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14th Anniversary Issue of the Sands Times from the Sands Hotel and Casino, December 1966






The 14th anniversary issue of the Sands Times magazine from the Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Articles written in the magazine describe various events held at the Sands, entertainment news, and celebrity appearances.

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jhp000796. UNLV Libraries Collection of Sands Hotel and Casino Promotional Materials and Reports, 1958-2014. MS-00934. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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14th ANNIVERSARY DECEMBER, 1966 FRANK and MIA Sands timesSANDS PRESIDENT ENTRATTER RECEIVES ISRAEL?S FAMED WHEN ITS EXCITING PRIME MINISTER MEDAL Sands president and show producer Jack Entratter, was awarded the Israeli Prime Minister?s Medal for his efforts in helping the new state achieve economic and governmental stability. Asholom Caspi, Israeli counsel general, (right), made the presentation on behalf of the Prime Minister. Speaking at the Sands Grand Ballroom affair was General David Elazer, (left), commander of the northern forces of the Israeli Army. City of Las Vegas Mayor Oran Gragson and Mrs. Gragson (left) join in the honor to Entratter, along with Sands Vice President Carl Cohen (far right) and Mrs. Fran Cohen. Watching their partner being honored are co-partners Hy Abrams (left), Mickey Wichinsky (center) and Moe Lewis (right). Sands executive Buck Harris is made an honorary chief of the Ponca Tribe during the Tournament, by the two top ranking leaders of the ancient people. Above Sandy Waterman (right) Sands co-owner joins with friends and Harley E. Harmon (facing camera) and Mrs. Harmon. SANDS HONORED AT PONCA GOLF TOURNAMENT The Sands Hotel was again honored this year with an invitation to partici?pate in the Ponca City, Oklahoma Charity Golf Tournament. Pictured above are Sands executives Carl Cohen and Buck Harris along with their wives and some of the Sands favorite guests. Shown are Mr. and Mrs. Buck Harris; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tomlinson; Mrs. Virginia Grimmett; Mr. and Mrs. Stansell Whiteside; and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cohen. Featured in the tourna?ment show were Louis Prima, Gia Maione, Sam Butera & the Witnesses, stars of the Sands Celebrity Theatre.ITS USUALLY AT THE SANDS New York, Los Angeles Team Wins Sands First International Bridge Tournament With $28,000 in prizes as the incentive, 104 players from 38 states entered the Sands 1st Annual Bridge Tournament. Pictured above (left to right) are Alfred Sheinwold, world-famous bridge authority who judged the tournament, Andrew Luther, vice president of the U.S. Playing Card Company, Sandy Waterman, Sands co-owner. Jack Entratter, Sands president, winners Ivan Erdos of New York and Tobias Stone of Los Angeles, and Carl Cohen, Sands vice president. WORLD SHRINE POTENTATE AT SANDS Imperial Potentate of of the World Shrine, Orville Rush (front right) of Washing?ton, D.C. (attorney) is shown with inter?national leaders who met at the Sands for their 1966 meeting. SANDS 2nd ANNUAL OUTRIGGER RACES DRAW 114 BOATS In its 2nd year of sponsorship of outrigger races held at Lake Mead, the Sands draws many enthusiasts from Southern California. This year the races drew 114 craft and over 300 sailing buffs. Pictured are the boats on nearby Lake Mead and the Sands Outrigger Holiday Win?ners, all of Malibu, (left to right) Buck Pennington, third place; Nor?man Marchment, winner; Jerri Sons, who presented the trophies, and Harry Marchment, second place. CALIFORNIA ANGELS FLY TO SANDS Making the Sands their head?quarters for exhibition games are the LA Angels, shown here with Bill Rigney, team manager to the right of Sands president Jack Entratter (center).ROZ RUSSELL HONORED AT GALA 25th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY PARTY at SANDS Actress Rosalind Russell, center, and husband Freddie Brisson, cut their 25th wedding anniversary cake as other stars look on. From left, Mrs. Cary Grant, Brisson, Miss Russell, Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra and new bride, Mia Farrow. The party was held in the Sands Grand Ballroom which was beautifully decorated for the affair including a ten-foot high congratulatory telegram seen in the background. Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Stewart, Mrs. Pat Lawford and Sands president and show producer Jack Entrat- ter, chat during one of the few quiet moments at a three-day anniver?sary celebration for Rosalind Russell and husband, Freddie Bris?son at the Sands Ho?tel. BIG HUG FOR PARTY HOST ? Rosalind Russell gives Frank Sinatra a big hug in thanks for the anniversary thrown for she and husband Freddie Brisson at the Sands Hotel. Mrs. Sinatra (Mia Farrow) looks on at right. FRIENDS VISIT ? Film favorite Claudett Colbert, left, chats with friend Rosalind Russell during the 25th wedding anniversary celebra?tion for Miss Russell and husband Freddie Brisson. The party was attended by 34 of the brightest names in the entertainment world.STARBURSTS LOUIS PRIMA JOINS SANDS FAMILY Louis Prima and Gia Maione hold a huge ?trumpet? made of flowers which was presented to them by the Sands Management at the conclusion of their first show in the Sands Celebrity Theatre. Sands President Jack Entratter, Sammy Davis, Jr., A1 Benedict, (DI exec), Jerry Mack, Bank of LV executive, discuss combined Jewish Ap?peal Dinner held at Sands. The four were com?mitteemen for the dinner. Louis Prima (seated) signs million dollar contract for Sands Celeb?rity Theatre appearances as friends Frank Sinatra, Sands show pro?ducer Jack Entratter, and Sands exec Moe Lewis look on. Famous movie ?tough? man, Edward G. Ro?binson helps celebrate the Sands 13th Anni?versary with stars Danny Thomas and Joey Bishop, the latter of whom seems unmoved by Robinson?s witty remarks. COPA ROOM STAR CHATS WITH OLD FRIENDS CAROL BURNETT, the zany redhead comedienne, chats with friends during her engagement at the Sands Hotel. From left, in conversation, are: Dr. Roscoe Miller, president of Northwestern University; Elvis Stahr, president of Indiana University and former secretary of the Army; and Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Charles Baron, Sands executive.Richard Greene, a Las Vegas serviceman wounded in Viet Nam, is greeted by Don Adams, star of ?Get Smart? TV series, backstage during Adams? 1 week engagement at Sands. Greene said the words ?Get Smart? were the words used as a SANDS TIMES DECEMBER, 1966 published by the SANDS, Inc., Las Vegas, Nev. Editor ...........................................AL FREEMAN Associate Editor .............................Ron Erickson Entered as second class matter June 24th, 1955 at the Post Office Las Vegas, Nevada, under the Act of Mar. 3, 1879 LOWELL THOMAS ? Dean of American broadcasters, right, chats with Danny Thomas, during a re?cent visit to Sands. Sands star Jerry Lewis, welcomes win?ners of the ?Dating Game? television show on their arrival at the Sands Hotel. Center is actress Joan Twelve and her date is Robert Jones, Los Angeles attorney. Monica Weiss?Vienna, Austria, visits with Sands singing star, Pat Boone. Miss Weiss is a student at Vienna University, studying modern physics. Sands star Joey Bishop welcomes Dr. and Mrs. Kalman Mann to the Sands Hotel when the two Israeli medical dignataries visited in Las Vegas. Actually both of the Manns are doctors and he is the director of Hadassah Medical and Social Services in Israel. slogan for front line forces in Viet Nam.ASTRONAUTS GO ?OUT OF THIS WORLD? FOR SKELTON Six members of the United States astronauts team visited the Sands Hotel where they were greeted by Red Skelton, his wife, Georgia, and daughter, Valentina. Included as a must in their busy itinerary, was the Red Skelton Copa Room show which included the famous Skelton astronaut sketch. From left, greeting the Skelton family, are: David Scott, James McDivitt, Edward White (first man to walk in space), Roger Chaffee, Art Coleman (a friend of the Skelton?s), Valentina, Mrs. Skelton, Virgil (Gus) Grissom, and Russell Schweikart. TURKISH AMBASSADOR VISITS WITH STEVE AND EYDIE ? Ambassador Tur- gut Menemencioglu, the U.S. Ambassador from Turkey, made a special stop at the Sands to see and hear his all-time favorite singing stars. The Ambassador (center) is shown with Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, backstage. DINO GETS WORLD?S LARGEST MAR?QUEE PICTURE FOR MOVIE AT THE SANDS ? When Dean Martin staged some sequences from his recent movie ?Kiss Me Stupid?, during his Sands engagement, the largest neon marquee picture ever construct?ed was used as one of the main props. It measured nearly 60 feet in height, took 8 months to build and won an award for its originality and execution. JACK ENTBATTtR pbisehts CLOSING TONIGHTRegency Room For the ultimate in gourmet dining the Sands presents with pride a ?special place? for ?special people??the Regency Room. C. C. Cohen (Kansas City) party in Recency Room. Bernie Miller (left) publisher of GENTLE?MEN?S QUARTERLY, presents his magazine?s award for elegant dining, to Danny Thomas and Sands president Jack Entratter. Mr. James Quincy, famous French wine maker and Charles Hecht, local distributor for the wines, dine in the Regency Room and are shown the wine by Artie Selman, Sands Regency Host.Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Herrera, Tampico, Mexici He is publisher of five Mexican newspaper Judges Sydney Hoffman, left, and H. R. Reynolds, Superior Court Judges of Philadelphia, Louisiana State Senator Harvey Peltier, Jr. of New Orleans. Miss Moira Walsh, Sidney Australis visiting her before returning to school in Italy Lt. Gov. Sam Shapiro of Illinois and WifeGRAND BALLROOM 1200 jam United Jewish Fund Appeal dinner in Grand Ballroom The first elegant New Year Eve party was held in the new facility last year. The Grand Ballroom is transplanted into a luxurious South Sea Island atmosphere for a luau party, part of last year's Anniversary Celebration. The American Parts System convention group throw a wing-ding for 1500 con?ventioneers. 1 1. suits any occasion Elegant dinner parties, such as this National Hadassah Dinner, fit graciously into the Grand Ballroom The colorful Sands 1st International Bridge Tournament was staged here. Another view of the adaptability and versatility of the Granc Ballroom transformed into a luau the Portugese Bend Club visits hotel for weekend. Lloyd Cope, Sands resident manager, and Howard Smith of Western Airlines kneel in front. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Goetz of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, are shown with their dog named ?Mr. Sands??in honor of our hotel. Mr. Goetz builds bridges and roads all over the world and is a longtime member of the Sands family. mg McClure, ?Trampas? on he Virginian? television ow and bride, Helen Crane, :re married at the Sands recently. Bob Schiller, head writer for the Red Skelton TV Show, and Susan Amster, Eve Ar?den?s god-daughter are shown getting married at the Sands this year. Michael Adare, left, Australian industralist from Sydney on tour of the West with Dr. James McElhanney, mayor of El Segundo, California. June Allyson and Glen Maxwell, are shown with best man and long time friend Jack Entratter as they were married re?cently at the Sands. Walter Marlowe, Houston, Texas; Cliff Frid- land, Phoenix, Arizona; Vince Marangi, Rossmoor, Calif., here for Gulf-Western Industries conference. Mr. and Mrs. Don Safran Entertainment Editor, Dallas Times HeraldFor Fun and Sun! . Our Guests Come From All Over The World Pete Epsteen (left) of Chicago, owner of the world?s largest Pontiac agency presents a check from a successful fund-raising project to Sands president, Jack Entratter, to benefit the Dorothy Entratter Homes for Children in Israel. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cullity, Sydney, Australia. Helen Romero, ?Miss L.A. City? comes to the Sands. She is secretary to Los Angeles mayor Sam Yorty. Rose Altschul and Party, of New York City Sands vice-president Carl Cohen (center) with Turkey?s Ambassador Turgus Menemencioglu, and singing star Sonny King Copa star Jerry Lewis helps Mr. and Mrs. Harry Orlowitz of Philadelphia celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary during a visit to the Sands Hotel. Guests include, from left, M/M Marty Goldberg, New York; Nick Bonanno, I.A.; Dr. and Mrs. D. Aquilla, New York; M/M George Azzalin, both New York.Daughter of Sands Executive Weds Miss Nancy Eileen Shapiro, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shapiro, Sands executive, and Sidnay Schuman, Jr. of Los Angeles recite marriage vows in a formal double-ring ceremony held in the Sands Grand Ballroom in the presence of 500 guests. Above is colorful setting before the wedding ceremony which shows size and versatility of the Sands Grand Ballroom for events and meetings. 