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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, February 1998



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February 1998 - Vol. XVII No. 5 5 Shevat - 2 Adar 5758 Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi Bella Feldman Cantorial Soloist Bob Unger President Monty E. Willey Jacqueline Fleekop Jill Ginsburg Executive Director Education Director Program Director SIMCHA FAIR HAviNq a WEddiNq? Bar or Bat MitvzAh? BAbyNAMiwq? ThEN you should plAN to ATTENd tKe SiivtchA FaIr on MARch 17, 1998 iN tIie SociAl HaLI From 6:T0pM to 8:00pM. We will 1>e hosTiNq varIous vENdoRs who support ThE syNAqoquE duRiNq Ths events hEld hERE. You will qET TO MEET ThEM ANd Ask OUESTioNS AboUT ThEiR SERviCES. See ThEiR bAlloONS, CENTERpiECES, phoTOqRAphs, VldEOS ETC. This is our Hrst tIme hosTiNq This, we hopE This will FAciliTATE youR siMchA. Worship Services 2 Rabbi?s Message 2 Message from the President 3 School News 4 Director?s Spotlight 5 B?nai Mitzvah 6 Outreach News 8 Auxiliaries & Committees 9 ?jthdays & Anniversaries 10 outes 11 Yahrzeits & In Memorium 13 IVliTZVAh DAy February 8th will be a wonderful day for our temple family as we reach out to help other families. In order to have a successful Mitzvah Day, however, we need your support. Items in general we are looking for are: babyclothing, clothing for children and adults-please no stained or torn clothing, toys for any age with all the pieces intact. Also, a by-grade level letter has been sent home with your children from Religious School to bring in on February 8. We appreciate all your support in helping your child to participate in Mitzvah Day. IS Passover Seder scheduled for the rth< 1 evening of April io at the Desert Inn. Information available fa callma Temple office at 733-6292. < / (S p ecia l r/)la c e CJo 'Jieloeu/ (Worship gervices Conducted by Rabbi Sanford D. Akselrad & Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman February 6 Shabbat Services 7:30pm Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood February 7 Marc Rowland BarMitzvah 10:00am Kiddush sponsored by the Rowland Family February 13 Boy Scout Shabbat 7:30pm Oneg sponsored by the Mahon Family February 14 Second Saturday Torah & Minyon Discussion 9:00am Jessica Gross BatMitzvah 10:00am Kiddush sponsored by the Gross Family February 20 Tot Shabbat 6:30pm Shabbat Services 7:30pm Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood February 27 K & 1 Grade Shabbat Dinner 6:15pm Family Shabbat with Junior Choir 7:30pm Oneg Sponsored by the Families of K & 1 Classes ?Jewish Unity- Now More Than Ever? The beginning of February marks the deadline of the 90 day extension given to the Neeman commission in Israel which is charged with finding a solution to the current crises between Ortho?dox and non-Orthodox Judaism. As most of us are now aware, tensions between the two commu?nities have been severely strained within the past year. Orthodox leaders in Israel have criticized the Reform Movement and leaders in the Reform Movement have re?sponded in kind. Still, as of this writing at the beginning of January, little progress has been shown that will resolve issues relating to matters of conversion, marriage, burial, and divorce. It is both shameful and ironic that non- Orthodox Jews are the only religious segment in Israel who are deprived of their rights. There is room for compromise; and it is my hope and prayer that the Israeli Knesset will move forward in this direction. Even so, while recent events may fill our hearts with anger and sadness, we must not allow this current rift to turn our hearts asunder against Israel. Governments come and go, but Israel is and always will be at the heart of Judaism. We must combat religious extremism even as we affirm our rights and role within Israel. Indeed, opinion polls show that the vast majority of Israelis support our position. However, our greatest statement of will must be in our continued caring?in all forms. Federation campaign once again this year. This annual campaign raises funds crucial