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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Theta Theta Omega Chapter "Tea Rose Talk" newsletters




1996 to 1997


From the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Theta Theta Omega Chapter Records (MS-01014) -- Chapter records file.

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man001777. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Theta Theta Omega Chapter Records, 1965-2015, MS-010104. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Kwaanza is s holiday that honors African American people and their past. It begins December 26 and lasts for seven days until January 1. It is not a religious holiday like Christmas or Hanukkah. Kwaanza was first celebrated in 1966 by an African American teacher named Dr. Maulana Karenga. In Swahili, Kwaanza means" first fruits of the harvest."
There are seven principles or reasons for Kwaanza. These reasons explain why Kwaanza takes place, and why Kwaanza means so much to African American people. In Swahili, these seven principles are collectively called Nguzo Saba.
Principle 1 - UMOJA - stands for Unity. This means helping each other stay together as families, communities, a nation, a race.
Principle 2 - UJIMA means Collective Work and Responsibility. This means we should build and take care of our communities. We should work together to solve our problems.
Principle 3 - KUJICHAGULIA stands for Self Determination. This is the right to decide who we are, what our names will be, what we will become, and what we will create for ourselves.
Principle 4 - UJAMAA means Cooperative Economics. This means we should build and maintain our own stores, shops, and business. We should profit from them together.
Principle 5 - NIA stands for Purpose. Our purpose should be to make our people and communities as great as they can be. We do this by taking care of our homes and communities and developing the skills and knowledge of our people.
Principle 7 - IMANI stand for Faith. We must strive to believe with all our hearts in the worth of African Americans. We believe in the struggle and victory of our people.
Soror Janet Rhoden 12/10
Soror Kaweeda Adams 12/17
Soror Lisa McNeil 12/31
Soror Frances Perry & “Honey-Do” David 12/24
Many members of the Sorority have experienced the loss of loved ones. One day as I was going through my mother's things, I came across this poem.
I found it to be among one of the comforting things she left behind. I would like to share it so that others who have experienced the same will find comfort in it as I have.
Sharon Savage
I'm Free
Don't Grieve for me,
for now I'm free.
I'm following the path God made forme.
I took his hand when I heard him call.
I turned my back and left it all.
I could not stay another day to love laugh, to work or play.
Tasks left undone must stay
that way.
I've found that Peace at the close of day.
If my parting has left a void
Then fill it with remembered joy.
A friendship shared, a laugh a kiss,
Oh yes, these things I too will miss.
Be not burdened with times of sorrow.
I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.
My life's been full. I savored much.
Good friends, good times
a loved one's touch.
Perhaps my time seemed all too brief.
Don't lengthen it now with undue grief.
Lift up your heart and share with me.
God wanted me now; he set me free.
- Author Unknown.
Soror Frances Perry has changed her address.
Las Vegas residence
750 North Royal Crest Circle #123, 89109 Summer Residence
19177 Monica, Detroit Ml (313) 864-3711
Sorors, as my term of Epistoleus for the 1995-96 years comes to an end, I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity. Thank you for your continuous encouragement and support. I would like to congratulate Soror Rhoda Anderson, and extend to her my assistance and support as she takes her place as our next Epistoleus. Alpha Kappa Alpha is the success it is today because of the undying support and loyalty given by so many before us. In Theta Theta Omega, we have four Sorors who have been part of the building of Alpha Kappa Alpha and have risen to the high esteem of Golden Soror. As I part, I would like to share a little something about them with you.
-Soror Denell-
Thelma Ward Tyree was bom in Porter, Oklahoma on April 25, 1918, to Callie and Posey Ward. Soror Thelma is an only child. In 1936 she graduated high school and enrolled in Hampton Teaching Institute for two years. From there, she went on and completed her degree in Commercial Education at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. It was there at Lincoln University on December 7, 1941; she became an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Soror Tyree taught school for two years in Columbia, Missouri. She went on to work in the War Department in Detroit, Michigan until 1946, when she married James W. Tyree. She became a housewife after her first and only child was bom in 1947. Her husband's occupation in the Air Force stationed them all over the world. Soror Tyree and family made Las Vegas their home in 1966. Soror Tyree has three grandchildren and one great grandchild who was bom this past October.
