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Program for The Wedding event at Temple Beth Sholom, June 6, 2010






Booklet for the Wedding celebrations and vow renewals of couples at Temple Beth Sholom.

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jhp000439. Flora and Stuart Mason Photographs and Event Programs, approximately 1965-2010. MS-00694. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Honorary Chairpersons Carolyn and Mayor Oscar Goodman Congresswoman Shelley Berkley & Dr. Larry Lehrner Honorary Committee Audrey and Stanley Abramow Joanna Kishner and David Alexander Kamala and Cantor Avraham Alpert Lillian and Henry Kronberg Georgina and Jeremy Bach Yvette and Ellis Landau Adele Baratz Anita Lewy Caryl Berg Barbara and Jim Lukasiewicz Marcia and Lawrence Bergenfield Dawn and Steve Mack Dee and Fred Berkley Judy and Ron Mack Bonnie Berkowitz Michael Mack Leora and Robert Blau Sandra and Stan Mallin Ann and Richard Blut Sari and Joel Mann Arlene and Jerry Blut Flora and Stuart Mason Ruth Brewster Sara and William Mason Shirley Chaplin Randi and Adi Matushevitz Linda and Leonard Eckhaus Blanche and Phil Meisel Helen and Bobby Feldman Daniel S. Miller Rachel and Robert Festenstein Marci and Robert Murdock Abbie Friedman Melissa and Mitch Ogron Kimberly and Brad Friedmutter Jessica and Josh Pianko Ivy and Noel Gage Sharon and Steven Pierce Harvey Gitel Ellen Ploesch Lilian Glicken Marcy and Dr. Steven Saxe Edythe Goldberg Caline and Dr. Adam Schwartz Ruth Goldfarb Marci and Ed Seltzer Liz and Rabbi Felipe Goodman Mona and Charles Silverman Bernice Friedman and Dr. Garet Gordon Nancy and Jerry Springberg Melanie and Gene Greenberg Betsi and Dr. David Steinberg Priscilla and Abe Hodes Elaine and Irv Steinberg Carole and Ed Kainen Faye and Dr. Leon Steinberg Michele Kane Lara and David Stone Brenda and Jerry Katz Angie and Rabbi Adam Watstein Ruth and Mel Wolzinger Dinner Committee Georgina Bach Marcia Bergenfield Bonnie Berkowitz Leora Blau Ann Blut Arlene Blut Shirley Chaplin Abbie Friedman Liz Goodman Michele Kane Sandra Mallin Randi Chaplin-Matushevitz Marci Murdock Melissa Ogron Jessica Pianko Lara Stone Jay Amernick Justin Blau Diane Brounstein Rory Carmer Heidi Glassman Volunteers Yoshua Goodman Vanessa Hornreich Jodi Johnson Patti Mascarenas Alex Ogron Ellen Ploesch Brandon Saxe Carly Saxe Bobbie Sgrillo Max Sher Staff Shira Danieli Deb Havre Myrna Hills Carol Jeffries Jodie Ramirez D.J. Sinai Dear Friends, Welcome to "The Wedding" ... Tonight promises to be one of the most enjoyable gala evenings Temple Beth Sholom has ever held. This event honors you, the members, our beautiful Temple and the generous people in the Las Vegas community. From the moment you enter the Sigesmund Sanctuary, you will see that this is an event like no other. This evening could not have happened without the enthusiastic support of the most talented special events people in Las Vegas. Our generous benefactors include: Blue Line, Just for Show; RJB equipment who designed and built the Chuppah; lighting by JR Lighting; photography by Cashman Photo and Shutterbooth Fun Photos; Decor by Destinations by Design and Wildflower Linens; music by DJ Tara King; Dance Lessons and Exhibition by Delgado Dance Studio; Cocktails and Wine by The Chaplin Family, Randi and Adi Matushevitz, and Southern Wine and Spirits of Nevada; Drink Decorations by Dress the Drink; Dinner by Gustav Mauler; Wedding Cakes by Gimmee Some Sugar; the Unique Ketubah created by artist, Randi Chaplin-Matushevitz; the Children's Reception and Entertainment by Vegas City DJs; Children's Balloons by Andrea Lederfine; Auction/ Bridal Dress Display by Las Vegas Mannequins; Publicity by Michele Kane; Make-up by Beauty in Vegas, and