to a whole host of programs and institutions here at home and in Israel. These funds support community institutions in Las Vegas such as Jewish Family Services, the Jewish Day School, the Jewish Community and our own Synagogue to name but a few. And in Israel, through the United Israel Appeal, which directs the use of UJA/Federation grant funds in Israel, millions of dollars are going to Israel to support a wide variety of programs with no religious ties. Even so, you should know that millions of dollars are directed to programs of the Reform and Conservative Movements. For example, Hebrew Union Collega^^ Israeli rabbinic program receix^^ 15% of its funding through the United Israel Appeal. Beit Daniel- Progressive Jewish Center receives 17% of its budget through the United Israel Appeal. All totaled, over $14 million dollars goes to programs and institutions support?ive of religious pluralism in Israel. Las Vegas is still considered a developing Jewish community. Clearly, those who have been here for many years are astonished by the many changes in the past few years, but there is much that needs to be done. And too, Israel has faced many obstacles, but this is perhaps one of its greatest chal?lenges because it is a struggle ?within the family?. This is our chance to say not only do we care, but we will strive to make a difference. B?shalom, Toward this end, lam urging you to join with me in supporting our RgBSiStmfordStfgejradi CoNQHEQATioN NeR TtMld FEbiiuARy 1998 Temple Board Members Bob Unger President Drew Levy VP Administration David Mendelson VP Ways & Means Ira Spector VP Membership David Stahl VP Religious Activities Scott Stolberg VP Education Scott Dockswell VP Social Rita Goldstein Treasurer Ruth Urban Secretary Mel Hallerman Trustee Sylvia Beller Trustee Frances Klamian Trustee Jacky Rosen Trustee Jon Sparer Trustee Robin Greenspun Trustee Esther Saltzman Trustee Kenny Epstein Trustee Janis Rounds Sisterhood Jeff Markewich Brotherhood Helen Herzog Golden Chai Dustin Tiep NTTY Jill Ewan TNT Jerry Gordon Past President Cal Lewis Past President Eileen Kollins Past President Kenneth Schnitzer Past President Dr. David Wasserman Past President Dr. Steve Kollins Past President Michael Cherry Past President Dr. Bernard Farrow Past President Eugene Kirshbaum* Past President BO WlLNER Advisor "abbi Sanford Akselrad Ex Officio ?Deceased We are pleased to announce tkat Danny and Lauren Lisenberg will lead a discusion on tke GEO POLITICS OF ISRAEL February 22, 1998 from 11 am until 12:15pm. Tbis discussions is open to tke general public at no charge and will be conducted at Congregation Ner Tamid in tke Temple Lobby The best part of my job as President of the Congregation is getting to report all of the good news about our religious activities and fundraising efforts. This past month has been exceptional. First of all, our gift wrap booth at the Galleria Mall was a huge success. Prior to starting, we were con?cerned about the many financial changes from last year affecting the financial outcome. Changes were made which greatly reduced the costs paid by the Galleria in an effort to assure that we would continue operating the booth for many years to come. However, we were not sure we would raise as much as last year. The results are that we did better than last year, made dramatic improvements in the operation of the booth, and assured our future in the gift wrap business! CNT raised over $14,000 from the general public through the gift wrap booth. The best part for Aydie 8L 1 this year was the won?derful response we had from volunteers. Unlike last year, staff?ing the booth was never a prob?lem. Thank you to the over 100 members who participated. Special thanks to Susan Jeff Schy- man, Debbie Hallerman, Janis Rounds, Sandy fk Scott Stolberg, and Ruth, Andy, and AJ Urban for efforts above fk beyond the call of duty. I must also mention that our operating partners, the Green Valley High School Choir did a fantastic job on Fridays fk Saturdays and we look forward to many years ahead partnering with them. The Green Valley High School Key