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Epilogue: UNLV Yearbook, 1982






Yearbook main highlights: schools and departments; detailed lists with names and headshots of faculty, administration and students; variety of photos from activities, festivals, campus life, and buildings; campus organizations such as sororities, fraternities and councils; beauty contest winners; college sports and featured athletes; and printed advertisements of local businesses; Institution name: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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man000543. Epilogue: UNLV Yearbook. 1982. [Periodical] Retrieved from Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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ADS 220
Building A Yearbook
«. V VB 1^1" "
Duilding a View.
Building a Horel Adminisrrorion Building.
Building a Fine Arts Building.
Building o Better Campus.
Building a Good Reputation.
Building Art.
Building a Sports Pavillion.
Building a Career.
Building a Moment.
Building an Audience.

The Aquarian Earth Fair
booths . . . John Lennon Lithographic display . . .
jazz ensemble . . . therapeutic massages . . .
ecology playshop . . . jazzercise workshop . . .
run-a-muck danceaerobics . . . Marilyn Ferguson
. . . metaphysics of Srarwars . . . yoga of self
awareness . . . calligraphy workshop . . . flag
making contest . . . dream interpretation . . . bas
relief sculpture . . . the mirrormanfa play for
children) ... a desert wetlands park ... the
religious science choir . . . dance . . . readings
. . . song . . . fun . . . creative expression ... A
Soil On Opens Concert
Perer Frampron performs for students
on top of the P.E. Complex.
5 Wild and Crozy days of .. . arm wrestling . . . beer . . .
bands . . . The Fox . . . beer chugging . . . food ... Yo-
Yo contest . . . group singing . . . Polka dancing . . . more
beer chugging . .. more dancing . . . more contests . . .
more bands . .. more . . .
Happy Haunts Invade Party!
People Watch, People Listen
Drama Performs
cheerleaders . . . raffle drawings . . .
football players ... a pep talk by
Coach Tony Knap . . . free soft drinks
. . . hot dogs 25(t • • • field passes . .
T-shirts ... THE DIG GAME!
196 Units Taken
Students Gave
So Others Could Live.
Frisbee Contest!
Pom Levins Mokes Her
Winning Throw!
The Gome!
Little Sister
Homecoming Queen Lilly Zozoyo And Her
Escort Tim McGorry. Lilly Was Sponsored
By Sigma Nu Fraternity
Senator Mary Beth
Nitzschke Serves
Up Hot Dogs!
W'tfr v?.'*
• y •
Best In The West!
ATO Takes First Place!

ATO Sudsfest

ADP's PuTnukr nA t Toga Party!
Designer Togas


1 CHv- M •
H H I -
Theatre On Campus
The UNLV Deporrment of Theatre Arts (DTA) had a dramatic
lineup of live theatre on rap that began Sept. 30 with the
Acting Company from Washington, D.C. making their Las Vegas
This talented group, founded by veteran actor John Houseman,
began a three-day residency on the campus with the awardwinning
play "Waiting for Godot". Considered one of playwright
Samuel Beckett's most brilliant works, "Godot" presents a tragicomic
portrait of two men existing in a world void of hope.
The following evening, theatre audiences were delighted with an
outstanding performance of "II Campiello.- A Venetian Comedy."
This rollicking comedy by Carlo Goldoni recounts the matrimonial
scheming, gossip and games that enliven the daily activity of a
bustling, bur poor Venetian piazza.
Completing the Acting Company repertoire was William
Wycherly's Restoration comedy of manners, "The Country Wife,"
Garland Wright directed this rale of a naive country girl whose
aging, over-protective husband escorts her to London. An
ingenious philanderer enters the picture, and a comedy of
intrigue follows.
October 22 marked the opening of the regular season of DTA
productions in the Judy Bayley Theater, as the curtain rose on
the American comedy classic "Life With Father." The longest
running comedy in American theater history, "Life With Father"
recalls a gentler rime in American family life. The Howard
Lindsay-Russel Crouse comedy was also the department's entry in
the American College Theater Festival this year.
The season changed directions dramatically December 3 as Sam
Shepard's Pulitzer Prize-winning drama/comedy "Buried Child"
rakes center stage. In a single 24 hour period Shepard exposes
the twisted lives of this lower class farm family and probes the
tragedies of American family life in modem rimes.
Following on the Bayley stage another critically acclaimed
work—this by Spain's most brilliant playwright—Federico Garcia
Lorco. "Blood Wedding" brings to the fore Lorca's moving
elements of poetry, laughter and rears. He explored with
dramatic sensuality the doomed love affair of a pair of primitive
hill people in Spain at the turn of the century.
As the climax to a dramatic season, DTA brought back its most
popular stage production of all rime, "Jesus Christ Superstar,"
Several seasons ago the glorious musical played to sell-out crowds
in the Judy Bayley Theater.
II Campiello
^ Venetian
Comedy bum
Doreen Kuhl, and Tori Padellferd in Sam Shepard's "Buried Child"
BLOOD \vi:i)i>i\(i
UNLV is a growing institution of higher learning. In less than ten years, UNLV has
tripled its campus size, allowing room for the university's 63 different degree
programs available to students, including over two dozen at the master's and
doctoral levels.
Founded in 1957, UNL V has grown from o single one-story building in the desert to a
green, 335-acre campus with a total head-count enrollment of approximately
To accommodate the increasing enrollment, UNL V has undertaken a massive
construction program which has brought millions of dollars worth of new buildings to
the campus in the past decade. These include one of the most modern teacher
education facilities in the country, a major classroom and office building, a four
building physical education complex complete with a 50-meter indoor swimming
pool, new laboratories and classrooms in the life sciences, and a spacious 2,000 sear
concert hall which serves as a cultural home for the entire community.
A $7 million, four-story additon to the James Dickinson Library opened this fall,
providing better facilities and more room for the growing student body which
requires expanded library holdings.
A generous gift from local attorney and businessman Artemus W. Ham Jr., has
provided seed money for the new Alta Ham finearts building, scheduled for
Completion in the spring. The $4.2 million building will house reaching, research and
studio facilities for the department of theatre arts, music and art.
Ground was broken this year for a $9 million facility to house both the College of
Business and Economics and the College of Hotel Administration. Special features
include enclosed potions and kitchens and a dining room for "hands-on" foodservice
Another future project is an 18,000-sear sports pavillion and continuing education
complex. This building will serve as the new home for UNLV Basketball in 1983. .
Donald Beapler
Bill Morris
Wayne Pearson
Govenor Robert List
Mack Sports Pavillion
Gov. List And Alumni

People Pages

Student Expressions
, p f , GMC yi5ALIA#0NDA|
\ - vf 1 J^WIEBE
Dr. Robert Dersi
Dr. Leonard Goodoll
Dr. Charles A. Ducher
School Of Health
Dr. Jerry L. Crawford
Theatre Arts
Evolyn Dearmin
Dr. David L. Holmes
Physical Education
Dr. J. Keuf Pinney
Mary Watson
Board of Regents 1981-82 First Row (Left To Right): Chris Karomonos, James L. Duchonon II, June Whitley, Lily Fong, Dorothy Gallagher and Frankie
Sue Del Pappa. Second Row: John Tom Ross, John McDride, and Chairman Robert Cashell.
Board Of Regents
Srephen Angelis
Hotel Administration
Maris Anders
Civil Engineering
Sron Armstrong
Stephanie Alyword
Accounting Esmoil Dohodori
Hotel Administration
Dohodori Amin
Henry Bessette
Arleen Canror
Social Work
Jody Drewsrer
Hotel Administration
Randy Druehl
Darbra Druer
Carolyn Canrrell
Samuel Dull
Ronald R. Castillo
Jann Dutler
Hotel Administration
James R. Campron
Don G. Chaffin
Vocational Education
Younghee Choi
Hotel Administration
Ted Cummings
Sherry Chandler
Dave Cohen
Charise Ciambrone
Susan Cunnir:gham
Charles Combs
Criminal Justice
Shirley Chiu
Hotel Administration Kathleen Coe
Steve Crawford
Dophna Davis
Elemenrary Education
Dob Delgado
Hotel Administration
Daniel DesJordins
Suzan DiDello
Communication Studies
Tilda Moreno Dickerson
Druce Dozier
Hotel Administration
Desa Exber
Physical Education
M o f f y F o r r e s t e r
Connie Fernandez
Karhy Forsberg
R ecreotion/Sociology
Undo Foster
Communication Studies
Michael Gentile
Political Science
Joanne Girvin
Hotel Administration
Christopher Gist
Wayne Goodman
Criminal Justice
Terri Goodsell
Beatrice Green
Political Science
Faye Greenberg
Hotel Administration
Andrew Hall
Hotel Adminsrrotion James Paul Harris
Kenneth Hanlon
Colleen Hart
Elementary Education
Monique Hermans
Hotel Management
Erin Hill
Physical Education
Gina Hines
Diane Holman
Elementary Education
Leslie Hough
Kerri Howard
Jonorhon jorman
Communications Studies
Scot Hunter
Karen Keller
Donald Kinney
Sungmin Kim Horel Administration
Hotel Administration
Tamara Koch
Hotel Administration
Ronald Kozak
Public Administration
Eugenia Kraft
Nancy Lagoni
Cynthia Kriegh
Joe LoMancusa
Myrlene LaMancusa
Pam Roberts Levins
Quantitative Management Systems
Mark Leonardo
Dave Levins
Undo McKinney
Veronica Lowy
Mike McKinney
Laura Lopez
Business Administration
Mark Lissolo
Hotel Administration
Thomas J. Mattingly
Business Adminsrrarion
Susan Mages
Julie Meier
Karhy Mevius
Lauri Mielczarek
Hotel Administration
Joanne Makimoro
Kevin Mahoney Criminal Justice
Hotel Administration
Alan Mann
Hotel Administration
Carl Mariano
Hotel Administration Gerald Mooney
Joel Moore
Mark Moiseyeu Hotel Administration
Emma Marroquin Hotel Administration
Leslie Nochr
Hotel Administration
1 1 1 Dahyana Otero
I 1 % HI m. Romance Languages
Carrie Nelson Laura Nelson
Hotel Administration Accounting
Darbaro Overton
Hotel Administration
Anrionerte Payne
Social Work
Steven Pearce
Kathleen Moore
Debbie Moyer
Computer Science
Jackie Powell
Toshiko Primrose
Roger Pruerte
Linda Pfeifer
Nancy Perkins
Concentration Management
Barbara Phillips
Communication Studies
Feiecia Pinner
Communication Studies
Robert Pippin
Darla Pierce
Communication Studies
Tohir Qureshi
Horel Administration
Joanna Reilly
Hotel Administration
John K Reyhons
Horel Administration
Colleen Sapp
Horel Administration
Helen Sarantes
David Schulman
Criminal Justice
Sam Rurtman
Hotel Administration
Geoffrey Sage
Janine Salsburg
Horel Administration
Duda Srefanich
Political Science
Ronald Smirh
Horel Administration
Robin Srarlin
Secondary Education
Jung Ho Suh
Hotel Administration
Wayne Srrimling
Social Work
Richard Stevens
Horel Administration
Vera Thompson
Political Science
Michael Ton
Terri Tollefsen
Criminal Justice
Michelle Traros
Christine Varall
Horel Administration
Miguel Velarde-Gonzalez
Horel Administration
John Triverr
Austin Valentino
Quantitative Management Systems
Steve Warady
Hotel Administration
Ernie Veiton
Joyce Word
Hotel Administration
Mary Wesrbrook
Business Administration Lynne Wiggins
Kathleen Wilcox
Hotel Administration
Michael Willerrs
r -
tvtH MOH ONtr (2. 4,
£#W5 Horn:
Alpha Kappa Psi
Business Fraternity
Parry Truman
Jay Levine
Carlene Clay
Sharon Huff
Second Row
Silvia Abbare
Richard Singer
Laurie Schroeder
Vicki Housel
Nina Ross
Pam Johns
Third Row
Firsr Row (Lefr To Righr)
Carrie Perrey
Joanna Reilly
Jeff Bloom
Karen Rempal
Rob Srarankovie
Carolyn Canrrell
Mike Caralano
Lee Drizin
Milr Colgrove
>«m m m. .A' W& < .
OFFICERS — Mike Caralano-Vice-Presidenr of Professional Acriviries, Carolyn
Canrrell-Vice-Presidenr of Publicarions, (Dad': Row) Sharon Huff-Secrerary,
Carlene Clay-Presidenr, Jay Levine-Vice-Pres/denr of Pledge Insrrucrion
and Parry Truman-Treasurer.
92 93

