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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid - "special edition", May 1995



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SPECIAL EDITION ay 15 at 6:00 pm will mark our official ?groundbreak?ing? ceremony. In what should prove to be a memorable program, our congrega?tion and community will be treated to a special moment in history. Over 20 years ago, a small group of Las Vegans had a vision for our commu?nity. Under the guidance of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (UAHC), a new synagogue was formed continued on page 3 c-----------------------------------------------\ (Worship gcrvices Conducted by Rabbi Sanford D. Akselrad & Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman May 5,1995 Brotherhood Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Oneg sponsored by Brotherhood May 12,1995 Family Dinner Grades 6 & 7 - 6:00 pm Religious School Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Oneg sponsored by Grades 6 & 7 Parents May 13,1995 Tot Shabbat Service - 10:00 am Kiddush sponsored by Sisterhood May 19,1995 Confirmation Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Oneg sponsored by Parents of Confirmands May 20,1995 Shabbat Services - 10:00 am Bat Mitzvah of Robyn Lee Kiddush sponsored by the Lee Family May 26,1995 Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Bar Mitzvah of Ryan Goldhammer Oneg sponsored by the Goldhammer Family May 27,1995 Shabbat Service - 10:00 am Bar Mitzvah of Joshua Kern Kiddush sponsored by the Kern Family A rendering of Congregation Ner Tamid's New Sanctuary Presenting the 1995 Adult B 'nai Mitzvah Class: seated from left to right are Joel & Debbie Karasik and Dotty & Gene Henkin; standing from left to right are Roger Ewan, Rebecca Herren, Lorelei Wojnicz, class instructor Melissa Glovinsky, Fern Percheski, Glori Rosenberger, Rita Goldstein, and Thomas Bigham. /he 1995 Adult B?nai Mitzvah Class invites you to come celebrate with them as they are called to the Torah Saturday morning, 5 Sivan 5755, June 3 at 10:00 am. ?We look forward to seeing you, our friends and our families as you join us for this very special Simchah. ?epriefe, ^Appreciation, ^Accomplishment As I write this column, I am filled with a sense of delight. Finally, after years of planning, nearly two years of fund raising and dozens of meetings with architects, technicians, contractors ? and the ... llCVe pliant, as owi {j-0Jiebe.aJieAS planted jjOd us; we. pliant because. we seels to p/ioUide not (jOA oUASeiOes, but (j-oa. oua cRt(ldAe.u and OUA. cliddA?.n?s cRiddAeu. ? list goes on ? the day of ?reckoning? has arrived. At a special board meeting called on April 4, our board accompanied by our past presidents and building committee, approved the final plans to begin construction on our new Temple facility! Truly, everyone present was filled with a wonderful sense of accom?plishment and excitement! Several in the room had been a part of the Temple since its beginning. They had witnessed its growth and our struggle to emerge as a beacon of Reform Judaism for our community. Many others filled with as much pride, had been part of the Temple for only a few years. Yet, they too knew that their vote and voice was a reflection of the growth and strength of our Congregation. As your Rabbi, many feelings filled my heart: Pride, Appreciation, Accom?plishment. And too, many questions crossed my mind: ?What will the next few months bring?? ?How will our Con?gregation adapt to its new facility?? ?Will our growth change the character and complexion of our caring community?? Such questions quickly paled to the singular question: ?When do we start?? Answer: NOW!!! Or more precisely, we have already begun from the first day this Congre- ESSAGE FROM OUR TEMPLE PRESIDENT # BA month ago, I attended the f ? UAHC Pacific Southwest Regional Biennial. Numerous workshops and speeches were dedicated to exploring the disturbing increase in non-affiliation of Jews with synagogues. This is a nationwide phenomenon, but does not seem to be a problem in Las Vegas. Each week we witness the estab?lishment of another synagogue in the Valley. At last count, there appeared to be 14 functioning synagogues with various levels of commitment and participation required by their congregants. At first blush this should give us some comfort that Las Vegas is bucking the trend to?ward non-affiliation. However, most of these synagogues do not require the time and financial commitment of Congrega?tion Ner Tamid. Most seem to be shar?ing a stagnant membership base, not expanding it. Last week I attended a dinner and was seated next to a Jew who?s family recently arrive from California. Natural?ly, our