Club also provided many volunteers as part of their community service. The Key Club members were great. They worked hard, were courteous, and generally made a great impres?sion on us. Our hats off to Green Valley High School. Next, my report on the Rabbi?s Bar Mitzvah. The service itself was wonderful. As I said during services, this was truly an event in which we were all family celebrating a bar mitzvah within our family. It was a wonderful feeling during the day that carried over into the evening celebration. As you may recall, the purpose of the evening party was to raise funds for reducing the Sanctuary mort?gage. We greatly appreciate Rab?bi Akselrad?s allowing us to exploit his own life-cycle event for the benefit of the Congregation. The party was a continuation of the family event that started the day. The candlelighting ceremony was both touching and hilarious. The committee is ready for a lounge on the strip. Speaking of stand up comedy, Rabbi Thai and Rabbi Marder have mastered the art! The warmth felt by everyone for our Rabbi carried the night and made for a wonderful and memo?rable evening. On top of all of the emotional nachas we all felt, over $50,000 was raised for the Sanctu?ary. Special thanks to Jerry fk Yvonne Gordon for chairing the event, the entire committee for making sure every detail was per?fect, and to my sister, Mindy for a fantastic job on the adbook. Last?ly, 1 would like to report on our menorah level donor drive. This new program started on January 1, 1998. I have personally contacted several members and asked them to consider helping other families through this program. The response has been incredible and wonderful. We are truly a family wanting to help family. The meno?rah program has already, at a very early stage, raised over $40,000 annually to help other members. 1 will report again next month, but to those who have already responded, my sincere thanks on behalf of our Board of Trustees and Congregation. I told you this was a great job! Bob ct? S p e c ia l r(lla e e B e lo n g w FeBruary 1998 THIS YEAR IN JERUSALEM Rabbi Akselrad is again organizing a trip to Israel this coming June. Departing mid June we will be going on a wonderful 10 day trip covering all of the major highlights of Jerusalem, Safed, Tel Aviv, Masada, and the Galilee. It is a glorious trip with 5 star hotel accommodations and our own personal tour guide and air condi?tioned bus. This is a chance to see Israel like you?ve never seen her before, and it will be even more memorable by sharing it with friends from Las Vegas! For more information, give Rabbi Akselrad a call at 733-6292 or contact Ken Schnitzer of Your Travel Place. M&h )oh$$ Last Amiovmcemevit for flowers, craclts, tarns, east, jokers amS other worbs ttat meAtt something otflvj if vjOM Are a MaJi Jortsg plAVjer. It?s time to tAke Action becAwse the new MaJi J0H55 CArbs will soon be here. The Sisterhoob mAkes monevj on evervj cArb solb. This ueAr the CArbs Are AVAiJAble in two forms. The sniAll Are $$.00 CAch Anb the Urge Are $7.00 per CArb. Senb \\our checks to: Florence Weinstein 42$$ S. ChAnneJ 10 Drive #93 Las VegAS, NV i?9119 DeAbline for checlts is FebruArv^ 21?, 1991?. chool News Many sayings we have heard are quotes from Pirket Avot (Sayings of the Fathers), Confucius, Rabbis, as well as Grandparents and Parents. Two sayings I remember hearing ?Turn, Turn, Turn? and ?What Goes Around Comes Around? have gained pertinence in my life during the past month. One of our new congregants became my friend when she was at another syna?gogue in our community. I helped her then, and when I became ill, Lauren Eisenberg has stepped in to help me. I owe her a special thanks. 