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University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) 2020 and 2021 graduate college commencement program







Commencement program from University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists (UA-00115).

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man001159. University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists, 1953-2021. UA-00115. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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CLASSES OF 2 0 2 0 AND 2 0 2 1
CLASSES OF 2020 AND 2021
Keith E. Whitfield, President
Christopher L. Heavey, Executive Vice President and Provost
Vince Alberta, Vice President of Brand Integration and Chief Marketing Officer Bo Bernhard, Vice President for Economic Development
Robert Correales, Interim Vice President for University Compliance Juanita Fain, Vice President for Student Affairs
Adam Garcia, Vice President for Public Safety Services Marclem Hernandez, Special Assistant to the President
Kyle Kaalberg, Executive Director for Strategy and Strategic Initiatives Marc J. Kahn, Vice President for Health Affairs
Rickey N. McCurry, Vice President for Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement Sabra Smith Newby, Vice President of Government and Community Affairs Barbee Oakes, Chief Diversity Officer
Lori Olafson, Interim Vice President for Research and Economic Development Desiree Reed-Francois, Director of Athletics
Elda Luna Sidhu, General Counsel Ericka Smith, Vice President of Human Resources Fred Tredup, Chief of Staff
Jean Vock, Senior Vice President for Business Affairs/CFO Victor Wei, Senior Advisor to the President - Strategy and Partnerships
Angela Amar, Nursing
Ronald Brown, School of Integrated Health Sciences Eric Chronister, College of Sciences Maggie Farrell, University Libraries
Lily T. Garcia, School of Dental Medicine Shawn Gerstenberger, School of Public Health Daniel Hamilton, William S. Boyd School of Law Andrew Hanson, Honors College
Danica G. Hays, Interim, College of Education
Marc J. Kahn, Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV Jennifer Keene, College of Liberal Arts
Kate Korgan, Graduate College Ann McDonough, Academic Success Center
Gerry Sanders, Lee Business School
Stowe Shoemaker, William F. Harrah College of Hospitality Robert Ulmer, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs
Nancy Uscher, College of Fine Arts Rama Venkat, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering
Melody Rose, Chancellor
Crystal Abba, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Andrew Clinger, Chief Financial Officer Joe Reynolds, Chief General Counsel
Jason Geddes
Cathy McAdoo
Donald Sylvantee McMichael Sr.
John T. Moran
Laura E. Perkins
Lois Tarkanian
Mark W. Doubrava, Chair
Carol Del Carlo, Vice Chair
Joseph C. Arrascada
Patrick J. Boylan
Byron Brooks
Patrick R. Carter
Amy J. Carvalho
Keri D. Nikolajewski, Interim Chief of Staff to the Board
Thursday, May 13, 2021
Student and Dignitary Processional....................................................................................UNLV Jazz Ensemble
with Master of Ceremony Tod Fitzpatrick
Opening Remarks...................................................................................................Provost Christopher L. Heavey
Presentation of Colors...................................................................UNLV Air Force & Army ROTC Honor Guards
Field Drummer Kyle Bissantz
National Anthem...................................................................................................................Haylee Glenn, Soprano
The Star-Spangled Banner Accompanied by David Loeb, Piano
UNLV Alma Mater.............................................................................................................UNLV Choral Ensembles
Music by Eric Whitacre, Lyrics by Thomas Leslie and Robyn Lemon Chapman David Weiller, Musical Director
President's Message...................................................................................................President Keith E. Whitfield
Greetings........................................................................................................Nevada System of Higher Education
Recognition of Outstanding Graduates...................................................................................President Whitfield
Student Commencement Speaker.................................................................................Mufaro Martina Hungwe
Class Profile.....................................................................................................................................Provost Heavey
Conferring of Degrees...............................................................................................................President Whitfield
Readers..................................................................................................................................................UNLV Faculty
Ann McDonough, Ryan Romero, Kris Shay, Jacob Thompson
Turning of the Tassels...............................................................................................................President Whitfield
Concluding Remarks..................................................................................................................President Whitfield
Recessional.....................................................................................................................................UNLV Fight Song
Class Songs..................................................................................................................Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa
Feel the Way I Want by Carolyn Rose August by Taylor Swift
You Should See Me in a Crown by Billie Eilish Sign of the Times by Harry Styles
Grand Marshal
LeAnn Putney
This is the official program for the May 2021 Commencement at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. It includes the names of students who have applied to graduate. Please note that participation in a commencement ceremony does not guarantee degree conferral. Degrees are conferred (granted) only when all requirements have been met and the final grades for a student's final semester have been computed. Degrees are conferred and diplomas mailed during alO-week period following the end of each semester.
2021 Spring Commencement 3
Academic Traditions And Special Honors
Since its first classes were held in the 1950s, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) has undergone an amazing transformation, from a dusty outpost on the south edge of town to a thriving urban research institution. Along the way, thanks to its innovative frontier spirit, UNLV has kept pace with one of the country's fastest-growing and most enterprising cities.
The university’s origins were humble. In 1951, when the post-war boom had swollen the Las Vegas valleys population to more than 50,000, the University of Nevada, Reno established an extension program here. Twenty-eight students began meeting for classes in the dressing rooms of Las Vegas High School's auditorium. In 1954, the Nevada Board of Regents founded the Southern Regional Division of the University of Nevada, popularly known as Nevada Southern. Twenty-nine students accepted degrees at the university s first commencement in 1964.
In 1969, with the Board of Regents' approval, the university adopted its current name, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. By the following year, as the Las Vegas’ metropolitan population reached 275,000, UNLV enrolled more than 5,500 students.
Over the next several decades, UNLV continued this heady rate of development - erecting more than 100 buildings, developing dozens of graduate programs, creating partnerships with the community, fielding nationally ranked sports teams, founding an alumni association, promoting scholarship, establishing a fundraising foundation, and recruiting diverse and talented students from across the country. UNLV has come a long way from the high school dressing rooms that once served as its classrooms. Thanks to the dedication of faculty and staff members, students, generous donors, and Las Vegas residents, the university has much to celebrate, especially at Commencement.
The academic caps, gowns, and hoods that make the procession so colorful are part of an 800-year tradition. Academic clothing was first worn in medieval universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Paris, and Bologna. The gowns and hoods served a practical purpose in the days of unheated classrooms.
The European custom was carried to America with the establishment of our own colleges and universities. In 1895 an academic code of dress was adopted, and the standards of a robe, hood, and cap were accepted by most of the colleges and universities in the United States. Different types of gowns may be distinguished in the academic procession. The bachelors’ gowns have long, pointed sleeves; the masters' gowns have oblong sleeves with an arc cut away in the front. The doctors’ gowns are faced with velvet and have bell-shaped sleeves with three bars of velvet.
The Oxford cap, the so-called mortarboard, has a long tassel fastened to the middle of the top that is worn hanging over the right front of the cap. Upon graduation, the tassel is moved from right to left. The hood, draped from the shoulder, denotes by its length and colors the field of study and the institution that conferred the degree.
The University Mace, which has its traditions deeply rooted in history, is carried on ceremonial occasions at the head of the academic procession by the Grand Marshal, whose symbolic duty is the protection of the university, its persons, and its processes.
The mace, a long club with a ball of iron, steel, or brass at one end, was used in warfare as late as the sixteenth century. The use of the mace as an instrument of ceremony, however, began about the year 1250 in England and France. The mace is still used widely today in university ceremonies like commencements and inaugurations.
The UNLV Mace, cast by UNLV art professor emeritus Michael McCollum in 1970, was created using the lost wax process. Erik Gronborg's design for the cubical head of the mace included facets depicting the university seal, a rendering of the Statue of Liberty, a likeness of Renaissance scholar Leonardo da Vinci, and a shelf of books flanked by artists' brushes.
The Distinguished Nevadan Award is conferred by the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education to recognize prominent individuals who are present or former residents of the State of Nevada. The award is presented for significant achievements that contribute to the cultural, economic, scientific, or social advancement of Nevada and its people and for exceptional service to the state or nation that has influenced constructively the well-being of society. The recipient receives an engraved medallion and a special certificate.
The President's Medal was first conferred in 1996 on Governor Kenny Guinn. The recipients are selected by the university president to recognize individuals who have provided very special and distinguished service to the university. An engraved medallion and special certificate are presented to each honoree.
Several years ago the university approved a process for selecting an exceptional faculty member to hold the title of Distinguished Professor. This award is given only after very serious consideration of a highly select group of university faculty. Nominees must have demonstrated extraordinary qualities both as teachers and scholars and must have achieved national and international recognition in their fields of study.
UNLV has a long-standing tradition of honoring graduating students who have made a special mark during their time at the university. Undergraduate and graduate students are selected for the honor after a semester-long nomination process. Those students highlighted during Commencement are chosen based on such factors as academic achievement, community outreach, research and creative work, and their ability to overcome adversity.
The Presidential Medallion is the official insignia of the university president and is worn at Commencement and other ceremonies. UNLV's Presidential Medallion was given to the university by the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1973.
The medallion depicts the official seal of the State of Nevada in sterling silver. Links of the chain are engraved with the names of university presidents and their terms of office, symbolizing the continuity of responsibility in the office.
Students who have been initiated into UNLV's chapter of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society may wear a bronze medallion hung on a blue ribbon to be worn at Commencement. Each year Chapter 100 at UNLV invites to membership the top 10 percent of graduate students and undergraduate seniors in their college class and the top 7.5 percent of the junior class in all academic disciplines.
The Golden Key National Honor Society is open to juniors and seniors of all academic disciplines who have earned a 3.30 grade point average or higher. Golden Key is also open to graduate students in the top 15 percent of their class. Students in this honor society wear a gold medallion on a blue and gold cord.
Many disciplines have honor societies specific to their fields. Members wear their cords, pins, or medallions at Commencement.
The Ronald E. McNair Scholars Medallion is awarded to graduating seniors who have completed the UNLV McNair Scholars Program, in recognition of their dedication to scholarly pursuits and their already considerable research accomplishments.
The Nevada Centennial Medallion is presented annually to the graduating senior earning the highest four-year scholastic average at UNLV. A total of 101 medallions were presented to the university by the Rotary Club of Las Vegas at the time of the state's centennial celebration in 1964.
Summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude are the designations for students graduating with a baccalaureate degree who have earned 60 credits at UNLV and have a grade point average that places them in the top 10 percent of students graduating from their college.
Summa cum laude is bestowed on students who are in the top 1 percent of their college graduating class. Magna cum laude is bestowed on graduating students who are in the top 2 percent to 5 percent, and cum laude is bestowed on graduating students in the top 6 percent to 10 percent. The Honors College has different criteria for awarding honors.
The designations in the commencement program take into account both earned credits and credits in progress, along with the GPA for the last semester that the student has completed. Students should be aware that a final determination of honors eligibility is made after all courses are completed and final grades received. The designation that appears on a student's diploma and transcript is the accurate and final designation.
2021 Spring Commencement 5
4 2021 Spring Commencement
Johanna Andrews Jason Avedesian
Kavita Batra
Linsey Belisle
Janna Bernstein Carlos Cisneros
Jennifer Clark Patrick Daleiden Philip Danquah Lili K Equihua Visar Farhangi Marina Galante
Millia Heen Brian Hollander
Mike Isaacs
Erdogan Kaya
Monia Kazemeini
Eun Joo (EJ) Kim Chengcheng Li
Holly Martin Austin McKenna
Joy McKenna
Jonath-Georges Mehanna Kayleigh Meighan
Tsion Melaku
Jessica Nave-Blodgett John Olawepo
Lorena Samentar
Monica Sinha
Wendy Schuchart Wimmer Jeremy Smallwood
Jillian Socea Tereza Trejbalova
Ezgi Yesilyurt
Graduate Cottage - Spring 2020
Doctor of Philosophy
Michelle A. Arroyo, Teacher Education
The Relationship Between Teacher Identity and Teacher
Retention in Title 1 Schools: A Multiple Case Study
Lisa A. Baaske, Curriculum & Instruction
Change of Venue: An Exploratory, Multistage Evaluation That Examines the Impact of Change Based on the Shared Experiences of the Toe Tag Monologues
Eunhye Choi, Special Education
Exploring the Attitudes of Students Enrolled in a Teacher Certification Program through a Disability Awareness
Documentary Film Intervention
Deanna Lynn Cooper, Higher Education
Preserving Nevada's Higher Education Governance
Entity: A Case Study
Laura E. Decker, Curriculum & Instruction
The Noise from the Writing Boundaries: Collaboration and Tutor Identity in Writing Intensive Courses
Christie M. Gardner, Educational Psychology
Interwoven Worlds? A Mixed Methods Study of Student Engagement and Student Belonging within the University Classroom when Courses use Social Networking Sites
Chad Nolan Hensley III, Curriculum & Instruction
Radiology Students' Attitude Toward Learning
Communication Skills: Impact of Clinical Education
Rachel N. Part, Educational Psychology
Generality and Specificity in Subjective Task Value:
Implications for Expectancy-Value Theory
Brenda Anne Pearson, Educational Psychology
The Teacher Attrition Phenomenon: The Role of Teacher Collaboration and Motivation
Cristina L. Reding, Special Education
Examining Grit with Middle Schoolers in Diverse General
Education Classrooms-Validating the Grit Scale
Sara A. Shaw, Curriculum & Instruction
Exploration of the Intersection of Social Identities of Female Leaders in Postsecondary Education: A Phenomenological Approach
Carly E. Waters, Curriculum & Instruction
Reflections of an Early Literacy Professional Learning Community: An Interactional Ethnographic Case Study of Transforming Pedagogy through Reflective Practice
Jennifer Sarah Wynn, Educational Psychology
Coping on the Fly: School Psychologists’ Perceptions of Cultural Competence
Doctor of Philosophy
Elaheh Alidoosti, Mechanical Engineering
The Impact of Electrostatic Correlations on the Electrokinetics
Carter Chiu, Computer Science
A Framework for Vector-Weighted Deep Neural Networks
Patrick M. Daleiden, Computer Science
Toward Productivity Improvements in Programming Languages Through Behavioral Analytics
Medya Fathi, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Public-Private Partnership Contract Framework Development and Project Performance Analysis Compared to Design-Build in the US Highway Projects
Abu Iqbal, Mechanical Engineering
Material Characterization of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials Under Dynamic Loading Condition
Monia Kazemeini, Mechanical Engineering
Remote Radiation Sensing Using Robotic Platforms
Kaipo Kekaula, Mechanical Engineering
Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Air-Cooled Condensers
Mohammad Nazari Sharabian, Civil & Environmental Engineering
A Hybrid Experimental-Numerical Study on the Flow Topology in the Confluence Hydrodynamics Zone of an Open Channel with Lateral Drainage Pipe Discharge
Emad Pouryazdanpanah Kermani, Mechanical Engineering Simulation of Oxygen Control Technology in Applications of Liquid Lead and Lead-Bismuth Eutectic Systems for Mitigating Materials Corrosion Using the Lattice Boltzmann Method
Jeffrey Stewart, Mechanical Engineering
Gen-Foam Multiphysics Model Development for Molten Salt Reactors
Jon Wilson, Civil & Environmental Engineering
An Evaluation of Bank Storage at Lake Mead Reservoir in the Southwest United States
Doctor of Musical Arts
Lisa A. Elliott
Sacred Song Sisters: Choral and Solo Vocal Church Music by Women Composers for the Lenten Revised Common Lectionary
Sarra Hey-Folick
Escaping Time: Messiaen's Musical Language, Religious Symbolism, and Undermining Time in Quatour Pour La Fin Du Temps
Karin Hochman
The Child Dreams: An Examination of Gil Shohat's
Adaptation of Hanoch Levin’s Play
Xirui Huang
The Musical Style and the Cultural Connotation of Bright Sheng's Opera Dream of the Red Chamber
Adam M. Stiber
The Cello Concertos of Karl Davydov (1838-1889):
Historical Context and Pedagogical Role
Elizabeth Valvano
Beginning the Baroque Bassoon: A Contemporary Approach
Doctor of Medical Physics
Ryan David Sharp
Stereotactic Radiosurgery Implementation at Utah Valley Hospital
Timothy R. Thatcher
HDR Brachytherapy for Skin Cancer Using H.A.M.
Doctor of Philosophy
Andrew Craig-Jones, Kinesiology
Do Compression Garments Work? The Effect of Compression Garments on Biomechanical and Physiological Factors
Damon McCune, Kinesiology
Investigation of Acute Response to Carbohydrate in
Subsequent Resistance Training
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Brendan Paul Acosta
Dosage, Mode, and Timing of Acute Care Physical Therapy: A Scoping Review
6 2021 Spring Commencement
2021 Spring Commencement 7
Kristin Elizabeth Allman
The Effectiveness of Implementing a Collegiate Dance
Clinic at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Javier Ascanio Pelion
Patient and Facility Perceptions on the Feasibility of a Student-Run Pro-Bono Back-School for Uninsured Patients with Low Back Pain
Jon Andoni Basterrechea
Brain Volumes and Dual-Task Performance Correlates
Among Individuals with Cognitive Impairment: A Retrospective Analysis
Rachel Clare Cooklin
Partnering with the Nevada Physical Therapy Association to Improve PT/PTA Engagement
Joshua A. Cooper
Partnering with the Nevada Physical Therapy Association to Improve PT/PTA Engagement
Sofia I. Cruz
Patient and Facility Perceptions on the Feasibility of a Student-Run Pro-Bono Back School for Uninsured Patients with Low Back Pain
Allina Lee Cummins
Comparisons of Patellar Bone Mineral Density Between
Individuals with and without Patellofemoral Pain
Meagan Elizabeth Duncan
Patient, Student, and Faculty Perceptions of a Student Led Pro-Bono Education and Treatment Based Back School for Uninsured Nevadans
Amanda Lynne Ferraro
Physical Therapy after Amputation in Community Dwelling Older Adults: A Quantitative and Qualitative
Interview Study
Bradley Terry Ray Goins
Dosage, Mode, and Timing of Acute Care Physical
Therapy: A Scoping Review
Jennifer Gorton
Physical Therapy after Amputation in Community Dwelling Older Adults: A Quantitative and Qualitative
Interview Study
Stephen Hill
Reliability of the Lateral Reach Test in People with
Unilateral Transfemoral Amputations
Peyton Lynn Hobson
Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Gait and Balance Post-Stroke
8 2021 Spring Commencement
Lindsey Danelle Horn
Physical Therapy after Amputation in Community Dwelling Older Adults: A Quantitative and Qualitative
Interview Study
Victor Hung
The Effects of Somatosensory Input on Gait in Individuals Post-Stroke
Jordon Jacklin
Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Gait and Balance Post-Stroke
Chris Khuu
Comparisons of Patellar Bone Mineral Density Between
Individuals with and without Patellofemoral Pain
Daniel Krist
Brain Volumes and Dual-Task Performance Correlates
Among Individuals with Cognitive Impairment: A Retrospective Analysis
Samantha A. Leonard
Reliability of the Lateral Reach Test in People with
Unilateral Transfemoral Amputations
Lauren Michelle Liebert
Patient and Facility Perceptions on the Feasibility of a Student-Run Pro-Bono Back School for Uninsured Patients with Low Back Pain
Madison C. Luna
Partnering with the Nevada Physical Therapy Association to Improve PT/PTA Engagement
Alexis Mary Mansoor
Fall Prevention Service-Learning Project
Matthew McArthur
The Effectiveness of Implementing a Collegiate Dance
Clinic at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Caitlin Alysse Moreland
Brain Volumes and Dual-Task Performance Correlates Among Individuals with Cognitive Impairment: A Retrospective Analysis
Kendra Morrison
Fall Prevention Service-Learning Project
Jeremy Eart Nordfelt
Fall Prevention Service-Learning Project
Trevor Pacuk
Patient and Facility Perceptions on the Feasibility of a Student-Run Pro-Bono Back School for Uninsured Patients with Low Back Pain
Shane Parker - Posthumously Granted
Comparisons of Patellar Bone Mineral Density Between
Individuals with and without Patellofemoral Pain
Amanda M. Reilly
The Effects of Somatosensory Input on Gait in Individuals Post-Stroke
Stephanie T. Rosen
Association Between Patient Ability in Activities of Daily
Living at Hospital Admission and Key Indicators
Steven Shepherd
Comparisons of Patellar Bone Mineral Density Between
Individuals with and without Patellofemoral Pain
Amber Rose Steele
Association Between Patient Ability in Activities of Daily
Living at Hospital Admission and Key Indicators
Rebecca Templeton
Patient, Student, and Faculty Perceptions of a Student
Led Pro-Bono Education and Treatment Based Back School for Uninsured Nevadans
Daniel Tiano
Patient, Student, and Faculty Perceptions of a Student Led Pro-Bono Education and Treatment Based Back School for Uninsured Nevadans
James Tingey
Patient, Student, and Faculty Perceptions of a Student Led Pro-Bono Education and Treatment Based Back School for Uninsured Nevadans
Elizabeth Vianey Trujillo
Reliability of the Lateral Reach Test in People with
Unilateral Transfemoral Amputations
Cheng Tu
Fall Prevention Service-Learning Project
Leonard James Ubalde
Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Gait and Balance Post-Stroke
Quinn Williams
The Effectiveness of Implementing a Collegiate Dance
Clinic at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Morgan Ashley Wise
Brain Volumes and Dual-Task Performance Correlates
Among Individuals with Cognitive Impairment: A Retrospective Analysis
Rachel Lynn Wood
The Effects of Somatosensory Input on Gait in Individuals Post-Stroke
Sara Wright-Avila
Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Gait and Balance Post-Stroke
Ryan Yim
The Effectiveness of Implementing a Collegiate Dance
Clinic at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Nikita Yuskov
The Effects of Somatosensory Input on Gait in Individuals Post-Stroke
Doctor of Philosophy
Eun Joo (EJ) Kim, Hospitality Administration
How Consumers Assess Multiple Cues: The Role of Dual
Processing System on Hotel Booking Decisions
Denise Holly R. Molintas, Hospitality Administration
Shattering the Glass: Will Gen Z Bring Us Closer to Equality in US Hospitality Leadership?