Soror Helen was bom in Cincinnati, Ohio on March 21, 1917, to Lillie Mae Forney Mills and Chester Mills. In 1930 Soror Helen and her family moved to Los Angeles, California, where she entered Chapman College (now Chapman University) in 1935. There she majored in Sociology, minored in English, and became an AKA in 1937. After graduation from college, Soror Helen worked as a Playground Director for the Los Angeles School District. Later she landed a job as a Social Worker with LA County, but only worked for one month. Her job involved handling cases for the elderly and was too depressing because she was limited in what help she could provide. In 1942, Soror Helen married. In 1944, a friend suggested she become a Police Officer, so she did, until 1952, when she became a teacher. In 1955, she became a Truant Officer and remained in that capacity until 1978, when she retired. For many years after her retirement, the LA School District called on her to substitute teach, and has even contacted her after her move to Las Vegas in 1989. Soror Helen has one daughter and 2 grandchildren. The most memorable AKA moment for Soror Helen, was being made an AKA. She was so impressed with the women of Alpha Kappa Alpha and still has some very close friendships with those who originally asked her to pledge.
Soror Janet Rhoden was bom December 10,1925, in Chicago, Illinois to Marie and Andrew Ross. Soror Janet has one brother. After graduation from high school, Soror Janet went to Clark College in Atlanta, Georgia, (now known as Clark Atlanta University). She became an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman in 1943, at Northwestern University, received her bachelor's degree in Music Education in 1946, and her Master's Degree in 1947. Soror Janet began teaching in Chicago as a substitute. At that time, in Chicago, teachers were required to have a degree from the Chicago Teachers College before they were allowed to teach full time. So while substitute teaching, she took classes at the Teachers College. In 1948 due to the shortage of teachers, the state certified teachers through a written exam. Soror Janet became a teacher and taught kindergarten through eighth grade until 1965. She went on to teach high school music for four years and in 1969 she became an Assistant Principal and remained in that capacity until she retired in 1983. Soror Janet married for the second time in 1970 and has three step children and one step grandchild. She and her husband moved to Las Vegas in 1992 for the beautiful weather. The most memorable AKA moment for Soror Janet was being recognized as a Golden Soror. She enjoys the love and respect she has receives from others Sorors. Soror Janet says, "If you live your life one day at a time; respecting others; giving and receiving love; you will have come a long way and will have reaped what you've sown, and will no doubt live to prove it."
Soror Ice was bom to Fannie Lee Jackson Tabor and Norman J. Tabor Sr. in Newborn, Georgia. When she was three years old, her parents moved she and her siblings to Detroit, Michigan. After graduating high school, Soror Ice enrolled in Wayne State University and majored in Education. She became an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman in June 1940, - Beta Mu Chapter. She graduated college early due to the war, and began work the same day she finished because there was a shortage of teachers. She married Dr. Garnet T. Ice, MD„ in 1942, and has three daughters. The oldest, Anne-Mare' Ice, MD, is a physician in Detroit Michigan; Pamela E. Ice, MA, is an English Professor at Northlake College in Dallas, Texas; and L. Patricia Ice, JD, is an Assistant District Attorney in Hobbs, New Mexico. Soror Ice is very proud of her daughters and their accomplishments. Soror Ice left teaching in 1944 to join her husband in the Army when he was stationed in Fort Huachuca, Arizona. After being there seven weeks, the Army sent she and her husband to New York City so her husband could receive training in Psychiatric Medicine at Bellevue Hospital - New York University. In 1947 they moved to Nashville where he served a five year residency with Meharry Medical College. From 1952-53 they lived in Mound Bayou, Mississippi (an all Black town) where her husband served as Chief Surgeon and assisted in the training of other surgeons at Tiberon Hospital. Soror Ice and her husband moved to Las Vegas in 1973 due to much encouragement from Dr. Ice's childhood friend, Dr. James B. McMillan, DDS. Dr. Ice became the first Black surgeon in the state of Nevada. After the passing of her husband in 1982, Soror Ice worked as a substitute teacher until 1984. In January, 1997, Soror Ice will have lived in Las Vegas, for 24 years. In those 24 years she has participated in many civic activities, chief of all being Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.
Words from The
Happy New Year. I am
looking forward to the
New Year with hope and
enthusiasm. I hope that
everyone had a wonderful
Christmas and New Year.
The New Year’s Eve party
was a great success
Kudo’s!!! to the Ways and
Means committee. Sorors,
it is time to get back to
work. We need chairman
for out committees and
we also need sorors to
work as members of committees.
Lets make 1997
a good year for Theta
Theta Omega. Sorors we
need fresh ideas.
Sorority Meeting
Saturday January 11,
1997. St. James Catholic
Church Imani Hall. 820 H.
Hostesses: Soror Jack!
Hall, and Soror Rhoda
Hostesses Needed
Hostesses are need for the
regular meeting and executive
committee. Please
sign up. A sign up sheet
will be passed around at
the regular meeting.
Founders Days
The 1997 Founders Day
committee will meet at
the home of Soror Jackie
Hall’s home on Wednesday,
January 8, 1997 at
6:3 PM. A new chairman
needs to be chosen and
the subcommittee needs
to start work.
