in Francis Poulenc's Trio for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano
Micah Holt, Performance
Applied Anatomy in Music: Body Mapping for Trumpeters
Carrie S. Schuster-Wachsberger, Performance Yiddish Diction in Singing
Erin E. Vander Wyst, Performance
Kimmo Hakola’s Diamond Street and loco'. A Performance Guide
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Elizabeth A. Billington, Physical Therapy Ellie Cobb, Physical Therapy
Shane Spencer Collins, Physical Therapy Sarah Crow, Physical Therapy Thomas Crowther, Physical Therapy Karen Lynn Daun, Physical Therapy Scott Devries, Physical Therapy Abbay Lynn Dow, Physical Therapy Ryan M. Epstein, Physical Therapy Ron Garcia, Physical Therapy
Paul Russell Goodrich, Physical Therapy Kasha Farley Hulse, Physical Therapy Jed Brian Hurst, Physical Therapy Javier Ibarra, Physical Therapy Chieh Chen Jeng, Physical Therapy Daniel Thomas Johnson, Physical Therapy Ethan Konshuk, Physical Therapy Suzenna N. Ngo, Physical Therapy Derek F. Oldroyd, Physical Therapy Sean Reilly, Physical Therapy Nicole R. Riley, Physical Therapy Daniel Rincon, Physical Therapy Sarrie R. Rubin, Physical Therapy Jessica N. Sasaoka, Physical Therapy Trenton James Saupan, Physical Therapy Kenshin Scoggin, Physical Therapy Linna Sestini, Physical Therapy Rebecca M. Slaughter, Physical Therapy Alexa Standerfer, Physical Therapy Kyle Lee Vaughn, Physical Therapy Erwin A. Ventura, Physical Therapy Rachel A. Wilde, Physical Therapy Ryan Zane, Physical Therapy
Specialist in Education
Nicole R. Lenzini, Educational Psychology Ann Roseland McCoy, Educational Psychology Maile Scholer Stout, Educational Psychology Katherine Sloan, Educational Psychology Caroline Sousa, Educational Psychology
Master of Architecture
Adam J. Bradshaw, Architecture Amy Nicole Cordes, Architecture
Johny Corona, Architecture
BreeAnn Janamarie Cox, Architecture Andres Enrique Diaz, Architecture Christina Giafaglione, Architecture Burim Kalaveshi, Architecture
Sun Kim, Architecture
Alexander S. Klenk, Architecture Andrew K. Martin, Architecture David R. McCredo III, Architecture Sean Ryan Miller, Architecture Richard X. Olmedo, Architecture Jesus Rangel, Architecture
Jeffrey Sarmiento, Architecture Sharlette M. Taba, Architecture Amanda P. Telleria, Architecture Sean Steven Zurko, Architecture
Master of Arts
Mia Naomi Arterberry, Urban Leadership Kacey Ballard, Communication Studies Christian F. Bato, Communication Studies Elena Alexandra Bejinariu, Criminal Justice Melanie Jo Boyer, Urban Leadership
Eugen Brazdil, Economics Maryann Calleja, Anthropology
Jessica Marie Camacho, Urban Leadership Henry R. Castillo, Communication Studies Jesse L. Cook, English
Jeffrey A. Coon, Economics
Racheal Cummings, Urban Leadership Rebecca L. Dehner, Urban Leadership Lindsay Christine Entwistle, Anthropology Benjamin C. Feinstein, Urban Leadership Yulia O. Gavrilova, Psychology
Kristen Gazmen, English
Margaret L. George, Journalism & Media Studies Diana Gomez, Urban Leadership
Analyn A. Gourley, Economics Raheve W. Gray, Theatre Arts Alexandra Grill-Childers, Theatre Arts Tristan Michael Hays, Urban Leadership Andrea Marie Hill, Urban Leadership Tiffany L. Hunter, Communication Studies Susan L. Johnson, Urban Leadership Nita A. Jones, Communication Studies David Alan Jurvelin Jr., English
Bomi Kang, Theatre Arts
Karim K. Kardous, Political Science Jason Michael Kelsey, Psychology Jessica Knudson, Urban Leadership Leiszle R. Lapping-Carr, Psychology Cortney N. Lechmann, English Leslie M. Lewis, History
Margo R. Malik, Journalism & Media Studies Jennifer Manning, Urban Leadership Delia E. Martin, Criminal Justice
Danielle M. Mateo, Urban Leadership Abigail R. Mayfield, Psychology
Kayla Marilynn Jean McDuffie, History
Sean M. Mcnelley, Urban Leadership Gilbert L. Mendoza, Criminal Justice Daniel Michalski, Journalism & Media Studies Kristin M. Miller, Urban Leadership Brione Ariel Minor, Urban Leadership Stephany Marie Molina, Psychology Heather L. Mounts, Urban Leadership Tracy Marie Neblina, History
Joyce Frances O'Day, Urban Leadership Diane Marie Palm, Theatre Arts Emily A. Polich, Urban Leadership Todd Ridlon, Criminal Justice Hannah E. Robinson, History
Lloyd Robinson Jr., Urban Leadership Nicole Santero, Journalism & Media Studies Marlena A. Sarver, Urban Leadership Alecia A. Schrenk, Anthropology
Rasheeda Swain, Urban Leadership Rashad Sweat, Theatre Arts Michelle Thom, Urban Leadership Laron E. Thomas, Economics Victoria Y. Thomas, Criminal Justice Cristina I. Tica, Anthropology True Tran, Criminal Justice Richard J. Warren, English
Michelle Ann Wheatfill, Urban Leadership Alexandra N. White, Journalism & Media Studies Brenna L. Wilkerson, Anthropology
Tyler Lloyd Winters, Urban Leadership Kaiyang Wu, Economics
Misti H. Yang, Communication Studies
Master of Business Administration
Shahriar H. Agahi, Business Administration Arin Alexander, Business Administration Teri Becchetti Raven, Business Administration Ricardo David Becerra, Business Administration Scott Owen Boleyn, Business Administration Antonina C. Capurro, Business Administration Richard Paul Constantine, Business Administration Sara K. Gorgon, Business Administration Sarah Mabey Guild, Business Administration Aleksandar Jovkovic, Business Administration Joshua K. Langdon, Business Administration Sha Li, Business Administration
Cristiana Raluca Lungu, Business Administration Ashkan Mahdavi, Business Administration
Marcus Anthony Mandolfo, Business Administration Kegan McMullan, Business Administration Jace S. Meier, Business Administration Scott J. Roberts, Business Administration Tracy A. Sperry, Business Administration
Kurt Redmond Temple, Business Administration Jose Manuel Torres, Business Administration
Elijah James Hayon Tredup, Business Administration Fabian Vargas, Business Administration Daniel Lewis Willits, Business Administration Sheila Yau, Business Administration Zhiyan Zhang, Business Administration
8 2016 Commencement
2016 Commencement 9
Master of Education
Treemonisha L. Addison, Special Education Kristina Louise Anderson, Curriculum & Instruction Kendra Lynn Antill, Special Education
Hillary Elizabeth Arnow, Early Childhood Education Thomas Assenzio, Special Education
Ashley Ayers, Curriculum & Instruction Jazzmine Bankston, Special Education Yvette Barajas, Curriculum & Instruction Nicholas Erik Barnes, Curriculum & Instruction Holley Marie Beaumont, Special Education Janae Bell, Curriculum & Instruction Corrin Bennion, Counselor Education Jennifer A. Berta, Curriculum & Instruction Brian Alexander Bickers, Curriculum & Instruction Victoria M. Bielomaz, Curriculum & Instruction Daria Michele Boccuti, Special Education Stephen Alan Bock, Curriculum & Instruction
Angelique Constance Bolognese, Curriculum & Instruction David Boutte, Early Childhood Education
Lila Elizabeth Brickner, Curriculum & Instruction David L. Brown, Curriculum & Instruction Julie M. Brown, Special Education
Lacie Bryant, Special Education Tami C. Budo, Curriculum & Instruction Candice M. Burger, Special Education
Matthew Thomas Burke, Curriculum & Instruction Analiese Camacho, Curriculum & Instruction
Suyapa Alejandra Canales, Early Childhood Education Olivia Carroll, Special Education
Cynthia Chavez, Curriculum & Instruction Justin Stephen Christafaris, Curriculum & Instruction Victoria D. Clark, Curriculum & Instruction Violet A. Colavito, Curriculum & Instruction Allison Collins, Curriculum & Instruction Michelle Cornejo, Curriculum & Instruction Marcela Cortes Ramirez, Curriculum & Instruction Nethanya Godoy Cortez, Curriculum & Instruction Elizabeth Cosgrove, Curriculum & Instruction Edwin Oscar Cruz, Curriculum & Instruction Donna B. Cruzado, Higher Education
Ajiah Sherie Larrel Daley, Curriculum & Instruction Douglas Augustus Davis, Curriculum & Instruction Fei Deng, Early Childhood Education
James DeRosa Jr., Special Education Krithika Devi, Special Education
Corbin Thad Edginton, Curriculum & Instruction Gloria J. Ely, Special Education
Nelly Annette Escobar, Curriculum & Instruction Corwyn David Evans-Klock, Curriculum & Instruction Ainsley Felton, Curriculum & Instruction
Grace Fernandez, Curriculum & Instruction Michael Francis Ferra, Curriculum & Instruction Julianne Jean Flores, Higher Education
Grant Frailich, Curriculum & Instruction Amelia Fuqua, Special Education
Rocar Joy Dadula Gallo, Curriculum & Instruction Thomas Galstian, Curriculum & Instruction Amanda Sarah Gilman, Special Education
Estevan Ginsburg, Curriculum & Instruction Carly Elizabeth Gould, Curriculum & Instruction Courtney Elise Green, Curriculum & Instruction Krystal L. Green, Early Childhood Education Irvin Guerrero-Vizcarra, Curriculum & Instruction Ivette Gutierrez, Early Childhood Education Zachary Jarred Harlan, Curriculum & Instruction Sarah Racquel Harper, Curriculum & Instruction Jessica Hartley, Special Education
Andre Harwell, Curriculum & Instruction Stephanie Hepinger, Curriculum & Instruction Ashante Herring, Curriculum & Instruction Andrew Cameron Herrod, Special Education Linda Therese Hill, Special Education
Ryann Melissa Hofmann, Special Education Rachael Holland, Curriculum & Instruction Karishma Hossain, Curriculum & Instruction David Allen Huddler, Curriculum & Instruction Cristal Victoria James, Curriculum & Instruction Tara Nicole Kimes, Curriculum & Instruction Tara Kleaver-Stewart, Special Education Frederick H. Kuch, Higher Education
Carolyn Hope Lara, Curriculum & Instruction Chancellor Lastra, Higher Education
Lindsay Leann Lawson, Curriculum & Instruction Alexandra K. Lemelson, Special Education Maria Librado, Curriculum & Instruction
Christopher A. Lindsay, Curriculum & Instruction Brandon Lobb, Curriculum & Instruction
Carina Lopez V, Special Education Korey A. Lopez, Higher Education Diego Lozano, Curriculum & Instruction Nancy Luong, Higher Education Sheri Luong, Higher Education Ana Marroquin, Counselor Education Mary Therese Marshall-Lang, English Language Learning Ashley Lauren Mason, Curriculum & Instruction Andrew Timothy May, Curriculum & Instruction Joseph William May, Curriculum & Instruction Michael Patrick Mazzone, Special Education
Essence P. Mcdowell, Curriculum & Instruction Rachel Marie Mcintosh, Curriculum & Instruction Pamela Mohr, Special Education
Cara Ann Morville, Special Education Lani Naito, Curriculum & Instruction
Michael David Navarrette II, Curriculum & Instruction Ben Hoang Nguyen, Curriculum & Instruction Sophia Thuy Van Nguyen, Special Education Kevin Nham, Curriculum & Instruction
Madeline Manny Olsen, Curriculum & Instruction Rachael Jessie Otto, Special Education Barbara Padour, Curriculum & Instruction Sheila L. Palmer, Curriculum & Instruction Leah Lin Joedike Parks, Special Education Samantha Parola, Curriculum & Instruction Debra J. Pattni, Higher Education
Candis A. Pearce, Special Education Sarah E. Pecoraro, Counselor Education
Crystal Elizabeth Phelps, Curriculum & Instruction
John Gordon Prescott, Curriculum & Instruction Erika Rabura, Curriculum & Instruction Dijana Raco, Curriculum & Instruction
Nicole Radzilowicz, Curriculum & Instruction Zackary Lee Reno, Curriculum & Instruction Zari M. Riley, Curriculum & Instruction Daniel Rivera, Early Childhood Education Marissa N. Robledo, Higher Education Ana Gabriela Rodriguez, Curriculum & Instruction Katherine Aileen Rosario, Curriculum & Instruction Joseph I. Rubin, Curriculum & Instruction Melissa Salazar, Special Education
Mercedes K. Sandford-Zopfi, Special Education Suheyla Sarisahin, English Language Learning Shoichi Sato, Curriculum & Instruction
Stephanie Ann Schie, Curriculum & Instruction Jessica G. Schmidt, Counselor Education Whitney Rose Schmidt, Counselor Education Sara Ann Shaw, Curriculum & Instruction Wanyun Shi, Special Education
Aster Sigel, Curriculum & Instruction Eric O'Neal Smith II, Curriculum & Instruction Nicole Jayleen Smith, Counselor Education Nicholas D. Snead, Higher Education Ryan E. Staker, Special Education Rachel Jo Stark, Special Education
Travis Steinka, Curriculum & Instruction Heidi Stocks, Curriculum & Instruction Sean Reese Street, Curriculum & Instruction Traci Ann Tackett, Special Education
Katelynn Marie Tamayo, Curriculum & Instruction Cadence M. Taylor, Curriculum & Instruction Darius K. Taylor, Curriculum & Instruction Dawna Taylor, Special Education
Tami K. Togo, Curriculum & Instruction Caitlin Tomassetti, Curriculum & Instruction Michael David Tomorsky, Curriculum & Instruction Chelsea Leigh Tonti, Curriculum & Instruction Heidy Toribio, Special Education
Anthony Tracy, Early Childhood Education Sydney Michelle Tracy, Curriculum & Instruction Tiffani Traver, Curriculum & Instruction
Maria Mirinisa Ubaldo, English Language Learning Rashida J. Vennie, Curriculum & Instruction Gregory L. Vessar, Curriculum & Instruction Jennifer N. Villatoro, Special Education
Tyler Ward, Curriculum & Instruction
Katie Lynn Warren, Curriculum & Instruction Jack T. Watts, Special Education
Gregory C. Weaver, Higher Education
Jennifer Lynn Weinstein, Curriculum & Instruction Karen Williams, Curriculum & Instruction Andromeda Lexi Winters, Curriculum & Instruction Angela N. Withaeger, Early Childhood Education Kathleen N. Woods, Higher Education
Corey Landon Wozniak, Curriculum & Instruction Jennifer Mikaela Yung, Curriculum & Instruction
Master of Fine Arts
Audrey K. Bardo, Art
Michael L. Berger, Creative Writing
Kathrina Castro Bognot, Writing for Dramatic Media Amber M. Bonasso, Theatre Arts
Jade A N Cagalawan, Theatre Arts
Wendy Chambers, Art
Samuel Cordes, Theatre Arts Ryan H. Dougherty, Theatre Arts Kayla Rose Gaar, Theatre Arts
Maureen Halligan, Art
Scott A. Hinkle, Creative Writing Elizabeth Anne Johnson, Art Madison E. Kisst, Theatre Arts Elizabeth A. Kline, Theatre Arts
Jack Lafferty, Theatre Arts
Elizabeth A. Larouche, Theatre Arts Shaun P. Leonard, Creative Writing Ian E. Mangum, Theatre Arts
Oksana K. Marafioti, Creative Writing Jasmine S. Mathews, Theatre Arts Kayla B. Miller, Creative Writing
Stephon O. Pettway, Theatre Arts
Manuel Ramirez Guevara, Theatre Arts Stefanie N. Resnick, Theatre Arts
Darek Rs Riley, Theatre Arts Rebecca K. Robison, Creative Writing Brett M. Salsbury, Creative Writing
Syed Haider Shahbaz, Creative Writing Jennifer Lynn Van Buskirk, Theatre Arts Bernhard C. Verhoeven, Theatre Arts
Master of Health Care Administration
Hernand Lahip Dela Cuesta, Health Care Administration Geoffrey Colin Empey, Health Care Administration Noelle L. Lefforge, Health Care Administration
Kristie M. Levasseur, Health Care Administration Vanessa Rago, Health Care Administration
Jeffrey Steven Robillard, Health Care Administration Tricia Wagner, Health Care Administration
Jeffrey Paul Walker, Health Care Administration
Master of Hospitality Administration
Michael Day, Hospitality Administration Jacquelyn Erin Drake, Hospitality Administration Hannah Clair Dunevant, Hospitality Administration
Jay Lefkowitz, Hospitality Administration
Sarah Rae Paprocki, Hospitality Administration
Valerie Salter, Hospitality Administration
Michael Schoenberger, Hospitality Administration Holly Michelle Titanic, Hospitality Administration Charles R. Valentine, Hospitality Administration Emma-leigh Winstead, Hospitality Administration
Master of Music
Maya Andric, Music
Rodrigo Corral, Music
Brandilyn Davidson, Music Barbara Ellen Ellis, Music
10 2016 Commencement
2016 Commencement 11
Gregory Jordan Koenig, Music
Daniel John Layher, Music
Justus K. Morales, Music
Luigi Adriel Go Ng, Music
Ricardo Reese, Music
Bethany A. Smith, Music
Shawn E. Whitmer, Music
Christopher J. Withrow, Music
Master of Public Administration
Andrea Lee Alires, Public Administration
Shauna Ferguson, Public Administration
Amber Foster, Public Administration
Neiufi longi, Public Administration
Daniel S. Macias, Public Administration
Ellen Elizabeth Marciel, Public Administration
Jessica Marie Nitti, Public Administration
David Laurence Olivieri, Public Administration
Stephani Preston-Loffredo, Public Administration
Pete Andrew Reyes, Public Administration
Alexandra Renee Rohde, Public Administration
Bananto A. Smith, Public Administration
Regina N. Strebel, Public Administration
Ashley Temm, Public Administration
Curtis E. Terry, Public Administration
Timothy John Vaske, Public Administration
Master of Public Health
Kavita Batra, Public Health
Donica1 Gale Beckett, Public Health
Dax R. Garner, Public Health
Jonathan James Gore, Public Health
Adriana Hernandez, Public Health
Sabina Malik, Public Health
Bertille Octavie Mavegam Tango Assoumou M., Public Health
Vanessa Ortiz, Public Health
Brandi Keiko Payanal, Public Health
Nicole Pietras, Public Health
Gene K. Wells, Public Health
Angela Racquel Wild, Public Health
Jerry A. Wills, Public Health