Jeffrey M. Yedlin, Hospitality Administration
Organizational Symbolism and Employee Immersion, a Mixed Methods Investigation of Organizational Socialization Efficacy in the Hotel Industry
Doctor of Philosophy
Chelsea J. Adams, English
Literary Movement: Dance and Cultural Embodiment in African American Literature
Alec S. Brown, Political Science
Globalization: A Veto Player Perspective
Maryann Calleja, Anthropology
An Integrative Assessment of Post-Migratory Health and Violence at Point of Pines Pueblo (A.D. 1265-1450)
Shae Smith Cox, History
The Fabric of Civil War Society: The Effect of Uniforms, Badges, and Flags, 1861 to 1939
Alana Kamalalawalu Mataivalani Fa'agai, English
Na Mo'olelo for the Masses: An Indigenous Rereading of Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are, Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and Disney's Moana
Lauren Frances Elizabeth Galloway, Sociology
An Investigation of White-Collar Criminal Sentencing Disparities in Six Federal District Courts
Samuel M. Gilpin, English
Nothing Orphic, Nothing Foreign
2021 Spring Commencement 9
Nicole D. Jenkins, Sociology
Strategic Resistance in an African Owned Hair Salon: Intersections of Race, Gender, and Nationality in U.S.
Gary D. Lindeburg, English
A Bara by Any Other Word: Female Subjectivity and Cultural Crises in Japanese Adaptations of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Sarah Raffae Macintosh, Anthropology
Zooarchaeology of Bone, Antler, and Ivory Technologies: A Case Study from the Central Anatolian Bronze and Iron
Age Site Kaman Kalehbyuk
Joe M. Milan Jr., English
Without a Handle
David Mowatt, English
Thatcherism in the Contemporary British Novel, 1978- 2012
Alex J. Nelson, Anthropology
Love in South Korea: Transformations of Intimacy and
Gender Relations in Korean Romantic Relationships
Wendy Schuchart, English
Fake Internet Friends
Peter Steffensen, English
Chaucer and Tolkien: Texts and Paratexts
Sarah E. Thoman, Psychology
Tales of Thriving: Identifying the Underpinnings of
Women's Success in STEM Careers
Mark P. Toussaint, Anthropology
Excavating Gender: The Embodiment and (Rej presentation of Social Relations in Mierzanowice Communities of the Early Bronze Age
Dorothy Christine Vanderford, English
Gender and Race in Four Contemporary Productions of
The Duchess of Malfi and Antony and Cleopatra
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Jocelyn Kathryn Allen
Increasing Nurses' Knowledge of Advance Care Planning
Valerie Charisa Barboa
Transitioning For Success: A Pilot Program for New
Nurse Graduates in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Mailo Kaylaa Brantner
Improving Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Older Adult Population Utilizing Shared Medical Appointments in
Primary Care Setting
10 2021 Spring Commencement
Tonya Denise Bryant
Assessing the Cost-Benefit of Hiring a DEU-Prepared RN Graduate: Does it Help Reduce Organizational Costs?
Sarah (Deredza) Erskine
The Impact Of Culturally Tailored Education on Knowledge and Behavior Related to Screening and Lifestyle Management of Blood Pressure in African Immigrants
Beth Hock
Creating a Structural Empowerment Culture: A Professional Development Module for the Novice Nurse Leader
Kaylie Marie Humphreys
The Implementation of a Respiratory Syncytial Virus Prevention and Awareness Pamphlet in the Daycare Setting
Mary Monica Nara
Implementation of a Training Program in the Use of the Electronic Medical Record to Improve Performance on Quality Measures and Reduce Burnout among Healthcare
Teresa M. Praus
Management of Atrial Fibrillation with Smartphone Technology
Jud Simonds
Patients Enabled, Engaged, and Empowered: Implementation of a Mo bile Patient Engagement Technology
Doctor of Philosophy
Johanna Elizabeth Andrews, Public Health
Stress and Coping in Food-Insecure African Americans in Clark County, Nevada
Kavita Batra, Public Health
Assessing the Health and Financial Burden of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Among All Payer Inpatient
Pediatric Discharges in Nevada
Philip Danquah, Public Health
Investigating Attitudes and Beliefs of University Students Aged 18 to 24 Years That Influence Their Decision to Take Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Medication
Amanda E. Morgan, Public Health
Seniors and Sexual Health: A Profile of Sexual Behaviors and Perceptions of Sexual Risks in Southern Nevada's Older Adult Population
Babayemi Oluwaseun Olakunde, Public Health
The Use of Female Permanent Contraception Among Women Desiring to Limit Childbearing in Sub-Saharan Africa: Analyses of the Spatial Pattern and Individual- and Country-Level Determinants
John 0. Olawepo, Public Health
From Fighting Wasting to Shedding Excess: An Explanatory Sequential Mixed-Method Study of Obesity Among People Living With HIV in Nigeria
Doctor of Philosophy
Timothy Alba, Biological Sciences
Rapid Detection of Toxin-Producing Cyanobacteria
James C. Carter, Chemistry
Chemical and Electronic Surface Structure of
Chalcopyrite-Based Thin Films for Solar Water Splitting
Christian Matthew Childs, Physics
Development of C02 Laser-Heating for the Study of Wide
Band Gap Oxide Materials
Theresa A. Clark, Biological Sciences
Can Desert Mosses Hide from Climate Change? The Ecophysiological Importance of Habitat Buffering & Water Relations to a Keystone Biocrust Moss in the Mojave Desert
Zhiwei Fang, Mathematical Sciences
Uncertainty Quantification for Maxwell's Equations
Michael Richard Isaacs, Biological Sciences
Partitioning the Mechanical Cost of Human Walking:
Unveiling Cost Asymmetries for Bionic Technologies
Rihui Lan, Mathematical Sciences
Advanced Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Finite Element Methods for Unsteady Multiphysics Problems Involving Moving Interfaces/Boundaries
Rebecca Kristien Lowe, Radiochemistry
Synthesis and Characterization of Synthetic Urban Melt Glass
Holly Martin, Biological Sciences
The Significance of MFD and Oxidative Damage in
Stationary-Phase Mutagenesis in Bacillus subtilis
Austin J. McKenna, Biological Sciences
Rapid Evolution of Starvation Resistance in Drosophila: Physiological and Molecular Mechanisms
Lauren E. Parry, Geoscience
Paleoecology of Columbian and Pygmy Mammoths in Southern Nevada and California: How Terminal Pleistocene Ecosystems Shaped Mammoths at the Individual, Population, and Community Level
Rose Marie Shillito, Geoscience
Infiltration into Water-Repellent Sand: The Role of Sorptivity
Emily M. Siska, Chemistry
Investigations of Technetium Metal and the Synthesis of Binary Technetium Nitrides under Extreme Conditions
Doctor of Philosophy
Caitlin Saladino, Public Affairs
The Las Vegas Metropolitan Revolution: A Case Study of Public Policy in the Nevada Legislature
Graduate College - Summer and Fall 2020
Doctor of Philosophy
Maryam (Elham) Arabi, Curriculum & Instruction
Training Design Enhancement through Training
Evaluation: Effects on Training Transfer
Janna M. Bernstein, Curriculum & Instruction
Understanding the Professional Experiences of White Jewish Women in Higher Education: An Intrinsic Case Study Analysis
Michelle Marie Dominguez Chavez, Higher Education
Supporting the Visible Minority: Factors that Impact Part- time Faculty Intent to Leave
Matthew David Gramlich, Curriculum & Instruction
Using the Critical Mathematics Pedagogical
Framework to Teach Adult Basic Education Learners:
A Transformative Convergent Parallel Mixed Methods Study
Jacqueline Scott Hart, Educational Psychology
A CHC Theoretical Approach to Examining Cognitive and Academic Deficits Among Students with ADHD Using a Three-Battery Configuration
Kevin Higley, Curriculum & Instruction
Addressing Disproportionality in School Discipline
Through Alternatives to Exclusionary Discipline Practices
2021 Spring Commencement 11
Sarah Katz, Special Education
Effects of Embedded Tacting Trials and Systematic Prompting on Intraverbal Skill Acquisition
Erdogan Kaya, Curriculum & Instruction
Toward Developing a Valid and Reliable Assessment of Learners' Nature of Engineering Views
Monique E. Matute-Chavarria, Special Education
Parents' Beliefs of Cultural Considerations During the Special Education Process: A Delphi Study
Aster Sigel, Curriculum & Instruction
A Combined Approach to Evaluating Student Engagement in a Virtual Laboratory Environment
Mark Lewis Spinrad, Higher Education
Losing Our Faculties: Academic Labor in the Corporate Academy
Michael Wilder, Learning and Technology
Influence of Curricular Organization on Cognitive Load and Student Performance in Online Learning Environments
Ezgi Yesilyurt, Curriculum & Instruction
Epistemic Aspects of Engineering for K-12 Education
Michelle Catherine Zochowski, Educational Psychology
Resilience and the Mental Health of Bullying Victims: The Role of Peer Relationships on the Relation between Bullying Victimization and Social Anxiety
Doctor of Philosophy
Zhao Fu, Electrical-Engineering
Water Quality Prediction Based on Machine Learning Techniques
Robert T. Hunt, Mechanical Engineering
Thermo-Mechanical Modeling and the Application of Coiled Polymer Actuators in Soft Robotics and Biomimetics
Nathan D.T Loyd, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Alternate Novel Thermal Structure Interaction Designs of Molten Salt Shell Structures at High Temperatures Ranging from 565°C to 700°C
Saba Nikkhah Manesh, Civil & Environmental Engineering Temporal and Spatial Analysis of the Wage Gap for Women and Underrepresented Minorities in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Workforce
Sachin Purushothaman Namboodiri, Electrical-r Engineering A Multi-channel MCP-PMT Based Read Out Integrated Circuit for LiDAR Applications
Kaushik Nandan Raj, Electrical Engineering
Fighter Aircraft Guidance and Control
Doctor of Musical Arts
Olivera Gjorgoska
Rusalka and the Snow Maiden: A Comparative Study of Two Fairytale Operas
Monica Williams
Developing the Young, Dramatic Soprano Voice Ages 15-22
Doctor of Philosophy
Lidio Lima de Albuquerque, Kinesiology
The Influence of Cerebellar Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Motor Function in Parkinson's Disease
Doctor of Philosophy
Dustin Dunnick, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
The Effect of Body Armor on Pulmonary Function and Repeated Sprint Performance
Doctor of Philosophy
Tevfik Demirciftci, Hospitality Administration
An Examination of the Role of Online Reviews for Niche Restaurant Segments: Casino Buffet Restaurants
Ankita Ghosh, Hospitality Administration
Prosocial Rule-Breaking to Help Customers Among Hospitality Employees
Eun Min Hwang, Hospitality Administration
Exploring the Airline Passengers' Preferences of Inflight Foods
Gina K. Marano, Hospitality Administration
Consumers, Critics & Chromatography Analysis: An Analysis of 100-Point Wines
Robert H. Rippee, Hospitality Administration
A Nomological Analysis of Innovation in Hospitality Education and Industry
Esra Topcuoglu, Hospitality Administration
The Short and Long Term Effectiveness of Online Sales Promotion Type and Fit in Hotels
Doctor of Philosophy
Abigail Baily, Psychology
Network Analysis of Cognitive Symptom Domains in
Alzheimer's Disease (AD)
Lisa M. Beckman, Psychology
Development and Initial Validation of the Veterans Educational Transition Scale (VETS): A Brief Scale to Predict Successful Transition of Student Veterans to College
Nicholas S. Carfagno, Psychology
The Factor Structures of Ability and Trait Emotional Intelligences Relative to General Intelligence and Personality
Aaron D. Coates, Political Science
Middle Powers, Capital Subscriptions, and the InterAmerican
Development Bank
Ashley S. Emami, Psychology
Functional Capacity Profiles in Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia
Marina E. Galante, Psychology
Examination of the Relationship Between Sport-Specific Thoughts and Emotions and Anxiety and Depression in College Athletes
Stacy J. Graves, Psychology
Validity and Diagnostic Accuracy of ADHD Symptom
Rating Reading Scales for Identifying Adults with ADHD
Erick B. Lopez, Sociology
The Relationship Among Sociocultural Assimilation, Dietary Behavior, and Physical Activity in Adult Latinxs in the US
Jonathan-Georges Mehanna, Political Science
Stirring the Pot - The Application of Electoral Gender Quotas in Africa
Stefanie A. Moynihan, Psychology
Investigating the Inner Experience of Individuals
Attending Psychotherapy at a Community Mental Health Center
Jessica E. Nave-Blodgett, Psychology
Musical Meter: Examining Hierarchical Temporal
Perception in Complex Musical Stimuli Across Human
Development, Sensory Modalities, and Expertise
Alicia Nunez, Psychology
Addressing Disparities in Cross-Cultural Neuropsychological Assessment
Christopher P. Plant, Psychology
Examination of the Influence of Consumer Preferences for Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Components and Consumer Effort During Treatment Sessions on Child Welfare Outcomes
Ariel J. Santos, English
Narratives of Belonging and Citizenship: Race and
Gender in the Hemispheric American Novel
Jesse A. Scott, Psychology
Examination of Factors Reported by Athletes to Interfere with Their Lives Outside of Sports
Doctor of Philosophy
Susan Luke Belliston, Nursing
The Effect of Asynchronous versus Synchronous
Online Course Delivery on HESI Scores and Student
Engagement for Rural Pre-Licensure Nursing Students
KellyAnn Garthe, Nursing
Rejection Sensitivity and Intent to Seek Medical Help
Among Gender Minority Individuals
Carol Senette, Nursing
Fluctuating Cohesion: A Grounded Theory Study of
Nursing Students Engaged in a Hybrid Debriefing Format
Adrian Rebecca Stamps, Nursing
Exploring the Lived Experience of Early-Career
Millennial Nursing Faculty: Deriving Meaning From Their Perspective
Rhiannon Dawn Sullivan, Nursing
Becoming Myself: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study of the Gender Transition Experiences of Practicing Nurses
Anna Wendel, Nursing
An Exploration of the Numeracy Skills Required for Safe, Quality Nursing Practice
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Kristen Kaye Grunerud
An Intervention to Increase Nurses' Knowledge of NonOpioid Pain Management in Post-Operative Elective Knee and Hip Replacement Patients
Doctor of Philosophy
Sabina Malik, Public Health
School Gardens as a Tool to Improve Student Health Outcomes and Increase Parent Engagement in the Clark County School District
12 2021 Spring Commencement
2021 Spring Commencement 13
Kristina M. Ricker-Boles, Public Health
How Does Stress and Coping Impact Undergraduate
Students' Mental Health on a Racially Diverse Campus?
Doctor of Philosophy
Amro M. Abdalla, Chemistry
Using Novel Mouse Knockout Models to Study the Roles of ASM (Acid Sphingomyelinase) in the Regulation of Multiple Stem Cell Compartments in Vivo
Uday Mohamed Baheej Kara Ali, Geoscience
Three-Dimensional (3D) Characterization of the Middle Ordovician (Darriwilian) Strata in the Southern Great Basin, Western United States
Joy A. McKenna, Biology
Transcriptional Control of Virulence Genes in the
Bacterial Pathogen Shigella Flexneri
Vahe Mkrtchyan, Physics
Synthesis, X-Ray Absorption, and X-Ray Diffraction
Spectroscopy Studies of Uranium Based Heavy Fermion Systems
John Luan Nguyen, Mathematical Sciences
A Nevanlinna-Type Counting Function and Pullback
Benazir Rowe, Mathematical Sciences
Bayesian Variable Selection Methods for Genome-wide
Association Studies with Categorical Phenotypes
Michael Strange, Geoscience
Microbe-Mineral Interactions During Exceptional Fossil Preservation, Stromatolite Formation, and Desert Varnish Growth
Howard Yanxon, Physics
Developments of Machine Learning Potentials for Atomistic Simulations
Doctor of Philosophy
Sebern Coleman, Workforce Development and Organizational Leadership
An Analysis of Job Competencies and Job Descriptions Associated With Admissions Counselors
Janice Glasper, Workforce Development and Organizational Leadership
Turning Up the Sound! Senior-Level Sonographers'
Perspectives on the Workforce Readiness of Entry-Level Sonographers
14 2021 Spring Commencement
Miliaikeala SJ. Heen, Criminal Justice
(Non-Consensual) Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll: Sexual Harassment and Violence at Live Music Events
Graduate College - Spring and Fall 2020
Executive Master of Healthcare Administration
Kristin M. Baca, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration Bridgette Cody, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration Sheila Evans, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration Civon L. Gewelber, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration Matthew S. Herron, Executive Master of Healthcare
Jaeson Kaylegian, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration Erjola Leka, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration
Erika Villavicencio Luna, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration
Jamal Sims, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration
Master of Architecture
Mohamad Alhulaibi, Architecture
Landon Baker, Architecture
Mia Paola Chiort, Architecture
Maripet Almonte Contreras, Architecture
Destanee Jean Cook, Architecture
Jesse B. Decker, Architecture
Jorge Diaz, Architecture
Maelle Egea, Architecture
Jairo Noel Garcia, Architecture
John D. Gassaway, Architecture
Ronald Chester S Gaudiel, Architecture
Jin Y. Lee, Architecture
Kristen Jo Levin, Architecture
Iwona Reducha, Architecture
Master of Arts
Doug Diego Abbott, Political Science Adam J. Almosawy, Criminal Justice Victoria Bacon, Psychology
Andrea Bernal, Urban Leadership
Powell Megan Boyer, Criminal Justice
Curtis Chamblee, Communication Studies
William Franqais Charette, Theatre Arts
Taylor Marie Clemons-Leon, Urban Leadership
Clayton Neil Cobb, English
Deborah Louise Conrad, Urban Leadership
Lyndsey K. Craig, Anthropology
Anthony James Dayley, Communication Studies Michelle Dominguez, Urban Leadership
Jazmyne Drawhorn, Urban Leadership
Tanya Dubinskaya, Criminal Justice
Rodney James Edgar, Journalism and Media Studies
Tiana K. Ethridge, Urban Leadership
Paige Maleine Figanbaum, History
Melissa Angelique Fleetwood, Communication Studies
Christopher Allen Forepaugh, Criminal Justice
Blake Richard Gammon, Economics
Nicholas Jose Garcia, Economics
Jazmin Gelista, Communication Studies
Andrew J. Gerthoffer, Psychology
Patrick Mark Ghan, Urban Leadership
Sofia Kyung Gillman, Hispanic Studies
Analleli Gonzalez Dominguez, English
Jonathan Gouge, English
Lisa Marie Grayson, Urban Leadership
Bryan Haakma, Criminal Justice
Bri Heisler, Anthropology
Kayley May Hopster, English
Amanda N. Howard, Psychology
Dennis Howard, Urban Leadership
Raye Johnston, Economics
Amy Krebs, Urban Leadership
Michael Leal, Economics
Ashanti T. Lewis, Urban Leadership
Leobardo Lopez-Cristobal, Criminal Justice
Aileen Y. Lovitt, Psychology
Delia E. Martin, Criminal Justice
John Matthew Martin, Urban Leadership
Erin Jane McDermott, Urban Leadership
Corynn Oceana Miller, Communication Studies
Eter Mjavanadze, Political Science
Camille Graham Morris, Communication Studies
Lorena Victoria Mosquera Aguilar, Hispanic Studies
Guadalupe Negrete, Communication Studies
Shi-quan Allen Nettingham, Journalism and Media Studies Jacob Ornelas, Economics
Tamar Peterson, English
Lilly Posner, Journalism and Media Studies
Ashley Noel Pruitt, Urban Leadership
Holly C. Ramella, Urban Leadership
Monica Ramos, Urban Leadership
Arianna Gabriela Razo, English
William Ridgway, Psychology
Marimar Rivera, History
Erick Rogers, Psychology
Jordan Sandecki, Urban Leadership
Travis M. Snow, Sociology
Willie C. Sosa, English
Tracey Sprague, History
Kimberly S. Stevens, Psychology
Alex A. Straftis, Anthropology
Veronica Sudduth, Urban Leadership
Dyon Tang, Economics
Yuanyuan Tao, Economics
Kimberly Tejchma-Sanford, Sociology
Pete J. Thibeaux, Criminal Justice
Samantha Thies, Communication Studies
Lucas J. Thomas, English
Evelyn Gail Thompson-Hilbert, Urban Leadership
Jenni Tifft-Ochoa, History
