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First Fridays of Las Vegas newsletter, articles, and letter






From the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Theta Theta Omega Chapter Records (MS-01014) -- Chapter records file.

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man001768. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Theta Theta Omega Chapter Records, 1965-2015, MS-010104. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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N wHSTPui45’S TRAMS. FHjHE NC. : ?U£ ST? 1S9S -'Aug. 18 1DK7-01 *3R>T F-l
_________ ■ - ______________________ »m»^»»_^,^.^tllllMMUM»l<M ’
------------------------------ — - - ,l ««»MiM»^M,________________________________________________________!««IIII>WNM" EWWWMWWWWWWWWWMWWWWWWMWMWWI^WWWNM^ " ! w ' FIRST FRIDAY’S
STZT ...................... .......... "^^""^^^monthiT\twsletter
rLLsrr d - • overdue for -
Las Vegas One guesr faid
tfou they wcte LMemctz
happ;. attend juiv‘ a •.. foirtsl
ew&fcwi e er <■
We at First Friday' -; would like
w thank Albert fours. a?; J
Borders BoolU’orc foi hosting
tip? event, Laity Carter ffoit?
sslering and Lillian Roberts
for her musical talents.. But .
importantly, we want to
rhsi -F everyone who attended
1st niajrxng this event a success
First PitdayS of Lss gas will bold then
September mixer on Friday S.ptensbfcr 5th
i fjvm p.m. .vs-A:38 p,w. st KeyM
j HeLs Restsursrrt'foysfoZ at 8W FV. Lake
| Mead (ccm« of H Sheet and Revere-. Seven
I vith owner Louis Conder, cr at its he’m
! Sr Celt Seas IS pro ,d w be the only restaurant
* «»q
!•■: Food buffetforlimcfotod dinner. They are
also known to be one of the best places w
GeergeTiilman of Tillman Janitorial and
•HiyMnd Hodge with Pre-Paid Legal are
«>»tr Sponsors for foci Keptemder 5th mixer
George Ttllnian the < w-er of Tillman
'.''..TanWfial, has Ifo'sd'iv- Las'Vegas for’38 years
and has Is years of <,!.31 experience He
j has-been an enttvprene v: for over 2 years'and
‘ ha.-, a contract u sth the county as well as
services over 7$ piA-atc homes. His speciality
is cleaning h&iw;, offices, carpets and
windows TillmaK fonitotud has 24 hoi t
set* icr and <a>: be reached at 390-3c9" -
i Haywood Hodge. »s 2 successful Associate fol
Pre-Plud Legal wfoxh offers complete legal - .
j consultation. For a minimum monthly
i payment, participant can have access to an
; snornsy .-rn all 50 ststes, foassist wrh any
legal matter Froyr moving traffic violations
t to mergers aiid actjuisrioriS/Pre-Paid Legal can
■ assist you for a fraction of foe cost of .-'
j traditional legal services Haywood Hodge
ran tc reached at 225-3032.
: First Friday’s of Las Vegas is s-network-rig ...
; organization that meet on the first Friday- of AA
j every month, 'A e ait :?e pie’ <erc national
■ networking organization designed to bring the f
' African-American comiranity together m a I
■ social yet highly professional atmosphere. .
Our im-.-il.-n is tc organize pmicssional? and . ■ £,
j entrepreneurs in. Las Vesss ko form d -
! supportive network of people and positive M
H itnunus.
P Opr purpose is -to feature an an ay of ,
- organizations, coipotatte.i," em-epremeurs, and
i vendors in Older to give them additional .'WU
- exposure to foe Las Vegas cofrimumty
i WM - I
Membership has its privileges' To become a •■ ;t. ,»
member of First Friday’;? of Las Vcgas.all y<E PrM
have to do is AN Out mr applicariyn at our ns^-TEWfunction
Membership is 525 for 6 months'*' *?^E
and that entitles you to free admission to all of
out First Friday's mixers (for foe nextiS "-,'
months) as well as discounts st focal . 'AjffiSSL,
basineises;'There is a $5 00 admittance cover *
charge for non-inetnbers beginning in yT
September. For more inform, mon, call £ . ‘
OSi-8515. _ v '
Octobei 3,1997 Fust Friday $ sponsors
be African- American Svs-nmes and -
Fraternities This is a, First Friday's you donh •
want to miss! ' 'X’vX- &£,
Friday, 1,630, p.m.
Lillian Roberts to sing ot
First Friday gathering
The request was nude and Lillian Robert’s voice withe
the one singing songs of victory .and cetebratka during
Furst Fridays of Las Vegas gathering at Borders on Raisbow>
First Fridays is a national networking organization
designed to bring the coswusiy together in a social and
professional atmosphere.
"Our purpose is to organize professionals and entrepreneuis
in Las Vegas to fcm a supportive network of people
and resources,'’ said Aliska Bell, the local groups president
"Our purpose is to feature an army of organizations,
corporation'., entrepreneurs and vendors in Older to give
them additional exposure to the community."
Fust Fridays event is cohosted by southern Food and
Caton 7K) 451-9226. Southern Food & Caterers is
feed and operates by Larry J. Canere, a New Orleans
native. The menu re&cU varied cuisine of the South.