1 would also like to thank all of those who have helped make sure things get done in my absence, as well as those who sent their well wishes and prayers. Just as helping others and being helped by others is cyclical, so is the rest of life. Sending our children to Hebrew School often reminds us of our first day. Being at a Bris with extended family may also remind us of the funeral of a loved one, as that may have been the last time the whole family was assembled. Special moments have a way of reminding us that there really is a cycle of life. During February we will remember the birthday of trees by celebrating Tu B?shvat. Our school will participate in Mitzvah Day by collecting food, toys, and clothes for the less fortunate. Who knows, ?What goes around comes around? may be a more valid statement to our children than it has been to us. By showing them how to live by the mitzvot, they may become more compassionate people. Shalom, Jackie fteefigp 4 Conqreqa rioN N er Timid Channukah Hero's Our Blood Drwe ws a HuqH Success ! ! TIiree cheers For tHe Blue, Whim & You ! ! ! ThESE bRAVE "MACCAbbEES" doNAT' Ed blood at our ChANuliAh Bazaar. So Much MORE is NEEdcd. At our Purim FestivaI we will AqAiN Nave ThE Blood MobiU pAnkcd at our Front dooR, pIease cluck iN & qivE, qivE, qivc! ! ! TodAh RAbAh - ThANk You! ! ! AUson SchuiT EilEEN KoIUns JeFFre^ Herr Merrie BiqkAM Joe CracraFt DAvid StaNI Joe FiNk Lauren EisENbERq LEAh STROMbERq AUan NatNanson Scott STolbcnq AllEN LichTENSTEiN BErry StaIU HillARy ToRchiN DoTTy HenMn SANdEE FUtkop Scott YAhRAUs MARviN PRicE Marta ZENdER CONGREGATION NER TAMID PRESCHOOL Congregation Ner Tamid is "6rowingI & Growing." In September of 1998 we WILL BE 0PENIN6 OUR PRESCHOOL FOR CHILDREN BETWEEN IVi & 5 YEARS OF A6E. They must be potty-trained to attend. The program is open to the entire COMMUNITY. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF THE CONGREGATION FOR YOUR CHILD TO ENROLL. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL THE TEMPLE OFFICE AT 733-6292. Congregation Ner Tamid is looking for A PRESCHOOL DIRECTOR TO BEGIN WORKING FULL TIME THIS FALL. SOME LIMITED PART TIME WORK WILL BE NEEDED IMMEDIATELY. If interested please send resume to: Congregation Ner Tamid 2761 Emer?son Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89121 Attn: Rabbi Akselrad or call 733-6292. You MAY ALSO FAX YOUR RESUME TO 733-8553. Get Well Jackie, Welcome Lauren Jackie F/eekop has been sick and we do not know when she will be back with us. We truly miss you, Jackie, in the interim period, Lauren Eisenberg has been asked to fill in as the Principal ofjjj^L Religious School. We wish Lauren good iuckl^R offer all our support. FEbRUARy 1998 Mitzvah Menorah project Bnaftens dmaren?s Chanukah CffTs Social Action Committee had a new project this year, the Mitzvah Menorah, in which CffTmemBers as wed as others in the community ?adopted" needy Jewish children and purchased Chanucah gifts for them Some donated money so that the committee could purchase gifts for the children, who were from diverse segments of the Jewish community. 'Ten families with a total of 24 children Benefited from the project. ?More than $1,500 was spent with an aver $63 per child in toys and clothes. . average of t>bJ cnua m ana ctothes. ?The families? identities were unknown even to the committee, which worked with Jewish Jramily Services and temple staff to ensure confidentiality. 9\[ot only were we aBle to help children this year, we surprised a Jewish mother of two staying in a homeless shelter whose husband hail just Been killed. We were aBle to get her some gifts as well, thanks to the generosity of some CffT members. When the giftswere delivered to hsnJFamilyl all the other kid the shelter By Services (alon with stuffed toys for ?vying there), the mother was so over?timed she Broke down in tears. Three ffer Tamid teens made the Beautiful workyof-art Mitzvah Menorah, which was displayed in the Temple Office in ?December and at the Sisterhood's Channu- kah ?Bazaar. Thanks to Mike Tkamer, Sarah Levy and Jordan Treat. Special thanks to the members of the Social Action Committee who spent long hours working on this project, including !Erica Mcllroy and ?Katherine Scott. Also the C9fT Program Director, Jill (jinsburg who ?lent" us her office for a few weeks as it fUledwithgifts, aim to committee members who manned the Booth, including Janet Schlesinger and Betty and Marry Schloss. A Big thank you to the Sisterhood, Allan Kathanson and the