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Program for National Conference of Christians and Jews event to honor Eileen Brookman, 1979






In 1979, Eileen Brookman was honored as a Distinguished Citizen of the Year by the National Conference of Christians and Jews for her continued service to the community. The program includes highlights of her accomplishments.

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jhp000384. Eileen Brookman Papers, 1934-2002. MS-00620. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Dinner Chairman HONORABLE FLOYD LAMB Co-Chairmen FRED LEWIS HONORABLE MIKE O'CALLAGHAN Ticket Chairmen DR. KENNY C. GUINN HONORABLE MYRON LEAVITT Honorary Chairmen HONORABLE ROBERT LIST HONORABLE HOWARD CANNON HONORABLE PAUL LAXALT HONORABLE JAMES SANTINI Dinner Committee Hon. Keith Ashworth Dr. Donald Baepler Alvin Benedict Reverend Marion D. Bennett Fred Benninger Reverend Jerome G. Blankinship Hon. William H. Briare Richard A. Carlson Frank P. Carmen Naomi Cherry Gregg Cooper Beverly Deveaugh Dr. Brock Dixon Hon. Thalia Dondero Hon. Jean Ford Hon. Lloyd George Allen R. Glick Charlene Goldman David Goldwater Annette Goodman Hon. Oran K. Gragson Hon. Addeliar Guy Hon. William H. Hernstadt Jean Holbrook Dr. Theodore Jacobs Frank Johnson Elizabeth Kanter Chris Karamonos Edythe Katz Herb Kaufman Irwin Kishner Dr. Leonard Kreisler Sam Krug William M. Laub A1 Levy V. H. Lonnquist Larry Luna Hon. Ron Lurie Jerome Mack Sheriff John McCarthy Hon. John F. Mendoza Sherman Miller William R. Morse Hon. John Mowbray Dr. Claude Perkins Harold S. Ritzer H. K. Robertson Ben Schmoutey Frank Scott Dr. Marvin M. Sedway Mr. & Mrs. Frank Soskin Maj/Gen R. G. "Zack" Taylor Harry Wald Hon. Joseph L. Ward Rabbi Stephen E. Weisberg Louis Wiener, Jr. P. W. Wilke, Jr. Leonard A. Wilson Andrew M. Zorne Distinguished Citizen of the Year Eileen Brookman Eileen Brookman is not quite five feet in height, but today no Nevadan stands taller. For ten years, from 1967 to 1977, she was recognized as one of Nevada's most caring, most humane legislators. She continually reached out to lend help to those who were in most need of it: senior citizens, Nevada's Indian population, black people and peo-ple stricken with crippling illnesses. But her contributions to the community began long before her election to the Nevada State Assem-bly. In 1958, when Las Vegas was emerging from a desert boomtown into a complex metropolis, Eileen was one of a handful of far-sighted citizens who gathered to form the Clark County Chapter of the National Christians and Jews. It is with great pride and heart-felt gratitude, therefore, that the NCCJ honor her as Distinguished Citizen of the Year. Eileen is an embodiment of the NCCJ's goals of eliminating racial and religious prejudices and bring-ing justice and brotherhood to all. A tireless worker, she has served on a multitude of state, city and county boards and commissions. A leader and an innovator, she was one of the first Caucasians to sit on the board of the NAACP and the first woman to sit on the Taxicab Authority. She has been named Woman of the Year by a score of organizations and was once considered one of the two most influential women in Nevada. Her intense political activism and many humanitarian projects have not prevented her from being a de-voted wife and mother. Eileen Brook-man is truly an outstanding citizen for all seasons. rod am at ion WHEREAS. National Conference of Christians and Jews. Clark County Chapter has des "jrated Eileen Brookman *?> the OSst inguished Citizen of the Vear. and WHEREAS; Eileen 8rookman j? a long-tide resident citizen of Las Vegas, and WHEREAS; the City of Las Vegas wishes to join with the National Conference of Christians and Jews in demonstratIng our respect and deep appreciation of Eileen for her many ef-forts on behalf of this community and publicly recognize the positive iMpact her life and energies have had on the citizens of Las Vegas; and MHEftEAS: the accomplishments of Eileen Sroohman reflect a selfless WOW. THEREFORE. UE. the undersigned Mayor and City Co?w?i ss iorsers of the City of Las Vegas, do hereby proclaim Thursday. September 20fh. 1979. as: 'EILEEN BROOUVU DAY" ?n thr City of Las Vegas, and encourage all fellow citizens in honoring this exceptional and beloved citizen and her humanitarian accomplishments Las Vegas Belongs To Eileen Brookman l f t t a t t ' o f R a > 9 ? t i < m thi.6 %0 a f t T u.rtce coope"*?" . among in, to eliminate mt?Jt?P? Wn??,.ort?l ???(, political ahnfewnce of ? 0 V ??<* Of % ^ 0 1 ?01?% C o m m i B , ^ ' i B e . t T T r T * * , c " ? v e ? M , . Conferenc. o? 5?.r*"*?