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The Shofar newsletter of Temple Beth Am, February/March 2001



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The House of the People The Shofar Monthly Newsletter of Temple Beth Am 9001 Hillpointe Road Las Vegas, NV 89134 702-254-5110 Volume 11, Issue 2 ? 3 February?March 2001 COMING EVENTS EVERY WEEK Shabbat Services Friday 7:30 pm Torah Study Saturday 9:30 am Followed by Traditional Shabbat service at 10:30 am Inside this Issue A Gift for All of Humanity Rebbetzen Miki Hecht 2 Coming Attractions Larry Steckler 4 Sistergrams & Bricks 6 Simcha's Torah Stories Leadership Quality 8 Yartziets 9 Birthdays & Anniversaries /1 Building Photographs 12 Jewish Lifestypes 13 Calendar for March 14 Purim Festival A Hit At Hills Park It was a cloudy day, but the rain held off and the Temple Beth Am Purim Festi-val turned out to be a huge success. Children and parents alike had a wonder-ful time. Some climbed the mountain; some ate hot dogs and pizza; some ma-neuvered the cake walk; but no matter what they tried, no matter what they ate, everyone enjoyed. ? More photos on page 10 Photos by Lorraine Steckler 2 THE SHOFAR February ? March 2001 A Gift For All of Humanity Rebbetzen's Corner by Micki D. Hecht As I sat down to write this article, I had known for two weeks that the deadline was approaching. I had been studying for a week or ten days, in a desperate attempt to settle on just the right topic for my arti-cle. Many times my subject matter comes easily, and I write with little effort. Other times I struggle and struggle to find a topic, with little or no success. This, Dear Friend, has been one of those times when the subject matter for an article has simply eluded me. I have attributed this to many things over the years. Sometimes I am simply overex-tended and have difficulty focusing or concentrating; sometimes I a m trying to write about something that I don't feel as strongly about as perhaps I should. And sometimes I have forgotten to pray and medi-tate and allow G-d's Help to flow into my being! No matter what the surface reason for my not being able to write, my proverbial "Writer's Block" always goes back to the root problem. That problem is acerbated when I forget, for, whatever reason, to al-low. G-d to take control of what, I write. It is then that I am simply un-able to write. I wish I could tell you that I write my own articles, but alas, the truth is I am only a "messenger" from a Higher Power. Do I think of myself as a Prophet or Saint? Oh no, not at all! We are all ca-pable of receiving a message from Above and passing it along. G-d's Guidance is here for all of us, we simply need to claim and utilize it. Some of us are better at it because we have had a little more ex-perience with meditation, prayer and study, and some of us are better at it because we trust that Still Small Voice that is sent from G-d! I have practiced the ancient art of meditation for the past 30 years. I feel that it does help me to focus and get in touch with the world around me and most especially with my own inner self, while enabling me to connect with the Still Clear Voice within, which of course, comes from Above! Just before going to bed last night, as I put Las Vegas ISRAELITE down one of the many books I was looking through, I felt at my wit's end. I was exhausted, it was 3 AM, and I was no closer to finding a suit-able subject matter than I was 14 days ago, when my last article was lurned in from Palm Springs California, where I was attending a Confer-ence! Not only was I exhausted, I was frustrated and beginning to re-think my commitment to write an article every week or two. On that note, I began to pray. I first thought about all of the many blessings G-d has sent into my life, I gave thanks for those, and I most especially thanked G-d for the help He has allowed me to give to oth-ers over the years. I was particularly grateful for the special Gift of Intui-tion, and also the gift of being able