Brotherhood, Bette and David Stahl and the entire committee, Jewish J:amily Services, and BaBBi Aksel?rad, Jackie jleekpp and the Temple Staff. The Biggest thanks of all goes out to all our congregants and others in the Jewish community who made this meaning?ful project so successful. We plan to do this again in the coming years and hopefully make Chanukah brighter for even more ren in the future. Q(oriaQo(5erfj Mitzvah Menorah Chairperson Qldi Executive Directors Spotlight Warmth, sunshine and a deep sense of commit?ment and family are all that could describe the celebra?tion in honor of our rabbi on January 10. Surrounded by friends of long and newly made, family and communi?ty, Rabbi Akselrad was honored for his many contri?butions during his 13 years in the Rabbinate and his 10 tens years as the spiritual leader of Congregation Ner Tamid. My article in the January bulletin was pre?empted due to other needed items. Belatedly, 1 want to thank the Rabbi for the opportunity I have had to work here with him. He has helped me grow personally and spiritually. Rabbi Aksel?rad is indeed the person behind ?A Special Place to Belong?. Not only with his care for the membership and the community, but by his guid?ance for the staff and the lay lead?ership. it has been through this care that we are where we are today. On another note, we sent out the billing for this years? membership dues. The majority of the member?ship received a payment coupon book. I am glad to say that it has been well received and seems to have improved on the cash flow and as a reminder to you. I am in the process of sending out letters to those who are still outstanding for previous years. If you receive a letter and there is a financial situation, please feel free to call me to discuss arrangements. We are getting busy again, Purim is getting closer, the Passover Seder is in April and will be back at the Desert inn, and our standard programs are con?tinuing. Please join us on each of these occasions to make them the best they can Monty Coping With The Aging Of Your Loved Ones On Sunday, February 1, from 1 2:30-2:00pm, in the Beit Tefillah, CNT?s Adult Education Commfitee PRESENTS THE FIRST OF A SERIES OF THREE SEMINARS FOCUSING ON THE CARE AND UNDERSTANDING OF OUR AGING LOVED ONES IN THESE MODERN TIMES. THE EMPHASIS OF THIS SERIES FOCUSES ON HOW Judaism views this issue and our RESPONSIBILITIES TO OUR AGING PARENTS AND SPOUSES. The first session will address, ?How Jewish Tradition Looks at Aging and it?s Psychological and Physiological Aspects.? The speakers WILL INCLUDE RABBI SANFORD AKSELRAD, Dr. Charlie Bernick - specializing in GERIATRIC NEUROLOGY, AND ADRIENNE Rosenberg, ACSW- Executive Direc?tor of Jewish Family Service Agency. The second session will be held Sunday, February 8 from 1 2:30-2:00pm, in the Beit Tefillah, entitled ??Preparing for and Caring for Your Aging Parents, Spouse or III Loved One,? will be presented as A PANEL DISCUSSION BY REPRESENTATIVES from Clark County Social Services, Nathan Adelson Hospice and Jewish Family Service Agency. The third SESSION WILL TAKE PLACE ON SUNDAY, March 15, from 10:30-1 2:30pm, in the Beit Tefillah, entitled ??The Jewish Way of Death and Dying: The practice and Meaning of Burial Rituals and Grief and Recovery? will be presented by Rabbi Akselrad, Jay Poster of Palm Mortuary and Dr. Marv Glovinsky, clinical psycholo?gist. The seminars are at no charge. For further information or TO RSVP, PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE AT 733-6292. c/t Special (Place Q?e- (Belong. A FEbRUARy 1998Kfazel Tov to our February B'nal Mitzvah Stu&ents Volunteers at Henderson Senior Center w CONQREqATiON N er TAMid FEbRUARy 1998 My name is Marc Rowland. 