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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, October 1998



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Congregation Ner Tan^id -ran 13 n?np The Reform Jewish Synagogue of Las Vegas ...A Special Place to Belong October 1998 - Vol. XVIII No. 1 11 Tishrei - 11 Heshvan 5759 .* ? 1. i71lj/\1 Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi Bella Feldman Cantorial Soloist Bob Unger President Leah Malmon Student Rabbi Monty E. Willey Executive Director Jacqueline Fleekop Education Director Jill GlNSBURG Program Director Lois Bergman Preschool Director Sukkot and Simchat Torah! Join us on Friday night, October 9 at 0:00 PM for our Annual Sukkot Potiuck Dairy Dinner. Dring a casserole dish for 10 people and some fruit to hang in the Sukkah. Please RSVP to the Temple Office at 733-0292 by October 2. The Pabbi and Cantorial Soloist Della Feldman will then lead a special service filled with Sukkot melodies. Following services, the congregation will have an opportunity to enjoy the Oneg in the Sukkah built by the Drother- hood. The Rabbi will explain the meaning of the symbols of Sukkot. Then plan to attend the most exciting holiday of the year - Sim?chat Torah! On Friday, October 10, we will celebrate this holiday with our Torah march and the unrolling of the Torah for all to see. On this special evening, we will also bless our new Consecrants (new students in the Kindergarten through first grade) and enjoy songs by our junior choir. Those who will be consecrat-ed will need to arrive by 0:3O PM for a group photo. It's Western Night Partners! B-B-Qin', Square Dancin', and a Hayride Too! See Page 8 for more! Worship Services 2 Rabbi?s Message 2 Meet Our New Advisors! 3 Notes from our Cantorial Soloist 4 School News 5 October B?nai Mitzvah 6 Yiskor Shemini Azert 7 Auxiliaries & Committees 8 Western Night Social 9 Birthdays/Anniversaries 10 Tributes 11 Yahrzeits & In Memorium 13 October Events Back Cover (the Bulletin is Published Monthly)Do Parents Matter? J No doubt many of you read recent media reports on a controversial new book out, The Nurture Assumption: Why children Turn Out the Way They Do: Parents Matter Less Than You Think and Peers Matter More by Judith Rich Harris. The author's major thesis is that the role of the parent isn't as significant as scientists once believed. Aside from what we contribute genetically, our influence on how they develop is minimal. What genes don't do, peers do. While I am not a scientist, I am a parent and a rabbi and somehow this thesis flies in the face of everything that I had been taught and believe. While no doubt we have all witnessed and wondered how our children can grow up to be such vastly different people, having been raised in the same household I think that it is both dangerous and dismissive of the role of parents to believe that we have little impact upon our children. Again, without question, our chil?dren's peers have a major influence, especially during their teen years, as to what tney feel is important. But what is the standard by which they measure these opinions if not what they have been taught by their parents who in turn have been influenced by their parents, and Dlease Note: An apology is due to our dear mem- ber, Irene Chenin. Ner name was f erroneously listed on the yom Nip- pur yiskor List. ?Ifiere aren?t F enough words to express how much JF we regret this mistake and apolo- M gizejor arm embarrassment or pain we may have caused her ana her Jr, family. Ide wish Irene many N happy and healthy years to come! C ohqreqa TioN Ner jAM/d religious teachings. Judaism teach?es us to "honor our father and mother." We do so out of a sign of respect. But if respect were the only reason, there would be another commandment, "honor thy chil?dren." The commandment serves as a reminder that our parents not only give us life, but they give us tools by which to lead our lives. But as with everything, our impact on our children is a balance of many factors. They learn from their peers, they learn from their teachers, they learn from media sources, and their own ability to synthesize information and opinions from all these sources. Ultimately, if we are indeed successful parents, then we have given our children the ability to think things through themselves and make their own choices. But this too is gift that comes not from ones