Miriam Toraya De Sol, Hispanic Studies
Erin R. Turner, English
Jimmy Vuong, Economics
Nathaniel P. Waugh, Urban Leadership
Cornell Lee Wilkins, Urban Leadership
Amber R. Williams, Psychology
Brett Alan Winkelhake, Urban Leadership
Brooke Hannah Wolfe, Communication Studies
Kayli H. Wrenn, Psychology
Maneenuch Pongsri Zeigler, Communication Studies
Norma Jane Zuckerman, Theatre Arts
Master of Business Administration
Vladimir George Abadjiev, Master of Business Administration
Anita Abramyan, Master of Business Administration
Carl H. Adams III, Business Administration
Jennifer L. Alexander, Business Administration
So Hyun Bae, Master of Business Administration
Nicole Jordan Barber, Master of Business Administration
Timothy Barsotti, Master of Business Administration
Jaymes D. Bell, Business Administration
Thierry-Henri Bennett, Master of Business Administration
Rachelle Marie Birnbaum, Master of Business Administration
Logan T. Brown, Master of Business Administration
Ashley Joy M. Caoagas, Master of Business Administration
April Ann Chandler, Business Administration
Yun Chang, Master of Business Administration
Chase Conroy Colburn, Master of Business Administration
Nicole Curfman, Business Administration
Chloe Marie Dean, Master of Business Administration
Dominic D’Ercole, Master of Business Administration
Alexander DeRosa, Master of Business Administration
John Ratchford Donovan, Master of Business Administration
Kaitlyn Dutton, Master of Business Administration
Myrra Dvorak, Master of Business Administration
Biricik Aysa Eroglu, Business Administration
Ethan Robert Ewing, Master of Business Administration
John R. Falcon, Master of Business Administration
Zhaleh Firouzi, Master of Business Administration
Jennifer Anne Flood-Carle, Master of Business Administration
Brent Gardner, Business Administration
Tracy Kyle Goins, Master of Business Administration
2021 Spring Commencement 15
Andres J. J. Gonzalez Roa, Master of Business Administration
Rebecca Grano, Master of Business Administration
Justin Griggs, Business Administration
Meredith Hall, Master of Business Administration
Conlin J. Helvey, Business Administration
Emily Hong, Master of Business Administration
Amaan Hussain, Master of Business Administration
Ken L. Ideker, Master of Business Administration
Vanessa D. Jimenez, Master of Business Administration
David Javier Kinkennon, Master of Business Administration
Courtney Lee, Business Administration
Deborah Joyce Lee, Master of Business Administration
Vivien Wing Kay Lo, Master of Business Administration
Elizabeth Lopez, Business Administration
Karen M. Martin, Business Administration
Heather Marie McCusker, Master of Business Administration
James Brandon McKoy, Master of Business Administration
Albert Antoine Najem, Master of Business Administration
Tyler Nigro, Master of Business Administration
Kyung Jin Park, Master of Business Administration
Ivett Pavon-Perez, Master of Business Administration
Catherine Andrea Prato, Business Administration
William D. Price, Business Administration
Kristian Que, Master of Business Administration
Dwayne C. Rennels, Master of Business Administration
Aaron Mark Roberts, Business Administration
Andres J. Rodriguez Lombeida, Master of Business
Bryce Eric Rosenquist, Master of Business Administration
Brandon David Rusk, Master of Business Administration
Jonathan Ruvalcaba, Master of Business Administration
Carli L. Sansone, Business Administration
Greta Brooks Seidman, Business Administration
Christopher P. Selinsky, Master of Business Administration
Ivan Sergeyevskiy, Master of Business Administration
David Bradley Shultis, Business Administration
Susanne Daniela Shultis, Business Administration
Donna Stanfel, Business Administration
Sam Stein, Master of Business Administration
Kristen R. Trbovich, Business Administration
Aaron Jake Van Meetren, Master of Business Administration
Justin V. Veilleux, Master of Business Administration
David Alexander Velez, Business Administration
Fan Wang, Master of Business Administration
Chih-Hui Weng, Master of Business Administration
Ok Kyung Wi, Master of Business Administration
Elise Gloria Wiarco, Master of Business Administration
Justin Witt, Master of Business Administration
Alejandro Patricio Yanez, Master of Business Administration
Yu-Jung Yao, Master of Business Administration
Richard C. Young, Master of Business Administration
16 2021 Spring Commencement
Yu Zhao, Master of Business Administration
Master of Education
Angelica Carimar Acosta, Special Education
Myra Nardo Agasen, Special Education
Lizbeth Aguilar, Curriculum and Instruction
Yesenia Marlene Alaniz, Curriculum and Instruction
Michelle Alburquerque, Special Education
Cristina Jean Alfrey, Counselor Education-School Counseling
Erika Carmen Alfrey, Counselor Education-School Counseling
Elizabeth Allder, English Language Learning
Alison Ann Andersen-Love, Curriculum and Instruction
Jami Anderson, Curriculum and Instruction
Jennifer Andrews, Curriculum and Instruction
Jailene Marie Arellano, Curriculum and Instruction
Dien Artiaga, Curriculum and Instruction
Jodi C. C. Augustine-Evans, Counselor Education-School
Catherine Baker, Curriculum and Instruction
Mary Baksh, Special Education
Humberto Baldivias, Early Childhood Education
Laurents E. Banuelos-Benitez, Curriculum and Instruction
Trisha Barba, Curriculum and Instruction
Jordyn C. Barber, Educational Policy and Leadership
Dylan Barnard, Curriculum and Instruction
Rachel Eva-Julianna Bartfai, Curriculum and Instruction
Lorraine Baxter, Special Education
Alicia Michele Beatrice, Special Education
Tamara M. Beeten, Special Education
DeErin C. Begley, Early Childhood Education
William R. Bell, Special Education
Jacob Clark Bendixen, Educational Policy and Leadership
Darylisha Berrymon, Early Childhood Education
SashoyTresan Blake, Special Education
Leilani B. Blanche, Special Education
Suzanne C. Blea, Special Education
Ashley Nicole Bolden, Counselor Education-School Counseling
Clare Bolen, Curriculum and Instruction
Felicia Bonanno, Curriculum and Instruction
Bonnie Bowen, Early Childhood Education
Samantha Boyles, Curriculum and Instruction
Tamara Evelyn Brazell, Educational Policy and Leadership
Judy Jean Bryce, Curriculum and Instruction
Megan Elizabeth Buckley, Curriculum and Instruction
Jessica Yuridia Cabriales, Early Childhood Education
Rowena Cajala, Curriculum and Instruction
Mandi Caliedo, Special Education
Elizabeth Carbajal, Educational Policy and Leadership
Diana Cardenas, Curriculum and Instruction
Jethro Duane Carter, Curriculum and Instruction
Lindsey Anne Casey, Special Education
Magdalena Casillas, Educational Policy and Leadership
Gretchen Agbigay Castro, Curriculum and Instruction Veronica Cazares, Counselor Education-School Counseling Cassandra Elizabeth Cerjanic, Special Education Paul Gregory Chamberlin, Curriculum and Instruction Genny Piedad Chang, Curriculum and Instruction Tess C. Chapman, Curriculum and Instruction Micaela Chewjalearn, Curriculum and Instruction Christopher Chubb, Curriculum and Instruction
Rebecca Joanne Cleveland, Curriculum and Instruction Jeremiah Dean Cohen, Special Education
Lauren Elizabeth-Lee Cole, Special Education Steven Collins, Curriculum and Instruction Wendy Conniry, Special Education
Matthew Charles Cooper, Curriculum and Instruction Sarah Diane Courtney, Curriculum and Instruction Ashlie Colleen Cowley, Curriculum and Instruction Dominique Crisden, Special Education
Ernest P. Curcio, Curriculum and Instruction Kristella M. DAgostino-Call, Special Education Colton James Dale, Curriculum and Instruction Lisa Renee Dalton, Educational Policy and Leadership Matthew Dang, Curriculum and Instruction Zaira Daniels, Curriculum and Instruction
Gabriela Davila-Thomsen, Curriculum and Instruction Alexis Patricia Davis, Curriculum and Instruction
Dominique Mamie De Biasio, Educational Policy and Leadership Guadalupe De La Rosa, Curriculum and Instruction Maralisa Deguzman, Higher Education
Wai-Ming Denduangrudee, English Language Learning Angelo Nicholas Desantis, Special Education
Alexandra Senoria Dickens, Curriculum and Instruction Galina Kostadinova Dineva, Special Education
Nokuphiwe Ntombifuthi Dlamini, Special Education Kawehi Dodge, Counselor Education-School Counseling Asia Jaelynn Dolman, Curriculum and Instruction Thomas R. Domansky, Curriculum and Instruction Acacia Remoh Dorsey, Early Childhood Education Amanda Lee Ann Dunlap, Curriculum and Instruction Brittney Michelle Echler, Special Education JOSIE Paige EDWARDS, Special Education Farrah Ann Eichler, Curriculum and Instruction Angela Theresa Elder, Curriculum and Instruction Olushola Anike Elemo, Curriculum and Instruction Stacy Marie Ellis, Special Education Asmar Eltayb, Special Education
Shallyn Nichole English, Curriculum and Instruction Christopher Daniel Ernst, Curriculum and Instruction Addison Marie Espeseth, Curriculum and Instruction Lorena Estevez, Special Education
Sara Fagan, Curriculum and Instruction LaToya J. Felter, Early Childhood Education
Alyssa Fernandez, Special Education
Cynthia N. Ferry, Special Education
Bryce C. Fessler, Curriculum and Instruction
Kelli Ann Fife, Special Education
Heather May Finch, Educational Policy and Leadership
Emily A. Fish, Early Childhood Education
Robert Lee Flenoy V, Special Education
Sonia M. Flor, Special Education
Alicia Flores, Curriculum and Instruction
Kimberly Flores, Curriculum and Instruction
Suzanne Frost, Special Education
Morgan E. Fullmer, Higher Education
Gustavo Emmanuel Gallardo, Curriculum and Instruction
Lanora Gallo, Early Childhood Education
Conny D. Gamboa, Special Education
Daisha Denise Ganaway, Curriculum and Instruction
Lluviareli Garcia, Curriculum and Instruction
Minda Garcia, Special Education
Anthony Otadoy Garciano, Curriculum and Instruction
Whitney Paige Gardea, Curriculum and Instruction
Stephanie Garibay, Higher Education
Suzanne M. Garlick, Special Education
Sarah Lynne Gaxiola, Curriculum and Instruction
Thomas Gilbert, Special Education
Sydney Danielle Golden, Curriculum and Instruction
Melinda A. Gomez, English Language Learning
Karina Gonzalez, Curriculum and Instruction
Raquel Ashley Gonzalez, Curriculum and Instruction
Silvia L. Gonzalez, Counselor Education-School Counseling
Danielle R. Gordon-Richardson, Counselor Education-School
LaConnie Govan, Special Education
Terri Lynn Grisingher, Curriculum and Instruction
Brittany Gruenewald, Curriculum and Instruction
John D. Grygo, Special Education
Robert Gudino, Curriculum and Instruction
Isabel Kaspar J Gwara, Curriculum and Instruction
Kynedi Hadley, Curriculum and Instruction
Elizabeth G. Hagey, Curriculum and Instruction
Chrystal Dawn Hailey, Curriculum and Instruction
Kristina M. Haley, Curriculum and Instruction
Desmond Hall, Counselor Education-School Counseling
Kara Erica Hall, Special Education
Alyssa Chanell Hampton, Special Education
LaSonya Grace Hancock, Early Childhood Education
Shannon Rose Haren, Special Education
Eve Harlan, Curriculum and Instruction
Phyllis Harris, Curriculum and Instruction
Alycia Nicole Hayes, Special Education
Nicole Hemken, Special Education
Jessica Henderson, Special Education
2021 Spring Commencement 17
Tiffany Renee Henderson, Special Education
Milo Stephen Hendricks, Educational Policy and Leadership
Joseph Vincent Hennigan, Early Childhood Education
Daniel Robert Henry, Higher Education
Erin Elizabeth Henry, Special Education
Mark B. Hensley, Curriculum and Instruction
Salina Rochelle Hernandez, Curriculum and Instruction
Melissa A. Hewitt, Curriculum and Instruction
Laura Jean Hibbetts, Special Education
Cortney Marie Higham, Curriculum and Instruction
Carolina Higuera Angulo, Curriculum and Instruction
Alyssa Marie Hilboldt-Sanford, Special Education
Linda Therese Hill, Early Childhood Education
Seneca Joelle Hofbauer, Special Education
Desiree Hogue, Special Education
Amanda Michelle Holland, Curriculum and Instruction
Ashley L. Hollis, Special Education
Nicole Holmgren, Special Education
Rasha Hosny, Early Childhood Education
Kaylin Nicole Howton, Curriculum and Instruction
Bridget Ashley Hudgens, Special Education
Tabitha Kay Hugdahl, Special Education
A'Shia Hunt, Curriculum and Instruction
Trendha Rachel Hunter, Curriculum and Instruction
Santana Huppe, Special Education
Dominick Hutchinson, Curriculum and Instruction
Sun Hae Hwang, Counselor Education-School Counseling
Rebecca Mae Itahara, Special Education
lanne Itchon, Curriculum and Instruction
Brenton Thomas Jackley, Curriculum and Instruction
Asia Kaleah Jackson, Curriculum and Instruction
Samantha Michelle Jeffers, English Language Learning
Carla Michelle Jefferson, Special Education
Robert Jenkins, Curriculum and Instruction
Nancy Jimenez, Curriculum and Instruction
Alicia Michele Johnson, Special Education
Jacquelyn Nicole Johnson, Educational Policy and Leadership
Sarah Johnson, Curriculum and Instruction
Jordan Jones, Curriculum and Instruction
Keli W. Jones, Counselor Education-School Counseling
Leatha Jones, Special Education
Sandra Jones, Special Education
Kathy B. Jordan, Educational Policy and Leadership
Travis Huntley Joyce, Curriculum and Instruction
Sherri Lynn Kaplan, Special Education
Athina R. Ketchum, Higher Education
Joseph Michael Kielminski, Special Education
Chantell King, Early Childhood Education
Dazzrael Kirby, Special Education
Michael Andrew Kish, Curriculum and Instruction
Sean Klein, Curriculum and Instruction
18 2021 Spring Commencement
Terrance Jamal Knighten, Higher Education
Mildred Sofia Kolmas, Early Childhood Education
Germaine Koziarski, Special Education
Kamille Jenea Krahwinkel, Early Childhood Education
Mickael Rene Pierre Krahwinkel, Curriculum and Instruction
Debra Here Kramer, Special Education
Noel Katherine Lamendola, Early Childhood Education
Ashley Marie LaMere, Curriculum and Instruction
Paul Martin Lampi, Curriculum and Instruction
Peter D. Lanagan, Higher Education
Kristi Lynn Lani, Special Education
Joshua LaPoint, Curriculum and Instruction
Jacqueline Gene Lauzon, Special Education
Sage Marie Leehey, Curriculum and Instruction
Brooke Sellers Lefevre, Early Childhood Education
Laura Estela Leon, Curriculum and Instruction
Lorena Leon Mejia, Early Childhood Education
Brian P. Levanger, Educational Policy and Leadership
Kathryn Levanger, Curriculum and Instruction
Ahmad Tale Lewis, Counselor Education-School Counseling
Tracy Lynn Lewis, Special Education
Andria Joan Linfante, Curriculum and Instruction
Carley Rae Lloyd, Special Education
Trisha Janel Lockwood, Early Childhood Education
Jacqualine S. Long, Special Education
Genesee Maritza Lopez, Counselor Education-School Counseling
Hanna Marie Lottritz, Curriculum and Instruction
Rebecca Renee Lovejoy, Special Education
Tabatha Kate Lowman, Curriculum and Instruction
Rebekah Lutz, Curriculum and Instruction
Nalleli Machuca, Curriculum and Instruction
Krista A. Mack, Special Education
Janna Mackiewicz, Special Education
Jennifer N. Maestas, Special Education
Andrea Mandril, Special Education
Hirudinee Manukulasuriya, Curriculum and Instruction
Samantha Marks, English Language Learning
Azeneth Marrufo Rivas, Curriculum and Instruction
Francisco Martinez, Curriculum and Instruction
Michael Victor Martinez, Curriculum and Instruction
Carmen Lucia Martinez-Salazar, Early Childhood Education
Cassidy Patrice Mason, Counselor Education-School Counseling
Jennifer Matsuda, Special Education
Amy K. Mayo, Curriculum and Instruction
Brian McClure, Curriculum and Instruction
Erin Kasey McFadden, Curriculum and Instruction
Ashley J. Mchugh, Early Childhood Education
TeAsha'Nique Sheir McKnight, Special Education
Hiram Eli Melendez, Curriculum and Instruction
Amberlynne Desiree Mena Ochoa, Special Education
Victor Hugo Mendez-Mendoza, Educational Policy and Leadership
Carrie J. Miller, Educational Policy and Leadership
LaMetra Miller, Special Education
Rachel Marie Miller, Curriculum and Instruction
Friederike Ricarda Moderegger, Educational Policy and
Michele Montgomery-Kelleher, Curriculum and Instruction
Karen Valery Montiel-Ramos, Early Childhood Education
Mystica Montoya, Curriculum and Instruction
Alicia A. Moore, English Language Learning
Kassandra Gabrielle Moore, Higher Education
Crystal Morales, Special Education
Iris S. Munguia, Curriculum and Instruction
Chelsea Maxine Munro, Higher Education
Anthony R. Muraco, Educational Policy and Leadership
Jessica Annette Myers, Curriculum and Instruction
Alicia Adriana Navarro Ayala, Curriculum and Instruction
Andrea Nebeker, Special Education
Brian Lewin Nelson, Special Education
Shaylee Lynn Nelson, Special Education
Andy Nguyen, Curriculum and Instruction
Alicia Nichols, Curriculum and Instruction
Brianna Larae Nichols, Educational Policy and Leadership
Deborah Nichols, Special Education
Elliott David Nilsson, Curriculum and Instruction
Alexandra Norton, Curriculum and Instruction
Genesis H. Olivares, Special Education
Christina Marie Orfe, Special Education
Chalesha Monee' Overton, Early Childhood Education
Olusola Olutoyin Oyekale, Special Education
Herbert James Page, Curriculum and Instruction
Barbara Pangelinan, Educational Policy and Leadership
Rosa Pano, Special Education
Salvatore James Pantaleo, Special Education
Jordan E. Parraz, Curriculum and Instruction
James Pasquali, Special Education
Samantha Patterson, Special Education
Kaycee May Pearce, Curriculum and Instruction
Taylor Nicole Pease, Special Education
PuiKing Cecilia Peevey, Curriculum and Instruction
Mark Alexander Lee Pemberton, Special Education
Julieta Maria Francisca Perales, Curriculum and Instruction
Samantha Lee Petersen, Special Education
Simone Phillips, Special Education
Alison N. Pickering, Curriculum and Instruction
Amanda L. Plocica, Special Education
Victoria Zea Porno, Curriculum and Instruction
Debra-Lyn G. Potts, Special Education
Joseph Powers, Curriculum and Instruction
Esther Preval- Tavera, Early Childhood Education
Trevor L. Price, Curriculum and Instruction
Vanessa Lee Price, Educational Policy and Leadership
Gina R. Purdue, Special Education
Michelle Angela Quintero, Early Childhood Education Molly Marie Quirk, Curriculum and Instruction Amber Radjeski, Curriculum and Instruction Nicholas Gregory Rambat, Higher Education Melissa Ramirez, Curriculum and Instruction
Stephanie Diane Ramirez, Curriculum and Instruction Virginia Ramos-Barajas, Special Education Nathan Lee Ranck, Curriculum and Instruction Schaefer Leigh Raposa, Curriculum and Instruction Jan Alexander Rataj, Curriculum and Instruction Justine Elizabeth Read, Special Education
Timothy Francis Rejcek, Curriculum and Instruction Heidi Ann Renteria, English Language Learning Jhona Abatayo Rentfro, Early Childhood Education Danielle N. Rice, Early Childhood Education Walker Richardson, Curriculum and Instruction Ashley Gibeault Riker, Curriculum and Instruction Gabriela Aymara Risiglione, Special Education Sharmetta Roberts, Early Childhood Education
Melissa L. Robinson, Counselor Education-School Counseling LaToya L. Rochon, Counselor Education-School Counseling Konstantin Rodshteyn, Curriculum and Instruction Amanda Romeo, Early Childhood Education Ryan S. Romero, Higher Education
Suzanne Rae Romero, Curriculum and Instruction Hannah Lynn Ross, Curriculum and Instruction Kelly Rotzinger, English Language Learning Pullak Rozario, Curriculum and Instruction Margaret Rudnicki, Curriculum and Instruction Alex Armando Ruiz, Special Education Haley Rydalch, Higher Education
Hannah Kay Saiz, Curriculum and Instruction Angela N. Samson, Curriculum and Instruction Jocelyn Sanchez, Curriculum and Instruction
Richard Joseph Santigate Jr., Educational Policy and Leadership Joseph Savoy, Curriculum and Instruction
Nicole Schirching, Early Childhood Education Matthew Schneider, Special Education
Wayne Daniel Schulatz, Educational Policy and Leadership Jordan Ryan Scott, Curriculum and Instruction Nadica Sechkova, Curriculum and Instruction Douglas Leo Self, Curriculum and Instruction