discussion turned to Temple affil?iation (or more importantly, the lack of). The response was vague, but the essence seemed to be that affiliation with a syna?gogue is unimportant except for the time when our children need a Jewish educa?tion. Our Congregation is undergoing fun??damental change. We knew several years continued on page 4 gation opened its doors. For truly, what we now accomplish is but a link in the chain of caring and commitment that has been the hallmark of our Congregation. To paraphrase our tradi?tion, ?We plant, as our forebearers planted for us; we plant because we seek to provide not for ourselves, but for our children and our children?s children.? Yes, we can all feel a great sense of pride, appreciation and accomplishment. But let us not forget either that our ability to dream, and our commitment to our Congregation, is a statement of our ability to make these dreams a reality and to care for one another. $ B ?Shalom, Rabbi SANCTUARY FUND GOAL ? 2.2 million HELP us MEET OUR GOAL! C o n g re g a tio n Ner Tamid May 1995 Temple Board Members Jerry Gordon President Alan Mann VP Administration Stephen Joseph VP Ways & Means Lois Doctors VP Membership David Stahl VP Ritual Philip Goldstein VP Education Debbie Levy VP Social Jack. Nitzkin Treasurer Janis Rounds Recording Secretary Nadine Cracraft Trustee Jacky Rosen Trustee Jerry Polis Trustee Stacey Yahraus Trustee Bob Uncer Trustee Ron Worth Trustee David Gross Trustee Debra Kaner Trustee Maxine Gratz Sisterhood Scott Dockswell Brotherhood Helen Zliser Golden Chai George Lipshaw Golden Chai Libby Goldstein NTTY Cal Lewis Past President Eileen Kollins Past President Kenneth Schnitzer Past President Dr. David Wasserman Past President Dr. Steve Kollins Past President Michael Cherry Past President Leo Wilner Advisor Rabbi Sanford Akselrad Ex Officio 1995 Annual Meeting May 23 at 7:30 pm BE THERE The Annual Goods & Services Auction May 6 Silent Auction at 7:00 pm Oral Auction at 8:00 pm. Auctioneer - Robert Deiro The Goods & Services Auction is one of our Temple?s biggest fund-raisers. We owe a big Todah Rabalt to Mary Zone and her committee members for all their hard work with solicitating and traveling all around the valley picking up donations. We appreciate the continued support of our congregants and the merchants in the community for their donations. Let?s all join together and make this year?s Goods & Services Auction one of our best yet! Invite all your friends and come on over to Congregation Ner Tamid to support your Temple and have fun; but most of all... Bid-Bid-Bid!!! 'awctv*?rvf rovtwclloreak-lwg continued from page 1 erev\vovvv| and was temporarily named ?The Reform Jewish Congregation of Las Vegas. ? In 1974 the new name ?Ner Tamid? (Eternal Light) was accepted. Until funds were raised, our congregation relocated several times to meet the increased needs of services for members. In 1979, a 5-acre parcel of land was purchased and became our present home on Emerson Avenue. Those who participated in that initial project brought a sense of vision and hope to the Con?gregation for which the dream became a reality. With a permanent site, the leaders realized that our congre?gation would be able to grow and develop naturally. Certainly the years have shown this to be the case. With a membership approaching 500 families, Congregation Ner Tamid is now ready for its second phase; the building of its Sanctuary, chapel, office complex and additional classrooms. For over two years, we have talked about the need and have sought to raise the funds. Finally, the time has come for us to BREAK DOWN THE WALL; to build our sanctuary and to expand our vision. Join us for this very special occasion. Hors d?oeuvres and wine will be served sponsored by Domingo Cambciro Corp. O May 1995 (A Sp.e.aiaL fJo CRelong. For the past few months I have written about all the musical programs happening at the Temple and since these have passed, I wasn?t sure what to write about for May. I decided to wait until after returning from Spring Conclave to write my article (with permission from Rebecca, of course). Many of you may not know that part of my responsibilities at the Temple are to oversee our Youth Activities Program. When I began working full time at the Temple I really wasn?t sure what this position would involve. Over the past few years I have hired advisors, learned to work with a committee, dealt with programming issues and tried to be available for as many youth activities as my schedule would allow. These parts of the job have been interesting, but over the last couple of months I have had the most incredible experiences and I wanted to share them with you. In February I had the opportunity