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Meeting minutes from the annual board meeting of the Las Vegas Combined Jewish Appeal, December 7, 1978



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The Annual Board Meeting of the Las Vegas Combined Jewish Appeal was held at the LVCJA office on Thursday, December 7, 1978. The meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Katz at 8:25 P.M. Present Dorothy Eisenberg Philip Engel Herb Fischer Max Goot Charles Hecht William Hernstadt Elizabeth Kanter Lloyd Katz Arthur Liebert Dennis Sabbath Richard Sefman Allan Unger Rabbi S. Weisberg Eli Welt Arne Rosencrantz Jerome D. Countess Shirley Kravitz Mike Cherry Absent Mel Exber Elaine Galatz Neil G. Galatz Dan Goldfarb Chic Hecht Edythe Katz David Katzman Irwin Kishner Arthur Marshall Sandra Mintz Gershon Nowitz Reba Saiger Fran Sanoff Leon Steinberg Alberta Stern Art Brand Herb Pastor Carolyn Goodman The schedule of the Budget and Allocations Committee meetings has been revamped. Dennis Sabbath moved that the recommendations of the Budget and Allocations Committee be approved as presented. Richard Sefman seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously. Dennis Sabbath moved that we allocate $400.00 for Dr. Bert Lewis. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously. Recommendations for the new slate of officers are as follows: President Dorothy Eisenberg 2nd Vice Pres. William H. Hernstadt 1st Vice Pres. Mel Exber Treasurer Philip Engel Secretary Elaine Galatz Bill Hernstadt move that the slate be approved as suggested. The motion was seconded and unanimously carried. The following board members whose term has expired, have been Charles Hecht, Elizabeth Kanter, Lloyd Katz, Irwin Kishner, Art Marshall, Gershon Nowitz and Richard Sefman. The following are recommended to fill the vacancies on the Board: Mel Exber, Carolyn Goodman, Herb Pastor and Arne Rosencrantz. Herb Pastor automatically serves on the Board of CJA by virtue of his capacity with the Jewish Family Services. Following a short discussion of the Big Gift fund raising event, the meeting was adjourned by Lloyd Katz who turned the meeting over io President Dorothy Eisenberg. The first meeting of the 1979 season was called to order by Dorothy Eisenberg at 8:50 p.m. Following her opening remarks President Eisenberg appointed the following people to the Budget and Allocations Committee: Lloyd Katz, Eli Welt, Elaine Galatz, Irwin Kishner, Daniel Goldfarb, Herb Fischer, Arne Rosencrantz, Phil Engel, Art Marshall and Dennis Sabbath. President Eisenberg also appointed Mike Cherry so serve on the Budget and Allocations Committee. President Eisenberg reported on the opening Workshop of the Women's Division and the excellent performance of the Board members. She prevailed on the CJA Board to perform equally as well. Max Goot moved the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously. recommended for reelection: Herb Fischer, Neil G. Galatz Respectfully Submitted E x u . J - i l C V J U JLV-l f u c v c L U J . J See Addendum #1 & #2 Addendum # 1, Annual Board Meeting, CJA 12/7/78 OFFICERS AND BOARD MEMBERS ELECTED FOR CJA'S '79 BOARD Officers President First VP (Campaign Chairman) Second Vice President Treasurer , Secretary Board Dorothy Eisenberg Mel Exber Bill Hernstadt Phil Engel Elaine Galatz Herb Fischer Neil Galatz (Camp. Co-Chrmn) Carolyn Goodman Charles Hecht Elizabeth Kanter Richard Sefman Lloyd Katz Irwin Kishner Art Marshall Gershon Nowitz Arne Rosencrantz Institutional Members B'nai B'rith Congregation Ner Tamid Hadassah Jewish Family Service Agency ORT Temple Beth Sholom Art Brand Mike Cherry Alberta Stern Herb Pastor Sandra Mintz Dan Goldfarb Addendum # 2, Annual Board Meeting, CJA 12/7/78 ALLOCATIONS APPROVED BY CJA BOARD Local Albert Einstein HDS $ 2 ,500 CJA Young Leadership 5 ,400 Congregation Ner Tamid 16 ,200 Hillel 3 ,240 , t JFSA 62 ,320 Temple Beth Sholom 27 ,000 United Campus Ministry 10 ,000 $ 126 ,660 National AAAPME (Amer. Prof, for Peace in Mid East) American Jewish Congress $ 270 540 ADL 10 , 800 American Zionist Fed'n(Dr. B. Lewis) 400 Dropsie University 108 HIAS 1 ,080 Jewish Telegraphic Agency 108 Nat'l Jewish Com. Relations Advisory Committee Nat'l Jewish Welfare Board 270 108 $ 13,684