Megan Sensibaugh, Educational Policy and Leadership Babette Alexandras Seumen Nana, Special Education Kaley J. Shlaes, Curriculum and Instruction
Victoria Lizette Silva Segura, Curriculum and Instruction Midori Nomura Silvan, Special Education
Kori Jovanie Simental, Curriculum and Instruction Nicholas Austin Simon, Curriculum and Instruction Francis Simon-Cruz, Curriculum and Instruction
2021 Spring Commencement 19
Frances E. Skeirik, Special Education
Richard Asher Skolaski, Curriculum and Instruction Emily Nicole Smedley, Special Education
Jameylee C. Sparrow, Special Education Sandya Sriram, Curriculum and Instruction
Brittany Fay Stack, Special Education
Tiffany Stanford, Special Education
Paul Z. Stoddard, Curriculum and Instruction Barbara Joyce Stonecypher, Special Education
Brenna Leigh Stout, Curriculum and Instruction Shawnee Swanson, Special Education
Rose Switalski, Curriculum and Instruction
Mieraf Teka, Curriculum and Instruction
Monica Grace Thayer, Curriculum and Instruction Kateri Theisen, Curriculum and Instruction
Jessica Diana Thomas, Curriculum and Instruction Kaylee Cathleen Thompson, Special Education
Tiffany Cheyenne Thousand, Curriculum and Instruction Michelle Tiffany Tillema, Special Education
Brian Christopher Townsend I, Curriculum and Instruction Luis Trujillo-Roman, Special Education
Jandery Vargas, Special Education
Mallory Joy Vaughn, Early Childhood Education
Briana Marie-McKnight Vaught, Curriculum and Instruction Melissa Vicario, Special Education
Desiree Marie Vittorio, Curriculum and Instruction Patricia Naomi Wade, Curriculum and Instruction
Starr Amber Walden, Curriculum and Instruction Kimber Walker, Curriculum and Instruction
Zachary Wallace, Higher Education Keegan H. Walsh, Special Education
Jordon Ward, Special Education
Walker K. Warren, Curriculum and Instruction
Melanie L. Waters, Special Education
Caitlin Elizabeth Watts, Educational Policy and Leadership Jocelyn Danielle Watts, Early Childhood Education
Ouiza N. Weber, Educational Policy and Leadership kenyatta webster, Special Education
Jennifer Lynn Weinstein, Special Education
Tracey Marie West, English Language Learning Kayleen Marie Wheeler, Special Education
Anthony Jrome White Jr., Educational Policy and Leadership Desmond White, Special Education
Jessica Lee Williams, Early Childhood Education Mckinley J. Williamson, Special Education
Ashley Nicole Wilson, Curriculum and Instruction Frances Teresa Wilson, English Language Learning Matthew Antone Wilson, Curriculum and Instruction
Sierra S. Wilson, Counselor Education-School Counseling Vanessa Winn, Higher Education
Amanda Wright, Curriculum and Instruction 20 2021 Spring Commencement
Weiwei Xu, English Language Learning
Dai Janai Yarber, Curriculum and Instruction
Shannon Marie Young, Special Education
Christina Marie Zbejczyk, Special Education
Hannah Zingg, Counselor Education-School Counseling
Master of Fine Arts
Berthold R. Albin, Creative Writing
Antonie F. Aquino, Creative Writing
Rodabeh Boroumand, Writing for Dramatic Media
Kaitlyn E. Dennis, Theatre Arts
Kyle Ensrude, Writing for Dramatic Media
Dylan D. Fisher, Creative Writing
Maxwell L. Gontarek, Creative Writing
Elizabeth Haynes, Theatre Arts
Homero Hidalgo, Art
Roy Johnson, Creative Writing
Christopher A. Jones, Art
Gabrielle A. Lewis, Theatre Arts
Leisa M. Loan, Creative Writing
Peter A. Mengert, Art
Claire M. Morgan, Creative Writing
Ryan Z. Pope, Theatre Arts
Daynee A. Rosales, Creative Writing
Karli Tokala Rouse, Creative Writing
Tyler Smith, Creative Writing
Master of Healthcare Administration
Audwin Christopher Angosta, Healthcare Administration
Caleb Matthew Coatsworth, Healthcare Administration
Kline T Fielden, Healthcare Administration
Cynthia May Hoang, Healthcare Administration
Freda Ireigbe, Healthcare Administration
Kate Ibara Kawamoto, Healthcare Administration
Myah L. Luna, Healthcare Administration
Erik Leonel Medina-Soto, Healthcare Administration
Arosha P. Meegodakankanamgedon, Healthcare Administration
Billy Leonard Neal, Healthcare Administration
Sierra Riley, Healthcare Administration
Maddie Jo Simental, Healthcare Administration
Jagpreet Singh, Healthcare Administration
Master of Healthcare Interior Design
Kendall Marsh, Healthcare Interior Design
Master of Hospitality Administration
Scott J. Burk, Hospitality Administration
Richard Eric Carlson, Hospitality Administration
Thomas Christian Chandler, Hospitality Administration
Molly Gallegos, Hospitality Administration
Olivia Mattison Hardy, Hospitality Administration
Emmanuel Lorenzo Macalino, Hospitality Administration
Ryan Maloney, Hospitality Administration
Brianne Nicole McDede, Hospitality Administration
Kareem D. Miller, Hospitality Administration
Amy Erin Osborn, Hospitality Administration
Christian Raia, Hospitality Administration
Margaret Ann Simpson, Hospitality Administration
Vanessa Nicole Skelton, Hospitality Administration
Jose Luis Soto, Hospitality Administration
Harrison Tanner, Hospitality Administration
Amanda Emily Ulrich, Hospitality Administration
Eric Jeffrey White, Hospitality Administration
Master of Laws
Joseph Cannizzo Jr., Gaming Law and Regulation
George Austin Luckie, Gaming Law and Regulation
Daniel Maloney, Gaming Law and Regulation
Amanda Lugarama Itazia Ranzau, Gaming Law and Regulation
James Brian Scroggins, Gaming Law and Regulation
Yeanhee Yoo, Gaming Law and Regulation
Master of Music
Moriah N. Berry, Music
Ian Christie, Music
Merrick Haji-Sheikh, Music
Josh Hartwell, Music
Jorge L. Machain-Vega, Music
Max Steven Marquis, Music
Gabriela Ordonez Villalobos, Music
Ashlee Ruder, Music
Hunter R. Turner, Music
Master of Public Administration
Bridget Adams, Public Administration
Katherine Ann Lee Burdick, Public Administration
Yvette Cavada-Garcia, Public Administration
Rachael L. Cavaliero, Public Administration
Christian Clapp, Public Administration
Aaron Colletta, Public Administration
Silvano Cozzini, Public Administration
Ryan M. Cunningham, Public Administration
Jefferson A. Detrick, Public Administration
Bianca A. Dozal, Public Administration
Mary Duff, Public Administration
Morgan Marie Ettinger, Public Administration
Carson Fenwick, Public Administration
Kylies Fung, Public Administration
Ashley Garcia, Public Administration
Sara Garcia, Public Administration
Cortney Rae Gonzalez, Public Administration
Shaunta M. Grayson, Public Administration
Terrance L. Holmes, Public Administration
Sheena Liquant Judie-Mitchell, Public Administration
Ruben J. Kihuen, Public Administration
Leena Lopez, Public Administration
Michael Arthur Mack Jr., Public Administration
Jaclyn Catherine Manning, Public Administration
Lourdes Martinez, Public Administration
Vincent D. McGuinness, Public Administration
Kelsey Ann Morris, Public Administration
Brianna Michelle Mullins, Public Administration
Alberta K. Obodai, Public Administration
Joshoel Z. Ortega, Public Administration
Chandni Jitendra Patel, Public Administration
Guadalupe Perez, Public Administration
Michael Pfurr, Public Administration
Magaly Graciela Retzlaff, Public Administration
Shy-Wyanna Roberts, Public Administration
Kelsey Renee Rodman, Public Administration
Gamini Samarawickrama, Public Administration
lyon sloan, Public Administration
Feven Samson Solomon, Public Administration
Stephanie Stanton, Public Administration
Casey James Brock Stengel, Public Administration
Rylee L. Taylor, Public Administration
Theodore James Thelin, Public Administration
Tamika L. Waiters, Public Administration
Sandra L Ziegler, Public Administration
Master of Public Health
Sandra A. Annan, Public Health
Savij Apichon, Public Health
Melissa R. Bartshe, Public Health
Anna Cornelius, Public Health
Patience E. Gbafa, Public Health
Katayoon S. Ghodsi, Public Health
Karen Samantha Gutierrez, Public Health
Christina Hernandez, Public Health
Joseph D. Jean, Public Health
Stephen L. Johnson, Public Health
Briana B. King, Public Health
Rachel Holly Lewison, Public Health
Alexus Maurine Miranda, Public Health
Hermella Amare Misiker, Public Health
Elika Nematian, Public Health
Octavio A. Posada, Public Health
Martha N. Regalado, Public Health
Samantha A. Slinkard, Public Health
Master of Science
Crystal Acosta, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Amanda L. Acuna, Couple and Family Therapy
Enrique Adame, Accounting
Clint Albright, Couple and Family Therapy
Azlan Allam, Management Information Systems
Shane Alley, Emergency and Crisis Management
2021 Spring Commencement
Nicholas Angelone, Couple and Family Therapy
Mallory Terese Arnold, Accounting
Jennifer Paola Artiga, Accounting
Rediet G. Ayele, Accounting
Dennis Baloglu, Management Information Systems
Dennis Baloglu, Hotel Administration
William K. Barba, Geoscience
Danette Dee Barber, Educational Psychology
Timothy Barsotti, Management Information Systems
Mathieu G. Beaubien, Emergency and Crisis Management
Lindsey Diamond Beckom, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Thierry-Henri Bennett, Management Information Systems
Jing Bi, Accounting
Alexandria Nicole Birkland, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Jason A. Bogikes, Accounting
Robyn L. Bonds, Quantitative Finance
Cameron M. Bonner, Accounting
Blaine Michael Brixey, Marriage and Family Therapy
Taylor Brown, Couple and Family Therapy
Karen Louise Brown-Wichman, Accounting
Tai Minh Bui, Hotel Administration
Parker Edward Burpee, Accounting
Ashley Joy M. Caoagas, Management Information Systems
Tim Carlisle, Management Information Systems
Graydon R. Carr, Oral Biology
Pabla Consuelo Castaneda, Accounting
Toni Elie Chahine, Management Information Systems
Doreen Rivera Chatfield, Accounting
Dhiraj Sain Chawa, Management Information Systems
Yufang Chen, Accounting
Gabriella A. Chong, Marriage and Family Therapy
Jae Kyung Chung, Accounting
Yoonju Chung, Hotel Administration
Monika Katarzyna Clark, Educational Psychology
Kristina Rebeca Clawson, Couple and Family Therapy
Frederick Moses Coady Robicheau, Accounting
Tyler R. Cross, Accounting
Veronica Lynn Cross, Couple and Family Therapy
Ashlen Dale, Nutrition Sciences
Courtney Arlene Dale, Nutrition Sciences
Andrea May Dalziell, Couple and Family Therapy
Alexander K. Dao, Oral Biology
Eddie D. Davis, Couple and Family Therapy
Kai Austin de Becker, Couple and Family Therapy
Dominic D'Ercole, Management Information Systems
Camille Diago, Hotel Administration
Ashleah Nia Dingle, Emergency and Crisis Management
Linlin Duo, Management Information Systems
Linlin Duo, Hotel Administration
Sotodeh Ebrahimi, Biological Sciences
Kiley K. Ellefson, Couple and Family Therapy
22 2021 Spring Commencement
Rachel Ellis, Physics
Yong Hyun Eom, Accounting
Lili K. Equihua, Couple and Family Therapy
Tatiana S. Ermi, Biological Sciences
Anastacia L. Escovar, Couple and Family Therapy
Milton Estrada, Management Information Systems
Raul Adolfo Estrada Mejia, Accounting
Meng Fan, Hotel Administration
Meng Fan, Management Information Systems
Patrick J. Feng, Accounting
Shannon Lynn Fessler, Couple and Family Therapy
Zhaleh Firouzi, Management Information Systems
Nia Franchesca Fowler-Galloway, Couple and Family Therapy
Nathan T. Frieders, Accounting
Luis Antonio Galicia Beltran, Accounting
Ishaan Gandhi, Management Information Systems
loana lliyanova Ganeva, Accounting
Natasha Garcia, Accounting
Nicholas Jose Garcia, Quantitative Finance
Maria C. Gerardi, Biomedical Engineering
Cynthia Giordano, Accounting
Andres J. J. Gonzalez Roa, Management Information Systems
Ann Yeji Goya, Accounting
Yufei Gu, Management Information Systems
Yufei Gu, Hotel Administration
Amanda Rose Guarneri, Accounting
Gilberto Guereque Jr., Management Information Systems
Gabriel Timbol Guerrero, Accounting
Murilo Pastori Gustineli, Management Information Systems
Lucas Manuel Gutierrez, Quantitative Finance
Caio Victor Hanaoka Dini, Management Information Systems
liping He, Accounting
Yailine Hernandez-Pacheco, Accounting
RaeAnn Hiatt Teichert, Couple and Family Therapy
Nicholas William Hipwell, Hotel Administration
Kaitlin Renee Hoff, Emergency and Crisis Management
Emily Hong, Hotel Administration
Nicholas Maninang Hong, Accounting
Qing Huang, Management Information Systems
Qing Huang, Hotel Administration
Johana Iglesias, Accounting
James Bread N. Iverson, Emergency and Crisis Management
Houng Jun Jang, Accounting
Daniel M. Jarrett, Oral Biology
Alireza Javid, Management Information Systems
Brandi Jointer, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Tanja Josipovic, Accounting
Kaela Judd, Couple and Family Therapy
Jun Lye Jung, Accounting
Sara Khastoo, Management Information Systems
Genevieve C. Kidman, Geoscience
Karli Kilby, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Allison Kirvan, Couple and Family Therapy
Joseph Paul Klein Jr., Accounting
Thomas Knoblauch, Health Physics
Sara Kola, Accounting
Agnieszka Komosinska, Couple and Family Therapy
Ashley N. Lamb, Biomedical Engineering
Phillip Henry Leal, Management Information Systems
Andrew Christopher Lee, Oral Biology
Michaela Zahava Levine, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Dantong Li, Hotel Administration
Yuenyu Li, Quantitative Finance
Jiayin Liang, Accounting
Shao Qi Lim, Quantitative Finance
Amy Shih Shan Lin, Accounting
Yunzhi Ling, Accounting
Jiaying Liu, Hotel Administration
Ling Liu, Management Information Systems
Ling Liu, Hotel Administration
Shenyi Liu, Management Information Systems
Zeyu Liu, Management Information Systems
Zhi Liu, Accounting
Vivien Wing Kay Lo, Hotel Administration
Yesenia Caridad Lopez, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Xiangyu Lou, Data Analytics and Applied Economics
Michael James Lowe, Management Information Systems
Jialuo Lu, Quantitative Finance
Arjan Nitin Luhar, Accounting
Sarah Corinne Mac Ewen, Accounting
Sakshi Mahajan, Management Information Systems
Kelsey Manglicmot, Management Information Systems
Ivy Mao, Accounting
Brian J. Marsh, Accounting
Ruvimbo Kingstone Mashingaidze, Accounting
Dawn M. Matusz, Nutrition Sciences
Jazmine McCormick, Accounting
Heather Marie McCusker, Management Information Systems
Nicole McDonagh, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Tate Eugene McDonald, Aerospace Engineering
Vanessa Laquaya McDow, Accounting
Daman Mckiernan, Couple and Family Therapy
Ivonne Medina, Accounting
Gillian Jaymes Meservey, Accounting
Chelsea Montoya, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Kimberly Kara Moore, Accounting
Erica L. Moradshahi, Educational Psychology
Ana Jelen Irais Moreno Montoya, Accounting
Albert Antoine Najem, Hotel Administration
Nichalas Nelson, Biological Sciences
Tuan Nguyen, Accounting
Marvin Wayne Norwood II, Management Information Systems
Marvin Wayne Norwood II, Data Analytics and Applied Economics
Kendra Vanessa O'Connell, Curriculum and Instruction
Seung-Tack Oh, Management Information Systems
Dike P. Oko, Construction Management
Kyung Jin Park, Management Information Systems
Kristina M. Parker, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Phuong Mai Pham, Data Analytics and Applied Economics
Shaun C. Pride, Accounting
Latisha Tamika Pryor, Health Physics
Yihang Qiu, Management Information Systems
Ian Rabago, Astronomy
Arash Rahaeimehr, Management Information Systems
Guillermo Alexander Ramirez, Biochemistry
Jessie Rachael Reed, Hotel Administration
Alexander Forrest Riese, Materials and Nuclear Engineering
Silvia Ernestina Rodriguez, Accounting
Andres J. Rodriguez Lombeida, Management Information
Dominic Ronca, Accounting
Terren Scott Rose, Emergency and Crisis Management
Reilly Brooke Rowland, Educational Psychology
Parag Pratyush Roy, Management Information Systems
AmirSadatian Moghaddam, Construction Management
Eileen Michelle Salazar, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Christina Louise Salmon, Couple and Family Therapy
Nha Trang Vivian T. Sam, Biological Sciences
Anthony K. Santo Domingo, Materials and Nuclear Engineering
Patrick James Scribner, Quantitative Finance
Corinne Sexton, Biological Sciences
Sara Shafieian, Data Analytics and Applied Economics
Sogol Shantiyai, Oral Biology
Juncheng Shentu, Management Information Systems
Juncheng Shentu, Hotel Administration
Arianne Taylor Smith, Couple and Family Therapy
Lauren Emily Sonderegger, Accounting
Yilu Song, Hotel Administration
Amber St Laurent, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Annette Raquel Steinmann, Data Analytics and Applied
Jasmine Jennelle Stern, Couple and Family Therapy
Shannon Lynn Stuebs, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Patrice Nicole Suarez, Accounting
Qiyang Sun, Management Information Systems
Ying Sun, Management Information Systems
Varsha Suresh, Couple and Family Therapy
Matthew B. Swan, Mathematical Sciences
Jennifer Ping-Tsui Sze, Management Information Systems
Yi Tang, Hotel Administration
Lynette Taute, Couple and Family Therapy
Megan Lisette Terrazas, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Joshua R. Thomas, Quantitative Finance
2021 Spring Commencement 23
Hsin-Yu Tien, Hotel Administration
Tia Terasa Tinoco, Accounting
Taryn Kristine Traylor, Geoscience
Aaron Trifunac, Quantitative Finance
Tyler S. Trout, Couple and Family Therapy
Lara A. Turello, Biochemistry
Zachary Taft Van Leeuwen, Couple and Family Therapy
Melissa Marie Ven Dange, Oral Biology
Anthony Salvatore Venuti, Quantitative Finance
Kiyaan Naresh Wadhwani, Management Information Systems
Fan Wang, Hotel Administration
Shanshan Wang, Management Information Systems
Shanshan Wang, Hotel Administration
Chih-Hui Weng, Management Information Systems
Sarah P. Werner, Educational Psychology
Daniel Joseph Wheat, Accounting
Melanie A. White, Physics
Ok Kyung Wi, Management Information Systems
Michelle R. Wilson, Emergency and Crisis Management
Ciera Wiltz, Management Information Systems
Jamie Siu Wong, Accounting
Chelsea Elizabeth Woodall, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Yuqing Xing, Management Information Systems
Yuqing Xing, Hotel Administration
Mimi Haimy Xu, Management Information Systems
Katherine Yost, Mathematical Sciences
Hyeok Jae Yu, Accounting
Yue Yu, Accounting
Guolin Zhang, Management Information Systems
Yunxuan Zhang, Management Information Systems
Yunxuan Zhang, Hotel Administration
Yu Zhao, Hotel Administration
Zachary Zimbile, Accounting
Master of Science in Computer Science
Daniel Alvarez, Computer Science
Phillipe Austria, Computer Science
Partha Chudal, Computer Science
Kaushik Deshmukh, Computer Science
Sudhir Ashok Deshmukh, Computer Science
Kasra Goravanchi, Computer Science
Aashi Maharjan, Computer Science
Darshil Pratap Maheshwari, Computer Science
Jason Adam Mark, Computer Science
Ashby Mullin-Conant, Computer Science
Henry S. Ng, Computer Science
Baby Shalini Ravilla, Computer Science
Alexander C. Thomason, Computer Science
Avinash Yaganapu, Computer Science
Master of Science in Engineering
Omar Alvarez, Civil and Environmental Engineering
24 2021 Spring Commencement
Gonzalo G. Arteaga, Electrical Engineering
Komal Sree Teja Boyapati, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dustin Burd, Mechanical Engineering
Emma C. Chao, Mechanical Engineering
Saketh Chigurupati, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Adrianna Leigh Gould, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Daniel L. Isler, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Calder Emerson Lane, Mechanical Engineering
Valerie J. Lawdensky, Mechanical Engineering
Carlos S. Lemus, Electrical Engineering
Shristy Maharjan, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nicole Martin, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Natalie Pinon, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Abhijith Prabhu, Mechanical Engineering
Eduardo A. Robleto Martinez, Civil and Environmental
Erwin Jeffrey J Sacundo, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jason Eric Silic, Electrical Engineering
Angel J. Solis, Electrical Engineering