to listen to G-d's Voice. I didn't seem able to make that' particular gift work at the moment, but I knew! that it was there, nevertheless. That's FAITH! When I awoke this morning, I was still not, certain if I was receiving a message, but decided to sit down at the computer in an attempt to write anyway. The words began to flow as I felt a need to share this process with you. There is indeed a lesson here for all of us to heed. I Rabbi Mel Hecht, MHL,DD Spiritual Leader Rebbetzen Micki D. Hecht Temple Beth Am Board of Directors EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Larry Steckler President Brian Grill First VP Dr. Steve Konowalow Second VP Carin Bachant Treasurer Julie Pearlman Recording Secretary Marjorie Present Corresponding Secty TRUSTEES Gary Bordman Craig Friedberg Geri Lynn Grossan Hazel Gold Mark Rich Arleen Turok Allison Berman Education Director Amy Stein...Sisterhood Representative Stuart Stein Brotherhood President THE SHOFAR Larry and Lorraine Steckler, Editors Temple Beth Am 9001 Hillpointe Road Las Vegas, NV 89134 702-254-5110 Shabbat Services Tot Shabbat, Friday at 7:00pm Shabbat, Friday at 7:30pm Child Care Provided Saturday Services Torah Study, 9:30am Services, 10:30am remember an old friend telling me once, many years ago: "When life gives you lemons, Micki, make lem-onade!" It was a lesson that has served me well over the years. And one that I have watched my dear Mother put into practice time and time again in her lifetime! ,When I begin to feel overwhelmed or an-gry, I take a moment to focus on the positive in the situation and make an honest effort to find some-thing good. I look for the lemonade to refresh me, rather than allowing the lemons to set my teeth on edge. It almost always works! I read two stories recently, each about a Mon-arch. I would like to share them with you today. There once was a king who had a beautiful ring of -rare beauty. The center stone was very large and shone with a brilliance that rivaled the sun. One day as he was getting dressed, the ring fell from his hand and crashed to the marble floor of his palace. When his servants picked the ring up for him, they were frightened to give it to the King, be-cause a great crack had appeared right through the center of the stone. The King was very sad, and wept because his beautiful ring was destroyed. There came into the kingdom a famous jew-eler who was also known for his positive attitude and artistic ability. The King showed his precious ring to the jeweler, and asked if another could be made like it, only without the crack. The jeweler thought that perhaps if a comparable stone were to be found the ring could-be duplicated, but, he said to the King: 'If you will allow me to try, I believe that I can make this ring more beautiful than it has ever been before!" The King was surprised, and thought that somehow the jeweler would be able to fuse the crack in the stone, so he allowed him to work on his precious ring. He worked for many days, and when the King saw the old ring he was amazed at its beauty. This clever jeweler had used the crack as a stem, and proceeded to carve the most beautiful rose into the stone. The King could not have been happier. This story goes to show us that we are indeed the sum total of everything that has happened to us in our lifetime. Each time we experience pain or dis-appointment, we can allow it to make us unhappy or bitter, or we can use the experience to help us grow in character and substance; both emotionally and spiritually! None of us can travel through life un-scathed by unfortunate circumstances and situa-tions. These things do not define us as a person, how we. respond to them, deal with them and grow from them is what truly counts. 