to co-chaperon the Temple?s first ever Confirmation trip to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. Jackie Fleekop, Brian Siegel and myself took twelve students to L.A. for a very eventful weekend. First, we went to Universal City, then visited two Synagogues in the area, then went to an Israeli dance at a Jewish Community Center and finally visited the Museum of Tolerance. I thought that that weekend was wonderful and tiring; and then in April I got to take members of our senior youth group, NTTY, to their Spring Conclave in Albuquerque, New Mexico and learned what tiring really was. Both of the trips were absolutely fantastic and I enjoyed being with our youth more than I ever imagined! I also now understand what it takes to work with these kids and want to commend our NTTY advisors Brian Siegel and Michael Mehr for all their time and patience throughout the year! Next year we will, hopefully, be forming a new Youth Activities Committee. I ask all of you to consider taking a part in this rewarding experience; we need your help. You have heard this many times before, but I?ll say it again... our kids are our future... please call me to help insure the success of our Youth Activities Program. ? President?s Message ago, that if we decided to expand our facilities, as well as our activities and pro?grams, substantial additional demands would be placed upon our Congregants. We knew that we would experience some attrition in the process. Our experience in this regard has been as anticipated. We knew that during this process the chal?lenge would be to buck the trend toward non-affiliation or lesser affiliation; to make the synagogue important for more than the education of our children. We expect that we will experience phenomenal growth with the opening of our new facilities this fall. But this will only become a reality if each of us be?comes an active recruiter of members and make our Congregation more relevant in our lives. If you have the occasion to be seated next to one of the thousands of unaffiliated Jews living in the Valley, don?t simply discuss the common places we have lived or Temples we have visit?ed, discuss our Congregation and the reasons why you have made the comm* ment to membership and why they shoulcP do the same. $ Jerry Gordon Robyn Lee Bat Mitzvah May 20 Ryan Goldhammer Bar Milzvah May 26 My name is Robyn Lee and I am in the 7th grade. I go to Greenspun Middle School. My hobbies include sports, music and writing poems. I don?t like school very much, but I do enjoy reading; especially magazines and talking on the phone. My Bat Mitzvah is May 20 and I am real nervous, but very excited, too. $ My name is Ryan Goldhammer and I am in the 7th grade at Greenspun Junior High school. I enjoy playing many sports such as bowling, basketball, baseball and soccer. I am proud to be Jewish and am studying for my very special Bar Mitzvah day. Hope to see you there! $ Hi, my name is Joshua Kern and my Bar Mitzvah will be on May 27. I am a 7th grader at Greenspun Jr. High School and my hobbies are playing sports and listening to music. Also, I love to travel with my family. Hope you can afl celebrate with me on this very special day of my life. $ C o n g re g a tio n Ner Tamid May 1995 by Jackie Fleekop The Shabbat service at Congregation Ner Tamid appeals to all; the young and older, the returning Jew, the new Jew and Jews of different degrees of observance. It may be due to our Rabbi, his manner of sensitivity perhaps, Bella?s voice, the choirs or the dedicated service. We of the M.B. Dalitz Religious School know that many of our students attend services for all the above reasons and for the ?T.G.I.S.? card punches. This card, punched by our Brotherhood ushers, permits us to know who and how often they attend services. Students have different requirements based on their grades in order to enjoy a pizza party or just a fun day. On April 30, the following students attended a pizza party: Jeremy Poster, Danny Unger, Justin Zechter, Andrew Bellaflores, Jordan Bellaflores and Eric Rowland. Students with more than 18 punches are able to attend a pizza party and a day of fun at Grand We at CNT Preschool are getting ready for many activi- rties and hope to have a lot of participation with them all. As this goes to press, we are saddling up for our OOpen House on Sunday, April 9 with pony rides and piz?za. There is no doubt that the children who attend will ehave a ball and we hope they are many. The Open House is to make more members of the community aware of rus and to have a first hand look at our school. Our Preschool Model Seder was held on April 17 with Rabbi Akselrad and Bella Feldman. We all love our seders and the kids sang their favorite