*d a 1961" Celebrate Brotherhood Week?Gathered around Mary Lou Jones at the piano, six persons who put together the recent program at Temple Beth Sholom in honor of Brotherhood week, pose for the R-J camera. Left to right are Rabbi Harry Sherer; Cantor Joseph Kohn; Neil Galtz and Eileen Brook-man, who co-chairmaned the affiar; and Rev. A.J. Thompson and Mike O'Callaghan, who both spoke at the meeting. Membership Invitations?Shown getting invitations for membership in the local chapter of the National Conference of Christians and Jews ready for mailing are, from left, Mrs. Frank Alexander, Mrs. Meyer Diamond, Mrs. Margaret Quelch, Mrs. George Brookman, membership chairman; Dale Deacon Jones, local jazz musician and membership representative, and Mrs. Frank Hutchinson, who is in charge of writing mem-bership invitations to community leaders. Other committee members not shown are Mrs. Richard Friedkin and Mrs. Mort Sieger. 66 1957" 1962 ? Eileen Brookman is on hand with the NCCJ Creed Labor and Management bring together labor, business and community leadership to explore and implement the principle of equal opportunity. NCCJ Institutes help to create understanding of mutual responsibility in crucial human relations problems. Map Strategy?Labor Man-agement Committee and Exec-utive Board of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, is shown in its first exec-utive meeting concerned with minority problems, job and educational opportunities. Shown from left are: A1 Bramlet, executive secretary, Culinary Union and member N.C.C.J. Labor Management Committee; Louis E. Ward; Atty. Norman Helbrecht; Mrs. George Brook-man; Judge David Zenoff, and Henry Dunn. Stress Brotherhood?Sen. Howard Cannon, second from left, was the featured speaker at the recent banquet of the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Conference of Christians and Jews. From left are Dist. Judge David Zenoff, chairman of the NCCJ; Cannon; George Hammond, NCCJ Youth leader; Mrs. George Brookman; Robert Mullen and Eugene Murphy. Trade School Plan Praised?Leland Newcomer, superintendent of schools in Clark County was recently sent a letter of commendation by the National Conference of Christians and Jews for his encouragement of trade school education. The letter from members of the NCCJ Labor-Management Committee partici-pating in a conference on minority em-ployment, said, "It is the feeling of our members that the trade school is a logi-cal answer to both the problem of student dropouts and the qualifying of members of minority groups, with special refer-ence to Negroes, for employment op-portunities." Members of the committee include Judge David Zenoff; Henry Dunn; Mrs. George Brookman; A1 Bramlet, secretary-treasurer of Culinary Workers Union, Local 226; Norman Hilbrecht, attorney; Louis E. Ward, president of Nevada Land and Mortgage Co.; James T, Rob-erts, steward of the Press Club; and Fred Smith, vice-president of the Re-view- Journal and chairman of the com-mittee. Discuss Minority Employment?Participating in a conference on minority em-ployment recently were, left to right, Judge David Zenoff, state chariman of the National Conference of Christians and Jews; Henry Dunn, co-chairman; Mrs. George Brookman, secretary; A1 Bramlet; Norman Hilbrecht; and Louis E. Ward. NCCJ and Eileen Brookman "Working with and for the Clark County community." Newspaper Tribute?Dr. Heinz Rettig, executive director of the National Conference of Christians and Jews of Las Vegas, center, paid tribute to the local Beth Sholom Wed-nesday night. Dr. Rettig said, "our newspapers are making the public aware of the need for combating prejudice on America's home front." Shown with Dr. Rettig are, Mrs. Stanley Irwin, president of the Sisterhood, left, and Mrs. Eileen Brookman, program chairman and representative of the Anti-Defamation Legue. 1961?Times have changed, but not the devotion of Eileen Brookman and Mends. Do you remember when these people were in office? NCCJ Directors Meet?The special evaluation meeting of the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Conference of Christians and Jews was attended by local members and guest evaluator Dr. Jacob Cunningham, director of the Los Angeles NCCJ chap-ter. From left are (standing) Joseph Nosanchuck, Fred Smith. Marty Kutzan, Rev. Welles Miller, Rev. Glen Tudor, Rev. Melvin Pekrul, Mrs. George Brookman, Pat Diskin, Dr. Cunningham, and James Gay. Seated are Eugene Murphy, Major M. Sweeney, and Harry W. Parker, Sr., general chairman of the local chapter. "1961" Announce New Appointments Mrs. George Brookman, First Vice President, B'nai B'rith and Anti-Defemation League Officer, and Robert H. Robinson, Safety and Training Director, Southern Nevada Telephone Company, have been appointed Co-Chairmen, Membership Comittee, National Con-ference