Durr Teh, Direcror of Moyer Srudenr
Union Dill Botos, Chairman of Moyer
Srudenr Union Board. mm
\ ft
•*» - *! V
M APPY suivm
A15£7 Celebrates Dig 13!
MSU Activities Board
Union Board
MSU Acriviries Doord Members: Randy Newman, Par Thomas, Drerr Golsie. 2nd row: Sandra Hess, Dob Compan, Lisa Meyers, and Jeff Squire. Nor
picrured: Mary Squire, and Deb Garrerr; Advisor.
MSU Union Board Members: Michele Overly, Dill Doros, Danny Russell, Burr Teh, Deb Garrerr, Nids Paul, Mary Squire, Par Thomas, Lee Cox, Fred
Albrechr, ond Arrorney Chris Deecrofr.
1981-82 UNL V CHEERLEADERS — (L to R) Jillane Hammond, Julie 'Wade, Laurie Sims, Valerie Valow, Chris Oda, Maria Williams, Jodi Hole, Shelly
Mayer, Bridget Hahn.
MSU Night Managers
MSU Night Managers- Bob Compton, Pam Levins, Deb Garret, Craig Lassoff. Nor Pictured Chuck Griffith.
mTT~i * ^ el Butden
Goodall: Students Bearing^
„ a****1
H i n t s ,
placement Seniors
CSUN Executive Board
Pom Levins-Vice President
Dirk Raven holt
Rick Oshinski-Senate President
•1• M ..J.• B • • a
a BF IBBBBflflflfl a fl' a a
u • a B TSMB B a m
m -
a • aaa* i
m a a
mj•• mi ian: a BB a SJ8 I iBBBfl I a B a jb
a! !••••• a• i
a •a
|jQf | :iS5jil m • H ua •wBfl i flB• a•Nai ••!!• hBHB NaBB aHHi laBHI aHH a a
•a a h. flBBBB I m® Ba a a I1BBSBP11B a a a
Steve Dailey, EDITOR
Down Hoyden
Lee Zoichich
Greg Goussak
Bentley Taylor
$§t . J
- - : 1
' 4\
\ M <•-*
>T PICTURED: The 1982 Epilogue Staff
M t
CSUN Bartenders
(L to R) Howard Johnson, Cindy Word, Devon Sheilds (Asst. Dor Manager) Greg Goussock (Dor
Manager), Dave Levins, Drendo Martinez, Steve Dailey, John White, Robin Storlin, Pot Thomas.
41 n»
• > u , « ? v
•mm /• '*• *
/• ' >*
1 ¥ " 'v A-
I CUI 1/ V.v_"
- J i m D i f o e r r o
Moniqife J&ordon
Randy Hoc Aid „
Dr/on LiebefweirM.
Gerard Armstrong /
5reve Darker( 7
La Rae Bring
Cprolyn Brook
£5uhnxDiQelld-Edjtor :
• Genie G%rn»rWiag^mpg* „» * ''Ginger Clayton
ftjiror " t Tony Cordasco
Amy Folstod~Ney/s "Editor ^
Darla Pierce-Sports Editor
tjpofpirfck Brasciff-
Karen Cohen-Update %l^diror
JO'hn Gurzinski-Phpro Editor
Jean Marc Rivas*Sales
Lori Toole-^ecrerary
' DavaJ.evins-Circularion
Jean WdtEditorial Consultant Bringhursr^
Jovc&^kwarrz Staff Artist Carolyn * <i A * ;; Brad Golod
: Michael Greenbhprt
JoandbMdrews ^ -
"More yyltee gf
Sotfy-deary %
Lisa *GsBjh # ' * •
' 1:-^...- ;
D^fiy Tayn
fee Zaichick £
,* , Lee Harward
* Ed Malick
The Roc9k1 A.5v enue Staff
Left to Right: Koren Whyre (Asst. Rock Producer), Gerald Helm, James Hooper, Tony Cordasco (Program Director), Bill Saxon (Station Manager),
Brian Brooks (Music Director). 2nd Row L to R -. Bob Briore, Rob Solomon, Bob HouH (Rock Producer), Bob Ambrose. Front Row LroR: Jim Briare,
Eric Morin, Mark Welker, Frank Bisogno.
On The Air.
KUNV Tower Atop Humanities
Construction Of The New Studios
General Manager
John Wennstrom
UkSVEl The dances, OCTODERFEST, rhe beer,
TGIF, rhe movies, ANIMAL HOUSE, rhe
foorball games, HOMECOMING, rhe
conresrs, THE FOX, rhe food, MARDI
GRAS, rhe lore nighrs, THE GOOD
TIMES. . .
The 1981 Enrerroinmenr and Programming Board: Craig Lassoff, Lorry Hamilron
(vice-chairman), Cece Krelirz, Mark Welher, and Dave Gisr ichairman).
Publications Board
! I f f !' !
CSUN SENA TE - ACADEMIC ADVISEMENT CENTER: Greg Akers, Lynn Desr, Tony Casranon AR TS AND LETTERS COLLEGE: Ginger Clayron, Lisa Griffith,
Jimmy Hill, Mary Derh Nirzschke. Jef Wild, ALLIED HEALTH COLLEGE: Marie Ravenholr. BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS COLLEGE: Drew Doner Rudy
Bruehl, Carhy Powell. EDUCATION COLLEGE: Patrick Thomas, Robin Starlin. Hotel CollegeCatherine Clay, Phil Horn, Pom Jacka. MATH, SCIENCE,
ENGINEERING: Kim Daffner, Nancy Felsing.
1st row- Pom Levins, Lisa Griffith, Carhy Clay, Steve Bailey, Les Rasko. 2nd row- Rick Oshinski, Jef Wild, Genie Garner.
1 %
- • -
mm t*, ?. m
• - I V * W- • lilt ' *.
«t k! - m t
CSUN SECRETARIES- Dawn Soderquisr, Stephanie
Treaster, Robin Srarlin, Rosana Reyes, Drenda Martinez.
Lori Toole, Yell Secretory; Sally Horn, E
& P Secretory

Flag Football
, - :*>: ;•****&
running . .. swearing ...
jumping . . . sharing . . .
tackling . . . ream work . . .
performing . . . he/ping . . .
passing . . . determination
... frustration . . . handoff
.. . falling ... touchdown
. . . scoring . . . WINNINGI
First Row. Warren Abraham, John White, and Howard Paley.
Second Row: Kevin Reed, Earl Spence, and Tom Giorgione.
Dave Levinsr Intramural Director
Kappa Sigma
D Division
Little Sisters
Rodgers Raiders - A Division Champions
Intramural Staff
P(&at Basketball
Women's Divison
Ploy in' Hoop
TKE Takes First In Men's Division
ADPi Sue Shields challenges rhe course.
TKE Robert Egler rook 1st place Men's Division wirh o 28.39
second run.
A Lifr ro rhe top
lirrle slsrer Linda Smirh rook 1st place
wirh her lap rime of 30.07.
Womens Division
Gov. List Take Honorary Second.
Gov. Robert List came in second place wirh a rime of 28.59.
Ski Trek Results
1. Undo Smirh
2. Parti Truman
3. Maria Daqachea
4. Shawn Lumas
5. Stephanie Giibertson
6. Drenda Roberts
7. Carrie Nelson
8. Leslie Nacht
9. Renee Wingerr
10. Sue Sheilds
11. Mary Denneman
12. Tammy White
13. Pam Levins
1. Dob Eglet
2. Chuck Martin
3. Greg Allen
4. Roger Mellies
5. Joe Johnson
6. Paul Clemmens
7. Jeff SPoll
8. Chip Smirh
9. Nelson Stone
10. Dob Pahor
11. Marls Forstran
12. Dave Mounts
13. Mike Pappegeroge
14. Dave Levins
15. Richard Gottlieb
16. Dob Kinard
17. Steve Skoll
18. Skip Kelly
19. Steve Harris
20. Mark Cheak
Elaine Houser, Trip Coordinator.