Master of Science
Lacey W. Alderson, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Andrew M. Alvarado, Physics
Estrella G. Alvarez, Accounting
Marta Alvarez, Accounting
Brittany Joy Anderson, Accounting
Diana T. Babsky, Management Information Systems
Mohammad Badrzadeh, Management Information Systems Melanie W. Bailey, Educational Psychology
Anjali Bansal, Management Information Systems
Arpan Bansal, Management Information Systems
Theresa Baraga, Accounting
Lindsey M. Bartlett, Crisis & Emergency Management
Jordan Michael Batton, Accounting
Brent Behunin, Accounting
Mathew J. Bensen, Health Physics
Mathew Beshears, Geoscience
Laura Bonesteel, Accounting
Joseph M. Borromeo, Mathematical Sciences
George R. Buch, Mathematical Sciences
Chase Ryan Bush, Accounting
Mayra Green Carpenter, Crisis & Emergency Management
Jordan A. Castro, Accounting
Xiaoying Chen, Hotel Administration
Bryant Christlieb, Marriage & Family Therapy
Keith Clemente, Management Information Systems
Silvano Cozzini, Crisis & Emergency Management
Gaetana D'agata, Curriculum & Instruction
Allison L. Davies, Accounting
Robin M. Davis, Crisis & Emergency Management
Johnne T. Dawson, Health Physics
Jana Dela Cruz, Accounting
Alysa Marie Duenas, Crisis & Emergency Management
Kara Easton, Crisis & Emergency Management
Fatemeh Ezzatpoor, Crisis & Emergency Management
Annegenelle P. Figueroa, Accounting
Leah Gardner, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Amanda Gentry, Geoscience
Jared Robert George Grow, Crisis & Emergency Management Tram N. Ha, Management Information Systems
Kathryn C. Harriss-Weavil, Water Resources Management Christopher A. Higgins, Physics
Justina Rosemary Hillman, Crisis & Emergency Management Ming-Sheng Huang, Accounting
Cash R. Jordan, Accounting
Allison Nichole Juarez, Crisis & Emergency Management
Kelli Jenifr Justus, Accounting
Ashley K. Keller, Hotel Administration
Hyojin Kimm, Accounting
Christopher Adrian Knight, Crisis & Emergency Management
Kelsi Koch, Accounting
Michael A. Kraussman, Accounting
Robert Edward Kreick, Management Information Systems
Magali Leal, Accounting
Jesse D. Leavitt, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Sha Li, Hotel Administration
Justin Lee Linden, Management Information Systems
Caleb Michael Lopez, Accounting
LJu Lu, Hotel Administration
Mary Angeli Descanzo Malig, Accounting
Remy Y. Manigold, Health Physics
Gina K. Marano, Hotel Administration
Ashley Martinez, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Jeremy Byung Min, Accounting
Pouya Momtaz, Oral Biology
Monica M. Moradkhan, Hotel Administration
Trina Alina Fontes Morales, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Jesus E. Moreno, Accounting
Brittany A. Morgan, Materials & Nuclear Engineering
Thomas Page, Hotel Administration
Hyemin Park, Accounting
Megan Alexandra S. Patel, Accounting
Bryan Dela Pena Peralta, Marriage & Family Therapy
Tatiana Perovskaya, Crisis & Emergency Management Lisa Marie Pinon, Management Information Systems Ruth Abigail Ramirez, Accounting
Joanna C. Raubolt, Accounting
Katrina M. Reyes, Accounting
Jason R. Richards, Accounting
Steven Cliff Ricks, Accounting
Matthew J. Roe, Management Information Systems
Chad Neal Rogers, Crisis & Emergency Management
Joseph E. Romero, Accounting
Laura N. Roots, Mathematical Sciences
Natalie O. Sanchez, Accounting
Jessica M. Schneider, Accounting
Megan N. Schneider, Accounting
Bradley Sensibaugh, Crisis & Emergency Management
Sharath Shaji, Management Information Systems
Brittnee A. Smith, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Quinlan B. Smith, Physics
Brian Edwin Strange, Accounting
Brittany N. Stuckey, Accounting
Liliana Sura, Accounting
Kevin Michael Swiecionis, Mathematical Sciences
Chen Tan, Hotel Administration
Chen Tan, Management Information Systems
Ontida Tanthmanatham, Chemistry
Chloe S. Taylor, Accounting
Sara Taylor, Health Physics
Timothy R. Thatcher, Health Physics
Levi Raphael Tiberi, Accounting
Sara Ting, Accounting
Mingcheng Tong, Hotel Administration
Jose Manuel Torres, Hotel Administration
Danielle Noelle Turner, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Gloria Van Spanckeren, Crisis & Emergency Management Amanda Jean Wagner, Water Resources Management
John V. Waite, Physics
Hillary Walker, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Daniel Lewis Willits, Management Information Systems
Lisha Yang, Accounting
Muhan Yang, Hotel Administration
Christopher D. Yi, Accounting
Katherine Yost, Mathematical Sciences
Kelly Nicole Zaugg, Chemistry
Jian Zhao, Hotel Administration
Master of Science in Computer Science
Siavash Akrami, Computer Science
Charbel A. Azzi, Computer Science
Patrick M. Daleiden, Computer Science
Marc Van-Due Dinh, Computer Science
Alexis Dominique Pierre Fouche, Computer Science
Sai Ram Ganti, Computer Science
Vedadatta Gouripeddi, Computer Science
Vivek Gudibande, Computer Science
Sweta Gurung, Computer Science
Bikash Lama Bamjan, Computer Science
Sabbir Kumar Manandhar, Computer Science
Govind Pathak, Computer Science
Monetta Angelique Shaw, Computer Science
Tirambad Shiwakoti, Computer Science
Cabel D. Shrestha, Computer Science
Chandani Shrestha, Computer Science
Candace Suh-Lee, Computer Science
Phillip Merlin Uesbeck, Computer Science
Master of Science in Engineering
Jason Adrian, Mechanical Engineering
Nastaran Afnani, Civil & Environmental Engineering lani B. Batilov, Civil & Environmental Engineering Gregory J. Bock, Civil & Environmental Engineering Pareshkumar C. Brahmbhatt, Mechanical Engineering Jack W. Cheney, Mechanical Engineering
Regina Gwyn Dennis, Civil & Environmental Engineering Harshavardhan Chakravart Gadde, Civil & Environmental
Saumya Gupta, Electrical Engineering
Ryan Isaac, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Bibek Jang Karki, Electrical Engineering
Martin Milburn Lewis, Mechanical Engineering
Nathan D T Loyd, Civil & Environmental Engineering Otto K. Neidert, Mechanical Engineering
LeAndra D. Nelson, Civil & Environmental Engineering Carla Ricarda Palma, Civil & Environmental Engineering Roshan Poudel, Civil & Environmental Engineering Astha Puri, Electrical Engineering
Angsuman Roy, Electrical Engineering
Soumya Sagarika, Civil & Environmental Engineering MohammadReza Sharbaf, Civil & Environmental Engineering Bradley M. Thorne, Mechanical Engineering
Charikleia Tsagkari, Electrical Engineering
Marco A. Velarde, Civil & Environmental Engineering Libymol Xavier, Electrical Engineering
Master of Science in Exercise Physiology
Tyler Jordan Ellwein, Exercise Physiology
Bethaney G. Mclaughlin, Exercise Physiology Debra Kirsty Tacad, Exercise Physiology Ashley Power Tovar, Exercise Physiology
Master of Science in Kinesiology
Kathleen C. Duncanson, Kinesiology
Jessica Dunne, Kinesiology
Ashley N. Figaro, Kinesiology
Maxwell E. Jones, Kinesiology
Chloe M. Kipnis, Kinesiology
Kyle T. Lessard, Kinesiology
Brianna Mcelroy, Kinesiology
Jason S. Moran, Kinesiology
Eric Oskarson, Kinesiology
Samantha Elizabeth Reynolds, Kinesiology
Song Dan Vo, Kinesiology
Travis White, Kinesiology
Molly Winowiecki, Kinesiology
Master of Social Work
Angelia N. Alexander, Social Work
Rebekah Ambuehl, Social Work
Iman Anderson, Social Work
Fantanesh G. Angaw, Social Work
Kristen Ellen Ashe, Social Work
Julianna Aviles-Martinez, Social Work
12 2016 Commencement
2016 Commencement 13
Jamielynn Kay Labog Babaran, Social Work Sara Davies Batey, Social Work Brittany L. Bowden, Social Work Nikole A. Brooks, Social Work Chelsea Bryan, Social Work Stephanie G. Burford, Social Work Shannon Burton, Social Work Wanda Calamia, Social Work Clarissa Castro, Social Work Eri Tsujiyama Cronin, Social Work Ryan Daugherty, Social Work Juan Americo Diaz, Social Work Michelle M. Ditsworth, Social Work Headier Dixon, Social Work Pfawnn Eskee, Social Work
Abigail Esquivel-Valdez, Social Work Jessica Lynn Gerndt, Social Work Cara Golbourne, Social Work Eunice Lee Gonzaga, Social Work Liza Gramillo, Social Work Brett A. Grimm, Social Work Cindy Massicotte Guerrero, Social Work Krystal Michelle Guderrez-Avila, Social Work Molly Kaidin Hamby, Social Work Louis M. Haynie, Social Work Alexander Christopher Henry, Social Work Jocelyn Hernandez, Social Work Jennifer Lorraine Hunt, Social Work Jeff Janes, Social Work
Venice Andrea Kethen, Social Work Matthew Marx, Social Work Marcy Melendrez, Social Work
Gisselle Katherine Mendoza-Perez, Social Work Troy Mikels, Social Work
Heriberto Monroy, Social Work Maxwell M. Mount, Social Work Sandra Celis Ocampo, Social Work Camille T. Owens, Social Work Kristin G. Paragas, Social Work Christina Louise Parise, Social Work Emily E. Paulsen, Social Work Robert Anthony Peoples, Social Work Maria M. Perona, Social Work Erin Kathleen Pontius, Social Work Pamela Sue Primm, Social Work Nicole M. Purington, Social Work
Norma Vianey Ramirez-Rodriguez, Social Work Michelle Sarah Ramos, Social Work Raven M. Reid, Social Work Emily S. Roberts, Social Work
Robert Michael Robinson, Social Work Cristina Rodriguez, Social Work Cristina E. Sa, Social Work
Ryan Andrew Sanshuck, Social Work Michael Stephen Sharak, Social Work Heather Renee Shoop, Social Work Karina C. Silva, Social Work Raylene R. Simons, Social Work Lydia Smith, Social Work
Kelsey Breanne Spivey, Social Work Shannon D. Sterling, Social Work Shannon Terry, Social Work
Teresa Lynn Thomas, Social Work
Kristin Tordoff, Social Work
Margie Mabel Unchangco Toves, Social Work Suzanne Agnes Tuzzi, Social Work Kayth Del Prado Vela, Social Work
Fatima Grace Viado, Social Work Dionne Wallace, Social Work Barbara A. Wallen, Social Work
James Ross Wicks-Stephens, Social Work Valerie C. Wilkins, Social Work
Ty-Renai Miechon Williams, Social Work Zulma Beatriz Williams, Social Work
Bradley W. Wosik, Social Work
Tami Zada, Social Work
Carla Danielle Zapata, Social Work Maria G. Zenquis, Social Work
Betelham Beruk Zerihun, Social Work
School of
Doctor of Dental Medicine
Aimee N. Abittan, Dentistry Shahriar H. Agahi, Dentistry
Arin Alexander, Dentistry
Gabrielle C. Aquino, Dentistry
Wesley T. Archer, Dentistry
Jessica Paulette Berger, Dentistry Jesse Kurt Bloomfield, Dentistry Bryce John Bott, Dentistry
Michael E. Britting, Dentistry
Catherine Bui, Dentistry
Tamsyn Kara Burkett, Dentistry
Michael L. Cao, Dentistry
Douglas Carl Chespak, Dentistry Tristan Th Cheung, Dentistry
Brandon Nathan Comfort, Dentistry Richard Edward Copithorne, Dentistry
Marah M. Culpepper, Dentistry Andrea Eslava, Dentistry
Justin C. Ewell, Dentistry
Taylor Card Foulger, Dentistry
Daniel S. Funk, Dentistry
Ryan Philip Gardiner, Dentistry
Tate W. Guild, Dentistry
Jacob J. Hanseen, Dentistry
Evelyn, Herrera, Dentistry
Larry S. Hon, Dentistry
Lauren M. Ing, Dentistry
Mihai Florin Itoafa, Dentistry
John R. Jeppsen, Dentistry
Jorge Jimenez-Marquez, Dentistry
Brian David Jones, Dentistry Elizabeth A. Jones, Dentistry Matthew B. Keeffer, Dentistry
Patrick Howard Kenney, Dentistry Mehrnaz Khadiv, Dentistry Kahwa, Kim, Dentistry Ken H. Kim, Dentistry Jason R. Klingler, Dentistry Richard C. Kun, Dentistry Teresa C. Lee, Dentistry Sara X. Liu, Dentistry Ashkan Mahdavi, Dentistry Sophia J. Majeed, Dentistry Spencer D. Mecham, Dentistry Joel I. Morris, Dentistry Bennett D. Mortenson, Dentistry Amanda Kay Nelson, Dentistry Travis A. Neu, Dentistry An H. Nguyen, Dentistry Benjamin Bao Nguyen, Dentistry Kevin Michael Nowins, Dentistry Amy A. Nygren, Dentistry Saro Oknaian, Dentistry
Matthew Christopher Orzabal, Dentistry Mohini D. Patel, Dentistry Rahul Patel, Dentistry Dallas J. Paul, Dentistry Kim-Vy C. Pham, Dentistry Kostika Polena, Dentistry
Andrew Tudor Popescu, Dentistry Maria Caroly Ramos-Ramirez, Dentistry Sloan Landon Rehder, Dentistry Patricia Beatrix R. Reyes, Dentistry April C. Robinson, Dentistry Chanon Ruangjumrusvet, Dentistry Michael B. Sanders, Dentistry Michelle Rose Schiro, Dentistry Mohammad N. Sharifi, Dentistry Brandon Alden Snow, Dentistry E. Taylor Spader, Dentistry Kenneth Scott Tasker, Dentistry Christopher D. Viravongsa, Dentistry Scott C. Westra, Dentistry Mark Austin Whiting, Dentistry Kimberly Yang, Dentistry
Daven Paul Cameron, Law Katerina Ann Chadliev, Law Stephen Alex Davis, Law Trent M. deBraga, Law Aleem A. Dhalla, Law Ashveen S. Dhillon, Law Loline-Marie Chinue Djidade, Law Noah Andres Duran, Law Kimie Eacobacci, Law Adam C. Estrada, Law Alicia Sarah Exley, Law Ross Jared Fabbi, Law Walter Francis Fick, Law Erik J. Foley, Law Katherine Elizabeth Frank, Law Perry Friedman, Law Sydney Rae Gambee, Law Jessica R. Gandy, Law Stephanie Michele Getler, Law Vincent Michael Godinho, Law Leesa S. Goodwin, Law Robert J. Gullo, Law
Alexander Christopher Henry, Law Marah Janel Hinskey, Law Amy Louise Horne, Law Monica Janda, Law Paul H. Janda, Law Ryan David Johnson, Law Spencer Mark Judd Jr., Law Gil Kahn, Law
Christina J. Kim, Law David J. LaBay, Law Brianna Kaitlyn Lamanna, Law Jennifer R. Lanahan, Law Chelsea Lancaster, Law Janine Lee, Law
Haley Nicole Lewis, Law Joselyn Aresly Leyva, Law Ena Licina, Law
Amber N. Lilienthal, Law Jenapher Lin, Law Brandi C. Loffer, Law Brooke Ashley Luna, Law Scott Lundy, Law
Ellin Mardirosian, Law Joseph Eugene Meissner, Law Hayley Elaine Miller, Law Jake Maximo Miranda, Law
Juris Doctor
Brandon Berrett Albright, Law Paul G. Albright, Law
Elias Askins, III Law
Candice Barker, Law
Stephanie D. Bedker, Law Anaeita Biesiada, Law Katlyn Marie Brady, Law
Alan Michael Brereton, Law Jessica E. Brown, Law
Cara Denise Brumfield, Law Lora Lynn Caindec, Law
Kegan Maddox Monks, Law Scott Dexter Morris, Law Stacy Marie Newman, Law Dawn Nielsen, Law
Mariah M. Northington, Law Jennifer N. Odell, Law Jaymes P. Orr, Law Peter Petersen, Law E. A. Reed, Law Ryan Reynolds, Law Samantha Jane Rice, Law
2016 Commencement 15
14 2016 Commencement
Melissa Ann Rosenthal, Law
Veronica Ann Salas, Law
Michael J. Scarborough, Law
Kevin A. Schweitzer, Law
Robert Huntington Sidell, Law
Heather Lynn Snedeker, Law
Christian Thomas Spaulding, Law
Stephen Alexander Spelman, Law
Kelsey Elaine Stegall, Law
Thomas William Stewart, Law
Matthew William Thomas, Law
Reginald S. Thomas Jr., Law
Elijah James Hayon Tredup, Law
Matthew Ryan Tsai, Law
Michael S. Valiente, Law
Jeffrey C. Whittemore, Law
Ashleigh R. Wise, Law
Jacquelyn Nichole Witt, Law
Adam Jeffery Wynott, Law
Master of Laws
Alannah Taylor Ariel, Gaming Law and Regulation
Jordan Scot Flynn Hollander, Gaming Law and Regulation Allen Reed Horsley, Gaming Law and Regulation
James Dean Leavitt, Gaming Law and Regulation Melody Layne Light, Gaming Law and Regulation Nina Marchenko, Gaming Law and Regulation Russ F. Marsden, Gaming Law and Regulation Clark Seegmiller, Gaming Law and Regulation
Bachelor of Arts
Basma Zakaria Awada, Economics
Jose Luis Cortez, Economics
Charles Olufemi Folashade Jr., Economics
Anthony S. Foresta, Economics (Magna Cum Laude) Rhiannon Elizabeth Gladney, Economics
Yosep Hong, Economics
Jeffrey Joe, Economics (Summa Cum Laude)
Avetis J. Mazmanyan, Economics
Raphael Vincent Medina, Economics
Zachary Alexander Nielsen, Economics (Cum Laude)
University Honors
Anthony Cruise Serrano, Economics
Desiree A. Tupas, Economics
Robert R. Villemaire Jr., Economics
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Ryan Salar Abella, Accounting
Tiana Kaiulani-Cordeiro Ackerman, Finance
Erica K. Adler, International Business
Mohammed Ali Al Qarrous, Economics
Cesar J. Altamirano, Marketing
Isis Alvarez Felix, International Business
Sandra Anaya, Accounting
Travis William Brent Andersen, Finance
Maricon Austria Angat, Management
Amanda A. Appling, Marketing
Alexander Jacques Amon-Bennett, Economics
Maria Jesus Astete-Letelier, International Business
Dominick Ryan Austria, Accounting
Bir Azam, Management
Kielley K. Bade, International Business
Kaylila Brooke Badilla, Accounting
Carlos Baez, Accounting
Rachel Mackenzie Baird, Accounting
Reinard Banting, Marketing
Ryan Barth, Management
Ngo Bassong Bassong, International Business
Samantha Dawn Beecher, Accounting
Kenneth Daniel Black Jr., Finance
Kevin Alexander Blankevoort, Accounting
Yenny Borbon Aguilar, Management
Anthony J. Bradley, Finance
David A. Broetzmann, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Andrew T. Bunkers, Accounting
Ashton Breanne Burton, Management
Allison O. Capps, International Business
Andre M. Carter, Accounting
Ginna Casadiego, Accounting
Nicholas Michael Castillo, Marketing
Charissa Cazimero, Accounting
Nicholas Franco Cenidoza, Finance
Tiffany Chan, Accounting, University Honors
Robert Cheese, Finance
Guang Yu Chen, Finance
Jun Chen, Accounting
Ivana Rae Rafael Chiang, Management
Donald Eugene Chiara, Accounting
Ching-Ching Pei Chu, Accounting
Mari Adette Consignado, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Samantha Josephine Conte, Marketing