genes, but from ones heart. B'shalom, NpBBiSrmfordAfgdrad gpT f9YQ Alternate SfiaBBat ^ Sf ?Evening ?Worship & Sha6Bat Morning Minyon and ?lorah Study Schedules Evening Worship ?Morning Minyon ?November 13,20 December 4 January 15,29 February 5 March 5,19 April9,30 {* Pi- A October 10,17 November 14,21 December 5,12 January 16,30 February 6,27 March 6,20 April 10,24 Arii May 1,22 C\tybrsftip Services Conducted by Rabbi Sanford D. Akselrad & Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman October 2 Shabbat Services with Speaker 7:30pm Oneg Sponsored by the Sisterhood October 3 Travis Sherman BarMitzvah 10 am Kiddush sponsored by the Sherman Family October 5 Sukkot Services 10 am October 9 Sukkot Dairy Dinner 6:00pm Tot Shabbat 6:30pm Sukkot Shabbat Service 7:30pm Oneg Sponsored by the Sisterhood October 10 Ranen Lardent BatMitzvah 10am Morning Minyon & Torah Study 10am Kiddush sponsored by the Lardent Family October 12 Yiskor Services 10am October 16 Simchat Torah Consecration Picture 6:45pm Service 7:30pm Oneg Sponsored by the Sisterhood October 17 Max Smilow Bar Mitzvah 10am Kiddush sponsored by the Smilow Family October 23 Ravit Eisenberg BatMitzvah 7:30pm Kiddush sponsored by the Eisenberg Family October 30 Shabbat Services 7:30pm Oneg spnosored by the Sisterhood October 31 Joshua Litt Bar Mitzvah 10:00am Kiddush sponsored by the Litt Family OcrobER 1998 Temple Board Members Bob Unger Drew Levy David Mendelson Ira Spector President VP Administration VP Ways & Means VP Membership David Stahl, PhD VP Religious Activities Scott Stolberg Lynn Sasso Rita Goldstein Ruth Urban Mel Hallerman Sylvia Beller Frances Klamian Jacky Rosen Jon Sparer Jere' Davis Esther Saltzman Sharna Blumenfeld Mindy Unger-Wadkins Sandy Stolberg Steve Joseph Shawn Scott David Lieberman Jerry Gordon Cal Lewis Eileen Kollins Kenneth Schnitzer Dr. David Wasserman Dr. Steve Kollins Michael Cherry Dr. Bernard Farrow fcjGENE KlRSHBAUM* Rabbi Sanford Akselrad *Deceased VP Education VP Social Treasurer Secretary Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Sisterhood Brotherhood NTTY TNT Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Ex Officio Qfbaveihe ^date oMark pour calendars new for the 2Sth Amtiversary edebratm ef ffompreqatm &Qr rCamid f$um26, 1999 Library Committee formed'. If interested, contact Sfarna ?Bbumenfebd. We need books donated. Abbie and Jason Burk are the new advisors for the NTTY youth group. Abbie Burk is an Elementary Edu?cation Major at UNLV and has taught at tne M.B. Dalitz Religious School since 1993. Jason Burk, a graduate of Drake University Law school, is an attorney with law firm of Mayor & Horner, Ltd., specializ?ing in medical malpractice defense. Abbie and Jason were married in March 1998. They live in Green Valley and enjoy spending time with their 1 1/2 year old Golden Retriev?er, Milton. Abbie and Jason remain active by playing softball, going for long walks, and watching movies. Kristen Meuer recently moved to Las Vegas from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is teaching 2nd grade at Will Beckley Elementary. In Tulsa, Kris?ten was actively involved with Hil- lel, the Jewish Community Center, and her Temple. She hopes to bring new and exciting ideas to CNT as she advises the kids in TNT. Joy Rubu will be co-advising the TNT youth group this year. Joy is a kindergarten teacher at C.P. Squires Elementary School in North Las Vegas and has been an ele?mentary educator for over 20 years. She has taught a variety of grades, from Kindergarten through 7th. Over the past four years, Joy has been an assistant troop leader for the Girl Scouts. She has one daughter, Samantha Willey, who is in tne 8th grade, and she enjoys being an active parent in all of Sa?mantha's activities, both in and out of school. Joy Ruby Picture not Available Rachel Klein came to Las Vegas two years ago by way of Cleve?land, Ohio. A graduate of GWU, she has a philosophy degree and is currently a first year law student. During her first year in Las Vegas, Rachel taught at CNT 3rd grade, moving to 4th grade in 1998. She is currently teaching 2nd grade and Wednesday school tor grades 4&5. She has studied with both the re?form Movement and Chabad Lubo- vitch. Rachel will be working with our two new youth groups - ITTY BITTY and MTTY NTTY. cH OcrobER 1998 Special rftluce CJo 1?8 h <^Afate.?. from. owl dcmkn'iinf. <^oCoLa? Vines of the "Sukkah" This month will be a very busy one between the High Holidays and our Dedication Service. Our Adult Choir has been working diligently all sum?mer preparing tor both of these occasions. We have over twenty members in our choir this year ana they sound wonderful! The Junior Choir will also be lending their voices to the Dedication ceremony and you will see their beautiful new robes. We were able to purchase these robes with income made from the Kol B'seder concert last year. Another big thank you to Dr. Steve Kollins for nosting that concert and for all of you that came! Look for the Junior Choir again on October 20 for the Simchat Torah/Conse- cration Service. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year! ?Bella Tot SViAbbat Join me At the Swkkot FAmilvj Dinner At 6:00pm on October 9th We will mAke Ant> liAng t>ecorAtions in the Swk1<AM. 111 be looking for JadfelFCeetijgp guitar for all age.5. ffewi5h, and popular mu5ic. (for in?formation, call J)u.5tin (ficp at 45J-3027. r Our joyful Sukkah is larger this year. The fruits and vines cover and adorn it and our family has added these new additions. Reba E. Saiger Amy M. Abrams Ronald & Deborah Greenfield Donald & Susan Florman Barbara Greenspun Maurice Pastor Larry S. &? Gail Rudolph Myron & Phyliss Sperber Ruth Pessin Sheldon & Rose Raphael Ernest & Barbara Lander Alvin Benedict &? Daughter Lynn Benedict David &? Athena Reid Dr. Richard & Lisa Lapidus Robert Schiffman Simon & Lois Bergman A Holiday of Thanksgiving and Welcome. Please join us in all our activities, Sisterhood, Brothood, Golden Chai and many of our wonderful adult education classes. Ronaejintii Membership Committee SOCIAL ACTION One of the Social Action Committee's ongoing projects is to keep in touch with our college students. We send them New Year's greetings, Chanukah and Passover packages, and Birthday cards. Also reading material is periodically sent from UAHC in New York. To make sure uour professional-to-be is on our mailing list, please fill out the following form and send it to the temple office. Name _____________________________ Birthdate ___________________________ College____________________________ Phone#__________________________ Year in School___________________ Address ________________________________________________________________________ E-mail Address Mommy & Me Monday, October 19th 10.00-11:30 am. 5habbat at Home h/ew Songs and Decorations Plus: Find out where you go on the Internet to learn more about g Jewish Parenting and I Shopping for Judaica ^ 4 C onqreqa tSon Ner Tam id OcrobER 1998 School News It's Fall, It's Cool (We Hope)... October is supposed to be Fall. In most areas of the country, temper?atures are becoming cooler and leaves are changing from green to gold. Las Vegas is different, so who knows what will happen here. The one thing I do know is that the Jewish Calendar and Holidays are related to the seasons. This month we will celebrate Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah. Three very important holidays. Suk?kot is mu favorite holiday because it reminds us of the Temple, the harvest, and to remember to be thankful. The holiday of Thanksgiv?ing was taken from the Bible by the pilgrims as they shared the har?vest with the Indians. Our religious school will celebrate all of these holidays as we get into the full swing of the school year. This year the parents will receive not only a monthly progress report, but will receive a newsletter as well. I hope all of our parents will help separate items for our parking lot sale which will be on October 18*, and attend our Open House, Sun?day, October 25* from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 pm. If parents get involved, their children will know that religious school is important. This is going to be a great year for your children, our staff and you. Shalom, JacffefFBeefgp CNTPRESCHOOL Vlk Move Lots Of Ofaom'lb FiK It's time to dean out the garage! ?Donations will Be accepted OctoBer 1-16,98. all nmcs Will <BE ACCEPTED! OctoBer 4 will Be laiye item pickup day...please cad the office to schedule your pickup. ?BHMfBFm nME ?RfELIQIOfUS SCHOOL (Rummaqe SaIe Is OcrobER 18rh 8am'12pm) What a busy season here at the Greschool. We all enjoyed our High oliday experience at our beautifrjl new school. It was a pleasure watching the children say the blessing over "Apples Dipped in Honey" as they savored each bite of the sweet holiday