Founder’s Day will be
held on February 22,
1997 at the Golden
Nugget Hotel. Speaker
will be the Far Western
Regional Directory, Soror
Grace Strauther.
We have lots of things
already planned. Tickets
will be available at the
January Meeting.
New Year’s Eve
Wow! What a party! Leo
Vera was excellent. We
did the Macarena, the
electric slide, and some of
us followed Soror Belisa
in doing the AKA stroll.
All outstanding monies
owed for the New Year’s
Eve dance should be
turned in at the next
Address and Phone Update
A list will be distributed
at the regular meeting.
Please make corrections if
necessary for your address
and/or phone number.
If no changes need to
be made to your records,
then disregard the list.
Don’t forget your birth
date or anniversary date.
We will need to vote for
the Thelma Tyree Award
winner “Soror of the
Year(1996)”. Soror Sandra's
will have ballots at
the February Meeting.
Jacqueline Hall Basileus
Patti Hester Anti-Basileus
Kaweeda Adams Grammateus
Rhoda Anderson Epistoleus
T^a S£os£ Talk
.ACpfia Kajypa Afyfia Sorority, Inc.
jf’. O.
§pjzHal 6^nts*flnnoune{z:m^nt^Sirthdag§*tlnniV|zrsa^H
MLK Parade
The Martin Luther King pD rade will on JarB
uary 18thAWe AKAtelms- and KaM^M^^AWe - par- Wipating.
The Southwest SpringSusa ter will be held in Utah.
Officer Workshop
AiffiTTj^^^^kslwiSwill be heldW
tiME c ommitteMM ZMnU All outgoing offu^rsDand
«mmitfe«nairsMs!rould bring their fIM tcWNMMM new bfficers^^B^lExecu- tive Committed' Meeting the home of Soror Jacqueline Hall.
The 1997Kmes are
The five dollar increase i| due to an increase in per capita tax at the
m'ents must Hpaid before cepted.
In our Prayers
the following prayer^? Jack! Brown for
thMW^of her FatheSai WW Barbara Kirkland & the loss of her mother, and LoWlice L Family for the ^^Wof her brother.
iKwlwI^uid Carolyn (1-26)
Sorority meeting will be on
Saturday, February 1,
1997 at 3 PM at Imani
Hall. 820 N. H Street.
We are requesting that all
members of the membership
committee and those
that are interested in helping
out with the Homecoming
activities to meeting
prior to regular meeting
at 2:30 PM
Hostess will be Helen
How to Plant a
Sorority Garden
First Plant- Three Rows
of Squash:
Next Plant- Five Rows
of Lettuce:
1. Squash Indifference.
2. Squash Criticism.
3. Squash Gossip.
Second Plant-Four Rows
of Turnips:
1. Let us love one another.
2. Let us welcome
3. Let us be faithful to
4. Let us truly worship
5. Let us give liberally.
1. Turn up for Meetings.
2. Turn up with a smile.
3. Turn up with a visitor.
4. Turn up with your
Chapter Program Book.
Author Unknown
Word from the Basileus
hard and the Founders’
Day program will be great.
Sorors, don’t miss out.
Rededication begins at
February 22,1997 is International
Day. Lets’ honor our hardworking
dedicated undergrades
by purchasing tickets
for the Founders’ Day
Luncheon. There are only
4 active members in
Kappa Xi Chapter at this
Founders’ Day is around
the corner. Get your tickets
and Sell! Sell!. The
committee has worked
The Martin Luther King,
Jr. parade was a great
success. Kappa Xi and
AKAteen members represented
the sorority well.
Thanks to the graduate
sorors who came out to
participate and to support.
To be happy, we must not be too concerned
with others.
-Albert Camus
Other News
Address Updates
The current address and
phone number list will be
distributed at the Sorority
meeting. Please check
the list and make any
changes or corrections.
Golden Soror
We are honored to have
another Golden Soror in
our Chapter.
Soror Thais Baccus was
initiated into Alpha Psi
Voting will take place for
the Thelma Tyree Award.
This award is given to the
Chapter’s outstanding
soror. Qualities should
include, sisterliness, work
on committees, participation
in chapter activities,
and other qualities of an
Chapter at Tennessee
State University in the
Spring of 1947. Sorors,
lets congratulate her on
this most prestigious
Committee Chairs’
Chairman and members
are need for the following
committees: Economics,
Humanities, AKAteens,
and Nominating.
Alpha Kappa Alpha
woman. The award winner
will be kept secret and
presented at the 1997
Founders’ Day Luncheon.
Founders1 Day
Founders’ Day tickets
can be picked up at
sorority meeting. Each
soror is assessed the
cost of one ticket($25).