The long season hod its beginnings lost
spring. Much hope and enthusiasm rested
on the shoulders of an experienced
defensive line and the return of All-
American candidate, Sam King.
Tony had returning forty-two lertermen
to hopefully help lead UNLV to its first
division 1A post season bowl game. Last
season UNLV was second in the nation in
total offense averaging a devastating
446.2 yards per gome. UNLV also had
the number two quarterback in the
presence of Lorry Gentry now since
All of those numbers and the strength of
the defense may nor be enough as
UNLV faces its roughest schedule since
turning division 1A. Facing the Rebels will
be PCAA contender San Jose Store
University who are led by Heisman
Trophy Candidate Gerald Willhire.
Following SJSU ore the rough Lobos from
the University of New Mexico who have
a very talented quarterback by the
name of Robin Gabriel. UNLV will then
face a new opponent in the Duff aloes
from West Texas State University. Closing
out the first home stand will be the
defending PCAA champions, Cal Stare
Long Deach.
16 -
49 -
17 -
Son Jose St:
New Mexico
West Texos St.
Col Stote
-Long Deach
Drigham Young
Fresno St.
Son Diego St.
Air Force
Texas-El Paso
Tom Cruickshank
Rich Abajian
Eorl Edwards
Doug Filan
Par Hill
John Lowry
Roy Shivers
Doug Woodlief
Year-by-Year wirh Coach Tony
(Career Record:
UNLV (41-14-2)

Doise Srare (71-19-1)
New Mexico
West Texas St.
Cat State
-Long Beach
Drigham Young
Fresno St.
San Diego St.
Air Force
Texas-El Paso
Probably the two hardest road games of UNL V's history were
against the University of Wyoming and Drigham Young
University. Those two schools were the determination if UNLV
was to be a power division 1A school or nor.
Immediately after DYU, the Utes from Utah invaded the Silver
Bowl. Last year Utah handed a crushing 45-29 defeat to
UNLV, and again this year with a 69-28 win.
UNL V's next game had a little bit of revenge behind it. The
Rebels traveled to the Hawaiian Islands but only to lose 21-57.
All in all, the Rebels fought hard. Their victories included San
Jose State, New Mexico, Cal-Srate-Long Beach, and Brigham
Young University. Unfortunately the biggest loss for UNL V will
be Coach Tony Knap.


• * & '
Dave Cohen in srride os he shoors a goal.
REBEL SOCCER SQUAD - Top Row (L ro R): Co-caprain Sreve Kohn, Sreve Jocobson, Eddie Rodreguez, Jeff Arsenouit, Jerry Gamble, Michael
Calloway, Eddie Byrnes, Allan Wilson. Middle Row: Tony Kurcz, Jeff DeBellis, Zoran Djordjevic, Celso Bordinhao, Head Coach Vince Harr, Bill
Howes, Bryan Forbach, Perry Eiman, Mohanmmad AH Heidaran. Borrom Row: Assisranr Coach Victor Arbelaez, co-caprain Dave Cohen, Joy
Nierling, Jeff Carr, mascot Trevor Harr, Kirk Wallace, Tracey Bailey, Dale Taylor, Srudenr Assisranr Coach Ralph Lehrinen.
Colorado College
U.S. Air Force Academy
*Cal-Srare, Fullerron
Chapman College
*U.C. Sanra Barbara
Cal-Srare, Dominguez Hills
Kurca 1
Cohen 3
Cohen 2
Taylor 1, OWN GOAL (CSF)
Byrnes 1, Cohen 1
Berancourr 1
Cohen 3, Berancourr 1
Cohen 1, Jacobson 1,
Taylor 1
*Universiry of San Diego
Eiman 1
Berancourr 2, Forbach 1
Cohen 2, Kurcz 1
Cohen 2, Jacobson 1
*-S.C.I.S.A. Conference Game
Hot Pursuit
Womens Cross Country
Women's Cross Country - Top (LR) Darboro Neville, Sony a Briscoe, Karen Bender, Coach Bonnie Bannald.
Adames, Myrna Mearning, Cheryl Brown.
Bottom: Karhy
Men's Cross Country - Bads Coach At McDaniels, Jim Eubank, Mike Tomaso, Steve Johnson. Front: Melvin Thompson, Frank Rosso, Mark Volenti,
Isiah Henry.

Wrestling Faces
Athletes In Action
Head Coach Jerry Tarkanian
Entering his ninth season as Head Coach, Jerry
Tarkanian, the winningest all-time major college
coach in America, looks forward to one of the
most talented UNLV squads ever. Last season's
young ream was the first Rebel squad under
Tarkanian failing to win 20 games, despite a
respectable 16-12 record. With every starrer
returning from last year and an excellent
recruiting season, the "Shark" should once again
pur on the most exciting show in Las Vegas.
Excitement is a trademark of Tarkanian's Rebels.
In eight seasons at UNL V, Tarks reams compiled
records of 20-6, 24-5, 29-2, 29-3, 20-8, 21-8 and
23-9. Tarkanian's Rebels hold 15 NCAA all-rime
records including an amazing 110.5 points per
game average in 1975-76, and 164 points in one
game (Hawaii-Hilo) during that same season.
% ';'te 1 \ ^ . •
' < , j
#m ' -i
. . .Entering 1981-82, Tark, according to NCAA stars, was the No. 1 winningesr active collegecoach
in America and No. 3 overall. In his ninth season at UNLV, he is 199-60 (.768) and in 14
years of major college coaching, he was the head mentor at Long Deach Sr. from 1968-73,
he is 321-80 (.800). The DYU win was Tark's 400th game as a major college coach and his
next UNLV victory will be his 200rh as a Rebel Coach. At UNLV, Tark's reams have been
ranked in the top 20 three of the last seven seasons and have won national scoring titles
three of the last six years. Under Tark, UNL V has advanced to the NCAA Playoffs in 1975, 1976
and 1977, when UNL V placed third in the country.
Four rimes under Tarkanian's command the Rebels
have gone on ro rhe NCAA and NIT post-season
tournaments, finishing third in rhe NCAA in '76-77,
defeating the University of North Carolina-Charlotte 106-
94 in rhe consolation game. In 1980, UNL V placed in
the prestigious NIT's final four. Two other rimes, in '74-
75, and '75-76, rhe Rebels were invited ro the NCAA
posr-season classic. UNLV holds a 7-3 post-season
record. The 1976-77 Rebels set six NCAA posr-season
marks, including most points in a 5-game series (505),
most field goals in a 5-game series (218), most points
in one game (121), most points, two teams (200 vs.
UNVV), most field goals made, two reams (83 vs.
UNCC) and most points by one team in a consolation
championship (106 vs. UNCC).
The Runnin' Rebels
1981-82 UNLV MEN's BASKETBALL TEAM—1sr row (L ro R)—Equipment Manager Larry Chin, Assistant Coach Tim Grgurich, Volunteer Assistant
Coach Denny Hovanec, Head Coach Jerry Tarkanian, Assistant coach Mark Warkenrein, Parr-Time Assistant Coach Tares Locke, Manager Barry
Vaccaro. (2nd row) Leroy Byrd, Richard Polee, Greg Goorjian, Dwayne Polee, Larry Anderson, Derrick Giles, Danny Tarkanian, Michael Loyd (3rd
row) Michael Burns, Richard Box, Michael Johnson, John Copeland, Sidney Green, Ken Lyles, Ed Pawlak, Richie Adams
Never Short
On Spirit.

Lady Rebel Basketball
1981-82 UNLV WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM- 1st row: Penney Welsh,
Sandra Elliott, Liz Mello, Sonia Lykes, Matey Nino, and Michelle Barney.
2nd row: Paula Clear, Karhy Acor, Valerie Juick, Kathy
Calloway, Jennifer Webb, Judy Thomas, and Sheri Jennum.

U.N.L. V.
1982 UNLV BASEBALL SQUAD — (L to R) - Head Coach Fred Dallimore, Sran
Rice, Cecil Fielder, Mike Pinrar, Brad Max, Hugh Pobur, Dob Kordenbrock, Jack
Ayers, Greg Severin, Joe Boever, Chris Hopper, Sran Hershenow, Asst. Coach
Rick Down. Middle Row (L to R)- Asst. Coach Gary White, Asst. Coach Tim
Rieley, Jon Maldonado, Chris Smith, Jim Pace, Tony Scott, Ken Henning, Clay
Carter, Rich Naylor, Asst. Coach Doug Smith, Publicist, Rick Spiritosanro, Bottom
Row (L to R)- Statistician Jim Gemma, Par Ireland, Bob Wharrcotr, Chris Lang,
Alan Laughlin, Mike Martin, Ken Longman, Frank De Sanris, Miles Amarino,
Brad Harlow. Nor Pictured. Rod Manning Bob Hash.
Left to Right- Head Coach Fred Dallimore, Infielder Greg Severin, Pitcher Joe
Boever, Rebel Seniors, Chris Smith and Fronkie DeSantis.
Returning Rebels; Coach Dallimore And Staff '
* v . . -
fei.-*! * R* "-ate 3%"" !