Juan Manuel Contreras, Marketing
Courtney Shannon Conway, Marketing
Matthew E. Corneil, Marketing
Michael Robert Cruz, Economics
Kevin J. Curry, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Emily Ann Dacanay, Entrepreneurship
Tyson H. Davis, Management
Daisy J. De La Torre, Management
Michaela Degenaro, Marketing
Emily Del Rosario, Management
Robert Gestiada Del Rosario, Economics
Richard Delgado, International Business
Phillip Ray Dennen, Management (Cum Laude)
Christian Diaz Falcon, Management
Anh Thi Ha Dinh, Accounting
Jason Robert Dittenber, Real Estate & Urban Economics
Cecilia Dominguez, Finance
Anthony Franklin Donofrio III, Finance
Sara Elizabeth Dow, Accounting
Christopher James Duranso, Accounting
Nicolette E. Epps, Marketing
Nicholas Espinoza, Accounting
Rony Faierstain, Finance
Thomas William Farrell, Finance
Josiah Caleb Farwig, Accounting
Ryan Leon Fink, Finance
Alexander Jesson Flesher, Marketing
Isaias Flores, Accounting
Avery Lynne Victoria French, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Andrea Lynn Furtado, Accounting
Michelle Elizabeth Gabel, Accounting
Faviola Gallegos, Marketing
Hector R. Gardea Jr., Information Management
Arthur Garibyan, Management
Alexis Marie Garrett, Accounting
Autumn Joy Gatesman, Accounting
Janet Isela Gaytan, Entrepreneurship
Jill Morris Gentile, Management
Austin Gold, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Sonia Gonzalez, Accounting
Vicky Jess'ree Gonzalez, Finance
Andrea Sabrina Gonzalez Argueta, International Business
Guillermo Gonzalez Jr., Accounting
Robert Andrew Green II, Management
Joseph W. Guindy, Management
Anita Lupe Gutierrez, Management
Sergio Gutierrez-rojas, Finance
Helen Haile, Economics
Samantha J. Hamika, Marketing
Jacob Harris, Management
Anjeza Hassan, Finance
Nasha Hassim, International Business
Chenala Herath, Accounting
Claudia Hernandez, Marketing (Cum Laude)
David Hernandez, Entrepreneurship
Isabelle Hernandez, Accounting
Nancy Hernandez-Cano, Accounting
Britzel Herrera, Accounting
Danielle C. Howard, Accounting
Matthew Ryan Iles, Marketing (Cum Laude)
Gretchen Lynne Inouye, Management
Brittney Irizarry, Management
Shadi Iskander, Accounting
Marnie Jepsen, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Daniel J. Jimenez Jr., Accounting
Jeffrey Joe, Finance (Summa Cum Laude)
Rylan Jumao-as, Accounting
Sophida Kanchanarin, Finance
Michael G. Karr, Marketing (Magna Cum Laude)
Samantha Kilber, Management
Sarah Sung Kim, Accounting
Lacy Justine Knaffla, Management
Steven Richard Kramer, Entrepreneurship
Alexander Kun, Finance
Hun Bong Kwon, Accounting
Nash W. Lancaster, Entrepreneurship
Pariyajuck Larpcharoen, Accounting
Nicholas J. Lassen, Management
Janet Leal, Marketing
Anthony Lee, Finance
Danielle Alexandra Lee, Marketing (Summa Cum Laude)
Kendall Michele Lenik, Management
Ingrid Leon, Marketing
Wanbongfung K. Leopold, Finance
Jessica Michele Lehiwa Lesher, Entrepreneurship
Veronica Wai Kee Leung, Management
Angela Wenjing Li, Accounting (Summa Cum Laude)
Yixin Li, Information Management
Ruisong Lin, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Yi Lin, Management
Tyson A. Lisboa, Management
Zhi Liu, Accounting
Christian Michael Livingston, Accounting
Fawn Love Locke, Accounting
Gabriella A. Loessin, Entrepreneurship
Jesus Yael Lopez, Finance (Cum Laude)
Jesus Yael Lopez, International Business (Cum Laude)
Manuel A. Lopez, Finance
Daniela M. Lopez Lopez, Management
Patrick Luciani, Marketing
Robert Dean Lyons, Marketing
Xiaoyan Ma, Accounting
Georges G. Maalouf, Finance
Elizabeth Madej, Marketing (Cum Laude)
Kiersten Felycia Dumo Madrid, International Business
Tsz W. Mak, International Business (Magna Cum Laude)
Krisztian Mali, Accounting
Brett Donald Malmgren, Finance
Stacy T. Marchand, Accounting
Courtney Martin, Accounting
Miguel Angel Martinez, International Business
Luiza Horta Martins, International Business
Cynthia Matanane, Accounting
Nathanael Jerome Mathre, Economics
Ryan Matson, Management
Stephen Alan Maupin, Management
Thomas James May, Finance
Julian Maynard, Marketing (Cum Laude)
Colton William Mccann, Finance
Ryan Charles McClain, Management
Morgan Lynne McClintock, Accounting
Brian Paul Mcintyre, Management
Corey Andrew Medovich, Finance
Luis A. Mendoza, Management
Jesse Menor, Accounting (Summa Cum Laude)
Bernard Ray Merkow, Accounting
Danilo E. Micale III, Finance & Economics
Kristin M. Mill, Entrepreneurship
Chelsea Theresa Louise Mione, International Business
Victoria R. Mitchell, Marketing
Kimberline Moller, Marketing
Marcos J. Monjaraz, Accounting
Jonah G. Montenegro, Management
Devon James Moore, Entrepreneurship (Cum Laude)
Malissa Moore, Accounting
Jeffrey David Mosich, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Karina Mundo, Accounting
Matthew Gregory Munsell, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude) Brandon Napiorkowski, Management
Diyan Nikolaev Nedelchev, Accounting
16 2016 Commencement
2016 Commencement 17
Linh Ngoc Tu Nguyen, Marketing
Kristel Nichols, Marketing
Jana Hale Norvell, Marketing
Marvin Wayne Norwood II, Economics & Information
Joshua Novotny, Finance
Kenneth D. Oakley, Finance
Nicholas Ohlson, Management (Cum Laude)
Asriel Edgardo Olivares, Accounting
Alexander John Oliveri, Accounting
Sean Ryan Patrick, Accounting
Ryan David Pedersen, Accounting
Alex John Pereszlenyi, Finance (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Christian Rey Dalmacio Perez, Management
Kay Jill Phanhyaseng, Marketing
Marc Philippi, Management
Johnson Phou, Accounting & Finance
Grant Michael Pickard, Management
Chaisson James Prescott, Management
Peter Andrew Prince Jr., Accounting
Raul Ravelo, Management & Accounting
Nicholas James Raya, Marketing
Wathanak Reth, Accounting
Michael C. Reyes, Information Management
Callie Nicole Richards, International Business
Chase A. Richardson, Management
Hannah Greer Roberson, Accounting
Angie Jennifer Robertson, Finance
Ashley Brianne Robinson, Accounting
Christopher Robinson, Entrepreneurship
Jessica Lorena Rodriguez, International Business
Roxanne Roncal, Entrepreneurship
Jose Rolando Rosales, Entrepreneurship
Keaton John Rosek, Management
Randall L. Russell, Finance
Randall L. Russell, Management
Alejandro Saavedra de la Paz, Management
Joseph Thomas Sabelko, Finance (Cum Laude)
Andre Dillon Sambvani, Finance
Lauren R. Sangalang, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Anna Jocelyn Saravia Lucas, Finance
Anthony Sarmiento, Marketing
Constantin Sava, Finance (Magna Cum Laude)
Jessica Sayedzada, Finance
Francisco Javier Segura, Finance & International Business Christopher P. Selinsky, Management (Cum Laude) Joseph M. Semel, Finance
Tylor K. Shibata, Accounting
Yongsoo Shin, Management
Oscar Ricardo Siguenza, Management
Noah Singer, Management
Ricardo Siordia, Accounting
David Smith, Management
Stephanie Solis, Marketing
Eddy Soukhaseum, Accounting
Antoinette Sperduti, Management (Cum Laude)
Karina Sophia Stanton, International Business
Ramon F. Stedile, International Business
Robert Thomas Stewart, Management
Cameron Blake Stimson, Entrepreneurship
Chelsea Stuart, Accounting
Kyle C. Styck, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Huiyi Tan, Accounting
Georgie L. Tell, Management
Daniel R. Ten Broeck, Management
Stacie Lynn Terpstra, Accounting
Christian Dane Terry, Finance
Morgan Mercedes Thompson, Accounting
Anece Tibbs, Management
Dominick Tim, Management
Devan J. Toney, Entrepreneurship
Albert J. Torres, Management
Sergio Alexander Torres, Finance
Eugene Mbayi Tshiyombo, Accounting
Michael Villapando, Management
Alicia M. Villeneuve, Management
Minh Trinh Thi Vo, Finance
Patrick Tu Vong, Accounting
Tiffany Amber Wacaster, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Justin D. Wagner, Accounting
Melanie Christine Wahlbrink, Accounting
Ting Wang, Accounting
Dylan Weber, Finance
Jim Michael Weglin II, Information Management
Ran Wei, Accounting
Deborah Lynette Williams, Accounting
Gregory J. Wingert, Marketing
Michael D. Withers, Finance
Patrick Wood, Entrepreneurship
Julie Woodward, Management (Cum Laude)
Zhiheng Xue, Accounting
Tiffany C. Yamanouchi, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Jiamin Yi, Finance
Jorge Yin Felix, Entrepreneurship
Timothy Allen Zettel, Finance (Summa Cum Laude)
Maggie Zhang, Finance
Yiwen Zhang, Accounting
Jingna Zhao, Accounting
College of
Bachelor of Science
Brittany Agee, Human Services
Alexis Lyn Amaro, Human Services
Heather Barnes, Early Childhood Education
Marisa Paige Brody, Human Services
Lisa Marie Casey, Early Childhood Education (Summa Cum
Sara M. Craven, Human Services
Monica Gloria Cuffee, Early Childhood Education
Marian E. Denis, Early Childhood Education
Susan Dow, Human Services
Christy Bitner Dulley, Human Services
John-Christopher Lehman Ekins, Human Services (Summa
Cum Laude)
Jordan Andrew Fish, Human Services
Nicole Fisher, Human Services
Nikki Franklin, Human Services
Isabella Garces Lares, Human Services
Michelle A. Garcia, Human Services
Vincent Tong Gonzales, Human Services
Alexis Leah Harris, Human Services
Woody C. Hoshibata, Human Services
Samantha Louise Johnson, Early Childhood Education (Cum
Larmaya C. Kilgore, Human Services
Brooke Sellers Lefevre, Human Services
Rachel Amelia Mack, Human Services
Rosalba Marquez, Human Services
Deborah L. Mayo, Human Services
Roslyn Jade Francisco Mercado, Early Childhood Education
Sara N. Mizistrano, Early Childhood Education
Zayna Moorman, Human Services
Karly Lynn Morris, Human Services
Eugenia Marie Moses, Human Services
Diana Lauren Oliva, Human Services
Brendan Owen, Human Services
Samantha Patterson, Early Childhood Education
Erin S. Riek, Human Services
Lindy Lee Risinger, Early Childhood Education
Caylee Erin Rushing, Human Services
Karen Grisell Sanchez, Human Services
Melissa Rebeca Sanchez, Human Services
Sara A. Selensky, Early Childhood Education (Cum Laude)
Brigitte Lolita Loren Sison, Human Services
Shanice S. Spencer, Early Childhood Education
Tiffany Thompson, Human Services
Denisse Rosario Vallejo, Early Childhood Education
Amanda Sue Vaughn, Early Childhood Education
Alexa R. Walker, Human Services
Danielle White, Human Services
Emily Danielle White, Early Childhood Education
Olivia Caroline Winn, Early Childhood Education
Jeanne M. Winthrop, Human Services
Kimberley Kay Witter, Human Services (Cum Laude)
Aileen Shannon Wong, Human Services
Amanda Wright, Human Services
Bachelor of Science in Education
Patrick Boyd Achord, Special Education
Kaleinani Adams, Elementary Education
Ashlen Ebony Atkinson, Special Education
Luis Avila, Secondary Education
Trisha Barba, Elementary Education
Kirstin Ashley Barboza, Elementary Education
Madison Nicole Bartlett, Elementary Education
Karina Victoria Beal, Secondary Education
June Marie Bell, Elementary Education
Kaitlyn Margaret Bengel, Secondary Education
Deanna Kaye Bitsko, Special Education (Cum Laude)
Emily Danielle Bleyle, Elementary Education
Audrey Lee Blockovich, Special Education
Monika Bridges, Elementary Education
Ashley Nichole Brown, Elementary Education
Christian-Miguel L. Brucelas, Elementary Education
John James Bruchhagen, Secondary Education (Cum Laude)
Markaela S. Bryan, Elementary Education
Daniel S. Burleson, Secondary Education
Haley Frances Buss, Elementary Education
Chantelle Cassidy, Elementary Education
Deryn Cattaneo, Elementary Education (Cum Laude)
Alexandra Giovanna Cavo, Elementary Education
Dakota R. Chaney, Elementary Education
Danielle Rene Chase, Elementary Education
Jillian Rose Chevalier, Elementary Education
Breann Elizabeth Christensen, Secondary Education
Brittany A. Christensen, Secondary Education
Nia N. Chunn, Elementary Education
Laura Maria Cisneros, Elementary Education
Joseph D. Clark, Secondary Education
Julie Anne Clarke-Butcher, Elementary Education
Kiley Ann Cook, Elementary Education
Amber Corral, Secondary Education
Sarah Anne Elise Ortiz Correll, Elementary Education
Alicia Cory, Special Education
Luke T. Danno, Special Education
Kelly Christine de Graaf, Secondary Education
Alexandra J. Delgado, Secondary Education
Darian Jasmine Delton, Elementary Education
Natalia Escalante, Elementary Education
Genysel Krysta Espino, Elementary Education
Nicole Yapdiangco Estanislao, Elementary Education
Joseph Bryan Felsenfeld, Secondary Education
Adriana Fina, Elementary Education
Amanda Fulks, Elementary Education
Stephanie Alexia Galvez, Elementary Education
Felicia M. Gianini, Elementary Education
Carey Lynn Gillogly, Elementary Education
Sierra Renee Hebert, Elementary Education
Lindsey R. Hedger, Elementary Education
Nicole Elizabeth Herrera, Secondary Education
Olivia Marie Hopkins, Elementary Education
Stephanie Killian, Elementary Education (Magna Cum Laude)
Melissa King, Special Education
Danielle Christine Kissel, Secondary Education
Alexandra Lee Kruse, Elementary Education
Joana Ivanova Lal, Secondary Education
Laurie Lee-Ricks, Elementary Education
Corey Lewis, Special Education
Janievieve M. Lubas, Elementary Education
Lenna N. Ly, Elementary Education
Jennifer Jean Macdonald, Special Education (Cum Laude)
Adreana M. Magallon, Elementary Education
Nayely J. Marroquin, Elementary Education
Kendal Martin, Secondary Education
Kassie Renae Mattson, Elementary Education
Savannah McDonald, Elementary Education
Chelsey Ann McNair, Elementary Education
Carter J. Miller, Secondary Education
Derrick J. Minor, Secondary Education
Alexandra M. Moore, Secondary Education
Sabrina Mei-Ling Moy, Elementary Education (Cum Laude)
Meghan Eileen Neal, Elementary Education
18 2016 Commencement
2016 Commencement 19
Amanda Kay Nelson, Elementary Education Ryan Max L Ocampo, Secondary Education Nicole Amanda O'Neill, Elementary Education Bethanie Marie Perrin, Secondary Education Nyjaa Armonti Peterson, Elementary Education Monique Pinczynski, Special Education Kevin M. Purdy, Secondary Education Amanda Rasavage, Elementary Education Savannah Lee Ricks, Elementary Education Taylor Evelynn Ripley, Elementary Education Shirley Rivera, Elementary Education
Richard James Santoyo-morales, Secondary Education Michelle Joanne Scarine, Elementary Education Savannah Dawn Scarlett, Elementary Education Austin James Shannon, Elementary Education Jennifer M. Sharp, Elementary Education Heatherann Skelly, Elementary Education Katelyn M. Sokulski, Elementary Education Kaitlyn A. Stanley, Elementary Education Samantha Joan Steinman, Elementary Education Courtney E. Sunstrum, Elementary Education Nicole Renee Truex, Elementary Education Nohely Tuala Tamalelagi, Elementary Education Kymberly Turner, Secondary Education
Bettina Alforque Ventura, Elementary Education Brittny Warren, Special Education
Noelle Janice Wasiak, Elementary Education
Dayna Wilson, Elementary Education
Cayla Wood, Elementary Education (Cum Laude) Megan D. Wright, Elementary Education Cameron Ian Zachary, Elementary Education
College of
Bachelor of Arts
Kyle B. Cook, Computer Science Jennifer Newport, Computer Science
Zachary Alexander Nielsen, Computer Science (Cum Laude) University Honors
Marvin A. Pineda, Computer Science
Bachelor of Science
Mehrdad Azari, Computer Science James Francis Bivans, Computer Science Henry Walter Borges Jr., Construction Management Kyle D. Cartoneros, Computer Science
Nicholas Cazares, Construction Management Robert M. Coe, Computer Science Jessica Cotton, Computer Science
Steven G. Craythorn, Computer Science
Nareg Deraveneseian Khooygani, Computer Science Elizabeth Faith Dettrey, Computer Science (Magna Cum
Laude) University Honors
Emilia Echevarria-Alba, Computer Science Calvin Jann Gutierrez Elizan, Computer Science Joshua Ortanez Esguerra, Computer Science
20 2016 Commencement
Matthew R. Foster, Computer Science
Adrian Gee, Computer Science
Ryan Thomas Gilligan, Construction Management
Abigail Imson Habdas, Computer Science (Magna Cum
Tyler J. Hansen, Computer Science
Lyta Heng, Computer Science
Rodion Korolkov, Computer Science
Tom Q. Le, Computer Science (Cum Laude)
Christopher Y. Leung, Computer Science
Thomas Lee Martens Jr., Computer Science
Alek Reid Mcgarry, Computer Science
Paul P. Medeiros, Computer Science
Omar Salvador Navarro Leija, Computer Science
Kingsley Chukwuka Nwankwo, Computer Science
Sergio Zachary Oregel, Construction Management
Caleb Quinn Owens, Computer Science
Margarita Panayotova, Computer Science
Evan K. Pierzina, Computer Science (Cum Laude)
Elliott C. Ploutz, Computer Science
James Richard Purkiss, Computer Science
Dylan J. Ridinger, Computer Science
Gayle J. Roces, Computer Science
Austin P. Ross, Computer Science
Trevor J. Scheer, Computer Science
Cesar Orlando Serralta, Computer Science
Julian G. Seymour, Computer Science
Clyde Michael Joseph Smyth, Computer Science
Ryan C. Stiltz, Computer Science
Tyler Thornberry, Computer Science