1 This leads me to my next story, also about a Monarch. This King had heard of a ring that pos-sessed unusual powers. The ring had the rare quality "House of the People" TEMPLE BETH AM 3 of enabling the person who wore it to find true hap-piness no matter what would befall him or her. He sent his Royal Messengers to the far corners of the earth, searching for this most desired ring. He had no idea what it would look like, but he imagined that it would have a very large and beautiful stone like a diamond, sapphire or ruby right in the center. After years of searching, one of his most ed. "You see," he said, "when one is in a time of trial or travail, he or she need simply to look at the ring to be reminded that the sadness will soon pass. Like-wise, whatever moments of joy or happiness that come will also pass, and so each of us must appreci-ate those moments to the fullest, knowing that they too, are fleeting!" Armed with that information and the simple gold band, the messenger went speedily to his King, to share this most precious gift of the Spirit. Dear Friend, I do not have, a ring to give to you, but I feel that I have been given something that is far more precious than any material possession any of us can ever own. I have been given the gift of being able to find the good in any situation, AND I have been given the gift of Gam Zu Ya'avor! 'This too shall pass!" I pray that each of you can take this wisdom into your hearts and use it to bring happiness to your-self, to your family and friends and to those with whom you share this earth! I wish for you Shalom! B'Shalom, Rebbifzen Micki Hecht Sometimes We Get Overwhelmed January and February were one of those times. Life at the Stecklers was full. Still adjusting to running a new business (six days a week); A new grandchild (Amanda Lynn); A new task (your president); and before I knew it, the month of February had gone by and The Shofar had not been published. That's why this is a special February-March edition that you are reading. We have expanded the Birthday, Anniver-sary and Yartziet sections to cover all of February and March, and we must apologize for any confu-sion this may have caused. Hopefully, it will not recur and The Shofar will return to its regular monthly publi-cation schedule. Should you be inclined to help, we could use someone to type out on their computer, in Word, some of the regular columns. We could also use some feisty individuals to get us some additional ad-vertising to help cover some of our publication costs. If you are interested in a publishing career, contact either myself or Lorraine as soon as possible. We do have several tasks that need doing and you can help us accomplish them. 4 THE SHOFAR February ? March 2001 Coming Attractions President's Gavel by Larry Steckler These classroom walls are now complete and the roof is going into place. The progress is astonishing. Our congregation should be proud of its achievement and the promise it offers for our community. ? More building photos on page 12. Photos byI<orraine Steckler hat an exciting time it is! Some four years ago I made the deci-sion to become a member of Temple Beth Am. Today I find myself presi-dent of what I feel is one of the most won-derful, unusual and progressive reform Jew-ish congregations in the world. A congrega-tion made up of a vital, active Jewish com-munity. The new Temple Beth Am campus is sprouting out of the desert sands and rock as you read this. We will soon have eight new classrooms, a senior day care center, a wedding garden and a modern banquet hall. When the cash flow from these projects is es-tablished, we will be able to move forward and build our second phase, including a beautiful new sanctuary. I want to personally thank all of those who have helped make this possible. Our Rabbi and Rebbetzen, our Board of Trustees, and every individual who has through their personal effort and monetary contributions "House of the People" TEMPLE BETH AM 5 have enabled us to makes all of this project come to life. Yes, we have begun, but the road ahead is not without bumps, not without potholes, not without pitfalls. There is still much more to be done. At our next board meeting I will be presenting several motions that are vital to the successful