Baseball Fever
m 4 ' »y M IBKft
% *
• «.Mtf.4"»> * ***»<•** **
|"V i-J*; '
S7 , I< ®W . * «•>*•»** .
V •• • " ' • - :
^ '" <i" #
vy- \*%?* "* v?\
<smM% &MW *
t mr hlr w i w !
' vnrw &
%r .Jf0
W.? fit
f . / &WUM %
****** 4'-.
4>l ' " '<4-
1. r ®
Nt*ji *' if Mwm MI®*#
iV wr
u< '
... "« ' :. S ' , , ."
S8 ;v.
/ \4» $ * ' W:A BR
M *P ZpX4%
• yr v » _
* *r m - • •'.' t*k •' <* • , v' * • "Tm'C'
v. '•• ;-«v.; • *& &£'Jv<". * * . '"•
,VBn t/y':-1., .,„ ,JH
t;,.',,^;v-r ;;-f • i3^#JIS .+***).'jAAi.ut " y*

Firsr Row: Laura Harvey, Jan Craddock, Theresa
Jackson, Anna-Marie Ware, Grace Firzsimmons;
Second Row: Lynn Desr, Cindy Creel,
Toni Pahor, Drenda Roberrs, and Julie Wilcox.
Firsr Row: Donee Collins, Paula Srory, Susan
Kulesza,- Second Row: Carhy Powell, Tracy
Sruckey, Ken Amundsen,- Third Row: Denyce
Tuller, Daphne Gillman and Sandy Conelly.
Firsr Row: Susan Tomyiosu, Lauri Delr, Pom Levins,
Karhi Kulesza,- Second Row: Susan Shields,
Robin Srarlin, Nina Ross and Cindy Skurich.
OFFICERS—Firsr Row: Sandy Williams-Rush Chairman, Shelley Pahor-Treasurer; Second Row,- Linda Weaver-Pledge Trainer, Dawn Soderquisr-
Member-ar-Large,- Third Row: Becky Hopkins-Vice-Presidenr and Tammy Koch-Presidenr. I Firsr Row: Shawn Lumos, Sheila Newmiller; Second
Row.- Ilene Wiener, Lori Roberrs, Theresa
Arnold; Third Row: Pam Fraizer, Mary Jo Delullio,
and Lori Roberrs.
Firsr Row (Left To Right)
Stephanie Luca
Katherine Ariss
Sheri Wolodko
Cheri Derndt
Second Row
Maria Leon
Third Row
Celeste Risoli
Donna Gaeta
Michele Higgens
Fourth Row
Ronna Rubin
Tammy Shipp
Gayle Clampir
Lisa Brandt
Betsy Fleil
Chris Deschanie
Lisa Griffith
Deiane Fitzparrick
Carol Linton
Michele Tomblin
Fifth Row
Catherine Clay
Shelia Shelton
Denise Curcio
Mary Nolan
OFFICERS — Stephanie Luca-Recording Secretary, Cindy Ward-President,
(Back Row) Susan Moore-Vice-President in charge of Pledge
Training, Ronna Rubin-Corresponding Secretary and Catherine Clay-
Frats Party Down!
Sigma Chi's Suitcase Party!
Back Row-Sheila Newmiller, Robin Srarlin, Dawn Soderquist, Karhy Clay, Delane Firzparrick, Karen, Harbaugh, 2nd
Row-Tony Pahor, Karhy Kuleszo. Execurive Officers-Robin Srarlin, Dawn Soderquisr, Delane Firzparrick, Karen
Fraternities On Campus
ALPHA EPSILON PI is a national social fraternity for male undergraduate student at UNL V. A E Pi is the only
national fraternity at UNLV with a Jewish affiliation, but doesn't discriminate against anyone.
Alpha Tau Omega provides an atmosphere to "get through college together". Using the true spirit of
brotherhood, A TO's work hard and play hard. Scholastics and community service are stressed. Membership
is open to men who are willing to commit themselves to the fraternity.
Kappa Sigma is a national fraternity. To be a member, you must be enrolled at UNLV and complete a
pledge program.
Sigmax Chi is a national fraternity. To join, you must be a student at UNL V carrying a minimum 2.0 GPA
and participate in a pledge program.
Sigma Nu is a national non-hazing fraternity dedicated to the ideals of brotherhood. To be a member,
you must be a student at UNLV, and carry a minimum GPA of 2.0.
Tau Kappa Epsilon is a social fraternity, giving young men a chance to establish lifelong friendships and to
learn about leadership and responsibility working together towards a common goal. Membership is
Sororities On Campus
Alpha Delta Pi sorority is a social organization with emphisis on service, scholarship, social and sisterhood.
To be a member, one must hold 12 credits and maintain a 2.0 GPA and be unmarried.
Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority is an organized group of young women who help minority students in their
college years. Academic, social, and civic re/ms are stressed. To be a member, you must be a secondsemester
freshman, and have a minimum 2.75 GPA.
Delta Zeta is a national non-hazing sorority that has been built on friendship, sisterhood, high scholarship,
social activities, on and off campus and service. To join, you must have a minimun 2.0 GPA and carry at
least 10 credits at UNLV.
Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Sigma Nu Fraternity
OFFICERS — Jim Taylor-Social
Chairman, Jim Whirtingron-Commander,
Mark Robertson-Treasurer,
Dave Cohen-Lt. Commander
and Paul Acker-Secretary.
Dill Drown
Jim Whittington
Steve Dailey
Dave Levins
Scott Wade
Luke Puschnig
Mike Greenblatt
Ron Hilke
Ron Chandler
Jeff Soloman
Mike Seifer
Mark Robertson
Dave Cohen
Phil Flaherty
Greg Clemensen (Alumni)
Mike West
Lee Drizin
Jim Taylor
Robert K/nard
Lance Davies
Paul Acker
J e f f S a n t o r o
Paul Hamrick
J e f f S k o l l
MSU Pledge Table
Ron Castillo
Dave Cohen
Tim "Fluffy" Mc Garrey,
Pledge Trainer
Jim Whirringron
Lee Drizin, Rush Chairman
Alpha Tau Omega Pledges
Dove Deotty
Dill Dotos
Rudy Druehl
Dob Compon
PJ Conte
Randy Cook
Steve Crawford
Gary Danner
Chris Defeiice
Marty Flynn
Jon Galane
Chuck Griffith
Dob Hanigan
Phil Horn
Dob Joyce
Joe Lamancusa
Craig Lassoff
Rick Malm
Chuck Martin
Kevin McKinley
Ray Medlin
Roger Me I lies
Don Schuitz
Chip Smith
Dob Stewart
Mark Tabor
Pat Thomas
Scott Thomas
Tony West
John White
Mike White
Wayne Cohan
Dave Gist
Larry Hamilton
Joe Petrizzo
Greg Roberts
Tom Delia vale
Mark Forstrum
Vince Guitierrez
Dale Harelik
Mike Hill
Pat May
Casey McNeill
Herb Starlin
Chris Kraus
Eric Robb
Dave Van is
OFFICERS - First Row: Chris Defeiice, Secretary;
Dill Dotos, Education Chairman; Steve Crawford,
President; Dob Stewart, Historian; Phil
Campbell, Advisor. Second Row; Tony West,
Vice President; Pat Thomas, Treasurer.
Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity
Lee Morris
Kirk Posmontur
Robert Starankovic
Gary Dalas
James Mastel
Mark Quisenberry
Mark Manca
Matt McDougall
Jack Spicer
Robert Coggins
Kyle Wolff
Jeff Wolff
Ken Weber
Russell Dawson
Doug Leach
Robert Schwarz
Kevin Williams
Keith Lyon
Adam Hilty
Rusty Smith
Rick Henniger
Kent Larson
Rick Moore
Joe Trumbull
Jerry Kay
John Drake
Ian McLauglin
Rick Crockett
Brian Grimmesey
Gary Villani
Louie Schiavone
OFFICERS—First Row: Al Izzolo-Chopter Adviser, Tom Nash-Externoi
Vice President, James Wauerka-Chaplin, Les Hopper-President,
Marc Miller-Internal Vice President, Doug Leach-Sargeant of
Arms, Second Row: Andre Filosi-Pledge Trainer, James Mastel-
Secretary, Roisert Eglet-Treasurer, Rick Thomas-Historian.
Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity
&>.•%€ &JM&A MM
Charles Weinburger, Member At Large
Brad Freidman, Sentinal
Steven Kohnert, Scribe
Andrew Katz, Lt. Master
Thomas G. Foskaris, Master
Not Pictured; Gregory Goussak, Exchequer
Brad "Do Not Enter" Freidman
Tom "Fire Chief" Foskaris
Arturo 'Doo-Rah" Romoudo
Andy "Godfather" Katz
Steve "Huh?" Kohnert
Charles "Hop-A-Long" Weinburger
Rich "Bear" Gottleib
Davicito "El Toro" Sal vat

Good Luck
Class of '82
Sunrise Hospital
Medical Center
3186 S. Maryland Pkwy. 731-8000
An Affiliate Of jj
The Hospital Company rlUHIflllfl
A New York Life Agent
never slops studying.
i - • m;
2915 W. Charleston Blvd.
870-9101 BRUNO MARK
You now have the right to cash a personal
check for up to $200 at nearly
900 bank offices all over the West.
Other banks don't give you
this right. Only First Interstate
Bank does.
Because only First Interstate Bank has
a bank card that identifies you at banks throughout an
11-state territory. (This same card guarantees your
checks with Nevada merchants.)
So now, when you want to cash a check all over the
West, you've got the right.
It comes with the territory.
You now have the right to get cash whenever you need it—day
or night, 7 days a week—all over the West.
Other banks don't give you this right. Only First Interstate
Bank does.
Because only the First Interstate Bank system has Day &
Night Teller® machines all over the West—nearly 500 of them.
So now, when you want to get cash all over the West,
you've got the right.
It comes with the territory.
You now have the right to move all over the West and have
your bank move with you.
Other banks don't give you this right. Only First Interstate
Bank does.
Because only the First Interstate Bank system has offices
in 450 communities all over the West.
So now, when you travel in the West, you can always find
a bank where you're never a stranger.
And when you move in the West and want to move the
money, respect, and good will you've built up over the years
from one First Interstate Bank to another, you've got the right.
It comes with the territory. o First
Dial 736- DOPE !
May all your castles be free from dragons...
UNLV Graduates
• Desert Springs Hospital
2075 E. Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV 89109 • 733-8800
24-Hour Emergency Department
HOTLINE: 369-7647
Physician Referral Service:
4221 S. McLeod Dr. Credit Union Plaza
Monday-Thursday -Spanish Oaks
10:00 a.m.-7:00p.m. 3100 W. Sahara # 106
Drive-Up Window Tuesday-Friday
9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m.-7-.OO p.m.
To The Class Of '82
4440 So. Maryland
Inside Campus Village
- Just Across The Street
Best Wishes
ITOV Grads
1501 N. Decatur
3630 W. Sahara
JO'OO HfllTO 7>00 Mil..
3651 Maryland Pkwy
1560 N. Eastern
>fc (at Boulder Highway and Desert Inn)
4060 East Desert Inn Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121
228 229
Come By And Party With Us This Summer.
4770 South Maryland Pkwy.
From The Staff, And All
The Deportments Of CSUN,
To All Graduating Seniors.
Aft tfte Best
to theBest#
From The
Delta Zeta
Delta Zeta is a National Non-hazing
Sorority that has been built on friendship,
sisterhood, high scholarship, social activities,
and on and off campus service.
The sorority helps girls make more of
their college life, through activities and
involvement on campus.
Delta Zeta is proud to support
the epilogue and CSUN.
We encourage you to participate in all
campus events!
and especially
Tommy Koch
Pom Roberts-Levins
Corrie Nelson
Robin Storlin
The Hebrew Academy; Dr. T. Lubin, Principal
Joanne Stefanatos, D.V.M.
Don L. Dunch M.D.
Norman Venger; M.D.
Michael G. Hollings Head, D.D.S.
John W. Datdorf, M.D.
Edward Rajnovich, M.D.
James M. Heltzel, D.M.D, LTD.
Valdemar O. Zialcita, M.D.
Clark County Dental Society
D. Norman Drown, M.D.
Donald K. Pennelle, M.D.
Donald J. Dombrowski, M.D.
Emona Dental Studio
Higgins And Ogilvie, M.D., LTD.
Dilbray And Gibbons Chartered
Richard J. Lewin, M.D.
Dr. & Mrs. S. Joseph Lamancusa
Chester W. Eskey, M.D.
Lowell T. Niebaum, M.D.
John H. Payne, M.D.
Douglas J. Seip. M.D.
Joe Squire-Squire Dental Lab
Dongberg And Whitney, Inc., George Whitney
Milton W. Keefer
Anthony D. Serfustiri, M.D.
In Memory Of: Philip C. Roventini
Jon And Rito Collins
University For Humanistic Studies
Before You Say Goodbye To UNLV Let's Take Another Look At
Who Is That Masked Man?
nm *1*1 m
'WpWA&U |0 113A 3HX
, ;