Sanju Varghese, Computer Science
Daoyun Zeng, Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Erika Adams, Mechanical Engineering
Michelle Dawn Albert, Mechanical Engineering
Caidyn Ariana Alcantara, Civil Engineering
Turhan Gil Bae Jr., Civil Engineering
Joseph William Baggs, Mechanical Engineering
Nelson Alexander Baggs, Civil Engineering
Arvi Balbin, Mechanical Engineering
Jared Jeff Baughman, Civil Engineering
Stephen Keith Berta, Electrical Engineering
Noor Blum, Computer Engineering
Matthew B. Boswell, Mechanical Engineering
Ashley E. Brown, Civil Engineering
Jordan Dub Bullock, Mechanical Engineering (Magna Cum
Hailemichael Melese Debela, Civil Engineering
Jonathan Kaan DeBoy, Electrical Engineering (Cum Laude)
Alfred Alvin Managuelod Dichitang, Electrical Engineering Iain A. Drews, Electrical Engineering
Julio B. Figueroa, Mechanical Engineering
Gerardo F. Gomez-Martinez, Computer Engineering (Magna Cum Laude)
Michael Joseph Goodwin, Mechanical Engineering
Kenneth R. Greenhalgh, Civil Engineering
Leanna Esteves Guevara, Electrical Engineering
Berhane H. Haile II, Mechanical Engineering
Nathan Paul Hanson, Electrical Engineering Alexander E. Harris, Electrical Engineering Jared M. Hayes, Computer Engineering
Benjamin Charles Hensel, Mechanical Engineering Dillon S. Hines, Civil Engineering (Cum Laude) Kaitlin T. Hoffman, Electrical Engineering
Brandon Holten, Mechanical Engineering
Ian J. Horak, Mechanical Engineering
Jesse Lee Horsman, Computer Engineering
Richard D. Howard Jr., Mechanical Engineering
Eduardo Hoyuela Alcaraz, Mechanical Engineering & Electrical Engineering
Felix O. Huahng, Mechanical Engineering
David William Johnson, Mechanical Engineering
Brian Tu Kieatiwong, Electrical Engineering
Brian Kist, Mechanical Engineering
Timothy M. Larsen, Electrical Engineering
Valerie J. Lawdensky, Mechanical Engineering (Magna Cum Laude)
Justin H. Le, Electrical Engineering (Cum Laude)
Jeremy P. Letkiewicz, Mechanical Engineering
Steven Leung, Electrical Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) Cesar Macias, Electrical Engineering
Andy Madrid, Mechanical Engineering
Trevor Michael Mangelson, Mechanical Engineering
Jimmy R. Manone, Computer Engineering
Jacob D. Mauro, Mechanical Engineering
Conner G. Mccubbin, Mechanical Engineering, University Honors
Fania Ivette Mendez Jordan, Mechanical Engineering Matthew A. Meza, Electrical Engineering Nicholas Moya, Electrical Engineering
Linda Ndenga, Mechanical Engineering
Jeremy S. Nelsen, Mechanical Engineering
Joseph Podegracz, Civil Engineering (Magna Cum Laude)
Daniel Poll, Civil Engineering
George E. Puckett, Mechanical Engineering
James Reynolds, Civil Engineering
Cameron N. Rollins, Mechanical Engineering
Martin H. Roque, Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan Ruvalcaba, Mechanical Engineering (Magna Cum Laude)
Jacob Travis Sakaguchi, Civil Engineering
Saied Samara, Electrical Engineering
Emmanuel Sanchez, Computer Engineering (Cum Laude) Bryan Chua Sarmiento, Civil Engineering
Henry J. Schlierkamp, Civil Engineering Shada Sharif, Electrical Engineering
Amy Chiemi Shigeta, Mechanical Engineering Jason M. Sikorski, Computer Engineering Cameron G. Slade, Mechanical Engineering James Wilkens Stadler, Electrical Engineering Danielle M. Stevenson, Civil Engineering Koby K. Sugihara, Electrical Engineering Allan Mahrou Tan, Mechanical Engineering Dwayne K. Thomas, Electrical Engineering Carlos Enrique Ulloa, Mechanical Engineering Yetneberk Tesfaye Worku, Electrical Engineering
Joey D. Yurgelon, Electrical Engineering (Summa Cum Laude)
College of
Bachelor of Arts
Roderick T. Alimusa, Theatre Arts
Gina Carol Alverson, Art
Priscilla Arevalo, Art (Cum Laude)
Andrew Aurs, Theatre Arts
Paola Avalos, Film
Kristian Juwan Ballenger, Film
Matthew Becerra, Theatre Arts
Pouya Behdadnia, Art
Cassidy Rae Berglund, Theatre Arts
Esther Galvan Betancourt, Art
Rodabeh Boroumand, Film (Magna Cum Laude)
James C. Brackbill, Music
Cassidy Buechler, Art History
Carrieann Cahall, Film
Dian Ilima Campbell, Art
Ali Carrasco, Art
Briana Anne Casel, Art
Denise J. Castro, Theatre Arts
Dedrick W. Catus, Art
Nicole Marie Cobeo, Art
Lidia L. Coe, Art
Jermaine Fabionar Colandrino, Art
Donavan LeDean Collins, Theatre Arts
Megan Connell, Theatre Arts
Deven Joseph Coulston, Film
Gina M. Dalto, Art (Magna Cum Laude)
Jenevine K. David Biscocho, Art
Desiree Elizabeth Derick, Art
Adryana Duval, Art
Genevieve Jessica Elgrichi, Film
Cory James Fallon, Film
Kathleen Marie Fruscione, Art
Qianzhi Gao, Art
Allan Dominic Garcia, Film
Joanna Garcia, Theatre Arts
Natalie Anne Garcia, Film
Megan Gardner, Theatre Arts
Gina Marie Gentile, Film
Jill Kristina Golding, Art History
Andrew Paul Granelli, Music
Alexis K. Guelas, Film (Cum Laude)
Ngan Vu Ha, Film
Jordyn L'Ariel Hay, Film
Hayley Hilliard, Film (Cum Laude)
Kiersten Reann Huang, Theatre Arts
LeiAnn Huddleston, Art History
Dallas Isbell, Film
Jonathon Charles James, Art
Jessie Elizabeth Johnson, Theatre Arts
Linda Mary Kaye, Theatre Arts
Krystina Lee Kinney, Theatre Arts
Taylor E. Kozlowski, Theatre Arts
Colton Flynn Lamoreaux, Film
Cody Andrew Leboeuf, Film
2016 Commencement 21
Michael Vonne-boyd Lester, Film Jacqueline Colleen Lobdell, Theatre Arts Alexis L. Lopez, Theatre Arts Miguel Angel Lopez, Art Nicolas Lopez, Film Leo Lowenthal, Film Kevin J. Mackley, Film Justine Sofia Madrid, Art Anastasia Puspita Maharani, Art Kristopher Jose Manzano, Film Ariel Rosemarie Matthews, Art History Alexander J. Miller, Film Paris J. Miller, Art
Christina R. Najar, Film Nadine G. Natividad, Film Thinh Truong Nguyen, Film Boris Alexis Obregon, Film Andres Ojeda Jr., Film Roberto A. Ojeda, Film Maurice D. Palmer, Theatre Arts Christian Taylor Peralta, Art Courtney M. Perry, Art
Noah Mark Salvatore Pitifer, Film Alysha Elizabeth Press, Art Frances E. Propeck, Film
Frank Winn Prothero III, Film & Art Josue O. Romero, Film Taylor R. Ryberg, Theatre Arts Sergio A. Salgado, Art History Cameron James Sison, Film Melanie B. Smith, Theatre Arts Isabelle Standefer, Art Kailey Ellen Stolte, Art Kevin R. Stratton, Art McKenna Thayer, Film
Genesis Tovalin, Art Amanda Jo Tyo, Theatre Arts Brian Alexander Plaza Valencia, Film Franco Joseph Valeriani, Music Richard Anthony Valles, Film
Angelica Gabriela Velazquez, Film (Cum Laude) Michael Robert Williamson, Film
Garrett William Wilson, Film (Cum Laude) John Yamamoto, Music Joshua E. Yelle, Music
Kaylin J. Yeung, Theatre Arts (Cum Laude)
Bachelor of Fine Arts Leilani V. Canapino, Dance Mark L. Combs, Art Chaslina Tiriann Cress, Dance Sara Ellen Crossan, Dance Samantha Lynn Knowles, Dance Lea Kimberly Ligot, Art Elizabeth Cruz Magsino, Art Bianca Teeda Scott, Art Paige Joanna Toolan, Dance Justin J. Velarde, Dance
Kimberly J. Weller, Dance (Cum Laude)
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Sebastian Aldo Aguirre, Landscape Architecture
John D. Duncombe, Landscape Architecture
Mirella Garcia, Landscape Architecture
Coryden James May, Landscape Architecture
Bachelor of Music
Austin Brewer, Music
Enzu A. Chang, Music
David E. Chavez, Music
Britta Epling, Music (Magna Cum Laude)
Max P. Feld, Music
Megan Hermansen, Music
Carlos Emmanuel Holguin, Music (Summa Cum Laude)
Tabitha Joy Mackin, Music
Brock A. Norred, Music
Isaiah C. Pickney, Music
Min Jeong Seo, Music
Olivia M. Sirota, Music (Cum Laude)
Katharine Anne Tiggeman Smith, Music
Nicole Michelle Thomas, Music
Kelsey Lynn VanSuch, Music
Miguel A. Villarreal, Music
Bachelor of Science
Marcella Abs, Architecture
Michelle Dawn Albert, Entertainment Engineering Design
Andrea Paulina Almaraz, Architecture
Nasko I. Balaktchiev, Architecture
Orlando Bustos, Graphic Design & Media
Nina Calic, Architecture
Javier Carrasco, Architecture
Charlene Grace Cezar Dela Cruz, Graphic Design & Media
Andrew M. Doran, Architecture
Alejandra Flores, Architecture
Terazia J. Frierson, Entertainment Engineering Design
Kimberly Sasha Galbe, Architecture
Hugo Emmanuel Garcia, Architecture
Kendall Mercedes Gonzales, Graphic Design & Media
Jorge Adrian Hernandez, Architecture
Sontana Intraweat, Architecture
Kylie A. Kircher, Architecture
Lawrence L. Lam, Architecture
Nicole Jasmine Castelo Layugan, Architecture
Lea Kimberly Ligot, Graphic Design & Media
Sharon Kim Ly, Architecture
Coryden James May, Graphic Design & Media
Kevin Michael McCormack, Architecture
Brittney Rachel Mcewen, Graphic Design & Media
Ryan Andrew Moffat, Architecture
Quetzalcoatl Jesus Ocampo, Architecture
Christina Yesenia Phillips, Architecture
Iwona Reducha, Architecture
Brenda Rodriguez, Architecture
Rabiya Shaikh, Architecture
Bryce Y. Shintaku, Architecture
Neha Singh, Architecture
Calandra Eve Stanton, Architecture
Amanda Marie Tarchione, Graphic Design & Media
Melissa L. Taylor, Graphic Design & Media (Magna Cum Laude)
Brenda J. Lena, Architecture (Magna Cum Laude) University
& Research and Creative Honors
Kaitlyn Victoria Thompson, Architecture
Marisela A. Thompson, Architecture
Jadin B. Tredup, Entertainment Engineering Design
Arturo Velasquez, Architecture
Brandon Lee Wetzel, Architecture
Robbyn Lin Woods, Architecture
Division of
School of
Bachelor of Science
Christina Hernandez Acosta, Nutrition Sciences
Stephanie Afshari, Kinesiological Sciences
Charli Aguilar, Kinesiological Sciences
Jasmine S. Alexander, Kinesiological Sciences
Fernanda Alfaro, Nutrition Sciences
Chely Arias, Kinesiological Sciences & Athletic Training
Joshua Wayne Arias, Kinesiological Sciences, University Honors
Carlos Eloy Ayala, Nutrition Sciences
Daphnne J. Balizan, Nutrition Sciences (Cum Laude)
Romeo Kristopher Barcelon, Nutrition Sciences
Wendy Lee Bartschi, Nutrition Sciences
Rachel Esther Bauman, Nutrition Sciences
Sarah Elaine Beatty, Nutrition Sciences
Lesyl Lemon Blancaver, Kinesiological Sciences
Garnet Agnes Blando, Kinesiological Sciences
Peter A. Boffelli, Kinesiological Sciences
Dylan Lee Brown, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum
Matthew Sebastian Brown, Kinesiological Sciences
Mckaylee Brown, Nutrition Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)
Serena Elizabeth Bruhn, Athletic Training
Rachael I. Bruni, Nuclear Medicine
Kasey S. Campbell, Nutrition Sciences
Michael Carpio, Kinesiological Sciences
Molly Nicole Casson, Nutrition Sciences (Cum Laude)
Qun Fu Choi, Kinesiological Sciences
Michelei Meana Claveria, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Jake Jay Cohen, Kinesiological Sciences
Karima Elalaoui Contreras, Nuclear Medicine
Jon Carlo Cabiling Corres, Kinesiological Sciences
Ashley Coulthard, Kinesiological Sciences
Randy Ray Cox, Nutrition Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)
Bryanna Erica Curiel, Kinesiological Sciences
Nicole Cellia Curry, Nutrition Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)
Delani Denton, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Jennifer Dawn Derasmo, Nutrition Sciences Sarah Noel D'Errico, Nutrition Sciences Kelly Di Thomas, Nutrition Sciences Donna-Marie C. Diez, Nuclear Medicine Katie Maye Draschner, Kinesiological Sciences & Athletic
Savannah Leigh Drews, Nutrition Sciences Kiana Duran, Kinesiological Sciences
Alejandro Echezabal-Betancourt, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Lizbelle Espanol Edra, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Theodore Constantine Efthemeou, Kinesiological Sciences
(Cum Laude)
Tiffany Ipolani Eliana, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Vance Elrod, Nuclear Medicine
Lauren Michele Erickson, Kinesiological Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)
Celine Lisa Eskandari, Kinesiological Sciences Katrina Brillantes Espanol, Kinesiological Sciences Jessica Lynn Fadgen, Kinesiological Sciences
Katherine M. Fischer, Kinesiological Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)
Nanea Fisher, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Danielle Marie Foisy, Kinesiological Sciences Karen-Claire Cayabyab Galera, Kinesiological Sciences Makrizzel Galvez, Kinesiological Sciences Rosman J. Gante, Kinesiological Sciences Aryssa Ryan Garcia, Kinesiological Sciences Chanel Christine Gardner, Nutrition Sciences Kristie V. Gaylord, Nutrition Sciences Veronica Gibson, Nutrition Sciences
Kenneth J. Gonzalez, Kinesiological Sciences Paul Martin Timbol Guerrero, Kinesiological Sciences Alexandra Nicole Gunderman, Kinesiological Sciences Amber Lee Hain, Nutrition Sciences (Cum Laude) Travis Allen Haines, Kinesiological Sciences Brandon T. Hamilton, Athletic Training
Emily Katherine Haslinger, Kinesiological Sciences Candace Joyce Haworth, Nutrition Sciences Jessica Cheyanne Hill, Nutrition Sciences Muhamed Hodzic, Kinesiological Sciences Shelby Lanae Hughes, Kinesiological Sciences Frank-Aaron Ibarra, Kinesiological Sciences Nicole Hiroko Ishii, Nutrition Sciences Tiffany Ishmael, Kinesiological Sciences Ahum Jah, Kinesiological Sciences
Joseph M. Javier, Kinesiological Sciences Alyse Victoria Jenkins, Kinesiological Sciences Kevin A. Johnson, Kinesiological Sciences Jasmine Evelyn Jones, Kinesiological Sciences Jessica Ann Kellogg, Kinesiological Sciences Christina Sun Kim, Kinesiological Sciences Kyle L. Kimsey, Kinesiological Sciences
Ceannia Lashae Kincade, Kinesiological Sciences Matthew Ryan Kitman, Kinesiological Sciences Amanda Catherine Kneale, Kinesiological Sciences Dimitry Konstantinov, Athletic Training Kamal Kumar, Kinesiological Sciences Lawrence Le Lam, Athletic Training
2016 Commencement 23
22 2016 Commencement
Samantha Victoria Lawson, Nutrition Sciences
Bryson L. Lee, Kinesiological Sciences
Kelly Kah-min Lee, Nutrition Sciences
Samuel Bok Lee, Kinesiological Sciences
Niki Lin, Kinesiological Sciences
Niko Lin, Kinesiological Sciences
Pamela Long, Nutrition Sciences
Lawrence Jacob Lopez, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Brooke Lorenz, Nutrition Sciences
Christin D. Lynch, Kinesiological Sciences
Brittney Morgan Machin, Kinesiological Sciences
Michelle Elizabeth Macias, Kinesiological Sciences
Kevin Cruz Magdael, Kinesiological Sciences
Romodan Mahmoud, Kinesiological Sciences
Ashley Mangahas, Kinesiological Sciences
Andrew Stephen Mcgovern, Kinesiological Sciences
Markita Avis Mckoy, Kinesiological Sciences
Osvaldo Mederos, Nuclear Medicine
Tori Nicole Medina, Kinesiological Sciences
April Tiqui Miclat, Nuclear Medicine
Cortney Rae Miller, Kinesiological Sciences
Ma Felicidad Poblete Morales, Nutrition Sciences (Cum
Johnathan Barnhart Morey VI, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna
Cum Laude)
Alex William Morrell, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Brandon Charles Morrison, Kinesiological Sciences
Michael Morse, Kinesiological Sciences
John Pardo Mortero, Kinesiological Sciences
Jason Munoz, Nutrition Sciences
Angela Nicole Murray, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Jason Nangan, Kinesiological Sciences
Julianna E. Navis, Kinesiological Sciences
Erica Nelson, Kinesiological Sciences & Athletic Training
Jennifer Ngonkhambay, Kinesiological Sciences
Michelle Leanne Nieto, Nutrition Sciences (Cum Laude)
Martin Nunez, Kinesiological Sciences
Cassandra Nicole Oldham, Kinesiological Sciences
Lazara Ortega-Gonzalez, Kinesiological Sciences
Noe K. Otani, Nutrition Sciences
Lakeshia S. Overstreet, Kinesiological Sciences
Kalin Marie Pascacio-Bayles, Kinesiological Sciences
Nigel Palani Patterson, Kinesiological Sciences
Brooke Andrea Petefish, Athletic Training
Sanja Suren Peter, Athletic Training
James Phan, Kinesiological Sciences
Morgan Ann Poulos, Kinesiological Sciences
Andrew Deewayne Price, Kinesiological Sciences
True Ngoc Punnen, Nutrition Sciences (Cum Laude)
William Palota Purcell, Kinesiological Sciences
Ariel LaRee Ramos, Kinesiological Sciences
Christine Alise Recinto, Kinesiological Sciences
Natalie Elaine Reder, Kinesiological Sciences
Lindsay Loreto Renterias, Athletic Training
Kenneth Repayo, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Samuel Rios Jr., Kinesiological Sciences
Ronualdo L. Robina, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum
Morris Rodriguez, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Sierra A. Rodriguez, Nutrition Sciences
Lindsey Rose Rogers, Kinesiological Sciences
Talyia Mary Rogers, Kinesiological Sciences
David M. Samson, Kinesiological Sciences
Bryan Felipe Sandoval, Kinesiological Sciences
Lynne A. Sarhan, Nutrition Sciences
Ana Maria Lara Scradeanu, Kinesiological Sciences
Michele Elisabeth Serra, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum
Madelyn Rose Sese, Kinesiological Sciences
Dakota Jackson Shackleton, Kinesiological Sciences
Zachary G. Shaver, Kinesiological Sciences
Teola Lee Shaw, Kinesiological Sciences
Bryan Samuel Sherman, Nutrition Sciences
Russell Simmons, Kinesiological Sciences