completion of our project. First, I am asking for a furnishings fund assessment that will apply to all new mem-bers of our congregation. Existing members already have fulfilled their building-fund obli-gation or are in the process of doing so. While we have raised the funds necessary to begin building, we still need to furnish and equip our new structures before we can put them to use. We will also have a substantial loan to be repaid. Much of that loan will be paid with the cash flow from the completed facilities. However, we still need to furnish and finish our buildings. Therefore, we must establish a two-year $2,000 furnishing fund obligation for all new members. Hopefully, the board will agree. I realize that some of new congre-gants may feel that they cannot meet this large an assessment. We shall ask those con-gregants to define what they can contribute in a formal pledge. The membership commit-tee will then approve and record those pledges. I will also be asking the board to increase our annual Temple dues. The precise amount will be established by the membership com-mittee and approved by the board. I have established an advertising commit-tee, chaired by Marge Present to plan our ad-vertising campaign for this year. It is to in-clude ads in the Jewish Reporter, the Israel-ite, and in the View section of the Review Journal. The first of these ads has already ap-peared. We will insert a Temple Beth Am ad in every issue of the Israelite and the Jewish Reporter. For special occasions, such as Pass-over and High Holy Days, additional advertis-ing will appear. The Board has approved the budget and the ads are already appearing. This budget item also includes Yellow Pages advertising for both Temple Beth Am and the Growth and Learning Center. As a part of this ongoing promotion we have erected a new full-color sign in front of the construction site to tell our neighbors what it is that is happening and to invite new members to join our congregation. Drive by and take a look! I have asked Mark Rich to investigate running a once a month Temple Beth Am Cof-fee House as an ongoing community gathering and fund raiser. One Saturday evening each month we will offer live entertainment, and have coffee, cold drinks and cake for refresh-ments. Beyond dollars, and we still need a lot more of those, we need people who are willing to give of their abilities and time to help us make Temple Beth Am grow into the promise it has before it. Contact me, or any other Board member if you have a suggestion, if you want to work on a project or committee, if you want to help. Again, the board has already approved seed money for this project. I can be reached easily. By phone during the day at my business ? 839-1871. In the evenings at home ? 240-0183. Fax will also work: at home at ? 838-6924 or during the business day at 839-1873. By e-mail (perhaps the best method) at Con-tact me if you have a question, a comment, to offer assistance, to complain. You will soon be receiving a letter from the Board with contact information for other board members. We are also requesting infor-mation about all congregants to become a part of our Temple Beth Am 2002 calendar. You will have the opportunity to have your special dates and occasions listed, have both a wall calendar and a calendar book, including a complete directory of our congregational members. And this is just the beginning! B' Shalom, Larry Steckler 6 THE SHOFAR February ? March 2001 Sistergrams by Roz Ring?656-7003 To: JayChabrow From: Amy & Stuart Stein We wish you a very happy birthday and many, many more. To: Estelle & A1 Auslander From: Roz & A1 Ring Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary. May you enjoy many more. To: MetaDoran From: Sisterhood Our very best wishes for a happy and healthy birth-day. To: MetaDoran From: Roz & A1 Ring Hope your birthday is the best. We wish you good health and many more years ahead. To: Stella Bialac From: Sisterhood Happy birthday and continued good health. To: Jean Taubman From: Sisterhood The members of Sisterhood wish you a healthy and happy birthday. To: Brian & Becky Grill From: Sisterhood Happy Anniversary. May you enjoy many, many more. To: Carin & Robert Bachant From: Roz & A1 Ring We wish you happiness on your 9th Wedding Anni-versary and good health. We wish you a speedy and complete recovery from your recent surgery. To: LonJaffe From: A1 & Roz Ring Lots of luck on your surgery. Hope you have a quick and complete recovery. To: Marilyn & Howard Landers From: Sisterhood We all extend our sincere sympathy on the passing of your aunt, Dorothy Landers. To: Marilyn & Howard Landers From: Roz & A1 Ring Our deepest sympathy on the passing of your aunt, Dorothy Landers. To: EdnaLiquori From: Amy & Stuart Stein Our congratulations on your 91st Birthday. Good health and many, many more. To: Carin & Robert Bachant From: Anne & Art Cohen Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary. We wish you both, good health and happiness. Bricks by Roz Ring?656-7003 To: Lorraine & Larry Steckler From: Sisterhood Congratulations and good luck on the opening of your new store, Mail Boxes Etc. To: LonJaffe From: Amy & Stuart Stein "House of the People" TEMPLE BETH AM 7 Temple Beth Am Passover Seder House of the People "In a World of Strangers Let Us Create a Community" A Reform Temple Meeting Our Community Needs ANNUAL PASSOVER SEDER 1st Seder Night - Saturday, April 7th, 2001 6:00 PM Orleans Hotel & Casino ? Room "Manor H" Everyone is cordially invited to join Rabbi Mel Hecht, MHL, DD Rebbetzen Micki Hecht and the Temple Beth Am Congregational Family For this very special event For additional information call the Temple office at 254-5110 Make Checks payable to Temple Beth Am 9001 Hillpointe Road, Las Vegas, NV 89134 Name: Address: Zip: Phone: Congregants: @ $40.00 ea. $ Non Congregants: @ $55.00 ea. $ Children Under 13: @ $18.00 ea. $ Children Under 5: (No Charge) Total Enclosed: $ Any Special Request: 8 THE SHOFAR February ? March 2001 Simcha's Tor ah Stories ? Leadership Quality Parschas Miketz by Simcha Groffman ? Ohr Somayach International "A Mm bba, can you please help me with my homework?" "My pleasure Chaim. What is the subject matter?" "This week's parsha. What name did Pharoh call Yosef af-ter he was promoted to sec-ond in command over Mi-traim? "Let's have a look here in the Chumash. Here it is? chapter 41, verse 45. 'And Pharoh called Yosef by the name Tsafnas Pneach."' "Tsafmas Pneach. What an unusual name. Does it have a meaning?" "Chaim, I had the same question. I looked at the com-mentaries of our sages on the Chumish. Rashi explains that Tsafnas means 'one who ex-plains hidden things'. Yosef was able to explain the hidden meanings of dreams." "What about the other name, Abba?" "Rabbi Naftoli Tzvi Yehuda Berlin, the Rosh Yeshiva of Vo-lozhin, who is known to us by the anagram of his name, the Netziv, wrote a commentary on the Chumish called HaEmek Davar. He writes that the word Paneach is a combination of two words: 'Pa' is from the word hofah meaning appear-ance and honor. 'Nach' is from the word nachas, a spiritual pleasure. Yosef received great honor, and was a pleasure to all who saw him." Why did Pharoh give him that name, Abba?" "Pharoh was amazed, Chaim, He never saw anyone like Yo-sef. Yosef was awesome. He was a young man, only thirty years old. The past twelve years had been spent in prison. He was so lowly that when Pharoh summoned him, they drew him out of a pit, bathed him, shaved him, and changed his clothes. Then he proceeded to interpret Pharoh's dreams, and draw up a plan to save Mitzraim from the starvation of famine." "That is pretty awesome for a slave who has been in prison for twelve years." "True, Chaim, but Pharoh was even more impressed by something else. When Yosef was given all of this honor and responsibility, he handled it per-fectly. Normally, a lowly slave prisoner cannot become a royal officer overnight. Yet that is exactly what Yosef did. He handled himself as