Building A Yearbook Is Not A One-Man Job, So I Would Like To Thank
All The People Who Mode It Easier. . .
My Staff
Ken Roberts Photography
Richard Logon, Josten's American Yearbook
The UNLV Information Office
Mr Fitchet
Dave Campbell, Appropriations Board
Li I' Partner Toys
My Roommates (And Especially My Best Friend!)
AH The CSUN Secretaries (Rosonno Too!)
And The Students
For Being Themselves.
Collins, Robert L.
Colon, Cristobal
Combs, Charles C.
Compan, Stephen
Conaty, Dennis W.
Concannon, Joseph J.
Conn, Franklin E.
Cook, William E.
Cooiey, James L.
Coons, Floyd D.
Corbin, Marie E.
Cordasco, Anthony J.
Corleone-Maiorana Dondi
Cothrun, Ester
Cotten, Clarence J.
Cotter, David D.
Couch, Neol E.
Couevas, Pamela L.
Court, Richard A.
Covington, Richard C.
Cowan, Michael C.
Cowes, David A.
Cox, Linda
Coyle, James P.
Craddock, David A.
Crankshaw, William S.
Cranston, Vanita R.
Crawford, Steve L.
Cree, Marcia A.
Creel, Cynthia J.
Crone, Michael J.
Crouse, Marion R.
Crupi, Donna M.
Cumming, Richard A.
Cummins, Richard R.
Curras, Luis E.
Curtin, Norma J.
Cushion, Deth A.
Cushion, William M.
Carter, Donald R.
Carter, George R.
Cartwright, Andrea D.
Cartwright, Corinne R.
Carvalho, Debora M.
Carver, Melvin
Cary, Leslie A.
Cary, Margaret E.
Casey, David W.
Casey, Michael A.
Cason, Robert M.
Castaneda, Richard F.
Castillo, Ronald R.
Catanese, John J.
Caudill, Adrienne F.
Chaffin, Don G.
Chaffin, Keith L.
Chairsell, William S.
Chambers, Robert A.
Chan, Eddy K.
Chan, Grace Y.
Chan, Nelson C.
Chandler, Sherry L.
Chang, An-Lo
Chonos, George J.
Choumont, Warren J.
Chebl, Ahmad
Cheney, Yolanda V.
Chenoweth, William G.
Chiarello, Daniel R.
Chiramongkol, Narumon
Chiu, Shirley H.
Cho, Debbie Y.
Choi, Young H.
Choung, Jai C.
Christensen, Debra L.
Christian, Wendy R.
Christiansen, Lynda L.
Chura, Christine A.
Church, Mauvadyne
Ciambrone, Charisse V.
Citino, Ralph J.
Clark, Ann K.
Clark, Sontina M.
Clarke, Hilary D.
Clay, Corlene F.
Clements, Robert W.
Cobb, Sandra L.
Coe, Kathleen M.
Coffing, Thomas L.
Cohen, David R.
Cohen, Leora T.
Cole, Rodney F.
Colegrove, Milton W.
Coleman Jr. Robert C.
Colemire, Victor R.
Collier, Sylvester
Collins, Craig L.
Drown, Stephan D.
Drown, Stephanie J.
Druce, Nelda C.
Druehl, Rudolph G.
Druer, Darbra A.
Drumfield, Jack L.
Drundle, Tammy A.
Dryan, Nancy M.
Duchanan, Marne C.
Dull, William E.
Dunker, Drent D.
Durco, Kim D.
Durgos, Wanda I.
Durke, James E.
Durke, Michael J.
Durke, Thomas C.
Durns, Edward C.
Durzinski, Martin J.
Dutler, Janette S.
Duttle, Don P.
Duttle, MaryEllen F.
Duzard, Detty L.
Dyrnes, Kelly P.
Dingham, Thomas K.
Dischoff, Sally L.
Dishop, William E.
Disoni, Lester J.
Dlackman, Andrea R.
Dlakeley, Penny L.
Dlango, Renee M.
Dlasco, Pamela C.
Dlewett, Joan L.
Dloom, Jeffrey P.
Dlum, William P.
Dlumenthal, Judy A.
Dobbett, Caroline A.
Dobbett, Teresa A.
Dogdanovich, Mark
Donenfant, Richard J.
Denenfant, Timothy
Donsey, John D.
Dosselman, Cristine J.
Doth well, Nancy S.
Dotos, William F.
Doulton, Rebecca A.
Doushell, Nancy J.
Dower, Susanne C.
Dowers, Sheree
Dox, Murphy M.
Dox, Richard P.
Dradley, Deverly J.
Drodshaw, Jeffrey D.
Drady, Angela R.
Drady, Mark L.
Draganza, Nestor D.
Dragg, Stephen L.
Drandwynne, Alexandria D.
Draschler, Ralph J.
Drem, George P.
Drendel, Robert L.
Drent, Frances M.
Dreton, Richard R.
Drew, Donald A.
Drewer, Sheryl D.
Drewster, Jody A.
Drewster, Judy R.
Driare, Donald J.
Drison, Pedro D.
Drittain, Sandra D.
Drochmann, Kathryn J.
Drockovich, Nicholas A.
Drooks, Carolyn N.
Drothers, Paul D.
Drough, David F.
Drown, Dyron H.
Drown, David L.
Drown, David M.
Drown, Debra J.
Drown, Linda L.
Drown, Marcus D.
Drown, Robert L.
Dabcock, Ruth L.
Daechle, Drenda S.
Daechle, Deborah J.
Dahadori, Mohammad A.
Dahadori, Mohammad F.
Dailey, Matthew M.
Dailey, Pamella A.
Dailey, Sandra K.
Daisden, Susan L.
Daker, Anthony A.
Daker, Sarah A.
Dakke, Samuel O.
Dalaban, George T.
Ballard, Norman V.
Dallew, Raymon V.
Danks, Gloria E.
Darger, Ralph J.
Darker, Christine A.
Dames, Dyanne C.
Dorr, Cherise A.
Darraza, Anita M.
Darraza, Joseph V.
Darrett, Michael W.
Dartlett, Arnett P.
Datemon, Geneva D.
Datlouni, Iskandar A.
Dauder, Kenneth L.
Daxter, Michael J.
Deach, Dradley W.
Deale, Theresa A.
Deall, Harold K.
Dear, Pamela J.
Deasley, Robert D.
Dechtel, Dennis A.
Deckett, Robert S.
Deck with, Francis J.
Dedford, David
Dedich, Janet M.
Dehmke, Richard R.
Dell, Charles F.
Dell, Donald E.
Dell, Gary E.
Dell, Keith A.
Dell, Tommy R.
Dellen, Arthur D.
Denjamin, Scott H.
Denneman, Charles J.
Dennett, Anne L.
Denschneider, Drian L.
Dentley, Nancy S.
Dernstein, Stuart M.
Derry, James E.
Derry, James P.
Dertsch, Jody R.
Deshear, Judith F.
Dessette, Henry A.
Digler, Terri E.
Ding, David R.
Abbott, Gregory E.
Abdullah, Larry J.
Abraham, Patricia A.
Abraham, Warren S.
Adams, Robin M.
Adams, Shanna L.
Adams, Shauna F.
Adamu, Mustafa M.
Agrellas, Randall J.
Akiti, Alfred T.
Albers, David D.
Albertson, Mary J.
Albrecht, Vicky M.
Alexander, Mildred L.
Alford, Darbara J.
Allen, Algie D.
Allen, Drain M.
Allen, Judith J.
Allen, Sara K.
Altera Francis C.
Alvarez, Arnoldo
Alverez, Charles
Ambrose, Robert L.
Amerson, Karolynn D.
Anders, Mark A.
Anderson, Eric A.
Anderson, Michael J.
Andrew, Diane C.
Andrews, Joanne
Angelica, Julia
Angelis, Stephen M.
Anson, Diana J.
Ansteth, Druce D.
Arao, Melanie M.
Argeno, Jeffrey L.
Armijo, Nancy R.
Arnold, Robert J.
Arnold, Sheila K.
Aronson, Robert P.
Arsulich, Thomas J.
Artman, Linda D.
Ashley, Earnest V.
Austin, John R.
Austin, Thomas G.
Austin, Wayne A.
Ayersman, David C.
Ay/ward, Stephanie J.
Cahill, Potts J.
Caldera, Zoraida C.
Caldwell, Vicky L.
Calenti, Susan A.
Calloway, Kathie R.
Cameron, Sandra L.
Campbell, Jean M.
Campbell, Mary A.
Campo, Carlos A.
Campton, James R.
Canfora, Joseph J.
Cantafio, Ralph A.
Cantor, Arleen K.
Cantrell, Carolyn S.
Capece, Diana W.
Capko, Vincent A.
Capone, Mary L.
Caprara, Druce D.
Cardenas, Dolf
Carey, William M.
Carilli, John T.
Carmichael, Frances A.
Carmin, Lynnda M.
Carpenter, Darry M.
Carpenter, Judith L.
Carr, Jeffery A.
Carrera, Maria D.
Carroll, Jeannine M.
Carroll, Rossye O.
Dagostino, Michael C.
Daley, Sarah F.
Daly, Stephen M.
Dambrosio, Nicholas J.
Dark, Patricia L.
Darling, Ricky P.
Darrough, Laura L.
Davenport, Diane
Da vies, Glenda J.
Davis, Clifton E.
Davis, Daphna D.
Davis, Debra L.
Deakin, Stuart E.
Dean, Clarice C.
Deanne, Laura R.