Passover song ?Frogs.? Thank you to all the parents who participate very graciously whenever asked ? you?re a lovely group of parents. We are delighted to report our fun-filled activities for May. On May 12, we will hold a Mother?s Day Shabbat Tea. The invitations will be made by the children for their moms or who?ever else might want to come. We feel it?s a plan to incorporate Shabbat and honor our parents at the same time. Gifts will be made for the moms, but we don?t want to give away all the surprises! Summer Camp will begin on June 26 and will continue through August 4; everyone is encouraged to attend this 3-day- a-week program from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm. We?ve had lots of fun in the past and the children enjoy the summer themes we feature. $ \Happy Passover, Leah Slam Canyon. These stu?dents were Marc Rowland, Rachel Rowland, Eric Rowland, Michelle Stuart, Daniel Goldstein, Melissa Goldstein, Daniel Conde, Shawn Scott, Sarah Licbcrman, David Lieberman, Marcie Goldstein, Rachel Perlin, Eric Perlin, Laurin Baum and Eric Fleekop. Shawn Scott, who won over Eric Perlin and Daniel Goldberg by one service, will be our ?Shomer Torah.? He will receive a special award and carry a Torah at our Yom Kippur Service. ?We want everyone to be considered and the T.G.I.S. Program really works; more and more students are attending services, ? explains Jackie. On May 12, our sixth and seventh graders will conduct services as we honor our T.G.I.S. participants. And on May 14, there will be no school so our students can spend Mother?s Day with their moms. On March 19, our students dressed and reported on famous Jews. This month the best will be displayed in a unique manner at our ?Museum of Famous Jews? on May 7 at 10:00 am in the Social hall. All are invited to attend. We encourage everyone to attend the city wide Israel Independence Day Celebration at the Sands Expo Center following religious school. Just as the year began with hope and the desire to teach, on May 21 we will end the school year with a special program. The program will include early registration, memories of the school year and a special thanks to our staff. This is a special day when the entire families are asked to attend. Without food we cannot live, without air we cannot breath, without Torah even if we live ? how? Teach your children as we are commanded to do. Congregation Ner Tamid?s M.B. Dalitz Religious School is the best way to keep Torah alive in your child. Watch for future Bulletins in your mail for 5756 (1995-1996) school information. O Have a wonderful summer, Jackie ? - It?s Not Just History... It?s Your History ^ There is a tradition that Jewish children studying the Hebrew alphabet have a drop of honey placed on each letter. This way, as they learn the language, they taste its sweetness. O- A 5 May 1995 (A S p e c i a l ffJiaee 'TJo Brotherhood Shabbat Congregation Ner Tamid will be having a Brotherhood Auxiliary Shabbat on Friday evening, May 5 at 7:30 pm. Many of the Brotherhood members will be receiving honors and will sing Shalom- Rav. Hope to see you there. $ Jewish Lecture Series The third and final lecture in the Gold?berg Lecture series will be held Sunday, May 7 at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary at Congregation Ner Tamid. This lecture titled "Positioning the American Jewish Community into the 21st Century, from Jewish Internet to Political Interests. ? The speaker will be Dr. Steven Wind- mueller, director of Jewish community relations, Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles. $ Rabbi Akselrad to attend AIPAC Conference Rabbi Sanford Akselrad, spiritual leader of Congregation Ner Tamid, has been selected by the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas to attend the 36th Annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. which will take place May 7-9. AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Commit?tee) provides this conference to help educate leaders from across the United States regarding key issues in the Middle East as they effect United States foreign policy. Rabbi Akselrad is the co-chair of the Jewish Federation?s Com?munity Relations Committee. Invited speakers at the conference are President Clinton, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Hon. Bob Dole Senate Majority Leader, Hon. Newt Gingrich Speaker of the House and Elie Wiesel Nobel Prize Laureate. In addition to attending conference meetings, attendees will have an oppor?tunity to visit various monuments includ?ing a private tour of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Rabbi Akselrad will give a detailed report on his trip during Sabbath servic?es Friday, June 2. $ Tot Shabbat