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Member directory for Congregation Ner Tamid, 1990s




1990 to 1999


The membership directory for Congregation Ner Tamid includes photographs of members and ongoing programs of the temple.

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jhp000497. Gary Sternberg Papers, 1983-2015. MS-00717. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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A Special Place to Belong The Reform Synagogue of Las Vegas "These are the gifts that we bring that we may build a Holy Place" Rabbi Sandford D. Akselrad, M.A.H.L. Temple Directory Rabbi's Message Over twenty years ago when our Temple first formed, there was a discussion as to choice of names for our fledgling group of reform Jews. One group suggested, "Temple Ner Tamid". The other, "Congregation Ner Tamid". As is apparent, the latter group prevailed. The sentiments that won out were those that suggested the term "Temple" referred to the edifice while "Congregation" referred to the people. It was an important first statement. Our Temple is truly made up of a Congregation, a Congregation of people who are committed to one another and the ideals of reform Judaism. This is what helps make our Congregation so spe-cial. Yet, it is easy to loose sight of this ideal. Especially as we have grown larger and larger. There was a time when "everyone knew everyone". This is no longer true. Even long time members can come and exclaim with mixed joy, "Who are all these new people!" Few of us like to be anonymous. Especially at a place which we feel is our Congregational home. So it is up to each of us to continue to reach out to unfamiliar faces and introduce ourselves and make everyone feel welcome. This Temple Directory is also a step in that direction. It is an attempt to place faces to names and names to faces that we seek all the time. Sometimes we meet someone once and simply can't recall their name upon a second meeting. This directory should help refresh our memories and enhance the sense of togetherness we wish to engender at the Temple. And too, there is a section in the Directory which will illus-trate many of the activities that are part of our Temple's program to teach and live Judaism. I hope that you will find the smiles and joy on these faces both touching and invig-orating. Our Temple is truly more than a building, it is dynamic family that is there to support one another. It is good to see the dreams of our founders come true. And even better to be a part of the dream itself. Rabbi Sanford Akselrad We will Bring All the Goodness This is the Spirit that we Bring Bella Feldman Cantorial Soloist Monty E. Willey Executive Director Karen Levine Rabbi's Secretary Jacqueline Fleekop Education Director Jill Ginsburg Program Director Phyllis Freid Fran Matthews Administrative Secretary Accounting Secretary And the Spirit of God will Dwell Within AKSELRAD, Rabbi Sanford & Joni C.J., Sam ALES, Barney & Mary Justin, Barney Jr., Virginia ANES, Allen & Eileen BENEDICT, Blaine & Melody Brian, Dana BOCK, Anthony & Heidi COHEN, Mitchell & Debra Robert, Helena BERGER, Stuart & Jody Austin, Lauren, Shayna BOSSAK, Eleanor; Sandra Mintz COHEN, Sheri Corey COLE, Barry & Deborah DAITCH, David & Pamela Joshua, Elliot Marisa DAVIS, Jerry & Jere BLAZER, Viola P. BROWN, Milton & Debby BLUMENFELD, Stewart & Sharna CAPLOWE, Carol Aaron We Will Bring all the Goodness that Conies from our Hearts and the Spirit of God will Dwell Within FINK, Mr. & Mrs. Joe FLEEKOP, Jacqueline FREID, Ron & Phyllis GILLIES, Mark & Wendy GILMAN, Gary & Sherri GLANZ, Vance & Denise GLOVINSKY, Marilyn Jeffrey, Tyler Adam, Jared Brandon, Michael David GOLBERG, Gloria GOLDBERG, Solomon & Lilyan GOLDSTEIN, Fredric & Marilyn GOLDSTEIN, Janette Daniel, Melissa GELLIN, Shirley GOLLARD, Russell & Lisa Gina GORDON, Jerry & Yvonne GRATZ, Steve & Maxine HALLERMAN, Mel & Debbie DEL VALLE, Marsha & Art Goldberg; Sarah, DENTON-PRATT, W i l l i am & Suzann Amanda, Jordan, Adam, Matthew, Alex Taylor DOCTORS, Malcolm & Lois DUNN, Leslie & Joan DUNN, Rose EHRLICH, Harry & Miriam EMPTAGE, Lori Diana, Mark, Adina ESBIN, Alvin & Esther ESBIN, Martin & Toby DRUCKER, Mark & Jill Ginsberg EWAN, Roger & Sandy Scott, Jill MARANO, Ralph & Karen Karen, Marisa, Stacie, Lisa, Geena LUGO, David & Judy Dania, Ketsey MARCO, Sidney & Eve MAHON, William & Kathleen Billy MARGOLIS, Deborah Auriel LIVENSTON, Morton & Elinore MARKEWICH, Jeffrey S. MALKIN, Herman & Rita Moses MEHR, Michael MESSINGER, Patricia MILANO, Michael & Carol MILLER, Ira & Adrienne Anthony Sarah, Gabriel ? v?*?\**V MOLASKY, Alan & Christy Jess MOLINSKY, Maxine Jolie NATHANSON, Allan NEWMAN, Bobbi HARDAWAY, Frank & Vicky HELPERN, Donald & Gloria HENKIN, Eugene & Dotty HERMAN, Bruce & Vickie Jenna, Jasmyn, Jordan Ben, Greg HERZOG, Leonard L. & Helen L. HIRSH, Robert & LaVerne JACOB, Jeffrey & Bonnie JASIENSKI, Paul & Jill Sandra, James Todd, Austin, Cheyenne JOSEPH, Steve & Sue KANER, Steve & Debbie KAPLAN, Steven & Barbara KLEIN, Judith Stephanie Ryan, Evan Spencer, Kory Ari, Rachel KNOX, Scott & Aimee LARDENT, Dennis & Laurel LEVY, Drew & Debbie LEWIS, Judith Jessica, Joshua Max, Ranen, Hannah Sarah, Jenna Chelsea, Deborah SPECTOR, Ira & Nanette Aaron, Amy SPECTOR, Libby STERNBERG, Gary & Noreen STOLBERG, Scott & Sandy Megan, Benjamin SHAPIN, David & Juliann SHAW, Gil & Natalie SHEAHAN, Getsi SICKLE, Louis & Sandi Ian, Kaitlin, Allen, Marie Lindsay UNGER, Michael & Roberta Shayna, Paul URBAN, Andrew & Ruth A.J. TASSLER, Lillian WEINER, Phillip & Shirley A. TONKENS, Ross & Candace UNGER, Bob & Aydie Matthew, Danny WEINSTEIN, Alan & Linda Mitchell, Danny SWILER, Dick & Jill RAICHELLE, Nathaniel & May RANKOW-ESCOTO, Robin ROBBINS, Marni & Frema ROBERTS, Pattie Leni Marina, Sierra Belle, Mia Sunny PERCHESKI, John & Fern PILLISCHER, Evelyn T. PLOTKIN, Steve & Susie Sara, Angela, Kurt NITZKIN, Jack & Madelyn ROSEN, Larry & Jacky ROSENBERGER, Jim & Glori Meranda Evan, Molly SANOFF, Harvey & Frances SCHLESINGER, Mayer & Janet ROUZAUD, Henri & Pearl SEROTA, Ronald ROSS, Scott & Deborah Max, Molly, Austin SCOTT, Katherine Shawn WEISER, Ron & Laurie Ben, Jeremy, David WENDER, Loren WILLEY, Monty & Donna Michelle, Amanda ZEIDNER, Cynthia $FOX, Jerry & Mary ^HOLLANDER, Vic & Loretta ^ROUNDS, Drew & Janis ^DIAMOND, Leo & Renee JFREEDMAN, Leon & Norma tHOPSON, Judy Applebaum, David JKOLLINS, Eileen *PREZANT, Sam & Claire +DOCKSWELL, Scott & Patricia JDUSHOFF, Matthew & Jessica JGALE, Matthew & Cheri; Laser ^GOLDMAN, Jeffrey Bolatin, Nate Joshua JSANT, Kelly JWALSH, Steve & Karen JWENDER, Eleanor JWOLSON, Denise Lindsay, Evan JZECHTER, Lee & Debra Justine t Denotes Submitted Photograph