Kristen Renaye Smith, Kinesiological Sciences
Michael Keith Smith, Athletic Training
Xavier Anthony Smith, Kinesiological Sciences
Elyse Julianne Phoenix Steffen, Nutrition Sciences
Mckenzie Sue Stoker, Nuclear Medicine
Rebecca Stricklin, Nuclear Medicine (Cum Laude)
Russell Evaristo Taguba, Kinesiological Sciences
Stevie L. Takata, Athletic Training
Nicholas B. Talbott, Kinesiological Sciences & Athletic
Kylee Nicole Taylor, Nutrition Sciences
Thipkesorn Thepwannakul, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Albert Tinoco, Athletic Training
Rena T. Tsutsui, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Antonette C. Uchitel, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Robert Campbell Duque Van Vliet II, Kinesiological Sciences Lyca Jane Villanda, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Michael B. Waite, Nutrition Sciences
Samantha Muriel Wayne, Kinesiological Sciences
Hans Alexander Weding, Nutrition Sciences
Ingrid B. Weil, Kinesiological Sciences
Alexander Devin West, Kinesiological Sciences
Autumn Raines Williams, Nutrition Sciences (Cum Laude)
Fireweini G. Woldeyohannes, Kinesiological Sciences
David Justin Wood, Kinesiological Sciences
Kayla K. Wright, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Charles Reinier Yenko, Kinesiological Sciences
Michael Zurowski, Kinesiological Sciences
School of
Bachelor of Science
Ehikhuemen Isibor Adodo, Public Health
Fellier Cray A Artaba, Health Care Administration
Veronica Joy Ballentos, Health Care Administration
Daylene Cochran, Health Care Administration
Tawny Crockatt, Public Health
Nevena Cvijetic, Health Care Administration
Ervin Renard Calilung Eata, Public Health
Lorraine Louise Karagdag Francisco, Health Care Administration
Emmanuel Garibay, Health Care Administration
Cindy Gonzalez, Health Care Administration
Jamie Green, Health Care Administration
Shedrick D. Griggs Jr., Health Care Administration
Sabina Hutchful, Public Health
Jake Isenhour, Health Care Administration
Kimberly Johnson, Public Health
Mary Andrea Johnson, Health Care Administration
Karanpreet Kaur, Health Care Administration
Bemnet Samson Kebede, Public Health
Kiersten Symone Kellogg, Health Care Administration
Tracy Noelle King, Health Care Administration
Rebecca Lynn Macmillan, Health Care Administration
William Daniel Magas, Health Care Administration Kimberly A. Matteson, Public Health
Erik Leonel Medina, Health Care Administration
Yeabsera Nigatu, Health Care Administration
Chidinma V. Njoku, Health Care Administration
Noelle C. Norris, Public Health
Maryam A. Omidiji, Health Care Administration
Michael Velasco Pabua, Health Care Administration
Amina Raza, Health Care Administration
Brittany A. Ricciardo, Health Care Administration
Alyssa Rodriguez, Health Care Administration
Dana Buan Samson, Health Care Administration
James Ryan Schomig, Health Care Administration (Magna
Cum Laude)
Robert St. Jean, Health Care Administration
Samuel Carl Staudaher, Health Care Administration
Maria Magdalena Topete, Health Care Administration Thao T. Tran, Health Care Administration
Vanessa Valian, Public Health
School of
Bachelor of Science
Jeffrey A. Ague, Nursing
Jamie Danielle Barnes, Nursing
Heley Vannessa Bayot, Nursing (Cum Laude)
Olga Bessonova, Nursing
Jonathan Bustamante, Nursing
Catherine Lijie Chao, Nursing
Sarah M. Chelberg, Nursing
Kelsie Annette Cook, Nursing
Daniela A. Elizarraras, Nursing
Arlene Yabut Felix, Nursing
Jessie Angeline Fisher, Nursing
Lee Shannon Gaerlan, Nursing
Rachel Gasque, Nursing (Summa Cum Laude)
Regat Zerezgi Gebremariam, Nursing
Miguel Eduardo Gascon Guevara, Nursing
Christopher Paul Jackson, Nursing
Zamaica Kabiling, Nursing
Kathryn Rose Kelley, Nursing
David Patrick Kirschner, Nursing
Adrienne Marie Tabucon Lapid, Nursing Ashley Marie Long, Nursing Ramona Paula Recon Manguiat, Nursing Kalianna Karissa Q Mehling, Nursing Giovanna Melian, Nursing Vanessa M. Mercado, Nursing Agnes T. Miciano, Nursing Troy Miller, Nursing
Carly Anneliese Riehemann, Nursing
Yoali Rios, Nursing
Daliah Rubio, Nursing
Mayra E. Sanabria, Nursing
Alyssa Suphunthuchat, Nursing Daniel Sendaydiego Teves, Nursing Krystal Mercy Villanueva, Nursing Catherine R. Vongxay, Nursing Xinyun Wu, Nursing
Rachelle Leigh-Ann Zimmerman, Nursing
College of
Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts Management
Kyle A. Briski, Culinary Arts Management Ilana Cohen, Culinary Arts Management Nicholas Damien Lopes, Culinary Arts Management
Bachelor of Science in Gaming Luis Felipe Naveda, Gaming Management Thomas Sy Stende, Gaming Management
Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration
Eric James Amundson, Hospitality Management Tara M. Bell, Hospitality Management Amanda Berg, Hospitality Management David C. Brewer, Hotel Administration
June Louis Gonzales Cabales, Hospitality Management Dillon Casey, Hospitality Management
Stephanie Cavallari, Meetings & Events Management Bernard Chiang, Hospitality Management Jane Sun Choe, Hospitality Management
Vyctoria Elizabeth Cray, Meetings & Events Management Liandra P. Davatolhagh, Meetings & Events Management Eloy De Jesus Enriquez, Hospitality Management Christopher John Feeny, Hotel Administration Michael Ryan Fehl, Hospitality Management Faviola Galindo Flores, Hospitality Management Kylies Fung, Hospitality Management
Anthony J. Gelman, Hospitality Management Nicholas Liko Gordon, Hospitality Management Katelyn Margaret Gruenberg, Meetings & Events Management Nicholas Milad Gstrein, Hospitality Management Zicong Guan, Hospitality Management
Gladis Alejandra Gutierrez, Hospitality Management
24 2016 Commencement
2016 Commencement 25
Molly E. Harbour, Meetings & Events Management
Colin Ou Heng, Hospitality Management
Anthony Andrew Hernandez, Hospitality Management
Steaven Keith, Meetings & Events Management
Sean Philip Kenny, Hospitality Management
Jee Eun Kim, Hospitality Management & Meetings & Events Management
Briana Celeste Ledesma, Hospitality Management
Joshua Leiserowitz, Hospitality Management
Meghan Pearl Linebaugh, Hospitality Management
Madison Taylor May, Meetings & Events Management
Tam Tuong Nguyen, Hospitality Management
Brian Junho Park, Hospitality Management
Alvin Castro Pineda, Food Service Management
Thomas Ricca, Hospitality Management
Jason William Roberts, Hospitality Management
Andy Jimmy Rodriguez, Hospitality Management
Ekaterina A. Shestakova, Meetings & Events Management
Thomas J. Sunstrum, Hospitality Management
Jessica Marie Toma, Meetings & Events Management
Yuxuan Wang, Hospitality Management
Sarah C. Witt, Hospitality Management
Renxi Yang, Hospitality Management
Chison Yi, Hospitality Management
Bachelor of Science
David Cudal Aba, Hospitality Management
Zachary Michael Abramson, Hospitality Management
Jaime Leigh Alters, Hospitality Management
Jacob Amble, Hospitality Management
Tyler Scott Anderson, Hospitality Management
Andranik Antony Aschyan, Hospitality Management
Alyssa Brooke Ayers, Hospitality Management
Robin Lynn Aymond, Hospitality Management
Jonathan S. Barbosa, Hospitality Management
Laura Anne Basinski, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum
Balint Batka, Hospitality Management
Fletcher Bradley Bender, Hospitality Management
Angelo Bianco III, Hospitality Management
Ranin Joseph Blach, Hospitality Management
Mackenzie Brandenburger, Hospitality Management
Madison Alyssa Brandenburger, Hospitality Management
Samantha Jean Bulgatz, Hospitality Management
Erica Diana Butters, Hospitality Management
Yemin Byun, Hospitality Management
Yuxiang Cai, Hospitality Management
Timothy Andrew Calder, Hospitality Management (Cum
Arnie R P Callaway, Hospitality Management
Antonio Cyle Campanella, Hospitality Management
Joan Candido, Hospitality Management
Jia Cao, Hospitality Management
Stephanie Christina Cardone, Hospitality Management
Jamie Scott Carson, Professional Golf Management
Andrew Castiblanco, Hospitality Management
Justine B. Cathey, Hospitality Management
May En Chai, Hospitality Management
Chi Chong Cham, Hospitality Management
Ka Chon Chan, Hospitality Management Ka Man Chan, Hospitality Management Tzu-Ying Chan, Hospitality Management In Ian Cheang, Hospitality Management Guiying Chen, Hospitality Management Hui Chen, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Jiaying Chen, Hospitality Management
Siqi Chen, Hospitality Management
Xiaotong Chen, Hospitality Management
Yunyi Chen, Hospitality Management
Kuang-Hsuan Cheng, Hospitality Management
Alexander Gene Chiaradia, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Alt Reum Cho, Hospitality Management Hyun-Jin Cho, Hospitality Management Rebecca Suhee Choe, Hospitality Management Dasom Choi, Hospitality Management Jung Moon Choi, Hospitality Management Sarah Seong Ok Choi, Hospitality Management Seungjin Choi, Hospitality Management Sujeong Choi, Hospitality Management Yoonhye Choi, Hospitality Management
Sarah E. Christenson, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)
Yee Ki Gigi Chung, Hospitality Management Yoonju Chung, Hospitality Management Karla A. Cifuentes, Hospitality Management Jennifer L. Collins, Hospitality Management Kathryn Julieann Coyne, Hospitality Management Lisa Craiut, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude) Megan L. Crevelt, Hospitality Management
Roy Dai, Hospitality Management
Kaitlyn Nicole Daly, Hospitality Management Phillip H. Daniels, Hospitality Management Summer Kailani Dano, Hospitality Management Denisse Amayrani Del Toro, Hospitality Management Monique Delphin, Hospitality Management Jinglan Deng, Hospitality Management Yuanjing Deng, Hospitality Management Michael P. Dick, Hospitality Management
Dana Mhari G Domingo, Hospitality Management Fangqing Dou, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Trina Lauren Duarte, Hospitality Management Breanna R. Edwards, Hospitality Management Adehrra Brielle Edwards-Gray, Hospitality Management Kanani G. Espinoza, Hospitality Management Justin Gregory Estell, Hospitality Management James Matthew Fox, Recreation
Andrew Joseph Francis, Hospitality Management Kathy Fu, Hospitality Management
Tianguang Gao, Hospitality Management
Haley Elise Garvin, Hospitality Management Erik Taylor Gerken, Hospitality Management Bryan Michael Glenn, Hospitality Management Fernando Gomez Garcia, Hospitality Management Minkyoon Gong, Hospitality Management Edward E. Griffin, Hospitality Management Jiahao Gu, Hospitality Management
Julius Bersonda Guevara, Hospitality Management
Zhiqing Guo, Hospitality Management
Katie Lynn Hagenmaier, Hospitality Management
Heather Della Hagopian, Hospitality Management (Summa
Cum Laude)
Brittany Christine Haid, Hospitality Management Keiko Elizabeth Hartmann, Hospitality Management Tierra Jonnese Hemmans, Hospitality Management Kristen Elizabeth Hency, Hospitality Management Alexandre Wyat Hendrix, Hospitality Management Ju Hyun Heo, Hospitality Management
Marisa Marie Herrera, Hospitality Management
Jeremy Hofstein, Hospitality Management
Danielle Elizabeth Honore, Hospitality Management Dean R. Hosaka, Hospitality Management
Shihpo Huang, Hospitality Management Yangyang Huang, Hospitality Management
Kylie Lauren Huerta, Hospitality Management Yu-Chen Hung, Hospitality Management Jin Hyuk Hur, Hospitality Management
Margene Hurst, Hospitality Management
Maximo J. Iglesias Jr., Hospitality Management Alec Michael Jacobs, Hospitality Management
Matthew Patrick Jalbert, Hospitality Management Chelsea May James, Hospitality Management Young Hwan Jang, Hospitality Management Samantha Jo Jaska, Hospitality Management Jenny Jia Er Jiang, Hospitality Management
Rong Jiang, Hospitality Management Yuexin Jiang, Hospitality Management
Seung Soo Jin, Hospitality Management
Miljana Jocic, Hospitality Management
Amanda K. Johnson, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Samantha Lai Kam, Hospitality Management
San Kang, Hospitality Management
Alexandra Elizabeth Karvonen, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Meca Kelly, Hospitality Management
Sean Philip Kenny, Professional Golf Management
Bola Kim, Hospitality Management
Gu Ryoun Kim, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Junghyun Kim, Hospitality Management
Kyung Mok Kim, Hospitality Management Nahyun Kim, Hospitality Management Sang Yeob Kim, Hospitality Management
Soojoung Kim, Hospitality Management
Thomas Jin Hwan Kim, Hospitality Management Ariel Jane Kimura, Hospitality Management
Konstantin Kiss, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum
Aubrey Klingler, Hospitality Management
Samantha Lynn Kolch, Hospitality Management Changhyun Kwon, Hospitality Management Jenny Lai, Hospitality Management
Scott E. Lebrato, Hospitality Management Byunghyun Lee, Hospitality Management Dong Woo Lee, Hospitality Management Heekyung Lee, Hospitality Management Janice K. Lee, Hospitality Management Jin Woo Lee, Hospitality Management
Jonathan Shihming Lee, Hospitality Management
Paul Dong Lee, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Wonkeun Lee, Hospitality Management
Yongwoo Lee, Hospitality Management
Yu Ching Lee, Hospitality Management
Ka Wai Lei, Hospitality Management
Chim Kei Leong, Hospitality Management
Stephanie Joelle Letourneau, Hospitality Management (Magna
Cum Laude)
Arning Li, Hospitality Management
Muzi Li, Hospitality Management
Tingcen Li, Hospitality Management
Jiaxin Liao, Hospitality Management
Yifan Liao, Hospitality Management
Brianna Nicole Libonati, Hospitality Management
Lauren Ann Limov, Hospitality Management
Jing Lin, Hospitality Management
Justin Lindemann, Hospitality Management
Iva Liu, Hospitality Management
Lusi Liu, Hospitality Management
Mingcan Liu, Hospitality Management
Vivien Lo, Hospitality Management
Markeece Levon Lofton, Hospitality Management
Ka Ian Lou, Hospitality Management
Angel Luu, Hospitality Management
Clinton Luu, Hospitality Management
Ellen Catherine Magliulo, Hospitality Management
Sean James Mahoney, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Yohan Mark Mahoney, Hospitality Management
Stanley Alcantara Mamaclay, Hospitality Management
Conrad Devin Mattly, Hospitality Management
Mya Nandar Maw, Hospitality Management
Frances B. Mccaslin, Hospitality Management, University
Nathan Meriwether, Hospitality Management
Brandon Matthew C Miciano, Hospitality Management
Jeniece R. Morgan, Hospitality Management
Hyunseo Na, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Casey T. Nagamine, Hospitality Management
Jordan Nicole Nelson, Hospitality Management
Kwai C. Ng, Hospitality Management
Hien Thi Thanh Nguyen, Hospitality Management
Nguyen Thao Nguyen, Hospitality Management
Croix Anthony Nikodemus, Hospitality Management
Mackenzi Olsen, Hospitality Management
Taylor Or, Hospitality Management
Angelina Paez, Hospitality Management
Juliana Panaro, Hospitality Management
Eunjin Park, Hospitality Management
Jun Seok Park, Hospitality Management
Yae Na Park, Hospitality Management
Cheng Peng, Hospitality Management
Zeljana Petrie, Hospitality Management
Vu Anh Phan, Hospitality Management
Panayiota D. Philippou, Hospitality Management
Anthony Mario Pia, Hospitality Management
Shawna Leigh Pieruschka, Hospitality Management
Alexandra Pineiro, Hospitality Management
26 2016 Commencement
2016 Commencement 27
Alexis Ashley Pollnow, Hospitality Management
George Polyard, Hospitality Management
Chanon Pooparnthong, Hospitality Management
Jerry Pribil, Hospitality Management
Megan M. Punzi, Hospitality Management
Cheng Qian, Hospitality Management
Caitlin Danielle Raber, Hospitality Management
Omar Rivera, Hospitality Management
Parrish Edward Robertson Jr., Hospitality Management
Aily Maria Rodriguez, Hospitality Management
Andres Thompson Rodriguez Bolanos, Hospitality
Evan Edward Sarkissian-shobert, Hospitality Management
Christopher Schaudel, Hospitality Management
Anthony Scott, Hospitality Management
Yunyue Shang, Hospitality Management
Alan Shen, Hospitality Management
Kendal Mariah Short, Hospitality Management
Santa Shumilina, Hospitality Management
Danielle Brooke Sidenstricker, Hospitality Management
Etm Joo Sin, Hospitality Management
Benjamin Scott Slobodien, Hospitality Management
Jason Robert Smulo, Hospitality Management
Hey Rim Song, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Kihyun Song, Hospitality Management
Casey Stout, Hospitality Management
Natalie Sumiko Sugiyama, Hospitality Management
Justin Chendana Sukato, Hospitality Management
Jiahui Sun, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Chi Chung Tam, Hospitality Management
Kuok Weng Tam, Hospitality Management
Yongshi S. Tang, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum
Yi Tao, Hospitality Management
Karo Tngrian, Hospitality Management
Celeste L. Tsutahara, Hospitality Management