1 am in the eighth grade at Cannon Middle School, fmoved to Maryland last year, when I would have had my Bar Mitzvah, so 1 postponed it until 1 got back to Las Vegas this year. I have also traveled to Russia twice, and I have been to many states in the U.S. 1 spend my spare time playing soccer, listen?ing to music, talking to friends, and in front of the computer screen. I am so happy that my Bar Mitzvah is finally here, and I?m even happier that all my friends and family can share this special time with me. ChmsTMAs Day was macIe bRkjhTER foR SENiORS AT T^E HencJerson SENioR Center duE TO tItE VOLUNTEERS FrOM CON' qREqATioN Ner TAMid! NataUe ANd Cil ShAW, KatIherIne Scott, LoreU WojNicz, Aaron LiEbMAN, Nancy ANd HowARd LAyfER ANd DuSTiN TiEp WERE AMONq tItE VOLUNTEERS flElpiNq TO PREPARE ANd SERVE luNCh foR 150 senior Adutrs. TIhe dAy STARTEd AT 7:50 A.M. WiTh tItE preparation of tFie food. This is ThEiR foURTb YEAR of iNVOlvEMENT Whh ThE SENiOR qROUp. To QUOTE NiNA TiEp "TikuN OIam, tIte HEbREW SAyiNq tMat means to MAkE The would A bETTER plACE." OuR VOluNTEERS SUREly do TbAT. Hi, my name is Jessica Gross. I am a 7th grader at Becker Middle School. I enjoy singing and acting. I am very involved with my school choir. In my free time, I hang out and talk on the phone with my friends. On February 14, 1998,1 will become a Bat Mitzvan surrounded by my family and friends. I have been working hard for this day, and I am looking forward to it.Attention ^ Parents of ^High Schoolers The Youth Activity Committee is planning a ?happening,? designed to enrich our children?s Youth Group experience at CNT. Rabbi Jay Miller, who specializes in working with High School youth all over the country, will be coming here from February 22-24, He will conduct a series of workshops during which he will meet with all of the various people involved in CNTs Youth Program. If your child is of High School age or will be next year, we would love to have you join us. The planned meetings to date are as follows: Sunday evening, February 22nd - Rabbi Miller will hold meetings with NTTY Advisors, Board, and Youth- groupers. ^^onday evening, February 23rd - Rabbi Miller will meet with Youth Activity Committee, followed by a meeting with Parentsof High School age students. Additional information will follow in the mail. This is a wonderful opportunity to see where we are headed with plans for our youth, as well as to provide your input. A positive Youth Group experience turns our youth on to being Jewish. Please join us. For more information or questions, or if interested in joining the Youth Activity Committee, please call Esther Saltzman at 25S>-968>8>, or Sella Feldman at the Temple office 733-6292. For more information or question, or if interested in joining the Youth ?ctivity committee, please call Ither Saltzman at 253-9633, or Sella Feldman at the Temple. homeless iVroject It?s that time of year again to get back into the swing of things. As you know, I chair the IHN-CNT Homeless Project. We are gearing up for the week of March 8, 1998 when we will once again house families at our Temple. For those who do not know about this won?derful program, here is a little synopsis: we, as well as other churches, house homeless families for one week at a time, three or four times a year. Our families are just like you and I, but have run into some hard times. The families come to us in the evening (4pm weekends and 5pm weekdays) and we feed them dinner and break?fast. We then provide food so the families can make their own lunch?es. We offer entertainment (mov?ies, games, coloring books) and homework help for the children. We share in the blessing of giving these families a roof over their heads for that week. Each family is given a classroom from our school as their home and they are treated as guests of our Congregation. They leave in the morning and go to work or the Day House located in North Las Vegas. Volunteers are needed to sleep overnight and take the fami?lies to the Day House at 7am. We also need volunteers to provide food for all the meals. If you feel as I and other volunteers do and can help, please call me and I will find the right day and special need for your help. As jews, it is our obligation to save a, please get involved. You will make your life shine even brighter! Shalom, fMwdnegmtz Home: 898-3592 Voice Mail: 598-2678 Fax: 898-3593 E-Mail: MAXELAA@AOL.COM Yes, I?m back again! This will be my fifth term of office