Can you sponsor an AKAteen
for the cost of $15.
Also we are asking that
someone sponsor the undergraduate
sorors at a
price of $25. Dress for
Founders’ Day will be
white for the Dais guests
and pink or green for
sorors not on the Dais.
Protocol Quotient Exam
Sorors, lets bone up on our
AKA knowledge. Please answer
the question on the test.
The soror with the most answers
correct will be given a
Inactive Sorors
All sorors that have name,
address, and phone numbers
of inactive sorors,
please bring them to the
meeting. If you are unable to
attend the meeting, please
contact Soror Patti Hester at
451-8325, if there is no answer,
please leave a message
on the answering machine.
Thank You!!
New Books
Anyone that is interested in
purchasing new Manual of
Standard Procedure and Constitution
and ByLaws, please
bring $5 to sorority meeting.
the Basileus
Dear Sorors
Hostess: Jacqueline R. Hall
Homecoming Committee Meeting
Please bring any names, addresses, and phone
numbers of any inactive soror in Las Vegas.
We need this information as we will be sending
invitations to these people for the homecoming
Sorority Meeting 3:00pm
Saturday, March 1,1997
Imani Hall
820 H Street
March 1,1997
Imani Hall
The Founders’ Day celebration was excellent.
The committee did an outstanding
job. The food was wonderful. I received
many compliments about the skit,
“Alpha Kappa Alpha Through the Years”
presented by the Kappa Xi chapter. I really
enjoyed seeing the young ladies having
a good time while spreading knowledge
about Alpha Kappa Alpha. I send
congratulations to the Thelma Tyree
Award winner, Greta Mills, she was very
surprised and is very deserving. Soror
Grace told me that she had a wonderful
time here in Las Vegas and that everything
was just wonderful. It was a special
honor to have United States Senator
Harry Reid stop by the luncheon to say a
few words.
The Far Western Regional Conference is
set for June 25-29,1997. It will be held
in Seattle, Washington. We will be voting
on the delegates at the April 5th regular
meeting and mailing off our registration
materials at that time. If there are any
sorors who would like to have their registration
materials mailed along with the
delegates materials, you must have your
registration money available at the April
The Homecoming activity is coming in April.
We need lots of input to make this event a
success. Lets’ support our Anti-Las ileus and
the membership committee in their efforts to
bring inactive sorors back to Alpha Kappa
Children have never been very good at listening
to their elders, but they have never failed
to imitate them.
-James Baldwin
Words from
Common sense is genius dressed m its working
-Ralph Waldo Emerson ________ _____ M___
Vocal Extravaganza "in Black"
A Vocal Extravaganza “in Black” is not simply an outstanding vocal event - It is a celebration of
the significance of the Black Experience - Las Vegas Style!!!
March 24,1997 - 10am - 5 pm Ham Hall UNLV
Choral and Individual competition
4:30 pm Fremont Street Experience
Free concert by several choirs from Historically
Black Colleges
7 pm Second Baptist Church
A Gospel Extravaganza - An Evening of Inspiration
Gospel Music
March 25, 1997: 10 am - 5 pm Ham Hall UNLV
Choral and Individual competition
7 pm Ham Hall, UNLV;
West Las Vegas Library; Clark County Library
Semi-final: Top 10 in each style
March 26,1997
6 pm - 7:30 pm Ham Hall UNLV
Golden Circle catered reception prior to Final Event
8 pm Ham Hall UNLV
Finals: Top three performances in each style both
choral and individual.
Grand Finale: 150 voice choir performing with Joe
Williams and other superstars from the entertainment
Golden Circle Tickets: $200: Premium seating, catered pre-show reception wit bar and gift bag
with a program, sponsor gifts, T-shirt and poster, Celebrity access and tickets to all other events.
Regular Tickets: $10-$25
Regional Conference Delegates
Nominations will be taken at the March meeting for the 1997 Far
Western Regional Conference Delegates. Voting will take place at
the April 5th regular meeting.
Sorority Meeting
The Friendship Poem
Homecoming Committee Meeting
Far Western Regional
Voting for the 1997 Far Western Regional
delegates will take place on Saturday, April
5, 1997. Enclosed, you will find the registration
and hotel form. All other forms and
notices will be distributed and the April
meeting. Sorors, the delegates registration
will be mailed immediately after the meeting,
if you wish to send your registration
form with the delegates, you must bring
your form and money to the meeting.
Friends always know the perfect thing to do.
They can make your whole day just by saying something
that no one else could have said.
Sometimes you feel you share a secret language that
other can’t tune into.
Friends do things for one another.
They understand.
They go a million miles out of their way.
They hold your hand.