Wedding Coordination by "The Las Vegas Wedding Concierge." As you look through this beautiful Wedding Album, remember the names of these generous supporters and when you plan your next simcha, think not only about using them, but having your party at Temple Beth Sholom. Events like this do not happen in a vacuum! Our dedicated committee has worked for six months planning tonight's celebration. The funds raised this evening are vital to the running of our Synagogue and its important programs. We appreciate all their efforts and those of our support staff, Carol Jeffries and Deb Havre. Mazal Tov! Sandy Mallin Event Co-Chairperson Shirley Chaplin Event Co-Chairperson Andrea Lederfine, Balloon Creations Nikki Segal, Beauty in Vegas James Beesley and Fred Josephs, Blue Line Studios Karen Cashman, Cashman Photo Enterprises Randi Chaplin-Matushevitz Jeff Fine and Phil Patent, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Dana &Tony Delgado and Sheryl Best, Delgado Dance Studio Joyce Sherman, Destinations by Design Tara King, DJ Tara King Productions Ashley, Kristen and Miranda, Gimme Some Sugar David Dees, Jacq Cellars J.R. Reid, JR Lighting Fred Josephs, Just for Show Michele Kane Michael Carvalho and Alison Wainwright, Las Vegas Mannequins Master Chef Gustav Mauler Piano by D. J. Sinai Jill Burns, RJB Equipment Todd Herod, Shutterbooth The Chaplin Family, Randi and Adi Matushevitz, Southern Wine and Spirits of Nevada Sarah Rosenstein, The Framing Studio Jessika Towbin, Towbin Smart Car Mary Ann Reilly, Wildflower Linen Harry Nelson, Vegas City DJ's Traci Kumer-Moore, Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge Qfiiofyl McL Ow QoodfyM jMt (?, l<)(?2> Sonia and Jack Adelman June 2, 1984 Melanie Ron and Seth Agatstein April 9, 1995 Joanna Kishner and David Alexander March 18, 1995 Georgina and Jeremy Bach June 9, 2001 Ann and Richard Blut June 26, 1999 Linda & Leonard Eckhaus August 11, 1962 Congressworman Shelley Berkley and Dr. Larry Lehrner March 29, 1999 Gail and Michael Frye September 16, 1961 Meianie and Gene Greenberg June 7, 1970 Helen and Bobby Feldman June 7, 1992 Jacqui and Marc Frye March 17, 1990 Liz and Rabbi Felipe Goodman August 25, 1990 Carolyn and Mayor Oscar Goodman June 6, 1962 Gaffe Randi and Adi Matushevitz December 30, 2000 Sharon and Stephen Pierce June 3, 2007 Sandra and Stanley Mallin July 31, 1982 Jessica and Josh Pianko July 28, 2002 Dawn and Steve Mack June 20, 1999 Melissa and Mitch Ogron March 21, 1999 and Dr. Steven Saxe June 12,1983 Charlene and Geoffrey Sher June 25, 1968 Dr. Traci Grossman and Ian Staller October 14, 2007 Marcy and Jack Simon May 30, 1965 Lara and David Stone December 28, 1996 Carol and Jeff Zucker December 6, 1992 Drs. Daliah and Corey Wachs December 22, 1996 Ellizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher May 12, 1959 (also married at Temple Beth Sholom) J/mS, /A - JJ-.M N'.' 39(515 lit hu., --Jf/nrir-"'-*' -S T'y<.* 7W/ AW* ^-v . frit,; 7J...^ AgfiU^jir* ,iSrrra?i ,apjn prrir .nmaK /li'max -paty nvn ixaty o*awxn 'it* nx -pa' kw ,nxbi b r n ,npa-i arts anb "bra* -ityx norm *ba b?? ity-rp otyb rrmnb sm -|to tn-rpn jrtr ova tJj nab nrinty a rm oniinn iat'1 rtnni Jjii baiai npnisi nils "haw nVSri anraty' -rals '3-iSsai miraal m w a apoij? arvsisNls rnjnb baa nrfblsm nana ribten nSrasa baity- t'1 3 31 .fax .on-nx "bxnty* b a nj? w t ntyjjn May God who blessed our ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; Sara, Rebekah, Rachel, and Leah, bless who came here today, grateful for the kindnesses that God has bestowed upon them since their wedding day, the time of their great joy. May the Holy One watch over them and deliver them from trouble and distress, from affliction and illness. May they be privileged to