as President of Golden Chai. Yes, I?m a glutton for punishmentl The truth is that I don?t really consider it punishment, but rather an honor and a pleasure. I feel strongly about the impor?tance of this organization. I believe that the membership feels the same way because they are so willing to cooperate and participate in all our activities. That attitude is what makes my job a pleasure. I?ve often spoken about Golden Chai as a place to make friends, lean say that with conviction be?cause it has been my own experience. We will be planning a year of more events and activities than ever before. These activities, as well as our bimonthly programs, will be advertized. Hopefully, many of our temple members will be intrigued enough to attend. Visitors may attend meetings twice before deciding on mem?bership. Also, some events are open to the public. February Meetings: Feb. 5 - Jewish Community Day School Choir led by Rabbi Gary Golbart Feb. 19 - Ann Me Cormack, Vivacious Vocalist 1993 Executive Board Helen Herzog - President Leonard Herzog - VP Sol Tolpin - Treasurer Sandy Pittle - Recording Sec?y. Dorothy Handlin - Corr. Sec?y. Love and Shalom, Jidenrterzpg, President r / S p e c ia l February 1998 rf)lu ee FJo ticlom f , JEWISH MUSIC SEASON SABBATH FRIDAY* FEBRUARY 6, 1998 - 7:30PM FEATURING: GUEST COMPOSER AMmM&kV AlOM CANTORIAL soiomRmm^JmAN THE CONGREOMIQtLd 1 \- mmMMlI ANDjR. CHOIRS : n "SONGS IRDM HOME' CONGREGATIONAL CELEBRATION OF YOM YERlfSHALAYIM ISRAEL'S 50TH BIRTHDAY Attention Parents of B?mi Mitzv&h 1999 DAtes Arc currently bcm$ Assigtieb for stwbents fiAvm$ their t>Ar/bAt witrvAli m 1999. If \\ou bib not receive Information, pleAse contACt BcIIa FelbmAn or Karen Levine immebiAtety At 753-6292. Also bon?t for5et tliAt their is a mAnbAtorvj Parents? meetins on Twesbavp March 17, from 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the Beit TefillAh. OUTREACH NEWS We had a wonderful time at our December Event ?Holiday How To?s.? Eileen Kollins gave a capti?vating talk explaining the history and cultural development of Cha?nukah while the young children quietly created Chanukah crafts. After singing Chanukah songs with Dustin Tiep and playing the drei- del game, we shared desserts and became better acquainted. All par?ticipants received a 25-page book?let to bring home which included the Story of Chanukah, the bless?ings, recipes, songs, and games. It was great getting to know those of you who came and we look forward to seeing you at future Outreach events. Congregation Ner Tamid?s Out?reach program was formed to help welcome interfaith couples and families, people seeking knowl?edge about Judaism, converts, and all who want to learn more about Judaism and congregational life. We want to help you feel welcome and inform you there are many dif?ferent ways to participate in Con?gregation Ner Tamid. We are planning another event ?Ask the Rabbi.? It is the perfect time to come and ask Rabbi Akselrad all those questions you have not had the opportunity to ask him. The next scheduled event will be the Outreach Seder Sunday, April 5 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Let us know if you will be bringing small children so we can make the necessaiy arrangements. We hold our committee meetings on the second Sunday of each month at 9:30 a.m.. For information about Outreach programs please call Mary Ales at 872-0036,, or Sandi Sickle at 566-1717. Shalom, ?Mary flies Sisterhood CC/cone fiilfht ou ate invited to a ni$ht of fun! ^jfot Singles, (Couples, and. Svetifone! (Cards and (yames that me all know . . . TStid^e, ^San and ?Z^ominoes, ^Soket, trivial pursuit, Skipo, 7Q, (Canasta, ZZjin TZummif, /Hah Qon$$ ot__________? 7Stin$ a date ot a ftiend, don t he late, ifou tni^ht min! Significant othet ot if out mothet (even a btothet). YOe do cate, Qust he thete!!! YOhen: Satutdaif, ^?ehtuatif 14, 7998 YOhete: (C NCL Social (Hall HZime: 8:00 Z/S./h. Questions? (Call 456-4452 (Cost: $5.00 /hail to /hatif ?