They bring you smiles, when a smile is exactly what you
They listen, and they hear what is said in spaces between
the words.
They care.
And they let you know, you’re in their prayers.
A friend can guide you, inspire you, comfort you, or light
up your life laughter.
A friend understand your moods and nurtures your
A friend lovingly know just what you’re after.
Sorority Meeting 3:00pm
Saturday, April 5,1997
Imani Hall
820 H. Street
We are asking that all committee
members please attend.
Thank You!!
April 5,1997
Imani Hall
When your feelings come from deep inside and they
need to be spoken to someone you don’t have to hide
from, you share them with a friend.
When good news come, a friend is the first one you turn
When feelings overflow and tears need to fall, friends
help you through it all.
Hostesses: Belisa Brownlee
Denise Williams
Friends bring sunlight into your life.
They warm your life with their presence, whether they
are far away or close by your side.
A friend is a gift that brings happiness, and a treasure
that money can’t buy.
By Collin McCarty
Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he
shall never be disappointed,
by Pope
Words from the Basileus
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Inc?
Theta Theta Omega Chapter
P| O. Box 4314
He would like to start from scratch. Where
is scratch?
by Elias Canetti
Special Events * Announcements * Birthdays * Anniversaries
Black Dollar Day
Black dollar day is the Month of
April. Sorors are encourage to
patronize only black businesses.
Forms will be given out at the April
meeting. Sorors are to keep track
of all monies spent in black busH
nesses during the month of April.
The completed forms should be
turned in at the May regular meeting.
Executive Committe Meeting
Wednesday, April 16, 1997
Soror Jacqie Brown
Thais Baccuss(4-20)
Shirnice Villiano(4-2)
Lillian Gates(4-17)
Clair Hart(4-13)
Lois Bolden(4-11) 1
Sandra Stewart-Bass(4-3)
e a Hose
Words From the
Hostesses: Patti Hes-
Sorority Meeting will
be held as St. James
Thanks to the graduate and
undergraduate sorors who
assisted with the AKAteens
on April 19. It is a pleasure
to see us working together
as a team. Although they
Catholic Church,
Imani Hall on Saturday,
May 3,1997 at
3pm. Sorors’ lets not
forget you Secret
ter, Sandra Stewart-
Bass, and Marian
did not win the competition,
the AKAteens expressed
their gratitude for your presence
and support.
We didn’t have many
A good book is the best of friends, the
same today and forever.
-Martin Tupper
Dear Sorors,
Wow! What a beautiful
homecoming activity, lam
looking forward to a full report
of the event from the
membership committee.
Sorors who
missed the event
will be envious.
Homecoming committee
for your hard
4 issue 5
locate 1.
smell the roses. Life is
too short!!
April showers,
there are
still plenty
of flowers
in bloom,
so stop and
Mid Year Evaluation
Mid year evaluation
forms will be distributed
at the meeting
on Saturday. The
results will be reported
at the June meeting.
Profile Sheets
Remember to bring in
your profile sheets, so
we can highlight your
life in our newsletter.
The purpose of the profile
sheet is so that we
can know a little more
about each other.
Always be ready to speak your mind, and a
UU base man will avoid you.
-William Black e
Sorors' Profile
Soror Sandra Stewart-Bass
Soror Sandra was born in Los Angeles California. She also lived in Marshall Texas
from 6 months old to 9 years old. She is married to Mr. John C. Bass III. She has
no children of her own but her husband has three sons, and two grandchildren.
Her parents are Soror Vera Masengale Stewart and Robert Adam Stewart, Jr. She
attended Sierra Nevada College, University of Nevada Las Vegas, University of California,
Los Angeles, George Pepperdine University were she received her Master of
Science degree in Early Childhood Education, and George Washington High School.
She was initiated into Theta Theta Omega Chapter on September 20,1993. Her
most memorable AKA moment is when her cousin Margaret Crawford pinned her
with her mother’s AKA pin when she was initiated.
She has worked at such places as Los Angeles Unified School District Children’s
Center, and Los Angeles Harbor Area Youth Services. Presently, she works at Rex
Bell Elementary School, Second Language Program, Bilingual First Grade Teacher.
Soror's Profile
Soror Rhoda Anderson
Rhoda was born in Newellton, Louisiana on June 7th 1970. She spent here entire
life in Waterproof, Louisiana. Her parents are Mary Alice Ford and Elijah Bailey
whom both lives in Waterproof, Louisiana. She has 1 sister, April Anderson, 2 brothers,
Vernon Ford and Frank Ford (whom is no longer with us).
At the present time she has no children and is not married.
She attended Waterproof High School and after graduation she continued her education
at Grambling State University where she completed her education in May,
1993 with a BS degree in Computer Information Systems.