treat. The bous 'the delightful hear the sounds these and girls all got a chance to blow Shotar (Ram?s Horn) and it was ful to ? little ones could make from this traditional instrument. We made Shanah Tova Cards for our parents and even our friends and wished each other a hearty L'Shanah Tova Tikatevu (Happy New Year Greet?ing). The children had a taste of the round Challah with raisins and we all said we were sorry to each other, for ^^lings we had done that were not so ^?se this last year. We said we ^would be kind to each other and our parents this new year of 5759. Our class even took a Tashlick walk to cast our sins away. It was sure an interesting experience hearing how each of these 2-5 uear olds expressed their feelings of hope and renewal at this most holy time of the year. Our classrooms are filled with exuberant and delightful youngsters who enjoy coming and sharing a learning experience with their peers and dedicated teachers. This month we will celebrate Sukkot and Simchat Torah with song and lots of fun. We will decorate the Sukkah and make flags and even have our own Simchat Torah Parade. I would like to take this opportunity to thank some dedicated people for helping get our "Special Place to Belong Preschool going so beautiful?ly. Thank you Rabbi, Monty, our great office staff, Phyllis, Karen, and Mary. Also Jill and Jackie, you are all the greatest. The custodial staff, Steve, Tom and Gary. A special thank you to Scott Stolberg, his Committee, and Jacky Rosen. We all worked to make our school one that is truly a special place. Finally, thank you to my dedicated teaching staff: Miss Carol and Miss Leslie, your work was a true labor of love. We are getting ready to support the Interfaith Hospitality Network family on November 1-8. If you ARE INTERESTED IN HELPING OUT IN ANY way; MAKING DINNERS FOR THE FAMILIES, SLEEPING THE NIGHTS AND JUST IN GENERAL SUPPORTING THE Temple and Maxine Gratz, please CALL HER AT 898-3592. OcTobER 1998 ( // (Special epicene rTJo (Belong. Spencer Kaplan and his fam?ily spent two weeks in Israel this summer recreating the highlights of his Bar Mitzvah on top of Mount Masada. Spencer chanted portions of his Haftorah along with his cousin, for family and friends. It was a very heartfelt expe?rience for all. Other highlights included a Prayer at the Wailing Wall, floating on the Dead Sea, a camel excursion in Elat, and seeing Petra Jordan on horseback. All in all it led to be the most memorable experience of his life and most definitely added to his Jewish awareness. Hi, my name is Joshua Litt. I am in the seventh grade at Cannon Middle School. My hobbies are rollerblading and playing with our com?puter. My favorite times are spent at the beach or skiing. I am also on the Sandpiper Swim Team. I have been studying very hard for my Bar Mitz?vah. I am looking forward to seeing my my special family at occasion on 31, 1998. October Hi, my name is Ravit Eisenberg. I am an 8* grader at the Hebrew Academy. I play classical piano, and have entered several competitions. I also enjoy playing tennis with my father Danny, going to Camp Alonim with my sister Adva, and spending time with my mother Lauren. If I have anu other spare time, I love to be with my friends, and watch T.V. I will be having my Bat Mitzvah on Friday, October 23rd. I'm excited about what this means for my family, friends, and myself. I'm lookin, forward to being with my friends am relatives during this special time in mu life. I would love for you to come ana share this simcha with me. Hi! My name is Ranen Adam Lardent. I am a seventh grader at Greenspun Junior High. I was born in Monterey, California and I moved to Las Vegas when I was seven years old. My hobbies are fencing, chess, and computers. I won the K-6 Chess Champion of Nevada. I am going to become a Bar Mitzvah on October tenth and I am looking forward to having all mu friends and family join me in celebrating this special event. Hi, my name is Max Smilow. I am an eighth grade student at The Meadows School. When I am not at regular school or Hebrew School I enjoy making movies, (comedies, war, etc.) with my friends. During the winter I snowboard with all my friends, which favorite activity. I enjoy foot! ^ and basketball. I hope to see you at my Bar Mitzvah on October 17. is probably m Mitzvah Menorah C9^Ts SocialAction Committee brought the Mitzvah Menorah to life bast gear, to sweeten