if he had been born a prince. Pharoh saw that Yosef was not really a slave, but was truly a leader. Therefore, he gave him a name that reflected his true qualities." "Abba, this is great. Thank you so much." "My pleasure, Chaim. Do you know that we all have this quality of Yosef within us?" "Really Abba? In what way?" "The Torah refers to the Jew-ish people as a Kingdom of Ko-hanim and a Holy Nation." "What does that mean, Abba?" "G-d chose us from among all the other nations, to be a light to the world. We received the Torah, our guide to life. When we live according to the Torah, we have a perfect soci-ety, which is a shining example to the world." "What you are saying, Abba, is that we lead by exam-ple." "Exactly, Chaim. When we are on the job, we can be an example of how to conduct our business honestly and faith-fully. Our relationships with our neighbors also show our com-mitment to peace and coop-eration." I can think of other exam-ples, Abba." "Go ahead, Chaim." "When we give charity and help other people, we show how important it is to care for and help people. When we honor our parents and older people, we teach the world the importance of respect." "Wonderful, Chaim. In this way, we are like Yosef. The more that we live according to the Torah, the more we lead by example. The more we lead by example, the more our true leadership qualities shine. Pharoh saw it in Yosef, and people will recognize it in you." "What a wonderful feeling, Abba, the know that we can have an impact on the world." That is our leadership quality, Chaim. We inherited it from our ancestor Yosef." "I should get back to my homework, Abba. I have to learn the Torah well, to know how to live by its rules, and to be a good example. "Spoken by a true leader, Chaim." "House of the People" TEMPLE BETH AM REMEMBERING LOVED ONES ON THEIR YARTZEITS FEBRUARY 2nd Frank Rosin Sophye Rosen 4th Sarah Berliner 6th Irma Newmark 8th Sophie Bergman 9Htahn nah Schulman Mildred Levant-Harris 10th Rose Hirsch 11th Robert Frost 12th Adele Rscher 13th Ervin Greenbaum 16th Abe Shapiro 17th Joe;l Bruce Friedman 18th Mary Darefsky A19btrha ham Parnes Abe Ring 20th Samuel Gramowitz 21st Philip Carroll Caudle Neddo Ordman 2D2aenlbedon rea hR iScha bel 22nd Lena Soil 24th Curt Behme 25th Sarah (Shirley) Davidson 26th Jacob Stein 27th Reuben Jarman 28th May Matisoff MH1siltAd aR CScHh ulman Robert Frost 2nd Terry Konowalow 3rd David de Gennaro Jeanette Seigal Kenneth VanderMeer 6Ktaht hryn Zolloto David Torres 7th Joseph Allen Kamer 8th Abraham Goodman Leonard Greene 9th Saul Smith Sadie Stanger Sara Torres Bertram Warshaw 10th Harry Jaffe Karl Shapiro 11th Nathan Ring 12th Frances Arager Gwen Bialac Jack Edwards Abraham Lewis Julia Salmirs 14th Sam Cohen Julius Cohen Elias Dorfler 15th Milton Tobman 16th Eva Craft 17th Wolf Forkos 18th Bernard Wisner 19th Rose Bird Rose Greenstein Robert David Mizel 21st Daniel Kurtz Henrietta Rich 24th Joshua Horowitz Mildred Janowitz 26th Irving Dorfler William Grobstein 27th Rachel Jones Eva Kaplan 30th Nathaniel Mendelsohn 10 THE SHOFAR February ? March 2001 Mark Twain's comments on Jewish People This wonderful article was written in 1899, when anti-Semitism was widespread in the United States. Large companies did not hire Jewish people. Univer-sities either did not admit Jews or limited their num-bers with strict quotas. 'Respectable' people like Ford and Edison expressed their anti-Jewish feelings openly. Mark Twain had an answer for them: WRITTEN BY: MARK TWAIN - HARPER'S, SEPTEMBER 1899 "If the statistics are right, the Jews constitute but one percent of the human race. It suggests a nebu-lous dim puff of star dust lost in the blaze of the Milky Way. Properly, the Jew ought hardly be heard of; but he is heard of, has always been heard of. He is as prominent on the planet as any other peo-ple and his commercial importance is extravagantly out of proportion to the smallness of his bulk. His contributions to the world's list of great names In