After graduating from college, she moved to Las Vegas to pursue her career goals.
In August 1993, she took a job at Westward Ho Casino as a Front Desk Clerk. In
July, 1995 she decided to pursue her career with Westwood Studios where she does
Data Entry, word processing, and software media.
Rhoda was initiated in Theta Theta Omega chapter on October 24,1995. Her most
memorable moment was the day she became an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman.
Whatever creativity is, it is in part a solution to a problem. -Brian Aldiss X
Scrapbook Committee
The scrapbook committee needs pictures, articles, pamphlets, flyers, or anything else that can be used for the regional conference scrapbook. We are going for first place this year. The more information we have on chapter activities, the better chance we have of scoring
high points. If you have something that you would like placed in the scrapbook, but you want to keep the original, just make us a copy. Everyone is invited to work on the scrapbook. There will be a meeting on Friday, May 2,1997 at Belisa Brownlee’s home. Call for time (795-2347).
There will be a membership meeting on Saturday, May 3 at 2:30pm before regular meeting.
Membership recommendation forms, three letters of recommendation and Guide to Sponsorship is due at the May 2nd meeting. Please bring these forms completed and with all information needed. We will vote on the candidates at our regular meeting on June 7,1997.
Soror Clair Hart
Tea Rose Talk Needs Information
The Tea Rose Talk needs to grow. Can anyone think of an ongoing article that should be included in the newsletter? Please report any information to Soror Rhoda(314-0577(H)). Some Ideas are: Undergraduate happenings. This would come from the Basileus of Kappa Xi or the Graduate Advisor. From the Regional Director. This would be information taken from the Regional Director’s Newsletter that she sends out quarterly. Recruit, Retain, and Reclaim. Information on sorors who are transfer-
a running total of the active members in Theta Theta Omega and other information dealing with membership, and Sorors Professional/Civic Accomplishment: Information on sorors and the activities outside of Theta Theta
ring to
A ters,
/ \ trans-
\ chap-
Omega. I know some of these articles will not run
every month but, they can be used to spice up the Tea Rose Talk.
Soror Jackie Hall
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; IneV
Theta Theta Omega Chapter
P. O. Box 4314
Las Vegas, NV 89127
Soror Kaweeda Adams
5297 Silverheart
Las Vegas, NV 89122
Special Events * Birthdays *
Announcements *Anniversaries
National Black Leadership Initiative
on Cancer is having
Nevada’s First African American
Wellness Conference. The conference
begin on May 30-June 1,
1997 at The Orleans Hotel and
Casino, 4500 W. Tropicana Avenue.
All sorors are asked to be
in attendance. More information
will be given at the meeting.
Operation Rose
Recipients will be recognized/
honored. Ivy, Dove and Pearl
levels will be awarded at Regional
Conferences during the
Program Committee’s report.
Black Dollar Days
Please remember to bring in
your forms. Don’t forget to use
your discount card. The total
amount spent will be reported at
the June meeting.
Soror Jacki Brown(5-20)
Soror Ina Dorman(5-28)
Soror Lisa McNeil(5-l)
Soror Marian Burns(5-4)
Rhoda Anderson
Whitney Young
The Conference began on May 30 and continued through June 1st. It took place and The Orleans Hotel.
It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.
There were several informative workshops held. On Friday, there were workshops on Colon-Rectal Cancer, and Breast Cancer. On Saturday, there were workshops on Prostate Cancer, Pediatrics, Smoking, Stress Management, Nutrition, and HIV.
-“Be kind, for everyone you meet is facing a hard battle.”-
-I honor and respect the people around me by gossiping about their positive qualities.
-Each and every one of us is born with talent.
-In the eyes of angels, no human being is every damage beyond repair.
-As I search for my own understanding of truth and wisdom, I will never forget that others have their own search and we can respect one another on the way.
-I value and respect singular presence here on earth.
-Positive thing requires seeing life in a clear light, without lies or pretense.
-The future is not ours to see, but to create.
-I will try not to be too full of myself.
-I wish for peace and goodwill to run rampant in the world.
-Absence makes the heart grow not only fonder, but also stronger.
-Separation may give me the chance to rediscover myself.
-Things can always be worse -Politeness can be a power tool. -In a situation that feels out of control because of the behavior of others, You can be truest to yourself by blocking negative energy with the power of politeness.
Everything went well and I really enjoyed myself and found that we as Blacks, need to take better care of ourselves and our families.
Sorors, we also need to support each other in programs and events that we sponsor.
The Keynote Speaker was Oscar E Streeter Jr., MD from USC School of Medicine.