Deason. Peggy R.
Decilla, Michael J.
Deems, Ronald E.
Defratis, Eugene M.
Deittrick, Allen A.
Dejulius, Robert W.
Delarosa, David M.
Delelles, Rick D.
Delgado, Darlene M.
Delgado, Robert P.
Deluca, Jeff M.
Demarco, Karen E.
Denison, Myra A.
Denkberg, Patricia A.
Denomme, Deborah A.
Depew, Darryl 5.
Desjardins, Daniel M.
Dessauer, Alan E.
Devereaux, Wesley F.
Devore, Arona S.
Dibella, Suzan M.
Dickerson, Tilcia M.
Differ, Alfred W.
Diiorio, Anne M.
Diiorio, Benjamin A.
Diket, Susan O.
Dillingham, John E.
Dingman, Coriena L.
Disanza, Barbara L.
Dixon, Kenneth C.
Dobratz, Richard E.
Doege, Patricia S.
Doffing, Julie A.
Dohse, Jeffrey A.
Dolphin, Mary L.
Dominguez, Luis C.
Douthett, Jane C.
Downey, Teresa G.
Dozier, Bruce N.
Drake, La verne
Drake, Leo A.
Dramise, Joseph W.
Drane, Thomas E.
Drappo, Stephen M.
Drizin, Lee A.
Drouse, Larry A.
Ducic, Frank J.
Duckworth, Paul R.
Dullen, Gregory L.
Duncan, Diane M.
Dun lap, Samuel R.
Dunn, Joan E.
Durk, Russell E.
Duva, Leonello R.
Eberhardt, Janice A.
Eckhoff, Peter C.
Edwards, Sharon G.
Ehrlich, Fred
Ehtee, Tammi L.
Eichhorst, Stephen W.
Elam, Tony C.
Elie, Eric
Elizarde, Titu K.
Elliotb\Pavid C.
Ellis, William D.
Ellison, David M.
Elmore, Sharon Y.
Elsee, Kenneth J.
Emerson, Thomas C.
Emter, Kenneth M.
Enright, Barbara J.
En tier, David D.
Erony, Bruce R.
Escalona, Agnes M.
Escamilla, Mary S.
Escobar, Adriana M.
Estevez, Marcia M.
Eubank, James V.
Ever sole, Gary M.
Ewry, Theodore K.
Exber, Resa
Fair, John C.
Falo, Tauoa
Featherstone, Don
Feldman, Sarah S.
Feldman, Stephanie R.
Felsing, Nancy E.
Feres, Celia M.
Fergusen, Sarah E.
Ferguson, Cheryl L.
Fernandez, Concepcion C.
Ferris, Clifford E.
Ferris, Jeffrey D.
Fertitta, Delise A.
Fidler, Gretchen A.
Fieldman, Barry J.
Fiet, Joseph H.
Finnegan, William H.
First, Daniel T.
Fischer, William R.
Fish, Howard S.
Fisher, Claudia L.
Fisher, Dale A.
Fisher, Phyllis A.
Fisler, Jerold H.
Fitzgibbon, George P.
Fitzwater, Edward T.
Flack, David W.
Flagg, Jacqueline
Fleityz, Randy G.
Flowers, Jeffrey M.
Flynn, Patricia M.
Flynn, Warren J.
Foley, Ann M.
Foley, Helen A.
Foley, Phyllis B.
Ford, Joseph L.
Forese, Lynne M.
Forget, Barry J.
Forrester, Maffy W.
Forsberg, Kathy D.
Fosnaugh, John M.
Foster, Linda A.
Foster, Nancy K.
Fraizer, Rex R.
Francis, Johnny C.
Francis, Melody A.
Fregeau, Robert J.
Friday, William
Froistad, Lisa L.
Frostick, Mignon C.
Fruits, Geoffrey D.
Fulcher, Susan J.
Gagnon, Wilfred A.
Gaines, Kristin K.
Gale, Gregory J.
Galian, Barry D.
Gallagher, Debra A.
Gallagher, Patricia E.
Gallagher, Pauline
Gallant, Richard A.
Gallo, Sebastiano J.
Galloway, Ann M.
Galza, Johnny L.
Gandara, Dolores R.
Gans, Candace C.
Garban, Matthew J.
Garbutt, Barbara A.
Garcia, Angel R.
Garcia, Nina
Garcia, Ruben R.
Gardello, Bobbi J.
Gorman, Linda L.
Gamer, Genie A.
Garner, Vicky S.
Garretson, Richard H.
Gartner, Janet P.
Gause, Darlene G.
Geiger, Gregory A.
Geissler, Victoria L.
Gentile, Michael P.
Gentle, Paul E.
Gentry, Larry R.
Georges, Lori J.
Georgilas, Michael
Geran, Frederick J.
Germain, Ninon M.
Gertler, Darryl B.
Ghatak, Supriya
Gifford, Debra K.
Gil beau, Larry W.
Gilbert, Edward L.
Gilmore, Virginia L.
Gionet, Elaine M.
Gtibrd Marie-Anne
Giraud Jean-Marie
Gi'rbach. Marlene A. Irvin. Joanne M.
|r; Christophe B.
& David A.
:intz, Rebecca E.
itch. Allen R.
Wngs, David B.
>ld. Francine J.
|/dblatt, Barry W.
Hdtarb. Jon A.
tldstein. Marguerite S.
Ulier, Thomas E.
ijod. Brad L.
ipzaiez- Velarde Miguel
|Odin, Eddie H.
todmon, Wayne C.
>pdseil. Terri L.
'ipdwin, Karen H.
tiodwin, Mark V.
ode. David D.
at, William L.
pham, Jessie J.
'ant, Deborah A.
fen, Beatrice E.
fen, John S.
eon. Ronald L.
eenberg, Faye G.
eenberg, Morris L.
bene. Karen G.
fene, Susan G.
eenlee. J e f f r e y B.
ibble, Roger J.
tebling, Beatrice B.
iff in, Robert W.
Groome, Michael T.
Grossi, Susan D.
Grosvold, Jane L.
Gruse, Julieanne K.
Guardia-Diaz, Rosa H.
Guarrella, Serafina
Guedry, David N.
Guffey, Willis G.
Gunaratne, Anil S.
Gunter, Steven A.
Gurschke, Cynthia L.
Gustafson, Bruce D.
Guthrie, Everett B.
Gutierrez, Michael L.
Guzman, Elio R.
Habagat, Edithe T.
Hagen, Marian R.
Hagerty-Wilson Lee A.
Hahn, Laurette
Hajek, James J.
Haldeman, William K.
Hall, Andrew D.
Hall, Bradley J.
Hall, Gary D.
Hall, Gregory M.
Hall, Wesley L.
Halvorsen, Paul A.
Hambley, Charlotte G.
Hamilton, John 5.
Hamilton. Roberta S.
Hammons, Robert E.
Han, Abragam P.
Hand, Kathleen D.
Hanson, Craig H.
Harding, Anne E.
Harding, Sharon K.
Hardy, Douglas C.
Harmer, Faith L.
Harp, Debra L.
Harper, Shirley M.
Harris, Elizabeth
Harris, James P.
Harris, James R.
Harris, James R.
Harris, Patricia A.
Harris, Stephen G.
Hart, Colleen A.
Harvey, Ruth A.
Hatcher, Shirley A.
Hauck, Steven P.
Hauth, Donald E.
Ha vis, Lillian
Hawk, Rodney C.
Hawkins, Craig F.
Haw ley, David S.
Hawver, Michael S.
Hayes, Terry Lynn
Haynes, Marques O.
Hays, Mark A.
Heagy, Lela
Heaton, Laurence A.
Hedden, Kevin A.
Hedrick, Mary A.
Heigel, Gerald M.
Heines, Mary
Helmuth, Bradley R.
Hemsley, Dianna
Henderson, Rose I.
Hendrickson, Richard G.
Hennebury, Cheryl
Henrikson, Mark A.
Henry, Nancy H.
Hermans, Monique E.
Hernandez, David A.
Herrera, Marco R.
Herwick, Mark 5.
Hester, Chrystal E.
Hewitt, Albert G.
Hicks, Elizabeth M.
Hiegel, Gretchen M.
Hildreth, Robert
Hilgar, Grace L.
Hill, Dennis J.
Hill, Erin J.
Hill, Gerald L.
Hill, Sharlene R.
Hilley, Mary K.
Hines, Gina L.
Hinton, Michael K.
Hodge, Michele G.
Hogue, Barbara B.
Hohl, David M.
Hoi brook, Richard E.
Holland, Deborah L.
Holland, Susan D.
Hollander, Maria D.
Hollimon, Deborah
Hollingshead, Susan P.
Hollingsworth, Linda D.
Holly, Kathleen M.
Holman, Elva D.
Holz, Janet K.
Honig, Aryeh S.
Honsa, Patricia C.
Hood, Janice
Hopkins, Mark E.
Horky, Gary J.
Horner, Ruth H.
Horton, Scott F.
Hotchkin, Kirk B.
Hough, Leslie A.
Howie, Michael A.
Hrdina, Nancy B.
Huff, Paulette D.
Huggins, Robert E.
Huizenga, Scott L.
Hultsman, Charles D.
Hungrecker, William IV.
Hunt, Dennis K.
Hunter, Scot L.
Hurlbut, Denise C.
Hurst, Thomas L.
Hurt, Rick A.
Hurtubise, Janice F.
Hussain, Zafar
Hwang, Ki J.
Hyer, Kevin C.
Lawrence, Jeffery F.
Lawrence, Laura A.
Lazzaro, Ronda T.
Leake, Drenda G.
Leavitt, William P.
Leclaire Jr. Henry A.
Lee, Debbie S.
Lee, Tu Y.
Legault, Winnifred
Leggett, Quincella A.
Leibow, Spencer J.
Lemke, Robin N.
Lemon, Jane A.
Leonard, Sally S.
Leonardo, Mark J.
Leviant, Virginia
Levine, Jay F.
