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Correspondence, Levi Syphus to Sadie George




Creator: Syphus, Levi




This folder is from the "Correspondence" file of the Sadie and Hampton George Papers (MS-00434)

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man000303. Sadie and Hampton George Papers, 1874-1944. MS-00434. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Panaca,Mrs Sadie B.George « evada,Aug.15th,1918 ?uos Angeles,Gal. Bear Madam Herewith 1 enclose you copy of a letter x hawe this day written to Judge Poland,which you will finde self-explanitory. If you have reasons why we should not proceed to sel1 our interest we will he pleased to hear and consider them,and if we finde them satisfactory will of course not sell, hut otherwise it is the intention m to grant Perkins the option on the said 50$ interest,hut have got to ftre quick action otherwise we will miss the opertunity. in the evnt you care to sell with us please notify without delay,and also send him the option on your stock. Sometime about the 1st I had a letter from stewart recitin that he had seen Swah and was in touch with the ship building people and expected by this date to have matters under wav and erection of the plant commenced,or the nreliminarv work to that end going. Jt was a very hopeful nice letter,but not more so than mahy others he hds written,and I seem to see obsticles he is going to meet with that will delaa him for a long time to come and probabley prevent actioq bv him would be nice if he could get it going and if he can,«s^’,re are arrangeing for the salt sale, in such manner that he will >e able to get the salt.he requires Within about one week or ten days we intend to cancfcll the lease with him.and be ready for other business that seems to be comming, One of the large Eastern Porcelain companies are now completing their final tests with the materially one of their experts who has been working with it for more than a year,met with very flatering results,and think that within the next two weeks they will have the details worked out forhandling on a large scale. The mans efforts thus far have produced better results,if any thing,that Betel! achieved,and in this case is not trying to nroroote a. facdorv, but is working for the company who has two large nlants already in operation.Noth’ng may come of it,but it is the best prospect we have ever had,and we are goirg to clear the decks with ^tewart and be ready for action when the time comes,and is we give him two weeks more time than he said he would need he cannot comrlain. Hopeing for a reply from you on the salt matter,and also as to whether or not you care to cancell vour jpart ©f the leass with. Stewart, within the very near future for it is our intention to take very earley action,! remain very truly yours Pa m e a, ^evada, Aug. l"»th-f 0 1 B Hon Thomas G.Inland Dos Angeles,Oal. Dear Sir: - Your favor of about the 20th of July informed we you would have options for the various stockholders of the Virgin River %lt Company,favor John F.Perkins,cover1ng the sale of their stock in said company,prepared and sent forward by the fol owing Monday or tuseday not lo date 1 haveAseen or heard anything further of the®, neither have 1 had any further word from either vourslf or Mrs George;And am curious to know what has been the cause of the unexpected delay,kindley advise me as to same* Perkins advisesihis parties are still desirous of purchaseing providing an earley consumatlon of the deal can he had, otherwise they do not care to bother with It. The owners of 50$ of the stock,who reside in BtThoraas, seem to have an oppertunlty to dispose of their said 80$ interest,and 1 am instructed to ascertain from vour self and Mrs George as to whether or not you have now decided not to grant the option to Perkins as,tentatively,agreed, and if so,to also ascertain whether or not you have anv reasons to offer why the i>tihoraas owners should not proceed to dispose of their stock*Naturally they would preferr for all to sell together,providing all desire to sell,but if Mrs George and your clients or either of them,now feel it inadvisable to grant Perkins the option on their stock,they do not feel,on that account,to miss what is seemingly a satisfactory oppertunlty to sell and in the ahscence of some satisfactory reason why they should not do so they will proceed to test out the offer/which,of course,is onen to all if they care to accept of fOimmediatlv uuon the laps of reasonable time for your parties and Mrs >eorge to sav what they desire to do Thanking you in advance for the earliest convenient reply and with kindest personal regards,! remain *ery truly yours ~ ^ ^ Y MU Levi typhus Panaca,Nev. Mrs Sadie B.George 802 East Kensington Poad Los Angeles Cal.