Deekshitha Srirangam, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Lauren A. Stadelmeier, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mario M. Valles, Electrical Engineering
Brandon T. Wade, Electrical Engineering
Master of Science in Exercise Physiology
Peyton Christine Cater, Exercise Physiology
Nicholas A. Ross, Exercise Physiology
Master of Science in Kinesiology
Serena Elizabeth Bruhn, Kinesiology
Collin Ante Guillotte, Kinesiology
Julien Alexandre Mihy, Kinesiology
Brianna R. Picone, Kinesiology
Jacquelyn Victoria Lucia Sertic, Kinesiology
Shani Thompson, Kinesiology
Master of Science in Nursing
Sarah Allen, Nursing
Mona L. Asamaphand, Nursing
Lauren Victoria Bedrock, Nursing
Martha Azucena Bieler-Kim, Nursing
Michelle Bigg, Nursing
Emily Margaret Buck, Nursing
Maria Stella P. Burchard, Nursing
Emileanne Ence, Nursing
Paula Denise Castro Guimond, Nursing
Diana C. Jones, Nursing
Allyson Marie Keefe, Nursing
Katherine Ransdell Knott, Nursing
Ethel Leon, Nursing
David Xavier Lopez, Nursing
Jennifer Mclnnes, Nursing
Jean Karen Montenegro, Nursing Erickson Nery, Nursing Stephanie Ouano, Nursing Melanie Ann Palmer, Nursing Jeremy David Paulucci, Nursing Tammy Lynn Petroski, Nursing Jessica Lynn Potucek, Nursing Rebecca Ann Reilly, Nursing Melissa Schneider, Nursing
Rebecca Anne Sequeira, Nursing
Jessica Marie Snavely, Nursing Heather Spaulding, Nursing Brook D. Thompson, Nursing Alicia Marie Tigges, Nursing Diane Marie Trautman, Nursing
Brittney Marie Turner, Nursing Maria Isabel Villalobos, Nursing arcie Villanueva, Nursing
Jennifer Walker, Nursing
Brittany Lynn Williams, Nursing
Suzanne Windous, Nursing Jeanne Marie Winer, Nursing Alice Megan Wright, Nursing
Master of Science in Transportation Ryan Napoleon Yeargin, Transportation
Master of Social Work
Steven M. Antolin, Social Work Lita Michele Barba, Social Work
Sidney 0. Betancourt, Social Work Kristina M. Billings, Social Work Daniella Boris, Social Work
Cody James Caron, Social Work Angelica Abigail Casillas, Social Work
Rebecca E. Choi, Social Work Rebecca Chura, Social Work
Carlos Ruben Cisneros, Social Work Traci Rae Daley, Social Work
Diana Valentina Danescu, Social Work Jill Decker, Social Work
Kadia Diakite, Social Work Antone R. Dotson, Social Work
Malia T. Elliott, Social Work Amanda Marie Fantaro, Social Work Vandy C. Figueroa, Social Work
Susan Friedman, Social Work Tracy George Jr., Social Work Islena Marie Giron, Social Work Alexandra N. Givens, Social Work
Nateya Harris, Social Work Jean-Pierre Hasenmayer-Theodorou, Social Work
Brittany Higgins, Social Work
Devon Taylor Hillison, Social Work Jennifer Suzanne Hughes, Social Work Lawanda Joyce Johnson, Social Work
Lisa Johnson, Social Work
Ella Rene Johnson-Wiley, Social Work Payal Pankaj Kadakia, Social Work
Melissa Lynn Kehoe, Social Work Kacey Reiko Christina Kim, Social Work Jade Larson-Houck, Social Work
Judith Janet Lopez, Social Work Michelle A. Lorza-Lopez, Social Work Nikki Luu, Social Work
Shawnae L. Mack, Social Work
Carolina Marlon, Social Work
Sandra Yvette Marquez, Social Work Luis Alberto Martinez, Social Work PAULINA MARTINEZ, Social Work Markysha R. Mccullah, Social Work Ivana M. Mendoza, Social Work
Natazsha Elaine Merritt, Social Work Trevor Milazzo, Social Work
My Diem Nguyen, Social Work
Randi Lynn Pedroza, Social Work
Amanda Jocelyn Peterson, Social Work Nicole Katherine Pisarczyk, Social Work Suzanne Price, Social Work
Rosenda Araceli Rivas, Social Work
Cristina Santiago, Social Work
Mariana P. Sarmiento Hernandez, Social Work Trevon Curtis Scharer, Social Work
Christian Scott, Social Work
Casey Justine Seibert, Social Work Anita Sidhu, Social Work
Nina Taylor-Mitchell, Social Work Kaira Marie Turner, Social Work
Darlington Solomon Jegbefure Ugbodu, Social Work Monica Marie Valadez, Social Work
Yzabella N. Valdes- Barreto, Social Work Natalie Marie Wallenfang, Social Work Hannah Alissa Weithofer, Social Work
Shayla Rae Williams, Social Work Christopher Lee Womack, Social Work Kimberly Ann Wright, Social Work
Specialist in Education
Jacob Amouyal, Educational Psychology Michelle Barlow, Educational Psychology Nicholas Black, School Psychology
Nancy B. Brown, Curriculum and Instruction Michael Morgan Cervantes, School Psychology Hannah Hinson, School Psychology
2021 Spring Commencement 25
Mary HoLlibush, School Psychology
Hannah Leigh Krantz, School Psychology
Thomas Sullivan, School Psychology
Anali Torres, Educational Psychology
School of Dental Medicine
Spring & FaLL 2020
Doctor of Dental Medicine
Michael G. Aglietti, Dentistry
Alyssa M. Ariyoshi, Dentistry
Sejin Bae, Dentistry
John M. Bang, Dentistry
Aaron Barborka, Dentistry
Joseph M. Bernardo, Dentistry
Charles Berry, Dentistry
Gunnar A. Boelman, Dentistry
Thomas J. Booker, Dentistry
Esteban Chaidez, Dentistry
Andrea I. Chicchon, Dentistry
Charles Robert Cooley, Dentistry
Joshua Michael Corcran, Dentistry
Jeremy D. Crew, Dentistry
Lindsey Lorraine T. Cua, Dentistry
Abdelaziz De Vol, Dentistry
Quyen Doan, Dentistry
Wendy B. Duong, Dentistry
Paige C. Elsea, Dentistry
Khurram Fahim, Dentistry
Justin Fang, Dentistry
Sean P. Fitzgibbons, Dentistry
Colette L. Fuglaar, Dentistry
Fionna Tay Gov, Dentistry
Ryan Gov, Dentistry
Steven I, Hadawar, Dentistry
Antjuan Hampton, Dentistry
Dylan Lane Harmon, Dentistry
Michael E. Hartmann, Dentistry
Megan Hickman, Dentistry
Danvy T. Ho, Dentistry
Nhi T. Hoang, Dentistry
Eric Hui, Dentistry
Robin Je, Dentistry
Byeonguk Kang, Dentistry
Caitlin Kemper, Dentistry
Steven C. Lam, Dentistry
Khoa Anh Le, Dentistry
Phuong T. Le, Dentistry
Brennan M. Leavitt, Dentistry
Eunice Lee, Dentistry
26 2021 Spring Commencement
Hyungbin Lee, Dentistry
Tina Liang, Dentistry
Harrison Luu, Dentistry
Christopher T. Mathew, Dentistry
Mary E. Mazurek, Dentistry
Broderick W. Melting, Dentistry
Teryn Mendenhall, Dentistry
Seth Mitchell, Dentistry
Fatima Nepacena, Dentistry
Hung H. Nguyen, Dentistry
Minh Tram Nguyen, Dentistry
Rosy Hong Nhung T. Nguyen, Dentistry
Trang T. Nguyen, Dentistry
Trang H. Nguyen, Dentistry
Christian J. Otteson, Dentistry
Geoffrey G. Pena, Dentistry
Jason S. Reid, Dentistry
Jaclyn Richardson, Dentistry
Audrey H. Riegel, Dentistry
Holdunn Rutkoski, Dentistry
Sukhdeep Nauninder Sandhu, Dentistry
Natalie S. Schneider, Dentistry
Chad E. Sellers, Dentistry
Julia A. Shelbourn, Dentistry
Ching Shen, Dentistry
Mary Shoff, Dentistry
Cristian 0. Sosa, Dentistry
Michael St Laurent, Dentistry
Wylie C. Tang, Dentistry
Tri T. Tran, Dentistry
Julia Truong, Dentistry
Sean C. Truong, Dentistry
Justin Mitchell Vo, Dentistry
Tysen Wood, Dentistry
Renata Diane Yashewski, Dentistry
Doctor of Dental Surgery
Amir Alizadeh, Dental Surgery
Sai Tej Ganne, Dental Surgery
Alireza Khoshnoodi I, Dental Surgery
Jingqi Li, Dental Surgery
Ivana Racic, Dental Surgery
Shyamli Shah, Dental Surgery
Pallavi Sharma, Dental Surgery
Maryam Tabarestani, Dental Surgery
William S. Boyd School, of Law
Spring and Fall 2020
Juris Doctor
Erica K. Adler, Law Jessica Story Agostino, Law Max Alvarez-Bryan, Law Robert T. Anders, Law Christen J. Anderson, Law Glenn Maxwell Anderson, Law Nicole A. Bastos, Law
Holly Alexandra Berdan, Law Jerrell L. Berrios, Law Haley Ann Beza, Law Cassie Jo Bible, Law
Dominique Ann Bosa-Edwards, Law Darcy L. Bower, Law Daniel R. Brady, Law Michelle Brana, Law
Katrina C. Brandhagen, Law Steven L. Beecher, Law Jennifer R. Brodie, Law Taylor A. Buono, Law Arthur Burns, Law
Olivia Anne Campbell, Law Yvanna D. Cancela, Law Leah B. Carson, Law Shanna Beth Carter, Law Ariana Caruso, Law Elva A. Castaneda, Law Edgar Cervantes, Law Robert Warren Clapp, Law Rochelle A. Clove, Law Scott Charles Cooper, Law William C. Cooper, Law Jacqueline Joyel Cope, Law Brandon Keith Cromer, Law Khaylia B. Decaires, Law Imani L. Dixon, Law Camilla J. Dudley, Law Danielle Elaine Dumire, Law Christiana Dupont, Law Myrra Dvorak, Law
Jordan Alexandra Eglet, Law Zachary Aaron Erdwurm, Law Matthew E. Estrada, Law John R. Falcon, Law
Marissa Taylor Fehrman, Law Shaun Fernandez, Law Michael Flagg, Law
John R. Flanagan, Law Mayra Garay, Law Daniel R. Garrison, Law David Lloyd George, Law Aleasa Marie Guerra, Law Adrianna M. Guida, Law Aliyah J. Guidry, Law
Manuel Robert Gurule Jr., Law Meredith Hall, Law
Paige Hall, Law
Corey John Hallquist, Law Morgan Edward Hansen, Law Esteban Constantino Hernandez, Law Hugo E. Hernandez-Diaz, Law Michael Hill, Law
Sierra Hopkins, Law Mary Agnes Huggins, Law Ken L. Ideker, Law
Chenelle Latrice Jackson, Law Christopher L. Janof, Law Tracie M. Jefcik, Law Cory Jay Jeffers, Law Tianna Alee Jefferson, Law Carmen "C.J." Johnson, Law Whitney Marie Jones, Law
Zaniah Armani Jordan-Clanton, Law Shannon A. Kallin, Law Bailey Rose Karas, Law Mark S. Kasminoff, Law Aden F. Kebede, Law
Robert Blair Knudsen, Law Brittney Alexandra Lehtinen, Law Emily Bancroft Lown, Law Astasia Tierra Lucas, Law Astasia Tierra Lucas, Law Taylor A. Malkin, Law Andrea Lynne Mass, Law Austin Matthew Maul, Law Uzoma K. Mbelu, Law Ryan McConnell, Law Lada Della Mead, Law Zachary Ryan Meyer, Law Tammi Musumeci, Law Chunyi Na, Law
Dean O'connell Navalta, Law Andrea Herrod Nemmers, Law Amanda Netuschil, Law Hailey C. Nicklin, Law Christian P. Ogata, Law Lina Oraha, Law Megan M. Ortiz, Law
2021 Spring Commencement 27
Kami Orton, Law
Jungmin James Park, Law
Kaila E. Patrick, Law
Michelle Charisma Perales, Law
Radhika Pochampally Kunnel, Law
James Puccinelli, Law
Coulter T. Reynolds, Law
Aida Rina, Law
Jose Isabel Rivera Jr., Law
Christopher Rose, Law
Trenton Drue Ross, Law
Pedro L. Santana, Law
Praveen Saran, Law
Nathaniel E. Saxe, Law
Elizabeth Scheinman, Law
Austin Alexander Schneider, Law
Victoria Adelaida Sedillo, Law
Niki Shadoan, Law
Miriam Shumway, Law
Amanda T. Stafford, Law
Peyton Stein, Law
Breanna Kaelynn Switzler, Law
Daniel Joseph Tafoya Jr., Law
Patrick Tarzi, Law
Megan Brooke Thompson, Law
Pengxiang Tian, Law
Brooke Nicole Tyrrell, Law
Heron Vasquez III, Law
Andrea L. Vieira, Law
Kathleen Villatoro, Law
Scott Vivier, Law
Scott T Whitworth, Law
Jackson Wong, Law
Casey Amari Xavier, Law
Jennifer E. Yee, Law
Richard C. Young, Law
Ernest C Zacher, Law
Graduate Cottage Spring 2021
Doctor of Philosophy
Rosnidar Binte Arshad, Curriculum & Instruction
Standardized Test and the Covid-19 Pandemic: A
Phenomenological Multi-Site Case Study of Singapore and Southern Nevada Within a Culturally Responsive Evaluation Framework
28 2021 Spring Commencement
Nicole Lynn Atwell, Special Education
Effects of an Online Learning Module for Pediatricians
Regarding Early Intervention Services
Fatmana K. Deniz, Special Education
Cognitive Autonomy Supportive Teaching Behaviors:
Perceptions of Four Groups of Educators
Paula F. Kerchenski, Special Education
Finding Ways to Increase Physical Activity in Students
With Disabilities in a Social Distance World
Chengcheng Li, Teacher Education
School Climate, Teacher Self-Efficacy, and Teaching Practices: Evidence from TALIS 2018
Lashaun Duran Limbrick, Curriculum & Instruction
We Gon' Be Alright: A Narrative Inquiry With Black Male Doctoral Students
Yvonne Camille Morris, Curriculum & Instruction
Still We Rise: A Black Feminist Qualitative Inquiry
Exploring Black Women’s Experiences on Twitter
Marcela Rodriguez-Campo, Curriculum & Instruction
Nos/otrxs Que Fuimos Separados: Recovering
Testimonios of Separation and Resilience
Kyle Rogers, Curriculum & Instruction
Popular Culture as a Tool for Critical Pedagogy: A Case Study
Ebony E. Sherman, Curriculum & Instruction
Disrupting the Special Education Referral Pipeline:
Teachers' Perceptions of African American Student Behavior in the General Education Class - A Combined Sequential Mixed Method Study
Catherine L. Turner, Curriculum & Instruction
Examining the Experiences of LGBTQ DPT Students: A
Critical Ethnography
Yunying Xu, Curriculum & Instruction
Understanding Visual Language and Visual Literacy:
A Case Study of Young Children's Meaning Making of Complex Wordless Picturebooks
Doctor of Musical Arts
Yaxin Chen, Performance
Yellow River Piano Concerto
David A. Coyner, Performance
Professional Instrumental Conductors Use of Feedback Styles in Rehearsals
Xin Guo, Performance
The Archetypal Female Image of Chinese National Opera: A Study of Xi Shi
loannis Protopapas, Performance
Dimitri Mitropoulos - A Champion of New Music
Yuxin Zhao, Performance
The Bridge from Etude to Repertoire: Hermann Six
Concert Studies, Op. 18
Doctor of Philosophy
Tajanae LaBria Barnes, English
Black Women Have the Right to Choose: Understanding Personal Trauma, Physical Agency, and Progressive Mental Health of Fictionalized Black Women
Mirae J. Fornander, Psychology
Defining Problematic School Absenteeism: Identifying
Youth at Risk
Carly A. Hunter, English
Death, Dying, and the Eternally Damned: Blood, Medicine, and the Occupation of the Female Body in Gothic
Todd J. Martinez, English
"My World has Become One of Infinite Possibilities": Recoding Popular Culture and Transculturation in Modern U.S. Ethnic Fiction
Angela C. Moor, History
Getting Hitched and Unhitched: The History of Marriage and Divorce in Las Vegas 1931-1965
Andrew Joseph Rhoades, English
The Unfinished Enlightenment Novel: Studies in Indeterminacy and Democracy
Jennifer M. Stevens, Sociology
Blue Lives Matter: Identity and the Internet
Joseph P. Thomson, History
A Tale of Two Townsites: The Formative Years of the Las
Vegas Valley 1902-1907
Cristina I. Tica, Anthropology
The Barbaricum Trilogy: A Bioarchaeological Approach to Deciphering Sarmatians' Saga on the Great Hungarian Plain
Breanne Danielle Yerkes, Psychology
Acoustic and Semantic Processing of Speech and Nonspeech Sounds in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Doctor of Philosophy
Adrienne Mamie Bugayong, Biological Sciences
Elucidating the Role of Tubby in Retinal Degeneration and Obesity
Cheng Chen, Astronomy
The Evolution of the Dead Zone in Circumplanetary Disk
Jennifer M. Clark, Biological Sciences
The Role of Hormone and Nutrition Signaling in Extended Larval Development and Obesity in Starvation-Selected Drosophila melanogaster
Christopher J. Defelice, Geoscience
Petrogenesis of Hawaiian Lavas: Investigations Using
Radiogenic and Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes
David J. Linkletter, Mathematical Sciences
Exploring the Choiceless Cardinal Hierarchy
Joshua Reagan, Mathematical Sciences
Topics in Logic and Set Theory
Lorena Palma Samentar, Biological Sciences
Development of a Novel Alzheimer's Therapy
Jeremy L. Smallwood, Astronomy
Accretion and Debris Disc Dynamics Around Single and
Higher-Order Star Systems
Jillian N. Socea, Biological Sciences
Implications of the Evolutionary Past on the Activities of VirB: A Key Transcriptional Regulator of Virulence Genes in Shigella flexneri
Casey Stamereilers, Biological Sciences
Comparative Genomics of *Paenibacillus larvae* bacteriophages
Doctor of Philosophy
Jason Avedesian, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
The Influence of Sports-Related Concussion on Lower Extremity Injury Risk in Adolescent and Collegiate Athletes
Kevin Choe, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
The Influence of Resistance Training on Post Surgical Outcomes and Gait Biomechanics in Individuals With Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Jason K. Longhurst, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Development of a Novel Cognitive-Motor Dual Task Assessment Battery in Neurodegenerative Disease
2021 Spring Commencement 29
Cordero D. Roche, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
Impact of Asymmetry During Jump Performance
Robert William Salatto, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences The Effects of Green Exercise on Perception and Connectedness to Nature
Doctor of Philosophy
Linsey A. Belisle, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Exploring the Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences Among Gendered Racial/Ethnic Groups of Justice- Involved Youth
Ashley M. Hernandez-Hall, Public Affairs
Nonprofit Data Management: A Stage Model
Tereza Trejbalova, Criminology and Criminal Justice Predictors of Violent and Non-Violent Institutional Infractions of Death Row Prisoners
Matthew P. West, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Bystanders? Willingness to Report Crimes and Cooperate With Legal Authorities: The Role of Individual and Contextual Differences
Doctor of Public Policy
Ivet Aldaba
Closing the Gap: Comprehensive K-12 Mental Health Curriculum
Jeffrey L. Buchanan
Policy Strategy for Assisting in the Reduction of Police Officer and Firefighter Suicidality
Nadia Celina Czesky
Bias Incident Reporting on College Campuses
Michele Freeman
Suicide Awareness and Prevention for Law Enforcement Officers
Michael P. Lawrence
The Battle Born Carryover Model: A Budget Carry-Over Incentive Policy Proposal
Cindy Lee-Tataseo
Safety of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products in the United States
Amber Lopez Lasater
The Hybrid Workforce Advancement Model: Addressing the Impact of Technology Disruption for At-Risk Workers
Maria X. Marinch
Inequity in Education: An Integrated Solution for Change
30 2021 Spring Commencement
Jennifer Louise McCarthy
Prioritizing Campus Infrastructure Needs in Nevada
Ashton L. Ridley
Uniformity & Continuity Paid Family Leave
Christina Maria Vela
Identification of Children at Highest Risk of Commercial Sex Trafficking
Chad R. Warren
A Policy Plan to Coordinate Strategic Philanthropy Within the State of Nevada and the Nevada System of Higher Education
Doctor of Philosophy
Brandon W. Blackstone, Electrical Engineering
Dynamic Analysis of a Microgrid Powered With an Inverter and Machine-Based Distributed Resources
Visar Farhangi, Civil & Environmental Engineering Development of LRFD Side Shear and End Bearing Resistance Factors of Axially Loaded Drilled Shafts in Soil Containing Caliche Layers, Using Monte Carlo Method
Md Shakhawat Hossen, Civil & Environmental Engineering Improving Pedestrian Safety With Implementation of the Demand-Responsive Transverse Rumble Strip as New Traffic Safety Countermeasure
Wenchen Ma, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to High Sustained Stresses
Zakai J. Olsen, Mechanical Engineering
A Hyperelastic Porous Media Framework for Ionic Polymer-Metal Composites and Characterization of Transduction Phenomena via Dimensional Analysis and Nonlinear Regression
Maria D. Ramos Gonzalez, Mechanical Engineering
Experimental Study of a Patient-Tailored Polycarbonate Urethane Knee Implant Using Custom-Designed Test Machine
Rubab Saher, Civil & Environmental Engineering
A Kaleidoscope of Urban Evapotraspiration: Exploring the Science and Modeling Approach
Doctor of Occupational Therapy
Karmella Castro Bognot, Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Essential Competencies for Occupational Therapy in End- of-Life Care
Teresa Liccardo, Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Health and Wellness Competencies for an Entry-Level Doctorate Occupational Therapy Course
Doctor of Physical Therapy
James Anthony Anderson
Description and Validation of a Novel Ground-Reaction- Force-Triggered Protocol for Simulation of Tripping Perturbations During Gait
Jynelle Marie Guerrero Arches
Effects of Altered Somatosensory Input on Lower Limb Mechanics via Different Shoes and Barefoot Walking in Individuals With Chronic Post-Stroke Hemiparesis
Eric Michael Bashaw
Quality Assurance of Service Learning Back School
Jordan Bowers
Stepping On Fall Prevention Project
Gavin Brady
Recruitment and Advocacy for Clinician Involvement in
Pro Bono Physical Therapy Service-Learning Program
Rafael Lorenzo Cabrera
Effects of Bimodal Transcranial Direct Current
Stimulation on Modulation of Spinal Circuitry in People With Chronic Post-Stroke Hemiparesis
Gilberto Alejandro Carrillo
Recruitment and Advocacy for Clinician Involvement in
Pro Bono Physical Therapy Service-Learning Program
Zachary Alexander Clark
Is Decreased Trunk Flexion Angle a Contributing
Factor to Patellofemoral Joint Loading in Runners With Patellofemoral Pain?