Miranda Marie Valdez, Hospitality Management
Erik Van Meetren, Hospitality Management
Shawn Chrisopher Varley, Hospitality Management
Alexandria Lynn Von Mohr, Hospitality Management (Summa
Cum Laude)
Cynthia Elizabeth Wagner, Hospitality Management
Danyang Wang, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Junyan Wang, Hospitality Management
Yi-Jiang Wang, Hospitality Management
Yixing Wang, Hospitality Management
Ziyan Wang, Hospitality Management
Lexis Ariel Washington, Hospitality Management
Dayna Joy Weinberg, Hospitality Management
Kyle Anthony Weiss, Hospitality Management
Sierra Blaine Weyer, Hospitality Management
Eric M. Williams, Recreation
Jeehee Won, Hospitality Management
Hongyu Wu, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)
Ziyan Xiong, Hospitality Management
Jia Yuan Xu, Hospitality Management
Qianyi Xu, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Heemo Yang, Hospitality Management
Brian J. Yi, Hospitality Management
Hosun Yoo, Hospitality Management
Je Eun Yoo, Hospitality Management
Jacqueline Yu, Hospitality Management
Wenyi Yu, Hospitality Management
Xincheng Zeng, Hospitality Management
Jing Zhang, Hospitality Management
Tongyu Zhang, Hospitality Management
Longyu Zhao, Hospitality Management
Yi Zhao, Hospitality Management
Kai Zhu, Hospitality Management
Nan Zhu, Hospitality Management
Yongqing Zhu, Hospitality Management
Yu Zi Han, Hospitality Management
Kailin Zong, Hospitality Management (Summa Cum Laude)
Lingling Zou, Hospitality Management
College of
Bachelor of Arts
Mohammed Joshua Abdel Rahman, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Multidisciplinary Studies
Vianett Achaval, Sociology
Crystal Acosta, Psychology
Giovanna Alexandra Adams, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Jeanil Nirielle Agustin, Psychology
Ashleigh Joy Ahrens, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Erick R. Alcantar, Sociology
Kayneisha J. Allen, Psychology
Cherelle Allgood, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Elizabeth Alvarez-Montoya, Interdisciplinary Studies-Latin
American Studies (Cum Laude) University Honors
Elizabeth Alvarez-Montoya, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Linguistic Studies (Cum Laude) University Honors
Elizabeth Alvarez-Montoya, Romance Languages (Cum
Laude) University Honors
John Winters Anger, History
Hunter Raye Arboreen, Psychology, University Honors
Brian Francisco Arias, Political Science
Kelsey Arias, Sociology
Christina M. Arnold, Sociology
Meagan Brittany Ash, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Multidisciplinary Studies
Basma Zakaria Awada, Psychology
Celine Maria Ayala, Sociology
Barbara Ayarza, Psychology
Angelica D. Baca, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Neha Bali, Psychology
Jaexenne Kaleilani Montana Balilea, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Multidisciplinary Studies
Stacey Balia, Psychology
Treasure S. Bamberg, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Jasmine N. Barkum, English
Donte Batiste, Political Science
Lorraine Baxter, English
Gram Bazylinski, Psychology
Gwendallyn K. Beatty, Psychology
Sean Preston Beckstead, Psychology
Ernesto Hiroshi Bedoy, Psychology
Marjorie Q. Benito, Sociology
Holly Alexandra Berdan, Political Science
Becca K. Bergquist, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Jordyn E. Best, Political Science
Alexis Bisplinghoff, Psychology
Sherawn K. Bissen, Political Science
Phillip Ramon Black, Political Science
Rainey Lin Black, Psychology
Terry Blakeney, Psychology
Victoria Ashley Blancas, Political Science
Maryah Shelby Bland, Psychology
Heather Blume, Psychology
Kristina Marie Bollinger, Psychology
Katelynn Janae Bonar, History
Kyle William Bonar, History
Frank Alexander Breakwell, English
Michelle A. Brown, Psychology
Nicole T. Burdasch, Psychology
Taylor Nicole Burk, English
Ashlee Burks, Psychology
Brianne L. Burnside, Psychology
Carrieann Cahall, English
Daniel Camacho, History
Christopher Campbell, Sociology
Breyen Timothy Canfield, Philosophy
Stuart John Carlson, English
Manuel E. Carrasco, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Winnetka Castrillo, English
Celeste Cattanach, Psychology
Jessika Linn Chafetz, Psychology
Jacqueline A. Cheshewalla, French
Haley Elizabeth Chilcote, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Alyssa Morgan Christal, Psychology
Jeffrey Chronister, Political Science
Lauren Leona Clark, Psychology
Evan Matthew Clarkson, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Thomas A. Clarkson, Political Science
Keana Y. Clemens, Psychology
Clayton Neil Cobb, English
Lidia L. Coe, English
Robert M. Coe, Political Science
Vanessa Cohen, Political Science
Taylor L. Concepcion, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Multidisciplinary Studies
Oscar Conchas, Political Science
Alecsandria N. Cook, English
Taylor Cooke, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Timothy George Cooke, Political Science
David Coombs, Philosophy
Ashley Nicole Cooper, Psychology
Victoria Copeland, Psychology
Eric Corral, History
Lili Marie Cowan, Sociology
Jessica N. Cox, Sociology
Sadie Susan Cox, Psychology
Mariana P. Crisostomo, Psychology
Aaron Criswell, Psychology
Kailyn E. Crosby, Anthropology
Auzsane Unique Crowe Carter, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Multidisciplinary Studies
Austin Michael Crown, Political Science
Sarah Cuadros, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Mario Cuellar, Psychology
Kelly J. Czyzniejewski, English
Joseph Elie Dagher, Political Science
Andrea Taylor Daugherty, German & English
Brenda Lee Davila, Psychology
Kelly Christine de Graaf, English (Cum Laude)
Alan Yereth De Leon, French
Irma De Santiago, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) Research
and Creative Honors
Amanda Nicole Dean, Psychology
Jerrilyn D. Dean, Psychology
Kayla Renee' Dean, English (Magna Cum Laude) University
Judy E. Delacruz, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Elizabeth Delgado, Psychology
Keaton Michelle Della Rocca, Psychology
Amanda Dennis, Anthropology
Desiree Elizabeth Derick, English
Jefferson A. Detrick, Psychology
Victoria Lyn Diego, Psychology
Leesha-Ann Loelani Akemi Domingo, Psychology
Andrew Donahue, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Jolynn Donnelly, Psychology
Stachia Y. Drain, Psychology
Hailey Weiss Dropkin, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Multidisciplinary Studies
Jessica Haley Duckworth, Psychology
Christy Bitner Dulley, Psychology
Leo Dunson, Political Science
Cecilia Ibanez Duran, Psychology
Kendall Lynn Dyer, Psychology
Mandy H. Eames, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Nichola Eastwood, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Matthew D. Eby, Psychology
Brittany Rose Eichorn, History (Cum Laude)
Mary Elizabeth Ernst, Psychology
Keila Rae Escobedo, Sociology
Sanaz Fathizadeh, Psychology
Rima Fatoohi, Psychology
Devon Fikstad, Psychology
Carson Brandt Fisher, Political Science
Robert M. Fishman, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Vanessa Elionora Flores, Sociology
Cheryl Lea Forrester, Psychology
Winita M. Frederick, English
Augustus M. French, Psychology
28 2016 Commencement
2016 Commencement 29
Melissa S. Fries, Psychology
Joseph Gabris, Philosophy
Teresita Tolentino Gaetos, French
Jan Anthony P. Garcia, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Multidisciplinary Studies
Sharissa A. Garcia, Psychology
Elena O. Gavrilova, Psychology
Sarah Lorraine Gill, Psychology
Paige Gabrielle Ginther, Psychology
Calisha Esaray Gipson, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Multidisciplinary Studies
Daniel Dwight Glauner, Psychology
Hazel Jeanne Gomez, English
Ricardo G. Gonzalez, Psychology
Hadas Grant, Political Science
Jesse Eugene Graves, Anthropology
Chauncey Renee Gray, Interdisciplinary Studies-Linguistic
Jessica Dawn Green, Anthropology
Breanna Nicole Gregorio, Psychology
Clinton Gregory, Political Science (Cum Laude)
John M. Grote, History
Lisandra Guadarrama, Psychology
Theresa L. Guerra, Interdisciplinary Studies-Asian Studies
(Cum Laude) University Honors
Paloma M. Guerrero, Philosophy
Adriana Guizar-Vazquez, English (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Leza Zyna Guler, Psychology
Tanna J. Gushiken, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Taylor Dixon Guthrie, Psychology
Matthew Spencer Haase, Political Science
Michelle Halabe, History
Kymmia Danielle Haley, History
Conor T. Halpin, English
Christopher Lee Harrell, Political Science (Summa Cum
Elsha L. Harris-Yolanda, English
Sarah Elizabeth Hawkins, English
Joshua Antonins Hayes, Psychology
Steve Hayes, English
Miguel Angel Hechavarria, Political Science
Nicholas J. Hendrix, Psychology
Marclem Hernandez, Psychology
Hugo E. Hernandez-Diaz, Political Science
Edward Lee Hervey, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Stephanie Herzig, Psychology
Amanda Hess, Psychology
Natashia M. Ho, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Johnathon Chau Hoang, Psychology
Dakota Patrick Hoskins, Political Science
Ashley Nikole Howell, Psychology
Lidia T. Hristova, Anthropology
Jennifer S. Hughes, Psychology
Cassandra Lee Huhn, English
Fedelvalle Hurtado, Spanish for the Professions
Sun Hae Hwang, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Surya lacono, Anthropology (Magna Cum Laude)
Kei Isobe, English
Emilio Jacintho, Anthropology
Emilio Jacintho, Psychology
Heather Joy Jahanbin, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Multidisciplinary Studies
Frank A. Johnson, English
Lisa Johnson, Psychology
Orville Bruce Johnson Jr., Psychology
Ella Rene Johnson-Wiley, Psychology
Benjamin B. Jones, English
Kehni Lynn Jones, English
Keya L. Jones, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Matthew A. Kahn, Political Science
Lindsay Anne Karl, Psychology
Kimberly R. Kastner, Romance Languages
Yuta Kataoka, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Studies (Cum Laude)
Jennifer Ellen Kean, English
Maranda Nell Keane, Anthropology
Korrin Kelly, Psychology
Alexis Danielle Key, Psychology
Alena Sara Kild, Psychology
Lilyan Aleksandrova Kirov, English
Merridy A. Knapp, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science
Agnieszka Komosinska, Psychology
Mak Kopcic, History
Nicole Kay Kostan, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Germaine Koziarski, Sociology
Elissa Lafranconi, Philosophy
Ryen Monique Lamb, Sociology (Cum Laude)
Melissa D. Laughter, Political Science
Eric D. Lazaro, Psychology
Eric Leach, Political Science
Casey V. Lee, Psychology
Marielle T. Leo, Psychology
Jill Jacqueline Levering, Psychology
Brittany Jean Levine, Psychology
Shay'La Carol Liller, Anthropology
Eileen Lin, Psychology
Louise Patrice Lincicome, Anthropology
Laura Ann Lindersmith, Anthropology
Tyler Neal Livingston, Psychology
Alyssa Nicole LoBello, Psychology
John E. Long Jr., Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Andrea Lopez, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Cecilia Leticia Lopez, Psychology
Judith Janet Lopez, Psychology
Oscar Lopez, Psychology & Spanish
Ryan Thomas Lorusso, Sociology
Ellsie Lucero, Political Science
Samuel P. Luster, Political Science
Brianna Lyon, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Amber K. Maag, Psychology
Elizabeth Genevieve Maas, English
Rachel Nicole Maatallah, Psychology
Krystal Marianne Dumo Madrid, Psychology
Mario Magana-Urias, Psychology
Farah Raymonde Maghfour, Psychology
Zachary D. Maher, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Mariah Lee Mancini, History
Kimberly Alison Maribbay, Psychology
Magali A. Marin-Castro, Psychology
Jennifer Martin, English (Cum Laude)
Loynette Martinez, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Andrea Mata, History
Stormi Taylor Mayo, Psychology
Sarah Elizabeth Maynard, Psychology
Caitlin A. McCartan, Anthropology
Rachael A. Mccauley, Psychology
Tara M. McCue, Sociology
Courtney Mcfarland, History
Kallie McMillan, English
Malka Rahel Meneely, (Magna Cum Laude) Research and
Creative Honors
Veronica G. Mcvoy, Psychology
Austin Garrett Meeker, English (Cum Laude)
Monay Meggs, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Robert Miguel Melendrez, Philosophy
Ruben Mendiola, French
Miranda Menzies, History
Maricela Mergy-Wagner, Psychology
Alejandra Meza, Psychology
Rafael Hernandas Meza II, English
Christopher Miannay, Political Science
Robert Miranda, Political Science
Christina Molina, Anthropology
Katerina Moody, Psychology
AnnMarie Conception Moore, Psychology
Daniel S. Moore, English
Zontonnia Moore, Psychology
Shay Renee Morissette, Psychology
Nicole Morrison, Psychology
Naomi Andrea Tangonan Muhamed, English
Gregory E. Murrell, Sociology
Lauren Pirrone Mushkin, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Multidisciplinary Studies
Shelby H. Nakamura, Psychology
Nadine G. Natividad, English
Vincent G. Nava, Political Science
Alicia Adriana Navarro Ayala, Political Science
Jordan Leigh Nelson, Psychology
Vallerie Ann Nettles, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Rebecca Michele Newcomb, English
Nicholas Ng, Psychology
Anthony R. Nickel, Political Science
Alexandria Jade Nishimoto, Psychology
Danielle Norman, Psychology
Alyssa Ladonn O'hara Peterson, Anthropology
Roberto A. Ojeda, Psychology
Cruz S. Ontiveros, Psychology
Deidra Ann Orris, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Alex M. Osmundson, Political Science
Azra Ozdemir, Philosophy
Jessica Padron, Political Science
Andrea Danielle Parashos, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Chandni Jitendra Patel, Political Science
William Michael Patterson, English
Diana Marlene Pena-Garcia, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Michelle Pereida, Psychology
Mariela Perez, Philosophy
Nicholas O. Perrin, Political Science
Christopher Petska, Psychology
Michael James Pflieger, Political Science
Hanna Yoon Phipps, Psychology
Xsana S. Phoumiphat, Psychology
Victoria Tish Pine, Spanish
Reyna Christine Pingul, English
Trevor Ryan Pollom, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Multidisciplinary Studies
Jaquelin Ponce, Psychology
Brent Jeffrey Poradish, Psychology
Carlos J. Portillo, Sociology
Ann M. Potter, English (Summa Cum Laude)
Monique Victoria-marie Pressley, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Asian Studies
Lisa Ann Price, Philosophy
Eris Rose Primm, Philosophy
Sidney Donte' Pritchett, Psychology
Grace Marie Provenzano, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Shelby Danelle Prows, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Tonya Quick, Psychology
Lindsay Diana Quintanilla, English
Cody James Quinton, Political Science
Zaklina Radnic, Psychology
Vanessa Ramos, Psychology
Stephanie Rennick-Ortega, English
Luis Adrian Renova Ibarra, Spanish
Mariah Fay Revis, Political Science
Alyssa Reynolds, Political Science
Antionette M. Richardson, Anthropology (Cum Laude)
Victoria Diane Riggs, Psychology
Dani Gabrielle Rimbach-Jones, Spanish for the Professions
Maria Rios Landin, Spanish for the Professions
Joshua Ricardo Rivera, Psychology
Matthew D. Roberts, Psychology
Alexis Havana Rodriguez, English (Cum Laude)
Manuel Jacinto Rodriguez, Spanish
Silvia Rodriguez, Psychology
Erika S. Rodriguez-Escobar, Psychology
Erick Rogers, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Guillermo Rojas, Sociology
Jennifer Rojas, Psychology
Fallyn Sierra Rollins, Psychology
Christina Ross, History
Katie Ross, English
Amber Ruggiero, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Richard Salinas, Philosophy
Abigail Sanchez, Psychology
Nicolas Sanchez, English (Cum Laude)
Susana Sanchez, Anthropology
30 2016 Commencement
2016 Commencement 31
Marley Christine Sandoval, Sociology
Wesley J. Saniatan, Psychology
Derrek Sanks, Psychology
Gladys Iveth Santisteban, Psychology
Nathaniel E. Saxe, Political Science, University Honors
Melissa Ann Scavetta, Psychology
Tessa Sciales, Psychology
Jerome Seagears, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Stephanie Amanda Seiler, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Bethelhem Selshi, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Ivan Sergeyevskiy, Psychology
Nicole F. Settembre, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Michael T. Shamoon, Political Science & French (Magna Cum Laude)
Victoria Lynn Shepherd, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science Studies
Michael Eugene Shields, Sociology
Linsey S. Shorters, Political Science
David Galagar Siglos Jr., English
Chaisen Adam Silvas, Psychology
Amy Janice Skaggs, Psychology
Jennifer Aspen Smith, Philosophy
Liz Charlene Smith, Psychology
Shelby Leann Smith, English & French
Sherrie S. Smith, Sociology
