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Brochure for Holocaust education curriculum materials, Clark County School District



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Why do we cast back our minds to all this today ? Not in order to dissociate ourselves trom our own history and not in order to point our finger at others who had become guilty We commemorate in order to learn how people ought to behave towards each other and how they ought not to behave. Helmut Schmidt. West German Chancellor Kristallnacht Anniversary Cologne . Nov. 9 . 1978 THE HOLOCAUST SHOULD BE A PART OF WHAT EVERY SCHOOL TEACHES ? The Holocaust Curriculum Is sjg An important connection between the past and the present. sjs A vital part of human rights studies, teaching respect for human dignity and cultural and ethnic differences. $ Interdisciplinary in nature, used in global education, psychology, world and U.S. history, political science and literature. Professional educators who are experts in the field of Holocaust studies have prepared these units to fill a gap in the current public school curricula. Years of research, writing, and editing have been devoted to preparing material particularly suited to the needs of the classroom. The material wbl greatly assist teachers and curriculum planners In Integrating into their existing social studies and contemporary history programs some of the challenges still posed to our civilization today by the events of those terrible years. How did it happen? Can it happen again? Can it happen here? Where does our own prejudice lead? How can It be combatted? These are not dry Issues of a long-dead past but terrifyingly contemporary options. If our children are not to be tempted to repeat the tragedies of the recent past, they must confront the challenges framed by these remarkable educational units. Dr. Eugene J. Fisher, Executive Secertary Secretariat for Catholic-Jewish Relations National Conference of Catholic Bishops The curriculum materials on the Holocaust, developed by the Clark County School District and the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, are one of the most useful teaching resources I've had an opportunity to see. We have long needed a good set of teaching aids on this critically important topic that can be used for middle and high school students. This material answers the needs superbly; It treats one of modern history's most painful experiences in a balanced , non-emotional way that permits students to relate the history and lessons of the Holocaust to contemporary events and issues. I heartily commend these materials to any teacher or school district. Hubert G. Locke Dean and Professor Graduate School of Public Affairs University of Washington The Nevada Study Is a carefully prepared and weS documented aid for relating the teaching of history to contemporary life and humane values. Using the Holocaust as a prime historical example, students are introduced to the subtle forces of propaganda which can be employed In any society , including our own , to undermine respect for the dignity of every human person. Both in substance and method , I commend these study materials to classroom teachers. Dr. Richard W.Solberg Former Director for Higher Education, Lutheran Church in America. ro cn ao OQ a> ?co o>vj 3 <too ? ?< X CO ? oo , QTJ o a <c0 o3 I Q ? o a t TO cO= cmo ? co P> oo oo ?CJ> "O 2O o om 73 -n o i3 3 t.c1 : 3 ? MATERIALS ? CURRICULUM Spiral bound book containing four units: 1. Middle School 2. Junior High U.S. History 3. World History 4. Senior High U.S. History EACH TWO-WEEK UNIT IS DESIGNED IN A LESSON PLAN FORMAT. INCLUDES BIBLIOGRAPHY AND GUIDE FOR LOCATING MATERIALS. ? VIDEOTAPES The Lessons of the Holocaust A 44-minute teacher - training tape designed to guide the teacher in the use of the curriculum and supplementary materials. Plaque on the Land A 29-minute tape to be used in the world history unit lesson plan. INSERV1CES FOR TEACHERS MAY BE ARRANGED THROUGH THE EDITOR OF THE NEVADA STUDY on the HOLOCAUST contact: Phyllis Darling, Curriculum Consultant Clark County School District 600 North Ninth Street Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 (702 ) 799-8468 Clark County School District Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, Nevada Nevada Humanities Committee