Levins, Pamela R.
Levins, William D.
Levy, Deborah A.
' Lewis, James R.
Leypolot, Cindy L.
' Lezark, Steve A.
. . Liebenstein, Brian J.
Lilley, Mark L.
, Lindberg. David E.
m Linden, Ronald M.
Linnell, Linda G.
Linthicum, Cheryll
Lissolo, Mark L.
Littleton, Darrell K.
Lochhead, William S.
Lochner III Conrad
Lockhart, William A.
Loeb, Sharon J.
Long, Sandra R.
Lopez, Laura E.
Lopez, Lori A.
Lorence, Angela A.
Lotspeich, Rodney W.
Loukas, James G.
Lovato, Craig L.
[ Lowe, Evelyn
Lowry. Robert M.
Lowy, Veronica A.
Loyacono, Aldo T.
Ludwigsen, Arthur P.
I Lull, Mary Jane K.
Lum, Chew H.
Lunt, Jody D.
Lusche, David J.
Lutey, Lloyd G.
Lutey, Terri L.
Kim, Chinsuk
Kim, Sungmin
Kimbelh Mary K.
Kimber, Randal C.
Kinard, Robert M.
King, Leolo W.
King, Richard W.
Kinney, Donald T.
Kinsel, David J.
Kinzie, Douglas R.
Kirkpatrick, Thomas E.
Klatt, Craig S.
Klenk, Brian G.
Klock, Mitchell R.
Kluever, Kathleen E.
Knapp, Carl W.
Knudsen, Linda R.
Knudson, Kathryn J.
Knutson, Craig F.
Ko, Sung H.
Kobus, Patricia M.
Koch, Tamara D.
Kofol, Ann M.
Kokowsky, Mark J.
Kolar, Barbara A.
Kopp, Werner K.
Korzennik, Susan R.
Kostrubal, Jr. Robert
Kozma, Janice M.
Kraft, Eugenia P.
Kramp, Kevin J.
Kriegh, Cynthia S.
Krueger, Kurt M.
Kubsh, Randall U.
Kuhle, Donna L.
Kutch, LuAnn
Maassarani, Mono
Mabe, Norman G.
Mackenzie, Gregory D.
Mackler, Eric M.
Maclachlan, Roger M.
MacMillan, Ann V.
Maddocks, Valerie A.
Mages, Susan E.
MaGowan, Samanthy
MaGuire, Maureen C.
Maher, Joseph S.
Mahn, Edward P.
Mahoney, Kevin D.
Maichle, Robert W.
Maier, Michael G.
Makimoto, Joanne L.
Malisch, David A.
Moloney, Joseph P.
Malvin, Jeffrey L.
Manchester, Wendell J.
Mancuso, Aaron
Manginelli, Michael A.
Mann, A/an 5.
Marble, James R.
Marchinko, Joan M.
Mariano, Carl F.
Maroushek, Sharon A.
Marroquin, Emma I.
Marsh, Susan T.
Marshall, Ronald R.
Martin, Craig H.
Martin, Scott A.
Martin, Victoria D.
Martindale, Rebecca
Martinet, Jon W.
Martinez, Gilberto F.
Mason, Walter D.
Massa, Adriane K.
Mathews, Wendy S.
Matlock, James A.
Mattingly, Thomas J.
Maul, Cathleen E.
Maultsby, John
Maxfield, Donald W.
Mayer, Mary K.
Mayne, Kenneth W.
Mazzie, Wayne L.
McAbee, Walter A.
McCall, Ramona M.
McClure, Alfred
McConville, Michael A.
McCrary, Samuel G.
McCreary, Hugh B.
McCurdy, Billy f.
McDonald, Kathleen A.
McDowell, Jolie
McDowell, Kimberly A.
McFadden, Larry C.
Johnson, Gregg S.
Johnson, Jerald L.
Johnson, Paula A.
Johnson, Rex J.
Johnson, Rudolph
Jolley, Sharon T.
Jondahl, Robert C.
Jones, Carol A.
Jones, Danny E.
Jones, Iris R.
Jones, Leonard K.
Jones, Mark E.
Jones, Michael M.
Jones, Neil A.
Jones, Tammy L.
Jones, Thomas J.
Joseph Lola J.
Josephson-Lahoussine Nan
Justice, Louise C.
McGarrow, Holly A.
McGarry, Tim J.
McGimsey, William L.
McGinley, Connie E.
McGlynn, Timothy J.
McGough, Michael K.
McGowan, Edward R.
McGowan, Richard M.
Mclntire, Rose E.
McKee, Jamie
McKenna, Michael L.
McKenzie, Pat A.
McKinney, James J.
McKinney, Linda J.
McLaren, Elisabeth M.
McLaughlin, Dennis M.
McLean, Alice V.
McMahan, Deborah D.
McNeill, Gwendolyn A.
McNeill, John R.
Meats, Kenneth G.
Medina, Nury M.
Medley, Priscilla R.
Medvejer, Martin
Mello, Elizabeth M.
Mendini, Scott A.
Mendoza, Warren R.
Merlino, Robert J.
Merrill, Alice A.
Messina, Jacqueline A.
Metcalf, Brad W.
Mevius, Kathryn F.
Meyers, Alan R.
Michalak, Paul
Mickel, Patricia A.
Mielczarek, Laurie A.
Miller, John J.
Miller, Kenneth D.
Miller, Mark H.
Miller, Mary A.
Miller, Michelle D.
Miller, Robert C.
Miller, Robert C.
Miller, Wayne
Mills, Doreen L.
Minetto, Pamela J.
Minick, Michael W.
Mirallegro, John J.
Mishel, Jack J.
Mitchell, Nathaniel A.
Mixdorf, Michael A.
Mogren, Roy P.
Mogren, Stacy A.
Moiseyev, Mark A.
Molasky, Barbara J.
Monaco, Charles M.
Monheiser, Paul A.
Montague, Dorothy P.
Kadlub, Craig A.
Kaercher, William A.
Kahr, Jean M.
Kaplan, Lee C.
Karaffa, Joseph M.
Karlova, Michaela
Karpouzian, Hagop K.
Karslake, Pamela E.
Katz, Randi S.
Kaufman, Nelda J.
Kawamura, Bobby H.
Kaye, Donald S.
Keefer, Alice I.
Kefalas, Susan H.
Keller, Karen L.
Kelley, John J.
Kelliher, Jean P.
Kellner, Carolyn £.
Kelly, Arnold R.
Kelly, Joann P.
Keltner, Karen C.
Kemple, Howard
Kendall, Robert J.
Kennard, Teresa A.
Kennedy, Teri J.
Kershaw, Michael R.
Kesler, James W.
Keyes, Deborah K.
Khan, Arif
Khan, Saleem S.
Kharas, James J.
Kharas, Khushroo J.
Khoury, Rebecca J.
Kiehlbauch, John H.
lacoboni, Margo D.
Ignelzi, Rosemary M.
Ihli, Jon D.
Hie, Alexander
Ingram, James E.
Isaac, Jeanne E.
Ishmoel, Carol A.
Ives, Joan L.
Jackson, Barbara A.
Jackson, William C.
Jacober, Reed A.
Jacobs, Annella M.
Jacobs, Linda K.
Jacobson, Don E.
Jantavetsiri, Natapong
Jarman, Jonathan, L.
Jarvis, Charles A.
Javelly, Christian P.
Jensen, Debra K.
Jensen, John T.
Jesinger, Jeannette R.
Jesson, Michele M.
Job, Larry A.
Joeckel, Marjorie M.
John, Finley
Johnson, Barbara J.
Johnson, Brian D.
Johnson, Dennis L.
Johnson, F.M.
LaBarry, Sharon L.
LaComb, Joseph W.
LaFayette, Martha E.
LaFollette, William A.
LaGoni, Nancy G.
Lam, Martin C.
Lamancusa, Joseph C.
Lamb, Marc R.
Lamp, Terri L.
Lampkin, Cynthia G.
Landers, Sherri B.
Lankowski, Wayne V.
Larson, Marlene L.
Larubio, Daniel P.
Lashua, Julie C.
Lataille, Michael R.
Lathem, Rose M.
Law, Juan A. Ma Sheck-Lun
Senior Index Senior Index
Scarrone, Ricardo B.
Schack, Ellen F.
Schoffer, Theresa A.
Schermann, Cynthia A.
Schlein, Richard L.
Schloss, David A.
Schmidt, Charles G.
Schmidt, Linda J.
Schnackenberg, Arvid D.
Schneider, Joseph M.
Schneider, Richard J.
Schneider, Roxanne
Schneider, Winona D.
Schoenberger, Marian A.
Schoentag, Kenneth R.
Schor, Richard W.
Schouweiler, Paul R.
Schram, Valerie S.
Schroeder, Laurie A.
Schuermann, Michael R.
Schultz, Don A.
Schumacher, Rod J.
Schwabacher, Shelley J.
Schwabenland, William R.
Schwartz, Carole A.
Schwartz, Elizabeth D.
Schwarz. Colleen
Schweinfurt, Lori L.
Schwer, Gail L.
Sciborowski, Christine M.
Scofield, Vickie L.
Scow, Eric L.
Sears, Gary L.
Sears, Susan E.
Sedgheh, Ebrahim
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Sequeira, William R.
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Seymour, Heather M.
Shack, Stephen
Shaikh, Hoseeb R.
Shaiman, Norman M.
Shalaby, Riad M.
Shanahan, Patrick D.
Shapiro, Risa K.
Sharon, Yehuda
Sharp, Marion C.
Sheldon, Susan L.
Shelley, Kothlene K.
Shepard, Debra E.
Shepherd, Nancy J.
Sherman, Edward C.
Sherwood, Michael C.
Shibuya, Keith T.