5 Below, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Kyme, New Zealand. Gen. Curtis LeMay, right, and Gen. Charles Baron of the Sands. Below, Mrs. Elizabeth Athanasakos, a judge of the Florida District Court, and the Grand National Pres, of Greek women?s Org?anization ?Daughters of Penelope? is pictured with Riki Yarborough, Sands Reservation Manager. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wolfgang and family of Switzerland. Mr. and Mrs. Glen McCormack and children, Kelly 5, Tim 9, staying at Sands. McCormack is former Olympic diving coach and wife, Pat, was gold medal winner in 1960 and 1964.CONVENTIONS AT Sands JANTZEN HOLDS FIRST NATIONAL SHOWING IN SANDS GRAND BALLROOM The most colorful convention held at the Sands this year was the national Jantzen Style Showing which was attended by more than 4500 dealers and visitors over a four-day period. Lou Glazer, long-time Sands guest and president of Sun Clothes in Philadelphia, helped Jack Entratter bring the im?portant showing to this city for the first time. Dick Wentworth, Newark, New Jersey; Bud Condo, Seattle, Wash., regional sales manager; and Mrs. Wentworth. At the right, Paul Hornung, famous Green Bay Packers star, sets the theme for the showing of the new line of men?s sweat?ers by Jantzen. Part of the 3,000 A1 Malaikah Shriners who were hosted by Sands exec Mike Shapiro (shown standing center). Flying Red Carpet Club, Oklahoma City Connecticut Athletic Club 5 GET MORE DONE . . . HAVE MORE FUN! Murat Shrine Temple of Philadelphia Texas Trial Lawyers Ass?n. New Jersey Dental Association Cleveland Academy of Medicine Buick Executives of California Oklahoma Bar Association Gentlemen Chefs of California Ohio Bar AssociationSANDS TO HOST WORLD BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIP JANUARY 11-15/1967 International sportsman Prince Alexis Obolensky of Palm Beach, Florida and Sands exec Sandy Waterman, discuss plans for the First Sands World Backgammon Championship to be held at the Sands January 11-15. The tournament is expected to attract an outstanding array of the world?s top players from about 10 foreign countries. ?I SPY? TV SERIES FILMS AT SANDS Two segments of the famous TV series are shown being filmed at the sands, starring Robert Culp and Bill Cosby. Jerry Lewis, National Chairman for the Mus?cular Dystrophy Drive for the past eighteen years, began the 1966-67 campaign while appearing at the Sands Hotel. Above Jerry and Michael Smith of Las Vegas display a Nevada proclamation outlining the MS pro?grams and fund drive. UNIQUE HADASSAH PARTY Western Regional Chap?ters of Hadassah hold an unusual outdoor meeting in the delightful Novem?ber sunshine of Las Ve?gas on the grounds of the Sands. At right, Mrs. Fran Cohen, President of Las Vegas Chapter, hosts the 1200 women who at?tended the luncheon. I JERRY LEWIS KICKS OFF MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY DRIVEJACK ENTRATTER CARL COHEN President Vice-President Another year has passed and on behalf of the Sands Hotel management, staff and our family of stars we would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and hope the coming year will be an exceptionally fine one for you. We hope too, that in the new year we will have the oppor?tunity to again serve you and may 1967 be a year of prosperity, happiness and good health for you and your family. FRANK SINATRA DEAN MARTIN SAMMY DAVIS, JR. RED SKELTON DANNY THOMAS STEVE LAWRENCE EYDIE GORME JERRY LEWIS CAROL BURNETT JOEY BISHOP NANCY AMES LOUIS PRIMA GIA MIAONE SAM BUTERA ALAN KING LENA HORNE BUDDY GRECO COUNT BASIE DIAHANN CAROLL CORBETT MONICA LANA CANTRELL FRANKIE RANDALL PAT BOONE RIGHTEOUS BROS. THE KESSLER TWINS BOB MELVIN SONNY KING VIDO MUSSO ERNIE STEWARTSteve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme THE Sands LAS VEGAS, NEVADA U.S. POSTAGE BULK RATE PAID PERMIT No. 124 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA