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Letter from E. W. Cragin (Las Vegas) to A. M. Folger (Las Vegas), August 24, 1948







Request from Las Vegas Mayor Cragin to extend company water mains down the Las Vegas Strip solely for fire protection.

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Box 47 Correspondence File 1948


hln000791. Union Pacific Railroad Collection, 1828-1995. MS-00397. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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COPY CITY OF LAS VEGAS August 24, 1948 Las Vegas Land & Water Co. 401 South 2nd Street Las Vegas, Nevada Attention: Mr. Folger Gentlemen: This letter is in line with our conversation of a few days ago, Because of the tremendous values in the hotels and other structures on the "strip" adjoining the City of Las Vegas on the South, and because the County of Clark does not furnish fire protection, and the further fact that these institutions were being penalized in their fire insurance rates and have been unable to get adequate coverage because they had no fire protection, the City of Las Vegas entered into a written agreement with the County of Clark some time ago, wherein the City of Las Vegas agreed to furnish standby service a distance of three miles on the Los Angeles highway for a fee of $250.00, and these hotels, etc. pay this amount to the County each month. In making this arrangement, the City had to work out a deal with the City of North Las Vegas and the Army Airfield whereby they would come into Las Vegas with their equipment and standby for the City in the event our equipment had to go to a fire on the Los Angeles Highway. I agree that this arrangement is not too satisfactory. While we are not obligated in any manner to furnish this service to these people, we are almost obligated morally to give them assistance in the event they had a fire because of the values in these properties which do effect the economy of Las Vegas and contribute materially to the tax income of the County. Within a short distance of the City limits of Las Vegas we have the El Rancho Hotel and Village, the Club Bingo and the new Thunderbird Hotel and Radio Station Keno. These four properties have a value of over three million dollars and are without fire protection, and while the City would answer a call if they had a fire, about all we could do would be to stand by and let them burn. Ltr: E.V.Cragin to LVL&W Co 8-24-48 All of these establishments are vitally concerned over their fire protection, and in line with our conversation they have informed me if your Company would construct a line as far South as the Thunderbird Hotel (which has a value of nearly one million dollars) they would pay for the installation of this line and would pay you a standby charge for this protection and you would not be obligated to furnish any water except for fire purposes. They also state they will assist in having the County of Clark prepare and furnish to your Company a Franchise and said Franchise will not obligate you in any way to furnish water save and except for fire purposes. If we were to lose the El Rancho Village, which is furnishing housing for citizens of Las Vegas, it would be a tremendous blow to our housing situation and particularly now with the Army coming in and asking us to house their officers and men. If there is any further information we can furnish you, please advise. Thanking you in advance for your consideration, I am, Yours very truly, /s/ E. W. Cragin /t/ E. W. Cragin, Mayor -2- COPY