Roberts, a jefe at' INLV, is a regular perfonner at Bor-
. den. She is a vocal stylist whose range includes classical,
opera, gospel, M --d foreign language tunes. Roberta'
powerful delivery of "Ho--- Great Thou Art" is moving
$<»t THERN
f New Of leans comes to Borden cn Rainbow.
hu9* tdd i
First Friday's of Las I'egas P, O, Box 3 704 73 Las Vegas, NV 89137
Dear Soror Denise Williams:
First Friday s of Las Vegas would like to thank the Alumni Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha for being one of our Sponsors for our First Friday’s of Las Vegas mixer to be held on October 3, 1997.
Please allow me to take this opportunity to share with you some information about First Friday’s of Las Vegas. We are a networking organization that meet every first Friday of the month. We are the premiere national networking organization designed to bring the African-American community together in a social, yet highly professional atmosphere. Our mission is to organize professionals and entrepreneurs in Las Vegas to form a supportive network of people and positive resources. Our purpose is to feature an array of organizations, corporations, entrepreneurs, and vendors in order to give them additional exposure to the Las Vegas community
We held our first mixer in June of 1996 at the historic Moulin Rouge with approximately 30 people in attendance. Since that time, over 300 Las Vegas Professionals have attended our monthly mixers. We celebrated our One Year Anniversary on June 6, 1997 where we presented our 7 past sponsors with Certificates of Appreciation. Conversely, we received a Resolution Plaque from Wayne County Commissioner Edna Sell (City of Detroit) for our achievements.
Additionally, we are quite involved with the community. We held our First Annual Career Day on July 19, 1997 at the Andre Agassi Boys & Girls Club. Over 30 Las Vegas professionals came out to discuss their profession with the children of the club. We hope fo begin an ongoing program at that facility bringing in professionals once a month to discuss different career options with the youth.
We are sincerely grateful for your sponsorship and participation at our October 3 mixer (which will be held at the Polo Towers or the Safari Club) as we celebrate African American Sororities and Fraternities. Sponsorship fee is $75.06 which entitles all of your financial members to attend free of charge. However, our main purpose for this event is to help each organization increase their membership. There are several members of Greek organizations that attend our mixer, but they are not active in their respective Alumni Chapter. This would be an excellent opportunity to recruit inactive sorors to your chapter.
I have enclosed some material for your review. If you should have any questions, please
do not hesitate to call me at 393-7404. Again, I sincerely hope that the chapter will MM
us in this awesome networking opportunity and membership drive.
Soror Lisa Margerum
First Friday’s of Las Vegas
: ARMSTRONG TRAVEL i;'V WE ’ -iO. ’ : ■ 702 8?7 PSW.
■**+** W* '■*- - — ‘ M—*J
Au9. 18.199? Gi:
The LAS VEGAS SENTINEL-VOICE '.-First Fridays hosts career day
the same opportunities. Don't
lei anything stop you ”
Margerusn, a pharmacist
and career day coordinator,
said the group chose Agassi’s
club because of familiarity. "I
have hide sisters that Went to
Boys and Girls clubs. 1 know
how important it was for them."
“The kids are already used
. to coming here (to tits club),”
First Fridays' vice president
Dercck Kibbler said. Kibbler
served double’ duty, also
representing the City of Las
Vegas’ Municipal Court
system. “The event help? die
kids put faces to the jobs,”
Kibbler, a house arrest officer,
Agassi dub program
director Susan Key called the
event “informative,”
“The youth are our future,”
booth operator and Chef
Reggte Holes said. The owner.
Of Creative Cakes and Catering.
thinks the eveitt did
of good.
“If we don’t do something
positive (for our.youtb), they
will do something negative.”
,,sided First
•i to ease the
s as Vegas
sir former
By Demon Hodge
Sentinel- Voice
Seventeen year-old Jerry
Williams dreams of Hollywood
First Fridays, a year-old
networking group, wants
Williams, and all youth 10 have
career alternatives just in case
they never see their names flash
in neon lights.
Parents and children
trickled through the group’s
first career day Saturday, July
19, at the Andre Agassi Boys
and Girls Club, 890 N- Manin
Luther King Blvd.
Mary Fells wants her 14-
year-oid daughter Davits to
enter law enforcements “But I
also Wanted her to see What
Other career options--are
DMlMc-.'' Davit*, a ninth’
MrAM-t die Las. Vegas
■; Academy for the reforming
' Art?, it eswd in theater.
Sentinel-Voice photo by Ramon Savoy
Dr. William Dugan (center) speaks to a group of kids during First Fridays* inaugural career day
las: Saturday at the Andre Agassi Boys and Girls Club.
options.” said Bell, who wor ks
in sales for a cellular phone
and pager company
Ln addition 10career booths,
the program tapped a crosssection
cf more than 20
professional? from the health
industry, media and business.
“Knowledge i? power,”
North Las Vegas City
Councilman John Rhodes told
a ciassioom fuil of youih. He
recalled how he and the club’s
namesake, Andre Agassi, grew
up play ing tennis and later
succeeded in life. “You have