Felicia Katheleen Doblado
Recruitment and Advocacy for Clinician Involvement in
Pro Bono Physical Therapy Service-Learning Program
Christine Angelica DuVall
Is Decreased Trunk Flexion Angle a Contributing
Factor to Patellofemoral Joint Loading in Runners With Patellofemoral Pain?
Catrina A. Fabian
Description and Validation of a Novel Ground-Reaction- Force-Triggered Protocol for Simulation of Tripping Perturbations During Gait
Tavin G. Fox
Is Decreased Trunk Flexion Angle a Contributing
Factor to Patellofemoral Joint Loading in Runners With Patellofemoral Pain?
Lea Fung
Stepping on Fall Prevention Project
James Gaddi
Stepping On Fall Prevention Project
John Patrick Dungca Gan
Effects of Bimodal Transcranial Direct Current
Stimulation on Modulation of Spinal Circuitry in People
With Chronic Post-Stroke Hemiparesis
Samuel Jackson Hadley
Description and Validation of a Novel Ground-Reaction- Force-Triggered Protocol for Simulation of Tripping Perturbations During Gait
Caitlin Ann Howden
Is Decreased Trunk Flexion Angle a Contributing
Factor to Patellofemoral Joint Loading in Runners With Patellofemoral Pain?
Kameron Jacobson
A Vicious Cycle of Fear of Falling Avoidance Behavior in Parkinson's Disease: A Path Analysis
Megan Leigh Keohane
Effects of Altered Somatosensory Input on Lower Limb Mechanics via Different Shoes and Barefoot Walking in Individuals With Chronic Post- Stroke Hemiparesis
Lana Lorain Laudermilch
Effects of Bimodal Transcranial Direct Current
Stimulation on Modulation of Spinal Circuitry in People
With Chronic Post-Stroke Hemiparesis
Wee Jin Jed Lee
Effects of Altered Somatosensory Input on Lower Limb Mechanics via Different Shoes and Barefoot Walking in Individuals With Chronic Post- Stroke Hemiparesis
John Paul Lencioni
Dancer Screening Clinic
Kristen Manaloto
Dancer Screening Clinic
Nicole Emi Matsunami
A Vicious Cycle of Fear of Falling Avoidance Behavior in Parkinson's Disease: A Path Analysis
Hannah Elizabeth-Habighorst McCarl
A Vicious Cycle of Fear of Falling Avoidance Behavior in Parkinson's Disease: A Path Analysis
David Jim Miller
AM-PAC® Basic Mobility Inpatient Short Form (Low Function) Psychometrics/Clinimetrics
2021 Spring Commencement 31
Cailin Mitchell
Patient Engagement in Cosmetic Designing of Prostheses: Current Practice and Potential Outcome Benefits
Cheuk Wing Denise Ng
Description and Validation of a Novel Ground-Reaction- Force-Triggered Protocol for Simulation of Tripping Perturbations During Gait
Laura Thao Nguyen
Dancer Screening Clinic
Tyler Parvin
Quality Assurance of Service Learning Back School
Ryan Auguste Pauly
Quality Assurance of Service Learning Back School
Vu Pham
Quality Assurance of Service Learning Back School
Michelle Lee Tortusa Regis
A Vicious Cycle of Fear of Falling Avoidance Behavior in Parkinson's Disease: A Path Analysis
Kenneth Repayo
Patient Engagement in Cosmetic Designing of Prostheses: Current Practice and Potential Outcome Benefits
Aaron Abraham Simon
Effects of Altered Somatosensory Input on Lower Limb Mechanics via Different Shoes and Barefoot Walking in Individuals With Chronic Post- Stroke Hemiparesis
Selena Mae Soria
AM-PAC® Basic Mobility Inpatient Short Form (Low
Function) Psychometrics/Clinimetrics
Kathleen Mary Rae Stone
Inter and Intra-Rater Reliability of Dance Screening Tool
Matthew Douglas Tillitt
Patient Engagement in Cosmetic Designing of Prostheses: Current Practice and Potential Outcome Benefits
Braden Jeffrey Waters
Inter and Intra-Rater Reliability of Dance Screening Tool
Collin Robert Weber
Patient Engagement in Cosmetic Designing of Prostheses: Current Practice and Potential Outcome Benefits
Benjamin Wolkenhauer
Effects of Bimodal Transcranial Direct Current
Stimulation on Modulation of Spinal Circuitry in People
With Chronic Post-Stroke Hemiparesis
32 2021 Spring Commencement
Meghan Nicole Wonderling
AM-PAC® Basic Mobility Inpatient Short Form (Low
Function) Psychometrics/Clinimetrics
Alyssa Kiana Woo
Recruitment and Advocacy for Clinician Involvement in Pro Bono Physical Therapy Service-Learning Program
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Violeta Aguirre
Acute Care Nurse Practitioners' Role in the ICU: A Retrospective Analysis of Central Line Access Delays for Patients in Septic Shock
Joe Alvarado
Implementation of a Protocol in the Freestanding Emergency Department to Screen For and Identify Possible Victims of Human Trafficking
Aysa Marcela Chavarria
Job Burnout: An Examination of Outpatient Clinics
Alena Grewal
Comparison of 12-Hour Biweekly Shifts versus 6-Hour Weekly Shifts on Learning Outcomes and Fatigue in Nursing Students on Dedicated Educational Unit
Crystal Celeste Huffaker
Improving Self-Care Measures of Hypertension Through Implementation of an Education and Action Plan
Zandra Kay Johnson
Transient Ischemic Attacks Evaluation and Management in Specialized Urgent Care Facilities
Patricia A. Nill
Improving Therapeutic Communication in Mental Health Nursing: A Quality Improvement Project
Christine Jane Oliver
Increasing Perioperative Outpatient Nurses' Knowledge of Pediatric Anxiety Through Use of a Clinical Guide
Andra Staff Scano
Developing Strategic Partnerships to Impact Population Health
Kayla Sullivan
An Intervention to Improve Nurses' Knowledge, Perceived Safety, and Confidence in Identifying and Managing Workplace Violence: A Translation of Evidence into Practice
Stacy Sumpter
An Evaluation of Care Coordination in Reducing Depression and Emergency Room Visits
Allyson C. Waldron
Opioid and Naloxone Training in a Rural School District
Christine Amanda Young
Nursing Toolkit for Pediatric Patients With Suicidal
Doctor of Philosophy
Frank U. Akpati, Nursing
Investigating Acculturation, Health-Promoting Lifestyle, and Health Status of Nigerian Immigrants in the United States
Jayme G. Haynes, Nursing
Does a Discourse Intervention Help To Change
Knowledge and Attitude About End-of-Life Care in BSN Nursing Students?
Keshia Ryan Kotula, Nursing
Factors Influencing the Self-Reported Palliative Care
Practices of Acute Care Nurses
Doctor of Philosophy
Maria Amaris Knight, Public Health
Social Emotional Learning as a Universal Upstream
Approach to Youth Suicide Prevention: A Secondary Data
Analysis of a Prevention Program Evaluation
Iwimbong Kum Ghabowen, Public Health
Quality of Care: A Business Case for US Hospitals
Bertille 0. Mavegam Tango, Public Health
Food Insecurity and Risky Sexual Behaviors Among College Students
Doctor of Philosophy
Sungeun Kim, Hospitality Administration
Measuring Quality of Virtual Event: Scale Development and Validation
Hyo G. Song, Hospitality Administration
A Study on Mukbang User's Consuming Behavior
Graduate CoUege
Artist Diploma
Rizwan Jagani
Specialist in Education
Maria Refugio Nunez Anaya, School Psychology
Jose Andrade-Aguilera, School Psychology
Amber Nicole Chesworth, School Psychology
Allison Kelsey Cook, School Psychology
Kayla Marie Doyle, School Psychology
Uma Kittusamy, School Psychology
Camille Paige Layseca, School Psychology
Vincent Henry C. Limtiaco, Curriculum and Instruction
Lindsay Aura Mathers, School Psychology
Michael Matthews, School Psychology
Cassandra A. Millar, School Psychology
Alayna Michelle Sacca, School Psychology
Kristina K. Schmid, Curriculum and Instruction
Diana Zarate Schmitt, School Psychology
Hannah Jeanette Steventon, School Psychology
Executive Master of Healthcare Administration
Amanda A. Annan, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration
Christopher D. Bishop, Executive Master of Healthcare
Cassietta Jefferson, Executive Master of Healthcare
Lakeiwa Johnson, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration
Brittany Ann Lewis, Executive Master of Healthcare
Thomas C. Urso, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration
Master of Architecture
Nick Calio, Architecture
Roger George Dey III, Architecture
Maria Dos Santos, Architecture
Skylar Michael Fontana, Architecture
Jerry Jiang, Architecture
Andrew William Kennedy, Architecture
Jose Ricardo Leon Serrano, Architecture
John V. Mata, Architecture
David Navarrete, Architecture
Mike Oliver Puga, Architecture
Jaclyn Danielle Roth, Architecture
Master of Arts
Brian Phillip Alvarez, Urban Leadership
Forynthia Byrd Andres, Urban Leadership
Joshua Barney, Communication Studies
Emily Bolshazy, Criminal Justice
Julio C. Borjas, Hispanic Studies
Darby Marie Buckley, Criminal Justice
Jordan Michael Buuck, Communication Studies
Alexander Carmer, Anthropology
Elena Carrillo, Urban Leadership
Luke Coulter, English
Emily Ruth Edmonds, Anthropology
Maribel Estrada Calderon, History
Tsega Fasil, Criminal Justice
2021 Spring Commencement 33
Chaz Anthony Fernandez, Political Science
Jeremy Brandon Freeman, English
Anne Clarice Fabian Ganadillo, Urban Leadership
Dayonara Saufaiga Gaoteote, Journalism & Media Studies
Ashley Bibiana Garrido, Urban Leadership
Megan Grace Giovannini, Criminal Justice
Jessica Hernandez, Criminal Justice
Faebahnna Gift Dean James, Urban Leadership
Megan Grace Kelly, Criminal Justice
Jennifer L. Kimball, History
Alexander Paul Kobelt, Urban Leadership
Huni Luo, Urban Leadership
Renee Ali Maalouf, English
Kayleigh Ann Meighan, Anthropology
Stephanie Milliner, Urban Leadership
Pranava Ballesteros Moody, Urban Leadership
Benjamin J. Morse, Journalism & Media Studies
Michael Mathias Mutzhaus, Political Science
Ei T. Myint, Economics
Jaimee Nix, Sociology
Guadalupe Ortiz, Criminal Justice
Kaylie Pattni, Political Science
Johansen Christopher Pico, Communication Studies
Roxayn Lee Povidas, Anthropology
Christopher Alexander Rivers, Political Science
Ashley Shank, Criminal Justice
Alexandra Shear, History
Emily H. Sims, Criminal Justice
Gvidon Stamboltsyan, Hispanic Studies
Alexander Valle, English
Antonela E. Verdha, English
Daniel Allen Walsh, Communication Studies
Sara Ann Walters, Criminal Justice
Marc Wardle, Journalism & Media Studies
Sarah Warso, English
Kamali'ilani Theresa Elizabeth Wetherell, Criminal Justice
DeAira Micole Williams, Urban Leadership
Leah Nicole Williams, Urban Leadership
Stacey Glover Williams, Urban Leadership
Master of Business Administration
Arvin Alexander, Business Administration
Jungjoo Bae, Business Administration
Angela Monica Barbaryan, Business Administration
Anthony Charles Castro, Business Administration
Christina M. Ellis, Business Administration
Kevin D. Everage, Business Administration
Andrew James Holbert, Business Administration
Jun Jin, Business Administration
Chandra Sekhar Kamineni, Business Administration
Deaudre Lecato, Business Administration
Jennifer Lin Lee, Business Administration
Jonathan R. Martin, Business Administration Uzoma K. Mbelu, Business Administration Conner Gerald McCubbin, Business Administration Jamie Hyon Nam, Business Administration
Tanner Lee Nelson, Business Administration Hailey C. Nicklin, Business Administration Margaret Susanna Pacholuk, Business Administration Jason Amit Patel, Business Administration Michael T. Sands, Business Administration Zachary S. Singer, Business Administration
Philip H. Son, Business Administration
James Christopher Spatafore, Business Administration Kyle Richard Stefan, Business Administration Kenneth Stojak, Business Administration
Brooke Alexandria Stover, Business Administration Francesca P. Strawther, Business Administration Tracy Katherine Strycharski, Business Administration Vincent Mu-Shyuan Wang, Business Administration Marcus Webster, Business Administration Michael Sun Williams, Business Administration Yanru Yang, Business Administration
Emma Chen Zeng, Business Administration
Master of Education
Julie E. Acheson, Curriculum & Instruction Sara Libby Ackeret, Educational Policy and Leadership Aaron J. Ainsworth, Curriculum & Instruction Nicholas James Ainsworth, Special Education Breanna Jade Alamilla, Curriculum & Instruction Carly Paige Albanese, Early Childhood Education Katelyn Nicole Anderson, Curriculum & Instruction Melissa Dee Angle, Special Education Hayden Ashley, Special Education
Paige Marie Bagby, Curriculum & instruction Alyssa Ann Ballew, Special Education
Cheyna Baugh, Educational Policy and Leadership Jenny Marie Beissel Rosales, Curriculum & Instruction Kevin Allan Bennett, Curriculum & Instruction Jonathan Bilwani, Special Education Anna Karine Blomdal, Special Education Brianna Bolinger, Curriculum & Instruction
Kenneth Durrell Brown Jr., Curriculum & Instruction Monica L. Brown, Educational Policy and Leadership Vincent J. Bullard, Special Education
Joshua Bunzel, Curriculum & Instruction Zoila Magdalena Burgara, Special Education Brandon Buskirk, Curriculum & Instruction Stacy L. Carpenter, Counselor Education Amanda Cary Carrillo, Curriculum & Instruction Dustin Kasey Carver, Curriculum & Instruction Victoria Cattanach, Curriculum & Instruction Danielle Chami, Curriculum & Instruction
Kaela Nicole Chantawansri, Curriculum & Instruction
Justin Choi, Curriculum & Instruction
Minjung Choi, Special Education
Chui Shan Chong, Curriculum & Instruction
Theodore Addams Christian, Curriculum & Instruction
Jessica Dawn Claborn, Educational Policy and Leadership
Courtney Clark, Curriculum & Instruction
Darlene Renee Conwell, Curriculum & Instruction
Joshua A. Dacres, Curriculum & Instruction
Jeanette M. Danzak, Curriculum & Instruction
Son Thanh Dao, Special Education
Lizbeth Marie Diaz, Special Education
Ashley Diggins, Curriculum & Instruction
Lauren Nicole Doolin, Early Childhood Education
Jasmine M. Dortch, Curriculum & Instruction
Jessica Ann Drinkwine, Curriculum & Instruction
Jillian Mitra Ebrahimi, Curriculum & Instruction
Ellie Edgar, Curriculum & Instruction
Mary Enwemaya, Curriculum & Instruction
Thomas Quinten Faber, Curriculum & Instruction
Tessa Leigh Fabritius, Curriculum & Instruction
Caroline Farah, Higher Education
Doreen Farmer, Educational Policy and Leadership
Vanessa McCall Fuss, Curriculum & Instruction
Christian Alexander Garcia, Curriculum & Instruction
Chrysa Alexandra Gatsios, Higher Education
Amy Gault, Curriculum & Instruction
Kasey Getkin, Curriculum & Instruction
Michelle Lee Goldyn, Educational Policy and Leadership
Jessica Isabelle Mercedes Gomez, Curriculum & Instruction
DeAndra Faye Greer, Higher Education
Jennifer Grennan, Educational Policy and Leadership
Larry Griffin, Curriculum & Instruction
Allison Gruskin, Educational Policy and Leadership
Jessica Leigh Gunderman, English Language Learning
Kellie Rochelle Hamrick, Special Education
Marlene Tara Hart, Educational Policy and Leadership
Megan Hastings, Special Education
Jillian Hennessy, Curriculum & Instruction
Daisy Hernandez, English Language Learning
Ezekiel Herndon, Special Education
Liliana Herrejon, Curriculum & Instruction
Mary Ashley Hughes, Educational Policy and Leadership
Paige Hunt, Curriculum & Instruction
Ambreen Islam, Educational Policy and Leadership
Domonique Jeanette Jackson, Educational Policy and Leadership
Sonya Jackson, Curriculum & Instruction
Dennis D. Jenner, Curriculum & Instruction
Bridget Johns, Curriculum & Instruction
Erica Jenise Johnson, Curriculum & Instruction
Taheesha Denean Johnson, Educational Policy and Leadership
James W. Jones, Curriculum & Instruction Timothy Ryan Keener, Special Education Taylor Rose Kennedy, Curriculum & Instruction Charles E. Klein, Higher Education William Kreitler, Higher Education
Rita Kundanani, Educational Policy and Leadership Kimberly Kuretich, Counselor Education
Winston Tepace Lacuesta, Curriculum & Instruction Brian Laich, Curriculum & Instruction Michael Brian Leary, Special Education
Daisha LeBeau, Curriculum & Instruction Sydney Ledsinger, Curriculum & Instruction Nicole Anne Leisy, Curriculum & Instruction Kelly Leiva, Special Education
Roy Leon, Curriculum & Instruction Caroline Liendo, Curriculum & Instruction Dawn Lockett, Educational Policy and Leadership Jessica Raye Longhurst, Special Education Jesus Yael Lopez, Curriculum & Instruction Samantha Lopez, Curriculum & Instruction Lissa Pilar Love, Special Education Jacob Luna, Curriculum & Instruction Kiley Lynds, Early Childhood Education Meera S. Maheedhariah, Special Education Maggie Dean Manwarren, Special Education
Michelle Nicholas Massis, Curriculum & Instruction Daniel S. Mast, Curriculum & Instruction Laura McCormick, Curriculum & Instruction Marissa Diane Medina, Early Childhood Education Schyler Merrills, Special Education Courtney L. Merz, Counselor Education Christina Molina, Higher Education
Michaela Julian Morris, Special Education Kerrissa Morton, Early Childhood Education Alize Mott Jones, Curriculum & Instruction Stephen Nagle Murphy, Curriculum & Instruction Amanda Estee Newman, Curriculum & Instruction Angela Niemann, Educational Policy and Leadership Cori Nip, Educational Policy and Leadership Kelly Jane Odor, Curriculum & Instruction Nathaniel Masashige Oishi, Higher Education Patricia Ojeda, Educational Policy and Leadership Stephanie Olsen, Special Education
Joseph Christopher Orosco Jr., Curriculum & Instruction Kassidy Christina O'Rourke, Special Education
Ashley Kay Ortega, Educational Policy and Leadership Jodean Oviatt, Educational Policy and Leadership Paddy C. Pang, Curriculum & Instruction
Patrick Ralph Panknin Jr., Curriculum & Instruction Jeffrey Daniel Parfitt, Special Education Danielle Parven, Curriculum & Instruction
34 2021 Spring Commencement
2021 Spring Commencement 35
Jazmin Kiani Pavon, Special Education
Nayda Peace, Curriculum & Instruction
Brittaney Pearson, Early Childhood Education
Janet Perez, Educational Policy and Leadership
Ethan Marshall Perrigo, Curriculum & Instruction
Maxwell Allen Pickens, Curriculum & Instruction
Marilyn Rose Prosser, Curriculum & Instruction
Ana Laura Quiroz-Samayoa, Curriculum & Instruction
Thea Leticia Racelis, Curriculum & Instruction
Kristen Ramaila, Special Education
Anyssa Raven Ramirez, Curriculum & Instruction
Stacey Reed, Curriculum & Instruction
Katlin A. Repetti, Special Education
Deven Richardson, Curriculum & Instruction
Kelly Sims Rickards, Educational Policy and Leadership
Maria E. Rivera Quintero, Curriculum & Instruction
Jada Monique Robinson, Special Education
Diana Rodriguez, Early Childhood Education
Elias Rodriguez, Curriculum & Instruction
Deisha Alisce Rojas, Special Education
Valeria Rojo, Curriculum & Instruction
Steven A. Romero, Curriculum & Instruction
Stephanie Jean Root, Curriculum & Instruction
Wesley Rose, Curriculum & Instruction
Janet Susan Roth, Curriculum & Instruction
Jason E. Saltzman, Curriculum & Instruction
Austin Joseph Salvador, Curriculum & Instruction
Lauren Victoria Sanchez, Counselor Education
Moises Santiago, Curriculum & Instruction
Marissa E. Sarandos, Curriculum & Instruction
Susan Elaine Schaller, Special Education
Stephanie Seitzer, Curriculum & Instruction
Maria Cecilia Serna, Educational Policy and Leadership
Marline Shamlol, Higher Education
Ralphael Louis Shaw, Curriculum & Instruction
Reem Christine Shehata, Curriculum & Instruction
Jonathan Silva, Special Education
Kimberly Lynn Smolen, Curriculum & Instruction
Allyson Kathleen Stanley, Educational Policy and Leadership Samantha L. Steel, Curriculum & Instruction
Logan Creed Wilson Stumbo, Curriculum & Instruction
Eli Sambi Sugiura, Curriculum & Instruction
Ana M. Tervo, Educational Policy and Leadership
Nanci Tischler, Curriculum & Instruction
John H. Todd, Educational Policy and Leadership
Thuan Thi Huynh Tong-Haase, Special Education
Jennifer Antionette Ure, Special Education
Elsy Carolina Urquilla, Counselor Education
Taliah T. Ursery, Special Education
Robert Anthony Valencia, Curriculum & Instruction
Elizabeth Valle, Counselor Education
36 2021 Spring Commencement
Nastassja Vargas, Educational Policy and Leadership
Sara Vuich, Curriculum & Instruction
Shante Linae Walker, Special Education
Shannon Marie Wallace, Educational Policy and Leadership
Hayley Felicia Walton, Special Education
Akela Watson, Curriculum & Instruction
Chelbie C. Whitaker-Burton, Special Education
Danielle Williams, Educational Policy and Leadership
Dolores Williamson, Educational Policy and Leadership