see their children devoted to Torah, mitzvot, and the performance of good deeds. May God bless and prosper them in all their worthy endeavors. And let us say: Amen. (Jb oJ(l f([t CQUffa Q^tuwwfi f([Ut wUJLdifi rows. Wf^ f([t tffc/af c^fut of tyatMflcjtf AC M J, (Wtfcj AC fU f ^ t f . fflofaI ctfld ? < W f WfaCQv? Puttyba jzO, l<?38 T l i B V / l ! Mil (Kvdty (^O^M Jufy 10, Lily was from Lublin and Henry was from a town in Poland near the German border, their love story began in a Nazi jail. For a long time after the Jews of Lublin were taken away, Lily remained using false papers and passing as an Aryan. She worked as a dressmaker living with the people for whom she worked, then she lived with a dressmaker who had hired her, Lily was sewing for the Nazi wives. About this time, she was recognized as a Jew and arrested. During her interrogation by the Gestapo officer in charge of Jewish Affairs, she real-ized that she sewed for his sister and told him that her "dress was not finished." This saved her life once again. In the meantime, Henry was working as a painter in Krakow for the Gestapo, the ghetto had been liquidated, the Jews taken away to concentration camps, and the "workers" were taken to "prison" which was a converted convent. They were given special privi-leges as they were valuable to the Gestapo, Henry worked as a "foreman" in charge of three other workers. As fate would have it, Lily was put on Henry's floor in this "prison" and they began their friendship. Eventually, they had to downsize the prison as the Russians were closing in, they sent 40% of the prisoners to Auschwitz, Lily was among them. In time, Henry was sent to the camps, moving from one to another. On one of these moves, he and the other men found themselves alone on the highway, they had been liberated by American troops the war was over! They were treated like "heroes" by the townspeople who were probably worried about recriminations, and they were given a place to live, etc. Once again, as fate would have it, Lily was liberated ten miles from where Henry was living. Bergen Belsen was now a "displaced person" camp. It was like a "small city" with a Rabbi, old friends, etc. Henry visited the camp one day, fate stepped in once again, and he found Lily there, they renewed their friendship. Eventually he moved her to his town but they returned to be married among their friends at Bergen Belsen. One of the ladies had been sav-ing cracker rations and made a layer wedding cake with jelly filling between the lay-ers. Three couples got married that day, someone else had hidden the beautiful hat you see in the picture. All three brides took turns wearing that hat for their wedding picture. It is no wonder that Henry is a believer in fate. Another kind of love story. - Arlene Blut j ^ W a (K i ^{ocaokt *-U Qtcvfylvt iS, Iq^q A) Rejoice and celebrate another "Life Cycle" as Temple Beth Sholom involves the entire congregation in the Warm, Loving Reunion of "The Jewish Wedding" with Special Guests. Our many thanks to Rabbi Felipe Goodman, Rabbi Adam Watstein and other staff members who tend to ALL of our Life Cycles befitting the Occasion. Our entire Congregation is blessed with a very Caring, Concerned and Committed Rabbinate and dedicated Staff. Md ffUrtUtcj MAZAL TOV TO OUR DEAR FRIEND, SANDY MALLIN, ON THIS MAGNIFICENT EVENT! WITH YOU AT THE HELM, IT'S ALWAYS A WINNERl WITH LOVE, (JZjWW QuaU l/[(,zncc)c, ? > M ^UWfftcL CLflJ, JiU (KQM Qtcvtybu lO, 2,000 WHEN LOVE AND SKILL WORK TOGETHER, EXPECT A MASTERPIECE." J O H N RUSKIN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BRIDES AND GROOMS. ENJOY YOUR LOVE. (6 f^t ([Md-WQfyMfl cQfydiCffw BILLIONAIRE MAFIA FOR POWER P. AY?HS Industry Leading Constructors And Engineers Design Build Commercial ? Residential ? Industrial Renewable Energy BILLIONAIRE MAFIA CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE AT FINE RETAILERS WORLDWIDE WWW BlUIONAIREMAFIA.COM Helix Electric Nevada ? California ? Hawaii ? Arizona ? Guam (702) 732-1188 ? ? (480) 557-6677 ? I ? ? i n i ? <007? ?07>4? ????imcini"*" amummmum?w r r i k ?