needy Jewish, children?s Chanucah. Again this year the Mitz?vah Menorah will be at the Sisterhood Chanucah ?Bazaar, with names, ages and wishes of children whom without your assistance would not receive a Chamfahgift. The CMJISocialAction Committee solicits names of children through our religious school, Jewish IF amity Service Agency, and congregants who Know of a familu who could use some assistance during the bwbidays. M the hazaar, our congregation wilt he abbe to assist these f amines by sebectirg a dreideb from the Jvbitzvah ?Menorah. If you would life to assist the Social Action Committee in this mitzvah, there are many ways to help. Blease call Qloria Qolberg at 656-5055. C onqreqarioN Ner Tam id OcTobER 1998 YlSKOR-1998-5759/Shemini Azert October 1 ~ October 12 % Hilda Ail Samuel Alhadeff Lee Beddia Lillian Beller Fortune Benhamou Jack Bennett Ben Berman Sylvia Bilofsky Julius Bloom Marsha Bogach Nathan Bogoch Phoebe Brown Shirley Cohon Jessica Doctors William Ehrlich Melvin Eliasberg Esther Engel Eva Yarchever Faberman Irving Fields Gordon Fink Martin Foosaner Thomas Frankl Virginia Galzaka Ruth Getzler Harry Glovinsky Darlene Gold Solomon Goldberg Sally Gordon Joseph Greenberg Marvin Greenspan Sally Greenspan Charles Herman Helen Herzog Leonard Herzog Harold Joelson Lore Kahn Nat Karchem Louis Klene Cheeed Committee Last year, we reached every Hospital. This is the beginning of our second year as the umbrella group of our Caring Community. Chesed is the Hebrew word for compassion. We of CNT are the Chesed Committee and each arm of the Temple Is involved. Each organization sucn as Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Go\den Chai, Ntty, and others have a representative and a committee. These representatives reach out for ? ospital visitations, callers to the omebound, respite care givers and rides to services. Emma Kohlenbrener Mina Leboff Phil Levinson Robert McGraw Emily Mclnemey Carissa Fertita Meritz Irene Miller Jack Novack Ron Ostrow Bernard Rabin Rose Ray Mimi Reinschreiber James Robertson Avram Roitman Abbott Ruby Nettie Samuels Seymour Schoengold Harold Seri in Ruth Seigel Sylvia Simms Martin Susson Estelle Linger Mathew Wagner Sidney Weidenfeid David Weinstein Judith Wikler Leo Wilner Sheila Wolf David Wright Bayli Zuck If you have the name of a loved one you would like to add to this list, please call Karen at the Temple. Yiskor services will be conducted on Monday, October 12th at 10:00am in the Beit Tefillah. Our training program will begin Mon?day, October 26, 1996 at 7:00pm. Thursday, October 1, at 7:00pm, we will have our first planning meeting and start to expand our program in 1996. We will continue with this program as we grow with your support. We anxiously look forward to our new year with Compassion for the entire Jewish family or Clark County, and feel confident that each committee and auxiliary will work within our Caring Com?munity. !?Bernardf. farrow, Chair Tell and Kvell Maze! Tov to: Jennifer and David Lessnick upon the birth of their twin daughters on 8/17/98, Hannah Ruth and Aviva Loren Proud grandparents are Barbara and Sheldon Rosenberg & Georgianna Mayon and Jan Mayon Natalie and Gil Shaw upon the birth of their grandson, Alexander Jay Congratulations to Mary ana Michael Zone upon the birth of their first grandchild , Matthew born 8/28/98 and he weighed 9 pounds!!! Mazel Tov to Phyllis & Ron Freid on the birth of their grandson "Max" short for Maxwell, born 9/9/98, weighing in at six pounds in Portland, Oregon Congratulations to Rand and Lexy Capp upon the the birth of their son, Daniel, born 8/17/98. Congratulations to Christina and Brett Primack upon the birth of their son Austin Tyler, born 9/1/98. GIFT SHOP HOURS SuNdAys 9:00aM'1 2:1 5pM (DurInq REliqious School) TuEsdAys 10:00AM'6:00pM ThuRsdAys 1:00'4:00pM FRidAys 6:50'7:15pM ------- c t Special CJo rJit'loii(j 7^ OcrobER 1998AUXILIARIES & We're not our Father's Brotherhood Anymore!! Sisterfiood Xews Join us for a "Bagel Nosh" on Sun?day, November 8, 1998, at 9:30am, and hear Kenneth Keenan address the subject, "We're Not The Same Brotherhood Of Our Fathers," Kenny is a Past President of North American Federation of Temple Brotherhoods and presently West Coast Regional Director of Temple Brotherhoods. This is a return en?gagement for Kenny who is one of our most popular speakers. ?99 Books are now available for purchase. This year as in