Shigematsu, Delroy K.
Shiles, Patricia L.
Shobe, Victoria F.
Robinson, Ruth S.
Robison, Diane M.
Rocchio, Tina L.
Roche, Linda G.
Rock, Nancy J.
Rock, William D.
Rodela, Bruce A.
Rodell, Charles S.
Rodgers, Michael L.
Rodowick, Lisa R.
Rogers, Eugene G.
Rogers, Vickie M.
Rojas, Cynthia A.
Rojas, Lupe F.
Romer, Richard T.
Romero, John S.
Root, Leonard J.
Roper, Shirley A.
Rose, Tyrone A.
Rose, Wallace S.
Rosen, Donald
Rosen, Suzanne D.
Rosenthal, Elise J.
Ross, Laura J.
Ross, Lauren N.
Rowland, Anthony C.
Rubin, Cheryl J.
Ruskusky, Jill M.
Russo, Eugene T.
Rutledge, Kevin C.
Ruttmann, Sam-Erik J.
Ryan, Sean P.
Pedersen, Teresa C.
Penksa, David R.
Pennacchia, Debbie E.
Perkins, Carol L.
Perkins, Nancy
Perry, Christophe P.
Perry, Lenni
Peters, Richard J.
Petersen, Dee T.
Petersen, Nyla M.
Peterson, David S.
Petrie, Ginger R.
Petrizzo, Joseph J.
Pfeifer, Linda S.
Pfeiffer, John J.
Pfiester, Henry E.
Phee, Jordan S.
Phillips, Barbara C.
Phillips, Brian G.
Phillips, Laura J.
Phillips, Richard S.
Phinick, Bradley S.
Pickard, Stephen F.
Pickett, Jack L.
Pierce, Darla R.
Pierro, Joseph A.
Pierzchala, Henry
Pietrek, Carolyn M.
Pilz, Katrina A.
Pina, Gertrudis C.
Pingpank, Judith A.
Pinner, Felecia D.
Pippin, Robert J.
Plasso, Frank M.
Ply, Jane F.
Poff, David P.
Polci, Carol K.
Pol is, David W.
Poll, Joel R.
Pollak, Ronald B.
Pollock, Laura M.
Pollock, Rick D.
Ponto, Paul E.
Pookpud, Debra R.
Potter, Nina J.
Powell, Dennis O.
Powell, Jacqueline L.
Pratt, Marsha K.
Primrose, Toshiko S.
Promutico, Alphonso
Prosek, Mapy L.
Pruette, Roger R.
Pry or. Dale A.
Ptak, Mono M.
Publow, Christophe S.
Purdy, Shelly W.
Puschnig, Paul L.
Pyle, Colleen M.
Ng, Grace K.
Nichols, Susan E.
Nicoll, Brian E.
Noordam, Bennie G.
Nugent, William K.
Nussle, Sally-Ann A.
Montoya, Lori A.
Mooney, Gerard P.
Moore, Arnold
Moore, James L.
Moore, Joel A.
Moore, Kathleen R.
Moore, Marilyn
Moore, Martin P.
Moore, Notividad O.
Moore, Susan T.
Moore, William T.
Moors, Leonard J.
Moron, John M.
Morantes, Orlando
Morgan, George B.
Morgan, Walter D.
Morris, Sharon E.
Morse, Robert J.
Morton, Kapin E.
Moskiman, Robert R
Mosser, Duane P.
Moulton, William B.
Mowrey, David R.
Moyer, Debra L.
Mulcahy, Kevin R.
Mulder, Michael A.
Mullin, Michael T.
Murphy, Patrick M.
Murphy Paul J.
Murray, Barbara J.
Myers, Ingrid A.
Quarshie, George L.
Quinci, Philip
Quinn, Edward J.
Quinn, Kathy S.
Quint, Jeffrey R.
Qureshi, Tahir M.
Oaks, Barry D.
OBrieh, Dennis R.
OConnor, Donald B.
OConnor, John T.
ODonnell, Rose S.
Ogden, Jackie L.
Okada, Masaaki
Olivas, Kathy L.
Oloughlin, Donald S.
Olson, Dorothy M.
Ong, Fabian K.
Ong, Kathy Y.
Orr, Mary P.
Orrock, Diana V.
Orzel, Richard J.
Oshields, Winford B.
Ostrow, Elissa V.
Overton, Barbara J.
Owen, Arthur W.
Ozman, Cynthia A.
Rackey, William H.
Rader. Darrell H.
Radice, Deborah A.
Radig, Gregory G.
Radosavljevic, Gisela E.
Radovich, Chaslav
Rgdovich, Padmila
Rafferty, John T.
Ramos, David A.
Ramsey, Herlinda D.
Randall. Lori M.
Ranney, James
l^ismussen, Carolyn 5.
fmsmussen, Deborah L.
iwtzin, Brendan Iayrwdooond, ,K Weitahlt eWr .E .
bentisch, Martin J.
cker, Marilynne J.
ed, Michael J.
eley, Stephen E.
ese, Nathan M.
fati, Asem A.
illy, Joanna K.
isch, David M.
mpal, Karen L.
snick, Dana M.
Rpyhons, John K.
Reynolds, Dori L.
Modes, Betsy
Rich, Robert S.
michardson, Connie R.
'kicks, Katherine A. ;J|ickwartz: Joyce M.
middle, Lynda G.
fiiohemann. Hans
Waff, Mayer P.
'JRiggins, Ronald L.
mitchey, Raye E.
{Roberts, Genevieve M
^Roberts. Lisa L.
"i&obinson, Karen M.
Sacco, Stewart M.
Sack, Melissa M.
Sadek, Riad F.
Sage, Geoffrey A.
Sahnaoui, Fadi Y.
Salsburg, Janine M.
Sams, Robert R.
Sanders, Bolin O.
Sanders, Mark B.
Sanders, Sally A.
Santos, Tom Y.
Sapp, Colleen M.
Sarantes, Helen T.
Sareen, Sunil
Satterwhite, Richard L.
Sauer, Michael L.
Saunders, Bruce C.
Saycich, John M.
Scandura, Joseph
Scarcello, Michael A.
Nader, Robert W.
Nakanishi, Ronald D.
Nappi, Arnold L.
Nathan, Michael J.
Naveira, Carol J.
Naylor, Donna L.
Neal, Charles G.
Nedwick, Kathleen A.
Nelson, Carrie L.
Nelson, Cedric A.
Nelson, James V.
Nelson, Kathy A.
Nelson, Keith D.
Nelson, Laura S.
Nesci, Thomas R.
Neumann, Elizabeth M
Neumeyer, Thomas B.
Neuteboom, Nancy A.
Newlin, Joseph W.
Newman, Joseph J.
Padilla, John
Paiuzzi, Mathew M.
Pankhurst, Denis H.
Panter, Harold R.
Papagna, Toby S.
Parks, Lourdes M.
Parness, Pamela J.
Parson, Linda A.
Pasquantino, John C.
Pottee, James F.
Patterson, David T.
Patton, Marshall L.
Payne, Antoinette Z.
Peal, Rita T.
Pearce, David H.
Pearce, Lee A.
Pearce, Robert S.
Pearce, Robin J.
Pearson, Felecia M.
Telliard, Timothy P.
Teng, Vitus 5.
Terbeek, Russell R.
Thatcher, Lisa A.
Thomas, Alan
Thomas. Arden M.
Thomas, Deborah R.
Thomas, Kathleen A.
Thomas, Sherry L.
Thompson, Nancy M.
Thompson, Susan M.
Thompson, Vijean A.
Thurston, Katherine A.
Thurston, Martha J.
Tibone, Peter S.
Tidwell, Robert L.
Tiffany, Nancy E.
Tinsley, Laronda D.
Toback, Harold A.
Tocco, Joann M.
Tollefson, Terri L.
Tomaso, June A.
Tomaso, Michael G.
Tomlinson. Allan W.
Tomlinson, Mark S.
Torre, Roger D.
Torsky, William S.
Townsend, Theodore E.
Traosdahl, Joyce A.
Trotos, Michele S.
Trepanier, Michele M.
Trethewey, Cynthia A.
Trexler, Robert M.
Trexler, Sheila S.
Trivett, John E.
Trottier, Ronald J.
Truax, Barbara L.
Truszkowski, Henry C.
Tsevas, Constantin
Tsinnie, Helen D.
Turner, Rudolpha M.
Twilligear, Glen A.
Twitchell, Lyn A.
Tyler, John N.
Shoemaker, Russell J.
Shore, Lisa G.
Shove, Diane K.
Shugars, Kim E.
Shultz, Shirley A.
Sible, Vance G.
Siddiqui, Sajjad H.
Silva, Christophe J.
Silver, Lance A.
Simms, Homer L.
Simonds, Frederick C.
Sims, Kenneth E.
Singer, Harry
Siracusa, Lynne M.
Sirola, Phyllis J.
Sitar, Stephen L.
Siu, Shelley K.
Skinner, Lisa K.
Skinner, Stephen W.
Slate, Darilyn S.
Slater, Dauna L.
Smail, Melvin L.
Small, Michael J.
Smart, Pamela M.
Smith, Benn D.
Smith, Christanne
Smith, Douglas C.
Smith, Emilia S.
Smith, Ernest V.
Smith, Eugene W.
Smith, Glen B.
Smith, Lesley E.
Smith, Mary J.
Smith, Radford J.
Smith, Robert J.
Smith, Ronald J.
Smith, Wayne D.
Smits, Cornelius J.
Sneed, Cheryl L.
Snelling, Carol A.
Snowden, Ann W.
Sobel, Adrienne N.
Soderberg, Don L.
Solomon, David L.
Solomon, Jeffrey S.
Soren, Rhonda H.
Sorensen, Mary A.
Soule, JoAnn
Southard, Charles E.
Spann, Leonard L.
Spence, Sandra J.
Spiteri, Jane A.
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