of Christians and Jews, Inc., Las Vegas office, Major M. Sweeney, NCCJ Chairman, announced today. Mrs. Brookman, Las Vegas housewife and mother of two children, is a member of the Executive Board of the Temple Beth Sholom Sister-hood and is an active worker on many community causes including the March of Dimes, Mental Health Association, and NAACP. Mr. Robinson is District Governor, Toastmasters International, the first Las Vegas resident to hold this position. He is Vice President, Las Vegas Y.M.C.A., Vice President, Las Vegas Colts Semi-Pro Baseball Club, Membership Chairman, National Sales Executive Club in Las Vegas, Organization Leader for Boulder Area, Boy Scouts of America, in Charter Presentations. "Since membership in the National Conference of Christians and Jews, Inc. means participation in a world wide program against racial prejudice and bigotry the Membership function is of key importance," Mayor M. Sweeney said. The Start of Great Things! K ? -' A ' The Clark County Chapter of the National Conference of Christians and Jews is 21 years old. The National organization is 51 years old. There are approximately 70 full time offices of NCCJ across the country. It is a non-profit human relations organization dedicated to eradicating religious and racial bigotry and prejudice where ever it exists in the community as well as nationally in consonance with the goals of the national office. Past Distinguished Citizen of the Year Award recipients have been: 1973, Harley E. Harmon; 1975, Charlotte Hill; 1976, Maj. Gen. R.G. "Zack" Taylor; 1977, Honorable Mike O'Callaghan and 'June 22, 1978, Walter Kane. Brotherhood Award Winners?(Left to right) Police Chief Leo Kuykendall, Mrs. Eileen Brookman, and Bob Bailey received The National Conference of Christians and Jews Brotherhood Awards at the annual Brotherhood Week Dinner at the Stardust Hotel, which heard Harold Smith Sr. of Harold's Club, Reno, welcome the guest speaker, Walter N. Marks. Eugene Murphy. N.C.C.J, chairman, presented the awards. Eileen Brookman has played an active role in every facet of the National Con-ference of Christians and Jews since helping to found the Clark County Chapter 21 years ago. Thanks to her and other devoted mem-bers of the Las Vegas community the local chapter has been able to consistently fulfill the objectives of the NCCJ. The NCCJ strives to help) parents rear their children, to create youth programs, to establish justice in the community, to train teachers, to assist labor and man-agement to create equal opportunity in industry, to promote interreligious dialogue, to circulate religious news and to provide learning tools for schools and religious institutions. NCCJ Committee?Shown are NCCJ Committee members finalizing plans for their participation in the first annual NCCJ Par-3 Golf Tournament to be held Monday and Tuesday, July 25 and 26, at the Aladdin Hotel Country Club. The 18-hole tourney is expected to attract more than 400 players. Wives of members of the National Conference of Christians and Jews will assist in the fund-raising event, sponsored by the hotel. Pictured left, Dean Riley, Aladdin golf pro; Mrs. Oran Gragson, chairman; Mrs. William Deutsch, committer, member; and Eileen Brookman, hostess committee. Plan For Brotherhood Week?Making plans for the February celebration of National Brotherhood Week in Las Vegas are members of the local chapter of the National Conference of Christians and Jews. Standing from left are Louis Ward, Rev. Walter Hanne, Dr. Jacob Cunningham, NCC J executive director for Southern California; Rev. Patrick Toomey and Robert E. Mullen. Seated are left to right, Dr. R. Guild Gray, Eileen Brookman and Thomas J. McLaughlin. Plans include the annual dinner, county high school speaking program, police community seminar and reaching the public through all media. Program Master of Ceremonies FRED LEWIS Invocation Introduction of Dinner Chairman THE HONORABLE FLOYD LAMB Proclamations Benediction Dinner ? Dancing Fred Lewis Father Caesar Caviglia National Delegates Jerome Mack Maj. Gen. R.G. "Zack" Taylor, USAF (Ret.) President Lloyd George Vice Presidents Frank Carmen for Program Development Naomi Cherry for Membership Gregg Cooper for Public Relations Leonard Wilson for Budget and Finance Secretary Florence McClure Treasurer Charlene Goldman Board of Directors Rev. Jerome G. Blankinship Beverly Deveaugh Dr. Brock Dixon Judge Addeliar Guy Annette Goodman Jean Holbrook Dr. Leonard Kreisler Dr. Claude Perkins Ben Schmoutey Louis Weiner, Jr. Rabbi Stephen E. Weisberg Emeritus Board Dr. Donald Baepler Rev. Marion Bennett Allen Glick Chris Karamanos Herb Kaufman Irwin Kishner Sam Krug A1 Levy Larry Luna Judge John F. Mendoza Judge Joseph L. Ward