The May CNT Tot Shabbat program will be Saturday morning, May 13 at 10:00 am. and the theme will be of our beloved Torah. Our arts and crafts program for the children will also feature the Torah theme and as always, we?ll have lots of great goodies we?ve all come to expect. $ 1995 Confirmation Class Beginning Hebrew will be held on Tuesday evening 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Introduction to Judaism will follow at 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The classes will be taught by Melissa Glovinsky. Melissa has taught at our M.B. Dalitz Religious School for eleven years and has taught the Adult B?nai Mitzvah class for four years. Melissa makes learning Hebrew fun and easy. The cost of each class is $30 for members, $40 for non-members and a $10 book fee. No matter what your age, this is your chance to challenge yourself and to achieve something very special. To sign up for one or both of these classes or for more information, call the Temple office at 733-6292. ? May 19 will be a very special evening as we attend Friday evening services to con?gratulate and celebrate the Confirmation Class of 1995. Those attending the class are Jolie Alhadeff, Haley Boruszak, Jes?sica Bulavsky, Doug Chenin, Danny Gross, Lucas Grower, Shannon Silber, Melissa Simon, Dustin Tiep and Amy Worth. Mazel Tov to all the students and their parents on this special occasion. $ Annual Meeting The Annual Board of Directors meeting will be held May 23 at 7:30 pm in the Temple library. New officers and trustees will be elected at this time. We encourage all congregational members to attend. $ UAHC to Elect New President ^ Jerry Gordon, President of the Board S Congregation Ner Tamid and newly elected National Representative for the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (UAHC), will be among other members of the board to elect the new president of UAHC. Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie will be nominated president-elect to succeed UAHC President Rabbi Alexander M. Schindler when he retires in June 1996. Rabbi Yoffie is currently vice president of the UAHC. $ Souvenir Journal Yiskor - June 4 Rabbi Akselrad will conduct Shavuot Yiskor services on Sunday evening, June 4 at 7:00 pm. Yiskor candlelighting is Saturday evening, June 3. ? Summer Classes To Begin Beginning Hebrew and Introduction to Judaism classes will start up again on June 20. The Union of American Hebrew Congre?gations (UAHC) honors their President Rabbi Alexander M. Schindler, for 23 years of inspiring leadership on Sunday, June 11, 7:00 pm at Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills. Special guest will be A1 Vorspan, Senior Vice President Emeritus, UAHC. Music will be provided by Kol B?Seder. The program is followed by a Gala Dessert Reception. For information and early reservations call Debby Ed? sohn at (310) 277-1996. $ ^ C o n g re g a tio n Ner Tamid May 1995 1995 Co/ Seven Congregation Ner Tamid students will be attending camps Pearlstein, Swig, Wilshire Boulevard and J.C.A. Shalom this summer because of the Congregation?s generosity and the camp?ers? participation in the Campership Mitzvah Program. This year we raised over $5,300 through our efforts at the Chanukkah Bazaar, Purim Carnival, our Fantastic Fashion Show and our Campership plea. In order to receive funds from the Campership program, each student must complete an essay and participate in various mitzvot activities within the Temple and the general community. Special thanks to Jackie Fleekop for her support and for allowing us to have a booth at the Purim Carnival, Diane Brady who graciously donated over 25 lovely baskets as raffle prizes at the fashion show and to each person who answered my letter with a contribution: Diane Brady, Jerry & Rae Countess, Michael Cherry, Renee Diamond, Lew & Marilyn Etcoflf, Susan Fine, Joel & Ellen Fischman, David & Jackie Fleekop, Jerry & Mary Fox, Sylvia Frank, Melissa Glovinsky, Steve & Rhoda Glyman, Solomon & Lilyan Goldberg, Gerald & Yvonne Gordon, Steve & Maxine Gratz, Gary & Gail Husney, Steven & Debra Kaner, Tiny Kaplan, Alan & Kristy Kemer, Eileen Kollins, Tom & Mar?la Letizia, Cal & Phillis Lewis, Gary & Mara Licberman, MA- CY?S, Mort & Eleanor Livenston, Helen Mack, Maxine Molinsky, Morton & Rickie Orzen, Ronald & Tamara Ostrow, Freema Robbins, Chris Roth, Drew & Janis Rounds, Joel & A few of our infamous models in the 1995 Campership Fundraiser Fashion Show that was held in February Esther Saltzman, Gilbert & Natalie Shaw, Scott & Nancy Sil- ber, Roger & Leslie Simon, Jon Sparer, Randy & Ileen Spoor, David & Bette Stahl, Donna Smart, Doug Unger and CNT Broth?erhood. Of course to Maxine Gratz who is always there to support