Jesus Eduardo Zarate, Curriculum & Instruction
Korina Zepeda, Curriculum & Instruction
Dylan Michelle Zinszer, Early Childhood Education
Gabriela Zuniga, Curriculum & Instruction
Master of Fine Arts
Therin Alois Alrik, Creative Writing
Anthony Kelly Farris, Creative Writing
Cody James Gambino, Creative Writing
Matthew Ginovsky, Theatre Arts
Brian Hollander, Theatre Arts
Ruth Anne Larmore, Creative Writing
Chantelle Alexa Mitchell, Creative Writing
Larry Brandon Mowles, Writing for Dramatic Media
Brittney Nicole Price, Theatre Arts
Xiaoqiu Qiu, Creative Writing
Marie E. Reff, Writing for Dramatic Media
Chelsi Lynn Sayti, Creative Writing
Kirt Matthew Siders, Theatre Arts
Mina S. Smith, Theatre Arts
Alan Stogin, Theatre Arts
Jordan Thomas Sutlive, Creative Writing
Xiaomeng Tang, Art
Shelby Westika, Art
Master of Health Care Administration
Connor Joseph Gahre, Healthcare Administration
Jenny Yuen Ying Ha, Healthcare Administration
Iqbal Hanifzai, Healthcare Administration
Talih Kadi, Healthcare Administration
Sierra Larson, Healthcare Administration
Praise Obiezu, Healthcare Administration
Cameron Zachary Olson, Healthcare Administration
Master of Hospitality Administration
Kaitlin Elizabeth Cirillo, Hospitality Administration
Jamell Dickerson, Hospitality Administration
Debbie E. Ngai, Hospitality Administration
Holly Michelle Titanic, Hospitality Administration
Master of Music
Ryan N. Bond, Music
Zachary A. Curtis, Music
Haylee Jacoi Glenn, Music
Dianne Katz, Music
Haeun Kim, Music
Kyung-Jin Lee, Music
Jeffrey M. Morgan, Music
Micaela Nielson, Music
Robert 0. Shipley, Music
Susan Thiriot, Music
Brenna Ward, Music
Master of Public Administration
Jayson T. Andrus, Public Administration
Imad A. Bachin, Public Administration
Arturo Baltazar Jr„ Public Administration
Andrew Jesse Carlson, Public Administration
Jordan Coleman, Public Administration
Traci Maria Decker, Public Administration
Genevieve Uniza Enriquez, Public Administration
Cassandra Marie Gyorkos, Public Administration
Katrina Marie Juco-Hernandez, Public Administration
Elizabeth Mares, Public Administration
Benjamin Rolando McFarlane, Public Administration
Christine Nolan, Public Administration
Eva Nowinski, Public Administration
Erick Daniel Ochoa, Public Administration
Wences Perez, Public Administration
Karina Pozniak, Public Administration
Melissa L. Ramos, Public Administration
Sean Robinson, Public Administration
Joan Delos Reyes Robledo, Public Administration
Nicole Marie Snytsheuvel, Public Administration
Mike Sutera, Public Administration
Master of Public Health
Nataly Arellano Rodriguez, Public Health
Jessie Castelan, Public Health
Brittany Cobb, Public Health
April Saramosing Cruda, Public Health
Elizabeth D. Kahane, Public Health
Victoria Nicole Rich, Public Health
Monica Sinha, Public Health
Adugna Teka Siweya, Public Health
Kimberly Ann Dy Tomas, Public Health
Denise Vidal, Public Health
Master of Science
Alex Kaleialoha Ahia, Accounting
Neishan Ali, Health Physics
Ommar Francisco Alvarez, Data Analytics and Applied Economics
Mariana Isabel Alvarez Perez, Accounting
Lucas R. Amorelli, Management Information Systems
Shannon-Dorothy D. Austria, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Jungjoo Bae, Hotel Administration
Ameer Bahhur, Educational Psychology
Michael D. Bertetto, Hotel Administration
Taylor Robert Bickford, Emergency and Crisis Management
Aine Buckley, Accounting
Andrew Harley Buffington, Management Information Systems
Jessica Abinal Caigoy, Accounting
Alexandra Michelle Carbone, Accounting
Corey Cleo Carter, Management Information Systems
Anthony Charles Castro, Management Information Systems
Kelvin Chen, Oral Biology
Nianying Chen, Accounting
Hyein Cheong, Hotel Administration
Darrold L Cordes, Applied Economics and Data Intelligence
Samantha Ariel Cruzado, Accounting
Minhquan Dao, Oral Biology
Winnie B. David, Management Information Systems
Menh Diep, Hotel Administration
Josephine N. Dietrich, Management Information Systems
Christopher Diluigi, Accounting
Dustin Daniel Donoher, Emergency and Crisis Management
Maeve Katherine Dow, Accounting
Crystal S. Dubose, Geoscience
Taylor Nicolas Edwards, Educational Psychology
Jordan Eisinger, Data Analytics and Applied Economics
Christina M. Ellis, Hotel Administration
Victoria Enriquez, Couple and Family Therapy
Cierra Paige Estrada, Emergency and Crisis Management
Paul Ferlazzo, Biochemistry
Rodrigo N. Fernandez, Physics
Mallary Campbell Forrest, Oral Biology
Rachelle Ann Ronquillo Garduque, Accounting
Kenosha Jessica Deon Gee, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Erika Rocio Grata, Accounting
Jacqueline Guillen, Accounting
Timothy Scott Hill, Emergency and Crisis Management
Inga Kirsten Homfeld, Geoscience
Nathaniel Jamal Hughes, Quantitative Finance
Nakia Jackson-Hale, Emergency and Crisis Management
Han Jang, Accounting
Jun Jin, Management Information Systems
Chandra Sekhar Kamineni, Management Information Systems
Namgu Kim, Oral Biology
Un Hyeok Ko, Hotel Administration
Carolyn Ruth Koehn, Biological Sciences
Megan Kolvenbach, Management Information Systems
Kiran Kaushal Kopalley, Management Information Systems
Tyler James Kryst, Biomedical Engineering
Ashish Kumar, Data Analytics and Applied Economics
Nirupama Mohan Latha, Data Analytics and Applied Economics
Jun Hee Lee, Management Information Systems
Junghoon Lee, Hotel Administration
2021 Spring Commencement 37
Ekaterina Lochocki, Accounting
Amy Echo Losee, Accounting
Johnathan David Lytle, Emergency and Crisis Management Janelie Cortel Macanas, Educational Psychology Delsy X. Magana-Lopez, Mathematical Sciences Olivia Nicole Mancuso, Management Information Systems Trenton Robert May, Accounting
Brian Mccambridge, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Eunice J. McKinnon, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Shalee Nicole Meier, Emergency and Crisis Management Tsion Melaku, Management Information Systems Alexander Mena, Emergency and Crisis Management James Mifflin, Geoscience
Gala Milosavljevic, Clinical Mental Health Counseling James Anthony Moore, Emergency and Crisis Management Silvano Moreno, Management Information Systems Gabriela Morgan, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Jamie Hyon Nam, Management Information Systems Brittney Rose Ornelaz, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Joanna Packard, Emergency and Crisis Management Taylor Pegram, Hotel Administration Caesar Pereira, Health Physics Jonathan Pinko, Geoscience
Nikki Lyne Pirtel, Biological Sciences Mythili Pragada, Construction Management Omar Rahman, Management Information Systems David Rivera Polanco, Emergency and Crisis Management Rebecca Marie Ross, Hotel Administration
Jason Christopher Rosser, Accounting Burkey John Rothenberger, Accounting Zussette Sanchez, Emergency and Crisis Management Neil Patrick Savage, Biological Sciences
Katherine Schultz, Biological Sciences
Sydney Taylor Scruggs, Emergency and Crisis Management Lauren Serrato, Accounting
Christian Sierra, Management Information Systems Ethan Snyder, Biomedical Engineering
James Springer, Emergency and Crisis Management Kenneth Stojak, Hotel Administration
Shangming Tan, Accounting
Junda Tao, Management Information Systems Bailey Marie Thomas, Accounting
Robert Thomas, Management Information Systems Noah R. Thorson, Accounting
Melissa Liu Fish Trumbo, Oral Biology
Lisa Tse, Accounting
Elijah Turner, Geoscience
Kyle Tuttle, Oral Biology
Maria Idalia Valdez Parra, Applied Economics and Data Intelligence
Jackeline Ivette Villasenor, Accounting
38 2021 Spring Commencement
Jennifer Vuong, Aerospace Engineering Kotoe K. Wafwa, Accounting
John Whatley, Management Information Systems Yolanda Lynn Wibowo, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Chenoa J. Wilcox, Biological Sciences Christopher D. Wozney, Accounting
Tiange Xu, Hotel Administration Yanjia Yang, Hotel Administration Yanru Yang, Hotel Administration
Eric Yoon, Data Analytics and Applied Economics Ingrid J. Zarate Albarran, Accounting
Ahdee B. Zeidman, Water Resources Management Danijel Zekanovic, Accounting
Dongxuan Zhang, Hotel Administration
Master of Science in Computer Science Deeksha Anniappa, Computer Science Tasmin Chowdhury, Computer Science Edward A. Friesema, Computer Science Manjari Ganapathy, Computer Science Trevor J. Gower, Computer Science Swati Gupta, Computer Science Samridhi Jha, Computer Science Xingwei Liang, Computer Science Sri Kavya Tatikonda, Computer Science Swati Vishwakarma, Computer Science Jiani Ye, Computer Science
Master of Science in Engineering
Getachew Lakachew Ashenafi, Mechanical Engineering Umme Fatema, Electrical Engineering
Preetam Kapsikar, Civil and Environmental Engineering Kshitij Prashant Karnik, Mechanical Engineering Usha Poudel, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Julia Ribeiro Rabello, Civil and Environmental Engineering Binita Shrestha, Civil and Environmental Engineering Krishna Chaitanya Solasa, Mechanical Engineering Vanessa Yip, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Master of Science in Kinesiology
Sapir Angel, Kinesiology Brenna Barrios, Kinesiology Sara Rebecca Bowker, Kinesiology Bryson Carrier, Kinesiology Sara Crawford, Kinesiology
Laura Kathryn Girgash, Kinesiology Mufaro M. Hungwe, Kinesiology Hailey Anne Pabst, Kinesiology Maijah M. Williams, Kinesiology
Master of Social Work
Wendy Del Pilar Acevedo, Social Work Michelle Adams, Social Work
Tristen Anders, Social Work
Camille Jessica Aquino Reyes, Social Work Allyson Shannon Arendt, Social Work Olivia Barajas, Social Work Andrea Bodden, Social Work
Michelle Jeanette Boucher, Social Work Allysa Quinn Browne, Social Work Janie Evelynne Bruno, Social Work Eric Chamberlain, Social Work James Chavez, Social Work Miguel A. Corzo, Social Work Lori Dwyer, Social Work
Kim Megumi Fiore, Social Work Cinay Briana Flores, Social Work Charmaine Fobbs-Clark, Social Work Chynna Kadee Galang, Social Work Tyler Ann Grubbs, Social Work Rose Hammon, Social Work KC Harrison, Social Work Irvin Hernandez, Social Work Lindsey N. Hierro, Social Work Latasha M. Hives, Social Work
Carolina Naomi Hodson, Social Work Linda Donna Johns, Social Work Kristine G. Kern, Social Work
Crista Janelie Vicente Lampaya, Social Work Deisy Guadalupe Landeros, Social Work Rebecca Lighthart, Social Work
Brianna R. Maxim-Trumbo, Social Work Malissa Rena McClain, Social Work Anthony Craig Morton, Social Work Pedro Navarro-Aguilar, Social Work Hannah Denise Nelson, Social Work Alexis Emily Portillo, Social Work Krystal A. Press, Social Work Ashley Nicole Price, Social Work Andre Proctor, Social Work Shelby Danelle Prows, Social Work Sasha LaNay Quarles, Social Work Shannon Joyel Sagert, Social Work Maggie Jo Sandquist, Social Work Christian Abigania Sanidad, Social Work Gladys Iveth Santisteban, Social Work Stephanie Amanda Seiler, Social Work Mercedes Elizabeth Seyedin, Social Work Jasmine Smith, Social Work
Xena Tong Fa Stamm, Social Work Davielle Swinson-Spears, Social Work Natasha Leigh Tocco, Social Work Stephanie Michelle Torres, Social Work Demi Rae Tuuk, Social Work
Andy Villagomez, Social Work
Alexandra Christiana Wahlquist, Social Work
Stephanie Danielle Watman, Social Work
Shannon Williams, Social Work
Malik Anthony Wynter, Social Work
School, of Dental Medicine
Doctor of Dental Medicine
Syed Musaddiq Ahmed, Dentistry
Arvin Alexander, Dentistry
Jacob Dean Andersen, Dentistry
Nathan Anderson, Dentistry
Andrew White Berhold, Dentistry
Garrett W. Berry, Dentistry
Noel Wayne Berry, Dentistry
Eric S. Boman, Dentistry
Joseph Brown, Dentistry
Charles Vidal-Gregory Buchanan, Dentistry
Jin-Hao Chang, Dentistry
James Justin Chon, Dentistry
Kriztine Mae Uy Chun, Dentistry
Rolanda Chung, Dentistry
Jeffery D. Coon, Dentistry
Patrick S. Corpuz, Dentistry
Astrid Cortez, Dentistry
Justin Wayne Denney, Dentistry
Russell Jared Diehl, Dentistry
Kevin I. Dionisio, Dentistry
Bridget Ann G Elizan, Dentistry
Jason Scott Emett, Dentistry
Nareh Ossan Eshgian, Dentistry
Alex B. Fisher, Dentistry
Katie Marie Flynn, Dentistry
Ryan Fong, Dentistry
Anthony J. Fusco, Dentistry
Alysa Rose George, Dentistry
Patricia Grabowski, Dentistry
Andrew Thomas Graves, Dentistry
Rainer Jeongho Han, Dentistry
Chauncey Hensley, Dentistry
Jeremy Kamakana James, Dentistry
Tyler Kuwamoto, Dentistry
Devon Clay Kvarfordt, Dentistry
Natalie Su-Man Kwok, Dentistry
Deaudre Lecato, Dentistry
Hoeun Lee, Dentistry
Patricia Lee, Dentistry
Sang Geun Lee, Dentistry
Jared Allen Link, Dentistry
2021 Spring Commencement 39
Edna Frausto Loera, Dentistry
Tyler Kayle Longfellow, Dentistry
Adam Nicholas Lords, Dentistry
Tiffany Lu, Dentistry
Allicia Marie Lucich, Dentistry
Maninder Singh Matharu, Dentistry
Wendy Mejia-Munoz, Dentistry
Audrey Nicole Morris, Dentistry
Bryan Macritchie Morrison, Dentistry
Erika Nieto, Dentistry
Andrew J. Orr, Dentistry
Jacob Robert Ozuna, Dentistry
Poonam Patel, Dentistry
Olivia Rhines, Dentistry
Jordan Bruce Ringer, Dentistry
Matthew J. Rucker, Dentistry
Taylor Nicole Rucker, Dentistry
Casey D. Sanders, Dentistry
Carly Rose Saxe, Dentistry
Mansi Kalpeshkumar Shah, Dentistry
Max Daniel Smith, Dentistry
Philip H. Son, Dentistry
Derek Stutz, Dentistry
Martin Torres Jr., Dentistry
Jim N. Tran, Dentistry
Tiffany Tran, Dentistry
Davey Truong, Dentistry
Katherine Beach Urie, Dentistry
Nina Frances Victores, Dentistry
Joanna Viernes, Dentistry
Catherine Emma Vukelich, Dentistry
Vincent Mu-Shyuan Wang, Dentistry
Jeremy M. Williams, Dentistry
Hailee Brielle Wilson, Dentistry
Ah Reum Yoo, Dentistry
Doctor of Dental Surgery
Deepika Dasari, Dental Surgery
George Ibrahim, Dental Surgery
Chenqi Ji, Dental Surgery
Helpis Kyrillos, Dental Surgery
Shikha Nandal, Dental Surgery
Sepideh Pourmonajemzadeh, Dental Surgery
Praneeti Sodhi, Dental Surgery
Junya Yin, Dental Surgery
Kirk Kerkorian Schooi of
Medicine af UNLV
Doctor of Medicine
40 2021 Spring Commencement
Anita Albanese, Doctor of Medicine
Allison Lynn Aldrich, Doctor of Medicine Monica Rose Arebalos, Doctor of Medicine Michael Bessen, Doctor of Medicine Faun Lee Botor, Doctor of Medicine Michael Tasic Briones, Doctor of Medicine Gregory Nicholas Calfee, Doctor of Medicine Doris Chan, Doctor of Medicine
Ginger M. Christian, Doctor of Medicine Cory Jacob Colombini, Doctor of Medicine Kristina M. Cordes, Doctor of Medicine Shilpa Daulat, Doctor of Medicine Brian S. Davis, Doctor of Medicine
Crystal Amber Dickson, Doctor of Medicine Toyokazu Endo, Doctor of Medicine
William W. Fang, Doctor of Medicine William Gravley, Doctor of Medicine Sarah Grimley, Doctor of Medicine Horacio P. Guerra, Doctor of Medicine Emily Guyaux, Doctor of Medicine Diane Han, Doctor of Medicine
Lauren Camille Hollifield, Doctor of Medicine Jenny Hong, Doctor of Medicine
Hadley Johnson, Doctor of Medicine Danielle M. Jones, Doctor of Medicine Rachel Elizabeth Kelly, Doctor of Medicine Caleena Longworth, Doctor of Medicine Alex M. Ma, Doctor of Medicine
Marwa Kareem Maki, Doctor of Medicine Sierra A. Mastrantonio, Doctor of Medicine Eric Robert McClintock, Doctor of Medicine Damien Medrano, Doctor of Medicine Jordan Miller, Doctor of Medicine
Abebe Habte Muraga, Doctor of Medicine Sabrina I. Novenschi, Doctor of Medicine
Diana Marlene Pena-Garcia, Doctor of Medicine Hugo E. Peredo, Doctor of Medicine
Austin Stuart Pomerantz, Doctor of Medicine Ashley Colleen Prandecki, Doctor of Medicine Zarah Rosen, Doctor of Medicine
John Rovig, Doctor of Medicine
Maneesha Sakhuja, Doctor of Medicine Cameron Shawn Sarabi, Doctor of Medicine Maran Shaker, Doctor of Medicine Colby Shreve, Doctor of Medicine
Chase A. Shropshire, Doctor of Medicine
Erin Walsh, Doctor of Medicine
Johnnie Maurice Woodson, Doctor of Medicine Lennon J. Zimmerman, Doctor of Medicine
Wiiliam S. Boyd Schooi of Law
Juris Doctor
Joseph T. Adamiak, Law Nicholas Mitchell Adams, Law Alfa Alemayehu, Law
Jacqueline Diane Alvarez, Law Radia Amari, Law
Ana P. Amezaga, Law Dallas R. Anselmo, Law
Skylar Nicole Arakawa-Pamphilon, Law Julia Leeann Armendariz, Law Chelsea L. Armstrong, Law Rachel Endalkachew Ayele, Law Collin T. Ayer, Law John P. Bays, Law
Justin Berkman, Law Kristina Marie Beske, Law Isaiah R. Beyer, Law Tayler D. Bingham, Law Gillian L. Block, Law Gabrielle D. Boliou, Law Tyler D. Bonzo, Law Milica Bosnjak, Law Chelsea Marie Bravin, Law Andrew James Brown, Law Andrew Ryan Brown, Law Cameron Brown, Law Cassin T. Brown, Law Samuel H. Bruketta, Law Lauren Ghanem Candela, Law Scott Gaisford Cardon, Law Nathaniel Ryan Carlson, Law
Edward Sebastian Cate-Cribari, Law Gina Marie Cervone, Law Krysa Lynn Cieszko, Law Jordan Gregory Cloward, Law Benjamin John Coonan, Law
Elizabeth Margaret-Leon Davenport, Law Tania Dawood, Law
Christian Luis Delgado, Law Trisha Ronnei Delos Santos, Law Daniel Robert Cate Deluca, Law Michael P. Desmond, Law David John Dzarnoski, Law Devin Ryan Earl, Law Efrain Eduardo Espinoza, Law Kevin D. Everage, Law Andrew J. Fanizzi, Law Maverick Freilinger, Law Breanna Lynn Fritchley, Law
Brianna L. Galasso, Law Jeffrey C. Garrett, Law Alex Giuliani, Law
Christopher A. Gonzalez, Law Cristian G. Gonzalez-Perez, Law Salma Giselle Granich, Law Aubrey Savannah Griffin, Law Jeffrey Cole Gunn, Law Bryanna N. Gutierrez, Law Gregory T. Gutierrez, Law Nicholas S. Hagenkord, Law Taylor Rae Hammer, Law Celssie Rae Hardy, Law Amanda A. Harmon, Law Reema Awad Hassanieh, Law Kyle Hill, Law
Robert M. Holley, Law Michael John Holthus, Law Kristy Hunter, Law
Lynsey Nicole Hutchins, Law Katarina Jaksic, Law Yasmin Khayyami, Law Andre L. LaBonte, Law Dylan J. Lawter, Law Brandon C. Lee, Law William Reese Levins, Law Zahava M. Lieberman, Law Katie Lynn Ludwick, Law Danielle Maatouk, Law Amelia Macy Mallette, Law Jonathan R. Martin, Law Alexandra Jayne Matloff, Law Alisa Ann McAffee, Law
John M. McCormick-Huhn, Law Jamie Nicole Mclnelly, Law Ryan P. McPhee, Law Jason S. Moore, Law
Stephanie Lissette Morales Cardenas, Law Naomi Andrea Tangonan Muhamed, Law Cherae N. Muije, Law Jong Hee Nam, Law
Hannah Denise Nelson, Law Jake Ordorica, Law
Valentina A. Ortega Perez, Law Owen A. Osula, Law Jessica D. Patton, Law
Samuel Lawrence Pezone Jr., Law John Joseph Pictum III, Law Chaisson James Prescott, Law Nicholas Fredrick Psyk, Law Petya Ivanova Pucci, Law
2021 Spring Commencement 41
Misha K. Ray, Law
Taylor Renee Reeves, Law
Pete Andrew Reyes, Law
Tauja J. Riggins, Law
Laura E. Rios, Law
Casey Raymond Rosenberg, Law
Ryan Samano, Law
Anya Sanko, Law
Michael S. Scully, Law
Thomas J. Septic, Law
John Patrick Sheehan, Law
Paige S. Silva, Law
Dane W. Smith, Law
Erika Eve Smolyar, Law
Tiffany Solari, Law
Austin Lee Sorrels, Law
Abigail K. Stanley, Law
Katrina Maree Stark, Law
Ashley Nila Sutherland, Law
Jose Antonio Tafoya, Law Nina A. Tahsini, Law Alexis M. Taitel, Law
Brittni Amber Tanenbaum, Law
Jia Jie Tang, Law
Jackson J. Tann, Law Quoc Thai, Law
Jazmine E. Thompson, Law
Casey Leigh Turi, Law
Elizabeth Adams Turner, Law
Traysen N. Turner, Law
Graceanne Virginia Warburton, Law
JerMara Chaunte Watkins, Law
Katrina E. Weil, Law
Jenson Weng, Law
Jessica J. White, Law
Cristiana G. Wilcoxon, Law
Aariel C. Williams, Law
Zachary T. Williams, Law
Colton James Wilstead, Law
Paul H. Wolfram, Law
Austin Michaels Woo, Law
Austin Ray Wood, Law
Seth M. Wynn, Law
Melissa C. Yeghiazarian, Law
Master of Laws
Erica K. Adler, Gaming Law and Regulation
Kathryn Elizabeth Coffman, Gaming Law and Regulation
Scott Joseph Frederick, Gaming Law and Regulation
Patrick Henry Lambert, Gaming Law and Regulation
Matthew Campbell McCorkle, Gaming Law and Regulation
Directed by David Loeb, Adam Schroeder & Nathan Tanouye
Gary Fowler '18 - Vocals Aries Harper - Trumpet Ricardo Arana -Trumpet Filip Rodriguez - Alto Saxophone Giovanni Lacala - Trombone Nathan Russell - Trombone Micah Smith - Piano
Brian Lawrence - Piano Ruben Van-Gundy -Bass Keegan Carter -Bass Amy Crosley -Drums
Zach Guzman Mejia - Drums
(Composted by Eric Whitacre, Lyrics by Thomas Leslie and Robyn Lemon Chapman)
Alma Mater, we praise you For Spirit, the eternal flame.