^fox 1804 Sdmatd Z/olace (Hendetson, A!75 85014 ?ZSessett & TSeveta^es mill he served (Chaited hif /hatif and Qudif (Hopson CoNQREqATioN Ner TAMid FeBruary 1998 AUXILIARIES & Mazel Tov to Rabbi Akselrad on his recent Bar Mitzvah. You did a won?derful job and are a real credit to our Congregation. Thank you to everyone who helped to make the event so special. I hope all of you that made it to the UNLV vs. Utah game, spon?sored by CNT Brotherhood, had a great time at the Thomas and Mack. Look for more sporting events done as a group in the near future. We will be going to a LV Thunder game soon. In February, we will be fortunate to have the Regional President of the National Federation of Temple Brotherhoods out to talk to us about the great potential that CNT?s Brotherhood has here in LV. He will share programming and fund?raising ideas that have been effec?tive in other parts of the country. 1 encourage all of you that want to make a difference here at CNT to attend and to get active in your Brotherhood. I hope your 1998 is off to a good start, and I wish you and your fam?ilies a healthy and happy 1998. Hi again. This is the President of T.N.T.. 1 just wanted to say that we had a great event last month. We went to Mt. Charleston went Skiing. We slept over at the Temple. If you would like to join T.N.T. (6th - 8th grade only) please call me at 458-1031. Thanks, JiK'Ezuan Golden Chai Senior Adults meet the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month. 3oin us for a bagel brunch at 11:00 a.m. followed by entertainment and games. The dues are only $10.00. Golden Chai is the place to meet new friends, come and join us. Sincerely, Jeffreys. OdarReivicR LAST CHANCE TO GET YOUR ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS!I Sisterhood Xews Dear CNT Family, December was a very busy month for Sisterhood. In addition to many of us spending many, many hours at Gift-wrap, our Party Shop host?ed a very successful Hanukkah Fam?ily Dinner and had what I think was a record month catering many wonderful parties! The biggest and best thing that happened in December though was that the Temple Board of Directors has approved the plans and financ?es to begin remodeling our kitch?en. This is a vety exciting time for Sisterhood. We have worked very hard to make this happen. Our Sisterhood has raised almost 140,000 to make this improvement k our facilities. The ladies who re involved in the Party Shop will be able to do an even better job in catering. Sisterhood will be able to contribute even more to our tem?ple! We are looking forward to this summer when reconstruction finally begins! So, keep those con?tributions to the Kitchen Fund com?ing. We still have a way to go. This month is a very busy one for us. Starting off with the Rabbi?s Book Review and Lunch on Feb. 5th at 11:30 A.M. The cost is $5.00 for members and $6.00 for non-members, your check is your lunch reservation. On Sunday, Feb. 8th please come to temple and learn CPR! The American Red Cross will teach this class, there is a $22.00 certificate fee. Reservations are required. And last but not least, on Saturday night, Feb. 14th come for fun, games and dessert to Game Night at CNT. The fun starts at 8:00P.M. Again, the costs are $5.00 and $6.00, We must have your reservation (check) and choice of games in advance so we can prepare. Please call Mary Fox 456- 4452 for information. Sisterhood is proud to welcome the following new members: Carol Treat, Kathy Kesner and Susan Schyman. We apologize to Sharna Blumenfeld for leaving her name off of our original membership list. Hope to see all lot of all of you this month.... Shalom and ?Thanks for your support? Janis Rounds cA S p e c FebswARy 1998 ia l r[)la ce (Belong. February 1 Sarah Levy Scott Schreiber February 2 Sylvia Cohen Vance Glanz Karen Goodheart Julie Unger February 3 Gloria Helpern Loretta Hollander Jeffrey Joseph David Lehrner Jason Moss Shawn Rowan Marc Rowland Marc Vogel February 4 Melody Benedict February 5 Sharlene Flushman Cynthia Hartman Stephen Rowland Lee Zechter February 6 Ronae Fink Sherri Gilman Jeffrey Kottler Gerri Perna Metra Skinner February 7 Alexander Rodman February 8 Norman Kaufman Marisa Marano Adrienne Miller Ja