*i<h. MJ, fforufc iz, lmz wmm. In the sweetness of friendship Let there be laughter and sharing of pleasure All our best wishes to Sandy and Stan Joy and Steven Klebanoff \ Grtfrefli OiU CM(M MM^i jMt 13, G FIUJ^JTFTTW; clU (foMc fftyt Qeod^M 31, i<?$<? 3Mt & I txWfo G o ^ / ?<tyf([t atid fitMM QQldktty Qmt aU J-fcy QuMu^ Juab is, Pt. QM Jatyt atyd W[oJtt Qfabt ?(J(m aU (fyi Qlu^va is, Mi % (3-fcWWl (jtyfflfcfc (Jf.mjjo Uou m 10 QkiMmi <3Qu'<; fo \tyMy. tyotfif Jo 4 (fyuMt aU Pi. ^Hdecjc QodLon 13, ?00$ JOc aU Om SQ^k QfMlu 2>000 jMt 3, 2,007 fo 4( fa Pl jAM ty 3016 W. Charleston Blvd. #180 Las Vegas, NV 89102 823-2121 Strategic Resource SRCG Consulting Group Lawrence Andrew Rodis President Chief Technology Officer 702.221.6274 www. strateg icresource. com Lipson Neilson COLE, SELTZER, GARIN, P. C Attorneys and Counselors at Law <yi<mSt<% T& ty QwMftl D.J. SINAI pianist phone: 702.635.2171 email :mrpianokid1 W[oJtMA Mid J2,l, 1998 WlukAt Mid* Jot cfert? jMitjzl, t<?96 CONGRATULATIONS! Bank of Nevada is proud to join Temple Beth Sholom in congratulating the couples renewing their vows at 'The Wedding' Annual Gala. Strong. Secure. Committed to Southern Nevada. Call us at 702.248.4200 or visit us online at (~BANKOF NEVADA lendir Affiliate of Western Alliance Bancorporation 0510 M e m b e r FDIC f u n . s a f e , s m a r t ? ? ? ? ? a s m a r t smart center Las Vegas open your mind. named one of the top 10 coolest cars under $18,000 manufactured "by Mercedes-Benz 5 star safety rating one of the least expensive vehicles to insure up to 46 mpg f\f\f\ starting at s m a r t c e n t e r L a s V e g a s .com 866-283-5601 5550 W. Sahara ? Las Vegas, NV 89146 Photo Magic Retail Stores PHOTO [VI AG 1 ( <p> cashmarr PHOTO ENTERPRISES Images That Click Our heartfelt congratulations go to each of the couples who have renewed their wedding vows. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this extraordinary event. Cashman Crystal Thrill Ride Photos Green Screen Effect Photos Portrait Studio Weddings Gourmet & Showrooms Special Events A i h o r r L T P " WELLS FARGO Wells Fargo Insurance Services Congratulations on renewing your vows at the 2010 Wedding Gala Wells Fargo Insurance Services is proud to sponsor the 2010 Temple Beth Sholom "Wedding" Gala. Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc. 1707 Village Center Circle, Suite 200 Las Vegas, NV 89134-6303 702-946-1621 ? 2010 Wells Fargo Insurance Services. All rights reserved. Together we'll go far Need A Rental Car? For reservations, please visit or call 1 800 rent a car enterprise 1 rent-a-car ?2010 Enterprise Rent-A-Car. A06709 05/10 JM - Bob Potter, Owner Affordable Concepts, Inc. General Contractor MISSION STATEMENT: "To be recognized as one of Southern Nevada's leading construction companies providing quality services by earning the respect of the community, the trust of our clients and the loyalty of our employees." 2975 W. Lake Mead Blvd. North Las Vegas, 89032 Tel: 399-3330 Photography and Videography at its finest. WEDDINGS BAR A BAT MITZVAHS SPECIAL EVENTS - PORTRAITURE IRA ELLIS P H O T O C R A P H Y 7 0 2 . 0 I 6 . 3 0 3 I CELL 8 0 5 . 2 7 0 . 0 0 0 0 EMAIL: IRAPHOTAG@AOL.COM Ira Ellis not only captures images but ihe most important moments oj your lije. He truly understands that photography means more than pictures: it is a hug. a laugh, or a look that inspires a heart to remember Ira doesn 't compromise when It comes to your memories Neither should you Got Dance? 