and cheer on this program, a very special thank you. $ Melissa Glovinsky I would like to begin my article with some long over due thanks. While I may be seen at several activities after office hours, the coordination and setup could not be accomplished without the fabulous effort given by the office and custodial staffs. Another arm of the office staff that many of you may not see are the nu?merous volunteers that give to the office. Volunteers like Mary Zone, Lorelei Wojnicz, Ida Aberman and Michelle Morris give their time throughout the week and assist the staff in numerous ways. Special projects demand special assistance in addition to our regular volunteers, in these cases we call upon Phil Seltzer, Jean Goldstein and Rudy Gold. If I have missed anyone, I apol?ogize. All our volunteers are important to us and contribute a great deal to the function of the Temple. As I set upon the task of writing my article I am surround?ed by a tremendous amount of activity. Final preparation for the Seder are taking place. Again, thanks to our two Seder coordi?nators, Phyllis Lewis and Phyllis Mark. Construction is just around the corner (hopefully, it has already begun). As I stated previously, we will attempt to minimize the disruptions to you as much as possible during construction. To assist those who are having a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in the next several months, we sent out a letter to assist you in the coordination required for your alternate site. Please call me if you need assistance. Once the construction plan is in place, we will announce the location of our alternate site for Shabbat Services. Please be patient with us, the short-term inconveniences will be worth it with the completion of our new facility. We are holding our Annual Meeting May 23 at 7:00 pm. We will be presenting your new Board of Trustees. We would ap?preciate your support at the meeting. Come out and meet them. As we move into late Spring and closer towards Summer, we run into a period in which payments of dues begins to slow down. I need your support. In order for the Temple to maintain operations in a smooth fashion, we need you to stay current on your dues. O Thanks for your support in every manner, Monty E. Willey ? 7 May 1995 c 7 S-fte.eia.L fpiuoz fJo ^e^Lonuj, Gustav Kahn Herman Bulavsky Gary Kugler Delia Stearns Hiram Lewis Pauline Rosenblum Dora Nathanson Rose Katz Nathaniel Chaiken Mol lie Ackerman M*?1Z Max Waxier Lucille Goldstein Murry Spiegel Esther Coira Samuel Bierman Bessie Kreisman Louis Giordano Rubin Kirschner Issadore Wexler Herman Wishnak Rose Kogan Emanuel Wender Sarah Pitcher Milton Wasserman Joseph Persion Yetta Goldberg =^LS= Hospice Volunteer Education Course Nathan Adelson Hospice is offering a forty hour Volunteer Education Course, beginning April 29, 1995. The course will provide potential volunteers with the tools and resources needed to offer emo?tional and practical support through the duration of their volunteer sendee with terminal hospice patients and their families. For more information, please call Dee King at 733-0320. O Rabbi Earl Kaplan beloved brother of Eva Kallick Fannie Glasser beloved mother of Harold Glasser Howard Kless beloved father of Lisa Kern Abraham Schwartz Sylvia Lane Saul Miller Abraham Goldstein Sidney May Celia Zimmermt? Jacob Newman Harry Klemow Joseph Light David Stearns Arthur Grutman Isaac Hirshom Harry Nathanson Augusta Sternberg Max Benisch Edward Miller George Asch Robert Worth Shirley Richardson Bernard Shientag Frieda Zabinofsky Jack LeBow Samuel Bossak Marion Knight Bessie Grower Phillip Rosen Jack Davidson Barbara Lowe Brian F(? Louis ShuIminP Gussie Wender Helen Nass Tracie Hirshom Maurice Rachild ft* Rabbi Akselrad would like to help you and your family by visiting Temple members and friends of our congregation who have been hospitalized. Since there is no notification from the hospitals, please contact Judy in the Temple office at 733-6292 when a family member or friend is hospitalized. Ruth, Revelation & Reform Judaism The Union of American Hebrew Congre?gations, Pacific Southwest Council and Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion invite you to a community-wide Shabbaton ?Ruth, Revelation & Reform Judaism? Saturday, June 3 beginning at 9:30 am - 4:00 pm. A day of prayer and song, study and spiritual refreshment will take place in preparation for Shavuot with Rabbi David Ellenson and Rabbi Lewis Barth on the campus of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. M For more information, call (21* 653-9962. $ C o n g re g a tio n Ner Tamid May 1995 AUXILIARIES & The Social Action Committee completed this year?s activities by sending Passover packages to college