Eddie Soffer, Anthropology
Jasmine Leigh Solacito, Anthropology
Alana D. Solomon, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Heidi Beth Sperling, Anthropology
Emilia Stapp, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science Studies
(Summa Cum Laude)
Brianna Stepper, Political Science
Elizabeth Lauren Stevenson, Psychology
Kirby A. Stolzoff, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Christopher Darian Stone, Psychology
Rochelle D. Stone, Psychology
Zachary Sultan, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Frank E. Summers, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Juliet Summers-Hernandez, Interdisciplinary Studies-Latin American Studies
Eric Sutton, Political Science
Andrew Y. Tamura, Psychology
Mario R. Tempe, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Cameron Blair Thompson, English
Danielle Nicole Thomsen, Psychology
Rocky Tishma, Psychology
Brianna Danielle Toller, Psychology
Brianne Risa Tomas, Sociology
Raiza Anne E Torrenueva, Political Science
Lauren R. Torres, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Cassandra Kate Toscano, French
Alexandria Michelle Townsend, English
Michael Joshua Toy, Psychology
Jennifer K. Tripp-Herring, Psychology
Guadalupe Elizabeth Trujillo, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social
Science Studies
Viviana Trujillo, Psychology
Minh Chau Truong, Psychology
Ryne Z. Tucker, Spanish
Yazmin Valdez Martinez, Psychology
Franco Joseph Valeriani, Romance Languages
Elizabeth Valle, Psychology
Jimmy Philip Vampatella, Philosophy
Lisa A. Vanderheiden, Anthropology
Luis Alberto Vasquez, Sociology
Ashley Elizabeth Verker, Anthropology
Roderick R. Wallace, Psychology
Giana Kendra Waller, Psychology
Olivia Faye Wandell, Psychology
Nicholas Shan Wang, Political Science
Daniel H. Waqar, History (Summa Cum Laude) University' & Research and Creative Honors
Patricia Marie Waucaush, Psychology
Kaitlyn Christina Wedmore-Yappert, Psychology
Curtis Matthew Wheeler, Political Science
Joshua L. White, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Carly Frances Wilder, Sociology
Dominique Nicole Williams, Sociology
Jessie L. Williams, Political Science
Emily Ruth Willis-almaguer, Psychology
Arica L. Willson-Casarotti, Psychology
Sheri Wilson, Psychology
Katelyn Nicole Wolford, Political Science
Frieda C. Woods, Philosophy (Cum Laude)
Gregory Lynn Woods II, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Multidisciplinary Studies
Scotty Lee Woods, Psychology (Summa Cum Laude)
Courtney Skye Woolery, English
Rachel Marie Wright, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Samantha Paulina Wylie, Anthropology
Larvin Jay Orario Yap, English
Hope O'shea Youngblood, Sociology
Logan Gray Yunker, Sociology
Che'Renee Nige Zaragoza, Psychology
Georgina A. Zielinski, Political Science
Katherine Elisabeth Zurita, Psychology
Michael Zurowski, Psychology
College of
Bachelor of Arts
Catherine Yanni, Chemistr
Bachelor of Science
Daniel Alkon, Physics
Valerie L. Armstrong, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) Nicholas F. Baker, Mathematics, University Honors
Josue Eliseo Barraza Cuenca, Mathematics
Rachel Marie Barton, Biological Sciences
Paulette K. Batayola, Biological Sciences
Jake Thomas Bendicion, Biological Sciences
Kimberly A. Blazzard, Geology
Eric S. Boman, Biological Sciences
Thomas J. Booker, Biological Sciences
Douglas Quill Bradley, Biological Sciences
Marisa M. Bredeson, Biological Sciences
Michael Tasic Briones, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum
Laude) University & Research and Creative Honors
Jesse Bunkers, Geology
Jason D. Burgins, Biological Sciences
Angelica Jane S Bustos, Biological Sciences
Diamante Bianca Centeno, Biological Sciences
Carolyn E. Chang, Biological Sciences
Barry G. Cheaney II, Biological Sciences
Michelle Chung, Biological Sciences
Joshua Michael Corcran, Biological Sciences
Patrick S. Corpuz, Biological Sciences
Jose Luis Cortez, Mathematics
Autumn Nicole Council, Biological Sciences
Selina Marie Kapililani Crivello, Biological Sciences (Cum
Maria-Katrina Gonzales Cruz, Biological Sciences
Shannon Renea Cyphert, Biological Sciences
Randall C. Dannen, Physics & Mathematics
Amber J. Dawood, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
University Honors
Aaron John Daza, Biological Sciences
Hagop Kevin Demirjian, Biological Sciences
Elizabeth Faith Dettrey, Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Architha Devati, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Leah Erika Devera, Biological Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)
University Honors
David H. Doan, Biochemistry
Matthew D. Eby, Biological Sciences
Rebecca Ely, Geology
Brianna Enright, Biological Sciences
Tatiana S. Ermi, Biological Sciences
Trista Jolean Everett, Biological Sciences
Sanaz Fathizadeh, Biological Sciences
Rodrigo N. Fernandez, Mathematics & Physics
Cecilia Dalena Fisher, Biological Sciences
Eric Wayne Frorenza-Hubbard, Biological Sciences (Cum
Chelsea Shiree Fuchs, Biological Sciences
Karlyle Arriola Gajudo, Biochemistry
Kyle Griffin, Biological Sciences
Dorian Gutierrez, Biological Sciences
Jonathan Habashy, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Sola Han, Biological Sciences
Tariq Mikey Hanifzai, Biological Sciences
Lee Hileman, Geology
Jessica Michelle Hill, Biological Sciences
Casey C. Hines, Biological Sciences
Brionna Nicole Hudson, Biological Sciences
Shawn Edward Jensen, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum
Laude) University Honors
Dana Johansen, Biological Sciences
Matthew T. Johnson, Mathematics
Orville Bruce Johnson Jr., Biological Sciences
Trevor Austin Jones, Biological Sciences
Fitsum Getachew Kebede, Biochemistry
Stephanie Keil, Biochemistry
Rachel Elizabeth Kelly, Biochemistry (Magna Cum Laude)
Steven D. Kim, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Rebecca Helen Kolstad, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Natascha C. Kotte, Biochemistry
Hon Wai Lam, Biological Sciences
Jay R. Lapratt, Biological Sciences
Kimberly Ann B Lazo, Biological Sciences
Sharissa L. Leavitt, Physics & Biochemistry
Deborah Lee, Biological Sciences
Rachel Lee, Biological Sciences
Stacey Lee, Biological Sciences
Alvin Li, Biological Sciences
Rebecca Chaehee Lim, Biochemistry
Carla Mae Ruth Cuizon Lopez, Biological Sciences
Cecilia Leticia Lopez, Biological Sciences
Adam Nicholas Lords, Biological Sciences
Farah Raymonde Maghfour, Biological Sciences
Kathy Maldia, Biological Sciences
Gary Gene Martens II, Biological Sciences
Keith M. Martin, Geology
Firas Faris Massis, Biological Sciences
Kiran Rebekah Mathew, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Research and Creative Honors
Benjamin David Mccann, Earth & Environmental Science
James P. Mcclinch, Biological Sciences
Jeremy S. Miera, Geology
Jacqueline I. Mitchell, Geology
Samantha G. Monge, Biological Sciences
Oscar Monterrosa, Biological Sciences
Malissa Moore, Mathematics
Stan Alan Moore, Mathematics
Maria E. Mora, Biological Sciences
Sarnia S. Mouaki-Benani, Biological Sciences
Collin David Mould, Biological Sciences
Mandylene Mountain, Biological Sciences
Heejin Mun, Mathematics
Abebe Habte Muraga, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Gursharan Kaur Narwal, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum
Laude) University Honors
Daniel Nguyen, Biological Sciences
Robert Ortiz, Biological Sciences
Ariel T. Osborne, Biological Sciences
Shane Parker, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Pierce A. Patrick, Chemistry
Diana Marlene Pena-Garcia, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum
Laude) University Honors
Kelvin Pham, Biochemistry
32 2016 Commencement
2016 Commencement 33
Austin Stuart Pomerantz, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
University Honors
Leanne Radan, Biological Sciences
Michael J. Ramirez, Mathematics
Martin Alexander Ramos, Biological Sciences
Karl A. Regner, Mathematics
Jemarie Reyes Remo, Biological Sciences
Marisse Consuelo Juan Ricana, Biological Sciences
Rebecca Rae Riddle, Biological Sciences
Marcos L. Rivera, Mathematics
Chanel Marie Roberts, Biological Sciences
Monica A. Robles, Biological Sciences
Joanna Romo, Biological Sciences
Chelsy Rae Salas, Geology
Amenpreet Kaur Sandhu, Biological Sciences
Nataliya Simeonovna Schneider, Biological Sciences
Kinga Schuerger, Biological Sciences
Miguel Lorenzo Sison, Biological Sciences
Alejandra Soto, Geology
Isabelle Standefer, Biological Sciences
Koki Takahashi, Applied Physics
Cai Y. Tao, Biological Sciences
Tito A. Tatis Talero, Biological Sciences
Joachim Abdallah Tayou Wassom, Biological Sciences
Mario R. Tempe, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Samantha Mary Thomas, Biological Sciences
Melody L. Totten, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Sergio Trejo Jr., Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Victor Thang Trinh, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
University Honors
Minh Chau Truong, Biological Sciences
Durin Uddin, Biological Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)
University Honors
Derek Francis Valdes, Biological Sciences
Tayler Rose Van Acker, Earth & Environmental Science
Oscar Vazquez-Resendiz, Geology
Taylor Rae Vega, Biological Sciences
John E. Velasco, Chemistry
Emmanuel Vergara, Biological Sciences
Rosie Vielman Garcia, Biological Sciences
Tyler Voss, Biological Sciences
Jacoby Jillian Wayne-thompson, Biological Sciences
Melanie A. White, Physics
Dana Jill Whitelaw, Geology
Kaela Whitney, Biological Sciences
Judy Wong, Biological Sciences
Joseph Loren Woodworth, Earth & Environmental Science
Robel F. Workneh, Biological Sciences
Michael A. Wright, Biological Sciences
Bachelor of Arts
Alexander Adrian, Criminal Justice
Jordan Alexander Aguilar, Journalism & Media Studies Rasha Khalid Alawami, Criminal Justice Matthew Alec Alvarado, Criminal Justice Evelyn Amaya, Communication Studies Michelle Jazmin Amaya, Criminal Justice Elizabeth Anderson, Criminal Justice Priscilla A. Arguello, Criminal Justice
Chantal Akira Ashford, Journalism & Media Studies Atlantis S. Aubry, Communication Studies Nick R. Bacharach, Criminal Justice
Alycia Sun Hee Jean Bakke, Communication Studies Desola Balogun, Journalism & Media Studies Stephanie L. Barnard, Communication Studies Iris Daniella Barohona, Criminal Justice Ashley R. Barragan, Criminal Justice Andrea Stefany Basilio, Criminal Justice
Victoria Cleo-patra Bass, Journalism & Media Studies Lauren Benfield, Criminal Justice
Becca K. Bergquist, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude) Gloria Berry, Criminal Justice Brianna N. Bolz, Criminal Justice
Dominic N. Bonetpels, Criminal Justice Taylor B. Bonifacio, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude) Ashley Adele Borow, Communication Studies Chelsea Marie Bravin, Criminal Justice
Lauren Marie Bridges, Journalism & Media Studies Jacqueline A. Brooks, Communication Studies Sara E. Brooks, Communication Studies Robert Dean Brown Jr., Criminal Justice Zain Francois Burke, Criminal Justice Nicole Marie Buzo, Criminal Justice Adriana D. Caballero, Criminal Justice
Jasmin N. Calloway, Journalism & Media Studies Kelly Joy Calucchia, Criminal Justice
Kathleen Nicole Campbell, Criminal Justice Trever Capitano, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude) Ryan John Cardwell, Criminal Justice
Taylor B. Carter, Journalism & Media Studies Diana Rose Cassaro, Communication Studies Nicolette Joy Christensen, Criminal Justice Gabriel Nicolas Chroust, Communication Studies Melissa Clackum, Criminal Justice
Evelyn Clay-Conerly, Communication Studies Raven C. Cole, Criminal Justice
Ivan Conchas, Criminal Justice Caitlin Conrad, Criminal Justice Courtney Shannon Conway, Communication Studies Chris A. Coonrod, Journalism & Media Studies Thalia Paolette Corona, Communication Studies Allison Cox, Communication Studies Amber Cratsenberg, Criminal Justice
Jaleesa Cruse, Communication Studies
Lus A. Cruz, Criminal Justice
Maybeth Guadalupe Cruz, Criminal Justice
Nikki R. Davis, Journalism & Media Studies
Jocelyn De Luna De La Cruz, Criminal Justice
Marilyn Mae Deang, Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude)
Khaylia B. Decaires, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Anthony David Defelice, Communication Studies
Ubaldo Del Toro, Communication Studies
Jamie Leigh Depippo, Communication Studies
Nicole Elizabeth Devine, Criminal Justice
Tiffany M. Diersen, Journalism & Media Studies
Ashley L. Dillard, Criminal Justice
Rebecka N. Dimick, Journalism & Media Studies
Morgan Dinkel, Criminal Justice
Breonda J. Dixon, Criminal Justice
Joshua William Donnelly, Criminal Justice
Angelika N. Dooley, Criminal Justice
Ellen Tiana Doyle, Communication Studies
Myrra Dvorak, Communication Studies
Bailey Marie Farrell, Journalism & Media Studies
Carlos D. Fernandez, Journalism & Media Studies
Sallyann Ficarrotta, Journalism & Media Studies
Mylee Figueroa, Criminal Justice
Lindsay Kara Finch, Criminal Justice
Justin Stephen Flygare, Criminal Justice
Patrick Ford Jr., Criminal Justice
Ashley L. Ford-Ferguson, Journalism & Media Studies
Troy R. Fosgate, Journalism & Media Studies
Adrian Franco, Criminal Justice
Marjorie Lee Franzen, Criminal Justice
Jillian F. Galins, Criminal Justice
Ashley Nicole Garcia, Journalism & Media Studies &
Communication Studies
Ramez Ghally, Criminal Justice
Taylor C. Gherardini, Journalism & Media Studies
Andrea Giraldo, Communication Studies
Shannon Brooke Glenn, Criminal Justice
Priscella Gomez, Criminal Justice
Breana Jade Goodall-fleming, Journalism & Media Studies
Celinna Gorgon, Criminal Justice
Ana Granados-Villa, Criminal Justice
David J. Greene Jr., Criminal Justice
Matthew L. Griebel, Journalism & Media Studies
Troy Jason Gross, Criminal Justice
Maricela Jasmin Gurrola, Criminal Justice
Victoria Guzel, Criminal Justice
Ashley Nicole Hall, Criminal Justice
Corey John Hallquist, Criminal Justice (Summa Cum Laude)
Jacqueline Marie Hansen, Communication Studies
Samantha Christine Hansen, Communication Studies
Elsha L. Harris-Yolanda, Journalism & Media Studies
Meghan L. Hays, Criminal Justice
Jazmen Henry, Criminal Justice
Aide Hernandez, Criminal Justice
Gilmar Antonio Hernandez Jr., Criminal Justice
Marclem Hernandez, Criminal Justice
Shelbie Alexis Herrington, Journalism & Media Studies
Danielle Hester, Environmental Studies
Brandon T. Higgins, Criminal Justice
Tyler A. Hill, Journalism & Media Studies Jennifer Hinojosa, Criminal Justice
Marissa Kay Hunt, Journalism & Media Studies
Kevin Lee Ipac, Criminal Justice
Otaniyen Iredia, Communication Studies Raven M. Jackson, Communication Studies Sherwin Jahangiri, Communication Studies Alexandra Cecelia James, Environmental Studies Haley Ann Jaramillo, Communication Studies Ivan L. Jarusiri, Criminal Justice
Najee Rashad Johnson, Communication Studies Nicholas B. Jones, Criminal Justice
Troy De'mon Jordan, Criminal Justice
Nicole Louise Kaplan, Communication Studies Ahmad Sajeed Khoshal, Communication Studies Eunice Kim, Communication Studies
Hillory R. Kimble, Communication Studies Tyler Scott Knepp, Criminal Justice
Harmony Brianna Kaleinani Korvalis, Criminal Justice Miranda R. Kram-Alam, Journalism & Media Studies Natalie Kruska, Journalism & Media Studies
Holly Lynn Laswell, Communication Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
Matthew K. Lea, Criminal Justice
Daniel Craig Leigh, Criminal Justice
Jonathan Leiva Leiva, Criminal Justice
Matthew Lemos, Criminal Justice
Carlos A. Leyva-Alvarez, Criminal Justice Scott Luehring, Journalism & Media Studies Guadalupe De Los Angeles Lyn, Criminal Justice Michelle Machuca, Criminal Justice
Angelica Rae Mack, Journalism & Media Studies Tyler Wayne Magana, Criminal Justice
Jeanne Karla Magno, Journalism & Media Studies Andrew Christian Mahalik, Communication Studies Samuel Mahar, Criminal Justice
Kimberly M. Marano, Communication Studies (Magna Cum Laude)
Katie Leanne Marquardt, Criminal Justice
Sarai Martinez, Criminal Justice
Carla Catherine Martinez Beatty, Communication Studies Jessie R. Mazerngwe, Journalism & Media Studies Sonia Marielle Mcadory, Communication Studies
Lyndsay Lynn Mccullough, Criminal Justice Rene S. Mccullough, Journalism & Media Studies Darcy Dee Mcfarlane, Communication Studies Mariah Christine Mckinney, Journalism & Media Studies Julia Ann Meddock Kirkpatrick, Criminal Justice Shyllon Silva Melatti, Criminal Justice Maria Elena Mentado, Criminal Justice Christopher L. Merlino, Criminal Justice
Kaitlyn M. Millican, Communication Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
Jonathan Terrazas Molina, Criminal Justice Francis Castro Monasterio, Criminal Justice Eukary Mora, Environmental Studies