1 I U %OAP toy alt tAe/coufzle&ancl/ ^empte* cfyetlv SLolom/! Home of the Award Winning "Ballroom For Schools" Program 4220 S. Grand Canyon Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.465.5777 * ? ? ^pl s Newcastle ? M l I N S U R A N C E C R O U P 8751 W. CHARLESTON BLVD SUITS 210 LAS VEGAS. NV 89117 . . ? ? PHONE: (702) 272-0225 t hrlsUlW Polk FAX: (866) 770-4598 President CELL- (702) 524-7792 qx)lk.ncwcastlcgroup? 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Lake Mead Blvd., #2 Las Vegas, NV 89128 (702) 328- 2991 Available for all your make-up and hair services. 1111 LIS VEGAS CONNECTION WWW.JRLIGHTING.COM (702) 649-5555 RJB Equipment LAS VEGAS MANNEQUINS i s Vegas Mannequins is your premier source for mannequin rentals and sales in Las Vegas and nationwide with hundreds of models to choose from at great discount prices! # annequins Steamers Trimming Services Pedestals Delivery Services Displays and so much more! lases miners 1 702.987.5830 On behalf of all the Members of Women's League of Temple Beth Sholom, Mazel Tov to the couples renewing their vows. Women's League honors our Temple and all its families by providing informative and interesting programs, Jewish learning, sisterhood, celebration of our heritage and Conservative Judaism, support to Israel and financial support to our Temple and schools. WL is for women of all ages and at all stages in life. Women's League is for you! Join today and discover what WL can do for you! Women's League Board of Directors 2010-2011 OFFICERS: Co-Presidents Melanie Greenberg & Brenda Katz Executive Vice President Lillian Radomsky Recording Secretary Barbara Lukasiewicz Corresponding Secretary Marci Seltzer Treasurer Cheryl Ross Ways & Means Vice-President Kim Memar Membership Vice-President Els a Chiss Torah Fund Vice-President Lillian Radomsky DIRECTORS: Georgina Bach Caryl Berg Jill Carmer Shirley Chaplin Kim Cohen Marsha Cohen Eunice Galsky Edye Goldberg Lois Joseph Carole Kainen Nadolyn Karchmer Jackie Kramer Stacy Lelah Fran Levien Randi Matushevitz Blanche Meisel Merle Mitzmacher May Mushkin Ellen Ploesch Ronnie Schwartz Lynn Wexler PAST PRESIDENTS: Adele Baratz Florence Frost Ruth Goldfarb Sheryl Honig Fran Levien Blanche Meisel Kim Memar Margret Ofek Sharon Pierce Faye Steinberg EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS: Liz Goodman Angie Watstein Kamala Alpert 1 .KWi.9fi5.7775 wilJlliiwiTlincTis.n>m Nevada Representative MARYANN REILLY 760-449-1533 With dental implants, people are rediscovering the comfort and confidence to eat, speak, laugh and enjoy life. fanK are chanyiny th e imuJbeojble five! ? 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In addi-tion, implants can help preserve facial structure, preventing the bone deterioration, which occurs when teeth are missing. Your questions and concerns are important to us and our team will work with you very closely to help make your procedure a success. Dr. De Andrade received his D.D.S. degree in 1995 from New York University College of Dentistry. He graduated at the top of his class and was inducted into Omicron Kappa Upsilon, The National Dental Honor Society. He completed his specialty training at the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Medical Center. He takes pride in providing his patients the best dental care possible in a state-of-the-art facility. O o ? FRIEDMUTTER GROUP IS HONORED TO SUPPORT TEMPLE OLOM / / IE D M U TT R GROUP A R C H I T E C T U R E / I N T E R I O R D E S I G N / B R A N D I N G S T U D I O S S P E C I A L I Z I N G I N M U L T I - U S E P R O J E C T S F R / Warmest Congratulations! The Chaplin Family Randi and Adi Matushevitz >