Affirmations for Stress Reduction
n 1997 June Z-
National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer Conference
ea Rosg/g-x-
Each of us has the right and the responsibility
to asses the roads which lie ahe>ad.
-Maya Angelou
Soror s’ Profile
Soror Dorothy M. Johnson
Soror Dorothy was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 16, 1922. Her parents
names are Leola Clay Hooks, and Gilbert Hooks. Her husband name was Edwin M.
Johnson, whom is deceased. She has one daughter and not grandchildren. She attended
school and Mohawk Valley Community College and State University from 1972-
1982 in New York. There, she received AASN and BSN in Nursing.
She was initiated in the Spring of 1983 in Utica, New York. Her occupations was Registered
Professional Nurse but now she is retired.
Dorothys’ most memorable moment was her initiation. Her husband waited 20 years for
her to become eligible to become a Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. He was an
Some honors and awards she received was Thelma Tyree, Theta Theta Omega Unsung
Hero. She is a member of Las Vegas Association of Black Journalists Cancer Information
Center, Nation Cancer Institute and all 4 Congressional delegate. She is the President
of Board of Directors, American Cancer Society SW Region, Las Vegas, and is an
active Prince Hall Masonic Family, State of New York for almost 30 years.
Sorors’ Profile
Soror Jacqueline Elise Brown
Soror Jacqueline was born in Petersburg, Virginia on May 20. Her parents are Mrs.
Erma Cooke Butcher and Mr. Robert Edwin Butcher.
Jacqueline graduated from Westtown School(Boarding school) in 1979. She attend the
University of Pennsylvania 1979-1983 where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in
Elementary Education. After she left the University of Pennsylvania, she attend UNLV to
receive her Master of Education and Educational Administration in 1991.
She was initiated into the sorority in the Spring of 1994.
Jackie has worked such jobs as a bank teller, preschool teacher(HeadStart). She also
taught kindergarten, first grade, third grade, and fourth grade students. Jackie is currently
an Assistant principal at Nate Mack Elementary School.
Her most memorable AKA moment was attending her first Regional Conference especially
the rededication ceremony.
She received an award as Secretary of the Las Vegas Alliance of Black School Educators.
Jackie is married to Michael Allan Brown and they have a lovely son by the name of Jordan
Alexander Brown.
Dear Sorors,
This is going to be my last letter to you as Basileus, it has indeed been and honor to serve you. I would like to thank each one for your support during the last year and a half, it has truly been a learning experience.
As 1997 looms ahead, we should embrace our new officers with love, support, and sisteriiness. Congratulations to Soror Jacqueline Hall, our new Basileus.
Sorors, thank you again for all the support, love and helpful hints received during my term.
Happy Holidays and may God Bless us all in the New Year.
Sorors, to make our New Year’s Eve Gala a success we need to get out there and sell, sell, sell. Tickets will be available at the upcoming meeting. All ticket monies and unsold tickets must be submitted to the committee no later than Friday, December 27th. Sorry, no exceptions! It is extremely important that we receive all unsold tickets and monies by the deadline as we are required to submit our final count and deposit to the Holiday Inn by December 28th. All outstanding tickets will be included in our count of people attending the event. Unsold tickets not turned in by the deadline must be paid for by the Soror. Thank you for your cooperation.
Let's do our BEST to make this event the BEST!
We are in search of new committee chairs for the AKAteen's Committee and the Founders Day Committee. Soror Lisa McNeil has submitted her resignation due to school commitments, and Soror Jacqueline Hall has been appointed as our new Basileus. Please consider heading one of these committees.
Date: Saturday, December 7, 1996
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Place: St. James Catholic Church
Imani Hall
820 H Street
Hostesses: Sorors Ardell Jackson,
Belisa Brownlee & Betty Thomas-Orr
It's that time of year again to renew our pledge to Alpha Kappa Alpha. We will be performing the short form of the Rededication Service at the December meeting.
The time has finally come... The time when the identity of your Secret Soror is revealed. Who is she? Come to the December meeting and find out! Don't forget to bring your gift.
Congratulations to the Sorors being installed as our new officers. Installation to take place at December meeting.
Pecunious Grammateus
Graduate Advisor Ivy Leaf Reporter Member-at-Large
Jacqueline R. Hall Kaweeda Adams Carolyn Parks
Rhoda Anderson Sandra Stewart-Bass Sharon Savage Willa White Denell Hoggard
Attention all program committee chairs. Your year end reports are due. Please submit them to Soror Carolyn as soon as possible.
A bitter person is a person in the process of destroying himself.
-Dempsey Travis
Some Poems from
Through the Eyes of a Poet By
Soror Pendelita S. Toney
Sisters add warmth and laughter to your day;
Sisters stand by you through changes and years;
Sisters make our life richer through love; Sisters share your dreams.