Strength which never falters, A tribute to your name.
Alma Mater, we thank you, Exalted Scarlet and Gray.
Truth and wisdom from your Standard in our minds and hearts will stay.
Alma Mater, we cherish you. And in days that are yet to be, Our voices let us ever raise In honor, U-N-L-V.
42 2021 Spring Commencement
2021 Spring Commencement 43
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is proud to honor those who have served in the Armed Forces. Below is a list of veterans who are graduating.
Jeremy Abacan Christina Aparicio Getachew Ashenafi Ryan Barnard Tianna Barnes Aaron Barton Morgan Beasley Brittnie Beltran Taylor Bigsby Jake Brandise Ricky Broaddus Andrew Brown Vanesa Carvallo Miguel Castillo Gianni Catanzaro
Joehrryl Catini Jordan Coleman Michael Croker Gi Sun Dennis Brandon Donohue Vanessa Dyson Chaz Fernandez John Flores
Melissa Granados-Rivas Christian Hall
Rainer Han Jessica Huger Erik Jensen Linda Johns Ronald Jones
Christopher Lively
Jupytericharianna Lotulelei
Mari-Zoey Lunar
Alexander Mena
Joseph Miesner
Haylee Miller
Manuel Montes
Silvano Moreno
Angelica Parayno
Benjamin Phillips
Andrew Pineiro
Rayena Rael
Christopher Rivers
Fausto Saavedra
Kenneth Sanchez
Delilah Santos
Maran Shaker
Ralphael Shaw
Daniel Sklaris
Philip Son
Christina Spruiell
Ethan Stott
John Nicole Teodosio
Melissa Trumbo
Kristina Tullgren
Villagomez, Andy Villagomez
Joseph Waldman
Mingzhu Yang
fesa NAVY
Thomas Boes Andrew Carlson Sara Crawford Traci Decker Luis Diaz-Lemus
Matthew Duda Isaiah Gamble Neil Himes Raymond Huang David Miller
Robert Morrow Meitra Que Tito Ribo
Jesse Brian Sablan Christian Sierra
Brian Siler
Natalie Webster
John Yim
Jeffrey Barth Phillip Cannizzo Drake Connor Larry Griffin
Heather Kaufmann
Nicole Labelle
Michael Lawrence
Michelle Li
Enrique Lopez
Mathew Maclean
Mervin Manio
Anthony Romo
Wesley Rose Matthew Rucker Alexander Todd Daniel Walsh
Clayton Alenik Hana Amanuel Olivia Barajas Annika-Francine Bay Aaron Beckman Brandon Bowers Edward Brandstadter Frederick Bynum Joseph Castellanos Eric Chamberlain
Blaise Cohen Valentino Contini Sean Dore
Jonathan Giardino Gregory Gutierrez Mark Hamblin Arthur Hatch Braedan Hedge Richard Hernandez Alexander Hlebovy
Candace Jones
Charlene Lucero
Stephanie Lucia
Johnathan Lytle Erick Maldonado Imani-Allyse Mitchell
Pranava Moody
Kevin Olivis
Mark Pangelinian
Arnold Rabacal
Evan Robenalt Anthony Salazar Alfredo Sibucao Thomas Urso Chryslin Vina Jing Wang Ethan Winter
Irvin Castillo
Frank S. Wartman
John C. Mowbray
Doctor of Science
Doctor of Laws
Paul F. Sharp
Malcolm Love
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Laws
Bart J. Bok
Dean E. McHenry
Doctor of Science
Doctor of Laws
Paul Laxalt
Doctor of Laws
Herbert E. Grier
Doctor of Science
Daniel J. Boorstin
Lt. Gen. Frank T. Mildren
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Science
Wayne Newton
Doctor of Humane Letters
Nevitt Sanford
Doctor of Humane Letters
Donald H. Baepler
Doctor of Science
Francis H. Horn
Frank Waters
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Humane Letters
Bob Hope
Lucile Bruner
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Humane Letters
Rev. Caesar Caviglia
Howard W. Cannon
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Laws
Frank H. T. Rhodes
Del E. Webb
Doctor of Letters
Doctor of Humane Letters
E. Parry Thomas
Doctor of Laws
David Bruce Dill
Charles Vanda
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Humane Letters
Bishop Joseph Green
Simcha Dinitz
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Humane Letters
Gov. Mike O'Callaghan
Major Gen. Robert E.
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Science
No degree awarded
Jerome Mack
Doctor of Laws
Walker R. Young
Harry Wald
Doctor of Science
Doctors of Laws
Frank Church
David P Gardner
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Laws
Frank Sinatra
Jihan El-Sadat
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Letters
Diana Ross
Herman M. Greenspun
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Humane Letters
John Theodore "Ted"
Major Gen. R. G.
"Zack" Taylor
Doctor of Laws
Marjorie A. Barrick
Doctor of Humane Letters
Thomas T. Beam
Doctor of Science
Joseph N. Crowley
Doctor of Letters
William Boyd
Doctor of Laws
Margaret Elardi
Doctor of Humane Letters
Elaine Wynn
Doctor of Humane Letters
Artemus W. Ham Jr.
Doctor of Laws
James I. Gibson
Doctor of Laws
J. A. Tiberti
Doctor of Laws
Marvin Sedway
Doctor of Laws
Steve Wynn
Doctor of Laws
Christina Hixson
Doctor of Humane Letters
Jean Nidetch
Doctor of Science
Fred W. Smith
Doctor of Humane Letters
Takatoshi Takemoto
Doctor of Humane Letters Claudine Williams
Doctor of Humane Letters Simon Zentner
Doctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Letters
44 2021 Spring Commencement
2021 Spring Commencement 45
Kitty Rodman
Doctor of Humane Letters Richard Tam
Doctor of Laws Melvin B. Wolzinger Doctor of Laws
Brian Cram
Doctor of Education
Robert Laxalt
Doctor of Humane Letters
Stanley E. Fulton
Doctor of Laws
Denise Scott Brown Doctor of Letters John Goolsby Doctor of Laws Barbara Greenspun
Doctor of Humane Letters
Bob Miller
Doctor of Laws
Robert Venturi
Doctor of Letters
General Colin L. Powell
Doctor of Laws James E. Rogers Doctor of Laws Louis Wiener Jr. (posthumously)
Doctor of Laws
Richard H. Bryan Doctor of Laws Wole Soyinka
Doctor of Humane Letters
William G. Bennett
Doctor of Laws James H. Bilbray Doctor of Laws
James R. Dickinson (posthumously) Doctor of Laws
Donald D. Snyder
Doctor of Laws Emilie N. Wanderer Doctor of Laws
John Irving
Doctor of Humane Letters Glenn Schaeffer
Doctor of Humane Letters
George Sidney (posthumously)
Doctor of Humane Letters Dr. Roman Zorn (posthumously)
Doctor of Laws
Anthony M. Marlon, M.D.
Doctor of Laws
William C. McCool (posthumously)
Doctor of Science Anthony E. Zuiker
Doctor of Humane Letters
Mikhail Gorbachev
Doctor of Laws
Joyce Mack
Doctor of Laws
Brian Lee Greenspun
Doctor of Laws
Miriam Adelson
Doctor of Laws
Carolyn G. Goodman Doctor of Laws
Gary Loveman
Doctor of Laws
Robert L. Mendenhall
Doctor of Laws
Regent Thalia Dondero Doctor of Laws
Andre Agassi
Doctor of Laws
Kirk Kerkorian
Doctor of Humane Letters
Irwin Molasky
Doctor of Humane Letters
Kenny C. Guinn
Doctor of Humane Letters
Sarann Knight Preddy
Doctor of Humane Letters
Edward J. Ted Quirk
Doctor of Humane Letters
Kagemasa Kozuki,
Doctor of Humane Letters
Joesph W. Brown
Doctor of Laws
Guy Fieri
Doctor of Laws
James Christian
'Jimmy" Kimmel
Doctor of Humane Letters
Samuel S. Lionel
Doctor of Laws
Fred B. Cox
Doctor of Science
Carol C. Harter
Doctor of Humane Letters
Diana Bennett
Doctor of Humane Letters
Theodore B. Lee
Doctor of Humane Letters
Sheldon Adelson
Doctor of Humane Letters
Ruby Duncan
Doctor of Humane Letters
2020 Sam Lieberman
Doctor of Humane Letters
Harry Reid
Doctor of Humane Letters
Robert B. Griffith
Archie C. Grant
Albert E. Cahlan
A. L. Scott
Roger T. Foley
J. Kell Houssels Sr. Bertha Ronzone
Cyril 0. Bastian Harriett G. Spann Clare W. Woodbury
George E. Franklin Sr.
Reed Whipple
Leonard R. Fayle Sebastian Mikulich Richard F. Perkins
Judy Bayley Woodrow Wilson
James Cashman Jr.
Juanita Greer White
James I. Gibson
Paul D. McDermott (posthumously) Mary L. Woitishek
Alan Bible John F. Cahlan
E. Parry Thomas
Monsignor Thomas F. Collins
Elton M. Garrett
Oran Gragson Mabel W. Hoggard
William W. Morris William Peccole
B. Mahlon Brown Addeliar Dell Guy Artemus W. Ham Jr.
Ruthe Deskin William V. Wright
Marion D. Bennett Sr. Ann Brewington Harley E. Harmon Sr.
Marjorie A. Barrick Eileen Brookman Irwin Molasky Thomas T. Beam
No award given
Bob Brown (posthumously) Rosemary K. Clarke William G. Flangas
William Boyd Donald M. Clark Fred Gibson Jr.
John Moran
J. A. Tiberti
Florence Lee Jones Cahlan (posthumously)
Herbert McDonald John F. Mendoza
Daniel F. Byron Charlotte Hill John H. Midby Vassili Sulich
Joe Williams
Roger D. Foley
James A. Gay III Kenny C. Guinn
Johnny A. Ribeiro Jr.
Carolyn G. Goodman Philip G. Satre Fred W. Smith
Reverend John J. McVeigh Claudine Williams
Arturo Cambeiro (posthumously)
R. Guild Gray Barbara Greenspun
C. Kitty Rodman
Eugene R. Warner
Stanley E. Fulton
John Goolsby
Arthur Marshall
Mildred Remy
Jesse D. Scott
Richard W. Bunker
Mary "Mitzi” Hughes Louis Wiener Jr.
Jerome Blankinship
William T. White
Robert T. Bigelow
Jack Cason
Thalia Dondero
William Bennett
James Cashman II (posthumously) Christina Hixson
Grant Sawyer (posthumously)
Donna Jo Andress
Robert Broadbent Dr. Jerry Cade Paul Christensen Brian Greenspun
Ruby Duncan
Wing and Lilly Fong
Jean Ford
Sandy Miller
Rafael Vega Melvin Wolzinger
Patricia Mulroy Milton I. Schwartz Stephen Wynn Elaine Wynn
Alice Turner William Vassiliadis
Elias Ghanem Wayne Newton Anthony Saville
J. Terrence Lanni William U. Pearson James and Alice Smalley
Tony Alamo Sr. Willliam E. Martin Donald D. Snyder
Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn Madison B. Graves II M. Kent "Tim" Hafen Michael Kinnaird Glen Schaeffer Jerry Tarkanian
Franny Forsman Jerry Keller Joseph M. Neal
Leonard E. Goodall
Marie E. Stever Daly McMillan Kevin Page
Ralph L. Denton Sara P. Denton Philip J. Kohn, Esq. Paul C. Page
Michael Gaughn Cathy Ray Edward D. Smith Bruce L. Woodbury
Rossi Ralenkotter Jackie Robinson Larry Ruvo Linda Smith Alden Levi Stewart
Sheldon and Miriam Adelson 2010 Jerry Bussell
James "Bucky" Buchanan II (posthumously)
Rev. Caesar J. Caviglia James Rogers
Theron and Naomi Goynes Anna Lou Call Peterson Genevieve Segerblom Richard Bryan
46 2021 Spring Commencement
2021 Spring Commencement 47
Cart Christensen
Michael Goldberg (posthumously)
Pat Lundall Bob Miller Rachakonda Prabhu
William "Bob" & Anna L. Bailey Robert D. Faiss
Pastor Paul Goulet
Monte & Susan Miller
Raymond Rawson
Michael & Sonja Saltman Robert Schofield, Jr. Carolyn Sparks Bret Whipple
James Bilbray
Robert & Sandra Ellis
Gus "Billy" Flangas
Gard & Florence Jameson
Anthony & Diane Pollard
Fred Albrecht (posthumously)
Mark Alden
Amy S. Ayoub
Shelley Berkley
Bill D. Brady
Nick M. Spirtos.
Robert Fowler
Mary E. Hausch
Jackie Brantley
Jay Coates
John Crear and Barbara Crear (posthumously)
Rosemarie Hartle (posthumously) and Kirk Hartle Edward J. Quirk Randolph Townsend
Miriam Shearing
Stephen P. Shearing (posthumously) Tony Sanchez III
Cliff and Donna Findlay
Selma F. Bartlett
Michael A. Cherry Oscar Goodman Sam Lieberman (posthumously) Harry Reid Robert Stoldal
Jan Jones Blackhurst Hannah M. Brown William McCurdy Sr.
Kenny Guinn
Carolyn M. Sparks
Kitty Rodman
Lucille S. Rogers Harry Reid
Bonnie Bryan
Joseph Crowley Dema Guinn Bill Raggio
Donald D. Snyder Dina Titus
Morse Arberry Jr.
Shelley Berkley Jay H. Brown Joseph E. Dini Jr.
Franny Forsman Philip M. Pro Landra Reid Larry Ruvo
Selma F. Bartlett
Joyce Mack Joseph M. Neal J.A. Tiberti
Claudine Williams
A. Somer Hollingsworth IV Kenneth G. Ladd
Nevada Development Authority Michael A. Saltman
Sonja Saltman
Lynn M. Bennett Carlos A. Garcia Jane Nichols John Robinson
City of Las Vegas Oscar Goodman Thom Reilly Bobby Siller
Andrew B. "Drew” Willison
Gasper Lazzara Edward J. Quirk Hal K. Rothman
Deborah Faiman-Shoofey Daniel C. Van Epp
Mark Alden
Madison B. Graves (posthumously)
Fred C. Albrecht
Jim Rogers
Chris Giunchigliani
John H. Wdby (posthumously)
2020 Jerry Cade
Sheilagh Brooks
James Deacon
Marie-France Hilgar
Mohamed Yousef
Maurice A. Finocchiaro
Lawrence Golding
Darlene H. Unrue
1998 Catherine Bellver
1998 Joseph McCullough
2000 Virko Baley
Martha Knack
Mark Weinstein
Joseph A. Fry
Robert Boehm
2006 Hal K. Rothman
2008 Thomas C. Wright
Alan Simmons
Christopher Kearney
Dennis Lindle
2018 Kwang Kim
Debra Martin
Gabriele Wulf
UNLV Commencement Committee
Sam Fugazzotto, Chair
Larry Henley, Creative Director Cheryl Tillotson, Director of Seating Mike Newcomb, Thomas & Mack
Kevin Coburn, Thomas & Mack
Tony Allen
Michelle Bruner Valare Burke
Rosita Chapman
Maria Aladjova Kaliya Arnwine Melyssa Barrera Afsha Bawany Jaime Carbajal Cristina Correa Joseph Curran Nevena Cujetic Jeanine Dakduk Kristin Dellasala Shae Deschutter Morgan Ettinger Karintha Fenley Marlena Gatlin
Robin Grove Cory Grunwald
Seating Committee
Kelsie Gunderson
Esther Herrera
Janine Holsapple
Megan Hullinger
David Jackson
Rosalyn Jimenez
Julie Johnson
Tracy Johnson
Vaune Kadlubek
Kyah King Amanda Lange
Allison McSwain
Kevin McVay Mary Martin
Robert Martin Rimi Marwah
Katy Griffin
Susan Ochoa
Bill Robinson
Fred Tredup
Ariana Turiansky
Kara Wada
Ashley Weckesser
Alysse Medina Jeremy Meronuck Christina Molina Sal Mora Leah Morales Eric Morrow Carlena Pablo Chris Parker Nia Smercina Jessica Soria Tony Terrell Kane Toomer Rochelle Walker Alisa Watjara Syndey Wendt
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48 2021 Spring Commencement
2021 Spring Commencement 49
Welcome to the
Dear Class of 2021,
On behalf of the UNLV Alumni Association, we extend sincere congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 2021! During these unprecedented times, you have been exceptional representatives of the university. We have no doubt you will continue to serve as notable ambassadors for your alma mater by building upon our reputation for excellence.
We believe the graduates of 2021 are unique in that, regardless of your chosen field, all of you are resilient! As you embark upon and progress through your careers, we urge you always to remember why you chose your respective field and the sacrifices you endured to make it happen. HRebelsMakeltHappen
Through our Rebels Forever program, all UNLV alumni now have access to benefits and services, including Career Services, Rebel Alumni Email, events, special deals, discounts, and more! We are pleased to welcome each of you into the Rebels Forever Family as graduates. To learn more, be sure to visit and bookmark
We would ask that you not forget your college or school, former professors, and fellow and future Rebels in the coming years. We encourage you to engage with and give back to the university by supporting activities, programs, and scholarships and keeping us updated on the many achievements you will experience in your careers and personal lives.
On behalf of the nearly 130,000 UNLV alumni, welcome to the Rebels Forever Family! We are committed to supporting you as alumni and fostering a vibrant, lasting relationship between you and UNLV for life.
With Rebel Pride,
Stacey Purcell '90 Blake Douglas
President, UNLV Alumni Association Interim Executive Director, UNLV Alumni Association
Interim Associate Vice President, Alumni Engagement
50 2021 Spring Commencement
2021 Spring Commencement 51
52 2021 Spring Commencement