literature, science, art, music, finance, medicine, and obtuse learning are also way out of proportion to the weakness of his numbers. He has made a marvelous fight in this world in all the ages, and has done it with his hands tied behind him. He could be vain of himself, and be excused for it. The Egyptians, the Babylonians, and the Per-sians rose, filled the planet with sound and splen-dor, and faded to dream stuff and passed away. The Greeks and the Romans followed and made a vast noise and they are gone. Other peoples have sprung up and held their torch high for a time. But it burned out, and they sit in twilight now, or have vanished. The Jew saw them all. Beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmities of age, no weakening of his parts, no slow-ing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind. All things are mortal but the Jew. All other forces pass, but he remains. Amen Torah Fund Update rhe Saturday morning Torah Study group has adopted this project. Several Torah Study at-tendees have already made their first contribu-tion. The goal we need to reach is about $2500. Contributions received to date total $1,440. It's a sub-stantial move, but more dollars are still needed. This appeal will continue at all torah study sessions until we can have our Czechoslovakian Torah restored. Those who have made contributions include Simon Berg-man, Harold Geller, Esther Levoff, Frank Masters, Amy & Stu-art Stein, Lorraine & Larry Steckler, Harold Vosko, and oth-ers who chose to remain anonymous. Purim Festival Photographs You Should Have Been There Photos by Lorraine Steckler Happy Birthday Barry Saltzman Feb. 1 Mrs. Meta Doran Feb. 1 Roni Tan- Feb. 2 Susan Esbin Feb. 3 Mrs. Stella Bialac Feb. 3 Zachary Wetterling (11th Birthday) Feb. 5 Dawn Wolf Feb. 8 Nathan Pecnik (3rd Birthday) Feb. 8 Jordan Miner (18th Birthday) Feb. 9 Louise Carrillo (5th Birthday) Feb. 9 Mr. William Weinberger Feb. 10 Danielle LaFountaine (13th Birthday) Feb. 10 Denise Glovin-Hamilton Feb. 10 Glenn Levy Feb. 11 Edna Liquori Feb. 12 Mrs. Inger Keator Feb. 13 Mr. Michael Starr Feb. 13 Mrs. Marlene Jones Feb. 13 Danielle Sanciangco (10th Birthday) Feb. 14 Mrs. Lynn Henick Feb. 14 Les Goodman Feb. 15 Jack Weinstein Feb. 17 Steven Mark Broselow Feb. 17 Holly O'Brien Feb. 18 Harold Vosko Feb. 20 Dara Epstein Feb. 22 Glenn Steckler Feb. 22 Harold G. Geller Feb. 23 Mrs. Rosa Kanarek Feb. 24 Samantha Shane (10th Birthday) Feb. 26 Mrs. Jean Tobman Feb. 27 Jacob Howard (10th Birthday) Feb. 27 Salvatore Cuccia Feb. 27 Hope Gail Broselow Feb. 27 Julie Peterman Feb. 28 Dr. Sheldon Freedman Feb. 28 Keely Lewis (7th Birthday) Mar. 1 Mrs. Anne Cohen Mar. 1 Jordan Esbin (12th Birthday) Mar. 3 Mrs. Amy R. Stein Mar. 4 Daniel Schwartz Mar. 5 Mr. Arthur Adams Mar. 6 Mrs. Susan Stein Mar. 7 Ms. Suzanne Kloud Mar. 8 Lori Krangel Mar. 9 Fred Ckarudge Mar. 10 Mrs. Shirley Siegel Mar. 11 Ingrid Salzman Mar. 12 Brad Mishlove Mar. 12 Jordan Chesin (14th Birthday) Mar. 13 Mr. Albert Ausander Mar. 14 Coe Power Mar. 15 "House of the People" TEMPLE BETH AM 11 Simon Bergman Mar. 15 Rachel Vosko Mar. 16 Mrs. Susie Allazetta Mar. 16 Mr. John Miner Mar. 18 Noah Charles Hanion (4th Birthday) Mar. 18 Katrina Schweitzer (9th Birthday) Mar. 19 Jared Drizen (4th Birthday) Mar. 19 Georgie Wara Mar. 20 Keren Stern Mar. 21 Fred Lessman Mar. 21 Glenn Pecnik Mar. 22 Frank Friedlander Mar. 22 Anne Black Mar. 22 Goldie Wechsler Mar. 24 Rick Sanciangco Mar. 24 Joel Present Mar. 25 Guliet Pecnik Mar. 25 Gilbert Hyatt Mar. 26 Kathleen Jade Friedlander (10th Birthday) Mar. 26 Maximillian Chesnoff (10th Birthday) Mar. 28 Conrad Lewis (4th Birthday) Mar. 31 Mrs. Lauriann Bradford Mar. 31 Happy Anniversary to: Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Olbur 45th Anniv Feb. 1 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Grill 24th Anniv Feb. 11 Mr. & Mrs. James Wetterling 14th Anniv Feb 14 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bachant 10th Anniv Feb. 16 David Borda & Cathy Mahon-Borda 4th