Sisters know your likes and dislikes;
Sisters make your life richer;
Sisters can be your best friend;
Share with your sister today;
Make a new best friend.
Haiku Poetry
Slowly ascending the moon changes its color from orange to yellow
This mountain seems so enormous as we reach its snow-capped summit.
Giant carp raise their heads from the foamy waters or our lake’s marina
Baby bird struggles with its wriggly worm of a breakfast treat
Deep grooves in these rocks create a majestic and rich environment.
Scholarship Banquet Membership Birthdays
Scrapbook Committee Soror Kaweeda Adams(6-11)
Soror Ouida Brown(6-14)
Soror Ina Dorman(6-8)
Soror Shirnice Villiano(6-18)
Soror Lillian Gates(6-14)
Soror Clair Hart(6-25)
Soror Patti Hester(6-17)
Soror Greta Mills(6-26)
There will be a banquet held at 2pm and
Imani Hall before regular meeting for those
students that was awarded scholarships.
All sorors are asked to please present and
on time.
The scrapbook committee will be meeting
regularly so that we can discuss and complete
the final stages in developing the
scrapbook for Regional Conference. We are
looking forward to taking first place.
We will be voting for candidates
for our 1997 intake session,-on-
Saturday, June 7.
Those of you that submitted
names, make sure that all your
paperwork is complete and was
given to the committee chair.
Soror Rhoda Anderson(6-7)
Soror Lois lce(6-14)
Soror Lois Bolden(6-28)
Executive Board
There is no Executive Board
Meeting this month.
- 5*3*/*^
w HtH
Special Events * Birthdays *
Announcements *Anniversaries
Soror Kaweeda Adams
5297 Silverheart
Las Vegas, NV 89122
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Theta Theta Omega Chapter
.d n a n a
The 1997 First Lady’s Conference
on Women's Health issues will be
held on October 8- October 10,
1997 in Mesquite Nevada. On
Wednesday October 8, the conference
will be from 1pm to 5pm.
October 9 from 8am to 5pm, and
Friday, October 10, from 8am to
Lodging: Casablanca Resort in
Mesquite has reserved a block of
rooms for all conference participants
at $40 single/double plus
8% room tax. Please call the
Casablanca Resort at 1 -800-896-
Transportation: Shuttles are available
from McCarren Airport to the
Casablanca Resort and Casino.
For more information on transportation
please call: Auto Bus a
1-800-500-9786 or St. George
Shuttle at 1-800-933-8320 for
Friends as Mirrors
When I was a child, I assumed that everybody
in the world thought the same way I did. After
all, my friends and I usually saw things the
same way. I’ve learned better, of course, but I
am still amazed at how much alike my friends
and I are. We’ve even discovered that our
families are similar as well.
When the behavior of one of my close friends
disturbs me, I examine myself because I know
that my friends are my mirrors. From my
relationship with other people, friends, family,
coworkers, I learn more about me.
As precious as my solitude is, I couldn’t grow
without the reflection of other people
Bantu Proverbs
There will be a Membership Intake
Workshop on October 4,1997 at
2:30pm before regular meeting.
Membership Intake Process will be
held on October 17,18, & 19. The
Lunch on Sunday, October 19, will
be held at the Holiday Inn, 325 E.
Flamingo. The cost of the meal will
be $18.
It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and
not have one, than to have an opportunity and not
be prepared.
Whitney Young
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Theta Theta Omega Chapter
P. O. Box 4314
Las Veaas. NV 89127
Special Events * Birthdays *
Announcements *Anniversaries
Reggae/Jazz and Soul Food Festival
There will be a Reggae/Jazz and Soul Food
Festival on Sunday, October 12, 1997 at the
UNLV Intramural field. For tickets and
vendors please call 736-1017.
Shop Till You Drop
Don't forget to sell you Shop Till You Drop
tickets. The trip will be on November 8,
1997. The last day to sell tickets will be
October 17. All sorors are asked not to sell
any tickets after this date. Money must be
turned in on October 23, 1997.
Executive Board
Executive Board meeting will be
hosted by Soror Rhoda Anderson.
Place will be announced.
Nominations will be taken from
the floor at the October meeting
for: Anti-Basileus, Anti-
Grammateus, Member at Large,
Tamiouchos, Philacter, Parliamentarian,
Graduate Advisor,
Executive Committee Member at
Large. Voting will take place at
the November Meeting.
Committee sign up sheet
will be going around at the
October meeting.
Southwest Cluster will be
in Salt Lake City, Utah on
November 18, from 8am-
3pm. Forms will be distributed
at the meeting.
Soror Greta Mill(10-28)
No Anniversaries this month.