the past you will be able to examine and obtain these books at the Temple Office or on Sunday in front of the Religious School. The book can be purchased for only $30, the same price for which it was sold for the last several years. As an added service, if you have an order of six (G) or more books, your order will be delivered to your home or place of business within the Valley area. There are many groups selling the esntesrtaAAVvviesnfc ?99 Book, now more than ever we need your support. Purchase your e^xterfcuwm&vxt ?99 Book from your Temple Brotherhood. Call the Temple office or Steve Joseph at 656-9963 for more information. We would like to give a warm welcome to our new Programming Chairman, Howard Layfer. Howard lives in Green Valley and has been a member of our congregation since August 1997. Howard's task will be to oversee our mix of speakers so as to appeal to all members. The summer has come and gone the kids are back in school and no longer under foot. We have been to Temple for the High Holy Days, we've made our Kol Nidre pledge, so our commitment to our Temple has been met. Or has it? Most of us don't have a lot of extra time. When we do find spare moments we like to spend tnem with our families, as it should be. Some of us do have some discre?tionary time and have never been asked to participate. I am asking you now to come join us and get involved in the Temple Brotherhood. We would like to make the Temple a better place for all of us. You can help us attain the goals of educating, addressing Men's Issues and fund raising while having a great time. Take that first step, join us for on October 18, 1998, at 9:30am for the Sukkah Breakfast and "Take Down." I promise you, you will not regret it! StepRenJosepfi Brotherhood President Social Action CNT's Social fiction Committee pro?vides programs to involve memoers in projects affecting the congrega?tion and community. Social fiction provides a forum to involve mem?bers in National issues. Locally in our community, CNT's Social fiction Committee sponsors food drives for the holidays for the Jeuuish and the secular community. The Social fic?tion Committee sends holiday cards and baskets to college students, ^ 8 \ C onqreqa rioN Ner Tam id and prepares holiday meals for a local senior center. The Social fiction Committee meets monthly Thursday evenings. You are invited to attend the next meeting Thursday, October 15, 1998 at 7:00 p.m. in the Temple library. If you are interested in participating please contact Gloria Golberg at 656-5055. I would like to begin this month by thanking all the people who worked so hard on our paid up luncheon. Frances Klamian and the party shop who served a beautiful and delicious lunch. Aydie Unger, Nan Spec- tor, and Marlene Friedmutter for all their effort chairing this event. And Barbara Nathan who was instrumental in bringing Davna Brook as our speaker. Our luncheon was a great success; we had over 60 people in attendance. This year our programming chairs, Judy Applebaum and Debbie Halleman, are doing a great job with our programs. Our next event will be at Hamada of Japan 596 E. Flamingo, on Thurs Oct 22 at 6:45pm. The cost is $10.00 for members and $15.00 for non-members. On Nov 12, Rab?bi Akselrad will do a book review of Finding Joy by Dannel Schwartz; this will be at 7:00pm in the Temple Library. Dessert will be served. In December is our Nordstroms Fly Away in San Diego. Sat & Sun Dec 5th & 6th, the cost is $155.00 per person aj^k included airfare & hotel (dbl occup). Thit^^B just the programs for the first half of tnF year, wait till you see what we have planned for the spring. If you have any questions about our programs please call Judy at 255-4429 or Debbie at 263-7965. Our Chanukah Bazaar is scheduled for Sun Nov 15th, from 11:00am to 3:00pm.. We will hold our annual campership raffle at this time. If you would like to donate raffle prizes to benefit the campership program, please contact Ruth Urban, our campership chairperson, at 455-6529. If you would like to purchase a table or have any other questions, please call Debbie Levy at 670-9065. We will also hold our annual Ms Noodle Kugel contest. So get your recipes ready. Our membership is growing and at this time we have 162 paid members. It?s never too late to join Sisterhood. Our dues are $30.00 per year or $50.00 for a mitzvah membership. We would like to welcome to Sisterhood our new members Ruth Pessin, Bonnie Casale, Sharon Golding, Adelaid Ealter, Debbie Goldner, Lisa Rankin, Marla Letizia, Susan Fine, Alicia Goroff, June Es- bin, Hilary Baggs, Lauren Eisenberg, Roslyn Green, Irene Chenin, and Sharlene Flush- man. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all the best in the coming year. Shalom, Sandy OcTobER 1998 ? Golden Choi Golden Choi, CNT's mature activities group, invites all congregants to join us the first ond third Thursday of each month. Rlong with the general meetings that begin at 11:30 am, and bagels, we always provide entertain?ment, and good conver?sation. Golden Chai is open to all individu?als 55+. Our trip to Primm is UUednesday, October 7th. The bus will leave Congre?gation Ner Tamid at 8:30 am. Cars will be safe in the lot all day, as we will return by 3:00 pm. If you have any question regard?ing this event or wish to discuss Golden Chai, please call us directly at 655-8603. Golden Chai wishes everyone a new year of health and peace. <J)o you have a Jamif^ member or frimdwho is hospitalised? Rabbi Akselrad would like to help you and your family by visiting Temple members and friends of our congregation who have been hospitalized. Since there is no notification from the hospitals, please contact Karen at the Temple office at 733-6292 when a family member or friend is hospitalized. UOWDY PAfcDNEfcS: Single Cowgirls, Single Cowboys, and Twosteppin? Couples - Tiemember when hayrides were under the stars in big wagons full of straw (for snuggling) and drawn by a team of horses...barb ques were more than just chicken and beans and a real caller taught you to square dance...well let the good old times roll again because the CViT SOCIAL* CQMMITTEE.Js back in business. Our first event is Western Night and we are having an old time WAY1NDE...BAfc B QUE...SQUAfcE DANCE and a whole lot more...on Saturday night, October 10, 1998 from 6:00-10:00 p.m. at BUNKER PARK on Alexander and Tenaya. (|-95 to Cheyenne..west to Tenaya...then north to Alexander) For just $20.00 per person you could be experiencing the fun of the old west, when ?as Vegas was still a desert cowboy town and the wide open spaces were your backyard. It s not too late to put on your jeans, boots and cowboy hats and ride on down to the best little hoedown in Vegas. We need the entrance fee (cash) and to know you are coming so we can make sure we have plenty of grub for a hungry bunch of cowpokes. So pardners, its time to support your local social committee and have a lot of fun and surprises at the same time. Call the Ten pie Office TODAY. Were looking forward to seeing yall Lyirn MEMBERSHIP As tIie New Year approaches, tIce MEivtbERship CommIttee of Con- QREqATioN Ner Tamsc! would UIce TO EXTENd TO ThE CORRELATION L'ShANAh ToVA ANd ThE WARMEST wishES For a hEAlrhy ANd peace' Ful New Year. We are pRoud to bE A pART Of SUCh A WONdERfuL CONqREQATioN ANd WE CONTINUE TO COMMiT OUR EFFORTS TOWARd MAkiNq MEMbERship wrrh CoNqRE- qATioN Ner TAMid a REWARdiNq, Rich ANd sATisFyiNq experience. BECOMiNq iNVolvEd iN "TempIe HAppENINqs" SEEMS TO ENSURE ONE'S SENSE OF REWARd ANd SATiS' fAcrioN. ThEy oFten sAy tIiat "we qET OUT oF AN EXPERIENCE whAT we puT iN." PIease FeeI Free to CONTACT ME diRECTly TO pROvidE SUqqESTioN CONCERNiNq MEMbER' ship issuEs. We look FoRWARd TO A WONdERFul yEAR For US All. ThANk you, ljuSpCCtOT, MEMbERship V.P d JE5E5H5E5E5E5E5E5H5H5S5S5E5S5E5E5E5H5E5] wntcRtmmAnn Jm &TETERHBQO FUR nmnER The Sisterhood oF Congregation Ner Tamid inuites gou For an euening oF delicious fable cooking, sizzling enfrees, enferfaining cheFs L cooking insfrucfion as we meef af: N & In H N iP H H N N i H 'Hamate Df Japan 5% E. Flamingo Road Thursday, Ocfoher 22 - 6:45 P.M. Cosf: Members - $10.00 6 Non-Members - $15.00 RSUP by Ocfober IS Quesfions? Call Judy Appledbaum / 255-4429 or Debbie llallerman / 26.3-7968 Make Check Payable fo: (.NT Sisterhood (70 Judy Applebaum 8016 Marbella Circle Las Vegas, NV 89128 (Special OcTobER 1998 rf)laee TJo Heloeuf BEHSHSHErasasHsasiaBasasaEHsaBaEraEHEaEBsasaEaEas;? gj <Bi rthdd ius ? S? jl October 1 October 7 Richard Glasser mutr David Glovinsky October 26 Andrew Gratz Branon Fleisher Eric Kornstein Micah Goldsmith Harry Ehrlich Harper Klamian Jamie Greenspun Richard Sturman James Jacob Michael Gust Casey Miera Mitchell Posin Miriam Novick Elayne Latter Breauna Rounds ? 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