Anniv Feb. 20 Mr. & Mrs. Buccieri 19th Anniv Feb. 21 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rich 2nd Anniv Mar. 11 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Epstein 9th Anniv Mar. 12 Mr. & Mrs. David Chesnoff 16th Anniv Mar. 15 Albert & lllene Zukermandel 38th Anniv Mar. 16 Coe & Cindy Power 17th Anniv Mar. 18 Mr. & Mrs. Stan Broselow 52nd Anniv Mar. 27 Brotherhood at Work / oin Brotherhood at one of their regular spe-cial events. If golf is your game, how about one Sunday morning, 10am at the Par 3 Cloud 9 course at Angel park Golf Course? The green fee is $12 and there is a $5 donation per player for the Brotherhood. The 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, at 7pm is the time for a friendly, gentlemen's poker game. Come out with your green eye shade. Call Mort Friedlander at 645-1288 or Stan Broselow at 645- 4714 for more details. 12 THE SHOFAR February ? March 2001 BUILDING UPDATE The View as our Buildings Go Up I "House of the People" TEMPLE BETH AM 13 Publicity For Special Family Events Community Briefs, Community Spotlight, Life Cycles Youth Beat, Obituary Below is a letter from the Jewish Reporter, a bi-weekly newspaper for the Jewish com-munity of Las Vegas. Copies of the paper are available in the lobby of Temple Beth Am. The Jewish Reporter is offering a won-derful opportunity to announce and notify the entire Las Vegas Jewish family of events in our lives. There are five forms in all, as listed at the top of this page. All are available at the Temple Office. Just stop in and ask for a copy of the one that you need. Fill it in and send it to the Jewish Reporter and get your event into the news. Congregational News and Photos Are Wanted to Fill This Space If you are celebrating a Birth, a Wedding, an Anniversary, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah We would like you to share that event with The rest of your congregational family Ideal Copy is MS Word Send us your Photos Grayscale JPEG's are preferred Call Lorraine or Larry Steckler 839-1871 days or 240-0183 evenings o Temple Beth Am 2001 March 5761 O Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 Torah Study 9:30am Shabbat Service 10:30am 4 Purim Festival Hills Park 10am Men's Golf Angel Park 10am 5 6 Adult Judaism Class 7:30pm 7 Temple Board Meeting 7:30pm All Congregants Invited 8 Fast of Esther 9 Feast of Purim Tot Shabbat 7pm Shabbat Service 7:30pm 10 Torah Study 9:30am Shabbat Service 10:30am 11 Hebrew Class 9:00am Religious School 10:00am B'Nai Mitzvah 10:00am Men's Golf Angel Park 10am 12 13 Adult Judaism Class 7:30pm 14 Brotherhood's Friendly Gentlemen's Poker Game 7-10pm 15 16 Tot Shabbat 7pm Shabbat Service 7:30pm 17 Torah Study 9:30am Shabbat Service 10:30am 18 Hebrew Class 9:00am Religious School 10:00am B'Nai Mitzvah 10:00am Men's Golf Angel Park 10am 19 20 Spring Begins Adult Judaism Class 7:30pm 21 Bereavement Group TBA 7:00pm Brotherhood's Friendly Gentlemen's Poker Game 7-10pm 22 23 Tot Shabbat 7pm Torah Service 7:30pm 24 Torah Study 9:30am Shabbat Service 10:30am 25 Hebrew Class 9:00am Religious School 10:00am B'Nai Mitzvah 10:00am Men's Golf Angel Park 10am 26 27 Adult Judaism Class 7:30pm 28 29 30 Tot Shabbat 7pm Torah Service 7:30pm 31 Torah Study 9:30am Shabbat Service 10:30am 1 Hebrew Class 9:00am Religious School 10:00am B'Nai Mitzvah 10:00am Men's Golf Angel Park 10arj^ 2 P*"- 3 Adult Judaism Class 7:30pm 4 Temple Board Meeting 7:30pm All Congregants Invited 5 Fast of the First Bom 6 Tot Shabbat 7pm Torah Service 7:30pm 7 1s' Seder in Night Orleans Hotel, 6pm Call Temple Office for Reservations 254-5110 Please tell our advertisers you saw their ad in "The Shofar" GUITAR LESSONS Learn your favorite songs while you learn Harmony, Theory and Reading See your way across the fretboard like never before! And most of all have fun. All styles. Beginners welcome Call for reasonable rates: Raj Rathor 876-1926 MAIL BOXES ETC9 MAKING BUSINESS EASIER? WORLDWIDE. Rio Vista Plaza (Albertson's Shopping Cente)