Ashelynne Cyrena Morales, Journalism & Media Studies
2016 Commencement 35
34 2016 Commencement
Ana L. Munoz, Communication Studies & Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude) University Honors
Christopher K. Nader, Criminal Justice
Katharine Day Newman, Journalism & Media Studies Ciera Dawn Nua, Criminal Justice
Dinah Rose Cuestas Oberes, Journalism & Media Studies Andres Ojeda Jr., Criminal Justice
Edward K. Ojeda, Criminal Justice
Leslye Olivas, Criminal Justice
Lina Oraha, Criminal Justice
Alexis Nicole Page, Journalism & Media Studies Lorena Palacios, Journalism & Media Studies Eleni Parashos, Journalism & Media Studies Kayla Rose Parker, Criminal Justice
Joshua Pearson, Criminal Justice (Summa Cum Laude)
Jesus Karim Pena, Criminal Justice
Elizabeth Pereda-Batista, Criminal Justice
Tracey A. Phillips, Journalism & Media Studies Marvin A. Pineda, Journalism & Media Studies
Wayne Pittman, Criminal Justice
Victoria Zea Porno, Journalism & Media Studies
Jaquelin Ponce, Criminal Justice
Katie Marie Ponce, Criminal Justice
Rachel Helena Porter, Journalism & Media Studies
Alexis Emily Portillo, Criminal Justice
Jennifer Ruth Purdy, Communication Studies Jan Alexander Rataj, Environmental Studies Isabel D. Reyes, Journalism & Media Studies Aida Rina, Criminal Justice
Stephanie Trinidad Rivas, Criminal Justice Ashley M. Roberts, Communication Studies Connor J. Robinson, Communication Studies Edith Camille Robinson, Environmental Studies Daisy Rodriguez, Criminal Justice
Kyle Root, Journalism & Media Studies
Brandon James Rowe, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude) Jennifer Renee Russell, Communication Studies
Austin F. Sannebeck, Criminal Justice
Gladys Iveth Santisteban, Criminal Justice
Foga'A Sasagi, Criminal Justice
Lauren Brooke Scheer, Communication Studies
Collin Michael Sears, Criminal Justice
Saman S. Sefati, Communication Studies
Jamie Patricia Shakespear, Criminal Justice
Brady E. Sheehan, Criminal Justice
Sarah Sue Shelton, Journalism & Media Studies
Alejandra Sierra, Criminal Justice
Tiffany Silva, Criminal Justice
Alexander Simpson, Communication Studies
Alexandra Smith, Journalism & Media Studies
Ericka Smith, Criminal Justice
Martinn Isaiah Solomon, Communication Studies Shila S. Springmeyer, Communication Studies
Maxwell J. Steiner, Communication Studies
Byron Issac Stewart, Criminal Justice
Iva S. Stoyanova, Criminal Justice
Brooke T. Stromback, Criminal Justice
Aalina Salim Tabani, Communication Studies
Tabatha Kristine Temple, Communication Studies
George Greg Ter-oganov, Criminal Justice Evelyn Nicole Terrazas, Criminal Justice Christopher L. Thomas, Criminal Justice Kristina M. Thompson, Communication Studies Camalot K. Todd, Journalism & Media Studies Wyatt A. Tomchek, Journalism & Media Studies Viviana Trujillo, Criminal Justice
Elver Alberto Urriola, Communication Studies Cynthia Marlenne Valenzuela, Criminal Justice Gabriela Vazquez, Criminal Justice
Valentina Victoria, Journalism & Media Studies Alexa T. Vita, Journalism & Media Studies Jared Scott Wasserman, Criminal Justice
Donald Ryan Watson, Communication Studies (Cum Laude) Tamika Renee Watts-Lawrence, Criminal Justice
Myra Yvonne Weaver, Journalism & Media Studies Lana I. Whitaker, Journalism & Media Studies Anthony M. Williams, Criminal Justice
Brooklyn Nicole Williams, Communication Studies Dominique Nicole Williams, Criminal Justice Niana Jean Williams, Journalism & Media Studies Trenae L. Williams, Journalism & Media Studies Paris Danielle Wilson, Communication Studies Kailynn Paige Winheim, Communication Studies Tianna M. Winters, Journalism & Media Studies Hilary Jane Woods, Communication Studies Alice Wu, Communication Studies
Elisa Marie Yaeger, Communication Studies Jenae Nicole Young, Communication Studies Mashal Meno Zalmai, Criminal Justice
Fabiola Zamora, Criminal Justice
Susan Samuel Zerai, Communication Studies
Bachelor of Science
Bennie Abeyta, Public Administration
Dennis Agustin Bagay, Public Administration Azucena Bernal, Public Administration Brenda Briones, Public Administration
Robert B. Brooks, Public Administration Efrem Z. Clark Jr., Public Administration
Kevin Brian Collins, Public Administration (Magna Cum Laude)
Austin Michael Coop, Public Administration Nevena Cvijetic, Public Administration Petya Durova, Public Administration
Bria Rochelle Finley, Public Administration
Andrew Brian Flannigan, Public Administration
Rodrigo Fuentes, Public Administration Jennifer B. Garcia, Public Administration Jeffrey Gonzalez, Public Administration Ladonna H. Grasso, Public Administration Barbara J. Hawkins, Public Administration LaKeshia Hymes, Public Administration Alexandra Cecelia James, Public Administration Wajdi M. Kassas, Public Administration
Charles Calvin Kennedy Jr., Public Administration Nataly Ann Kroulik-Whipple, Public Administration Michelle S. Lee, Public Administration
Kathryn A. Levasseur, Public Administration
Gabriela Carmen Muro, Public Administration
Ellen Nisenbaum, Public Administration
Ocherie Pantaleon, Public Administration
Tatiana Perez, Public Administration
Linett E. Posada, Public Administration
Britney Marie Poti, Public Administration
Sean Reilly, Public Administration
Cody Roper, Public Administration
Brett Joseph Samperi, Public Administration
Collin Michael Sears, Public Administration
Marjorie Diane Stewart, Public Administration
Jared Scott Stuber, Public Administration
Chrisandra D. Wilson, Public Administration
Hayley Elizabeth Wilson, Public Administration
Bachelor of Social Work
Roberto Aguayo Jr., Social Work
Karina Guadalupe Arriaga, Social Work (Magna Cum Laude)
Jeannette Evelyn Bahena, Social Work
Taylor Brooke Belding, Social Work
Blake Nelson Berry, Social Work
Amanda Nicole Boyle, Social Work
Roel K. Brosius, Social Work (Summa Cum Laude)
Gina Coleman, Social Work
Sarah Costigan, Social Work Natali Fartuk Dadon, Social Work Claudia De Leon, Social Work (Cum Laude) Sheree Denise Flores, Social Work Erin Elizabeth Gardner, Social Work Brittany Michelle Green, Social Work Mariel A. Gueco, Social Work Taryn Danielle Hicks, Social Work Jazmin Huerta, Social Work Kiera Chante Lindsey, Social Work Shana Lynnette Livingston, Social Work David Manuel Lopez, Social Work Tayler A. Love, Social Work Kayla Renee Masarik, Social Work Marissa K. Peters, Social Work Janea Nichole Peyton, Social Work Samantha Pope, Social Work (Cum Laude) Katie Louise Randell, Social Work Nadia Roman, Social Work
Stephanie Ann Sharpe, Social Work Haley J. Sisneros, Social Work Leila Tone, Social Work
Emily Charlotte Warren, Social Work Mario Diane Winrow, Social Work
2016 Commencement 37
36 2016 Commencement
Conducted by Taras Krysa, Music Director Maya Sprouse
Violin I
Yestyn David Griffith Waverly Tingle Katherine de Garcia
Vicente Gomez
Violin II
Allie Pritcherd Ashley Riedy
Oscar Fernandez Aiea Shahid
Jake Stegman
Dalton Davis Micaela Nielson
Christopher Vivas Andrew Vasquez
Bradley Taylor Lindsay Johnson Katharine Smith Mathew Lazeroff
Jimmy Cisneros
Sergio Monroy
Ryan Harrison Kyle Bissantz
ALMA MATER (Composed by Eric Whitacre, Lyrics by Thomas Leslie and Robyn Lemon)
Alma Mater, we praise you For spirit, the eternal flame. Strength which never falters, A tribute to your name.
Alma Mater, we thank you, Exalted Scarlet and Gray. Truth and wisdom from your Standard in our minds and hearts will stay.
Alma Mater, we cherish you.
And in days that are yet to be, Our voices let us ever raise In honor, U-N-L-V.
2016 Commencement 39
38 2016 Commencement
Frank S. Wartman
Bart J. Bok
William Boyd
Doctor of Science
Malcolm Love Doctor of Laws
Dean E. McHenry
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Science Paul Laxalt Doctor of Laws
Daniel J. Boorstin Doctor of Humane
Wayne Newton
Doctor of Laws
Margaret Elardi
Doctor of Humane
Elaine Wynn
Doctor of Humane
Herbert E. Grier Doctor of Science
Lt. Gen. Frank T.
Doctor of Humane
Artemus W. Ham Jr. Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Science
Donald H. Baepler Doctor of Science Frank Waters
James I. Gibson Doctor of Laws
Nevitt Sanford
Doctor of Humane
Doctor of Humane
J. A. Tiberti Doctor of Laws
Francis H. Horn
Doctor of Humane
Lucile Bruner
Doctor of Humane
Marvin Sedway Doctor of Laws
Bob Hope
Rev. Caesar Caviglia Doctor of Humane Letters
Steve Wynn
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Humane
Howard W. Cannon
Frank H. T. Rhodes Doctor of Letters E. Parry Thomas
Christina Hixson
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Laws
Del E. Webb
Doctor of Humane
Doctor of Laws
Charles Vanda
Doctor of Humane
Jean Nidetch Doctor of Science Fred W. Smith Doctor of Humane
David Bruce Dill
Simcha Dinitz
Doctor of Laws
Bishop Joseph Green
Doctor of Humane
Gov. Mike O’Callaghan
Doctor of Laws
No degree awarded
Doctor of Humane
Major Gen. Robert E.
Doctor of Science
Jerome Mack
Doctor of Laws
Harry Wald
Doctors of Laws
Takatoshi Takemoto Doctor of Humane Letters
Claudine Williams Doctor of Humane Letters
Simon Zentner Doctor of Humane Letters
Walker R. Young Engineer in Charge of Construction of Hoover Dam Doctor of Science
Frank Church Doctor of Laws
David P. Gardner
Doctor of Laws
Jihan El-Sadat
Doctor of Letters
Diana Ross
Doctor of Humane
John Theodore “Ted”
Kitty Rodman
Doctor of Humane
Richard Tam
Doctor of Laws
Melvin B. Wolzinger
Doctor of Laws
Frank Sinatra
Doctor of Humane
Herman M. Greenspun
Doctor of Humane
Doctor of Letters Major Gen. R. G. “Zack” Taylor Doctor of Laws
Brian Cram
Doctor of Education
Robert Laxalt Author, Doctor of Humane Letters
John C. Mowbray
Marjorie A. Barrick Doctor of Humane Letters
Stanley E. Fulton
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Laws Paul F. Sharp Doctor of Humane Letters
Thomas T. Beam Doctor of Science Joseph N. Crowley Doctor of Letters
Denise Scott Brown Doctor of Letters John Goolsby Doctor of Laws Barbara Greenspun
Doctor of Humane Letters
Bob Miller
Doctor of Laws
Robert Venturi
Doctor of Letters
General Colin L.
Doctor of Laws James E. Rogers Doctor of Laws
Louis Wiener Jr. (posthumously) Doctor of Laws
Richard H. Bryan Doctor of Laws Wole Soyinka Doctor of Humane
William G. Bennett Doctor of Laws
James H. Bilbray Doctor of Laws
James R. Dickinson (posthumously) Doctor of Laws Donald D. Snyder Doctor of Laws Emilie N. Wanderer Doctor of Laws
John Irving
Doctor of Humane
Glenn Schaeffer
Doctor of Humane
George Sidney (posthumously) Doctor of Humane
Dr. Roman Zorn
(posthumously) Doctor of Laws
Anthony M. Marlon, M.D.
Doctor of Laws William C. McCool (posthumously) Doctor of Science Anthony E. Zuiker Doctor of Humane Letters
Mikhail Gorbachev
Doctor of Laws
Joyce Mack
Doctor of Laws
Brian Lee Greenspun Doctor of Laws
Miriam Adelson Doctor of Laws Carolyn G. Goodman Doctor of Laws Gary Loveman Doctor of Laws Robert L. Mendenhall Doctor of Laws
Regent Thalia Dondero
Doctor of Laws
Andre Agassi Doctor of Laws
Kirk Kerkorian Doctor of Humane Letters
Irwin Molasky Doctor of Humane
Kenny C. Guinn (posthumously) Doctor of Humane Letters
Sarann Knight Preddy Doctor of Humane Letters
Edward J. Ted Quirk Doctor of Humane Letters
Kagemasa Kozuki, Doctor of Humane Letters
Joesph W. Brown Doctor of Laws
Guy Fieri Doctor of Laws
James Christian "Jimmy" Kimmel Doctor of Humane Letters
Samuel S. Lionel Doctor of Laws
Fred B. Cox Doctor of Science Carol C. Harter Doctor of Humane Letters
Diana Bennett Doctor of Humane Letters
Robert B. Griffith
Archie C. Grant
Albert E. Cahlan A. L. Scott
Roger T. Foley
J. Kell Houssels Sr. Bertha Ronzone
Cyril O. Bastian Harriett G. Spann Clare W. Woodbury
George E. Franklin Sr.
Reed Whipple
Leonard R. Fayle Sebastian Mikulich Richard F. Perkins
Judy Bayley Woodrow Wilson
James Cashman Jr.
Juanita Greer White
James I. Gibson Paul D. McDermott (posthumously) Mary L. Woitishek
Alan Bible John F. Cahlan
E. Parry Thomas
Monsignor Thomas F. Collins
Elton M. Garrett Oran Gragson Mabel W. Hoggard
William W. Morris William Peccole
B. Mahlon Brown Addeliar Dell Guy Artemus W. Ham Jr.
Ruthe Deskin William V. Wright
Marion D. Bennett Sr.
Ann Brewington Harley E. Harmon Sr.
Marjorie A. Barrick Eileen Brookman Irwin Molasky Thomas T. Beam
No award given
Bob Brown (posthumously) Rosemary K. Clarke William G. Flangas
William Boyd Donald M. Clark Fred Gibson Jr. John Moran
J. A. Tiberti
Florence Lee Jones Cahlan (posthumously) Herbert McDonald John F. Mendoza
Daniel F. Byron Charlotte Hill John H. Midby Vassili Sulich Joe Williams
Roger D. Foley James A. Gay III Kenny C. Guinn Johnny A. Ribeiro Jr.
Carolyn G Goodman Philip G. Satre Fred W. Smith
Reverend John J. McVeigh
Claudine Williams
Arturo Cambeiro (posthumously) R. Guild Gray Barbara Greenspun C. Kitty Rodman Eugene R. Warner
Stanley E. Fulton John Goolsby Arthur Marshall Mildred Remy Jesse D. Scott
Richard W. Bunker Mary “Mitzi” Hughes
Louis Wiener Jr.
Jerome Blankinship William T. White
Robert T. Bigelow Jack Cason Thalia Dondero
William Bennett James Cashman III
(posthumously) Christina Hixson Grant Sawyer (posthumously)
Donna Jo Andress Robert Broadbent Dr. Jerry Cade Paul Christensen Brian Greenspun
Ruby Duncan
Wing and Lilly Fong Jean Ford
Sandy Miller Rafael Vega
Melvin Wolzinger
Patricia Mulroy Milton I. Schwartz Stephen Wynn Elaine Wynn
Alice Turner William Vassiliadis
Elias Ghanem Wayne Newton Anthony Saville
J. Terrence Lanni William U. Pearson James and Alice Smalley
Tony Alamo Sr.
Willliam E. Martin Donald D. Snyder
Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn Madison B. Graves II M. Kent “Tim” Hafen
Michael Kinnaird Glen Schaeffer Jerry Tarkanian
Franny Forsman Jerry Keller Joseph M. Neal
Leonard E. Goodall Marie E. Stever Daly McMillan
Kevin Page
Ralph L. Denton Sara P. Denton Philip J. Kohn, Esq. PaulC. Page
Michael Gaughn Cathy Ray
Edward D. Smith Bruce L. Woodbury
Rossi Ralenkotter Jackie Robinson Larry Ruvo Linda Smith Alden Levi Stewart
Sheldon and Miriam Adelson Jerry Bussell James“Bucky” Buchanan II (posthumously) Rev. Caesar J. Caviglia James Rogers
Theron and Naomi Goynes
Anna Lou Call Peterson Genevieve Segerblom Richard Bryan
Carl Christensen Michael Goldberg (posthumously) Pat Lundall
Bob Miller Rachakonda Prabhu
William "Bob" & Anna L. Bailey Robert D. Faiss Pastor Paul Goulet
Monte & Susan Miller
Raymond Rawson Michael & Sonja Saltman
Robert Schofield, Jr. Carolyn Sparks Bret Whipple
James Bilbray Robert & Sandra Ellis
Gus “Billy” Flangas Gard 8c Florence Jameson
Anthony & Diane Pollard
Sheilagh Brooks
James Deacon
Marie-France Hilgar
Mohamed Yousef
Maurice A. Finocchiaro
Lawrence Golding
Darlene H. Unrue
1998 Catherine Bellver
1998 Joseph McCullough
2000 Virko Baley
Martha Knack
Mark Weinstein
Joseph A. Fry
Robert Boehm
2006 Hal K. Rothman
Thomas C. Wright
Alan Simmons
Christopher Kearney
Dennis Lindle
Kenny Guinn
Carolyn M. Sparks
Kitty Rodman
Lucille S. Rogers Harry Reid
Bonnie Bryan Joseph Crowley Dema Guinn Bill Raggio Donald D. Snyder Dina Titus
Morse Arberry, Jr. Shelley Berkley Jay H. Brown Joseph E. Dini, Jr. Franny Forsman
Philip M. Pro Landra Reid
Larry Ruvo
Selma F. Bartlett
Joyce Mack Joseph M. Neal J.A. Tiberti Claudine Williams
A. Somer Hollingsworth IV Kenneth G. Ladd Nevada Development Authority
Michael A. Saltman Sonja Saltman
Lynn M. Bennett Carlos A. Garcia Dr. Jane Nichols John Robinson
City of Las Vegas Oscar Goodman Thom Reilly Bobby Siller
Andrew B. “Drew” Willison
Gasper Lazzara Edward J. Quirk Hal K. Rothman
Deborah Faiman-Shoofey Daniel C. Van Epp
Mark Alden
Madison B. Graves (posthumously)
Fred C. Albrecht
Jim Rogers
Chris Giunchigliani
John H. Midby (posthumously)
2016 Commencement 41
40 2016 Commencement
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Jane McCarthy, Chair
John Wayne Arnold
Rainier Spencer, Associate Chair
Miles Boulton
Joe Aldridge
Sofia Burton
Tony Allen
Veronica Cazeres
Afsha Bawany
Alysse Chavez
Elias Benjelloun
Abby Cruz
Rebecca Boulton
Sharon Going
Kevin Coburn
Samantha Grider
Kristene Fisher
Najia Haidery
Larry Henley
Esther Herrera
Katie Humphreys
Julie Johnson
Kyle Kaalberg
Katharine Johnson
Vaune Kadlubek
Melaney Jones
Donna McAleer
Lauren Layton
Mike Newcomb
Kathleen Lauckner
Susan Ochoa
Rosemary Le
Lea Sexton, Director of Seating
Rimi Marwah
Fred Tredup
Bob McCord
Megan Wilson
Shanee Moas
Sharon Young
Mark Padoongpatt
Robin Rawal
Andrew Reyes
Bill Robinson
Ed Ronca
Miriam Seaman
Jack Schi browski
Derek Sommer
Tony Terrell
Cheryl Tillotson
Marlon Urquico
Oak Vichaikul
Pre-Commencement videos were prepared by journalism students in the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies.
Flowers and greens provided by English Garden Florist Published jointly by Reprographics/Design Services and Student Enrollment Services
2016 Commencement 43
42 2016 Commencement
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44 2016 Commencement