students. These boxes included matzo, chocolate candy (compliments of Lill Eisner), pencils, pens, highlighters and notepads as well as holiday cards made by the students of Melissa Glovinsky. Passover gifts of handmade booties, afghans and hand lotion were distributed to Jewish seniors at two local convalescent homes. Another spring project was the collection of novels and children?s books that were sent to a kibbutz in Israel. NTTY and its advisors assisted in the mailing of these boxes. The kibbutz library was in desperate need of books in English. The Social Action Committee will meet once over the summer to prepare the bags for our annual High Holiday Food Drive. These bags will be distributed on Rosh Hashanah and will be returned by congregants filled with food on Yom Kippur. If you have any other suggestions for our committee or have an interest in joining, please call the Temple and leave your name and telephone number. I would like to thank each member of the congregation for their tremendous support of all of our projects throughout the year. You have been generous with your donations of food, clothing, books, time and even blood! We have been a truly caring congregation in our pursuit of tikkun olam. the improvement of the world. Many of our members have been serving on the committee for our three years of existence. I want everyone to know who these dedicated and caring people are. Thank you to each of these wonderful congregants for your talents and time. These mitzvah-makers are: Stan Barbanel, Barbara and Eddie Bellaflores, Diane Brady, Sheri Cohen, Lill Eisner, Marv Glovinsky, Steve Goldstein, Jackie McRitchie, Maxine Molinsky, Esther Saltzman, Don Schlesinger, Betty and Harry Schloss, Natalie Shaw, Barbara Shulman, Pearl Silverman, Bette and David Stahl and Sandy Ziskrout; and of course, Rabbi Akselrad. We also need to thank the Religious School, the Sisterhood, the Brotherhood and Golden Chai for their support of our projects throughout the year. $ Eileen Kollins Golden Chai Another terrific month! We had two top- notch programs in April. At the first meeting we were very pleased to have a return visit by Channel 8 news anchor Paula Francis. At the second meeting we had a newcomer to Las Vegas named Don Friend. He is a professional entertainer who plays the keyboard and sings whatever the audience request. Our program chairperson, Estelle Miller, is a whiz at lining up talented and interesting people. She already has programs planned till July. Also she manages to secure prizes for our raffles at every meeting, which is a major accomplishment within itself. What would we do without Estelle?!? As always, we want to extend an invitation to our Temple seniors to join us. We feel sure you?ll enjoy the meetings and the table games that follow. We meet at 11:30 am on the first and third Thursday of each month. Give us the pleasure of welcoming you. tf- Love & Shalom, Helen Zliser & George Lipshaw Jewish Singles Network To Form New Jewish Single Parent Group The Jewish Singles Network (JSN) has announced the formation of a Jewish Single Parent Group, called SWAK (Single With A Kinder). This group was formed to provide support, discussion and socializing for singles with children. The intention is to have regular activities to include once-a-month events with parents and children, as well as parental discussion programs scheduled throughout the year. The group is chaired by Maxine Molinsky along with several other members of JSN. Maxine has successfully organized two such groups in the San Francisco Bay area. Those parents involved found opportunity for shared friendships and were able to support each other with family as well as adult events. JSN and SWAK is open to any Jewish single regardless of Temple affiliation. Anyone who is interested in finding out more about this new single parent support group, contact Maxine at 433-1355 or Debbie at 228-4871 or the JSN Hotline at 897-7990. $ May 1995 { 7 S p e c i a l (J)lacc (Jo (Belong. AUXILIARIES & D n o t n c n n o o h FIcu; ntronT Outreach ? Committee for Inter-Faith Families Your Temple Brotherhood is really burning the candle at both ends. Not the Yom Hashoah candle, but rather the event and fund-raising candle. The Yom Hashoah candles were well received by most congregants. I am certain that many homes lighted their candles on April 26 to remember the victims of the Holocaust and intolerance worldwide. The donations which came to the Brotherhood for the candles will go far in allowing some of the Ner Tamid youngsters to attend summer camp. If you have not made your candle donation yet, do it now. Friday night, May 5 is the Ner Tamid Brotherhood Sabbath. Many Brotherhood members will receive h