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Letter from M. S. Beal (Las Vegas) to Henry Thurtell (Carson City, Nevada), September 25, 1906




Creator: Beal, M. S.




Lawyer notifying the state engineer that Peter Buol had applied for some water from the Las Vegas Creek, which entire length and the springs were on land owned by the railroad on the basis that some of the water was wasted and therefore available.

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Box 75 Folder 174-2 Vol. I Law Department UPRR Water Supply-Las Vegas


hln001049. Union Pacific Railroad Collection, 1828-1995. MS-00397. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Las Vegas, Nevada, Sept. 26, 1906. Hon. Henry Thurtell, State Engineer, Carson City, Nev. Dear Sir,- Herewith I hand you application for permit to appropriate public water in the State of Nevada, by Peter Buol, and enclose with the application a sketch to give you a better idea of the pro-posed appropriation. The town of Las Vegas is in Section 34, as you can see by the curving of the Las Vegas & Tonopah Railroad, as marked on the sketch. The Vegas Creek heads from two or three or more springs near the Southeast corner of Section 30 and the Northeast Corner of Sections 31, 20, 61, so that this to the head of the creek. This creek is on ground from its source to where it disappears in the desert, owned by the Las Vegas Land and Water Company, a subsidiary company of the S.P.L.A.& S.L.R.R. Company, and is the water and the land, a portion of which was the Stewart Ranch, bought by Senator Clark at the conception of the building of this railroad. The measured contents of this creek are 293 miners inches as reported. The ground under cultivation which this water serves is not exceeding 100 acres. There is also allowed from this stream to the Las Vegas Ice Mfg. Co. about 30 inches of water used in their ice making. There is also taken from this stream and conducted to a reservoir, which furnishes a gravity supply to the inhabitants of the town, water for domestic and city purposes - the amount is not known - the number of inhabitants here are about 1000, and at 80 gallons per capita would be equal to about 5 miners inches and I suppose the Ice Plant does not use in excess of that has ever been made of any portion of the waters of this stream by any person, and they seem to be doing their business so far as this water is concerned on the hypothesis of the Riparian rights to have the water flowing through their land unpolluted and undiminished in quantity, and that as they own the entire land on which this water reaches the surface and over which it flows, a distance of four or five miles, gives them full and absolute ownership and control of the water. We have many arid acres here of very rich land, and this water seems going to waste when it could be applied to some beneficial use. This act of application for appropriation by Mr. Buol is of very grave importance to the people living in this vicinity and owning lands which we think are entitled to the benefit of public water and which we wish to appropriate where it is unappropriated. There is no desire to take from these people any water which they have use for, even though they hate made no legal application, and we wish that you would give this matter very careful and thoughtful consideration so that a conclusion may be arrived at which will be as nearly right as is possible for us to reach. I hope I will receive this notice of publication by return mail. is almost closed and hope that you can make it convenient to come here and look this situation over carefully before passing on this application and others that will likely be made. Will you kindly send me a few applications for use here, and oblige Yours very truly, M. S. Beal.